Mac Churchill Acura in Fort Worth, TX

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Family owned and operated, Mac Churchill Acura is the premier Acura dealer in Tarrant County.  Nine-time winner of the prestigious Dealership of Distinction Award from Acura, Mac Churchill Acura is one of the top ten Certified Preowned Acura dealers in the nation.

Mac Churchill Acura

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 864-1997
Address:3125 NE Loop 820, Fort Worth, TX, 76137
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Mac Churchill Acura

Christi M. | 2015-04-15

Just bought a new MDX here. I initially came in to get my 2004 MDX serviced, but sat in the new MDX and was dazzled.  The sales guys came over and asked if I was interested in learning more, and said they would get their MDX expert.  Zack knew EVERYTHING about Acuras.  He showed me all the bells and whistles and was able to sell me on it (although it wasn't hard, the car is beautiful).  Some of the standard car sales tactics used throughout, but those are expected when buying a new car.  At the end of the day, he got us in the car we wanted with very little stress!  After reading reviews here, looks like most were for service and used cars, which I didn't interact with much (other than getting the recall fixed on my old MDX which I eventually traded in).    I didn't give 5-stars because the process was a bit lengthy. If you are in the market for a new MDX, ask for Zack!

Krissy R. | 2015-04-11

I would choose zero stars if it were an option. I was hoping living 2 miles away from a Honda service would be great but boy was I wrong. Last time I went in I was assured the oil change wouldn't take FOREVER but of course I wasted hours there and they didn't even do everything (after a few hours I lost it and asked for my car back so I could leave this horrible establishment) No one ever cared about my concerns and I haven't been back since (despite getting numerous calls, after telling them my experience was bad and to quit calling me, of course they keep calling) well now I have a groupon I've had for this place that get my inspection done and I'm debating just wasting the $ already spent to go somewhere else where I can get an inspection done in less than an hour or do I set aside, God who knows, 5 hours for an inspection at this place? Probably waste the $ spent based on my last experience and all these reviews that show it clearly isn't an isolated incident.

Scott Y. | 2015-03-31

I too am looking for a zero star option.  I've been doing business with this dealership for 14 years now and have purchased 2 cars from them and have had service done with them occasionally.  

I brought my car into today for a safety recall item.  I called at first off of their website and there was an 800 number that I thought was kinda weird.  It led to a call center with totally incompetent people answering the phone, saying no one was available, etc.  what a horrible user experience!!

Then, I called back the dealership back after I found their local number.  I reached the actual dealership, talked to a lady there.  She set up an appointment for me, said the part was there, and set aside a loaner car.  I asked her to confirm the rental car, she assured me that I would have one.

Well guess what?!?  When I got there, they had no record of an appointment for me, and no loaner car but had the part (which wasn't reserved for me) Then of course it came with all of the trying to sell me service like what's potentially wrong with my car.

Isn't this a car dealership, don't you think they would have something for me to borrow to drive for a few hours?!?

They service guy Howard said they couldn't loan me a car.  And that it would take 1.5 hours and that I could wait.  I told him that I was only home for the weekends, and that I had to be somewhere in 30 minutes. He did try to accommodate me, said they could do fix it in 30 minutes, It took 40, so still good there, because I was able to switch my morning appointment up a little.  But I did not like the non-customer-focused attitude that came with it.

Do yourself a favor and don't come here for service.

I didn't hear back a reply from the concerned gm about my "isolated incident", looks like there are several bad experiences here.  I replied back 3 times to their "canned response"  don't believe that they really want to fix the problem, they just want to appear that they do.

Steven J. | 2015-03-17

I was in the market for a used TSX in July 2014 and found a listing on auto trader for a car that fit all my requirements. I live in Dallas and it was at Mac Churchill in Fort Worth, so I called ahead before making the hour drive over to Tarrant county. I was specifically interested in a 2011 TSX advertised with 40k miles and a technology package, for about $22,000. The salesman confirmed that specific vehicle was in stock so I made the trip. When I arrived, they took me to the vehicle for a test drive and I found that this car did not have the technology package (basically means navigation). I first thought we just went to the wrong car but we confirmed the VIN and it was, in fact, the right car....they just falsely claimed online that it was with navigation. So, since I made the trip I asked if they had anything similar to the car I actually wanted. All they had was a 2012 navigation TSX which had 25k miles, so obviously it was more expensive ($26,000). I hate to think that this was a classic bait and switch, but I couldn't help but come away with this impression.

I said that this was just way more than I wanted to spend, so I was going to leave. My old car had been taken to the back for trade in appraisal, but they did not give me my keys back upon request, and instead started me into the negotiations. These went back and forth for some time because they offered me $2,000 less on my trade than had been offered in writing by two other dealerships. This, in addition to the price of the more expensive car, put us at about $10,000 more than I wanted to spend. I asked for my keys at least 3 times and they were not returned, so I would stay to negotiate. Honestly, had I needed to leave at that moment, I was thinking about calling the police to compel them to return my vehicle which was being held hostage.

