Audi Central Houston in Houston, TX

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Audi Central Houston

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 596-3500
Address:2120 Southwest Freeway, Houston, TX, 77098
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Audi Central Houston

Randy B. | 2015-04-24

I tried to return a pre-owned car less than 24 hours and get a different model within the same car family and they stuck me with a HUGE change fee. They were not accommodating at all and just in it for the money.

Renita F. | 2015-04-16

Horrible experience.  Why can't I give zero stars?  

I took my 2013 A5 in for the 35,000 mile service on March 12, 2015 and received my car 32 days later on April 14, 2015.  I brought it in during the scheduled drop off of 9am & it was not completed until 6pm so I went by the following day to pick it up.  After signing the paperwork, I walked to my car & noticed a huge dent.  
The service rep was apologetic and told me they would fix it.  It took them 2 weeks to fix my dent that occurred while in their possession.  When I went to pick up my car on March 26, I was there over an hour & they were not able to locate my key.    
After signing for no issues on March 13 (before noticing the dent), my AC miraculously stops working the day I try & pick it up when they lost my key.  The service manager didn't try to apologize for the service or dent.  He only acted like I was bothering him.  All he could tell me was, "We can't see what happened in any of the cameras.  It just looks like someone hit it with a hammer."  So 2 weeks later on April 14, I was finally able to pick up my car & saw they charged my warranty almost $10,000 for an "AC issue".  And the paperwork for the body work was only $350.        

Actually wanted to buy a Q5 from them but seeing how they treated this situation, I will drive a little further to go to Audi West and give them my business.

Mark J. | 2015-02-28

The facilities are nice and so was the sales person.

However, what isn't good is that they don't safeguard your privacy. Quite on the contrary they share your number with marketing callers.  
I left my cellular number with the sales person for one reason only, for him to call me when they got a car with the specs that I wanted.
Instead they gave my number to a third party marketing research firm that called me at the crack of dawn asking why I had chosen to visit this dealership.

While I did not tell them why I went there in the first place, I will gladly tell them why I will never buy a vehicle from Audi Central Houston - it's hard enough to keep telemarketers from calling one's cellular and I certainly don't need a company like Audi Central Houston to proliferate it.

Richard B. | 2015-02-28

I bought an Audi SQ5 from Audi North in January. Wanted to buy a tire warranty with the car but was told they weren't available on S line cars. Sure enough I got a nail in the sidewall... Went to Audi Central for a new tire ($570 - OUCH). Was told that Audi do offer a tire warranty for S line vehicles. While I was there I mentioned a problem with the MMI. They sorted it out for me and sent Dustin the technologist to my office & house to get everything working. AMAZING customer service and I will never go to another Audi dealership again...these guys are the best.

Peg L. | 2015-02-25

I didn't buy my Audi here but it's only ever been serviced at Audi Central, previously Momentum Audi. For my personal experience the change is huge. My previous advisor at Momentum wasn't interested in me and sometimes I felt like he was talking down to me. Since I know nothing about cars I didn't have a basis to counter. My advisor after him is Antoine who I cannot sing enough praises. He's affable and knowledgeable, easy-going and keeps me updated on the progress of my repair/maintenance. He's not a stickler about stuff and when he says he'll make sure I'm taken care of, I believe him. I actually look forward to servicing my car because every time I get her back she rides better.

There was this once time I brought her in because of a creaking sound and after a ride along to replicate the problem the dealership basically gave me new shocks (it was under warranty). Not only did it fix the problem but I didn't have to fight to get it fixed or find a way to prove that there was something wrong. They trusted that I knew there was something off with my car and they even followed up to make sure that the repair worked. I've experienced BMW and Mercedes advisors and so many times I've been written off with excuses of this or that but there was no fuss with Audi. Because of this easy experience I'm a loyal customer. I wish I remembered the name of the head mechanic/engineer who rode along with me. He is a prime example of dedication to quality.

The dealership is beautiful and clean. The waiting area is open and airy with two televisions going. There's refreshments and comfortable seating.

I really like the people at Audi. The service group are nice, you're greeted immediately by the valets, the cashiers are friendly.

There are some downsides to this dealership but it's not bad enough for me to rank it low or go elsewhere. For me the biggest one is TIME. It's the only dealership in central Houston for Audi so they are always busy. Because of that it's natural that things get backed up but I rather they take their time and get the work done right. I'm fortunately that I'm not rushing when I get my car serviced so when I have to wait a little longer for the complimentary car wash I'm okay with that but I can see how it might inconvenience those with less time.

Kristy S. | 2015-02-14

Better service than Audi West, which is where I've been going. Here, I actually can get someone on the phone to make appointment, get appointmt confirmations via email and phone (which you don't get at Audi west). Entrance in the parking garage like building. Beautiful interior. Free wifi. Free coffee and limited pastries. Water is not free here (vending machine). Audi west has free water, and a lot of free brownies, cookies, donuts.  The rep here is more informative than Audi west. Although service still can't compare to Infiniti Southwest----no one has beat their's to this day.

Paula R. | 2015-02-04

The people in service are pleasant but they certainly do not go beyond taking care of your car.
55,000 tune up cost almost $900.00!
I know this is minor but here I sit sitting in the waiting/sales room and decide I want a bottle of water-WELL, they have VENDING machines!! Are you kidding me!  I'm spending $900.00 and have to pay for a bottle of water. Really????
We were  trying to decide if we wanted another Audi or another Lexus. Lexus it is, at least they have great waiting rooms and FREE snacks.

Kim P. | 2015-01-03

My sales experience at Houston Central was horrible. So much so that I can't even go into too much detail because it would take too long. Let's just say that it was so bad that I filed a formal complaint with Audi USA and the owners of this establishment should be beyond embarrassed at the actions of multiple employees. It really is a circus when you visit and rude is an understatement. I had $25,000 transferred as a down payment and no one could locate my funds for 4 days and they were not the slightest bit concerned. It was NOT my banks error, but THEIR error.  Simply in shock at how unprofessional the entire process was. Bottom line, I love my Audi and will buy another one in the next 3 years or so, but I will purchase it from Audi doubt about that. HOWEVER, I have thus far had a great service department experience. Jason in particular is great and the service department takes care of my needs very well.

Ben C. | 2015-01-02

Really excellent buying experience - great product knowledge, very helpful sales staff, paperwork was quick and easy, good introduction to how to operate the car.   I would strongly recommend Audi Central Houston.

Jason H. | 2014-12-19

My experience w/ this dealership is right on par w/ what majority of the people here are saying. I purchased a used benz through this dealership from LA (w/o even coming to houston once). Chris was the salesman that assisted me, very easy to work with, drove the car to the local indi shop to get a PPI done, and answered every question I had within reasonable time. I would give the entire buying process 5 stars if it weren't for two things. (1) This dealership wouldn't nudge on price, you need to wait for the price to drop, which was a waste of time because I originally offered them more than what they end up lowering to (lost two-three weeks of owning the car sooner) and (2) when I asked how much tire tread was remaining, the only answer I got was "its within legal standards." When I received the car, I noticed it was down to 3/32th (2/32th is completely bald).

tl;dr - YMMV w/ this dealership. Decent deal for me, but only because of patience.

