Sewell Subaru in Dallas, TX

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This former Sewell HUMMER dealership was converted to a Subaru franchise in June 2010. We were honored to win this franchise after a very competitive review process. We look forward to introducing the Subaru and Sewell brand to a host of new customers in the coming years. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!

Service Center Hours:
Mon - Fri 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed


Established in 1911.

In 1911, the first Sewell car dealership began when Carl Sewell Sr. began selling Model T Fords in the back of a hardware store that doubled as a movie theater. Here, the Sewell family laid the foundation for their business: an attitude toward outstanding customer service.

When the Great Depression hit and Carl lost the money he had placed in three banks, the Sewells moved to West Texas in 1929. The business thrived, thanks to their focus on service. In 1941, Carl and his wife Louise moved to Dallas, bringing the family back to where it all began. Sewell Village Cadillac opened in 1957, becoming a flagship and starting a long tradition of service and luxury.

Carl Sr. passed away after selling his last Cadillac on May 5, 1972. His legacy passed on to his son, Carl Jr., who went on to open multiple dealerships in Dallas/Fort Worth, in San Antonio, and later in Houston.

Sewell Subaru

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 902-6000
Address:7800 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX, 75209
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sewell Subaru

Syed Danish Z. | 2015-04-03

DO NOT, I repeat do not buy any used cars from these guys. They will sell you a lemon knowingly and it is for this reason I am sharing my experience with you guys. Hope it helps out people from losing their hard earned money!!

I bought a car from this dealership in 2013 and from first day to this day it continues to have problems. I trusted them and did not bring a mechanic, I thought it was a well known dealership and that they would live up to expectations. WRONG! They are shameless thieves and will deceive you any way possible. My advice- do not buy used cars from here. Go to a different dealership and ALWAYS take a mechanic with you!

Ana S. | 2015-03-23

My husband and I just bought a Forester from Sewell Subaru, and we agree that it was the best experience either of us have ever had buying a car. Our salesperson, Lindsie Amyx, did an outstanding job of taking care of us from start to finish. She was very thorough, knowledgeable and personable, and made the experience smooth and pleasant. There was never any pressure whatsoever on us to buy the car or to make on-the-spot decisions. Everyone with whom we interacted at Sewell was professional, courteous, pleasant and knowledgeable. After the paperwork and other necessary details were taken care of, Lindsie brought the car out to us and waited while we transferred our belongings from the car we traded in to our new car. Then, she got in the new car with us and patiently talked us through all the features of the car and answered all of our questions, probably spending between 20 minutes and half an hour with us. We could not have asked for a better experience!

Chunky M. | 2015-02-20

No stars for these guys - Sewell does not live up to their reputation !
Bought a used car Dec 2014, had to bring it back 3 times in first month to get it right and 12 months later hit with a $2000 repair bill in spite of buying the "gold plan" repair package ! Asked for trade in and they depreciating 6k for 7000 miles ... I could have been driving a Lexus for this "value" but hey ... As the salesman said "they strive to meet minimal standards" !!!
Move on to dealer that stands by their customers and creating valuable relationships !

Umber N. | 2015-02-12

I did not buy a car here so am only rating my experience of a test drive and discussions around buying a WRX from TX to have transported to MA.

I had the pleasure of working with Jeremy Eley. I highly recommend working with him.

I live in MA and was test driving a car in TX while visiting family. Most salespeople would "check out" right there. Jeremy was patient and available for questions both on the day I visited as well as via phone later on. As it turns out, there were no WRXs to be found anywhere in MA or New England when I returned home and Jeremy would be able to transport a car to MA for me.

Further, my family looks obviously "ethnic" and there are some salespeople who treat you differently. Car dealerships can be a tough place for minorities. Jeremy was very respectful and polite and I felt very comfortable (none of the "hard sell"/pressure or sliminess). I also met his manager (I am blanking on his name) who also seemed very nice and put me at ease.

I ultimately decided on a different car. But had I bought a WRX, I'd have bought it through Jeremy.

Philip B. | 2015-01-27

I didn't buy from them, but Jeremy at Sewell helped me out and was great to work with. Up front and honest about my questions and concerns. They offered a good price on the certified Outback I test drove, I just bought a different brand. Not too pushy at any point. I'd definitely go back when I'm in the market again.

Johnny F. | 2015-01-24

75 minute wait for a free car wash!!  OMG!!
The dealer tell you that free life time car wash if you buy a car from them but they do not mention that  after one long wait you will not come back.  Who has time to burn at car washes.  They have one lonely guy in the back washes cars.  
Suckered again at the dealer

Mary W. | 2014-12-19

I was looking to trade in my car for a Subaru and first having gone to Subaru Plano, I was  turned away without them even trying to help me. After my bad experience there, I was hesitant in trying anywhere else again but I decided to try Sewell Subaru and I'm glad I did.

