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We work hard to make sure that we can find the perfect vehicle to fit all of your needs. Come in to see our great selection and find the vehicle you've been looking for.


Established in 1975.

At Toyota of Dallas, we set high standards for our team, and the result is a better service experience for our customers. We know that our patrons value honesty, quality and professionalism, and we've dedicated ourselves to surpassing their expectations and providing a high level of customer service that separates us from other Toyota dealerships in Dallas. We're not just a leading Dallas Toyota dealer; residents from cities like Richardson, Garland, Carrollton, Plano and Irving have also made us their top choice when it comes to purchasing a new or used Toyota or receiving auto repair service. We have been family owned and operated since the store opened in 1975, and we have earned several Toyota President's Awards during the store's lifetime. Our commitment to providing excellent service, Texas-sized discounts and true Texas hospitality keep our customers coming back time and time again!

Toyota of Dallas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(972) 584-9144
Address:2610 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX, 75234
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Toyota of Dallas

Monica G. | 2015-04-25

The One Touch Team helped me find the perfect car that met my financial and personal needs. They did an exceptional job in assisting me with the process of my purchase. I purchased a 2015 Toyota Camry Le and a great thanks to the "One Touch Team!!!!" I am definitely sending referrals over to Norman Nguyen and/or Louis Jiang at Toyota of Dallas with the "One Touch Team!!!!"

Linda N. | 2015-03-30

Seriously, ALWAYS read the BAD reviews people... Especially the "150 reviews that were not recommended" in grey at the bottom of the page. Every one of them were long written essays and every aspect of it is true. Tells you a lot about how this hell hole treats people. If you point out their shadiness in their face like I did, they will be blatantly rude.

Sales manager and finance guys are all in cahoots. They have a sleazy game plan that they play with everyone. They lower their car prices, and up their finance charge, your APR, even your sales taxes to 8.25 (it's 6.25 for buying a car), and ridiculous fees that you feel like it's for using their damn toilet. They waste your time to wear you down, and blatantly lie to you about the numbers. Or shall I say, "switch" the numbers.

I was there this morning, and the whole time, I couldn't help thinking, really? How unprofessional was it to be loudly blasting obnoxious hip hop music in their office, and who the heck did they take me for?! Do I look like the guys in Dumb and Dumber? I punched the numbers on my phone in the handy dandy tool had to help me calculate monthly payments and showed it to them. Viola, they realized my IQ is not in their scamming range, so they gave me an ultimatum. Accept their price, or no deal. I was more than happy to reject those douches.

After I left, they even had the nerve to call me back to try and make another deal, after the fact they found out I was going to put 1/3 down. Really? Twofaces have no shame, integrity, or morality. I'd rather burn my money then give them a dime. Good thing I got to use their toilet for free with no price tag attached.

Rick B. | 2015-03-25

I wish I would have read some of the other reviews before I bothered to look at a used car at this dealership.  Typical Bait & Switch.  Liked the car but negotiating with these people is a joke. They The Sales Manager said there was some room to negotiate on the price. When we get down to dealing he tried to tell me they needed more than there sale price and tried to sell me an extended warranty for 3 times the normal cost. The are unethical and it appears untruthful. Stay away from this place.

Shay R. | 2015-03-16

I wish I could have ZERO or even Negative stars.
I would give them minus Five. They are bunch of liers there. First they said they can match other dealers price as soon I have it in email. I went there with a price to match in email, they said is doesn't have the VIN number in it. All the specs and add on we're even better than they were offering, I thought okay no problem, next day I went there with the VIN number and everything, they even went further to frustrate me and went huber in price. The sales managers made me feels like they are doing me favor to sell their car. I got so frustrated despite being Toyota lover end up buying Honda. Never go to this place, you will waste your time and coolness.

Amber H. | 2015-02-16

Do not purchase a Toyota at Toyota of Dallas!!!!!!!!!!

Save yourself time and money, once you've finalized a agreed upon amount, the finance department will try and spin all the numbers on you.  Why buy a Corolla when you can buy a Lexus for the same amount of money.  Seriously think twice before buying a car from this dealership.  The trick and bait and switch is revealed once you've gotten to the finance department.  They will treat you like trash and degrade you.  Beware!!!!!!  They goes far as telling you that they make more money than you and you are privileged to buy a Toyota.

Bad Deal all around.

Trust Me.

Mia C. | 2015-02-04

Shopping around for a Christmas gift for my mom. Went here under the impression we received from multiple websites stating that the desired vehicle had a moonroof, keyless entry, heated seats, and some other features. When we test drove it, there was chipped paint, hail damage, interior scratched, rear control features didn't work. In addition to that, Brooks said he could negotiate in a warranty plan then later said "what warranty?" They said the mileage listed was different than the vehicle's description.

We visited under false pretenses and when we mentioned it, they blamed it on a "typo." I'm sorry, but a typo isn't a whole paragraph.

Like your typical car salesman but more deceptive than others I've visited.

Terrible service.

Nash P. | 2015-01-20

They lie. Save your time and go to another Toyota dealer.  They hire 20 year olds that lack respect for the customer. Do not recommend this place at all.

Lisa B. | 2014-12-19

I was shocked at how badly this dealership tried to scam me!!! They quoted me a price for a new Highlander and I sit down to do the paperwork with the salesman then I was bewildered to see the price was over $4000 more than what we had just agreed on!!!! They kept going back and forth (I say they because it was 3 separate salesman and managers) until they FINALLY got to within $500 Of the original price I was given then they got rude and wouldn't budge! I left the dealership and they began texting me like crazy but I was DONE!!! I went to Cowboy Toyota in Dallas and I bought my Highlander from Scott Henderson. He didn't pressure me and I was in my new car in less time than I spent haggling with the people at Toyota of Dallas!!!!

