The Car Cellar in Dallas, TX

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We specialize in late model used German vehicles. All of our cars are purchased directly from the different manufacturers. We are located in a 16,000 square foot warehouse so you can view our cars night and day, rain or sunshine.


Established in 2009.

Originally named Austin Autos Online and based out of Austin, TX. As of Jul 2011 we moved to Dallas ,TX and changed our name to The Car Cellar. Our staff at The Car Cellar has 10 years of combined experience in the auto business. We are passionate about the cars we sell, so we try to learn as much as we can about them. What options are available, specs. and so on.

The Car Cellar

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 353-7777
Address:2605 Freewood Dr, Dallas, TX, 75220
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on The Car Cellar

Dino P. | 2014-09-15

I purchased a 335d from The Car Cellar a couple of months ago. I couldn't have been happier with the responsive service and the joy of a no-hassle purchase. The car looks great, drives great, and was as delivered as promised.

Would definitely take a look at them if you are looking to purchase a luxury car.

Arun U. | 2014-04-16

Bought a 2011 BMW 335is here and I'm very happy with the purchase from Eran and his team. Eran made mods to the car which gave it a bad-ass look and it's an eye catcher. (modded wheels, suspension, exhaust, hood. Loved the wheels by the way)

As others said, he is very approachable and he knows what he's talking about. More importantly, after I made the purchase, he sat with me for about an hour to explain how I can get maximum driving pleasure out of driving a bimmer. My car's user manual was missing when i notified him, he immediately got a new one for me next week.

Would strongly recommend this place for buying a car.

Jeremy D. | 2014-03-26

These guys are GREAT to work with.  Bought a 2008 BMW 535i from them 2 months ago.  Connor and Eran are straight up honest and knowledgeable.  Awesome experience.  They went above and beyond for me!  I'd definitely refer others to The Car Cellar and will be checking back in regularly.  Thanks guys.

luis b. | 2013-11-16

I had been on the hunt for specific model BMW for months and when I found it at car cellar, I was pretty excited.  I did a thorough test drive, spent plenty of time going over the car, and loved it.  We agreed on a very fair price, that no other dealer was going to come close to especially with only 6000 miles on the odometer so I bought it! Even though I thought I had everything ready including financing from my credit union, my bank ended up dropping the ball a few times, so Conner asked me to allow him to find better financing and I finally consented.  He did this two fold, with much lower interest, and a local credit union instead, and I was out the door in my new ride.  Throughout this whole event, never once did I feel pressured by anyone.  It was great for them to just let the car sell itself, no annoying phone calls, no pesky sales pitches just a car that either fits you perfectly or doesn't.  I have been driving around for a month now in my car and am only realizing now how good this whole deal was.  If you get lucky enough to find the exact model car your looking for here, jump at the opportunity. I cringe at the thought of other dealers I have had to deal with in the past before working with car cellar.

patti b. | 2013-07-12

Sadly, my experience was the worst.  I had been searching for a 2010 BMW 328i convertible for a couple of weeks.  Found one at Autobaun BMW of Ft. Worth but was unable to agree on a purchase price.  Continued my search and found a 2010 BMW 328i convertible for sale at the Car Cellar in Dallas.  Space Gray exterior / black interior with only 7635 miles.  Beautiful car, went to Car Cellar and drove it.  Both AAron and Connor were personable and professional.  The car was beautiful.  Looked brand new inside and out.  Drove it and it was solid.  The Carfax report came out clean, 1-owner vehicle with no accidents.  While test driving the car, AAron told me they had purchased the car in Southern California at Auction and it had been shipped to their dealership in Dallas.  I loved the car and was ready to deal.  We came to a mutual agreement on the sale price, but I told them I wanted a pre purchase inspection prior to signing the paperwork.  They said that was fine and Connor faxed me the bill of sale to forward on to my credit union (pending a clean pre purchase inspection) for financing.  After inspection, BMW called me back to advise that the car was in great shape mechanically, but the driver side of the car had been painted.  I asked if he meant the door had been painted and he said no, the whole side of the car.  He said nothing had been replaced except the paint.  I called Connor to discuss this and he said he was aware of the front bumper being painted but not the drivers side.   Down the line we came to another agreement regarding the sale of the vehicle at which point they faxed me a new bill of sale that I forwarded to the AAFCU.    The AAFCU called me back and told me they were refusing to finance the vehicle due to frame damage reported by Auto Check.    Auto Check reported that this vehicle had been sold at Auction in on 5/17/13 in the Pacific SW region of the US and that at sale time, the Auction announced the vehicle as having frame damage.  I called Connor back, told him I wasn't interested in the car.