John Ward was the one who assisted me from the very beginning. With my particular trade in situation I knew it was probably not a possibility that I was going to drive off with a Subaru. John, knowing and even telling me it was a long shot, did not give up and tried whatever possible way he could to help me out. I don't know exactly what he did but he was able to get me the exact car I wanted. After I was approved, I went in to financing with Shannon and she was very courteous, very fast with paper work and extremely helpful with all the questions I had.

I'm very happy with the whole experience I had at Sewell. Staff is friendly, place is very well kept and service was exceptional. I definitely recommend this dealership and I'm sure everyone there is very helpful but I suggest John Ward if you need someone who cares to really help you.

Kristin T. | 2014-11-12

My husband and I recently moved to Texas, and because we were sharing a car, I needed one of my own fast. I visited another Subaru dealership in DFW and even though I was set on a Subaru, the salesman was completely unprofessional with a number of text messages and phone calls.

I decided to call around to a few other dealerships- one whose salesman told me the Impreza would not come in a hatchback in 2015. He said I needed to come buy the white one he had on the floor immediately even though I had told him I didn't want a white car.

I write all this to really set apart Sewell from the other dealerships in the area. When I finally called Sewell, I spoke with Randy Reed. I was a little panicked about  having to settle for a car color I really didn't want. He assured me that the Impreza would still come in the hatchback model, and even said he'd check to see if there were any other colors available. Even though it was late and near closing time, he called me back right away, and explained he'd found the exact car I wanted.

Over the next few days, Randy had amazing communication, and we were able to work out many of the details over the phone and email. He arranged to have my car picked up and transported from Houston very quickly. Once we came in to pick up the car, most of the paperwork was ready for us so finalizing everything was quick and painless.

Randy was so awesome and gave me a complete tour of my new car showing me how to hook up the bluetooth, set the speed dial, told me important things about having the car towed, and many more! He was friendly, professional, and made car buying a fun experience.

I would definitely recommend coming to Sewell before any other Subaru dealerships in DFW!

Nathan S. | 2014-11-05

As if right now I have little faith in the service team. I had my cars oil changed and about mile down the road the engine started to make a funny sound. Now about 5 weeks later I'm still with out my car and pretty upset. So if you get your car serviced their check the oil levels before you leave the lot. My car is a 2013 XV with about 11000 miles on. Just be cautious folks.

Joe S. | 2014-10-12

Was looking for a CPO Subaru Wagon and Sewell Subaru was phenomenal.  I went here first to shop and worked with Chase Parks.  Talk about the complete opposite in what I have dealt with before in my car buying experience.  He was great and zero nonsense.  As we become a Subaru family I will no doubt come back to Sewell and Chase.

I ended up getting a car from another dealership only due to the selection (people seem to hold on to their Subarus and the selection of CPO models were few and far between) they had.  Even as I told Chase I was going with another model after he had spent 2 hours with me which I know is defeating, he was still kind and professional.  I will be going to Sewell for all my service and just sent two neighbors there who wanted to shop after seeing my car.  That is why Sewell is able to gain the reputation it has.

Valerie G. | 2014-09-15

After a few months of looking at cars I finally decided to go with a 2014 Crosstrek. "D" was our salesman and he continues to be a great help! I communicated back and forth with him for months before finally buying the car. After my purchase (almost three months later), he still continues to be available for any call or text I send his way. I also give props to Sewell for my free car washes. It's handy that I work close so I use this service about once a week.

Sewell Subaru is awesome and so is my Crosstrek!

