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Audi West Houston invites you to experience a new way to buy and service your vehicle. As a Sonic Automotive Premier Dealership, our entire inventory comes with our True Price.  By regularly comparing our prices with the local market, True Price eliminates the time consuming negotiation process and delivers you an exceptional deal.

Audi West Houston

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 899-3400
Address:11850 Katy Freeway, Houston, TX, 77079
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi West Houston

Be Z. | 2015-04-25

After shopping around, ended up purchasing my new Q5 here after a couple coworkers recommended to me. My sales person Carlo was by far the best I've ever dealt with.  He explained every detail about the car to me and answered all my questions, as I was unsure if I wanted diesel or not.  Then the General Mgr came by, introduced himself, and thanked me for my business and congratulated me on my new Q5, which I think was very nice, shows what a 1st class operation this place is.
I've been in for routine service twice so far and had zero problems, didn't experience what other yelpers are talking about at all, actually sounds like the BMW dealership downtown I used to go to, now that was terrible, ripoff service.  I will say I did make appointments for my Audi service.

Ashley L. | 2015-02-11

After reading my first review I was contacted by the general manager who assured me that they do not operate in this manner and that they will fix my car as it should be.  After getting my car back that day, It had been running better but did have one default start the day after. I don't know if I'm confident enough to take it back if it needs further service. I just hope what they did comes with a warranty. Everyone's experience is different and I hope I was one out of a few who had a misunderstanding.  Check them out for yourselves

Raya G. | 2015-02-09

One of the primary reasons I chose not to go for another Audi is because of the Services department. It was next to impossible to speak to someone when you called. If/when I did manage to talk to someone, they would ask to call me back, which never happened. Voicemails, where it's possible to leave one, are not returned. Finally, repair quotes were highly inflated (compared to other Audi dealerships) and there was always alot that had to be 'weeded' out before the real problem was addresed.

Rene G. | 2015-01-18

I posted this 7 months ago but for some reason it was taken down. I don't usually write reviews but I feel the necessity especially how I was treated as a customer.  I've purchased a few cars from other Audi dealerships and other luxury brands and I must tell you that this was the most disappointing experience I've ever had enough to in fact purchase another luxury brand because of this experience.  The bottom line is that after going back and front for about a week that we had agreed on a deal but they sold the car to another buyer just walked minutes after I arrived likely for a higher PROFIT.  I understand business well but I also understand that what makes a business last and keep customers coming back is the integrity and not a quick $$$.  Russ, I believe is the manager's name, is "unfit" to make better business decisions and it's disappointing to find someone such as this person employed by a reputable brand.  Russ, here is a tip, next time just be honest to your prospective clients and don't give them the run around.  By the way after the fact don't promise to help and remedy the situation if you CAN'T DELIVER.  I seriously hope you lose your job to someone that can better represent your company.  I would never purchase from this dealer again and if you do--- don't be surprise if they DISSAPOINT you.  I would skip this establishment if you are purchasing an Audi.  There is a reason why they have a 2.8 rating especially with a manager like Russ--WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CLIENTS!!!  Your lucky to even get 1 star if not for Ken and his hard work which you shut down

Ed E. | 2014-12-31

Zero stars and snobby!  Do not come to this dealership unless you want to be referred to as "you people" by one of the managers. This Audi dealership does not invest in customer service nor honor the list prices advertised on-line. So glad we did not purchase from this dealership. If you want an Audi, you're better off going to the one on the SW Freeway or elsewhere. Avoid this place with a 10 foot pole!

Binky M. | 2014-11-29

Service is "lip" only, zero stars.  Terrible, excuse-making service for brand than promotes itself as luxury.  Have owned BMW, Mercedes, Volvo (pre-Ford).   Left car entire day for service and they did NOTHING.  Previous visits=  incomplete work, excuses for late delivery.  Total lack of credibility and accountability.   Trained to be polite and do nothing.  Told by head of service department to take car elsewhere if didn't like work (which they did not do)!  UNBELIEVABLE.