Victor C. | 2012-01-23

I purchased my first BMW from these guys this weekend. I went to a number of different dealerships expecting to have to live through the nightmare of purchasing a used car. Not that purchasing a new one is any better. However, my last stop was to The Car Cellar. I was greeted by a very friendly staff who was extremely laid back and helpful. I was given the total history of the car and so far, i'm completely satisfied with the entire process. I will be going back and will recommend to my friends.

Tina J. | 2012-01-03

I bought a car from this dealership after a good friend told me about it, and the owner moved it to Dallas.  I would agree with the other reviews that JJ is first class, the dealership employees are friendly and easy to work with, the warehouse keeps the cars free from the elements and is easy to browse in, and I had a wonderful experience.  When I'm in the market for a different car, I am definitely doing business with JJ and The Car Cellar.

Lori P. | 2011-05-29

I have to agree with most of the posts on this site. I called Eran and Jeremy after seeing the car I wanted on their website. They were straightforward, cool, and very fair on my deal, including on the price of my less than perfect trade-in. A trade-in, I might add, that I had purchased less than 8 months previously from the Austin BMW dealer as a "certified pre-owned" vehicle, only to find the front-end had had previous bodywork. If my next vehicle choice is used, I will gladly buy that car from Austin Auto Online rather than from our VERY arrogantly over-priced, not-so-honest Austin dealer located on McNeil.

Edward W. | 2010-12-31

Great overall experience. Love the Audi TT I purchased a few days ago and I concur with the remarks in the other reviews. Definitely worth talking to Jeremy if you're in the market for a used high end vehicle. Jeremy even suggested several local credit unions for financing and I got a very low rate and approval that afternoon. Love the car, really enjoyed the whole process.

Suzi T. | 2010-10-20

These guys are top shelf.   I was very skeptical going in and wanted to know what the "catch" was - but there really is no catch.   These are just straight up gentlemen making an honest living selling amazingly engineered, fun-to-drive cars.   I accompanied a younger family member who bought his first BMW from Jeremy and he absolutely loves it.  I check the website inventory nearly daily and when I buy it will be from them.

Jason P. | 2010-09-29

In my recent car search, I set foot in no less than six local dealerships and visited no less than 50 dealer web sites. Austin Autos Online won by business by being my favorite in both categories.

First off, their web site is well organized, up to date, and has excellent photos of every car they have for sale. Even better is the fact that they are representative of the cars themselves. I would absolutely feel comfortable buying a car sight unseen from these guys, but since I was local, I got to drive it first. :)

Next, their warehouse is one of a new breed of high-end auto dealers. A while back someone figured out that in Texas, walking around a scorching hot parking full of nice cars baking themselves into premature demise was an unpleasant experience. This, paired with a recession-induced oversupply of industrial park warehouse space, gave us gems like Austin Autos Online and their competitors. All cars live indoors, and walking in is like walking into a candy store. They seriously had one of almost every car I was shopping for, and if you're a connoisseur of German engineered hotness, then do yourself a favor and start your shopping here.

Jeremy and Eran are both cool and more importantly have done their homework on the cars they sell. They know their customers don't like the hard sell nor someone yapping about cup holders in the passenger seat during a test drive. I test drove no less than three cars with no hassle or even a slight look of exasperation from them. They even gave me good advice on where to take the car to really get a feel for its handling, and this is what ultimately hooked me on the car I bought.

So great service? No Hassle? What's the catch? If the sign on the door says BMW of ____, then it's the overinflated pricing. That's not a problem here either. These guys find the cars that are great VALUES. These aren't all perfect cars that are one year old with 1,000 miles on it and some 34.682 point check that means nothing. These are cars that are off-lease, sold at auction, and brought to Texas to make people like me happy. To answer the comments by a previous reviewer, yes, some cars have spotted pasts. The car I bought was in an accident, but the repair job was spectacular. I had the car inspected by a third party as any good car buyer should and it received a clean bill of health. The Car Fax Report provided on the web site with the car's description clearly indicated this fact, and suggested a $500 loss in value for it. I saved MUCH more than that. I got a smoking deal when compared with a BMW dealership's CPO car (which can also have an accident in it's history, by the way. Research what CPO really means before you buy into it!) and by the time I'm ready to sell it, a little bumper repair will be the least of my worries.