Jesse C. | 2014-08-08

I normally don't write bad reviews unless it's that bad .I like to think that people as well as businesses have bad days .
So I purchased a Subaru because I wanted peace of mind , I wanted reliability , I wanted to know my car would never give me issues .
I only owned for about 6 months before things started to go down hill. The car started to sip oil , I first noticed it doing so at a very slow pace , then it got progressively worse , from a quart of oil every oil change (which Subaru told me was acceptable) to chugging a qt in 50 miles , so I contacted Sewell Subaru in Dallas , described my issues and was advised by my service advisor to bring it in and have it checked out since it was still covered under warranty. The service advisor was pretty nice guy , knowledgeable. So after drooping of my car and fighting to have the car repaired , I was told it would be covered for $500 .  after almost 1 month I finally get my vehicle back ,
Hoping and that all is well.... It is not
Right front he very start with my new motor .
Got home to check the engine compartment and see if everything was okay I learn my vehicle was left out side with the hood open as it stormed away the previous weeks .... How would I know this ?!!! We'll the tons of water stains in and all around the engine from the alternator cover to the intake mani even the fuse box , not to mention the stacks and stacks of leaves trapped in my splash guard .  That would explain why I see leaves while driving on the way home , not to mention the bolts missing from my intercooler bracet , bolts missing from intake air box . But it get worse . So I have the car for about 3 days now after going to the car wash cleaning and detailing the engine bay to get it clean again and removing the great new collection of leaves I had in my splash guard I notice my oil dipstick was reading low again ?!!? How could this be ? A brand new engine you say? We'll I did what I knew what to do best and that was call the dealer , my service advisor explained , "oh that because the engine is new and it has oil in places there never was before , don't worry just too it off and it will be fine , so I take his word top it off and go about my day , on the 5th day of owning it I noticed a puddle maybe a pool of oil build up on my drive way . Hmmm strange I've never had an oil leak .So I revised the engine for the too bit saw nothing . I checked the dip stick and yep as suspected more oil missing , top it off once more and went for my jack and stands , decided to pull the splash cover  off and what do you I now have a brand new oil soaked shirt along with face , the oil was pooling on my splash guard , as well as sprayed all along the back of the firewall and engine block , which could have been a fire hazard or possible a explosion waiting to happen. So I called  the dealership immediately let them know that's going on  am prompted to bring her in again .
After drooping it off , 1 day later I get call back that my car is fixed , come pick it up" so I go pick it up and ask what happened ? "Oh no big deal the tech working on your car forgot to install the oil feed return line properly he left it loose so it was spraying the oil everywhere . to top this off they did not even bother to clean it up.
After finally having it for 1 month I get some check engine lights .... I take it back up to the dealership and have them look at it . So after about 1 hour I am greeted and told that I should come look at this " apparently    my oxygen sensor cable was mangled and damaged , due to the drive shaft catching it and destroying while operating . And that I'm responsible for it and and quoted almost 1000 in cost.So we then start getting down to business I ask how did this happen. The tech begins to attack me about some bushings that have been on the car since day 1 that I owned it saying who ever put them on cut the zip tie that holds the cable to the body . Keep in mind the car  haven't been touched since I've owned the vehicle having prior 30k miles on the car and never having this issue , for this to happen right after the new engine  obviously some one such as the tech forgot to do his job properly . So after arguing and getting more techs to attack me I finally request to speak to the service manager who was nice and very professional about it . Said to me don't worry we will fix this , Granted Mr, coulter kept his word .
So now almost 4 months down the road I revisit the dealership to get my usual , oil filter crush washer etc. while passing the office decided to get my paper work for the car . I see mr. Coulter is not in his office and was greeted by a gentleman by the name of Brian . Asked what me what I wanted in a rude and non professional manner . I stated my request and he then moved to his office and requested I followed . He then stated we could take our business elsewhere and not come back to the dealership ." We'll y'all can go somewhere else then."This is the Sewell experience.

Jeffrey T. | 2014-07-26

We just picked up our brand new outback and the entire experience was a pleasure. Our sales person, Jeff Ogle, was great! We had waited several weeks for the car to arrive and he kept in touch the entire time and made sure we had everything we needed and even confirmed we were coming in this morning. In am era (and location) where sales people don't care about the customer, Jeff and Sewell Subaru is the exception and I would highly recommend them for any new car experience!
An update: I was informed that my tags came in and the sales person put them on for me and also said he would run it through the car wash. The service at Sewell Subaru is top notch!

Katarina G. | 2014-07-10

I just bought a car for the first time, and boy am I glad that I came to John Ward at Sewell Subaru for it. I was a nervous buyer, but there was absolutely no pressure selling here. I was there for approximately two and a half hours, start to finish, which I'm told is not a bad amount of time for car buying, but John did everything he could to get me a great monthly payment, so I wouldn't have minded waiting even longer.
The dealership is gorgeous, and every customer I saw was attended to quickly. The inside of the office was very clean, and they have snacks and beverages for your wait. They gave me a great offer for the car that I traded in, and i was able to walk away with a beautiful 2013 Impreza for a monthly payment I felt confident with.
Overall, for a car dealership, Sewell Subaru in Dallas had a relaxed atmosphere, and not one part of the process left me feeling nervous or pressured. While I'm sure all of their salesmen are great, John Ward is who made my experience great.

Wendy B. | 2014-06-22

We had a great experience at Sewell Subaru in Dallas! I love my new Forester, and our sales associate, Bryon Robalino was very helpful and made it an easy desicion. We recommend the Sewell experience to all!

