Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth, TX

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Frank Kent Cadillac specializes in customer service.  We believe that the customer comes first and we strive daily to make sure that our family of employees meet and exceed your expectations.

Frank Kent Cadillac offers a full range of services to assist you with your automotive needs.  We are a full service repair facility with on onsite body shop.  We offer new and pre-owned vehicles for sale at various price points to accomodate almost any budget.

We pride ourselves on having and continuing to serve generations of families in the North Texas area.  Our Great Grandfather sold some families their first car from Frank Kent  and we continue to sell the grand children and great grandchildren today. We have also been proudly serving the DFW Metroplex and surrounding areas for over 75 years.

Please note that on the hours listed that Service is open Monday-Friday from 7-7 and on Saturday from 8-5.  Also that Sales is open Monday-Friday from 8-8 and on Saturday from 8-6.


Established in 1935.

The Frank Kent family of dealerships began on the North Side of Fort Worth in 1935 when Mr. Kent opened a Ford store, where Billy Bobs is currently located.Then in 1953, Mr. Kent was offered the Cadillac franchise & thus relinquished his Ford store & eventually moved the Cadillac store to the corner of Main & Lancaster where it remained until 1985.In 1985, Frank Kent Cadillac relocated to the Benbrook traffic circle.In 1993, the Frank Kent family of dealerships purchased Bill McDavid Honda, Pontiac, GMC, Acura, Subaru, Lincoln, & Mercury.In 2009 Frank Kent sold Buick GMC to the Hiley Group. 2009 also presented the Frank Kent family of dealerships with a unique opportunity to represent the Fisker brand.The 1st premium electric extended range luxury vehicle.December of 2010 presented Frank Kent Honda with its new home across the freeway from its previous location where it had been for over 20 years. In the Fall of 2012 Frank Kent Cadillac will move to its new home next to Honda.

Frank Kent Cadillac

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(817) 989-4400
Address:3500 W Loop 820 South, Fort Worth, TX, 76116
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Frank Kent Cadillac

Ashley S. | 2015-01-28

I hate the customer service. Went here today finally decided to purchase new escalade the first thing out of the saleman mouth was you know that car got a high price tag u sure u can handle it. Man are you fucking kidding me. I'll go to infiniti. Dont judge a book by its cover.

Christopher B. | 2014-05-02

Probably the best car purchase experience I've had in my life. I've purchased over 6 cars, but this one was by far the most pleasurable. The entire process was effortless. No unnecessary back-and-forth haggling, just an amazing price up front. In fact, the price was still lower than deals who actively haggled for three days.

Jimmy went above and beyond to not only pick up the vehicle from south Texas, but also to drive it to our home for delivery. Even two days later, when something was left behind, he shipped it out in a matter of minutes.

Really impressed!

Clifton S. | 2014-05-02

had a GREAT experience with your service department! Was my first scheduled maintenance. Many kudos to Richard Cain, Marty Dever and all! Very Very Happy with the Frank Kent crew!

Cindy D. | 2014-03-01

I should have written this review when my husband and I bought the car 6 months ago. But the latest issue with the ridiculous staff has caused me to go ahead and write this review. We purchased a pre-owned hyundai sonata 6 months ago. My previous (and paid for) vehicle had been totaled by state farm due to a person rear-ending us at a red light. We saw this particular car in a sales ad that Frank Kent had put out. After looking at the car, we decided to buy this vehicle. The salesman was actually cordial but acted bored with us while talking to him. None the less, we felt like it was a good deal and proceeded to with the purchase. The next step was to sign the paperwork with the finance manager. This is when things took a turn for the worst. Because our insurance company had totaled our previous vehicle, we had a substantial down payment for the current purchase. But as most know, the banks will hold large deposits, as did ours. They released most of the funds to us the day we went to purchase the car but we were still $500 shy in cash. So, we wrote a $500 check and the rest was put down in cash. A SUBSTANTIAL amount of cash. The finance manager apparently did not like the $500 check, although we had just given him a bank roll of cash, and proceeded to treat us like we were trying to fraud him. He ran our check through his "system", whatever that means and we were told they usually don't do checks without a 20% down payment in cash. At which point I reminded him that we had put down way more than 20% with the cash we had just given him! After being treated like common trash, we decided to end the deal. We asked for our money back and left. Of course you can imagine that scene. The next day, our salesman, who was not present the day before, emailed my husband and apologized over and over again for the behavior of the finance manager. He asked us to give him another chance, and we did. Now, 6 months later, the starter has gone out in this vehicle. When we contacted Frank Kent Cadillac in Fort Worth about bringing the car in under its warranty, we were told it did not have a warranty! I did not necessarily want a pre-owned vehicle but part of the selling point of this particular vehicle was that the manager told us it had a warranty left on it. They even sent home a warranty sheet  with us with the signed paperwork! Not only will we never purchase another vehicle from them again, I will continue to tell others about the disrespectful and dishonest treatment we have received from this dealership.

Gregory B. | 2013-11-06

I'm commenting on service here as I bought my Escalade in California.  This was my first time in Frank Kent as I just moved up from Houston where I had awful Cadillac service, so my bar was pretty low.  

The good times started with my call to arrange the appointment.  The service advisor was very friendly, quickly setting up the appointment and making a reservation for a loaner car.  

