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Your source for 1st Quality CARFAX certified Mercedes Benz and Jaguars with over 25,000 satisfied clients.  Inventory is hand picked by the same owner for 31 years.  Financing and Extended Warranties are available.  Trade-Ins are welcome!


Established in 1981.

We are have been around 31+ years.  We are now located in a giant 25,000 sq-ft warehouse in Dallas, TX.  We specialize in Mercedes Benz and Jaguar luxury automobiles.  We have many financing options as well as extended warranties that we can offer.


Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(972) 243-3400
Address:2718 Forest Ln, Dallas, TX, 75234
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on TexasCarsDirect

Kristen B. | 2015-04-10

My review is only based on brief communication, but I felt I should share...I think the dealership should be aware - so that they don't lose any more customers!

I contacted Texas Cars Direct, via email, on Monday about a vehicle I found on cars.com . I read yelp reviews about them and was looking forward to hearing back. I did get a quick reply from Adam letting me know that the vehicle was already sold. I was disappointed that he didn't try to get my business by asking what i'm looking for or a simple statement "we get new cars in daily, I would be happy to find you your new car" - the standard line.
I went ahead and replied back with what we are looking for, asking him to let me know if they come across any thing. I still haven't heard back. I just expected a little more, because the reviews were so great - even naming Adam.
If they have the car we want, I would definitely like to give them my business - but I would hope to receive the 5-star service that i've been reading about.

Mark G. | 2014-02-21

Do NOT be afraid to deal with these great folks!  No pressure, no baloney, no "let me go to work for you with my manager," etc, just a straightforward transaction.  I drove more than 200 miles to buy a car from TCD rather than my local dealership, precisely because the local company wanted me to jump through all the  usual hoops, and TCD just gave me the price, gave me a fair deal on my trade, had super-low rates, and made the process completely painless.  Oh, and I probably paid MANY thousands less than had I dealt with the local dealer.  MANY.

Don't think twice, go straight there.

Tracey S. | 2014-02-04

Great place to buy a car!
They are easy to work with, honest pricing, and great customer service along with an amazing inventory of low mileage Mercedes.
I appreciate all Seth's hard work.
I would highly recommend buying from them.

Brian S. | 2014-02-01

We were very very pleased with the professionalism, customer service and value that we received in our transaction with Texas Cars Direct.  Seth was our rep and he was able to deliver as promised.   There was no hassle on our trade in value and financing rates came in as advertised to us .  Preowned car buying has never been this stress free

Jill L. | 2014-01-03

We've purchased a number of luxury cars over the years. While the no-nonsense buying experience here is nice, you definitely sacrifice service. The used cars, many of which are program cars that were driven for 30k miles and never serviced, are usually sold without owner's manuals or floor mats. For these high-end cars, the early age neglect and additional supplies can get pricey. And, there's little to no follow up during or after the sale (Dwayne). Forget trying to get help with learning the car and orders for accessories are dropped (Dwayne again). Inventory is too Mercedes heavy the last few years - Rovers, Porsches, and BMWs are scarce.

Pam R. | 2013-10-23

4 years ago we made our first purchase with Adam at Texas Cars Direct. What a different experience that was. No haggling (we hate that about car shopping), a fair price and an easy process (who know that was possible). Fast forward to yesterday when we purchased another car from Adam. I found the car I wanted in their huge selection, test drove it and bought it. In and out in a little over an hour. Fantastic service. Love my car! Texas Cars Direct is the place to go if you are looking for a high-end, pre-owned car at a fair price. And be sure to ask for Adam!

Tracey K. | 2013-09-30

Best place to buy a used car on the planet ! My second - ask for Dwayne. 20 minutes & u r out ! Fair trade, low rates, no haggle , perfect carfax !

S G. | 2013-08-07

Hands down the best place to look if your in the market for a used luxury car.  They deal mostly in Mercedes and Jag, but they also have other makes available.  No pressure and they sell the cleanest cars you will find anywhere in Dallas.  Fair price on my new car and trade in...along with an incredible APR on the financing.

Mary S. | 2013-04-26

A few things I never purchase NEW, Cars and Men I like them with a lot of miles and broken in already!
This place is not your average used car joint.  It's Classy, No-pressure, and I wish more car lots would be on board with this group.  You don't get a guy coming up with a bunch of teeth more then an alligator at feeding time.
Upon walking in (yes all cars are indoor so rain sleet or shine you can shop) you get a friendly hello, a list of inventory with all the prices and logistics of each car.