I was very educated on car buying process so thankfully I was able to stick to my guns...otherwise I would have been eaten alive. They knew what I wanted to pay per month and tried all the tricks...they said I could cut them a check for $1,000 and make my loan 5 years in order to get my payment down. I held my ground and said I was only doing a 3 year loan and my trade in was significant enough so there was no reason for me to cut a check.

I conceded that I was willing to pay a little more than planned since the car they had was a lot nicer than I was in the market for. But I was only going to pay more to a point, as it was not my fault they didn't not have what I wanted or what was advertised. In all, the negotiations lasted at least 2 hours with my back and forths between the salesman and the guys in the backroom. After all this drama, I eventually got exactly what I had asked for from the beginning (financial negotiations wise). However, at one point, they requested that I physically show them, on my phone, the cars at a competing dealership I had found listed for much cheaper. That was a little ridiculous.

After agreeing to the deal, I then waited in the financing area for over an hour before I was seen. I had arrived at the dealership at 3:45pm and I did not end up leaving with my car until 9pm. Aside from all the drama, the people I dealt with were generally nice; however, the whole process was just pretty absurd. I do like my car, however I found that one of the rear floor mats was completely ruined when I took possession of the car. I got a good deal so I'm not holding this against them, but I do not think I would ever go back to buy a car. I definitely understand they need to make money, but if you aren't going to accept my offer then just say sorry and let me be on my way. You don't need to put customers through this.

Thomas E. | 2015-02-28

*Note: Yelp needs a "dislike" button and why do I have to give a least 1 star?

I was so disappointed by what Daniel showed me. I also got passed around, which I DID NOT LIKE, because I wasn't buying Maybach, and got left with a Jr. Sales guy. The only thing your dealership was aggressive with was your sales approach. Certainly wasn't with the pricing.

All the trucks I saw were overpriced, dealer couldn't locate one of them, 2 had flats and couldn't test drive, one had the front driver's seat missing. Daniel made me the customer grab an old dirty tire to try to use as a seat. He wouldn't have done an older buyer like that, he would have made every attempt to be professional and accurate. Daniel  was kind of "home-boyish" with me as well, and wasn't as a pro as he could have been. You're not my homie and this is a big purchase. I would have preferred a more professional sales person.

So my experience was bad and only got worse throughout the process.

Jason E. | 2015-02-20

Just bought my wife a Ford Edge from this locations and I'm completely satisfied with the service we got a great deal including free oil changes and detail work for a year can't complain about that ask for Jason dudes a straight shooter and took great care of us I will be back in the future for my next truck.

Poukao S. | 2015-02-11

Time for four wheel alignment check. Love coming here to get my car work done great deals. Veron Shorter came out and assisted me right away, very  friendly and professional. Kids like to come here cause they have a  play center.

Brandy N. | 2015-02-07

I highly recommend visiting Acura MacChurchill if you're looking for a new car. Everyone was so helpful especially our salesman, Mike Luong. He gave us his honest opinions and made the car buying experience a lot smoother. Definitely telling my friends and family about this place if they're looking for a new ride.

Kris S. | 2015-02-06

Great car buying experience, they have great selection of vehicles to choose from and knowledgable sales staff to help you with the questions that you might have. I have been back to get my oil changed there on a regular basis and the service department was helpful and prompt

Azeem Q. | 2015-02-03


I see you replying to people's negative reviews with kind rebuttals and professional but generic responses. I will up the star rating to 2 out of 5 stars because someone from your dealership did finally call me back but unfortunately you guys really are all talk and no walk. I ran the numbers that would work for me by the assistant general manager before I left the dealership and he assured me that my prices could be met and we would make a deal but when your salesman finally called me back, he told me that the numbers were way off and the manager was wrong. Haha who says that????!! So the salesman overrode the manager???? Where does this happen? You guys need a management overhaul and some internal training from Acura Corporate. The most unprofessional dealership I have ever walked into.

Kevin P. | 2015-01-28

I would give this service department 3.5 stars because you know that it will be a long wait to get your stuff taken care of.But I think with the great service I received this visit from a young blonde haired lady from Oklahoma (don't remember her name) along with a great smile and that "our customers are important" feeling they will get 5 stars..I was updated on vehicle status and of course will return..

Jason J. | 2014-12-05

Customer service sucks at this location!!!!   Will never look this way again!!!

