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Welcome to Advantage BMW Midtown in Houston, Texas - Serving Katy, Sugarland, and Spring
BMW is The Ultimate Driving Machine®. Your satisfaction is at the top of our short-list of goals. Renowned for their design language, enduring quality and value, BMW vehicles are proven crowd pleasers.  What's more, our commitment to your satisfaction transcends the day you sign for your car loan or BMW lease. Come see us for all of your automotive needs. You'll quickly see that we aim to please.

Advantage BMW Midtown

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(713) 289-1200
Address:1305 Gray Street, Houston, TX, 77002
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Advantage BMW Midtown

Kelly D. | 2015-04-25

This review is based ONLY on my drop off experiance today.  I was greeted quickly and curiously,  the young gentleman even remembered me from my last drop off and pick up. ..I was impressed.  My service advisor was Jeremy what a difference one person makes for a company.  Let me back up by saying I've had my car for a little over a year and have had nothing but bad experience time after time and it seems like I'm ALWAYS in for service.  I told this to Jeremy and he actually listened,  showed concern,  and said he would check everthing out and try to get the car back to where it should be.  I'm very hopeful this go around because he took the time with me. ..listened to me. ..he didn't just rush me off like the others.  He even gave my son a gift. ..I know how expensive anything BMW is,  and for him to do that was just awesome.  Now,  let's hope I can contribute the rave review when I pick up my car in the next few days.

Peter N. | 2015-04-22

Advantage BMW Midtown should be ashamed of themselves as a luxury brand dealership.  I had my car in for service and was provided a rental car (they didn't have a loaner at the time), which was fine.  I dropped my car off on a Friday and by Tuesday have not heard anything.  Knowing I was going out of the country for a week, I attempted to call my service advisor (Harry Fernandez) on Tuesday morning at 9:00AM, but ended up leaving a voicemail to call me back.  I called again during lunchtime and got his VM again.  So I called the main service number and explained to them that I needed to get a status of my car before I go out of town.  They said they will relay the message back to Harry to call me back.  By 4:30PM and no call from Harry, I try his number again.  Voicemail.  I call the main number and speak to someone else and again explain my situation and said I just need a status of the car so I can prepare accordingly for my upcoming trip.  This lady I spoke with (didn't get her name) was helpful and tried to lookup the status and told me what she knew by reading the service notes.  She said Harry is with another customer but she will be sure to let Harry know to call me.  I told her to tell Harry I was pissed that he hasn't returned my calls.  At 6:40PM, Harry finally calls me back and lets me know my car is ready and I can pick it up the next day between 7am-7pm.  Frustrated but at least relieved that I can get my car the next day.... or so i thought.

Before work, I arrive the next morning at exactly 7am and am told to work with another person since Harry is not in the office yet.  I give that person (Jeremy) my information but he has trouble finding the paperwork.  After a few minutes of looking around, it turns out the car was NOT ready and was still in the service garage.  Why the heck would they tell me my car is ready when it is not????  This person I was working with (Jeremy) was very helpful and understood my frustration.  He did what he could to get my car out of the garage and back to me so I can make it into work.  
At this point, I don't even know if they fixed all the things I brought the car in for because there is no paperwork.  I needed to get to work so I just took my dirty car as-is.

So it takes 4 or 5 calls to finally get a return call from the service advisor???
And then he tells me I can come and get my car when it's not even ready???

Advantage BMW Midtown really needs to understand they are a luxury brand dealership, and this type of crappy inept service is not acceptable.  They need to do a much better job training their service personnel on how to work with their customers.  And this is not the first time I've walked away unhappy with their service department.

Daniel S. | 2015-04-20

Excellent and professional experience with advantage of midtown. I made an appointment last week and was sent TWO email confirmation with time, date, and advisors name. On my way over I got lost and called for help being directed in. The lady I spoke to was very patient and helped guide me right to their front door. When I arrived (30 mins early) my car was promptly put in the back and I was told exactly what I needed to do before I could speak to my advisor. Robert Garcia saw me 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment and was very professional and respectful. When I had questions about my specific issue he brought in the head foreman to listen to my car and diagnose for issues. He was very honest and professional and made me feel comfortable with his understanding of my supposed issue. Great place.

Michael M. | 2015-04-02

This is an update to my review on the 30th of March.  I received a call to talk about my experience and Advantage offered to refund me the price of my part.  Because my issue has been dealt with I am much happier.  It's nice to know that they listen to their customers.

Annie A. | 2015-02-27

Trunks pop, tops drop, and the front end hop! Took my hardtop in for repair, received first class service from Gabe, got the M3 loaner, quick, seemless, no hassles. Received my car with all bells and whistles, excellent from start to finish! Time to drop my top and get wild! Loll

Greg D. | 2015-02-25

I just had my car serviced yesterday at midtown and every time  I've gone I have had good service.  Gabe does a tremendous job as well as Robert. The waiting area is comfortable and my wait has always been minimal usually 2 hours tops. I bought my 328i certified and it was a non hassle experience I plan on making a future purchase as well.

Melody F. | 2015-01-24

Worked with Jose. Our first experience buying a certified pre-owned. The whole experience was smooth and painless (and my husband is a hard ass).  Great prices and very friendly people.

Mercedes S. | 2015-01-20

My husband bought a certified used bmw.. it had alot if minor issues which our sales person constantly refused to fix or address and kept telling us that we couldnt expect much of a used car (2 yrs) then for service  loaner car, u have 3 weeks .. seriously.. this place is terrible... I will never  own a bmw mainly bc of this experience ..everyday it's an irritating day when calling advantage bmw!

