Auto World of Texas in Houston, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Auto World of Texas in Houston, TX.

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Auto World of Texas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 880-1902
Address:1120 W 15th 1/2 St, Houston, TX, 77008

Reviews on Auto World of Texas

Ashley D. | 2015-04-17

I bought a 2012 civic from Theo earlier this week. Theo wasn't there when I came by but everyone was very helpful and answered all my questions until he arrived.  They were very upfront about the vehicle's history (one minor accident) without me asking which I felt was very honest. Theo was were willing to work with me in my situation to take home the car that day.  We looked at financing through them as an option and it was very quick and easy.  This was probably the least complicated car purchase I have ever made. The price they had listed on Auto trader was not bad either, very reasonable! People respond better if you go in with a positive attitude.  
I am very happy with my experience here. Other dealers need to take a cue from these guys. =D  

  FYI- If you are not familiar with the area look at a map before you go.  GPS gets very confused in that area (took me for a scenic drive through memorial park after getting lost in the 610 construction, lol).   Also, it says they're on w. 15th street but they're actually on west 11th street.

Jon Q. | 2015-03-07

To counter the negative review on here, I worked extensively with Theo and found working with him to be a great experience. He was extremely responsive, including answering my texts and phone calls at all hours. He provided every last bit of information I needed and I am very happy with the service I received. Thanks!

Mr G. | 2013-03-29

Let's be clear that this place is about money, only. They are not about truth in advertising. They are not about customer service. They wasted my time and money, and had no remorse over it. I called on a Toyota FJ40 selling for $15,000 on Ebay and got ahold of a salesman, Theo.

I told him I lived in Austin and that I was interested, and could he tell me more. He said 'well, people typically send a mechanic out to look it over.' I told him I would do that, but I'd also like some basic information on the phone since the Ebay ad didn't have any at all! I mentioned to him that to make the drive down from Austin to Houston over the weekend would require some serious scheduling and time, and any positive/negative information would be very helpful. Mid-sentence, Theo put me on hold .. did this three times. Rude salesman tactic.

He eventually gave me very basic information about the car.. information that I could see from the photos, and painted a very rosy picture. Too rosy. Lying by Omission. Slimy sales tactic.

I got off the phone and searched around and finally found a mechanic there in Houston and had him drop by (cost me $140, of course.. standard). The mechanic found ALL KINDS of problems ..

Rust holes, bad breaks, weirdness in the valves after a pressure check. Loose gears, leakage in the cooling system, emergency brake doesn't work, door was completely broken, seals on the windshield were cracked and leaking, windshield itself was chipped / cracked, valves were more than 10% out of alignment, switch panel cracked and broken, and on and on. Drum brakes also, not disc (which is fine, but it would have been nice to know on the phone, right?).

So, I called Theo back to discuss it with him and negotiate on price... seeing as anything over $10k for this type of vehicle should really not have this level of repairs to do. I started asking him about the problems and what he was willig to do on the price. "Not a thing" he said. After i picked my jaw back up off the floor, we continued.. and during the conversation,  he told me that someone had put down a deposit on the car already and was coming back to buy it.

So, I said 'oh, when did that happen?' He said it was the other day.. basically before I had called originally.. so he was either lying here on the phone, or withholding that information as I spent money on a mechanic and with the idea that I might come down to Houston. Pretty slimy... right?

My recommendation is to avoid any dealings with this company, and especially Theo.

I'm very dissatisfied with Theo and this company based around my experience. Thanks goodness for Yelp and all the other review sites, so my knowledge doesn't go unheard. Hopefully this helps a buyer in the future!