The morning of the service, I had a bit of trouble finding the place as the address "W Loop 820" is a no-comprende on the Nav system.  The Frank Kent POI is a now defunct sales room being used as the body shop.  Phone call got me good directions, and I was just a couple minutes late.

That's where the hassles stopped :-)).  I was immediately greeted upon pulling into the modern service lanes that are clean enough to eat lunch off.  We walked around the car and documented what needed to be done (c'mon Cadillac, you need a cloud database that stores service records by VIN number from all dealerships, so as people move, their service record follows).

In any event, the service order was quickly prepared and my loaner car (a 2013 white a Escalade .... NICE) was waiting for me.  Total service was completed in about 5 hours and I was back on the road in my car, no fuss, everything done as advertised, just the way I like it.  If you live in west Fort Worth, and have a caddy, Frank Kent gets a big thumbs up from me.

Tammy S. | 2013-09-30

I purchased a 2014 SRX from Frank Kent back in August.  I came in for my first oil change/tire rotation.  Debbie was my service advisor and was out of this world.  I was greeted as soon as I pulled up and immediately the process started.  Debbie went out of her way to make sure they checked everything and even checked on license plates since mine had not come in.  She worked with Lou Roman to find out exactly where they were and I was extremely impressed with both of them.  I put a lot of miles on a car every year and look forward to purchasing my next car from Lou and having Debbie as my advisor.  Excellent service!!!  I love passing the time in the wine area.  Brad always makes the time fly and I always leave with great wines!!  Thank you for a wonderful experience!!!

David B. | 2013-07-23

Had a flat tire that was ruined.  They took care of me quickly and had the tire in stock.  However, the good year tire that comes on all Cadillac XTS cars was $150.00 while the same tire ordered from Goodyear for Discount tire was only $142.00  I was pleased with the service but disappointed in the material cost.  I guess the free car wash made up the difference.

Sandy L. | 2013-06-08

You beat out Sewell after jimmy Patel responded to email inquiry. He really delivered the best deal and the lowest interest rate available. Delivered car to my house twice and picked it up and delivered a third time to my office. The exact car we wanted. Concierge type service at its best. You "out-sewelled" Sewell. Great job.

Gary B. | 2013-05-15

To Jimmy Patel (internet sales dept) Wanted to take a moment and tell you how impressed I've been with your salesmanship. Bringing my new SRX to my house was above my expectations. I would like for your manager know this as well as the owner. It truly has been one of my best car The SRX is a great SUV.

Laura Dawn L. | 2012-08-24

Frank Kent Cadillac has taken care of me and my cars for a while and I love thier service department.  They really treat their customers first class.  Now I won't say I'm impressed with the Cadillac product, but I am impressed with their service.  They will always get you where your going, make sure you are safe and comfortable. They fix it the first time and if by chance they missed something they will step all over themselves to make it right.,   They treat me like I'm their mother.  That's very much appreciated.

Wes D. | 2011-08-16

I'm pleased that, based upon my recent purchase experience, I'm able to write a 5-star review for Frank Kent Cadillac.

I was placed in contact with Frank Kent through the Costco Auto program.  I made my original Costco Auto request on a Friday and heard back from Brian, the Internet Manager, within a matter of hours.  I let Brian know the car I was looking for (CTS Wagon) and what I would be trading in.  Brian got back to me very quickly with a price for the new car, an estimate of what they would give me for my trade in and what my monthly payments would be.  I was a bit dubious about the amount they were offering on my trade, so figured I would end up a little higher (maybe $750-$1K) than what we were discussing.

I wasn't able to make it in that day or the next and they were closed on Sunday.  On Monday I left work early and drove from Dallas to Fort Worth in order to test drive the vehicle and, if I liked it, make a purchase.  I drove the car and it was great.  I'm past falling in love with cars, but, I did thoroughly enjoy the drive.  Their folks looked at my car and put pen to paper and, unfortunately, what they presented to me in person was about $2,500 more than what we had agreed to by e-mail the previous week.  I reminded Brian of our agreement and he left and came back, this time $2,000 more than what we had agreed to previously.  The third attempt left us about $1,000 apart on price.  As an internet buyer, I don't negotiate, haggle or bicker on pricing, so I left.

I got an almost immediate e-mail from Brian asking me some questions so he could try to find better pricing for me.  I responded and reminded him of our e-mails the prior week and he responded that he would get back with me the following day.  The following morning, I received an apologetic e-mail from Brian and an offer to sell me the car at the amount that we agreed upon the prior Friday. Since I wasn't able to make it to the dealership that day, Brian delivered the car to me and had me sign all of the paperwork at my house.  

When Brian arrived, he pointed out a small scratch on the rear bumper and let me know that he would come pick up the car the following week, bring me a loaner and get the bumper taken care of and he did exactly that.  It required no effort on my part.

People make mistakes and businesses make mistakes.  We're all human, so it happens.  The difference between a successful business (one that gets 5-star reviews) and an unsuccessful business is what they do after they make a mistake.  In my case, even though the process wasn't perfect, they worked hard to make things right, to make me happy and to ensure my satisfaction and they succeeded on all three counts.

I would have no problems recommending Frank Kent Cadillac or Brian to any of my friends.  They have shown that they care about making their customers happy and about their reputation.