Farah E. | 2015-01-17

I worked with Charlie Chang to look for a pre owned car. He went above and beyond with customer service to help me find options that could work for my needs. I unfortunately had to purchase at another BMW only due to the proximity of where I was at during the time (out of towner) and my schedule constraints, but I would definitely contact him again for business and would highly recommend anyone visiting Advantage to work with him. His service was top of the line.

Tyler T. | 2015-01-16

The absolute worst car dealership experience I've ever had on multiple occasions. Been charged for services I never requested, had simple repairs take weeks when I was told it would be days, been told a rental car would be available for my appointment scheduled a week in advance only to be told there was a miscommunication and they had nothing for me when I arrived, etc.

I'm usually not one to go out of my way to bash a business unless I feel it's really justified, but this POS dealership deserves no new customers. I've had multiple friends and family members have similar bad experiences here as well. TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

Mark D. | 2014-12-28

Let me preface this review by saying that this is not about a vehicle sales or service experience at Advantage BMW, as I am not a customer.  Rather, this is about a very positive experience I had recently as a neighbor of this business.

Advantage BMW recently constructed a new car wash facility, on land that was previous leased by them and used solely for vehicle parking.  When it was used for that purpose, the lot's sidewalks were in great disrepair, to the point that their use was hazardous.  As part of the [presumed] purchase and conversion of the land to its new use, the sidewalks were reconstructed, along with ramps and new lighting.  This improvement alone, mandated by the city or not, warrants a positive mention.  But that isn't the essence of this review.

Rather it is about this: once the facility went into service, there was a rather loud buzzing that accompanied each car going through the wash, as frequently as every few minutes.  It was so loud and/or of such frequency that I could hear it inside my home/office a block away.  So I went to the facility to inquire about the noise, and the pleasant gentleman I spoke with advised me to go to the service center and speak with the manager there, which I proceeded to do.  This was my first time entering the center, and I--no fan of dealerships--must admit that I was prejudiced and expecting the worst.  Boy, was I wrong.  The first impression I got was of a bustling business, with people who had likely worked there for quite some time and who genuinely enjoyed their occupation, just like the gentleman I met at the car wash.  I walked into the first office I found, told him why I was there, and he took the time to get up and find the right person for me.  When I did, I stated my case, and was told that he would look into the matter.  While I felt treated with respect, going back to my bias, I was not particularly hopeful of a positive outcome.  Again, I was wrong.

Within two days, the buzzing disappeared. Not a lower volume, not a different sound, but gone altogether.  Peace restored.  End of story.

Thank you, Advantage BMW, for being so responsive to this specific concern, for investing in our neighborhood, and for being such a good neighbor.

Alex A. | 2014-12-03

Excellent sales experience. After going to momentum and the 1960 store, the experience was top notch all the way here. I will not go anywhere else

Michelle B. | 2014-11-19

I feel compelled to update my review given what happened following my service. My last review was about my inspection at 13000 miles. I was noticing some air problems with my tire (filled it up on a Monday and then the following Monday it would be low). Nick Rodgers at Advantage said they checked my tires, replaced that part that was recalled and I was good to go! Great.

1 week later - My car's auto start/stop feature turns my car into neutral and won't allow me to shift. Turns out my fuel injector went bad at 13k miles! No one noticed this or any issues the week before, though. Brought it back in, they fixed it.

2 weeks after that - That right tire starts to really act up after the temperature drops. It's losing air at a much faster rate, and I go to Discount Tires and they found a huge nail (posting a photo of it).

After talking to Nick about these issues (this is all within a matter of a month) he says that they never would notice the fuel injector, because "that requires taking apart the whole car", so apparently your service will never catch a life-threatening car issue. The guy at the service said about it "I had an (insert more expensive model here) at 500 miles with an engine die", so even more incentive to purchase a BMW!!!!

Also, Nick said that they can't always see "small pins" in the tire. I assure you that any real mechanic can find any issue with your tire. There was a large nail, no small pin. The only way to believe they weren't at fault is to say I magically accumulated the nail in the few weeks after the inspection and after the injector replacement, even though that same tire had been giving me problems for a month.

Lastly, I'm posting photos of the tail lights that have been falling apart for months. These were completely ignored at my visits. Granted, I was too preoccupied with other problems to mention them, but you can tell they pay no attention to detail.

DO NOT BUY A BMW. If you must, do not get it serviced here.

Scott T. | 2014-11-04

Want service at this dealership with a loaner?  Good luck.  What you get is a person at the other end of the phone that apologizes but really doesn't care.

I booked online approximately one week ago and requested a loaner.  I received a voicemail the afternoon prior to my appointment that no loaner was available.  So I call and find out the next one is available in two weeks.  They also told me the next time I book online, I should call to confirm(??)  What's the point of booking online?  I have beat myself up so many times for switching from Lexus.  Shame on me.

Kristin C. | 2014-10-29

I purchased my 528i from David Gordon and it was one the best car buying experiences that I've ever had.  I live in Austin and didn't want to drive down to Houston until I knew enough about the car.  David took photos from his personal phone and sent them to me and was patient to answer all of my questions. The buying experience was a breeze, we negotiated a bit over e-mail and when I arrived, the numbers were already done and we just had to test drive the car and fill out paperwork. David has unbelievable customer service and is not a pushy sales person (I'm a sales person so I can say that !) He has even checked on my a few times after the purchase to make sure everything is still great.  I will definitely recommend Advantage BMW to all of my friends / family in Houston, Austin, Baton Rouge and New Orleans. It is worth the drive.