Fernando G. | 2014-12-13

I had the best experience purchasing a vehicle at Audi Central. Lenny James did everything possible to earn my business for my current purchase. I will absolutely be back and recommend him and this dealership to family and friends.

Tiffany L. | 2014-12-03

Ask for John Villarreal - he is awesome and provided great customer service! Vince assisted us in Finance and he made everything so much easier and faster with paperwork. My husband and I went to Audi West and didn't even get anything close to the customer service that we received at Audi Central. (Big thank you to Gerald the GSM as well!). :)

Sambhav J. | 2014-12-02

Went there to Buy a pre owned Audi. Came home with a new 2015 Audi :)
I have been to other dealers but Audi Central was the best ! I got a great deal and all thanks to Krista Grimes. She used to email me whenever the car with all the options I needed was in the inventory. Always on top of things. Not at all pushy like some dealers or sales rep. I had an amazing experience. Everything was laid out Black and White.
Got Audi Finance from them as well got a good rate. Overall I will Definitely recommend Audi Central and Krista Grimes also her Manager Lionel.

Andrea S. | 2014-10-27

I brought my Audi in to get an oil consumption issue resolved, get new tires as well as replace a water coolant pump.  Paul Clason was my service manager.  Simply Awesome! Very professional, knowledgable and helpful guy.  I did have a few minor issues but Paul explained the issues and resolved them.  Gorgeous facility, friendly staff, knowledgable and they do their best to ensure that you're taken care of quickly.   My schedule was rather hectic during this ordeal and they were very accomodating.  I am satisfied with services rendered at this location.  Momentum made my Audi experience as comfortable as possible.  One of the managers didn't make me feel so warm and fuzzy but he's only one bad apple out of a large staff.  Everyone else including Samir made up for the one "bad apple".  The general manager Danny Posey is pretty awesome as well. He was very interested in my experience and readily made himself available if ever I needed him.   I would recommend Momentum.

Wyndham S. | 2014-09-29

This dealer is rather atypical for Audi. I've moved around a lot and had my car serviced at many locations - Newport Audi in California, Strong Audi in SLC, Utah, Audi Oakland, and a few others. Not once have I had an experience so poor.

It started with a push of unnecessary services. I'm a car guy, I asked for very specific things. I don't really appreciate having extra stuff pushed on me, but whatever, it's the dealership, they gotta make money somehow. I ask them to check out my car, fix a few things, and a week later I get a call.

"We broke your car. It used to start, and now it doesn't."  They tell me it's some random part, they need to order a new one from Audi. Queue a weeks worth of wait. They get the part. It doesn't work. Now they tell me "We don't have any idea what the problem is, we have no idea how long it'll take to fix." Meanwhile I'm stuck cancelling trips because what should have been a few quick fixes is now "unknown."

Don't ever take your car here, unless you want it stuck in some horrible purgatory.

Peter N. | 2014-09-21

I been eyeing a used BMW 335i here for over a month via . When the price dropped I came in the following weekend knowing what I wanted and planned to drive the car out.

Wait for a sales rep was very quick and test drive also came quick. Sales guy drove the car out with me and pushed it like a race car and drifted around the corner with DSC off. My first impression was, "whoa I'm going to die!" Followed by WTF they treat their inventory likes this!? Something is going to break! Car for sale as is btw.

After closer examination of the car's condition I notice several severe scratches on the trunk and hood like it's been keyed or etc. The BMW metallic paint is not cheap to fix compared to base paint so I had to reconsider. In addition the plastic on the driver side door switch panel was melted (known defect for this model (E90/E92) that cost $650 to fix at Advantage BMW bc I fixed it in my current BMW 325i E90.

Long story short the photos on Autotrader did not depict the imperfections so I was a little disappointed. They took off another $400ish for me but added another $459ish for some windshield protection and wheel curb rash plan. I still was interested but when I did the math it wasn't worth the price but a part of me still wanted the car so I couldn't make a decision on the spot. I felt very pressured and rushed by the sales and finance guy. In fact when I wanted to take a step back and think it over at home the finance guy said let me go tell the sales guy you wasted his time and he'll walk you down. Really!? Buying a car is a life decision, but maybe I'm the only person who feels that way. I'm sorry I disappoints you but I needed to think over things and work the numbers privately at home. I was leaning towards buying the car but after that remark I was like ok I'm not coming back here if you felt I wasted your time. I wasted my time for over a month wish I would have read yelp ratings before coming in here.

Antelmo M. | 2014-08-28

My friend bought an A5 and I was subsequently referred to Krista Grimes since I was looking to buy a new car and the Audis' were on my list. Unfortunately, I did not buy an Audi but Krista made my decision really hard, she was definitely an outstanding sales professional and I would recommend her to anyone interested in buying an Audi. She knew EVERYTHING about all Audi models and she had extensive knowledge about vehicles in general. There was no pressure or rush, all the facts were given to me and I had ample time to decide on my own. I would also recommend the dealership, it's new and elegant with many conveniences which in my opinion adds to the experience of purchasing a luxury vehicle. I will consider again in the future.

Stephen S. | 2014-08-19

Just purchased an S4 here. Our service was great. The salesman was (John Hinojosa) very accommodating and attentive to what our needs were. The buying process was not high pressure like with most of the dealers.

Fernando M. | 2014-07-24

My last few service appointments with Jason Baisden have been terrific. He's been very accommodating and has taken great care of my two Audis. I love living close to the dealership and I feel that the have improved their service over the years. Their grand opening party last November was also a lot of fun. Adam khan is another good service advisor.

Corinne C. | 2014-07-18

I love the new Audi Central! I take my A5 in for routine and warranty service. I can say it has MUCH improved from Audi Momentum since I bought my car through Momentum and had it serviced once while still under the old name (my experience on that later).

The new location is easy to get in and out of. The valet service is convenient and upon arrival the TV screen in service valet park greets you with your name and service info on it along with your service advisors name. That is a nice touch! Shout out to my service advisor is Antoine Oldman. He is the BEST!! He is quick to get me taken care of whether I need the shuttle or a courtesy car. I have come in for service 3x's and used the shuttle twice and a courtesy car once. Another shout out to Mr. Charles the shuttle driver. He is quick to get you to your destination and when I called him after my car was ready for pickup he was able to accommodate my schedule and was waiting for me right on time. Thank you!

When walking in everything is shiny and new. The service waiting area is modern and lounge like. There is a breakfast/ snack bar for for customers to enjoy free of charge. So you can grab a coffee and bagel or muffin while waiting.

When picking up my car it's an easy process at the check out desk and Antoine is there to assist with any questions. I love that I get a free car wash with service and my car is squeaky clean! She's always a happy car after her visit to Audi Central!