Steve W. | 2014-11-22

I was totally 5 star pleased with the lease of my 2015 MDX. Sales and finance was great! The one star is for their service department. When I received a letter from Acura of a software upgrade that was recommended, I had to call three times before getting a service advisor to set the appointment. I was told it would take 1:45 mins. to 2 hours and it took about 6 hours. I was given someone else's paperwork to sign. When I left a message for the service manager to call me so I could give him an opportunity to address my concerns, he didn't call until 7pm the next day and just said, "Sorry I missed your call." I advised him I had called the day before. I had already emailed the GM and Service Director of the dealership since I had not heard from the Service Manager and neither of them responded to me. So, this was my first service experience with this dealership. Certainly not the experience I am used to with other dealerships. The very sad part is that I never got an apology. That tells me they don't care. Very disappointed.

Dave W. | 2014-10-31

This has to be the most f*up dealership for service I have come across in decades.  It must be run by certified idiots.

Regardless of whether you call ahead and make a service appointment, they have no idea who you are or what your info is when you arrive.  Repeat customer or not, they have no clue.  You can tell them the info and they still have no clue hours later.  Must be a completely manual system using scraps of paper.

You have a 50/.50 chance that whatever problem you bring in, it will not be fixed or fixed half-@ssed  when you leave.

Do yourself a favor, drive to another dealer, any dealer for service on your Acura.

PS - the internet in the waiting area doesn't work, bring your own hotspot.  And they are clueless to fix it.

Jillian G. | 2014-10-28

Why isn't there a ZERO stars option?! They're not deserving of the one I'm forced to give them.

This place will jerk you around and play the negotiation games where they try to change numbers on you and you get mad and leave-- but then they run out to your car after you trying to lure you back in for further games... Multiple times. It's insulting and a waste of time.

Save yourself the headache and just go to Vandergriff. I ended up leasing a car with Dan Naughton there yesterday. I was upside down in my trade in and they worked with me and I feel I got a great deal there. I didn't get the dumb games and I love my new car.

Brad D. | 2014-10-21

I have been a long time customer of Mac Churchill, purchasing 4 vehicles over the past several years. While the first few vehicle purchases were fine the last two have been a nightmare. I purchased a pre-owned 2011 BMW 5 Series. Upon signing the paperwork I was given a clean carfax report showing no notations of accidents. Almost a year later, I take the vehicle to another dealership to trade in, only to find out it had been in a head on collision and was reported as a total loss. The manager of that dealership told me my car was basically worth nothing and showed me the carfax report, noting 2 accidents as well as odometer tampering. He also provided me with an Autocheck report provided to buyers at auctions, clearly stating the total loss and signed by a Mac Churchill buyer. So this dealership bought this car at auction fully knowing it was totaled and had been repaired. They then provided me a false carfax report.

When I took it back to MacChurchill they offered to let me trade the car in on another car, but it took threatening a lawsuit before they would agree to give me what I paid. So I purchased a new TL, which I grew to hate. 3 months ago I traded it in at another dealership and cancelled my Gap coverage through AcuraCare. I was told  I would have my refund check in 4-6 weeks. It has been 3 months and no refund. Every time I call I get the run around, no one will call me back or answer emails. It is very clear this dealership is operated by crooks and they do not care about their customers. Be very careful buying from this place, especially a pre-owned car. If they screwed me like they did on my BMW there is no telling how many times they have done this to others. You spend $45 grand on a car to find out it's been totaled and worth $5 grand. Trust me, there are much better places to go! I have already begun to file a lawsuit against Mac Churchill Acura.

Kevin T. | 2014-09-10

My family and I have been buying Acura vehicles since 2002 when they were still Goodson Acura.  Never have I had an experience as bad as yesterday.  I had a simple (1) tire change due to a nail at 4pm.  The Manager Mike adv it will be an hr and they couldn't get me a loaner bc it was under 2 hrs for the service.  That was fine and I waited.  6pm came around and I had to walk up and find the Manager.  Guess what?  He went home for the day, and never told me my car was done and sitting outside!!!  In the meatime, daycare was racking up $$ per mins for watching my kids after hours!!!  Better yet, the tire was matched by the Manager Mike bc Discount tires had it cheaper.  When I paid for the service, I was charged full price.  Even though I made them adjust the price, thats the crap a customer should not have to go through.  Since the move to MacChurchill Acura, I've noticed the quality of the name and service has significantly declined.  Not coming back even for an oil change.

Mark L. | 2014-07-29

Unfortunately I have two negative reviews in one. The first is from the purchase of our last vehicle in April '14. It went well initially, but quickly turned into a situation where we given commitments that they had no intent on delivering. I had just placed new tires on my trade-in that was the same model but 3 years older and purchased higher-end ones with the intention of swapping them over if needed. Before signing, it was promised with no hesitation. Although when it came time to pick up the car, they initially claimed that no such commitment was made and even accused me of lying. After some escalation and sticking to my guns, they eventually agreed but at my expense. I knew that Discount Tire had offered to do it for free but agreed in order to just get the deal done. They never did fix the drink holder in the middle rear seat cushion- I suppose I gave up on that. My biggest disappointment was that no one was accountable or interested in apologizing for the situation.