A L. | 2014-10-20

My BMW is back for the 3rd time within weeks & the Issue is Still NOT Fixed. I have exercised total Patience but this is Ridiculous. I have been Charged Over & Over but the problem still EXISTS. I tried contacting the GM & Service Manager but I Never received a Call Back from Either one in regards to my vehicle still NOT being fixed Correctly & Why should I be Charged Over & Over bc they can't diagnose the correct problem. I shouldn't be charged for them replacing things that haven't Corrected the problem. Customer Service requires that the Customer isn't charged for the technician's mistakes!! Plus I got a big scratch on my bumper since it's been in Service. When I pick up my vehicle I'm told I will be paying MORE MONEY... Who knows if the Problem will be Corrected

Vik P. | 2014-10-16

So I sent a message to the general manager that I would be trying this place out again sometime this week, but didn't tell him the date, because I didn't want one time special service.  So I get there around lunch time and I walked up to the gentleman that checks you in and told him that I didn't have an appointment and I would like to speak to my case advisor.  He checked his computer and sent me over, mind this is about 11:05am.  I walked to his office he wasn't there so I waited outside his office...was there about 20 mins and still no show...then I seen him speaking to the check in guy and I approached.  Maybe its his normal face but I have never seen my case manager with a smile, it always seems that customers are a bother to him.  Well anyways told him my situation, he told me he was on lunch till was 1130 right now... We both kinda looked over at the check in guy with a little bit of disgust.  He was actually going to let me sit there for a whole hour while my case manager was on lunch.  Case manager said I will see you...but like I said before his facial expression was undesirable.  They are either overworked, underpaid, surrounded by idiots, lazy, or that is how the wake up out of bed.  I believe there should be better customer service, I mean these aren't Pinto's we are driving in.  They were booked...they set a date for another day...I will not be showing up to it.

Fabi M. | 2014-09-16

Love Love Love Advantage and all of its employees.  I've purchased/leased 4 cars from Advantage over the years and I keep coming back to Advantage for a reason.  Its people like Mike Powell and Raul Fernandez in sales and Jeff Rogers, Jeremy Renner and Doug Jensen in service and people like Kelly Passman in car loans that make a difference. I always feel at home at Advantage and will always come back because of the way I'm treated.  Work on my car is always completed in a timely manner and I always walk away extremely satisfied.

Aurash N. | 2014-09-14

I purchased my 2014 328i at this location from Fernando Rivas and enjoyed a stress free experience. I encourage you to visit this location and ask for Fernando as he will treat you with respect and make sure you leave a satisfied customer.

Danielle Q. | 2014-09-03

I purchased my BMW at Momentum but because of proximity to my home I have only ever had service at  Advantage.  Because of their quality of service I do plan to purchase my next car from Advantage.

I have been going for scheduled maintenance and a few surprise issues and have always been satisfied with zero, yes zero problems.  

The only thing they could improve on is the greet.  Sometimes I feel like they are confused I am there.  Maybe make me feel welcome immediately.

The service and service folks are great.  I have no complaints but for they could be a little friendlier on initial greeting.

Angel G. | 2014-08-31

Service department here is great! Always exceeded my expectations, everything that went wrong, which was not much, would be fixed within a day. Only complaint I can make is that they never return voicemails. Nick is a great service advisor, very nice guy and always made sure that everything was taken care of. This isn't really a complaint, though I wish they would give sport package equipped loaners because the
no-line bmw's put me to sleep when driving them. Overall, best experience I've had with a service department.

Eric T. | 2014-07-01

The horn on my baby broke and it sounded like some cheap Japanese import, so I had to bring her to the dealership to get her fixed.

If you want a loaner car, make sure you call to make an appointment because their website doesn't allow you to request one and the service guy said it was a two week wait.

I got redemption, when I was able to choose my loaner car and picked a fully loaded 535i! What a wonderful car, highly recommended!

Quality of the work was just so so, the horn was not completely fixed, but I've given up on it working 100% as before.

Sales department is just okay as well. Being Houston they are not willing to come down on price much or even offer you the lowest money factors on a lease.

I can't speak for the other dealerships in Houston, they're probably all mediocre, but at least you know you can skip this one, unless you don't mind getting ripped off.

It's a dealership, so do your homework, consult a trusted friend who happens to know about cars, or just ask me! I'll be glad to help you out!

Christine B. | 2014-06-23

We purchased a beautiful, preowned 3 Series.  We worked with Sergio Jimenez who was very helpful.  It was a relaxed transaction and I felt absolutely no pressure to buy.  He made sure we received a good amount for our trade and we felt like we received a great deal.  The "no pressure," relaxed approach continued when Younes Nadeem helped with financing.  Thank you both so much for such a positive car buying experience!!

David R. | 2014-06-08

Advantage Midtown is a very busy place almost like grand central station at times. Due to their quantity of  requested service work, sometimes communication can be less often than desirable. The GM and the Service Mgr will go above and beyond to make sure your completely satisfied.

Osro L. | 2014-05-29

The representative on the phone told me "As soon as you arrive a technician will look at your car and if the repair is going to require more than 2 hours we'll give you a loaner car within 20 minutes".  

After literally laughing at me the people on the ground said "The guys answering the phones don't even work for us and have no idea what they're talking about, we don't just give out loaner cars.  Also its going to take 3 hours until someone even looks at your car."

This sort of setup is not only BS its indicative of much larger organizational problems.  Advantage BMW's service department is clearly set up with a policy of "not my problem dude" geared toward plausible deniability.  This way they can lie to their customers and then just blame it on the people answering the phones.

Guess what assholes- when you pay people to answer your phones you're responsible for the information they give out.  If they give out bad information get it fixed or get new people answering the phone.

I will not be visiting Advantage BMW's service department until they start answering their own phones AND they stop lying to their customers.