Lex N. | 2014-07-07

Just recently purchased a used vehicle from Audi central houston. It wasn't an Audi but the overall experience was beyond my expectations. The facility is just amazing, I'm sure there's a few things that needs to be worked on but hey whose perfect? If and when you are ready to purchase a vehicle from Audi PLEASE go see BOBBY BELL, he is an amazing guy. Went through all of the details, even gave us a your of the facility. I would definitely recommend audi for a new or used vehicle, but be sure to ask for Mr. Bobby bell.

Eric B. | 2014-07-02

I have bought a Q-7 & A-7 here.  Their old dealership setting was not that great.  Since they have moved off of Greenbriar, they have stepped up their game significantly.  

The waiting room is what  a luxury dealership waiting room should be.  They have a nice seating area, they offer nice breakfast snacks and coffee in the morning, and they have some nice televisions.  

I always deal with Aimee in sales, she is very honest and takes good care of me.  

When it comes to service, Jason is the tops.  He is knowledgeable and always takes extremely good care of me.  

They have fixed all that the old delearship location was missing (maybe it is becuase it was purchased from Momentum and now owned by the Sonic group).

Nunya B. | 2014-06-20

Beautiful facility but very poor customer service.   I scheduled a test drive and was given a sales person that knew very little about the car.     I was skeptical about entering a car negotiation with a novice sales person but decided to give him one more opportunity.   I found the car I wanted on their website in their inventory and requested a price quote.   Instead I received various monthly payments for differing loan periods.   No mention of the selling price.  Not even the loan rate.    You cannot be serious.   That was an instant loss of credibility.    

I ended up buying the vehicle I wanted from North Houston Audi.   It was such a better experience.   My sales person was Mike Barry.  He was awesome.   Provided all the information I needed on pricing and a great price.

Aaron B. | 2014-06-15

When you walk into a dealership with the intent of spending north of $70K, you expect somebody to attend to you. For some reason, at Audi Central Houston the dozens (literally) of sales attendants are instead found banging away at their keyboards.

I can get over incompetence, but I can't excuse nefarious sales tactics. When I finally got ahold of a sales attendant I was told that the 2015 Q7 would be identical to the 2014 Q7. "You won't even be able to tell the difference!", he said. This was a boldfaced lie. The 2015 Q7 will be an all-new vehicle as every car publication has reported.

Knowing the sales guy was full of it, I still wanted to check out the outgoing model. The Q7 has third row seating which is clearly one if its major selling points. I went to inspect the third row to find all the floor mats, trunk liner and trunk cover stuffed in the trunk (note that this was not by a prior patron as this stuff was still in it's factory plastic wrap - the dealership just never bothered to make the vehicle presentable). With sales representative watching, I proceeded to haul all the stuff out of the trunk with no assistance from people whose job it is to do this. They just stared at me like I was crazy.

Before you buy a vehicle anywhere, go to Mercedes of Greenway or Sterling McCall Lexus. They are what a luxury vehicle buying experience should be like; competent, honest sales people who speak proper English and give you enough space while still being appropriately attentive to your inquiry.

The prospect of having to get my car serviced here is enough to steer me away from Audi. Are you listening Sonic Automotive?

David N. | 2014-06-12

I had the pleasure of attending their grand re-opening.  This place is amazing! Not only is it a beautiful car show room, it doubles as a great event space.  There are multiple levels of space to hold event goers.  They even have a VIP balcony area that overlooks the main showroom.  They have a special room with the Iron Man car, DROOLS!

Tiptoe T. | 2014-05-23

Ask for my service rep, Joe. He has really taken good care of my A7

Andrew W. | 2014-05-23

Sometimes buying a car can be intimidating and a never ending process. However, although I was initially skeptical about purchasing a vehicle from Audi Central, almost everything was done to insure I had a pleasant buying experience.

When I first walked in, I was looking around in the showroom and I was not approached by a salesperson for over 20 minutes. Although it was the end of the business day (30 mins or so before close), I felt like the employees that day were very reluctant to take another customer near the end of the day. I approached a salesperson myself and he seemed a little uninterested in helping me buy a vehicle, even though I made it clear I was definitely going to purchase from Audi. After looking at a few cars, they did not have any A6s in stock with the packages I wanted. I left the options and the salesperson explained he needed some time to track the vehicle down for me. I explained I wanted to buy a car ASAP (within a week tops). After communicating via text message over the next couple of days, I was under the impression that he was uninterested and was not trying to track the vehicle down. I found myself doing all of the work.

I contacted Audi Corporate and explained that I was in dire need of buying a new vehicle. After a few days of limbo, Krista Grimes gave me a call and was assigned to help me get the vehicle I needed. Krista was more that helpful, always keeping me updated with her findings and going over everything in full detail to obtain the right vehicle. She had very extensive knowledge of all of Audi models and was very honest when describing the wants/needs for specific car options. She was more geared toward geared toward selling you want you wanted and giving honest information rather than trying to sell you every package/addition for the cars.

The negotiation for price was a little cumbersome (this is an unavoidable process, regardless of where you go or whatever "true price" is offered) but Krista was always ready via phone (even outside of work hours) to provide any help or information. I would highly recommend requesting her to be your sales rep if you decide to buy a vehicle at Audi Central.

Overall, I was initially disappointed with the way things were handled at the dealership (reason for the 1 star discount), but when Krista same into the picture she made my car buying experience turn out to a very smooth, pleasant one. After my purchase, she went over the car in full detail and customized all the car settings to fit my needs. She even helped me after the purchase to get window tint and car paint protection outside of the dealership. Like I said, she was very honest. I will be looking to purchase another vehicle at the end of the summer and I will definitely be returning to give her my business.

Ida L. | 2014-05-19

The best car experience in a way long time.  My sales person, Joe was the most helpful.  Joe is experienced, knows what he sells & is courteous and attentive.   I bought a CPO. Robert Wood, Sales Manager was top notch!   My gorgeous A6 had a minor hiccup, met with Ryan in service.  Ryan got me in a loaner for the day,  wham/bam I was back in my car.

I highly recommend Audi Central Houston.  Audi Central met, and exceeded my

The absolute best service on all levels.

thanks guys!

Lindsey L. | 2014-05-08

It has been an hour waiting for a shuttle ride despite having an appointment.  If the service is as bad,  I will need to go somewhere else

Terri T. | 2014-04-30

I dread coming here because of the wait time. My boyfriend dropped off his car the day before at 8AM. They called us the next day around 10am and told the car was ready. We got here at around 12:30PM. Waited for the guy to go around and look for our paper work for 20 minutes. Then another guy came out with it. And so we thought that everything was ready to go. But nope. It wasn't.

We had to wait for the car to be washed. On top of that I over heard them say there was three cars in front of ours. So I told my boyfriend to just get the car cause we don't have time.

At 1:20pm we finally got the car, and it was washed.

I love audi but this isn't the first time we've waited. We've waited longer before.

Save us some waiting time and don't call until it's actually ready.

They have so many workers there, everything should be faster for customers.

Don't tell us it's ready when it's not. Save us some wait time. We are busy people.