Hannah M. | 2014-09-15

Horrible. Horrible, horrible, horrible. Buyer beware the sales people here will flat out LIE to you. Do not do business with a salesman there named Mo. HORRIBLE.

Becky H. | 2014-09-12

This place was horrible. My husband found a 2013 Prius that was listed for sell at this dealership for around 21,000. However, when we got to the lot, they upped the price to something around $30,000. They used high pressure tactics to try to get us to add additional packages, etc. . . Once we refused those, they then dropped the price of the additional warranty by $1,000. The whole place felt sleazy and was not well run. The woman who was dealing with us didn't even check to see if we had DLs before allowing us to test drive their vehicles. I wouldn't recommend this dealership to anyone.

JD B. | 2014-09-10

Nothing but pure BS from Darren. I did not drive a Tacoma, it was a Tundra, Darren was not where to be found when all of this happened. He is simply going on the word of Cody Freeman who we already know is a full out scam artist. I did not have the truck for a week, in fact they put me in 3 different Tundras over a week. This is a typical response by Darren. Claiming no fault while not even knowing the full story. He has yet to speck with me or even respond to my emails. BLA BLA BLA. you sound like a broken record Darren.
I am VERY happy to report that my beautiful new 2014 SR5 Tundra 5.7 V8 with complete tow package was purchased at Toyota of Texas Grapevine all in 1 day with a lower rate, lower payment and for less that TOD was trying to sell me a 4.6 with not tow package but installing a hitch and calling it a tow package..
again BUYER BEWARE!!!!!

Joe G. | 2014-09-01

Before shopping here go see the movie "Used Cars". It fits this place to a tee. They waste your time playing games and hope you are stupid enough to believe anything they say. Save your time and go to either Sport City or Grapevine (even better). This place is nothing but a dump that will hopefully collapse on its own failures.

Rondina P. | 2014-08-20

Terrible that's all have to say. Big pack of  liars. Told us they had a key and remote for car we purchased now stating they did not say that
Basically calling us liars.

Mary W. | 2014-08-16

A bunch of liars and thieves. They will do whatever it takes to frustrate you to the point where you just give in and sign whatever to get the hell out of there.

Saw a car I really wanted and they promised me low payments before I even got there. In the end, I ended up paying a lot more than what I wanted. Mr Green, the finance guy, tells you he will throw in stuff for free like the cleaning protection or what they call WRAP protection but be careful, he adds it in the final paperwork.

I ended up with a $27000 car note(original price of $21000). So buyer be ware. They will sucker you in. Wish I wouldve read all these reviews before I went there, but Cody "the sales manager" promised me what I wanted n I fell for it.

Biggest mistake I ever made. Go elsewhere for a better experience with honest people.

I M. | 2014-08-16

Worst car dealership ever! Never coming back here- they scam their customers up the wazoo, are too busy and overpriced. I bought my corolla from here 2 Yrs ago, and get regular calls from them saying I should come In for a free trade in- guess what, there are always strings attached. I was called 3 days ago saying there was a recall, when I asked about what, I was told it was for my brakes.

Well of course I brought my car in because I didn't want a terrible brake failure, turns out the recall is to update the "computer" in my car. Not the brakes at all- that's for the camry. Of course, once they got me in the shop they recommended approximately $400 more work be done.  

In addition, when I dropped my car off Jules busily asked me to look at a computer screen and make sure my info was up to date. I updated my address, then was called 2 hrs later in the middle if a work event stating they had an outdated insurance card, and I would need to take a photo of my new card and send it to her. Isn't that her job to make sure she has an updated card before I leave?  Had to leave the work event to get it taken care of, when she should have checked it before I left the store in the first place.

This place provides bad service to many instead of good service to few.  Steer clear if at all possible.

Dan P. | 2014-08-14

A Customer Relation Manager who never return call, nor contact me back after first phone conversation about my complain. A Genaral Manager who left message on this site asking me to email him to work on my complain but never reply to my emails at all.
No wonder their salespersons would feel that they don't have to treat customer nicely any more after the sales. Their strategy is ignoring to make complain a cold case.

Hea S. | 2014-07-23

Yup. Not coming to this toyoya service station ever again.
Got a recall, come in.
They say they have to otder the parts..
That took amazing 2 hours!!!!!!

Come back few days later to get the recall parts installed..
They said they'll drop me off and pick me up.. cuz itll take about 4 hours..
Ok. Great.
It took freaking 7 hours!!!!
And they come pick me up, and I wait again for 1 more hr!!!!
WTF!!! Nope.  Ever never coming back here.

Rox G. | 2014-06-26

Update! I bought a car in February 2014 and went back last month to buy another car from here and all I can say is NEVER WILL I STEP FOOT IN THIS DEALERSHIP AGAIN.  Rude rude rude and ungrateful, no customer loyalty.

Jennifer H. | 2014-05-23

This review is for the only thing I can address: Eucevio Navarro. He answered my call the second time I called about an Internet deal. The first guy promised to send me an email with some options; never got it. When I called back and got Memo, he tried to send an email. When I didn't get it, he sent it again and also from his personal email.  He followed up with some more options later in the evening. It wasn't going to be a big sale and couldn't have been much commission for him, but I believe he wanted to help me. That alone is worth a LOT! Please recognize this man for good effort when it seems that the place may be struggling for some good reviews! Give him a gift card, buy him a steak...something!!! Thanks, Memo.  For making me feel like I mattered.