Adding to the frustration was their dealership expansion. Whether it was to pick up the car, swap the tires, or pick up the plates, both the new and pre-owned sections and service areas kept directing us back and forth, while refusing to call the other side to confirm that they're actually sending us to the right place. It only seemed that things were progressing once we escalated to a director, but my follow ups were quick to mention that it wasn't nice to escalate to him. I also never received a final follow-up call or survey based on the transaction. Interesting.

Then we recently brought out new car over for our free first oil change. While the offer was nice, it was quickly overshadowed by the fact that my wife arrived on time at 1:00 PM, and didn't leave until 4:30 PM! When we purchased the car, they said it would be an extra charge to put the front license plate on so we were initially going to do it ourselves. Having scheduled an oil change and not having done it yet ourselves, we thought we would go ahead and pay to have it put on. After waiting several hours and watching our car sitting there, she inquired only to find out that they completed the oil change (two hours later!) but the other hour+ was waiting for an additional permission to attach the license plate. The service employee explained that he hadn't gotten around to asking for her it yet. Obviously his time is MUCH more important than ours. We ended up leaving with the oil change done and had to decline the license plate after being told that they were now backed up and it would be yet (!!!) another hour. In the end, I would have rather paid full price for proper service. :S

I'm not sure what happened at Mac Churchill. This is our third Acura, but each time we visit for service the waits are longer and longer, and each purchase is proving more and more unpleasant. I regret to say that I won't be purchasing another Acura, as this is the only dealership close to our house.

Shawn W. | 2014-07-29

Awful service! Came here for a groupon oil change but it's not worth the frustration. 2 hours for an oil change? Ridiculous.

Cp M. | 2014-07-28

Terrible Terrible TERRIBLE place. Brought my car in for service. They ended up stealing a few things from my car (not valuable) and ended up destroying the car. They will give you the run around and make your life miserable and deny everything. So if you are looking to bring your car here, don't even bother. They will attempt to put on a good front, but the minute you say something remotely neutral, they will show their bad side and attack you. Do not deal with these people. They take forever and they do not care about the customer. Their business model is trying to get as many people through the door as possible, regardless of the customer experience.

Jim A. | 2014-06-27

This place sucks. I found a truck online in their used department that I was interested in. I called to speak with the internet sales guy and set an appointment to look at it. After work, I went to my appointment and this jerk passed me to someone else. So, I had to explain my situation all over again, mainly that I had my own financing and didn't need theirs, just a deal sheet. No big deal, I thought. So, I test drove the truck and come back to have my trade evaluated and the sales guy says" I need you to fill out a credit app" Excuse me? I don't need to because I have my approval letter from my credit union right here. He says, we can beat the rate and I explain it's not only about the rate, there are other benefits as well. He then gets a "manager" to come stress that they need me to fill out a credit app. I tell this guy the same thing and get the same BS story from him, we'll beat the rate, etc. At this point, it's been 45 minutes and we haven't even talked numbers yet. I tell the guy, let's get a deal worked out, then we'll talk about financing. So now I get a 2nd manager with the same crap and I'm pissed. I ask for the keys to my trade back because I'm done. After 30 minutes and a threat to call 911 because I'm basically being held hostage by these pricks, I finally get my keys back and leave this hellhole. Then, about 2 days later, the original jerk that passed me off to someone else AFTER I made an appointment calls me to ask what happened. Needless to say, my review here was quite a bit more civil than that phone call.

Omar H. | 2014-05-30

Internet Sales guy was really nice but completely inaccurate in describing the condition of the car - like way off.  There was a group of people hovering around the entrance of the pre-owned sign that leads you to the building, and on the way out, they had a Acura van blocking access.  I pulled around them in a tight spot because I had to get going and one of them gave me a dirty look.  It seriously looked like a bunch of hoodlums looking for a fight rather than selling you a car.

Pretty bad experience all around.

Mariko B. | 2014-05-15

I've been here twice, the first time, walked around the new car section, no one approached us, didn't find anything we liked so we went home. The second time, I found the perfect used car online, I called to make sure they had it, it was available, the next day after fully detailing my car as a trade-in, we drove all the way there in traffic. Alex approached us, so I handed him the printed listing of the car I was interested in. We walked around in the sweltering heat then decided to wait inside. Inside is a different story - lots of unhappy families sitting at tables waiting along with a few quiet whispers of deals closing, it was actually pretty sketchy... Alex pulled up a car, not THE car I had the listing for, he said it was similar, which it was but it was definitely missing the key features that I was looking for. When asked about the listed car, he gave us some really confusing and weird answer about how he had to check the cars manually with the keys to find that exact one... Wait a second... What?!