Car itself just OK.  A6 tires sound like diesel locomotive idling in trunk ("normal" for $400 tire according to "service" person). Will NEVER buy another Audi.

Pablo S. | 2014-11-26

Avoid this Audi dealership at all costs. The service dept. will find every excuse to nickel and dime you.  They always overbook and the wait is always twice as long as they first say it is.  Don't bother asking for a loaner because they won't have one to loan you. Lastly, if you decide to take you car in for service make sure to immediately check the technicians' work, or, you might regret it later ($1100 additional work) like I did and with Audi deflecting blame and accepting zero responsibility for a half ass job.

Jose S. | 2014-11-19

Terrible Customer service, walked in to buy a part and I wasn't greeted by anyone, the parts sales guy was nowhere to be seen. I waited a good 10 mins until, all this while the  cashier lady was doing her nails. Finally she decides to page the guy!!
Parts guy was a complete jerk, I felt like he was in such a hurry to get rid of me. Long story short I will not be buying any audi from this A-holes ever!

Matt S. | 2014-10-24

Had to pay almost $2500 in extra labor and parts during a recent trip to a new dealership (I've moved out of the Houston area), after they discovered that the work done by Audi West Houston was...well...I'll let you be the judge of what to call the work done by the good people at Audi West Houston. From my latest service report: "left broken bolts", "coolant hose was mounted incorrectly", "engine control module holder was not installed back correctly", "broken bolt to the holder", and "pinch (sic) wires in the harness"  

Of course, Audi WH claims that because the warranty on that repair had expired, they won't do anything. Nevermind that they were the only ones to ever service the car, and of course it would have never been discovered as long as the one's who did the shoddy work to begin with were the ones checking the vehicle.  

Do yourself a favor, and if you need work done on your Audi, look for a good independent mechanic. Avoid these people at all costs.

Edit: Don't be fooled by the faux-concern displayed below. I reached out immediately via the email address provided, but I have yet to hear a response, or even a confirmation of receipt. They should be very well aware of this case, since it has been the subject of two separate Audi of America investigations. Also, their 'concern' is based on a lost sale of an S5 which I made them aware of via their Facebook page. He cited my experiences as the sole reason he chose to buy his car elsewhere. As always, you can't get anyone's attention unless it start messing with their cash flow.

Angela C. | 2014-07-05

Bought a CPO Audi here and Carlos was great. Visited a few times to really make sure what I wanted and they were always very accommodating. Saturdays can get busy but if you make an appointment they will get you right in. Love my new car!

Ritchy F. | 2014-04-03

No star if it will let me!!! Customer Service sucks on this place, we are planning to buy a Q5 but nobody even paid attention to us so I guess no more Audi for us!!!!!!! Not even going to consider for future vehicles anymore!!!

Al D. | 2014-03-30

I walked into this place and no one waited on me. I asked the receptionist if anyone can help me and she said no. So I left.

I purchased 3 Lexus cash in 8 years because I put too many miles on cars. I needed something very reliable, but now I just want something different.  Apparently, it will not be an Audi from this place. Anyways, I would like to write a German letter to headquarters about how this place treated me. No one cares about the customers. That experience was unbelievable. I just walked-out.

Mike M. | 2014-01-11

No Stars!!  Made an appt to drop off my wife's and my car for routine maint. Spent $1254 for an oil change and some flushes only to wait 20 minutes for my advisor to even acknowledge me and and take my information of which I had an appointment.   Received a call to come back and go for a test ride with the tech to point out my concerns when I could of done it upon my initial visit.  Drove back to the dealership 30 miles only to sit for another 25 minutes without being acknowledge by the advisor that asked me to come back for a test drive.  Left with my car never to return.  Back to the drawing boards to improve customer service and maybe get some employee's who at least act like they want to be there to assist their customers...