Mary Ann P. | 2014-04-28

All I can say is Extremely Disappointed at the customer service of this dealership. I was looking to purchase a new vechicle. Toyota of Dallas was my first stop. In my head I had no intention of purchasing a vehicle, but wanted to check out their selection. I have been an owner of Toyota vehicles for over 30 years and never an issue. I was bamboozled into purchaing a 2014 Toyota that I wasn't even sure I wanted. The monthly payment amount was more than I had expected in addition to all the maintenance contract additions etc that was added to the purchase of the vehicle. During that week after the purchase, I visited other dealerships and found the car I was looking for and purchased it because I just knew that I would be able to return this vehicle back to the dealership with no questions asked. Not the case. They would not listen to anything I had to say and refused to take the vehicle back under any circumstances. The purchase was not even 5 days old. They were rude and said the owner would not allow me to return the car.

I always had good service with pervious toyota dealerships but this was not the one. I am stuck with a 2014 Toyota that I have no use for.

Ashleigh B. | 2014-01-16

Thanks Dustin for making my buying experience one of the best! They are definitely one of the most honest and reliable people in the business. I had a quote from another dealer that was below the quote that Dallas had given me previously. They were able to beat the price I was quoted and were very nice and polite through the entire process. As promised my car was ready for pickup on time. I look forward to my next experience with them.

R K. | 2014-01-06

Worst place to buy a car. Do NOT go here to buy a car or you will regret wasting your time. They show good prices online but never have an actual car for that price, still using old "bait n switch". We went there with info from their website of a particular car we wanted to buy We even called to confirm it was in stock. We had the vin# and stock# and printout of the exact car we wanted. Of course when we got there, they said they didn't have that car but would price match another, but of course refused to match the price after wasting hours. The manager even said he doesn't need to sell cars or do business. Then why the hell are you a manager? You should be looking for a new job. They really don't care about customer service. I wonder who the actual owner is and does he even know how these guys conduct business? They're the type of managers who probably tell each other proudly every day how they insulted more customers  and drove them away. Not realizing that at the end they're not going to have jobs without customers.
You can fool some suckers sometimes but you're not going to be able to fool anyone who goes online or has ears to hear about people's bad experience with them.
The management is extremely rude and unprofessional. I don't know who would be stupid enough to buy a car from them. They're probably going to go out of business soon. I think they don't realize that people can now complain online and the truth will be out there. I can't believe they think they can scam and commit fraud in this day and age of social media and get away with it without anyone finding out. No one in their right mind would go to them after reading all of their negative reviews everywhere. Save time or you'll just end up being frustrated and disappointed by them.

Ali A. | 2013-08-02

I would give this dealership's Sale's department ZERO stars if I could.  These fools wanted to pull my credit report for a test drive...seriously! ??  WTF? They were dishonest and had very rude attitude. They treated us like were were some thugs off the street just wasting their time.  NEVER going back again. Avoid if you can!

John S. | 2013-07-24

I'm new to Dallas, but I'm pretty sure a safety inspection doesn'y take AN HOUR AND A HALF. Wasn't exactly cheap either - 40 bucks. Received zero updates while waiting, and didn't even get my car until I went up and complained about the wait.


Roxanne M. | 2013-06-04

I live in Fort Worth and it was my first time buying a car. I did not where to start or go, all I knew is that I wanted a Toyota and I had a budget. I e-mailed Toyota dealerships from all over DFW for quotes on a new car and Yomi from Toyota of Dallas was the first one to contact me. He said he will find me something that will fit my budget. My husband I drove all the way to this dealership and at the end we drove off with a new 2013 Corolla. Yomi was very patient with us and and he did everything he could to get us the Corolla for the price we were willing to pay for. If you decide to go to Toyota of Dallas, I recommend Yomi to assist you. After 3 weeks of purchasing my car, he still took the time to answer my questions. I give it 3 stars because we were all day and we were starving!  Buying a car is a very long process, so for all first time buyers, make sure to take the day off because you will be there all day. Just saying.

Ben R. | 2013-04-15

All their salesmen are there because people are just not buying snake oil anymore. Expect to pay much more here. If you're happy with the service you probably got ripped off and are in blissful ignorance about it.

Cosalyn Y. | 2013-03-19

I didn't even want to give this place one star but I had no choice.  The ease of buying the car was great.  The salesman was eager to sell and worked with me.  I purchased a pre-owned car and advised them before leaving the lot that the bumper was damaged and needed to be repaired.  I was not able to see the full extent of the damage until the follow day in daylight. Needless to say I was advised yeah that's no problem bring it in when the service department is open and i'll make sure they take care of it. Low in behold I take me car back within the 30 days and I'm advised there is damaged to the bottom of the bumper and the entire thing needs to be replaced and they will not fix it.  I'm given an estimate for 583.47 for damage was present when they sold me the car.  According to their sales director they can not sale a car with more than $600 in damages when they obviously did.  My bumper was only loose, yet the body parts guy snatches it off and makes it worse and tells me it's my fault.  This is the shadiest dealership I've ever been to.  My salesman is a liar and a crook and I honestly believe that he forged paperwork signed which conveniently I did not get a copy of with the paperwork that was sent to me.  He conveniently forgot about me telling him 4 times about this bumper damage. They basically called me a liar when in fact they are the real liars and con artists.

Wajahat K. | 2013-03-03

You can tell A LOT about a place when you can look out their window and see an old rundown strip club's bright neon purple sign CLEARLY next door!

This place felt MAD sketchy from the start. First off, trying to find directions and just getting here is a challenge as it. So many potholes and broken streets.

Service was decent, I went in for my 20K service and it seemed pretty standard. But again everything was REAL run-down. It seemed they have very limited inventory of everything, cars, parts, and etc.

