Rudolph Honda in El Paso, TX

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Rudolph Honda is one of the largest Honda dealerships in the Southwest! We will always beat the competition in price and service so you don't have to shop around. From our Honda certified service center to our 5 star customer service, from affordability to dependability, Rudolph Honda is the best of all worlds! Come see us at I-10 and Redd Road or shop online at
Call for a service appointment and we will change your oil in 30 minutes or less...or it's free! Let us know you're coming in, and we will be ready for you!  915-845-4321


Established in 1999.

Rudolph Honda is located in El Paso, TX, also serving Las Cruces, NM and Alamogordo, NM, and we are very proud to have been the leader in price, selection and reputation for more than 50 years. Since opening our doors, Rudolph Honda has kept a firm commitment to our customers. We offer a wide selection of vehicles, and strive to make the car buying process as quick and hassle free as possible.
We have an experienced and reliable Service and Parts Department that is open beyond business hours to help fit our customers' hectic schedules.
It's pretty rare to have a dealership with a staff that's worked in one place as long as ours. The average employee has been with Rudolph for over 12 years.  And, although every person has their own personality, the common characteristic of every employee is their desire to give you the very best experience during your visit to our dealership!

Rudolph Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(915) 845-4321
Address:5655 S Desert Blvd, El Paso, TX, 79932
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Rudolph Honda

Steve F. | 2015-01-11

Not only did I witness Susan's frustrations but I also wrote  Alexis after her complaint to see if  Rudolph  really did make it right.

She replied "They did nothing"  

Dishonesty should not be tolerated.

Susan N. | 2015-01-10

John Brady Sales Consultant was not pushy, very nice....but I had given his general manager specific numbers and interest rate limits as to where I wanted to be. They called me at home and said they would accommodate the price and interest rate discussed. When I arrived, the finance manager had a whole different story. A much higher interest rate. They wasted half my day. I was will to put half down on a brand new car. A big disappointment. I thought I would be driving home a brand new car.
I do not recommend this place.

Alexis L. | 2014-09-01

Absolutely the worst car dealership I have ever been to. As soon as I got in a man greeted me by the name Edgar Flores. At first he seemed concerned about my needs and tried to be "friendly" but of course it's always a mask car dealers love to do. When it came time for me to negotiate a price it took 2+ hours to ever hear from Edgar again. He was out helping other customers and test driving as I watched and he kept stating "oh we are trying to figure everything out" blah blah blah. I was very impatient at this time. I told him the car was too much for the year of the car and he said to make an offer, I only offered about $2000 less than the asking price, only because I wasn't in the mood to haggle for every last dollar. He just laughed in my face like if I was stupid. Just because I am a woman does not mean I do not know the worth of a 2011 corolla. He acted as if I reduced it to an insulting price, which I did not because I have checked kbb. The car was good, but not fantastic there was a lot of cosmetic wear on the lower parts of the car as well as inside. If that car was so great like he thinks it would've been sold a long time ago, yet it's still on the lot and has been there for almost 6months. A HUGE waste of time, making me wait does not mean I'll forget the price nor will make me give in, the worst car dealing trick. He stated throughout that the banks are closed and it takes a while. A total lie because I was helped within minutes and had answers at another dealership right away that deals with the same bank.

If you go there or anyone else do not be helped by Edgar Flores he is only interested in ripping you off. Request a new salesman immediately.

Magdalena B. | 2014-07-08

Not a bad experience.  We went there already pre-approved with our credit union.  We had already seen the vehicle we wanted on the website,  we called to confirm it was there,  and we went straight away for a test drive. From walking in the door to driving away with a new car we were there less than an hour,  and that includes trading in an older vehicle.  Lam Nguyen was our sales person,  he was a nice guy,  and very knowledgeable about the vehicle.

Thomas R. | 2014-03-24

I bought a 2013 Honda Civic Si from Rudolph, and while the vehicle itself is an exceptional car I think it stands in stark contrast to the practices and personnel employed by Rudolph Honda of El Paso.

First off, any sort of ridiculous extended warranty or whatever else they can try to sell you then they will.  They're very pushy on these things, and they're difficult to deal with.  The staff itself will outright ignore you or walk away if they don't perceive an immediate sale.  Dealt with that when a friend and I went by to look at used cars for him.

Another time I went in with a different friend to Rudolph Mazda, and when they ran his credit, of which he didn't have very much due to being newly employed and right out of school, they were very rude and overlooked him, aside from crudely stating that "he was lucky to get 13% APR".  Fun fact - he got a SIGNIFICANTLY better rate at the local Ford dealership, and he now drives a Ford Focus, which has been very good to him.

Furthermore, as soon as my vehicle was up for a 'renewal' on its warranty I politely declined.  The staff member attempted to ignore me, then borderline threatened me with the impending doom and calamity that will befall my car for not renewing the warranty.  

After telling the gentleman politely that I was not interested and that I take care of my vehicle and was not overly concerned about it breaking down (I bought a Honda because they don't break, and I take immaculate care of it to see to that) he outright hung up the phone on me.  No goodbye, no have a nice day, just terminated the conversation and hung up.

Between the pushy sales staff, their rudeness, the crap deals, and the terrible customer service I think everyone should avoid Rudolph Honda at all costs.  I still need to get their gaudy crap that they threw all over the car informing the world that it was purchased at Rudolph off of my vehicle as well - something that I intend to do very soon after this most recent phone call and being reminded of their attitude towards customer service.  No reason to give these jerks the free advertising.

So between being rude to myself, two friends, and all of the aforementioned nonsense I would strongly encourage everyone to avoid Rudolph Honda and Rudolph dealerships, and I am embarrassed that they managed to swindle me as well as they did ($32,000 for a $25,000 vehicle).  Guess I'm the sucker, but hopefully no one else will be.

J T. | 2011-08-06

Went here after having visited another Honda dealership - unfortunately, we were looking for a used Honda Civic and they really only had 2 on the lot, one of which had some of the window rubber peeling off and the other had a seat issue.

Our salesperson was very nice and was clearly trying to be helpful, as soon as we got there he offered us a drink from their drinks station which is massive. It had a soda machine, coffee station and a popcorn machine. Right next to it was a kids station so that the kids could hang out while their parents car shopped (brilliant marketing strategy). In terms of their salespeople, I give a 5. They clearly get a lot of business because there were lots of people there getting cars from them.

Unfortunately, they really couldn't lower the prices enough to get into our price range and the choice of Japanese cars on the lot were limited. 3 stars for choices. Also, the cars on the lot didn't look like they were taken care of very well. That being said, it looks like you can get pretty good deals for non-japanese cars since there were a ton of people buying cars today.

Tavo R. | 2009-10-18

Avoid this dealership, they are tricky if you let them, check everything thoroughly before signing any papers. It's your money and they should be working for you, not the other way around.