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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Autobahn Motorcars in Fort Worth, TX.

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Autobahn Motorcars

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(800) 433-5602
Address:3000 White Settlement Rd, Fort Worth, TX, 76107

Reviews on Autobahn Motorcars

Metal G. | 2015-03-25

I ended up at Autobahn from a co-worker's recommendation and reading the horrible reviews of my local dealer.  I am so glad I went there!  
I had taken my roof down for a beautiful ride home from work but sadly, it would not go back up.  My car is an older model, much older and rain was coming.  
The next day I just showed up at Autobahn (I tried calling but their phone system was down) and immediately Bailey and Mark came out review my issue.  A couple other guys came out as well and I was really shocked that I was receiving such good service for an older car and with no appointment!  
Ross saved the day by bringing my car in and having the top back up in about 10 minutes.  WITH NO CHARGE!

I can't believe how well I was treated and being new to Texas, I expected only the brand new car owners dripping $$$ would be treated this well.

This dealership will definitely receive my future business!
ROSS is the Man!

Stephanie P. | 2014-08-30

We are loyal customers at Autobahn.  Their professionalism and down to earth customer service is unparalleled. When you buy your BMW at Autobahn you become part of their family. Life is good!!

Chastity I. | 2014-02-08

Terrible customer service. The people that work there are so snooty too!! Sir you work here I'm the customer you are not!

Angela M. | 2013-12-17

Horrible place! Over priced service & returned car dirty! BAD - BAD - BAD! Service Manager told me a lie about a price that was quoted. This was my 2nd attempt at this place, lesson learned.

Snl C. | 2012-09-17

I almost cancelled my service appointment with Volvo Autobahn after reading the reviews, I'm glad we didn't.  The service was out standing! We have taken our cars (C-70 and S60) there since 8 June 2012 after moving here from CA. Each car had a service and the S60 (2002) has minor service required repairs.  The staff was exceptional, thanks again Michael Montes!  Mr. Montes answer all our questions, we will be bring our car back.

Julie B. | 2012-05-27

While researching all of the available new Volvo XC90s in the US, I came across Autobahn Motorcars in Fort Worth. They were selling a gorgeous/truly like new XC90 loaner car with approximately 4,000 miles for $8,000 under the MSRP. Two additional manufacturer specials dropped the price an additional $1,900. This was the best offer in the country by $5,000 and within driving distance, yea!!! I spoke with Dan in Volvo Sales on the phone, and he was very nice and offered to set the car aside for us if we were interested in purchasing it. My husband and I spent that evening driving up to Fort Worth from Houston. The next day we met with Dan and were incredibly pleased with the customer service we received. Dan had sent the car to be detailed that morning, and it looked great. The sale process was seamless, fast and very pleasant. Dan even took the time to teach us about all of the cool features of our new car. We would highly recommend purchasing a vehicle from Autobahn Volvo, especially from Dan!

Jack W. | 2012-05-04

BMW from Autobahn. Sales was Mike, He was alright He delivered the car and he made a point to tell me that he gets all 10's on his reviews or he will not get his bonus. Well I thought, if you go above and beyond the requirements then maybe you should get a 10. He stated whatever you need just let me know, I will even come to your house and program your garage door opener. Well we were in San Antonio on a road trip and we called with a question about navigation. He interrupts me, in the middle of my question and starts complaining about the survey that he stated I answered. He stated I hammered him on his review, that I would never buy a car from them again and on and on whining like a little kid in a daycare! Well I told him if I call and ask for help with a brand new 5 series BMW and he goes on whining about his review, I will figure it our my self! That was not professional at all. If you look at all the reviews on dealership, you would never go there! Please read all the reviews online, talk to other BWM owners, the only great dealership seems to be BWM of Dallas. Good luck and becareful! Also read all the google reveiws, all the good ones are very recent, the dealerships does not even sell that many cars, do the math!

Kathy V. | 2012-04-26

After going to the BMWUSA website and updating my account information, I noticed my preferred BMW service department was still set to a dealership in California. When I put in my ZIP code, I found Autobahn Motors located less than half the distance from my house as Moritz (I had no idea they even existed, since I'm new to this area). I had an appointment at Moritz yesterday morning for regularly scheduled warranty maintenance, and decided to change it to Autobahn. Autobahn gave me the same appointment time on short notice, so I cancelled Moritz.

I cannot emphasize enough the difference in attitude and service! Autobahn BMW's Service Department has a great customer service culture; clearly it's a top-down priority. Where Moritz usually kept my car anywhere from 1-3 days (without feedback unless I kept calling), Autobahn updated me every time they found something or had a question. Mark Britton was outstanding, and treated me like his paycheck depended solely on me. "Mr. Ray" drove me home and picked me up later in the day (Moritz had a loaner car one time; after that, they offered no transportation at all for the next 2 or 3 visits...I was on my own). Changing to Autobahn was almost worth it JUST for meeting "Mr. Ray!"