This place seems it sells on services. Most of which are extremely overpriced and useless. I felt I was constantly going to be up-sold something. After reading all the negative reviews here I was just very weary and felt resentful. But overall they did their job, but the presentation was a real eyesore and put off a sleazy vibe from every associate there.

Jeff R. | 2013-02-24

This is a fairly long review, but after reading this, folks will understand our frustration.

It was hard to give them even one star because it was such a bad experience.  Rewind to last week.  My buddy called this dealership and asked for a specific model of FJ Cruiser in a specific color.  The internet sales manager, Erik Santiago, told him that they not only had the specific FJ Cruiser he was looking for, that they also had it in two different colors.  He explained to them his financing was already pre-approved.  We live in Amarillo so we left at 6 am on Saturday Feb 23 and arrived just before noon.  

We made contact with Santiago, who immediately passed us off to a sales rep.  Young guy.  Slow and not terribly knowledgeable.  Even though Santiago was told exactly what we were looking for ahead of time, young sales rep spent about 15 minutes going through the computer trying to find it.  

We were very specific as to what we wanted.  A new Toyota FJ Cruiser, black or green in color with a trail-rated package and with a standard transmission.  The sales rep took us out and showed us a gray in color trail-rated FJ with an automatic transmission.  

We reminded him that this was NOT what we were looking for and when we arrived back at the dealership from the test drive, he again returned to his desk and tried again to find the car we were looking for.  In the sales rep's defense, this was the first time he had met us and knew nothing about the conversation with Santiago prior to our arrival.  

We tried to be patient.  An hour passed.  Two hours passed.  Santiago was nowhere to be found.  We finally tracked him down and demanded to know if they had the vehicle he said he had or not.  Santiago then informed us that the vehicles were on order and were not scheduled to be delivered until the end of March.  My blood began to boil, as did my buddy's.  He was much calmer than I would have been.

I immediately broke out my iPad and began looking for other Toyota dealerships in the Metroplex area.  Familiar with the Arlington area, I located Don Davis Toyota on Wet n Wild Way.  I explained to the lady I was transferred to that me and my buddy had just driven 6 hours for the sole purpose of finding a specific model of FJ Cruiser and I asked her if they had one.  She put me on hold for a few moments and then explained to me the specific model of FJ Cruiser we were looking for did not exist.  Keep in mind, we were looking for a 2013 FJ Cruiser, trail-rated, black or green in color with a standard, not automatic, transmission.  

The nice lady told me that she spoke to both her inventory manager and GM and they informed her that Toyota did not produce a trail-rated 2013 FJ Cruiser in any other color than cement gray with an automatic transmission for the current model year.  

I couldn't believe my ears.  I told my buddy this and he, too, was perplexed.  We relayed this information to Santiago, who insisted Toyota DID produce a standard transmission, trail-rated FJ and that they had two on order in two different colors.

We came to the realization that Toyota of Dallas at 2610 Forest Lane not only gave us inaccurate information over the phone, but they didn't even know their own product.  I could hardly contain my anger.  Never have I had a good experience buying a car and being skeptical going into this, my reservations were well justified.  

The only thing positive that I can say for Santiago is that he filled up my buddy's truck with gas before sending us on our way and apologized.  

We immediately drove to Don Davis Toyota in Arlington and hooked up with an awesome sales rep, Donte.  The guy that closed the financing for us, Jesse, was also great.  Very funny and likable guy.  Needless to say, we will never grace the doors of Toyota of Dallas again with our presence, nor will we EVER recommend them to anyone, friend or even foe.  

My overall impression or Toyota of Dallas is that they operate on sheer volume alone and that customer service is not top priority.  Their thinking is that if 2 out of every 10 customers is dissatisfied, that's acceptable.

John S. | 2013-02-10

I know it's in vogue to bash car dealerships, but after both my wife and I have had pretty rough experiences here, I decided it was time to write the review.  First, my experience (3 years ago):

I came to buy a used car after my last one was wrecked.  The salespeople were helpful and friendly until it came time to negotiate.  The salesperson used a nifty little bait-and-switch tactic to reel me in.  I negotiated the price down reasonably well, but as it wasn't really the car I wanted, I was still reluctant.  He said, "Well, would you buy it if it only cost $5000?"  That was about $750 less than where we had gotten to.  I was excited, but held it back, took a break, and made a couple of phone calls, checked Carfax, and Consumer Reports.  I came back to the salesman to say I wanted to buy it, and the price immediately returned to $5750!  Angry, I resumed negotiating with a great deal of frustration.  Got to $5500.  He claimed that he didn't actually have authority to make a deal that low, and that he had needed to check with a supervisor.

Upon entering the financing room, I had my second very negative experience.  The manager there tried numerous dirty tactics to get me to add on various things.  For example, he offered me a maintenance package, saying it wouldn't cost me anything.  Interested, I started to move forward, until I noticed on the paperwork that it cost several hundred dollars.  When I pointed it out, he said that in reality it did cost more, but also reduced the interest rate, so in the end it was the same.  I told him that I didn't appreciate lies, and that to me the price was more significant than the interest rate (I was planning on paying off the car within the year, but I didn't tell him that).  I walked out of his office in anger once, and finally was able to finish the deal and drive away.

Fast forward a year, and my girlfriend was buying a car.  She had already decided on Toyota of Dallas since it was close, and was hoping that the new car side would be better.  Usual negotiating junk on that side too, and the financing room was just navigating the usual minefield of crap they throw at you.  Her major negative experience was on the service side.  She did opt for an extended warranty and maintenance package based on her situation, which locked her into going there for service.  Enter a long string of negative experiences.  From being overcharged, to being on hold on the phone for 15 minutes, to waiting twice as long as they indicated for the work to be done, she's never had a good experience.  Once, on an insurance claim, they merely set the price at the amount of the insurance claim and wouldn't say what the regular price of the work would have been.  They regularly encourage her to do totally unnecessary service (at exorbitant prices, like $75 for a $20 cabin air filter that takes 30 seconds to install).  They regularly add things she didn't ask for, like a $17 oil conditioner and a $23 fuel additive.