At first, I believed him and thought what a ridiculously inefficient system, why on earth would a dealership not have a spreadsheet with the car info and location of it? After about an hour of being at the dealership and only seeing that one car, we left. It was a huge waste of time. In hind sight, they probably didn't even have the car... Bf said it was probably a bait & switch, can't be proved but someone from the dealership e-mailed me the next day to ask if I was still interested in the car. My reply was about my experience there. After that, I had NO follow up. Not surprising. The whole experience is questionable. I will definitely NOT be buying a car here and I really feel like I dodged a bullet (financially).

Mehdi D. | 2014-05-08

I went here for a recall on my car the service guy Robert was good. The mechanic and other guys were a bit shady. I know all about cars and played done when they give me a bill for 4000 dollars for random things you never do on a car like 1700 for valve adjustments. Kind of a rip off. I know the dealer likes to sell but they were telling me front brakes were pretty low and I had just replaced them. But I was very fair and gave them a 3 star because everyone was nice and they washed my car.

Dan M. | 2014-03-25

I definitely would not recommend this dealership to anyone. Looking for a new Acura, I went online and got several price quotes from dealerships. Knowing the exact car and msrp that I was comparing, it was simple enough. The assistant Sales Mgr. at Mac Churchill emailed me a quote that sounded almost too good to be true as compared to the other dealerships prices. So the next day I went to buy the car and the price I was quoted, was in fact too good to be true. He had omitted the destination charge on the car! $900 was thrown in at the last minute! This was not a mistake, this was done on purpose. Do yourself a favor and don't play the bait and switch game with Mac Churchill. There are other honest Acura dealerships in the metroplex. For a luxury brand such as Acura, these old sleazy games should not be tolerated.

James M. | 2014-03-10

I bought my Acura  here about two years ago pre-owned. There was a scratch on the hood the salesman said he would remove upon delivery. When we were signing the deal, they informed me the car was not Certified Pre-Owned as first stated but did not adjust the price to better reflect the lack of certification. Since this was my first car purchase on my own, I didn't think to re-negotiate. When I went to sign the check in the finance department, the man there was very pushy with selling an extended warranty. After declining it several times, he kept pushing forward with his sales pitch. I finally had to bluntly say, "I don't want it." I ended up driving off the lot with a car that was not certified and they failed to fix the scratch as promised.

I've utilized their service center for their complimentary car washes and since then have decided to stop doing that. Every time I get my car washed, there is a muddy footprint on my floor mat from the service man. The waiting room of the service department plays god-awful country music and the accommodations offered are not up to standard of other competing luxury car dealerships.

I am happy with my Acura, the car has served me well, I just wish I had purchased one from a different dealer.

Michelle D. | 2014-01-17

In response I received yet another half-assed apology via email:

"We appreciate the time you took to notify us of your experience with the
Service Department of Mac Churchill Acura. Please accept our sincere
apologies for the disappointment you encountered pertaining to your recent
visit to the dealership. While we regret to learn of your negative
feedback, it is our pleasure to document your concern for future process
improvement. In the event you wish to further discuss this matter with our
Client Relations team, we welcome you to call us at #800-382-2238, option
#6 and reference the file number below." many complaints they have file numbers? Or just not personal enough to associate with a customer name?

I will say I am glad that they may be concerned regarding such negative feedback, even if the concern is remote and impersonal. I do think they should be concerned; if I had bothered to check online reviews before going in, which I always do but didn't feel necessary given this was an Acura dealership, I would have seen all the bad reviews and would have never gone. Now have to take time from my weekend obligations to take the vehicle in for repair at another dealership tomorrow - a huge and unnecessary inconvenience they have caused me and call....and no offer to make up for the inconvenience.... nothing. Perhaps they lost my file number....

Susan P. | 2014-01-07

There are actually two sides to this dealership.

Bad: I came in to Mac Churchill to get my other car inspected and wanted to look at cars while I was there. My husband and I knew that eventually we would both be needing cars soon. I was getting married in a few weeks and I told them directly NOT to call me during a specific time frame due to the wedding and that I would get back to him. I walked away without a car because my husband was not there and I wasn't going to make a decision like that without him. I also wasn't that impressed with the sales consultant. We didn't jive. So guess what happens, HE CALLS ME ON MY WEDDING DAY! Needless to say, I was PISSED. Swore up and down that I would NEVER go back.