Sandy W. | 2013-12-02

Had a disappointing experience. Went to test drive the A5 - all good. We then asked for a price, and there was just a lot of flapping going on. The sales guy just wouldn't give a price, so we left and asked him to contact us with one. He emailed us about 5 hours later with a price $5k above MRSP. In the meantime, we had found a car in Austin and bought it over the phone for $3k under MSRP. I hope that the service here is good because the location is good for me - but the purchasing experience was abysmal. I can't wait to go pick up my new A5 at South Austin Audi - they were great - negotiated the whole thing by phone in about 10 minutes and ended up with a great price.

Sonia T. | 2013-11-20

For some people, they purchase a new car all the time.  Me, not so much.  When I moved back to Houston from DC, I didn't have a car, as most people know you MUST have a car living her, no IFS ANDS or BUTS!  You simply cannot get around Houston easily without one.  So, I had to get something dependable, cheap and quick, which is how I ended up with Herbie, my 2009 Chevy Cobalt.  It wasn't my first choice, but it got me from point A to B, which I needed.

So, after saving and searching, I finally decided on an A4.  I did my research, looked at a couple of other dealerships and Carmax, and could not find exactly what I wanted.  Either the interior was the wrong color, exterior was the wrong color, or the miles were too high.  Finally I was able to find what I wanted online, which ended up being at Audi West.  

I drove over there, test drove the car and met with Dakota.  He seemed pretty knowledgeable about Audi's and gave the basic overview of the car's background, pricing, and general knowledge.  I asked several questions, which he was patient with, and inside we went to negotiate a price.  Now, I negotiate for a living, so I knew what I was in for, and I was by myself, so I went in with a price in which I did not want to go over.  After speaking to the sales manager, which was also very nice, we finally came to an agreement.  Based on lots of research, I'd like to think I got a deal, or at least they made me feel like I did, lol.  The process was easy with minimum negotiation, making the whole car buying experience fairly painless.  A couple of hours later, I drove off into the sunset in my New Audi, waving goodbye to my old Cobalt.   Great service, great price, and  perfect car!

Dana O. | 2013-10-22

I called the dealership to see if they had an S7 to test drive.  I was told to make an appt. so I did.  I showed up for a test drive and was told to wait as there was nobody available to help me.  Thirty minutes later there was apparently still nobody available to help me drop cash on a new car.  I left without one person even saying good-bye.  What was the "point" of appointment?  There are other Audi dealers in town and it would be well worth it to skip this one.  I can not imagine what the service would be like after buying the car if buying it was bad.  Maybe they did me a favor by warning me off with the incredible lack of customer service.

Gabe B. | 2013-09-24

Bought my 3rd vehicle from them. Always a pleasure. From salesman to finance, top notch. My wife and I always go to Tri Nguyen. Super knowledgable about cars and helpful. I think I will always go back to Audi West Houston.

M B. | 2013-08-20

i love this place.  now, i did not purchase my 2009 A5 from here, but all my service has been done here.  Mike(in service) is THA MAN!  he takes care of my car and ensures i keep it in tip top shape.  and all a reasonable price.  i had a benz, and that was killing my wallet. this audi is far better performance wise and cheaper to maintain!  i love my car...almost like new today because of mike and his team.  now, when mike (in service) is not here, brian and jon are quick to step in and help me out!  love these guys and i cannot image anything bad being said about the service dept.  keep up the good work fellas!  note, it was good to see everyone yesterday (75k mile checkup).

Paula M. | 2013-07-20

Horrible experience going there.  AVOID!  They will NOT honor their internet price and blame it on a 3rd party for putting it in wrong.   They offer less than blue book trade-in values and if you don't fall for their schemes they treat you like dirt....forcing you to walk.  The cars are very nice, however, the customer service is the worst I've seen from a dealership.

Lisa M. | 2013-04-30

Really good purchasing experience with Tony Holmes. Very laid back and knowledgeable. I love my new A5 convertible.  I'm not sure why this location receives such bad reviews, I had a very good purchasing experience.

Leigh C. | 2013-01-23

These guys are rip off merchants. I went to look at an older Z4 drove 45 miles to find the car was not the one in the photos. And then it had problems that weren't listed and they wanted to sell as is!! We left and then they tried to get us come back!!! Don't buy from these people !!!