In short, I would highly recommend buying a car and having it serviced elsewhere.

Claudia O. | 2013-01-24

Sold my car here right before moving away. They gave me the best offer out of a few dealerships I appraised my car at, but getting the actual check from them was a pain.  Whoever was supposed to sign the check wasn't there that day, so they told me it would be ready the next day at 12. Because I was leaving the state I was in a big time crunch, but the dealer assured me it would be prepared. I came back the next day and it wasn't ready because the head honcho was filming some commercials. He asked if he could Fed-Ex it to us. Uh, Fed-Ex a big check you promised me a couple hours ago? No thank you.

We managed to express our crunched situation and squeezed it out of them before closing time. Apart from this mess, every time we went there we were left waiting (in a building with very leaky roof) and wondering what was happening, despite the many dealers who came up and greeted us and asking us if we'd been helped.

Colin H. | 2012-12-06

This was my first car buying experience and Toyota of Dallas was on two sides of the spectrum. The new car people wasted my time since I told them I was unable to afford a new car and yet they continued trying to get me over budget. When they finally realized I wasn't budging and turned me over to Dane in used cars he found me a car I am very pleased with and got it done quickly. I definitely recommend Dan, but not necessarily the new car people unless you have a fairly large budget.

Courtney D. | 2012-11-19

Nicest people in the service & rental car dept! Great rates on rentals to the public!

Aaron R. | 2012-08-05

I went with my girlfriend as a serious buyers.  That day, we visited a total of 6 different dealerships but declined to give any of them information because we don't want calls, emails, or mail correspondence from all of these dealerships nor do we want our information sold to other companies.  Well, they wouldn't open up the cars for us without our licenses.  This isn't test driving, mind you, this is merely looking at the cars.  It worries me that they require having our information in their system.  I declined to give them the information, looked at the outside of a few cars (never the interior, of course), and then explained that they wouldn't be getting my business if they were going to make it hard for me to shop there.  I'll try another Toyota dealership but if they still want my personal information in their system before I'm ready to buy, well, other auto makers have some pretty nice cars.  The gentleman was friendly so they get more than bottom marks even though it was mostly a waste of time.

Drew M. | 2012-06-08

I'm over it. Every sales person, manager, finance person trying to up sell, sneak in fees, add on extras I opted not to get . . . I just can't get my head around a business that screws with clients the way car dealers in general, and Toyota of Dallas in particular, do. Why is this? Is it really that difficult to make a profit without unscrupulous dealings? If there's a car dealership that has figured out how to act with respect & integrity toward car buyers, to honestly serve car buyers best interest, while still being profitable, I'd like to hear about them. Does the whole car dealership industry / car salesman profession need an overhaul?

Karen F. | 2012-04-29

if you are thinking about buying a car here. DON'T!!! They are the biggest bunch of crooks ever. I was left shaking my head at how many times the finance guy TROY lied to me. It was like another reviewer said,  complete chaos. None of my finance papers were entered correctly, my name , street and price were all wrong. Good luck me ever getting my tags, had I not corrected all his mistakes. The also tried to get me to pay several hundred dollars more than we had agreed on by inserting fees and saying they were state and government fees. That is outright theft. And a well placed call to the states atty generals office should be made to investigate their shady business practices.  This place is a complete joke. My saleman when I said I wanted to buy the vehicle, actually came back with a price higher than what was advertised was on the website print out I had with me . The poor middle to lower income people that make up the surrounding neighborhoods are complete fodder for their games. They are emphasising giving them google reviews, ironically they are trying to get good reviews by having a google review kiosk next to finance. But their Yahoos reviews are only  2 stars ( 1 above  total crap. and Yelp has them at 1 1/2 stars OUCH!!!! )and that is where angry customers are venting after they escape from there.
I feel sorry for the nice honest people that work there, because this dealership will not be around after people start reading about their deplorable treatment of clients. Thank god for social media. Clean up your act Toyota of Dallas and clean House.

Kathryn D. | 2012-04-23

I do like my car, and I seemed to get a pretty decent deal. HOWEVER, the departmental organization was complete chaos. It took three separate trips, each hours long, just to purchase my car. The finance department serves as a warranty sales role rather than an explanatory one.
They did pick up my car from work to install the bluetooth, which was nice, but they didn't bother to put my new plates on even though I had asked if they received them, so I had to make a separate trip out there.
I've also been trying to get a copy of my bill of sale, which I was told I would be mailed by three separate people...eventually, I was called and told that they couldn't mail it because it wasn't secure enough and that I'd have to come out there...what?
It takes forever to get a hold of someone and even longer to get a hold of the right person...I just wouldn't recommend dealing with this place since I'm sure there are better dealers in the area.

Shana S. | 2012-03-16

If I could give ZERO stars, I would. Or maybe negative one. I went in as a serious buyer, ready to purchase. They took my car keys to do an appraisal on my trade-in, and wouldn't give them back, holding me hostage, despite numerous requests. After jacking with me for literally hours, I finally got the right price, on the right car, which they said they could order and have delivered promptly.

So I set an appointment for 8AM the next day to come back to do all of the paperwork (only deciding to deal with them again because they said they could get the car - which other dealerships said they could not). The person I'd been working with (who set the appointment), didn't even bother to show up for the appointment, and the guy who came to help me had paperwork showing a price that was $3k higher than what we had agreed to the previous day.