Good: Well...what had happen poor Honda had all it could have and it was dying. We knew we wanted an Acura because our Honda was such a good car but we just wanted a little more. (**NOTE There is a "used" dealership in towards the back where ALL the used cars are.) My husband and I went online and saw a used car that we thought was in our price range and was very nice. We accidentally went to the new car side and they were ready to get rid of some cars so we though why not. (End of the year, new 2014 have already come in.) I believe the process took 4 hours or something? Jason was VERY nice and understanding though and we closed the dealership down. Literally it was him, the guys that clean the car, the finance guy and the general manager that needed to do the deal. After we purchased the car, it was LEGIT just Jason. He cleaned out our Honda and put our stuff nicely in our new car and even took EXTRA time to set the Acura up with our seating, the light times and everything. Jason gets extra stars because I even called him afterwards because one of our features on our cars was acting wonky (user error because we set up our phone thing wrong and it messed up the WHOLE system) and he took care of the appointment for service and everything. I bet I could still call him and he would be just as nice.

Here are things I would have done different though.

1. We wouldn't have given my Honda keys over so willingly. We should have waited until the deal was DONE because we legitimately couldn't leave so easily.

2. We would have negotiated the warranty part BEFORE getting into the finance office. We literally had to negotiate ALL over again. Save yourself some time and do it with all together.

Bad: Here's what I DON'T like about their service department. They NEVER have a loaner car available. EVER! I have been in twice. Once because my phone system didn't work because we set it up incorrectly. (IDK how we just did.) It wasn't fixed btw. Let's just say I was PISSED when I got it back and it wasn't fixed properly. I had to leave town so I really couldn't deal with the issue at that exact moment and just waited it out. They did however clean our car, so that was an unexpected bonus.

Good: Second time when our new car's battery died, my husband got a person who REALLY fixed everything in our car because EVERYTHING had been reset including our xm radio. He was very kind to my husband and even fixed the phone thing that still didn't work. I promise to get his name the next time I go in and update on here so you know who to schedule your car with.

Given that I have had both bad and good experience with both the sales and the service. I give it three stars. Just even. I think it HONESTLY depends on who you get and how much they care. Jason was the saving grace on the sales side, and the second service guy.

Shannon L. | 2013-11-27

Worst new car buying experience! Let me take a long horrible story and put it simply for you.
1. Quoted features not offered on car. We were told of the mistake right before purchasing. Acura doesn't even make that many models... come on.

2. When they presented car after buying they asked us to inspect. It had rust spots in the paint. Finance manager asked us to drive around to make sure everything else worked correctly, because the guys in back who don't work for them could have done something to it. (Sounds like they are trying to make us take delivery of a faulty car... no?

3. Refused to drive around, went home without car.

4. They had new, different car delivered, they were not able to fix the first. They only provided us with 1 key.

5. When calling to complain we brought up every mistake and said how dissatisfied we were. Their response was that we were abusive and would not return phone calls. But, we still were missing a key.

6. Had to call Acura Customer Care to get a second key.

7. Emailed the owner, Mac Churchill, with no response.

Do yourself a favor and buy from the Arlington or Plano dealership. I love my Acura, but would never buy from here again! They do a disservice to a great car.

Brittany G. | 2013-09-07

Pay more some where else it's worth it. 2 hours for oil change. If you have any sort of coupon or groupon expect less than lower class service kinda like segregation in here. My package included a car wash, fluids, rotation and an oil change. Wash and fluids weren't done who knows if they even changed the oil. Had another oil change just a month later (unfortunately package came with 3) and they all of a sudden told me that my tires were a hazard and could bust at anytime. These are new 80% tread left but the wall if the tire had been worn so badly due to a bad alignment. Hmmm well if you had done this so called inspection 30 days prior they would have been able to prevent this for me. I think a lot if things are fishy here. Especially when I've left the service manager 2 messages with no returned call.

Bobby D. | 2013-08-17

Service is slow.  Set up an appointment and had to wait 2 hours for oil change and tire rotation while two other people without appointments got out sooner with the same service.  Why make appointment.   We leased a car from them and got the calls monthly to upgrade.  Better car.  Better deal etc.   got annoying.  We ended up buying the mdx that we were leasing and the calls stopped.   Funny.   I can say we bought the car because it was an Acura.   Not because of the dealership.  Do I recommend them to my friends.  No.   Do I recommend Acura cars to my friends and family.  Yes

Jennifer R. | 2013-08-14

I wanted for someone to know about the terrible service that my family and I received when purchasing a new car at this dealership. At the time of purchase we were promised in writing 2 copies of keys and alarn remotes. It took us almost 3 weeks and calling numerous times before we went to the dealership to talk to a manager and receive these. It took us talking to 4 people and waiting an hour and a half to get them at this time. They continued to tell us that the salesman we had worked with had quit so they were unable to figure out where our keys had gone to.
On top of this issue the salesman we worked with never returned my drivers license to me. They finally told me that they had found my license when we had gone up there to get our keys but they had mailed it out to us the day prior. We never received my license. When I called back to the dealership the woman I spoke with said she was sorry that she could not do anything to help me because she did not know what I was talking about.
Overall this was the worst car buying experience that I have ever had.