Tom S. | 2013-01-17

Bought my A3 there in 2010.  The buying experience was fair, however the service department leaves a lot to be desired.  Have had it there several times for the same intermittent electrical problem and they never fixed it until 2 years later.  Just went back recently for a different electrical problem and it took them 2 visits and had the car 3 weeks!  Then I checked under the hood and they left two bolts out.  That's why I do all my own service on my other cars that aren't under warranty.

Also, they rarely have an Audi loaner, even though I bought the car there.  I'll be trying Momentum next time.  And when it is out of warranty I'll do the work myself (if I haven't sold it by then).

Nina N. | 2012-11-16

When I bought my car everything was great, but as soon as I signed that contract everything went downhill. My first oil change was coming up and I called to make an appointment and get a loaner car. They told me that would be fine. Yes I know the oil change only takes an hour but I didn't want to sit around and wait for it. (My mom goes to Sewell North Audi and they give her loaner cars all the time when she drops it off for service, she goes home with it and picks her car up the next day.)

Anyways, when I get there no one greets me in the service department, I'm walking around like a zombie looking for help when the lady behind the service counter points me to the person I need to talk to. One of the guys sends me to another person to set me up with a loaner car. The process took forever. I was thinking it shouldn't take this long to get a loaner, and they made me fill out all this paperwork, very similar to when you're renting a car which I thought was weird, because usually they just give you the keys. I was there for about an hour and I probably should've just taken my car because getting the loaner took forever. The guy showed me to my loaner and it was a Honda Accord, I was so disappointed and confused at the same time. Aren't they supposed to send you away with an Audi loaner? I drove off with the Accord and looked at the contract I signed, and I realized it was for a rental car and not a loaner. Needless to say I was fuming with anger. I drove all the way back, picked up my car and stormed out..

This place is so deceiving. They set me up to get a rental instead of a loaner, and didn't even tell me I was getting a rental or why. I've never even heard of a charter rental company at a dealership before. One of the guys even had the nerve to tell me we dontt give out loaners to people for a service that takes an hour. I prepaid $800+ for service/maintenance, I bought a luxury brand car.... give me a loaner when I ask for it, don't set me up with a rental car!

I'm not finished yet, on top of that they charged me $19 because I didn't fill the tank back up. They told me even with loaner cars you have to fill it up. I have never heard of such a thing. Other dealerships I've been to don't make you fill it up but what do I know because this guy told me all dealerships make you do that.  They gave me a hard time when I wanted the credit back, it's not about $19, that's nothing, it's the principle.

Service here sucks. Don't buy a car here! Unfortunately I did so all my "free" service has to be done at this location, but as soon as it's over I'm never coming back. I HATE AUDI OF WEST HOUSTON. They need to seriously work on their customer service.

Jared G. | 2012-05-23

If I wrote out all of the TERRIBLE experiences I had here it would be a novel.  Have owned 5 consecutive Audi's which I bought in Atlanta. After giving this place like 4 chances to have a even decent experience I can honestly say this is the worst dealership I have ever been to. Terrible selection of cars, never have loaner cars available. They book like 20 appointments for service in a 2 hour time frame and have like 2 techs working. It takes 4 hours out of your day for every service. Totally mismanaged- I honestly cant believe they stay in business.