When he told me I was wrong about the price I'd been quoted, I went to my car and came back with the paperwork on the next model up from the one I wanted, which showed a price that was $1500 lower than the cheaper car he was trying to sell me for more money. So, he went back to "run numbers", and still came back with the wrong information. The third time someone came out, it was a different guy, and the price had come down by $1500, but they tried to sneak past me the fact that it was the more expensive model... not the one I'd been asking for the entire time.

I know car salesmen have a rep for doing this sort of bait and switch trick, but seriously!? How stupid do they think people are. Dislike. Won't use. I'd report them to the better business bureau, but figure this is probably a more powerful avenue.

Steven C. | 2012-02-21

I'll start off by saying a year or more ago I had an issue with my brake lights not coming on at all. The problem was with a switch that contacted the brake pedal. I pulled into Toyota of Dallas only because they were the closest dealership and places like Autozone didn't have that part.
The parts guys stayed late (past closing) and although they had a switch that worked perfect for my car it was the wrong model and it cost TONS MORE MONEY. So they loaned me that switch and helped make sure it was working correctly before I drove off. I returned a couple of days later after the correct part had been shipped to them and swapped the switch with the correct one for my car and paid nearly a 1/4 the price.

I was very happy with the service I received and they trusted me with a part I hadn't paid for for several days. 5+ stars for keeping me safe!

------------- The 1 star story -------------------

Having had a good experience with the parts guys I returned last weekend to buy a used car. IT WAS NOTHING BUT AN AWFUL EXPERIENCE. The standard sleezy, hardsell, controlling sales guy tactics applied! The same crap that had me turn my car around and leave the parking lot without even having a chance to get out of my car at Trophy Nissan. (Sales guys attacked after I rolled down my window.)

Here's the run down at TOD:

1. Salesman made us wait and talk tons of #'s before even showing us the 2 cars I wanted to see.  45 mins wasted! The only number I cared about was the sales price, and I laid that out pretty firmly. Also he pushed and pushed to know what I was currently driving. I said it didn't matter I wasn't trading in; he took offence and still pushed for my current car information. After leaving the table 3 different times and asking me about my "parameters" several times he said he was having trouble finding the keys and had us wait for ages.  At every opportunity he wanted us to SIT instead of stand and kept pushing us to SIT DOWN. We made it clear by standing near the exit that these shenanigans had proven unsatisfactory only to realize we couldn't leave see point #2.

2. The salesman took my DL and didn't return it! When I asked for it very directly he walked away and headed towards the sales lot. Standard sleezy control tractics to make you follow them! I stopped in my tracks and made him walk back to me; I demanded my license this time and he pulled it from his inside coat pocket and said "this license?" Holding it between his fingers and keeping it protected with his palm, He reluctantly gave it back.

3. They didn't even have the 2 cars I had seen on their website that morning, said the sold them. Can you say bait and switch? All this run around and they didn't have the cars they advertised! I can't say I didn't see it coming.

4. He insisted we drive another car he had on the lot after we said we had driven several of that model already. At this point we said thanks but no thanks and left. Within hours we bought a Jetta TDi from Boardwalk VW and it was a terrific experience.

For all the training our sales person clearly received and adhered to for being a hard sell sales person he made a couple of mistakes.  A. He didn't give us his card/information/etc. B. He didn't read me very well and adjust his tactics. C. He didn't even get close to getting us into the cars we said we wanted to see. D. so far he hasn't followed up.  Epic fail for Toyota of Dallas! Especially considering I'm loyal to the Toyota brand this could have gone much differently.

I don't blame the sales guy either. He seemed like he could be an alright guy. Just a little green when it comes to his place of employment. It was clear his actions were what was dictated by the managers (pit bosses) running the show from their office. This is clearly the way they want their sales people to sell cars and maybe they get sales that way, just not from me.  I'm surprised that when it was all falling apart he didn't get help from one of the more experienced guys to keep us from leaving, another common practice for one of these kinds of places.

James S. | 2012-02-03

Beware if you ever inquire -- over the phone or internet -- about a car from this dealership.  They will hound you over the phone and email for months, even if you've never visited the dealership or return their phone calls.

I understand the nature of the sales business, but these folks are relentless.

Mike C. | 2011-09-02

Everyone that I have talked to at this dealership has been very nice.  That's the positive.  I also like the car that I bought from them.  So, that's another positive.  I think I got a fair, ok that's three positives.

Everything else about this experience has, to put it as politely as I can, blown chunks.

The car I went to see had been "sold out from under me" when I got there, according to them.  The showed me a nicer vehicle with more miles on it for a similar price...and said that they would make me a "ridiculous" deal on it.  I knew what I wanted to pay and I stuck to it.  After three hours of negotiating in a showroom with no airconditioning, we got to my price and everything was good.

I traded in a 2007 Lexus and bought a 2010 RAV-4.

I get home and realize that the car doesn't have Bluetooth, as the salesman said it did.  I called them up.  He said he'd give me the Bluetooth at "their cost".  I said fine...and only after picking it up and paying for it did I think to do some comparison shopping and discovered that they had charged me full retail.  I didn't feel like fighting with them over a couple hundred bucks, so I let it go.

I have had the vehicle for two months today and I still have no permanent tags.  I've been calling them for a month asking to get an update and various people have told me that "it's because the car came from California, but it's coming soon!".

Finally today the head of used car sales calls me and tells me that it's going to be another 2 months because "someone" (he doesn't know who) has screwed up  on sending the paperwork and California is backlogged.