James P. | 2013-03-05

Stay Clear of Mac Churchill Acura

I have purchased four Acura TL's from this dealership.  A long time ago, this was a good place to do business but that has obviously changed.

About nine months after my third purchase of a new TL, Mac Churchill talked me into trading it in for a newer model.  I wasn't overly motivated about that option but decided to do it.  My recommendation is to stick with your gut feeling if you are approached on such a deal and avoid it.  However what was done was done.

The main issue I have had with Mac Churchill is after this sale, they contacted me 8 weeks later and tried to do the same thing.  This has gone on now for years. I've reached out to their sales manager, general manager, multiple salesmen and asked them all to remove me from their contacts.  I wouldn't buy another car from them if they were the last Acura dealership on earth.  Obviously they have a high turn over of their sales staff and don't bother to keep any records.  This dealership is motivated by greed and cares little for Customer loyalty.  All they want is the quick reward of a sale, one that benefits them at the expense of the Customer.  They lost a long term customer because they wanted to make some fast cash.

I know some of this is part of the business, however the folks who've been at Mac Churchill the last few years are the lowest of the low.  I would suggest you use another dealership in the area.  There are some pretty reputable ones.  Plus you avoid the annoying sales calls every few months.

Sue F. | 2012-12-29

I expected the same customer service as the other high end dealerships in the DFW area but was greatly disappointed. They could take a lesson from Sewell or Park Place.

Deva J. | 2012-10-04

I would highly recommend Mac Churchill Acura. I am an internet shopper and was amazed on how competitive they were with their pricing. My salesman, JJ or Jonathan Johnson, quickly responded to my email when inquiring about a vehicle. He was friendly, informative and was able to get a pretty good price on my trade via phone/email. I traveled 8 hours to make the trade and found that it was a long day (about 5 hours) in their office to finalize it. It is for that reason I am giving them a 4 out of 5 for overall experiencence. I will say that they did stick with the number they quoted me on the phone. I think the manager was wanting to lower my old car price, but JJ stepped up to the plate for me since I traveled so far to get this deal done and not to play games with me. I must say that I appreciated him doing so. I love my new car and am happy customer and will be back when my husband needs a new car.

MITCH C. | 2012-08-27

I continue to be completely satisfied with each one of my visits to MacChurchill Acura. I purchased my 2009 TSX about 4 years ago and only go here for routine and non-routine maintenance. The staff, though somewhat revolving, are always attentive and committed to 100% satisfaction from me.

K A. | 2012-07-05

Slimey Sales People. Go elsewhere!

Marilyn H. | 2012-06-09

We have purchased and happily owned 8 Acuras and all of them from Mac Churchill.  We have ALWAYS received excellent customer service at the time of purchase and EVERY visit to the Service department. From the moment I drive in until I leave, I feel like I'm their special good friend getting their "primo super-secret treatment." Waiting in their comfortable waiting room is easy with their beverage service and snacks and did I mention roomy? You won't be shoulder-to-shoulder and have to crawl over every other waiting customer here because it is a large area and they get service done quickly and right and back on the road!! No other dealership is like that!!!   My husband is also satisfied that when I come here alone I won't be told any foolishness that tends to happen to women who bring their cars in alone to a dealership's Service department. That's real peace of mind.
Don't understand the bad reviews also posted here on Yelp. I wonder if the disgruntled customers always post but the majority of satisfied do not. Idk. Seems so. Sometimes older cars just have things that BREAK period.
Bottom line, I'd recommend an Acura to anyone and Mac Churchill be your dealer(yes, we've talked to all the others in the metroplex) but never treated even half as well as here. That's why we keep returning!!

Mel H. | 2012-04-27

We purchased our one year old Acura MDX one year ago. We were very pleased with the deal, and the MDX.  Since that time, I've taken it in for routine Oil Changes, and Auto Butler Wax treatments. Each time I go in, I am treated like ROYALTY.  They have an awesome lounge to wait in, with tea, coffee, hot pastries and cookies, and WIFI.  The car comes back washed, spotless and gleaming.  They do everything possible to make sure we are pleased.

COULD NOT BE MORE PLEASED!!!    A few weeks ago, they did a few recall updates while I was in for oil, and due to the length, gave me a loan car for the day. WOW... liking that new TL ride!  I was able to run a few errands and return at my leisure!  Lovin the Mac Churchill group.

We're in the market for another new car... We'll definitely keep them in mind!!!

