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Audi North Houston, located just a few miles South of The Woodlands, Texas has been an Audi sales leader in the Houston area for years. Nestled at the intersection of I-45 and FM-1960, Audi North Houston was recently acquired by Texas-based Sewell Automotive Companies. We offer a tremendous selection of new and pre-owned Audi Inventory: A3, A4, A6, A8, S4 and TT.

Sewell provides its customers with a high level of customer service. Our salespeople are known for their professionalism, courteousness and flexibility in making the process of buying a vehicle enjoyable. Repeat and new customers will tell us they purchased from Sewell because of the quality of service and easy-going sales process.

Mon - Fri 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed


Established in 2009.

The Sewell family has been in the automotive business for over 100 years. In that time we've learned an extremely valuable lesson: the best way for us to attract new customers is to take care of our current customers. A simple philosophy, yes, but one that has been instrumental in helping us develop The Sewell Difference - a level of service that we feel is unparalleled in the industry today.

Audi North Houston

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(281) 214-0500
Address:17815 N Fwy, Houston, TX, 77090
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 7:30 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi North Houston

Lisa G. | 2015-03-26

Zach Wollmann was a delight to work with, he was actually a breath of fresh air. Everyone at the dealership was friendly as ever and the most helpful I've seen at a dealership. He took his time with me and tried to accommodate my every need in a vehicle. If anyone out there is looking for a car I would definitely recommend Audi north houston.

John M. | 2015-03-11

I continue to think that Sewell has thrown out the old car dealership model and people  placing  a desirable face on it.  Yesterday my wife's car was in for service and we had another exceed expectations experience.  My wife dropped off the car in the morning, I drove her lender car back in the evening to pick it up.  The service advisor Marissa Cooksey recognized the lender car when I pulled into the bay and went ahead and started having my paperwork and car ready.  She greeted me knew who I was ( she had never met me) .  She walked me to the cashier explaining everything and I was in my car and on my way in less than 10 minutes.  I challenge you to find a better experience than a Sewell dealership.

Mr And Mrs G. | 2015-02-24

This is an updated review as of Feb 2015.
We like to take our Audi at North Houston because they are attentive, works with our schedule and communicate clearly what's needed to be done. We may get different car adviser as Julia already moved on to a different role but regardless who we end up working with they are pretty thorough and good agent. Happy to get our car service here.

This review is for the Service Department.

We can't believe there's limited AUDI dealership in Houston area. We first called the Audi in Katy but they could not accommodate us. Luckily Audi in Woodlands area had an opening for oil change service.

Julia. That's the only name you should ask for. She took care of us.

Cato M. | 2015-01-21

I bought a new Audi A6 last year.  It is a great car.  BUT I also purchased the "Dent Guard" insurance.  After many months they still owe me $1,000.  I think this program is really just a scam.  The staff at Audi North did attempt to help me but they also failed.

I want my money back!  Don't be tempted to buy DentGuard.

Judy C. | 2015-01-17

Definitely had one of my easiest experience with Aimee Aylor at Sewell Audi. She made the whole experience painless and was so helpful in everything. Loved the fact that she went the extra mile in helping me look through 15 cars to find the perfect Q5 for me - black on black baby!
Thank you Aimee for the experience.

Joel V. | 2014-12-29

The management has changed these past few years and I can see a huge improvement. Although the cars cost a lot the customer service is top of the top. Cookies, tea and drop offs are so easy. Not to mention when you pull up they great you by your name.
Love this place.

Himmad K. | 2014-12-05

Where can I start? Let me note that I only come here for service. And have never dealt with the sales team but for one time when they tried to purchase my vehicle when it was in for service.

I have and hope to always have my service advisor be Paul. The level of service I receive for him is over the top.  I live down the street from Audi central and have been there a couple of times but they don't come close to the level of service that I get for Audi north Houston.

From the level of service that I receive from them will definitely make me our have my next vehicle for a Sewell dealership and I can only hope the level of service matches what I have always received.

Austin C. | 2014-10-30

Looking through all the reviews it looks like this is a great place to buy an Audi, just take it somewhere else to have service done on it. Took my Audi in to have warranty work done on it. They tried to blame the issue on workmanship from the previous dealership! The problem with this is that the issues I was having were never worked on at the previous dealership. My service records even stated that. I don't know if this is laziness or what but I'm extremely frustrated. We were actually going to trade in our Q5 for a A6 but now we will probably look at other brands. It's frustrating because we really liked Audi but their warranty seems to mean nothing.