I don't recommend anyone do business with a dealership that is this disorganized and uses borderline questionable tactics.  They won't see another dollar out of me, that's for sure.

Carrie H. | 2011-08-05

This is from our dealings wih them in 2001. We purchased a 2001 Toyota Echo. The salesman was great at first, it was a weekend and we had to wait a bit longer than expected. We wanted a factory LED spoiler with the same color as the car installed. We were given an IOU from finance department.  Weeks go by and the salesman never returned our calls. I finally make enough heads roll and I'm told to come get the spoiler.  They open the trunk and put it inside. My next argument was over instillation. I finally get in put on after several months. I pick up my brand new 2001 Toyota Echo from Toyota of Dallas and....... get into a wreck!!  My next issue was getting refunds from the finance department for all the extended warranty and insurances we had added to the car and after showing the lien had been removed and about $1800 was owed to us we wait and wait. This was before I became a mother and started my daily Antibitch Pills and I was done and had already spent my refund. Some flunky barely opened the door far enough to slide the envelope with my check in it and locked it immediately afterward.

The folks who own this place DON'T CARE, TOYOTA knows as I have always been a bitching letter writer directed to the power that be and carbon copied to the idiot that pissed me off by not caring enough to follow thorough on a promise and pissing me off at all honestly.

I have since purchased a Honda and continued daily meds and life has been pretty darn good since I quit dealing with the assholes who this place.

Amy C. | 2011-08-01

Dear Toyota of Dallas,
Your sales associates are bloody dumb dimwits.  Please refrain from calling me 4 times a day and NOT leaving messages.  Also, please refrain from sending me emails about purchasing cars that I've never expressed interest in and please also realize that I've ALREADY PURCHASED a car from you less than a year ago.  So, therefore, NO i am not interested.
In the future, I hope you actually pay attention to customer records that show I've already given you a good chuck of my money.
Lazy bums!

Jessica E. | 2011-07-08

Bait and switch.

Basically, we spent three hours negotiating a RAV-4. They did not have the particular model we wanted on the lot, but found one for us in Houston and said they'd transport it up, no extra cost.  We gave them a $500 deposit and they said they'd call and let us know when the vehicle arrived to complete the deal.

Instead, they called to say they didn't have the exact vehicle we'd agreed upon. They said that it had been sold out from under us, but that they had another vehicle, which was nicer and they'd give it to us for the same price. I went over the specs and agreed.

Then they called again and said they would have to drive the vehicle in from South Texas so it would have almost 500 miles on it - was that ok? Well... since I went in to buy a new car, no.  It was not ok. I asked for them to transport it on a trailer to avoid the extra mileage. They said no problem.

Then they called again. Actually, the vehicle already has some miles on it - it's not actually in South Texas, it's in Killeen, and they have to drive it and then it will have the 500 miles. I said no.  They told me I needed to be flexible and reasonable because Killeen was farther away than the first vehicle they'd offered. I, actually, am from that part of Texas, and reassured the salesman that I knew my geography and Killeen is actually closer so there's no way it should have that mileage.

There were many more calls which explained their hardship in finding me a vehicle since I was so particular.  There were slightly lower offers.  None of which made up for the fact that they weren't really ever telling the truth.  At this point, I'm not sure if there ever was a vehicle, whether in Dallas, Houston, South Texas or Killeen.  We asked for our deposit back and said we didn't want to do business this way.

I asked the salesman how I would go about getting my $500 deposit back, "I'm not sure, I'll call you back."

Louis R. | 2011-04-26

Overall, I had a decent experience here with the pre-owned sales department. My sales guy, Bayron (pronounced Byron), was solid in his knowledge of the vehicle that I wanted to purchase. He was able to answer all my questions and showed me some cool stuff that I didn't even know about the car.

The pricing was very reasonable ($465 less than Edmund's True Market Value which was $2,585 less than Kelley Blue Book). I only have two complaints about the business. First, the finance guy came off as a bit slick trying to sell me a $2,000+ stolen vehicle recovery system for a $15,000 vehicle, but I guess he's just doing his job. Secondly, it took quite a while for my friend to get his referral check, but he did eventually get it. So they do get kudos for keeping their word.

Anyway, I came in with pre-approved financing, but they were able to beat that interest rate by 0.55% so that's always a good thing. The sales pressure is about average here, but since I knew what I was buying and that I already had financing lined up; it made the whole process a lot easier than I had expected.

Because I purchased a pre-owned vehicle, I cannot speak to the new vehicle sales department. However, since purchasing my vehicle, I have been back to have an overhead console box installed. The service guys did a great job and Sarah went out of here way to make sure that I was happy with the installation. So I also give kudos the service department as well.

I'm not sure why these guys are getting a poor reputation here on Yelp, but I for one did have a positive experience here.

Krupa R. | 2010-12-30

I started my search for a new car at Toyota of Dallas and ended up not purchasing the car there.  The salesmen were nice enough - let me test drive a few different models until I figured out what I wanted, and were good about listening to what I needed.

When it came to numbers, it took forever - I got them down from $31,000 on a new Highlander to $26,900 and then I decided I felt too pressured to make a decision so we walked.  They offered us a price guarantee for 24 hours (which was SUPER nice of them) and I said we'd call them the next day.  We ended up checking out a few other dealerships and would have gone back to Toyota of Dallas had they not called and harrassed me like a stalker.

The next day, I must have gotten at least 30 phone calls from the sales person.  He would call, wait for it to go to voicemail, hang up, and call again.  He texted, he left voicemail, and he called - for two days, in fact.  It was so obnoxious to me that I decided to take my business elsewhere - why would I want to buy a car from you if you're going to badger and hound me like that?  It doesn't make me feel good about the decision at all.  It made it REALLY awkward for me to pick up the phone and tell them that I'd purchased somewhere else as well.  