Stephen M. | 2014-06-09

As soon as you walk in the front door of a dealership, you should be greeted. This has never happened to me. I am a perfectly normal mid-30's male making plenty more $$ than it takes to buy a Suckaru.

Service - it's great until you have a problem and want the problem fixed. Even assuming full financial liability, this dealership refused to accept work on my car TWICE. I was willing to pay for 100% of the repairs and communicated this in writing to both Subaru of America and Sewell Subaru.

Sales - Nothing out of the ordinary here. They want your money and your money is what they want. However, if the money is too hard to get, they may just go completely silent on you. Sales was super chatty with me (too much?) until my unfortunate recent turn of events.  Even with good to excellent credit and a sizable down payment, I was not worthy of their time.

Subaru - Subaru's "Love" slogan isn't in regards to quality, but rather a self-serving exaggeration of safety features that should already exist on all modern vehicles. The company's response to customer loyalty is undoubtedly a mid-gray "Meh".

Go somewhere else and buy a quality vehicle built by a company that cares about it's customers and rewards loyalty.

Merle P. | 2014-05-31

I experienced the Sewell Difference and I don't want to experience it again. Took 14 Forester in on 1-28-14 to Brian to get a creaking noise coming from the rear suspension checked out. I had it in a few weeks earlier and they tightened up some of the connections to see if that would get rid of the noise but it didn't make any difference. So Brian and the service manager, John Coulter, took it out for a spin to check it out. They said they could hear a faint sound but barely. I showed them video and audio that were much more definitive in presenting the problem. John said he wouldn't know where to begin to fix a problem like this and told Brian to have them throw it up on the rack and slap some grease on it. When the car was ready in a few minutes John told me to see if that helps & to call him if it doesn't so that he could talk to an engineer about the problem. When I walked up to the vehicle there was a glob of grease smack in the middle of the white door which I just wiped off and then headed out. I could hear it creaking as I drove away but decided that maybe with a few more miles it might possibly go away because they had just greased the suspension. Got home and checked the rear suspension and saw that there was no grease application anywhere so it turns out their idea of fixing the problem was to slap grease on the drivers door. Called John, as instructed, the next day Wednesday 1-29-14 to report no improvement. Went to voicemail and I asked him to call me back please. No return call so I spoke to Brian on Friday afternoon 1-31-14. He said John is off until Monday and promised he would have him call me. Never received a call so on Tuesday 2-4-14 called Brian and told him he had broken his promise about having John call me. He said that John was in and he would have him call me. I declined and told Brian that I had lost confidence in the dealership and would not trust my car there. Said I would handle the problem from my end. He said I should talk to the general manager he's actually a really nice guy so I reluctantly agreed to let him call me so that I could relay to him my experience. And predictably I received no call from the dealership GM. On Thursday 2-6-14 I called Sewell's Corporate Office in order to express my dissatisfaction to the customer service manager, Cordell Mathis. That's the name that was given to me by the secretary when she connected me to his phone. He wasn't in so I left a voicemail with a detailed message and ask him to call me. Never heard back from him and this concluded my Sewell Difference Experience. I guess being obsessed with service since 1911, as their website claims, rightfully pertains to both good and bad.
Called Subaru Of Plano and set up an appointment for Wed 2-11-14 to get the creaking problem resolved. Once there the shop foreman road with me and immediately concluded there was a creaking noise coming from the rear of the vehicle. No hesitation, no BS on his part to reach that conclusion. Left Forester with them and they gave me a loaner, a 14 Outback. Very nice car I might add. They called me, I believe, on Monday 2-17-14 and said that they thought it was a loose weld & that in order to isolated it they would need to get special electronic equipment from Subaru. It would take a couple of days and did I mind and I said heck no just fix the problem. Plus I had that beautiful Outback. A few days later they called me back and said the problem was solved, they had isolated the culprit weld spot,  that they had removed the paneling in the back cargo area and re-welded the area that was loose and that the creaking was gone. I've given it over three months to make sure the problem is really gone and I'm happy to say it is, therefore it is time to write a review.
Very disappointed with Sewell Corporate and Sewell Subaru as I dealt with Sewell Lexus pleasantly back in my Lexus days. My gut now tells me to stay away from this organization.
Subaru Of Plano took care of business professionally and didn't try to impress me with cookies and coffee. If they continue to treat me right I'll gladly spend my money there.
These are the facts, not an opinion, and I'll stick by them.

Matthew M. | 2014-03-14

I always have a good experience at Sewell Subaru. I've purchased two cars here. Plus, they always fit me in for service. They are professional, courteous, and honest. Why can't other dealerships be like this? This is a great place.