Michael A. | 2014-05-20

... Love these guys! Doug has a GREAT team. Karen, Ray, Norman, Stacey and the rest of the staff are why Midtown is the ONLY place I take my car. They are personable (but not too personable), timely and true to their word.

J R. | 2014-05-07

I have had nothing but pleasant experiences at this dealership since I moved to Houston. I've met some of the management staff in service and they've all been very helpful and courteous. Thanks for taking good care of me when I was worried about coming to a new dealership. I look forward to buying my next BMW here:)

Walé S. | 2014-05-01

I have been bringing my car here for all my service needs because of proximity to my home, and even though it hasn't always been the best service ever, I am satisfied to say that my issues are resolved most of the time without complaints.
Recently, I had to take make my car in because the switch that controls my emergency brake had mysteriously come off. Initially I was handed off to a new guy (forget his name) because my regular advisor (Honza) had left. He told me the problem was cosmetic and that it wasn't covered under warranty. Need I say he was cold and aloof and didn't even offer any solutions it was almost as if he was irritated that I brought the car in. I left disappointed, thinking to myself that I would go to another dealership.
I later went back to Advantage because I had discovered that I couldn't take the car out of park when it has been in the auto hold position. On this occasion I was met by Karen Hudson, this very personable and knowledgeable advisor took care of this problem and my warranty covered the repairs!
I know there are quite a number of negative reviews here but my experience with KAREN HUDSON makes it worthwhile to write such a lengthy review. On your next visit to Advantage ask for Karen she treats your car like it was hers. I love BMWs (I've owned 3 from the z4 to 5 series and now x6) and nothing beats driving the ultimate driving machine than having the ultimate service and service advisor.

Priscilla I. | 2014-04-28

Good time testing the I3!!!! Very professional and curtious.

Debra P. | 2014-04-06

I usually come here for service. I originally bought my car in Dallas and had better service there than here. My most recent visit was couple weekends ago when I had to replace my tire. My advisor used to be Chris, but I was told that he no longer worked there anymore so they assigned me to another advisor. I got there right at 8AM to beat traffic as I did not make an appointment. I waited for the advisor to come get me so we could talk about the problem with my car. At first, he was very friendly and told me it would be a two hour wait to change the rear right tire and asked if I wanted to utilize the shuttle service instead of having to wait there. I decided to use the shuttle service and went back home and waited. I waited... and waited... and two hours has certainly passed.. I waited nearly three hours for him to call me and tell me that there has been a some difficulties and that they did not have the particular tires in stock! Now why on earth would you call me 3 hours later to tell me that they couldn't find the tires and would have to place an order..? I don't understand. On top of that, the service advisor was RUDE to me over the phone. I was so frustrated. I told him I needed a shuttle back to BMW Advantage Midtown, which took another hour for them to get me. I went there early in the morning and felt like my entire day was wasted.

I've been here a few times and this particular visit was very disappointing and did not meet my expectation.

Adam S. | 2014-03-28

If you can go to another BMW, do not think twice. It feels like a corner store body   Shop not the foreign car store.

Tasha S. | 2014-03-11

I have not bought a car from Advantage Midtown yet but I am in the process of buying one and I just had to share with you all the greatest sales agent I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

If anyone is looking for a new car or used car please ask for Mickey (like the mouse ;)) He was not only honest and showed me the good and the bad, but he was also personable, funny, great with my three young kids, and took great care of us while we were there. He knew about the car and made sure to show us even the little details that I never even knew existed. He didn't hand us keys to figure it all out for ourselves, he took us over every inch first.

We didn't buy a car from him today and instead of rushing us non buyers out the door he stood by us all the way and made it clear that he would be there when we do decide to buy.

He was so wonderful that we are going back to buy the car we looked at tomorrow, and not because it was the best deal out there, which is is a good deal, but because we want to buy a car from Mickey!

Mickey if you ever read this ..... THANK YOU ..... your service really shines and made all the difference to us.

Ananth N. | 2013-12-05

I have owned several brands of luxury cars in the past many years and have had experience with the dealerships of many a luxury car brand.
This dealership is by far the worst even by the standards of a non luxury dealership.
My experience the few times that I have been here has been very consistent. Rude unprofessional and unreliable. Loaner cars are seldom available. The experience starts with the parking staff whose bitterness at their job is palpable and written into every aspect of their interaction with you and your car.
I have never encountered a more harried and ruder loaner car desk either. To top it off they once "lost" my car for a day

Jaclyn L. | 2013-09-28

While having to take your car in for service is never a pleasant experience, I was so happy to be paired up with Gaylyn as my service advisor.  Being from NYC, I am still learning all that is involved in car ownership and Gaylyn was very caring and understanding of this.  She really listened to my concerns and priorities regarding what absolutely needs to be done and she was honest about what recommended services I could hold off on for now.  I was worried I would be without a car for a few days but was happy that advantage BMW offers a loaner car for free.  However, I was able to get my car back the next day and didn't need it!!!  Hopefully I don't have to come back for a while but if and when I need more services in the future, I look forward to working with Gaylyn again!!

Marc-Mario L. | 2013-09-22

By far the worst service I have ever gotten. I had to deal with Nick who never answers his phone nor returns my calls. It has been over three weeks now and I am still waiting to heard from him. I would never ever take my car to them for service again. Quick example, Nick calls me two days after my car was done to ask me if I changed my mind? I asked him about what? He said to pick up my car. I was shocked because this was the first I knew my car was ready after waiting a week and a half. Then he tells me he was out of the office, so how should I know my car was ready???? I have never been treated so badly, first time BMW owner and I am regretting I did not say with Infiniti.