Le E. | 2012-04-09

i love acuras. i have two of them. i decided to goto this dealership for service due to the convenience of the location. typically, i would drive 30-40minutes to vandergriff acura in arlington (i've received nothing but great customer service from vandergriff). this was an incredibly bad decision.

first, let me say, when i purchased my first acura about 8 years ago, i went to mac churchill first. i was greeted by a sales person who said the car that i wanted was not on the lot, but was i willing to spend $XX K for it. really?! why i didn't just hand the guy a blank check, i don't know. but this should have been my first clue of the type of customer service that this particular dealership offered.

last week after spending A LOT to have multiple repairs done to my car, my car was returned to me with the middle console lights not functioning. strange....since this wasn't an existing problem when i brought it in. i called and scheduled another appointment to bring the car in and it turns out that i would have to pay for the cost to fix an issue that didn't exist after spending A LOT of money. at this point, i would have rather purchased a new car. (needless to say not from this location)

the service manager told me that he spoke to his manager and that acura wouldn't be able to pay for the cost to fix the issue. acura owners, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CAR IN FOR SERVICE AT THIS LOCATION. make the extra drive and goto a dealership that you trust who has given you great service in the past.

i made the mistake of assuming that i would receive any type of customer service at mac churchill. the service manager just gave me a customer care phone number so that i could take up my issues elsewhere. no compromise, just sorry, we can't fix that without charging you for it. i don't know why they bother letting their customers know about a customer service survey. NEVER AGAIN.

Henry T. | 2012-02-29

After signing contract and paying down payment, saleperson tried to sell a different car by marking out VIN and putting in a different one without buyer's approval. Told my parents the car they test drove was sold. Later they admitted it was not sold, but they just wanted to sell them the one that had been in the lot longer. Refused to honor contract for car that was test driven and had a down payment in hand.

Ryan J. | 2011-10-31

The net of this story is I walked out pretty frustrated at the sales manager here the other day.  The Acura brand is being done a disservice with this dealership IMO.  The sales approach is not in line with the quality of the vehicles being sold here.

Here's a few helpful tips for this dealership that may help you engage your customers more effectively based on my experience.

-  Quit using stock photos in your ads.  It just advertises you have something to hide or are too lazy to shoot the interiors of your actual vehicles.  Also, it's misleading to show a 2011 vehicle on a 2009 ad where the trim levels are different between the years. And get that grey haired guy's picture out of the ads, why is he there?

- If you put a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle on your lot for sale, it shouldn't have obvious cosmetic damage on the rear bumper.  Don't tell me it's an easy fix for your on site body shop to fix for me.  I don't want to see how that sausage is made.  Why would you want to show a vehicle a customer can't take home immediately and will push you down on price?  If a damaged car is a CPO car, I guess CPO doesn't mean much, is what I'm lead to believe....

- Don't have your sales reps vulturing the front door when I arrive.  I like to park and get out of my car before being approached.

- If your reps are going to spend time outside, get to know your vehicles, it's inexcusable not to know some of the basic trim packages about them when Acura only makes 6 different cars (MDX, RDX, TSX, TL, RL,ZDX).

- When a customer wants to test drive a car, get them in the car ASAP.  Once they are in the car you can ask the captive audience all the questions you want.  Why most Acura dealerships want to sit you down for 15-30 minutes to interview you before the test drive is why I hate to go into the dealership - do that "interview" in the car.

- If you are going to hand me off to a sales manager, be there for the intro, introduce him and tell me why you are bringing this person in.  Don't just have a person sit down in front of me to try to close me on a car we haven't even decided on yet while you wander around the showroom trying to look busy.  

- If you are the next person to take over for some unknown reason, confirm we have actually agreed on a car to do business over before you try to close me with your "if there is one thing holding you back from doing business today, what is it?"  

- If you are the sales manager (now the 3rd person to just sit in front of me with little to no intro) - have your stuff together - "I will make you a deal, I will give you 2 years of navigation DVDs for free"  is really bad form to start yourself off with Mohamed.  Me - "What the hell are you talking about, I think you have the wrong customer!"  don't waste 30 minutes of my time getting to a basic question like getting me the price of a car I asked you for 3 times and 30 minutes ago.

- If you are the sales manager don't lie straight to my face and tell me you will make me a deal and sell a 2011 car at your cost to me when you can't produce the price of the car on the 3rd time you've sat down in front of me after 30+ minutes.  That screams you are full of BS and never to trust you or the dealership since you are a manager there.

- There was a bright spot, the sales rep I started with was new but trying to be helpful, he got another rep (Linsey) to get my phone to connect with bluetooth in about 30 seconds.  To be honest I wish I would have met that rep initially, he knew his stuff and seemed like a straight shooter.  

- Note to self, make sure you get your driver's license back before you storm out of the dealership pissed they wasted 2 hours of your life, it makes going back in to get it a tad bit awkward...

Worst car buying experience ever, glad I walked out never to return.

- Oh and don't now just call me and tell me since it's the 31st you are ready to deal!