OH--probably doesn't sound like a big deal, but Moritz grossly misspelled my first and last name (last name begins with a "V" but they had a "D"). Even though the info is right on my key fob, and even though I stood there and told my Moritz service rep and the cashier it was wrong, they never managed to fix it. Autobahn got it right.

My decision to change from Moritz to Autobahn was a slam-dunk. What sealed the deal was when I casually mentioned my experiences with Moritz, no Autobahn employee said anything negative about Moritz; they listened and said their goal is the customer's satisfaction, period. These folks take the high road AND do good work!!!

Chip S. | 2012-03-15

Just bought a new BMW 5 from them and overall I had a great experience. I have previously done my research and negotiated the car from multiple dealers, including one in Houston, that participates in Costco's buying program, but decided to go with Autobahn, due to the lower negotiated, competitive price and great working relationship with my salesman, Mike Powell. He was not pushy, although he did offer alternatives, and was overall quite helpful. I am very likely to recommend somebody desiring to purchase a new BMW to work with Mike.

  Previously I dealt with Moritz in Arlington, and was very disappointment by one of their salesmen who bullied me into a take it or leave type negotiation, even raising his voice at me. The Autobahn experience was quite different with not much to complain about.

  In closing I'll mention that it was definitely not a high pressure type of interaction, either from the salesman or the finance manager, but one where options were outlined, and if you knew what you wanted you could take it or leave it, without much pushy persuasion on their behalf.

Brandon V. | 2012-03-03

Excellent buying experience!

I purchased a 2011 demo Volvo C30 sight-unseen after finding an Autobahn Volvo vehicle listed on . Although there are several Volvo dealerships located much closer to Austin (my hometown) I chose Autobahn Volvo because of price, inventory and excellent customer service. The C30 had approximately 130 miles at the time of sale and was priced well below local comparable demo vehicles that had higher mileage.

Alan E. was great to work with... Buying a car while out-of-town can be difficult. At all times Alan was quick to respond to emails/voicemails with a pleasant and personable demeanor. As someone who works in sales I recognize and am adverse to high-pressure tactics. I appreciated his upfront no-pressure approach.

After we agreed upon the purchase price and trade-in value of my current vehicle (also finalized sight-unseen) I drove to Fort Worth to take delivery. When I arrived the car was detailed and ready for my inspection. The process was quick - I was in and out of the dealership in under an hour.

When I returned to Austin I found a defect in the part that holds the spare tire in place. I contacted Alan and he promptly FedEx'ed a replacement part to my home.

I highly recommend purchasing through Autobahn... I will definitely contact them when I'm ready to make my next purchase!

Matt W. | 2011-08-15

I was looking for price quote for a 2011 BMW 528i. Since their internet sales manager, Chad, emailed me a few times and seemed nice, I called him today to discuss a car in their inventory. But he was so rude that I can't even talk with him. He refused to quote me price on the car other than MSRP. He told me that if I want to buy that car, I have one chance to offer him a price that he likes. He is too busy to discuss it with me. If he likes my price, I can buy it, otherwise, no. There is only one chance.
As result of that call, I bought a 2011 BMW 528i from Moritz this afternoon.

Chad is the rudest salesman I have ever seen.

Tammy H. | 2011-07-06

Scotty at Autobahn VW Service was a true pleasure to work with. He made what was a pretty nasty experience (and pretty costly too) really seem "not that bad". He was prompt, courteous and always on top of things. Thanks Scotty!

Philip C. | 2010-10-17

Back in June-July 2010 I was in the market for a new car.  I was looking for a very specific car, a 2010 E92 M3 Coupe.  Let me just start this review by describing a little about myself as a car shopper.  

Whenever I buy a new car, I always build it online myself, I select which options I want myself and I go to the dealership fully knowing what I want.

The only thing I wish to do with a salesman, is find a car with those options on the lot, or help me order a car with those options, and help me negotiate the price if possible.  I don't need him to explain the options to me, I know what they are.  I don't need him to tell me about the performance, I already know.  

I typically visit Classic bmw over on Spring Creek, simply because I live 2 minutes away and we have purchased most of our cars from Classic.  I was specifically looking at a E92 M3 with a specific M-DCT Transmission which brought me to Autobahn BMW all the way in Fort Worth.      

Now about my experience.  

I waited in the showroom looking at cars by myself for nearly 20 minutes.

Now understandably, I know I don't look like the typical BMW customer, I mean just look at my picture.  I don't look like a jacked d-bag wearing Ed hardy, and I am certainly not 50 years old.  During the entire time I was waiting, I was never approached by a single salesman, nor asked if I needed any help.  I don't remember what I was wearing.  Probably shorts, I guess wearing shorts and being an Asian makes you look really young or something.