Daniel H. | 2014-04-30

After owning an Audi for the past 8 years, I woke up one day decided to go visit the new dealership facility to purchase a new vehicle. Don't be fooled by the looks, the design of this facility is very impressive but service and customer service at this dealership is just absurd.

I went in for a 9AM appointment and was received by the sales staff at 9:30AM (yes, 30 minutes late). As soon as I was asked to be seated I told this person I was interested in a particular vehicle, for which he did not show any interest in explaining the details of this vehicle whatsoever. 3 minutes later I was given the keys to take a test drive (without him giving any explanation of the vehicle features or taking the test-drive with me). I then returned the car as if I were giving the keys of my car to a service person in a car wash, nothing else was said from his part. Several phone calls and emails were sent to the dealership afterwards and I am still waiting for a response 8 weeks later.

After this experience, I decided to purchase a vehicle from another dealership. It is a shame that Audi is represented in this place by very low customer services standards. If they would have good reputation for their customer service you think they would at least respond to their Yelp reviews without a generic answer as is the case below.

Karla H. | 2014-04-26

Went by the new dealership at Greenbriar and 59 to look at an SUV.  I am a serious buyer.  First of all, there was no designated parking for Sales.  And there was no signage, except one small sign said that said "Service."  I ended up parking outside in the service area.  When I went inside, there were tons of customers and three sales people.  It is Saturday, so it would seem reasonable to have extra staffing.  No one offered to help me. As I was leaving I see a guy coming in who didn't offer to help me but who made eye contact. I asked him if he worked there and he said "yes".  I asked why there was no designated customer parking or adequate sales staff. He says: " I just came in.  I can't do anything about that."  Oh, like maybe say you are sorry I had a problem and offer to get someone to park my car for me.  I just walked out.  This guy could have sold me a car today, so whatever. He obviously doesn't need the commission and Audi obviously has plenty of customers.  My advice is to go to Advantage BMW.

Jeff K. | 2014-04-18

Well *this* place certainly appears to evoke a love-it-or-hate-it response from nearly every poster. As is usually the case, the truth is somewhere in the middle. For me, it's the upper-end of middle ... for now. (Dum-dum-DUM!)

I'm in the market for a new car and am seriously considering an A3. I've watched this dealership slowly (and literally) rise over the past 18 months, and I was curious to hear how and why they decided to go in such a conceptual direction with their all-new facility. For starters, I'll note that this is a SEVEN-STORY building, and almost entirely self-contained. (The only part I noticed outside of the main building was a small pre-owned vehicle lot across the street.) Although there are a handful of cars on the ground floor, the actual showroom is on the second floor; most of the first floor is instead occupied by a waiting area for customers picking up cars being serviced, as well as desks for their salespeople. (Honestly, this wasn't a great design decision; the waiting area is too small, plus it's far too confusing which part is the service area and which part is for sales.)

Anyway, I went up to the front desk, mentioned that I wanted to see a salesperson about an A3, and was quickly introduced to one. I'd already looked at the inside of an A3 on the showroom floor, so I was ready to immediately proceed to a test-drive. My salesman departed for a couple of minutes before returning with a set of keys. (Note: since other reviewers have commented negatively on the subject, I'll just note that this was probably THE only time I've never been asked for a photocopy of my driver's license when test-driving a car. I was also never asked about my existing auto insurance. Don't get me wrong: I am by no means complaining! Nonetheless, I found this to be somewhat bizarre, *particularly* considering a fairly well-publicized incident last fall at another Houston Audi dealership where someone test-drove an $80,000 S5 and ended up literally driving off with it while the salesman ran inside for some reason. In that case they DID have a copy of his license, but apparently the perp had long since moved away from the listed address.)

Our route to the actual *vehicle* was a bit circuitous, at my own request. Upon entering the elevator to go up to the garage level where new cars are stored (3rd floor), I mentioned my curiosity as to what was on the other floors. At that point we took a little tour, where I saw the car wash facility for vehicles at the end of their service visit -- on the *sixth* floor, no less -- and then their main service facility itself, located on the fifth floor (and I'd have to say it's the single cleanest service bay I've seen in my many, *many* years of owning and test-driving cars - its floors are probably cleaner than the ones at my own home!). Incidentally, the salesman explained that the dealership layout was a first for Audi in North America, and that they're planning on gradually expanding it to their flagship dealerships in other large cities.

We finally made it to the car and out onto Southwest Fwy. for a drive. I noticed a number of other comments about salespeople who were either inattentive during test drives or ignorant of the car's features. I've experienced that type of salesperson on many an occasion, and this guy was decidedly *not* one of them. Not only was he fully apprised on the car's features -- btw this is an all-new vehicle that was introduced to the American market less than two months ago -- but he also knew the pros and cons of the two cars I'm shopping it against (a BMW and a Benz), all the way down to minutia like BMW exclusively using run-flat tires on its cars (a definite minus in Houston, given that they ride much more roughly than standard tires, and as anyone who's spent five minutes in this city knows, Houston's roads are roughly on par with Baghdad's). He showed me enough of the car's features to give me a strong notion of its strong points, but without being one of those dealer guys who insists on pointing out EVERY SINGLE feature in a car (Acura, I'm looking at you on this one...).

The sole negative of my experience there came at the end where I had to go through the "introduction to his sales manager" routine. While thankfully neither of them pulled any "what can we do to put you in this car today?" type of b.s. hard-sell tactics, they asked a few too many questions about my current vehicle (which I have zero intention of selling at a dealership, not that I'd tell them that) for comfort.

For now I'm going to give the dealership four stars. That said, I've had a HUGE load of service b.s. tactics thrown at me at one of their sister BMW dealerships, including an absurdly long wait for a simple oil change, so I may have to do a rewrite down the road. I also have absolutely zero tolerance for any "dealer add-ons" during the purchase process, so that could certainly affect my rating as well.

Emily B. | 2014-04-09

Very poor customer service in the service department from Jack, despite the fact that I had an appointment with him. The valet was also unfriendly and was nowhere to be found when I was ready to leave. Unfortunately, those were the only 2 people I dealt with during my visit so I am very disappointed. I purchased my Audi at a lovely dealership in Austin. If I knew the service would be this way after moving to Houston, I would not have purchased an Audi.

Mark W. | 2014-04-06

Nice clean facility- Roller coaster experience.

After driving 4 hours to the Houston area to view an Audi Q7 at a different dealership we by chance ended up at Audi Central. Impressed by the state of the art facility, and courteous greeters we decided to take a look at their inventory. Aside from the curbside greeters, all other employees appear to go about their business as if you don't exist. I wasn't sure if they were trying to exude a "hey, the cars sell themselves, so we don't need to earn your business" type attitude. Unfortunately, in our case that was the reality, as we identified a Q7 (used) that was "spec'd" and priced to our liking. I decided to shift into business mode, and attempted to remove all emotional aspect of purchasing a vehicle. After verifying that we were getting the "True" price by comparing mileage, installed options, and vehicle condition we started the purchasing process.