Akasha D. | 2013-05-23

This place is the absolute WORST!!!  I've tried going to them 3 times (all for simple services like oil changes and brake pads), and each time the service has been horrible.  I've kept giving them a try since they're so close to home, but now I'd rather drive my car further outside of the city to get it serviced just so that I no longer have to deal with these people.  

Each time, I dropped my car off in the morning before work, then I wait to hear back from someone all day until around 5:00pm.  Only then they call to tell me, "oh sorry, we couldn't get to your car today.  But we can give you a shuttle ride home!"  WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!  Why in the world would it take all day to change brake pads or for an oil change.  Granted, I'm sure they have a queue of cars to service, but if you know you can't get to all these cars how about you not accept as many?!?!?!  Sounds like a simple solution to me!!!

I'll be in the market for a new car at the end of the year.  I'm so frustrated with this place that I'm considering purchasing a vehicle brand other than BMW just so that I no longer have to deal with these people.  It sounds crazy, but they've literally frustrated me to a level of no return!

Viet T. | 2013-05-16

Here is my experience with this dealership's used car dept. as well as their service department.

I saw an advert for a 328i convertible and emailed them since the price was reasonable. I decided to also go to their lot to check it out in person. When I got there, the car had ghetto chrome wheels on it instead of the original wheels. I get an email from one of their used car reps. - his name is irrelevant to this article.

The rep. told me the car was still available to which I suggested that they install the original wheels on the car instead of the ghetto chrome they had on it at the time. I explained that trying to sell a ghetto chrome wheeled nice BMW convertible would be difficult because it shows the previous owner to have a flashy personality which makes me think - irresponsible driver, show off driver, ie: hard on the mechanicals of the car.

To this he replied that the car was already sold and he had others. He said it was sold three days before, which was a lie since I saw it myself and that happened to be Labor Day and they were closed. So I told him this and that I did him a favor by taking time to explain to him my opinions on the ghetto wheels on such a fine car. Things totally broke down after this point. In short, the guy lied to me and never admitted to anything, even when I told him that I saw the car on the day he claimed to have sold it. - MOVING ON:

I called their parts dept. to get a quote on a remote key for a 2009 bmw 328i Convertible with Comfort Access - Keyless entry. They guy quoted me this:

$347 for the remote
$150 for programming

To which I said, "I will try to do the programming myself."
His reply was: "hahahaha..."

At this point I thank him for his time and hang up.
So I called BMW of North Houston on i45 in Spring, TX and they quoted me this:

$265 for remote
$50  programming fee.

Naturally I went to the North Houston dealership and in two days, they were done.

From this experience, I will avoid Midtown Advantage BMW if I can.

Good luck to all.


Dan G. | 2013-03-28

I moved to Houston from the west coast last year and found out how spoiled I was at my previous BMW dealer service department when I tried to get my squeaking breaks and floormat anchor fixed, but ran into nothing but unprofessional service at Momentum BMW.  At Advantage I was shuffled around to Stacy who was able to rectify all of my issues with the vehicle in addition to being able to recommend future services to keep my out for.  The morning after he fixed my squeaking breaks and floormat achor, I noticed that the trunk was not closing properly.  I gave Stacy a buzz and he asked me to stop by that morning.  I dropped the car off with him and he had the latch fixed by the end of the day.  Nothing but praise for Stacy at Advantage BMW Midtown.  I've finally found a BMW service department and advisor who listen to and take care of my car's issues.

Mike R. | 2013-02-07

Never Buy a car from this dealership. I would recommend going to other BMW's in Houston. They spam you, specially the pre-owned department.

I reserved a car with a deposit and they sold the car to another customer. sales manager in pre-owned, Pierce is very rude and has an attitude. He didn't even step out of his office to apologize.

Our sales person also was confused and said he cant do anything because the car was sold by their top selling sales man so he has no right to ask him why they sold the car that was on hold on my credit card.

I am a car person and I usually change cars every 8 to 12 months, I had the worst experience. I warn you please do not waste your time at this dealership.

Julie A. | 2012-12-11

I purchased a car this year and preferred to buy locally in Austin. I'll leave those comments for another review.

I knew exactly what I wanted and what I was willing to pay. Advantage had the car and my salesperson worked with me how I was able to work, via text, during the day, over 200 miles away. I was able to get the deal I wanted before making the drive. Granted, there were two other competitors with a very similar car, similar in miles, equipment and color, close in price. Advantage got my business because he was interested in my business and I knew it due to his response time and worked with me how I was able to work.

Another dealer I called kept telling me to "stop by" when I explained that was NOT an option numerous times!

The condition of my car was exactly as promised, looked even better, detailed and was ready when I got there. The salesperson was very respectful, courteous and a perfect down to earth gentleman. He walked with me through every step of the process and was very respectful of my time. He even mentioned he wants me to come back for my next car. I hope they don't disappoint when that time comes. :)

John P. | 2012-10-05

I've really appreciated the assistance from Advantage BMW Midtown, in particular my service advisor Mike Guerrero.  

Have problems arisen with my car, yes, have they been addressed to my satisfaction, yes.  Things happen and I truly feel that Mike and the other folks at Advantage that I have dealt with had my best interests at heart.

Thank you.
I'll be back.

Kinsey S. | 2012-09-25

OK, so I waited awhile before I wrote this review to let my annoyance dissipate, but yet, I still find myself extremely disappointed in my experience.  So much so, I dread having to possibly take my car here for anything else.

