Casa Nissan in El Paso, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Casa Nissan in El Paso, TX.

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Casa Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(915) 772-4237
Address:5855 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX, 79925
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Casa Nissan

Melanie F. | 2015-04-03

I know what type of vehicle I wanted, the style, the color, the CDPlayer... Casa Nissans amazing staff took great car of me. Sergio Soto is the most knowledgeable, kind, and patience man in the car business. I was comfortable and cared for through the whole process. I love my Nissan Juke and recommend you stop in and ask for Sergio next time you are looking for a new ride

Krista E. | 2015-03-27

I have never had such a great experience buying a car as I did at Casa Nissan. Not only did my salesman, Juan, remember the car I wanted and texted me when one came in for trade, he drove it to my house the same day so I could see it! Talk about going above and beyond. The car I wanted was a manual shift, which I had no experience with, and Juan gave me a driving lesson to help me get a head start on learning. Now I'm cruising around in the city in my like-new Nissan Xterra, and I could not be happier. Muchas gracias to the home of the nice guys!

Meghan E. | 2015-02-28

Went there today for my oil change and talk about my broken tow hitch. I scheduled an appointment online and forgot the time, so I called and jerry answered the phone. First he was incredibly rude and unprofessional. He was talking to other people in the shop immediately after he answered and didn't even hear me until I said hello about 3 times. Just rude. When I asked about my appointment he said it was probably at 7. I told him I made the appointment for later in the morning and it said no where on the website to bring my car in first thing in the morning to be seen. Had I known that I would have already been in. He said he he didn't know why they allowed anyone to make appointment online still because that's not how it works. Well if that's not how it works than maybe someone should update the website. However, when I arrived I received my service right away and my car was done before others. So if you don't know, make an appointment online and it will be honored. There were people that had waited hours for their car. I was in and out in an hour. Ps they have no complimentary drinks or popcorn but to the ford dealership and the have a little cafe. I didn't go over there but someone else said it was good. Try it out. Anyway, I'll go back to this place for my oil changes and that's about it. No other work on my car there.

R Y. | 2015-02-13

I had an absolutely TERRIBLE experience buying a used car; a 2006 nissan Murano last year, was promised all it needed was a battery replacement as per the contract (which btw didnt happen and After having to tow several times I finally bought a new one myself that has been perfect since), and that tyres were a little bit worn out. I was a few weeks pregnant at the time and stressed a lot on car safety and was promised so. We were never allowed to go on a test drive alone, the sales rep had to be there, and actually had to drive it herself most of the time; which we understood why later. We were promised a full tank of gas before driving off, I never thought to double check, and about 12 miles later near our home it was 3/4 full and we decided we werent gonna go all the way back for 10 bucks of gas. FATAL MISTAKE, turns out the sales rep was hiding the fact that the fuel sensor was not working, which we had to find out just off the i-10 a week after we bought the car, and after miraculously not getting into a serious accident when the car halted. We had it towed and found out about the sensor. Called casa nissan back to be told tough luck. The worst part is we were given an inspection PASS report, while on reinspecting this year, it failed because of the fuel sensor, sounds to me like service inspection  was fraud, which says a lot about the people who work there and who sell these cars. Ive been to casa back and forth several times, extremely frustrated and shocked at being deceived like this to be told hard luck. Left so many messages and made so many calls and sent emails, no one ever got back to me. But you know what, I beleive what goes around comes around and that one day they will be publicly shamed and will suffer a lot of financial losses because a business built on lies and deception can never be successful. To everyone else who considers them, please take this valuable lesson and take your business and money elsewhere.

Ivan B. | 2014-09-30

Helped me and my wife buy our family friendly car. Traded in our older 2 door and was very satisfied!! We have bad credit but they bended and helped us out....

Ashley B. | 2014-09-30

What a truly amazing experience.  My salesperson, Joey B was so helpful. He was able to answer all the questions I had.  This is the third car I have bought from Joey B and Casa Nissan

Uriel A. | 2014-09-30

I love the courtesy of every employee, they are welcoming and courteous, on the instant that I close my car for they are approaching me with a smile and asking "how can I help you sir?". I purchased here a used Nissan and I had already went to other dealers (BMW/mini and hoy fox) for comparison, none of them compare with the service I received at casa Nissan. My seller Nick he is a great guy, honest, friendly, and always looking for a great deal for me,  that's why I decided to purchase the car there, I was looking for an altima coupe, I looked at a 2012 I liked, he recommended me a 2010 with much fewer miles, but dry/wasted paint, he told me not to worry about the paint that they will paint it, and if I bought that 2010 with lesser miles it will be certified by Nissan and with bumper to bumper warranty, and for the 2012 since it had higher miles I didn't qualify. I gave 4 star just because when I went to talk to the finance people, the guy working with me was kind of pressuring me to buy it, not so friendly as the sellers, and because we couldn't agree on a deal he sent me the finance manager, and that's another story, he listened to my necessities and what I was exactly looking for, so in an overall experience its great place to buy a car, and I just took it today for painting. Will update as time passes.

Ivan T. | 2014-03-25

I really liked the attention I received purchasing a vehicle at Casa Nissan. I felt welcomed and respected, and was not pressured or rushed to buy a car I was not 100% sure I wanted. The staff were informative and friendly. Check them out if you are looking for a good vehicle or if you are comparing prices among similar models from different dealers.

the ONLY con I have for this place is their service area. Angel, the very friendly lady who sold me my car took me there since my spare key was not working. She referred me to this man named Ray (or Ralph, I don't quite remember). He was the most dry person ever- didn't even look at me when she walked me over to him nor did he introduce himself. The cashier at the service desk had this perpetual pout face in front of other customers and did not seem to like her job. When that Ray person finally had my key ready, he approached me and asked "are you the one with the key?" and just handed them to me: did not even offer to test them for me or show me they were both working, and didn't even invite me to come back if I had any issues with them or anything else with my car. Very dissatisfied with this aspect of my purchase. I mean, I bought the car; they didn't just hand it to me for free, and as such the least you could do is be courteous and professional. That's the only reason why I didn't give 5 stars.

Oh and their commercials are cheeeesy lol

J T. | 2011-11-26

Jeff Beeman - awesome. Gave me new mats for my car. Once you purchase a car, they pump a full tank of gas for you. They have great prices and give very honest opinions. We walked around the used car lot and were allowed to check out all the cars we wanted. There are a lot of people walking around and lots were buying. That is a good indication that this was a good place to purchase a car.

Thank goodness I didn't watch their commercials before I went though - their commercials are god awful and probably would have dissuaded me from even checking it out. I'm really glad that I did.

Update: I have had my car for a few months now and I've already damaged it at least twice (got a nail in the tire and ran over something that bent the metal). Both times, the problems were dealt with quickly and the service team was very courteous. They didn't even charge me the second time since they said, "oh, we just bent it back into place. Don't worry about it." Nicest guys ever.