Jhay P. | 2014-09-27

Hubby is/was in the market for a new car. I'll mention this but it's really not of importance to this review.. He just brought a new car last year in July *insert blank stare*..His excuse " he likes it but he doesn't love it" ok, whatever! So we got up Saturday to visit some of the local dealerships. He's always had a love jones for Audi and Mercedes. So we narrowed it down to the two. After visiting Mercedes, we went over to Audi to see what they had to offer. I have NEVER in my life, experience that which I experience at Audi of North Houston today..Clearly they must be doing really well and selling cars today wasn't on the agenda..
           We get out, don't really see much inventory. Not many sales people in sight. The ones that are, are busy with other clients. I don't mind not having sales people hounding my every move but in this case we needed somebody because we didn't see any inventory. We went in, there were 3 models on the floor but not the one we were specifically looking for; the Audi A7. I went to the receptionist and ask where's the inventory. She explained, their inventory is in the back. You tell the sales person which vehicle you would like to see and they'll pull it around for you. She said, would you like me to get a sales person for you. My husband said yes please & thank'you. It was down hill from there.

         I wandered away to view the 2 other models on the floor. I then met up with my Husband and the sales guy. I see the sale's guy showing my husband a pre owned Audi s7, which was 1 of the 3 on the showroom floor. Now I don't have a problem with pre owned but that's not what we're looking for.. Especially a pre owned with a 82 thousand $ price tag. The sales guy then stepped away for a minute. I asked my Husband, I thought you wanted to see A7. His response, well the sales guy is being lazy and showing me something "comparable" to the A7. Comparable is the word the sales guy used. I said but that's not what you wanted to see.. When the sales guy returned. I politely said, we are not interested in the S7. We would like to see the A7. His response, "oh no problem". Now I'm thinking he's going to the back where inventory is and get one of their finest A7.. He went to get the keys and led us to one of their demo's..Of which was in use by one of the managers.. We're looking in the car and noticed personal items. Empty water bottles, books, unknown items etc etc.. I asked, is this somebody's car? He said this is a demo, one of our managers is driving; but pretty much the same car you wanted to see..At this point I AM EFFN APPALLED. The receptionist just told us inventory is in the back and you are to get which every vehicle I request and bring it around. Yet he chose to show us a filthy demo parked on the side that's already in use by a manager ..Just unacceptable for a dealership. Especially an high end dealership. NO THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE FOR ANY DEALERSHIP! I don't care what type of vehicle you're selling.. If you're selling a clown shit & pick up. You show me the best damn clown shit & pick up you have on the lot!!!  Now I'm not one to play the race card EVER but I firmly believe he felt as though this was ok to do because of our race. We didn't get dressed in our finest attire. This is something we do intentionally when purchasing anything. You never judge a person. You don't know what I have in my pocketbook. After seeing this mess of a car that was shown and the treatment we were given, we were totally against purchasing anything from Audi.  Under no circumstances am I saying this Audi dealership treats a certain race of people differently. What I am saying, WE were treated differently because of our race,today; by that one sale's guy.

I would like to thank Joel at Audi of North Houston, with assisting us in our decision making as to which vehicle we were going to purchase. It was between Audi A7 and Mercedes CLS550. The Mercedes CLS550won.

That one star was required

Kan K. | 2014-09-08

I just bought my car from them, Albert was my salesman. He did a good job getting everything together before my visit. The only thing we were not satisfied was that they were running out of mineral water. I normally don't drink soda. Stock up some water!!

Kash C. | 2014-07-04

My experience here was not very pleasant. I went in to look at a used 2014 Lexus. I found out that Lexus was traded in and figured I could get a good deal on it since it's been used 7-8K miles. I had researched a lot about pricing on the Internet and knew exactly what I was willing to pay. This dealership tried to sell me a used car for the starting price of the new car. I told the salesman I want to make a deal but At the right price. He said "we sell cars based on what people are willing to pay for them". Then He showed me prices on auto trader and said this is what people are willing to pay. I replied, those are the "asking prices" not the prices the cars got sold at! Anyways I put in an offer and they came down only and only $1,000.00. I walked away from the deal. Next day I purchased a brand new Lexus, and WAY WAY lower than their used car price with the same exact equipment. Always do your homework, otherwise this dealership  will try to rip you off.