This place SUCKS.  The service department is terrible.  I had to take my car in because I needed a new tire, had a recall notice on my car, and apparently the BMW factory decided my rear passenger seat did not need a seatbelt clicker.  I called and made an appointment and even dropped my car off a little early ~10 AM.  Was told it would be fixed by the end of the day...well 5 PM rolls around and I haven't even HEARD from my service guy.  So I call him and he is like...ohhh well the techs had to work on something else...excuses...excuses...we will still try to get it done by the end of the day.  Well do I ever receive a call after that. NO. So I call them at 7:01 the next morning because I have to go to work and I don't have a car.  Sit on hold for like 25 min waiting for my service rep.  I'm like ok sooo my car is done right? NOPE.  They haven't even started working on it!

Well, of course I flip out.  And I'm like I want my tire changed! And I want to pick up my car before I have to be at work...I mean it's a tire change. Should take them like 20 min at the MOST.  Well the guy was apologetic (after I become embarrassingly irate), said he would get it done...calls me back 15 min later and is like ummm, we actually don't have your tire in stock and will have to order it. WTF.  So the guy is like, we will fill up your tire, it will be ok to drive for tomorrow while we order your tire.  I will admit he was very apologetic about it, but STILL.  So I go pick up my car, get in and start driving away when the low tire warning comes on BECAUSE THEY FORGOT TO FILL UP MY TIRE.

So anyways dropped my car off when my tire came in. Of course they pretty much took most of the day to fix it but there were no more major mishaps and the service guy was again apologetic.

When my seatbelt clicker finally came in I was told it would only take 2 or 3 hours to fix so dropping off my car before 9 I expected it could be done by noon. The guy even told me he would have it done by then when I asked and told him I would really like it by then. Well 12:40 rolls around and I still haven't gotten a call. So I call them and my car is actually ready but no one bothered to call me. Just ridiculous. If I am asking for my car to be done by noon it's probably because I need it by then...

I love my BMW and I never had any of these problems at the BMW dealership in Austin. Unfortunately this is the closest BMW to where I live, but this place is not worth going to. Trust me it's probably in your best interest to go somewhere else, even if it is like 5 hours away (ok, that's a slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean)!

Seriously guys, clean up your act!

Cherrie P. | 2012-09-05

Should be NO STAR if I have that option Been having all three of my BMWs here for service the last 4-5 years. I brought my M5 in for complaints on issues that I was experiencing with the car. This was while the car was still under warranty. Advantage BMW each time came back and told me they could not duplicate the issue I was experiencing. THREE months after the warranty expired my M5 begin to have the same issues. Now after speaking with BMW, they refuses to cover any costs due. There are a few issues here. One, this is how I am treated as a three time BMW owner. Second, Advantage BMW is incompetent in their diagnosis of issues related to their cars. Third, some service advisors use salesman tactic on trying to get you to fix things you don't need.

In speaking with other BMW technician friends from other BMW service center, I was told that certain things on my service quotes were not needed. It was there as a precaution and to point out that it COULD BE a related issue but MAY NOT be required to fix. The service advisor did not mentioned a thing about it and said that all these issues need to be repaired and provided me a cost of $4,995.00 to fix when one of the big ticket repair of $1,400 was not necessary until the technician look at it during the repair.

Dave D. | 2012-04-09

Service department. Made 10a appointment, arrived 9:45a. My service advisor was very friendly (Mike) but the shuttle driver was ornery, unpleasant, and uncommunicative (Wes).

It took 5 hours for an oil change and exhaust fluid service call. Way too long, and no one gave me an estimate or status updates at any point.

I give it two stars instead of one because there are few top performers, but they are severely overwhelmed by poor performers, sadly.

Rudy M. | 2012-03-10

It's hard to give Advantage BMW a solid 4 star rating given they flub up a bit in the service department.  Here's my story:I was able to get my car towed to BMW after hours to have 2 blown out tires repaired. My service advisor was very communicative with me about the work to be done as well as price expected.
My problem is that the work seemed to have taken a lot longer than expected. I believe I got pushed down on the work list where the repairs took two days rather than one.
Whe I was told my car was ready, I arrived at the service department at 5pm expecting to pay and go. I was asked to wait an additional two hours as the work was still being finished. After a long day, I did not want to hang out any longer.
Long story short, i think the service department needs active management to ensure all is done efficiently.

Joan S. | 2012-03-08

I recently moved from CA, so this was my first visit to BMW Midtown service dept. for a routine oil change and maintenance.  Rusty O. and Michael B. were my service reps, and both provided great service!

chris b. | 2012-01-21

i have owned 3 different BMWs and taken them to Momentum and Advantage on different occasions for service.  my service advisor, karen, at Advantage is GREAT.... Momentum.... SUCKS !

JJ L. | 2011-12-08


SCAM!  We took our BMW in for an Inspection 2, and upon returning home, found out that the air filter was still the old one, and the A/C microfilter was missing.  When we brought the car back, we talked to the mechanic (Alex), who was actually very nice and apologetic, but then we found out from him that he only performed an Inspection 1.

We tried to talk to Brian King the service advisor, who referred us to his manager Jeff Rogers.  Boy this is guy is such a classic dishonest car salesperson!  He would not refund the price difference between Inspection 1 ($539) and Inspection 2 ($700!!!), and accused us of trying to take advantage of the situation, despite the fact that 1.) we were charged $700 for Inspection 2, 2) only Inspection 1 was done, and 3) even Inspection 1 was not done correctly and we had missing and old filters!!!

At this point, who knows what they actually did on the car, and I feel like all we got was a really expensive $700 oil change.

Dmitry S. | 2011-12-04

Good service

Aneece Y. | 2011-06-20

Although this review is the result of just one experience, I'm surprised they allow a salesman with such a poor attitude to try and sell major purchase items like automobiles.