Don't even try to Deal, you don't have to everything is priced fair all cars are looked over.  I purchased 2 cars from here in the past and have always been pleased with them.

The owner is awesome, staff is memorable and the list is pretty high end
Jaguar (low inventory but still nice selection) BMW, Mercades, Land Rover, Audi, you get my drift.  They have a few other models from trade-ins

Please no Pompous DB's, they do not offer Ass-kissing service or Lattes

Tina H. | 2013-02-11

TCD is very easy to do business with.  They don't give you any of the used car bull shit you get at most dealerships.  If you are serious about buying a car, they will sell you one at a fair price.  If you just want to look around that's ok too.  They don't seem too much into the haggling game so if that turns you on, I guess you will just have to find that particular salesman that will engage you in such shenanagans.  

As for us, we were ready to buy, don't have time to waste and so we picked the car, made the deal and TCD helped us get an unbelievable interest rate that made it impossible to walk away from the deal.  

Give them a try when you are buying your next pre owned vehicle.  Superb stock and service.

Charles H. | 2012-05-30

After getting out of the military a few years ago, I went here for a used car. The service was excellent and I found and great SUV. I'll definitely buy my next car here. The price was awesome compared to the other places I tried. Thanks,  Texas Cars Direct, you have a customer for life.

Dienna S. | 2012-04-25

My husband and I research a new car purchases in DETAIL. It takes months for us to decide, we drive lots of cars and visit a lot of dealerships. We will look in several cities including Houston, San Antonio, and Austin. No one was as patient, friendly, and low pressure as Texas Cars Direct here in good ol' DFW!  They know their cars, and you can tell they really believe in the Jaguar brand.  I have purchased "luxury" cars for 20 years. So far, it is our best experience yet.

Brandon W. | 2012-04-25

TexasCarsDirect cars are priced right.  Excellent customer service and the attention to detail in regard to vehicle specs has been spectacular for me twice now.

Hunter J. | 2012-03-28

I have purchased a number of pre-owned luxury vehicles from TexasCarsDirect.com over the course of almost 20 years.  I also can't recommend them highly enough.  The vehicles are high quality, clean, and as they were represented to be.  If they represented a vehicle had certain qualities that turned out not to be true, they took care of it.  Contrary to one sour puss' opinion, you CAN trust what they say.  They have over 20,000 satisfied customers to prove it.

The buying experience is very pleasant.  There are no salespersons that hound you in the traditional sense, but assistants are available to answer questions, complete the sale, and arrrange for financing.  The available finance rates are as good, if not better, than other dealerships.   The price offered for a trade in vehicle was well above the amount the dealership offered.  Most of the vehicles are still under the manufacturer's warranty or have extended warranties available that will cover most major repairs.  It is definitely worth your time to shop TexasCarsDirect.com when looking for your next vehicle.

Tyler C. | 2010-09-20

I can't recommend these guys highly enough.  They specialize in hardly used luxury cars. Best car buying experience I have had. I was about to buy a car from a dealer and heard about TexasCarsDirect.com the night prior to closing the deal.  I found their website extremely easy to find what I wanted and the no negotiation pricing made it easy to decide how I wanted to proceed.  I went down and test drove - all cars are inside a large warehouse with NO sales people.  Bought with amazing price and very low interest rate. Drove off in less than an hour with way more car than expected. The car had 15k miles and was -25k under list!

Mark B. | 2009-10-11

Really bad guys. Bought Jaguar Xj8. Deposit is non-refundable, even if car turns out bad. They never returned calls or e-mails even after I sent deposit. Car was ok, until I drove home on east coast. Discovered chip in windshield that was "fixed" with junk ultimately requiring a new windshield; Safelite thinks they poured some crazy glue in it.  2 tires have slow leaks in them - impossible to believe that TCD did not know since the car sat in their lot for several weeks. The only way I could get my title was calling, faxing and threatening - I got title the week after temp tags expired, so I had to cover car until I had time to get new local temp tags. Paid balance of cost in cash and they refused to give me my change! When I drove off lot the gas tank light came on. Geez, not even a tank of gas? If you're going to buy from these guys, get a very detailed inspector to go over car with fine tuned comb (don't expect them to reduce their price, this is just to let you know what you're really getting into) and don't trust that they will do ANYTHING without you being all over them.