Nunya B. | 2014-06-23

Best car dealership that I have ever dealt with.    Pretty much as smooth a car buying experience as anyone could hope for.    I found the car I liked in their inventory and told the sales person to send me a quote.   I received a very easy to understand quote with the car price, TTL, and any additional discounts or fees.   They offered me a great price on the first iteration which gave them a lot of credibility in my book.   The financing process was quite smooth too.   All the calculations worked out.  In the past, I have had some dishonest dealers hide fees within the financing calculations but they did not pull that.   Then they even delivered the car to my home and spent an hour going through all the features.    I strongly recommend not even wasting your time with the other Audi dealers in Houston.  This is the dealership that you want to do business with.

E O. | 2014-01-03

I am giving 2 stars because the salesman was the only positive thing about our experience at this place. We dealt with a rude & condescending finance guy with questions including "you do know that this is an expensive car"..anyway, went and bought a better new car (not Audi) down the street the next day and the experience was so pleasant! I'll never think Audi again and anyone I can convince isn't getting one much for the Sewell service excellence smh...

Jerry C. | 2013-10-09

Wow! Can I say rude, our salesman mr Mah was very courteous throughout, then suddenly on price negotiation the first thing out of the manager salesman to me and my wife and mother was "so... U guys know supply and demand in economics right?" ( in condescending tone) me: " yes sir we just want to see if you guys could help us out a little with the price." Sales manager" you know audi never has a problem with selling their cars" speaks with rude tone to my wife"I am speaking in terms you will understand.. Etc".  

Excuse me? We are both physicians .. Prob know a little bit more than you give credit to us.  Next time don't judge.

Bought the same car (audi a7 prestige) at West Houston Audi 30 mins later for a great price and very polite staff to deal with.

If you want to be treated with some dignity and respect.  Don't come here. Apparently you need to be a member of their country club to be regarded as a human being.

Kevin R. | 2013-10-01

I have had positive service experiences here, but I wanted to take a moment to share my observations of the showroom. This rating is only for the showroom.

I find the showroom here at Audi North Houston to be very sub-par. The vehicle selection is fine, but it is shameful to see how dirty and poorly kept their showroom vehicles are. Brake dust on the rims, tar marks, dirty exhaust, dirty windows, dirty and dusty paint.

Some of the vehicles are certified pre-owned so I certainly don't expect them to be immaculate. However I don't think it is unreasonable to expect that a showroom of a brand of this calibre should detail each of their vehicles, especially the vehicles in the showroom which are supposed to be representing the dealership and the Audi brand. It doesn't take much to run a micro-fiber cloth with some detailed solution over each of the showroom cars in the morning, or to keep the rims and exhaust clean and polished.

I bring my own Audi RS4 here for service, and I generally like this dealership, it was just very disappointing to see how dirty the showroom cars are when they have plenty of staff sitting at their desks who could take 15 minutes and wipe down 1 vehicle each.

Another note, I stood in the showroom for at least 20 minutes without once being asked if I needed any help. Not until I actually walked within a few feet of the reception desk did the lady there ask if I needed something. Shouldn't there be an Audi employee at least asking if I'm interested in a vehicle? The receptionist is busy enough answering the phones.

Audi North Houston, I hope you read this review and at least get your cars cleaned on a daily basis.

Linda T. | 2013-08-12

My boyfriend and I came here to test drive a car, the gentlemen that helped us out was very friendly and answered all our questions. Love going to luxury car dealerships b/c you don't get a swarm of people coming outside and hassling you. This dealership was very professional and we had a good experience there. My bf is in the process of his purchase as we speak so I'm sure we will be visiting this location again very soon in the near future for service, etc.

Becky E. | 2013-07-01

Can't say enough amazing things about the Sewell Auto Group, especially Audi North Houston. I drive the extra 30+ miles from where I live to service my car here. It's worth it compared to the other Houston options (cough, cough... Momentum). No one else in Houston can even compare.

I recently purchased my first new Audi from this location. John Hovenden is an Audi Brand Rockstar! He was so helpful in creating a deal that worked best for me but also in holding back with his opinions to ensure he remained objective during my purchase decision. He was hyper responsive via email and never pushy. Great experience in working with him.

Looking forward to our continued relationship!