Here is the fun part of the roller coaster ride.
After 4 hours at the dealership, the Q7 was finally ours! Mission accomplished! We left with the car we wanted, and came out below budget.- win win!

Now comes the bad part:
After less than 1000 miles of driving the car (mostly highway miles) the "pad low" light illuminated, and remained on after every start up. I visually inspected all brake pads, and rotors and confirmed that both front brakes were at their life limit. After several calls to the dealership explaining our disappointment of being sold a vehicle with a major component only centimeters away from failure, they reluctantly agreed to pay for half the repairs. I still wasn't satisfied, but since the car was purchased "as-is" I thought it was better than nothing. In all honesty, if I had purchased the car from a corner lot I would have just chalked it up as a loss. However since I did my due diligence by bypassing all the so called shady corner lot dealerships (sorry to discriminate) to spend my money at what appeared to be a reputable establishment, I felt duped.

Here comes the best part of the ride:
Our Brand Specialist (salesman) Emmanuel Agramonte made an appointment with the internal service department to have the problem taken care of for us. We arrived for our appointment and was further surprised with an A7 courtesy car for us to use while we wait. I asked them to give me a call prior to starting any repairs so that I can ensure all corrective actions were being made, in order not revisit this issue in a few short months. Two hours later, I received a call from Emmanuel stating that the pads were in fact low, and that though the rotors were within limits they would replace them as well. Thinking that I'm going to be in for a hefty bill, I reluctantly asked how much will I be paying? He explained that the Preowned Sales Director (Kevin McPhail) apologizes for the inconvenience, and that Audi Central will cover 100% of the cost to make the repairs!

I only rate them 3 stars because they were able to earn 2 additional stars by making the situation right. Emmanuel and Kevin really went above and beyond to fix what should have never been a problem.

Will I be a returning customer, or recommend this dealership.......... yes!.

Priscilla S. | 2014-03-27

Amazing customer care! When you go ask for Krista!!! She made our Audi experience so wonderful. I purchased my Audi in December, if it weren't for all of her knowledge and sincerity I feel like we may have kept looking. Thanks to her I absolutely love my car and anytime I need anything she is there to help! Thank you Krista for being so kind!

Dana W. | 2014-03-23

Smoke and mirrors.  Gorgeous facility.  Terrible service.

My first ever experience with this "luxury" dealership was quite telling of how my future interactions would go.

It started with a visit to their previous location where, after a service visit,  a part was to be ordered for my Q5.  After 3 weeks of no follow-up from the service team I called them to find out the status.  They let me know that the part was ordered but due to the transition to the new location the part wasn't being found in their system or on-site.  I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt as I know they were moving their dealership.  They said they'd have a look and call me back.  

Another week passes with no return call.  I call them back and they told me that the part was actually never ordered!  They said they'd get in ordered it and schedule me for a service appointment.  In 4 weeks!  I told them that was unacceptable as I'd already been it had already been 4 weeks since my initial visit.  Miraculously, they were able to get the part and schedule my appointment for the next week.

I took my car in for the repair and they set me up with a rental from Enterprise, a Maxima.  Which is obviously not a comparable car in size or features.  I was told that my repair would take a couple of days and that if anything changed I'd need to extend the contract with Enterprise directly.

After a week of my car being at their shop I received no updates.  I called my service manager and a person that was training with him a few times.  I finally got a return call from the trainee; who let me know that there was a delay with an additional part that was needed and it should take two more days.  Three more days go by and I again have to call the dealership for an update.  They told there were more delays.  This goes on for some time.  Meanwhile I was having to call Enterprise on a daily basis to extend my rental.  Not the dealership.

After more calls were not returned from my service manager I call the general manager and let him know that I have not had a good experience and had not been receiving timely updates on my repairs.  He apologized and looked into my record.  Turns out that while my car was on a lift to be repaired the service team dropped and broke a part they were installing.  This was the delay in my repair.  Not a delay in receiving a part as I had been told.  Needless to say I was not happy and expressed that with an upcoming holiday I needed a car that was similar in size to my own.  I was able to return the rental car and they finally gave me a Q5 from their inventory to drive while they finished the repair.  The general manager also promised daily updates until the repair was completed.  Of course that did not happen.

Not once did anyone follow-up with my after my car was picked up or apologize for the delays or the inconvenience of this lengthy ordeal.  They didn't even do anything small such as a full detail or fill the car with gas.  And the repair wasn't even completed properly.

My next experience was when I ordered some touch up paint for my boyfriend's car for a stocking stuffer at Christmas.  They let me know that they did not have it in stock and it should arrive in a week; that they'd call when it was at the dealership.  After a few weeks of no follow-up I called to see if the paint had arrived.  AGAIN the initial order was never placed!  This was after they were in their new facility.  I had to place the order again and on the day it was said to be delivered to my home (which I paid to have done) I called because it had not arrived and was told that it had arrived the day before and would ship the next day.  Why it did not ship directly to me I do not know.  Finally it arrived over 2 months after my initial order was placed!

I have owned and leased many cars and I have received far more superior customer service from dealerships that were not in the same "luxury" category as Audi.

This dealership makes me rethink even having an Audi because I have been so disappointed with their service.

Vishal D. | 2014-03-17

Great facility, service, people, and dealership!

I came here multiple times when trying to make my decision to buy a Q5.
Each and every time they were patient and courteous. Especially manager Doug Sanders, Michael Schwartz, and Bobby Bell.
Other staff members such as service manager Antoine (forgot last name) are also great.
In the end, I came out with a great deal and some free merchandise.

This was my first audi and I will probably never get anything besides it. It proved itself when I got caught in an ice storm in Dallas. Although later than planned, I made it back to Houston safely, while countless others were stranded on the highway or side of the road for up to 24 hours as seen on the news.

Jeff W. | 2014-03-08

Well, I'm back posting another negative experience at this dealership. It appears as though the company is just all about words and not about customer experience. Spoke with Teresa over the phone about a new Audi A3, they just came off the truck. If you read my former posting about this dealer, you'll understand where this posting is coming from. She apologized about the negative experience I had and said that they would make it up to me. I made an appointment on Friday to come in and test drive a new Audi A3 today, March 8, 2014 at 9:00.

We arrived early, and by no means was I worried about waiting. I most definitely respect peoples time when they have made appointments with me and should expect the same. We walked into the show room and was met by Joe, a sales consultant, he mentioned that they were going to be in a sales meeting from 8:45 to 9:00. I said don't worry as we were early.

When 9:00 rolled around, no one was available, then it was 9:10 then 9:15, 9:20, 9:25. I do not mind when things change but just to leave us waiting not really professional, especially when we were the only people in the showroom at this time. Everyone else was in for service. We left. I'm not sure how making up for a horrible sales experience is done by waisting someones time and providing no service what so ever.

I WILL NOT EVER RETURN TO THIS DEALERSHIP. Not only that but if someone even attempts to contact me from this place, I will have more than a few choice words for them.

Moral of the story. Nice flashily dealership, SERVICE SUCKS. If I have to chase someone to buy a car, how am I going to be treated for the service after.