Jason S. | 2012-02-01

My first experience with Audi West Houston was about 4 years ago when I decided I wanted to lease a Q7. I contacted their "internet" sales manager and never heard back. I actually then received a letter in the mail (yes, a snail mail response) thanking me for stopping in. I had never been in to the dealer. I gave up after several tries and went to the other Audi dealer in Houston, who responded immediately via email. I found internet up-front negotiations go very smoothly, hence my preference. My lease ended after 3 1/2 years and I went back to Audi West Houston for convenience only, as they are much closer to my home. I leased a 2012 A7. The initial sales experience was a little disjointed as I kept getting handed off from the internet sales person to different people, but ended up with a product specialist. From there the deal went fairly well. The car had to be ordered, so I was given a loaner as they took my Q7 lease in immediately. The dealer approved everything on my old lease and left me owing nothing. Sounded like great news. My new A7 arrived a week later. I was really pleased. As I drove it home I realized that the paddle shifters - that I was looking forward to - were not installed. They were listed on the sticker, but somehow Audi had not installed them. After several trips to the dealer they finally worked out that this is not a retrofittable upgrade. I had discovered this in 5 minutes as a result of my first Google search on the issue, but they seemed to think it was possible. Until they realized it wasn't. A lot of wasted time there. I then had to constantly call and email the service and sales guys to work out what they were going to do about the missing feature I paid for. Weeks later I gave up and asked for the Audi line direct. Once I got a hold of the A7 team - they have a dedicated support line - I had the issue resolved in one week. They were responsive, reliable, courteous and I didn't have to chase them for a solution. The dealer was all but totally non-responsive or concerned. Back to the old lease... I received a past due notice in the mail from Audi Financial. Long story short there, the dealer didn't pay the lease off so I had creditors chasing me. Great start to my new car ownership. Finally got them to address this but only after going up the chain at the dealer. I can continue to go on, from the above issues, to only three screws being installed in my license plate holder. The lack of attention to detail and concern for their clients is absolutely stunning. Working with this dealer basically ruined the experience of purchasing my new Audi. If the car wasn't so absolutely phenomenal - and Audi themselves hadn't stepped up - I would not be buying Audi again.

Shefali M. | 2011-12-21

I bought my second Audi from Tom Myers.  As a loyal customer, he cut us a very nice deal, and was decent enough to recommend us selling our previous Audi instead of trading it in here.  Again, 5-star service from Tom!

Sandra M. | 2011-12-14

Raise your hand if you LOOOOOOVEEEE shopping for a new car!!! (insert crickets here...)

Yeah, thats what I thought.

I absolutely with my entire being hate it as well, but after buying my  new car from this dealership, I dont think i will bother even looking at anything but Audi for all my future purchases and more importantly buying the vehicle from our extremely helpful sales man Mike Nelson.

Mike is a laid back guy who isnt pushy and extremely helpful. He has been dealing with us for the last month as my new car had to be ordered...( Hey what can I say, a girl has got to get exactly what she wants), and kept us in the loop on the status of delivery, he even went out to the port and picked it up just to make sure we got the vehicle as soon as it hit dry land.

The dealership doesnt have a huge inventory selection (but which audi dealership does as of lately) however Mike did everything he could to make sure we got the exact car I wanted.

On top of that, the pickup and signing of the paperwork didnt take all day as in some places, from the time we arrived to pick up the car to driving it off the lot it took about 2 hours and about 1.5 hours of that was the personal tutorial on how to work all of the buttons and features in the car....( NOTE: we sent in our credit application paperwork a day in advance, so that all that could be taken care of...)

Some other side notes, clean facilites, free wi-fi on site in the case you do have to spend some time there.

SO if you are on the market to purchase a new Audi or Porsche.. go talk to Mike favorite car salesman EVER!

Sandra P. | 2011-12-12

I came here after hitting up Momentum Audi off Richmond which wouldn't cut me a deal on the car I wanted.  I came to Audi West Houston and was helped by Ingolf Hansen.  He was nice and personable... wasn't pushy.  I basically laid it out that I had gone to the other Audi dealership, test drove the car, was ready to buy but wanted a good price for it.  He ended up cutting me a good deal so I immediately signed the papers for it.  The whole car buying process was relatively painless and easy and I got the car I wanted in a week.  The car did come about 4 days after originally promised but regardless I got the car pretty quickly.

As far as service goes... I've taken my car in for regularly scheduled maintenance three times and then 2 flat tire replacements.  Both flat tire replacements were covered completely under the tire warrany I got.  I thought they might give me a hard time about it but no hassle at all getting them covered.  They guys at service have been professional and usually get me out of there pretty quickly.  No complaints so far.