Maybe they assumed I was there having my car services, or I was there with my parents who were already being helped.  No matter what the reason was, this was enough to tick me off.  Eventually on the 20th minute, a salesman came and asked me if I needed help.  I was in such a sour mood I just said screw it, I shortly explained to him I had been waiting for a long time while the showroom floor was not busy, and that I was sick of waiting and figured out what I was looking for.  To which he replied "Ok then good luck" and walked off.  

I don't even remember the salesman's name nor do I care to.  I ended up picking up a Benz and it will be a while before the sour taste of pretentious BMW dealers is out of my mouth.  I was the proud owner of a 99 M3, a 02 M3, but now I am in a C63 AMG.  I don't blame Autobahn bmw entirely for my decision to switch to benz but, way to drop the ball douche bags.

Lisa O. | 2010-05-05

This is for the VW SERVICE department.   I would beg you to think twice about bringing your car here.  I was thrilled with my last dealer in Ohio and was horrified with my treatment here.  I have been having warranty issues with my car.  This dealer refused to put anything in writing for me, refused to help me contact any higher ups stating it would be "career suicide", never called back when they said they would, and even LAUGHED at me when I complained.  But these are actually the least of my complaints.  In dealing with my issue, they told me one thing (remember they refused to write this down) and then went to corporate and told them something completely different--thus my claim being denied.  This will probably cost me $700 or so. I will never buy a vw again, but I suppose that's everyone's personal choice. However, I will DEFINITELY not bring my car back here.  If they are willing to lie to me over a warranty, imagine what they will lie to you about when the repair cost is coming out of your pocket.

Micheal P. | 2009-08-06

For two weeks Katie P and I were looking to replace our old and busted with a sportier model, because it is, of course, absolutely imperative that we look as cool as possible in the prep school carpool queue, and everyone was starting to talk. So we developed a ritual of vetting cars online, then driving to various dealerships to test what turned our crankshafts. In the process, we met damn near every car salesman in Dallas.

Of course there is a stereotype concerning car dealerships and car salesman and most have done their best to perpetuate it. Gone may be the days of the shifty, grease-coiffed, gum-chewing, white-shoed, pornstachioed, snake oil salesman; however, he has been replaced a more recent, sophisticated and well appointed model - khaki pants, polo shirt (with company) logo and a "we're old buddies" demeanor. And although the paint may be different, unfortunately the engine usually runs the same.

So after nearly 14 days of unsuccessfully playing "Let's Make A Dea"l (no thanks Monty, getting bent over a barrel isn't exactly what I would call a "deal") we were pretty much ready to commit tandem hara kiri. Fortunately, in a last ditch effort, we headed to The Fort to check out Autobahn Motor Cars.

Located on White Settlement Road just northwest of downtown, at Autobahn we had the most hassle-free, non-annoying car buying experience ever. Autobahn deals exclusively in high-end product: BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, Volvo, Land Rover and exotics. We had found the care we liked online (a Volvo S60 R for about $3000 less than the list price for the same car in Dallas) and upon arrival we met with Craig in the pre-owned division.

Now this is not a published tome, but I will reveal Craig/Autobahn's 5-steps to gaining a life long customer while destroying the stereotype:

1. Offer Quality Merchandise - The car was in perfect shape without a single flaw. It looked like it had just been delivered from the factory.

2. Treat Your Customer Like An Adult - Within five minutes of our arrival we were on an unchaperoned test drive, sent off with the statement "take as long as you need." (No other dealership did that.) We drove it for half an hour then stopped at a lot well out of eyeshot of the dealership to check all of the functions - 100% in good working order.  

3. Beat The Best Offer - Upon our return we discussed the price. Craig confirmed the online price (pre-warranty); I countered with an offer. Craig left the room and came back about a minute later saying he made a mistake. (At this point Katie P. and I are thinking "OK, here we go again.) He informed us that the car actually was a certified pre-owned and already had a warranty plus we could have it for $1000 less (including TT&L) than my counter offer. (When does that ever happen?)  Sold!

4.  Beat It Again - During the signing of the paperwork, Ben (the money guy) told us the car had a brand new state inspection so that fee was waived and the price would actually be $100 less than what we agreed upon. Oh, and they gave us a free $100 raffle ticket for a drawing for a BMW!

5. Follow-Up - The next business day we received a call from Craig checking in on us. The following business day a FedEx package from Craig arrived with the toll tag we left on our traded car and had forgotten. I was hoping it was notification of our winning the BMW, but still a nice touch. Three days latter a thank you letter was delivered. (Still no Beemer.)

And that folks is how it's done!

I'm now not just a customer. I am a fan!