Jim H. | 2014-02-12

I can't believe this is a prestige car dealership and a flagship one no less!  These guys are useless and this comes from an Audiphile who owns two of them.  Went for a service and some routine repairs and we waited for 3 hours and the wifi barely worked and employees sat down by us to watch TV.  I asked some basic questions about my car and they didn't know the answer.  It's an '03 but come on, it's still an Audi.  When they did repair our other car we had to go back three times! Once because  they didn't have the part,  the second time because they dropped the part (before we got there) and didn't tell us but they still took our car for two days and didn't fix and the third time when they finally got the part.  It's still not 100% fixed.  Finally, some old guy dinged my car just before Christmas at Fresh Market (I know, an old guy at FM, shocker!) and scratched the paint work so my lovely girlfriend as a surprise gift ordered some touch up paint as a stocking filler.  It's now mid Feb and we still don't have it!  I'm going to end this review like I started and state that I still can't believe they are a flagship AUDI dealership.

Jimmy W. | 2014-02-05

This new dealership is spectacular, there's no other way to describe it. It's basically an Audi lover's dream come true. It's brand new and probably the nicest car dealership I've been in. Same great staff. Bring my cars here for service, waiting area is absolutely awesome, lots of seating, flat screen TVs, free coffee, pastries in morning, etc.

Sherwin S. | 2014-01-08

The building is gorgeous, the cars are amazing, and the majority of the sales people are fun to look at. What more could you ask for from a car dealership.

Okay, so there is more to an auto dealership than good looks and fast cars. However, I have never had a bad experience at Audi. And really, the new building puts a "gold star" on the fact that the Audi cars are just hot right now! And there is no better place to drive an Audi than in this great city of Houston (or surrounding).

So seriously, go trade in your savings, stocks, bonds, whatever and get yourself an Audi from Audi Central Houston. Make sure there is an R or an S in front of the car name...because you're worth it!

Oh, and go see Bobby Bell. He took my trade in and still made me a good deal on a brand new car. Then, after you've bought your car, see Jason to make sure he gets your car serviced in a timely manner.

Oh, and welcome to the 4-rings family (or welcome again).

Norm G. | 2014-01-07

Make no mistake; this is one beautiful, high tech facility.

However, looks can be deceiving; my concern is that sometimes, dealers add extra fees -- so-called --- "JUNK FEES" -- to retake profit they may have lost by selling cars at invoice." ___I'm There! ___ Mandatory FEES for invisible and intangible products / services abound at ACH.

Even fictitious taxes__Buyer Beware!__

Renae V. | 2013-12-23

Had a wonderful experience at Audi Central. Tyrone Smith in sales made my experience fun, was super knowledgeable and even drove all the way to the Port of Houston to get my Q5 himself so I'd have it as promised! Craig in finance was great to work with, too!

Adam V. | 2013-11-09

I visited Momentum Audi for the first time today for a service on my 2007 A4.  Initially I was pleased with the fact that I could make an appointment online and they followed up the day before with a confirmation regarding my Saturday morning appointment.  The dealership is close to my house, so I hoped that it would be an easy in-and-out process.   I showed up 15 minutes early and the service advisor was nice and said they would get me in and out as soon as possible.  

I was hoping for less than an hour for the oil change that I had scheduled, but soon realized that was not going to happen.  After two hours of sitting and waiting, I went to ask about my car's status and was told they were just wrapping up and it was going to be sent to get washed.  Fast forward 20 more minutes and the service advisor comes over and lets me know that since my car has 80k miles they were recommending that the timing belt be replaced at a cost of $1,900.

They didn't have the necessary parts so I would need to make another apointment.  I told them that I would like to hold off for another 5,000 miles, as Audi recommends replacement at 110k miles and I would need to plan for the purchase, knowing very well that the $750 quote on parts could be sourced online for $250.  They said fine, that I would just need to call a couple of weeks in advance to make the appointment.  

This is the main reason why I previously had went to Sewell Audi in North Houston.  You can call them on a Tuesday and they will get you in on Wednesday with a free Audi loaner or pick up service if you want.  After letting them know that I would delay the timing belt change, the service advisor told me they still had to close the order and send the car to get washed.  Ok, so now I have been waiting for almost 2.5 hours for an oil change  A job that I assume takes about 30 minutes tops.  

Finally my car is ready to go and I go up to the cashier to pay, and they inform me that the lube and oil change is going to be $160.00.  Excuse me, I have had my car serviced at Audi dealerships from TX to MA and typically the cost is around $80.00, so I was a bit surprised that they wanted to charge so much.  The service advisor explained that it was because they wash the car and give it a multipoint inspection, which according to their advertising are both provided free of charge, plus they had to reset the service light as well, so they were justified in charging $70.00 in labor, $50.00 for the synthetic oil, filter, and $20.00 for tax and shop charges.  I guess this is how they are going to pay for their new dealership building.  They did offer to check to see if they had any coupons they could offer me, which I informed them were all expired online and did provide a $25.00 discount, but the cost was still extreme.

So I wasted 2.5 hours of a Saturday afternoon waiting for an oil change that should have taken no more than 20 minutes and was charged $130.00 for the honor.  Make sure you understand the prices before you have service done.  The cost was a little shocking.

Nick S. | 2013-09-26

One of the good units out there. Most of the time loaner is available. Also they have courtesy shuttle running all day. Very quick repairs. We changed piston rings in less than two days !! Major repair.  They even offered me to get rental enterprise car at their expense, because ran out of courtesy vehicles.

They have good stock of new vehicles, including r8 spider.

Service advisors are knowledgeable and helpful with your scheduling/arranging a car.

Courtesy [very good] car wash if you drop your  vehicle for a service.

Daniel E. | 2013-08-19

Best dealership ever.  I was in and out of here in 45 minutes.  Andre Medlock, my salesperson and Jeff Doris, the finance guy (I think) were awesome.  I will never buy another vehicle from any other dealership!

Eduardo B. | 2013-07-30

Momentum Audi on Richmond Av needs to learn a lot from other Audi dealers in the area if they want to compete in the car sale/lease business. My experience with Momentum Audi went from bad to worse, beginning with lack of interest from the sale representative in doing business with me to trying to impose what they wanted you to buy over what you wished to buy. And if that wasn't enough, today in the mail I received the most unpleasant surprise: a parking violation courtesy notice from the city of Houston from the date I went to test drive a car at Momentum and had to valet my car because of the lack of parking space. Really??? How pissed this makes me feel! So good I ended up doing business with a great Audi dealer: Audi North Houston.

[update - Jul, 30, 2013] Today I received a check from Momentum Audi where they recognized the parking violation ticket was their mistake. That says good things about them, and at least, they are trying to do good business. Hopefully by the time they open the huge Audi dealer on 59, they correct many of the problems several customer have talked about here on yelp!

Zach M. | 2013-07-24

I just placed an order for a 2014 S4, my second car from Momentum Audi. I have been working with both Josh and Doug both times and I can't say enough good things about them. They are both knowledgeable about the product, low pressure, and promptly responded to ALL of my questions (I am very thorough and ask a lot of questions).