As far as the "lemons" and "buy backs" you really have to do your homework on the car you're buying AND the state it comes from. California's lemon law are some of the most consumer-friendly around, and vehicles that have had the same problem twice could be getting sent back to the dealer with very little wear but known issues with known fixes.

For instance, take the BMW Twin-Turbo 335 engine. This engine is featured in the new Z4's, the 135, the 335, and the 535. It has a known issue with the High Pressure Fuel Pump (Google BMW HPFP and you'll see what I mean). It took BMW a few revisions of the part to get the fix right, and some dealers have been shadily replacing faulty parts with old revisions to deplete stock instead of giving everyone the new one that's said to fix the issue. So a lot of 07 and 08 owners have had more than one of these replaced. What happens if your high pressure fuel pump dies you ask? Sound scary, but in truth, not a lot happens. Either it takes longer to start your engine (but it usually does start) or it goes into a reduced-power limp mode. Either way you're not stranded. Oh, and BMW has fessed up and agreed to cover the part up to 10 years / 100,000 miles for everyone regardless of warranty status. You're covered if it fails after you take ownership.

So Silicon Valley Joe could buy a new 2007 335 for $50k, drive it a year or two and over the course have this problem twice. Each time Evil Dealer X puts the bad part put back in that works for a while then dies. He calls lemon law on this car and sends it back to the original dealer who has to fix it and unload it somewhere at a loss. It goes to auction, and guys like the guys over at AAO make their loss your gain. You end up with a very nice used car for almost half off and they mange to pay the bills. They're completely upfront about the car's history if you ask, and it's all in writing at closing.

Bottom line is, if you want an awesome luxury sports car at an unbeatable price, shop these guys first. You won't be disappointed, especially if you do your homework on the car you're buying.

adolfo b. | 2010-08-27

This place is awesome.  Jeremy's a cool guy.  He's honest and doesn't try to hard sell you.  He's very helpful if you ask him anything about the car.

I really enjoyed buying a car from these guys.  Going to their warehouse it infinitely better than walking around in some gigantic parking lot.  The whole experience felt more upscale than being at a regular dealership.  

I went in to look at and test drive the car that I was interested in.  After my credit union approved the loan, I called Jeremy and the car was ready for pickup.  I picked it up and it took about 20 minutes to sign the paperwork.

I highly recommend this place if you're looking for a luxury used car.  They have a great selections of BMWs.

M J. | 2010-06-10

Great website, laid back environment which lulls you in... but, be very careful.  Double check the cars as a lot of them are buybacks, lemons and previously wrecked, but every car is listed in "perfect condition" without any mention of it's real history.  Luckily, I could run my own Carfax history on the cars and find out myself, but even a clean Carfax only means nothing was REPORTED.  You want your car dealer using his expertise to benefit you, but here, it's used to make money off you.  If it's too good to be true... then it's too good to be true.  Good Luck in your search.

Ivan E. | 2010-02-18

I have to truly second the motion. The first review of this place was right on.

I'd been looking for used car online the last few weeks, and finally this week I came across the Austin Autos Online site on Auto Trader. I'm truly glad I found these guys.

When I contacted them today, I spoke with Jeremy and he was truly an easy going straight shooter on the phone. I asked him a couple of questions about a car in stock and he was informative and easy to work with. Really not your typical car salesman. After the call, off I went in search of their location.

Once I arrived, it was like I was walking into a chilled out office environment with no hassle from anyone. I met with Jeremy and 30-45 minutes later, off I drove with a super cool car.

They had a great selection of high end used cars. Once I drive this car into the ground, I hope Austin Autos Online is still here doing business, because I'm sure I'll be back again.

If you're looking for a place where you'll be treated respectfully and given no hard sale, then check this place out.

Hell, I even had my little 20 month old running around Jeremy's office, and he didn't have a care in the world about it. Really appreciated that most of all.

Thanks Austin Autos Online!