Stephen K. | 2013-05-05

My wife and I enjoyed the entire experience of purchasing our new car from Audi North Houston, but perhaps most laudable was our experience with our sales associate, Brock Baker. My wife owns an Audi and I was coming from an Infiniti, so we are familiar with the service we would expect to get from any particular dealership carrying an Audi brand name. That said, in every way possible, our experience exceeded our expectations. Brock did an excellent job in shepherding us through the test drive and negotiations process; in fact, the day we bought the car we actually had zero intention of buying a vehicle that day. Furthermore, the day we purchased the vehicle, it was apparent to us that the operations surrounding the purchase process was well-planned and coordinated. The car was ready to go, our experience with finance (I believe the gentleman's name was Alan) was exceptional and every need of ours was attended to; Brock and Alan listened to every question we posed and answered it with the level of care as if it was the first time that they had heard it (despite the fact that undoubtedly having answered it countless times before).

Coming from an Infiniti dealership that provided me with great customer service was the only worry I had about switching brands; after dealing with the North Houston Audi team, those concerns are merely memories. In fact, my wife has been servicing her car at the I-10 location and she will be servicing it at Audi North Houston moving forward (not to speak ill of the competition, but there is clearly a customer service example that exceeds our experience that the other location). The Audi North Houston team (and Brock specifically) should be commended for their efforts; you have gained a very satisfied new customer in the process as well as a household that will look to service and purchase its future vehicles from your location.

Samantha F. | 2013-03-23

Super impressed this with crew!  They are all very helpful.  I HIGHLY recommend Hannah (the blonde) she is great!  We love our car!  The service dept is wonderful.  The car wash and service area are nice perks.  They even have a play area for kids which is amazing for us.

Melody F. | 2013-03-16

We had a great experience here. We test drove a q5. Unfortunately it was to small and the q7 was to pricey. Fun experience though and maybe one day when my kids are grown I will return for a smaller car. The hybrid!

Aline D. | 2013-01-10

This dealership is ALL about customer service and it shows. We recently bought a pre-owned NON-Audi vehicle from here and ran into a minor problem. We brought it back and they took care of it from there. They went above and beyond what we ever expected and did more than what was necessary. We would like to thank Sewell and the staff there (especially Katie Murray) for raising the bar on auto dealerships. We think all dealerships should treat their customers like Sewell did and we will definitley buy from them again in the future.

John S. | 2013-01-07

Bad service in parts department

Melissa M. | 2012-06-30

Most people hate the car buying experience, and I'm chief amongst them. I needed a new car and went to many many dealerships until I settled on the vehicle I wanted, an Audi Q5. I checked websites, called around, and finally found the one I wanted with the options I was looking for. This is normally when I would go in to a dealership and start the dance with the salesman and finance person. I absolutely hate haggling, so I took a different approach, I wrote emails and only spoke to the salespeople via phone when necessary. What a difference! I called all 3 Houston area Audi dealerships, and Sewell Audi of North Houston was by far the most responsive and helpful. I was able to work with a salesperson, Chris Wall, over the phone and email and found the car I wanted. I applied for financing via internet and was even quoted a rate which I eventually negotiated down by 30% before ever walking into the dealership.

When I arrived, I found that Audi North Houston is a brightly lit, attractive dealership with lots of little perks like free muffins, fancy coffees (not a coffee drinker myself), free car washes, and even free concert tickets to the Woodlands. I was able to complete my purchase and take delivery of the vehicle in under 1 hour.

Even though this dealership is really far from where I live or work, I plan to use their service department for scheduled maintenance. I was informed that as long as I schedule my maintenance ahead of time, someone from the dealership would delivery a loaner car to my work or home and pick up my car for service.  Wow! I can't wait until my 5k scheduled service to check and see if this is as easy and hassle free as promised.

Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase and the process. If I had anything in the way of constructive criticism it would be that there are a lot of salespeople busily working on their computers when I walked in and it took too long for us to be greeted. It was Saturday morning and we might have been more casually dressed than the typical Audi customer, but we still should have been greeted immediately.

Ben R. | 2012-03-22

I'm new to the area and had to look around to find the right Audi dealer to service my car. Look no farther, this is it. This is the most professional dealer I've been to - great customer oriented service.

Service is great, but much more important is the ease of making an appointment. With only a couple days notice I was set up with a loaner car (new model A4) while they completed the service on car. When you compare this to the wait for places in the city (weeks) you can understand why I will be returning here.

They have a collision center on site for repairs as well.

Holly A. | 2010-09-15

2 things:

1.  The trunk never worked correctly via the FOB and then stopped working altogether within the first week.
2.  The gas tank door never locked and unlocked at all.

Both of these items are supposed to be in full working order as part of the Audi Certified checklist.

::::::::::::::::: raised eyebrow ::::::::::::::::::::::::