I value the great customer service that both Josh and Doug provides (example: another local dealer gave me a hard time about test driving an S4 because they are "rare", while Momentum pulled up both an S4 and an S5 for me without hesitation to drive).

My service dealings with Momentum have also been pretty positive, I highly recommend this dealership and Josh and Doug in particular

Angie L. | 2013-07-09

I took an Audi A7 in for regular maintenance, and to have a few issues resolved.  Rudy Castillo was the consultant I spoke with regaring estimated costs and time to repair.  Mr. Castillo was patient, knowledgable, and professional on the phone, and in person.  The car maintenance and additional items were competed early, and for less than the original estimate.  
I highly recommend Mr. Castillo, and because of him, the dealership as well.

Tiffani S. | 2013-07-04

I haven't posted a review to yelp in several years, but the service I received at Momentum Audi, was so terrible, I just have to say something.  I have been in the market for a new car for the past several weeks. I have been particularly interested in the Audi S5 which for some reason is not readily available in New Orleans, which is where I currently reside. I was in Houston for the week and decided to test drive and possibly purchase the car while I was in TX.  Momentum Audi had a pre-owned 2011 Audi S5 for sale. I called in advance of my trip to make an appointment for a test drive. Everyone seemed very nice on the phone. Once I arrived in Houston,  I drove 30 minutes to get to this dealership, that's when things started to go south.

I arrived at the dealership with a few members of my family and no one was readily available to help me. Finally when a salesperson did arrive, he acted as though he was really put out at the thought of actually having to do his job and sell a car. He shook my hand with his drenching wet sweaty hand, and sighed and acted completely agitated the whole time I sat there.  He couldn't find anything in his system that noted that I had made an appointment, although I had received an email as well as a phone call confirming my appointment.  Finally after hearing him mention several times how hot he was and how busy he was, he found my name in the system.  The car I was interested in was on the showroom floor, and I'm sure its a quite a process to move the car onto the street.  

The salesperson asked me for my license and insurance information.  I explained to him that my previous car had gotten totaled in a flood, and I currently don't have a car or insurance which is why I was purchase a new car.  He informed me that it would be impossible for me to test drive the car without insurance.  This seemed reasonable to me, so members of my family offered to test drive it for me and offered up their insurance.  He refused to let anyone but me test drive the car.  I then asked if he could at least take me out in the car while he drove the car just so I could simply get a feel for the ride, once again he refused.  Now I've purchased a car or two in my day and I've never met a salesperson so completely unaccommodating especially when a large sale is at stake.  I then requested to speak to a sales manager and was told that he was much to busy to speak to the likes of me.  I was floored that a sales manager wouldn't bother to leave his office to speak to a dissatisfied customer.

I couldn't help but to think that based on my age, race and the way I was dressed, they perceived that dealing with me was a waste of time because it's obvious that someone like me would never purchase an expensive Audi.  Every car I have every owned has been a high end luxury vehicle, and I certainly don't feel that i have to prove that to be taken seriously. I'm not sure if I even want an Audi after being treated this way.   I have complained to Audi USA about my experience and wouldn't go to this dealership if was the last place of civilization on this earth.

Eric M. | 2013-06-16

Being a short-attention-span sports car enthusiast, I tend to buy cars more frequently than I probably should.  The car buying experience is generally a pain, but when a dealership goes out of their way to make you comfortable along the way, that's worth something.  Ultimately, we all want the best deal, but dealers are in business to make money.  When they are transparent about their invoice costs, all charges and fees, and really go into detail about where they can help make the deal know you are at the right dealership.  
I bought a 2013 TTS yesterday and am delighted with the buying process.  Normally,  I might hesitate to work with a car salesman named "Ace", kinda like playing cards with someone named Lucky :) However, in this case Ace was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, not the least bit pushy.   Anyway the Sales and Finance managers were friendly as well, and I could really tell these guys know their products and let them stand on their merits.  
I would certainly recommend Momentum Audi to others and in a few years when it's time to upgrade to an R8, Momentum will get the first shot at my business.

Happy to give an "after the sale" update.  Once again, Momentum has proven to be a great place to buy a car.  The TTS lacked one feature in the entertainment system that I really wanted and had requested as part of the deal.  They ordered the parts but soon found that the feature was incompatible and could not be completed.  Rather than leave me stuck with a car that didn't meet my needs, they were ready to order me a replacement car.  Rather than wait, I opted instead to step up to an S5 that had the features I wanted.  Momentum worked with me to find a win-win solution to the problem and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.  Thanks again Ace..great job.

Mihir M. | 2013-06-01

I  bought a brand new 2012 Audi A6 last year, NOT from Momentum Audi. Agree with Ashley - the floor sales staff is fine, but the Sales Manager was a nightmare - I think his name was Josh something but I am not sure. Why on earth do they believe that cocky, arrogant sales staff will make you want to buy from them?

The "True Price" guarantee is simply not true - there are more "add ons" to the basic price and fees that you will not find in any other dealership. I got my car at a price that was nearly $1,000 lower than what Momentum quoted me. Thankfully, I never had to experience the service problems that others have mentioned.

Ashley S. | 2013-03-18

I would definitely go elsewhere. The floor sales pple are nice enough, but the Sales Manager is a deal breaker. Even when THEY make a mistake, they will renig faster than you can blink, and smile the whole time. Drive to another town or another Audi dealership....

Edit: I keep getting emails and calls wanting me to take this review down. Again, be fore warned.

James A. | 2013-02-24

I was shopping online for a vehicle.  I found an Audi that I was very interested in from Momentum Audi.  I emailed them to work out a deal, I received a rubber-stamp-like response, which said they offer "true pricing", so we do not have to search around for better pricing.  I replied and still asked them to do better, but they completely ignored me.  Low and behold, I found the car that I was looking for, 1 year younger, 15k less miles for the same exact "true price", that Momentum Audi claimed their car was priced at.  Needless to say, Momentum Audi claims to be different and fair, but they are full of themselves.  I highly recommend that people who are considering shopping at this Audi, do their homework and shop around on Auto Trader for the best deal that they can find.  Even if you have to pay $1000 for shipping, you will find dealerships that will be more honest and better priced.

Tony N. | 2013-01-27

My fiancé and I purchased a 2013 Audi Q5 in December, and we could not be more pleased. First we dealt with the Internet Sales department, and they were very responsive and accommodating. They scheduled an appointent for us that worked around our time frame, and we went to the dealership and met with Sarah and Yuri, who gave us a great product presentation and were also very patient and informative. We ordered the exact Q5 we desired, and when it arrived (2 weeks ahead of schedule) Sarah and Yuri took great care of us!  We received a more than fair value for our trade-in, the financing was straight forward and hassle free, and the vehicle is amazing!!!  Overall, we had a GREAT experience at Momentum Audi, and already have recommended and will continue to recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a luxury vehicle.