I went with my roommate to take a look at a used car there and we unfortunately drew Bill/William as our salesperson. At first he was pompous because we inquired about their online advertisement that mistakenly had pictures of a 335i in the post when it displayed the price of a 328i, and it just went downhill from there.

During the test drive he acted aloof and did not elaborate at all when answering questions. Getting information out of him took a lot of effort on our part and when we were obviously unaware of a feature's function he did not offer an explanation until we prodded him. Frankly, it didn't seem like he cared if we bought the car or not.

Now, maybe it was because we drove into the lot in a 2002 Honda Civic, but that was judgmental and short-sighted on his part. We were absolutely serious about buying a car, yet he treated us like we were just joyriding.

The only upside was that Advantage did call up my roommate the next day to rate the experience and he was able to give much needed feedback, but even that was only possible because he FORCED Bill to write down his number as we walked off the lot in case he decided to actually try and close a sale.

Judging from some of the other comments here on Yelp, I'm not the only one who has had a poor experience with Advantage's sales staff, so try your luck only if the price is right.

Scott L. | 2011-05-03

This review is for the parts department only.  I have been here twice to pick up parts for my car. Great customer service both times. The gentleman who works in parts (didn't get his name) but has been there both times is very helpfully. He really went out of his way. This is the place to go for oem parts.  

After picking up my parts, I wanted to ask the service adviser a couple of questions. Walked over to the service bay and waited then waited some-more. Unless you are wearing a suit and tie, they will ignore you. Finally got one of them to acknowledge me. I have an older bmw, so they called Bill Hayes up to answer my questions.  Let me tell you this guy knows E36 and E46 BMW's. Great guy, he even walked out to my car so I could show him what I was talking about. If you take yours in for service ask for Bill.

5 stars for the parts department.

5 stars for Bill Hayes.

0 stars for the service clowns who ignored me.

Danielle G. | 2011-04-12

About a year ago I began my car shopping search, I pretty much new exactly what I wanted a BMW coupe. I had previously owed a BMW 3 Series and I just loved everything about it.

I checked out a few dealerships looking for the best deal I could find along with the best service. Every dealership I went to didn't have the car I wanted but all said they could order it and have it in about 6 weeks. Well I am a very impatient girl and I was ready to have a new car already so I continued searching.

Once I walked into Advantage BMW the exact car I wanted was sitting on the showroom floor it had just gotten there a few days before. The salesman Sergio walked up and pretty much sold me the car all over again not only did he match the deal other dealerships he also gave me more money for my trade-in. This was the first vehicle I ever bought on my own and I was extremely excited and nervous about everything. I ended up buying my car right then and there and I am absolutely in love with her :)

Sergio has become my go to guy with anything that I need for my car. I have him saved in my cell and I call him whenever I have something that comes up whether its the missing tire pressure cap or the tow cover that went missing or me scraping my front bumper after pulling into the garage. In all instances he has taken care of me and fixed it.

About 6 months after I purchased my vehicle my parents came back to purchase a BMW for my sister as well. All and all I know I will be coming back to this dealership when I win the lottery and can purchase that M3 I've been dreaming about :)

Matt N. | 2011-03-07

This review is for the pre-owned sales office.

Let me start with the positive: The sales office was clean. The price on the pre-owned vehicle I bought was better than anything I found within 500 miles of Austin, so it was worth the drive to basically steal this car from them.

Now, the rest of the story: This was by far the worst car buying experience I've ever had. While I appreciate the online salesman coming in on his day off, he could have dressed more appropriately. Shorts and a polo don't exactly scream "Hey! I'm a professional!" When my wife and I arrived, the salesman's only acknowledgement of our existence was to say, "The truck's over here." No hello. No handshake. No introduction. Again, not professional. During the test drive, the salesman was sure to point out how much of a loss they were taking by selling the truck at such a low price. Fine. Maybe so, but I don't feel that's an appropriate conversation to have with a potential buyer. Honestly, I don't care if you're taking a bath on the truck. I'm a shrewd car shopper, so I'm looking out for myself, not the dealership.  So, sales experience: F

The financing guy was even worse. He gave NO details about the warranty he wanted to sell us, and when my wife asked for other, possibly cheaper options, he told us, "Oh, they're not worth looking at. You can afford this one." Excuse me? Don't tell me what I want and don't tell me what I can afford. Next, he flat out lied about interest rate we were being offered. I had already lined up a 3.49% interest rate through my credit union, but told him if he could meet it or beat it, we'd go with him. he said he could meet it, for sure. When he quoted a monthly payment to us, he gave us a dollar amount at 3.79 %. I wasn't a math major, but I'm pretty sure that's not meeting OR beating the interest rate I quoted. Did he expect we wouldn't notice? I think he did.

Eventually, we worked out a deal and began signing papers. It had been over three hours in the office and we had not had lunch. My wife was, understandably, getting hungry and was showing fewer and fewer signs of patience. The financing guy said, "I can see you're getting hungry, ma'am. I know how women are when they get hungry. I'll try to speed it up." Sorry, don't belittle my wife, don't belittle women. I think he was trying to be funny, but he was not funny at all.
Finance/sales manager guy: F-

Bottom line - unless the price is PERFECT, which is was in our case (lucky for Advantage BMW), do not buy a pre-owned car here. Terrible service. No professionalism. I expect that from a crappy non-brand affiliated dealership on the side of the highway, but from a BMW dealership I expect much, much more.

Billybob N. | 2010-12-07

Here's another one star review that should be a NO STAR review.