N H. | 2011-04-20

Horrible service! Even from the very first day of walking in to test drive a TT I was told that they couldn't let me drive it because they didn't want to put miles on it....really guys??? Just because I look relatively young for my age doesn't mean I'm not capable of buying the car, don't be so quick to judge....

Anyways, ended up buying a car there late 2009 and loving it, but the dealership is one of the worst I've been to. Their service guys aren't very cordial and the service they give lacks any common courtesy. I am now at another dealership for services for my car, and they treat me with respect and offer me the great services that one would expect from buying a car like Audi.

All in all, this dealership wouldn't be recommended by me to even my worst enemy. As a representative of Audi of America, they should really treat their car owners a lot better.

Danielle G. | 2010-12-03

After a long week or month of car shopping and a lot of jerk-off car salesmen, I was very pleased to walk into Audi West Houston and get nicely greeted. I was actually surprised by a great salesman, Mike Nelson; he certainly made my day! I'm a very "service oriented" type of consumer; I've worked in hospitality and know what it takes... it goes a long way. So typically don't buy a car from someone unless I like them and their vibe, so Mike really did a great job... thumbs up for Mike! Too bad for the other dealerships I went to - I went up and down the katy freeway, and was ready to buy a car... didn't even plan on getting an Audi, was just wanting to get something nice, but also wanted a good experience and some decent service. The other car salesmen at Toyota (right next door) Nissan, and Honda were all kind rude and sorry, but the least you can do if I'm buying a car is pretend to be nice! Yeah, so when Mike came over and helped me at Audi, I was already warming up and feeling better.
Long story short, I walked in anxious and apprehensive, and left a very satisfied owner of a gorgeous vehicle.

Complaints: the finance guy... after Mike went over everything with me and handed me off to this guy, he told me something else and blamed it on Mike, which for whatever reason really put a bad taste in my mouth. I don't really like surprises like that, especially when we're talking thousands of dollars. He bugged me to the point of taking away a star... hahaha.

Since then I've loved all the Service guys, especially John. They are always great and have been most helpful.

Anh P. | 2010-06-08

Alright I live in Austin, but bought my sweet Audi here.

I went here one day with my dad b/c I wanted to show him the car I wanted. We test drove it and the salesman showing us the car was kind of an idiot, but so what? They all are to me b/c they never seem to know what they are selling. Anyways, my review is not of him.

So I go back and ask for a quote on the car. Of course they assume it's my dad buying. I would too. I look like I'm 14. Quote on car was high which I knew because of the research I've done. I really wanted the S model w/the big engine, but figured it was out of the range. Well I got a quote and took it home.

Turns out the quote was great. Below invoice which is unbelievable b/c Audi forums say good price is Invoice + 1000 or at that time (MSRP or under MSRP). Well I waited a couple days till 3 days before end of the month, called the head sales guy and told him I was gonna buy rt now from him or Roger Beasley in Austin. Fastest car negotiation ever. Under 10 mins, I got the car thousands under invoice (brand new car too), with free Audi care, a large chunk placed on my CC for points and get this, delivery from Houston to Austin to my house.

I'd buy a car from them again. Maybe I got lucky, but I'll sure give them a shot again. I don't think any car dealer will typically get high ratings. It's the nature of the game. If you don't have backbone, you will be taken advantage of. Accept that and play the game!

Stephanie I. | 2010-03-24

Came here with the intention of purchasing my first new car. Walked in and was not greeted by anyone in the 15 minutes we were in the showroom (the place wasn't even busy!). But the kicker is...5 minutes after I came in, someone else walks in and gets immediate service. Talk about discrimination! I may look like a teenager (I'm not), but that doesn't mean I wasn't serious about buying! Jerks.

If you're looking to buy an Audi, I suggest you visit Momentum Audi on Kirby & Richmond (where I ended up going). That location sells more cars than all the other Houston locations combined. Says a lot about quality of customer service...