Scott H. | 2013-01-14

Issues in the past are no more. Sales manager Josh Dorris running a first rate dealership. Yuri a top notch sales and Sara delivered the car with full explanation and understanding of the options. Jason is service is top notch and attentive. Momentum Audi represents  Audi brand just as it should be represented. Top notch all the way

Danielle G. | 2012-05-29

I had a great experience here, and now prefer this location over the West location. Josh is a great Manager, and Mikkel is an excellent salesman. They didn't have to sell me anything since I already knew what I wanted, but they were able to get me into the car of my liking with no stress and made the whole process as easy as pie. This was a total opposite experience compared to dealing with the guys over at the West location; I had bought my car there previously and expected to get good service as I was ready to exchange, but no! I was old news in their minds. Well dudes, you get the finger. Thank you Josh and Mikkel, you have a happy customer.

Chris P. | 2012-04-08

Service here compared to other dealership service departments is very poor. They take advantage of their location and amount of business they have to treat customers poorly and talk down to you. Will go elsewhere and suggest you do the same.

Mike J. | 2012-03-10

Shockingly Awful !!  The other poor reviews on follow up service only solidify what I would expect.  I went in to learn more about Audi and ask a few simple questions.  In fact, they had a car that I was interested in possibly buying.  The salesman was very rude from the beginning and when I asked to see the car I was interested in, he informed me that Saturdays were very busy for him.  I'd only spent 5-10 min with the guy so far.  Well buddy, I work hard too.  Often times I don't even have the opportunity to come in on Saturdays.  If he expects customers to purchase on their very first visit to a dealership (in my case, first time to that BRAND's Dealership) he might be mistaking.  

If they don't have time for me to sell me a car, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have time for me after I bought the car.  No way would I buy here, and I would not recommend anybody else to come here.  I might go to another Audi dealership, but it is pretty disconcerting to know that low class dealerships exist within the Audi network.

Stuart R. | 2011-12-27

While I cannot yet comment on the service department, my sales experience was pretty darn good.  Mike McKenzie was my salesman and did what I considered to be a great job and didn't pressure me in the slightest - odd for a car salesman (in my experience).  

Only issue I have is that I bought a 2008 C.P.O. Audi A5, but I didn't get the owners manual and I haven't been able to find one anywhere on the internet.

Sandra P. | 2011-12-12

When I came here to look for a car the sales person that had helped me was helpful and detailed all the features on the A5 I was looking at.  He let me test drive it, spent about 2 hours trying to sell the car to me.  He was nice, not pushy at all.  I actually was already sold on the car but wanted a good price for it.  He wasn't wiliing to budge on the price at all.  There was also specific features I was looking for and they said they wouldn't get that in for another 2 weeks.  So I went to the West Houston Audi dealership instead where they cut me a pretty sweet deal and got the car I wanted in a week.  

I went back to this Momentum Audi after I had gotten the car for a maintenance/carwash and they wound up somehow messing up my radio.  The minute I drove out of the lot there was this loud static sound no matter what channel I set it on and I immediately drove back to the dealership.  They guy said they didn't do it that it had been fine when they washed the car.  I told them I wasn't leaving until it was fixed because it had worked fine before I dropped my car off there.  About an hour later they had it fixed but it was a big hassle for a regular maintenance and wash that should have been really simple.

Sandra V. | 2011-11-10

It was a memorable day to remember!! I walked in hoping i would get preapproved for a Audi A3.... it is for my fiance.... and well i went in and met CONRAD.... he totally helped me out!!!  First off, i have never bought a car before...second... i would normally expect to be swindled, or suckered into buying whatever it is to meet "their" quota for the month... but no.... Conrad  was super helpful, and asked me everything i needed and might of wanted for my car.... I told him it was my first time and the car is for my fiance's bday, it was a TOTAL SURPRISE!!! well i test drove it and this car was smooth, with plenty of "boom boom" lol !!! We got back to see if i would get approved, by myself and well.. he came back and said "Sandra i have bad news.... YOU WERE APPROVED!!" overwhelmed i had no idea what happened next... but after that it was a breeze....Here comes the best part... i wanted the car delivered to my house with a bow on it... and Conrad was more than happy to do this for me....AMAZING!!! he got the car all cleaned up and secretly called me on my fiances bday.... he walked him down with his eyes closed and there was Conrad with the car and a bright blue bow on top!!!!!!!!!!!! best customer service ever!!! He proceeded to hook up his phone for the blue tooth and explain amenities in the car.... Needless to say if you are wanting to buy a car go through CONRAD he is super fantastic!!

Dugg D. | 2011-10-24

Bought a car from them a year ago on AutoTrader. The car was a Certified Pre-Owned Audi a4 that was only 2 years old and had only 15k miles on it.  It was an internet purchase and I live in Colorado so I had to trust them on the condition of the car.  When I got it it had door dings, lots of road chips down to the metal, and worst of all it had a scrape and dent on the rear quarter panel and door.  Since that piece on the A4 wagon is the largest single chunk of metal, fixing that scrape/dent is over $2500.  I just took my car in for some other service and they informed me that the belly pan was missing as well, so Momentum failed to note or fix that when they "certified" the car.

Basically I wouldnt trust them as far as I can throw them.  To do business on the internet you have to be willing to disclose everything. Let the buyer determine whether they want to pay for a car that has body damage.

I dont write many reviews, but Momentum Audi was obviously fraudulent when they sold me this car and didnt disclose any of the damage.  They are lucky I live so far away...

Zoe H. | 2011-08-11

DON'T TRUST THEM. Sales experience was pleasant but the after care has been shocking. It turns out they sold us a car with a patched together exhaust as if it was factory. They failed to register the car as Certified Pre Owned so were charging our extended warranty instead of paying themselves. They make up the same things to repair each time we go in, sometimes the same thing they charges to the warranty 5 months earlier but failed to recognize a known defect with the car so we were driving on a worn out camshaft for the same 5 months. Go anywhere else instead. I found a great place near the Gallaria.

Steven V. | 2011-07-26

I have been wanting an A5 for awhile now, and about a month back, I finally decided to start car shopping.  In order to make sure that the Audi A5 was what I really wanted, I made sure to test drive a lot of other vehicles.  I tested out the standard A5, an Infinity G37, an Acura TL, Acura TSX, and a Lexus IS 350, and finally an automatic A5.  I was blown away with the A5, but a big part of that was the experience I had at Momentum Audi.  From test driving vehicles, going over options, finding the exact car I wanted, and negotiating a fair price and great financing, I was truly ecstatic with the service I got at Momentum Audi.  Conrad Meave was the salesman who helped me through the process and he was prompt to answer phone calls, emails and texts.  He really made the process great.  I would highly recommend getting your Audi with Momentum, so give Conrad a call

Micheal S. | 2010-10-31

Do not trust the sales or repair people to save my life. If they think in any way that you do not fit their AUDI profile expect to be treated poorly. I invested 12k into a used car with this over 6 months and the engine imploded. 8k repair. kept in run around loop for 2 months never returning calls or emails.