Brought my 07 550i in for CPO warrant work. Two items to address, one being a sensor on the fuel cap (threw a check engine warning light) and the other was a high pitched warbling sound from a worn bearing in the ventilation blower fan (which looks like a hamster wheel) which manifested an annoying noise on hard acceleration. I also asked them to change the oil (which should not be done per their 15k intervals, but at 7,500 miles if you plan to keep the car past 3-4 years or just be kind to the next owner).

1. The emissions sensor plug on the fuel cap was loose, but this didn't generate any warranty work for them they could justify so they replaced my fuel pump instead to milk the CPO insurance company warranting my car to 100k. I don't mind them doing this because I got a new fuel pump at 39k miles and it was going to cost me a $50 deductible either way, but it goes to show just how unethical the dealer techs and services advisors are (not that any of them guilt-free of doing this, but it's worth stating).

2. They never found the annoying warble noise and never bothered to call me to say, "can you swing by and let a tech drive with you to duplicate the problem?" Now I have to take it elsewhere and pay another $50 for them to diagnose it and fix it under the extended warranty.

3. They forgot to do the oil change. The service advisor didn't write it down and put it on my work order. So I bought the stuff and did it myself because I just had to get it done for another long trip I was making in the car.

4. Dropped the car off on a Wednesday morning and drove off in a 3 series loaner. Was called Friday morning and told they MISPLACED MY KEY for well over a day, even with their new outrageously priced key tracking system, and they had just started working on my car.

5. In that same conversation on Friday, my service advisor told me that the loaner I was given had to be swapped out before the weekend because it had too many miles on it... but that the swap would only take five minutes and I could drop off one, hop in the other, and leave. All the paperwork would be transferred from one car to the other. This was total crap. It took a solid hour to get the car checked in and get the other checked out.

6. While doing the paperwork for the 2nd loaner, a tech walked up to my service advisor and said, "this car's front control arms have cracked bushings." He turned to me and asked me if I wanted them to replace the worn bushing and align the suspension again for $850 and I told him I'd have to deal with it after the first of the year. I jacked up the front end and the bushings in the control arms (all four) looked a little dirty but like new! My independent mechanic was paid to inspect the car and confirmed my entire suspension, even with 39k miles on the car, looked great.

WORD TO THE WISE: Always require a mechanic to show you the worn or cracked or broken part before he removes it from your car. Just asking for the old parts when you pick up the car is a good way to get someone else's old parts, especially at a dealership where they work on cars just like yours that have a lot more miles on them.

The service advisor had the nerve to contact me repeatedly on my cell phone and by email to ask me to give him the highest marks for my service visit SO HE COULD GET HIS MONTHLY BONUS. I refused to do that, by the way. He might be a liar but I am not.

Very disappointing. They don't call them "stealerships" for nothing!

H C. | 2009-03-01

Had a standard scope and oil change there.  The service took about 1.5 hours on a Saturday morning.  No issues.  The waiting area is not as fancy as BMW of Austin.  Their rate is $118 while BMW of Austin is ~$85.  Luckily I'm still covered under the free maintenance program.

DO NOT have them wash your car if you care about your vehicle.  They don't do a good job and will scratch up your car.

Shannon G. | 2009-02-25

I would like to give this no stars, but I guess it is not an otpion!  I have owned BMWs for the past 10 years and recently moved to Houston and took my 325i (which is still under warranty) in because the AC was making a strange noise. They claimed that they "could not hear anything" and could not fix anyhting. My 4 year/100 mile warranty is up in a month but they said  if they are able to diagnose and fix the problem later, it would not be covered under my warranty. What????  I also waited about 30 minutes to see my agent , even though I had an appointment. And waited another 40 minutes for a shuttle.  Then, when I came to pick up my car, I waited another 30+ minutes. Pretty much the worst BMW service department I have ever dealt with. Such a shame, because I have always liked owning a BMW b/c they had such excellent customer service - I guess not in Houston!!

Greg D. | 2009-02-23

I'm going to have to disagree with Marisa F's 5 star rating here.   And it's probably due to the fact that I have had more cars serviced here.   Advantage has had their hands on my 1977 320 (Carburated), 1981 320i, 1984 528e, and 1991 "Grey Market" 735i from The Netherlands, that they did take a blind eye too, thankfully.    They wouldn't inspect it, but I understand.  

The service here was not as quick as what I later found at Sports Cars of Houston.   And the parts prices are quite large.    On several occasions I did locate and bring my own parts, but they didn't want to use them.   In fact I was told once that my fuel injectors were not genuine BMW, yet I ordered them from BMW in Germany.   When showing the receipt, they got a little snitty and told me that they only use their "own parts" that they order.    In in that situation I took the car home.  Along with the bag of authentic BMW fuel injectors and just installed them myself.   (Which is extremely simple BTW).    A Haynes manual and no tools had my 320i humming along again for about $15 (cost of the manual).    

I have no experience at purchasing a car here, nor their service in relation to such, as I have only brought them used cars.   Service ranged from perfect and fast to like I just mentioned.     So I will give 2 stars, as I have overall experienced better service.

Marisa F. | 2008-12-03

Hello BMW Friends:

On Tuesday as I was pulling into the service station to have my new BMW serviced the BMW van struck me while I was in my lane and damaged the side of my BMW.  

The van DID NOT have ANY damage at all done to it just a couple of scratches from my paint.  

I asked BMW to call me for the estimate and that I would pay for it out of pocket since they will not accept that it is their fault.  I would rather not  make such a small and lousy claim on my insurance and they quoted me $2,000.  There is no damage done to the van!  

Just know that they are raping me.  They are trying to pin their accident which is clearly their driver's fault on me.  Please do not give this BMW service station any more money, they do not deserve it!  

Thank you.

The damaged BMW