Good place to start your search, but I would stay clear of actually purchasing a car here.

Dave F. | 2010-02-03

Humiliating sales experience.  Played the numbers changing game with the various sales contract versions presented to me.  Never let me drive the exact car I was interested in.  Initailly tried to give me 10k less on my trade-in from book value.  Took 6 hours to buy a car with cash and a trade-in. When all said and done, made me ring a gong in front of everyone, as if I was that excited about it.  Oh, the sales guy also made fun of my iPhone and said I was lucky to have everything completed in 6 hours.

RIchard D. | 2009-10-08

Went in for Cash for Clunkers deal.  Unfortunately the clunker I wanted to trade in did not qualify for the program.  The salesmen did offer me a great deal though on a 2009 Toyota Corolla.  It was a used car with 7k miles on it.  So we did the usual wheeling and dealing and got a great trade-in deal for my clunker.  

1 month later went to get the oil changed on this new bad boy and the service man noticed the bumper was ever so slightly a different shade of red then the rest of the body.  Low and behold the bumper was replaced at one point....BINGO!  This car was in a fender bender and the salesman "FORGOT" to mention that to me when I purchased the car.

I went to Toyota of Dallas because my cousin works at the Parts Department.  I thought I was getting a good honest deal here, turns out the salesman knew more than he was willing to disclose.

I'll never buy another car from this dealership, and I'll make sure my family and friends never go here either.

Nick S. | 2008-07-24

This place epitomizes the horrible car-buying experience.  Expect every stereotype associated with auto dealerships to be nightmarishly brought to life before your very eyes!  In fact, I experienced some brand new nightmares I'd never even heard of before.

As soon as I got on the lot, I could feel every salesman's eyes undressing my wallet.  Like cheesy, blazer-wearing zombies, they hungrily closed in until the closest one had finally reached me.  You could almost hear the collective groan of the rest of them as they dejectedly turned their focus to other prey.  

Instead of the slimy, overbearing, fast-talking car salesman, I got to experience an entirely new breed of car salesman.  

Sheepish, uninformed non-English speaking car salesman.

"Please sir, can I help?" said the almost incomprehensible salesman.

"I'm here for a Camry Hybrid, please.  Where are those?"

"Ehhhh... es de.... ehhh..."

I couldn't tell if he didn't know WHERE they were or if he even knew WHAT they were.  But it didn't matter, because as soon as I asked him the question, I spotted them myself.  

"I think they're over there," I said to him.

"Ah, yes," he said, relieved.  

We walked over and he attempted to make small talk through broken English.  

"What car you drive-a?"

"Toyota Camry."

"Is good car!"

"Yes.  That's why I'm here for another one."

We walked over to the cars.  There were only three.  I wanted specific features, so I asked which one had them.  

"I want the model with leather and GPS."

"Leather?"  No...  We don't have."

Once again, I looked over his shoulder at the one furthest away from us and spotted the leather.  I guided him to it.  I saw that it also had GPS.  Great.  One less thing I wouldn't have to be misinformed about by this genius.  

I asked what else he could tell me about the car.  He looked on the window and read the features off to me.  

I rolled my eyes.  Fortunately, I'd already done all my research on this car and knew it was what I wanted.  I was gonna give this guy an easy win today.  All that was left was the test drive.

While we were in the car, I asked how you ejected the CD.  He proceeded to hit every button on the center console, including ones that had nothing to do with the audio system.  He got out the manual, which he clearly did not understand.  

Then I found it again.  Granted, it wasn't the most intuitive placement for an eject button, but if you SELL IT, KNOW IT.  

Then I asked if the GPS system played DVDs on the screen, which I was pretty sure it didn't, but wondered if there might be a model that did.  He gave me a definitive "yes."

"Really?  DVD movies?"


"OK, I have one in my car -- let's try it out."


I didn't know whether to feel sorry for this poor bastard or if I should complain to somebody.  I didn't care though.  I just wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible -- with the car.

Once inside the buying area, I got passed to some other jerk-off

While slightly better at communicating, he had the personality and intelligence of an animatronic Chuck E. Cheese band member.  I had to see supervisor after supervisor after supervisor who would try and shuffle numbers around so that my final price never moved.  I told them I was prepared to pay X and would leave if I had to pay a cent higher.  They tried to tell me how all that mattered was getting a good monthly payment and I'm like "No, you ass, that's just ONE aspect of what is important here."  They would make my trade-in value go up, but then throw in some fee, then take away the fee, but now I'm paying sticker price.  All the while, I was told to sign pieces of scratch paper with all sorts of bullshit chicken-scratch math on them.  I told them I wouldn't sign anything until we had closed a deal or not.  It was all complete horse shit.  

The last manager I dealt with tried to pander to my cynical nature.  

"Hey man, you seem like a smart guy right?  What'd you go to school for?  Look man -- I know it seems like some of these idiots are trying to screw you over, but you and I both know the numbers here, bro!  We can't come down any lower than this!"

I knew to keep the fact that I had a sizeable down payment a secret for as long as possible, so that I could see just how much they were full of shit when I finally offered to give them a third of the cost of the car right there on the spot.

Suddenly, we were just a few hundred away from the price I wanted instead of a couple thousand.  My, how they changed their tune.  

By the end of it, I was exhausted -- and I hadn't even started the financing process.  That alone took another three hours.  It was almost 11:00 when I left.  

They tried to make me hit some fucking gong when it was all done because it was a retarded tradition of theirs.  I refused.  So they hit it for me to save face in front of the other customers.  

Buy a Toyota anywhere else.  No stars!