Michelle G. | 2014-02-24

I prefer having my Subaru serviced at Sewell, where I purchased it.  They do a good job but the prices for service have become too expensive.  I am due for 60K service and battery replacement.  I was quoted almost $1200.  Wow!  Not reasonable.

Scott D. | 2014-02-22

Went in last Tuesday with my new legacy for an oil change and car wash, was really impressed with the speed and professionalism of the staff. Got a kick out of getting my shoes shined by Gabby, small details count for a lot, you guys have a new life long customer!

The C. | 2014-02-18

Gaby does an AMAZING shoe shine service with great attention to detail on Tuesdays.  He made my shoes look brand new while I was waiting for my Platinum Car Wash.

Now my shoes look GREAT and I feel great, not to mention my subaru is also clean and shiny.

A+ for Gaby and everyone at this dealership (Great service from Bryan and Oliver too).  They always treat their customer's right at this specific Dallas Subaru dealership.

Hollis W. | 2014-02-06

I purchased my 2014 Subaru Forrester from Byron Robalino at Sewell in November 2013. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico, but was persuaded by a friend to come to Dallas to shop, as I wasn't making progress in my car search in my hometown. I could not be happier about my experience with Sewell, Byron, and other staff members at Sewell. I felt no undue pressure to buy at any time. I got all the information I wanted, when I wanted it. Byron didn't push me toward one car or another, just went with the flow as I considered options. Every single step of this process was easy. They handled the addition of some components by a third-party provider with ease. Sewell even helped my shopping pal out with a problem with her BMW on a Saturday late afternoon when the BMW dealership had told her sorry, we can't make time for you! After I bought my car, the follow-up was excellent. I received a personal phone call and a letter in the mail, plus a national survey. When I worried that my plates had not shown up in the mail, Byron personally followed through and got them in my hands by the deadline (but he had also sent an extension just in case they didn't arrive). AND yesterday I received in the mail a refund of an overpayment on the registration costs. I am seriously thinking I will drive to Dallas and let Sewell do my 15,000-mile checkup. Sewell Subaru deserves its reputation for great service.

Courtney C. | 2014-01-21

My husband and I bought our first car, a 2014 Legacy, here. John Ward made us feel welcome and appreciated through the entire process. The 4 free services and complimentary car washes are nice. Their service center is extremely comfortable, always stocked with cookies, fresh fruit, sodas, and a wide selection of delicious coffee. We are Sewell customers for life!

Saswat P. | 2013-12-22

My experience with Sewell Subaru has been great from the very first time I walked into their showroom, actually, the very first time I called them . They let me test drive a car with no problem and wait whereas the last dealer wanted a credit check done.

I wanted a Subaru Impreza WRX of specific color and they managed to locate and procure that car for me. The most thoughtful gesture was that, until they managed to get the car I wanted, they put me into a loaner car when I told them that my car had broken down and I didn't really have a car to get around. This was beyond expectations.

Every bit of the purchase , financing and paperwork was a breeze. Special shoutout to Byron Robalino for such a great customer experience. I understand when certain dealerships are big they become complacent but you definitely won't see that here. The people here know what they are doing and do it so well. Special shoutout to Byron Robalino for the  exceptional purchase experience.

I would definitely recommend Sewell Subaru if you are in the market looking for a car.

Georgia H. | 2013-12-15

My experience with Sewell Subaru began back in the Spring when I visited the dealership to view a BRZ. I was met by Mr. Brad Jolly who was very pleasant and courteous. My subsequent visits to put in the order and then to purchase the vehicle replicated my initial visit. Everyone I dealt with in purchasing the vehicle, Ms. Santana in the finance dept., Mr. Jolly and Mr. Robalino was  pleasant and I felt no pressure whatsoever. This is in stark contrast to the dealership that I dealt with previously when I bought my wife's car. That experience left me with a distaste for car dealers in general. I am glad that I found this place where the purchasing experience is just as enjoyable as the car itself. The people at Sewell are genuine and they worked with  me get into the car I wanted.

JT W. | 2013-12-10

Having visited the service department at Sewell Subaru several times now, I can enthusiastically say this is the best dealership service department I have ever visited.  The waiting room is definitely the most upscale, with their swanky coffee machine and interior design.  However, what really makes this service department stand out is... the service.  The service advisors are helpful and honest.  The mechanics are thorough and have done quality work for me on a few repairs, both under warranty and out of pocket.  I have several horror stories to tell from past experiences with dealership service departments, and thus have a natural suspicion towards them.  Visiting Sewell has overcome my aversion towards service departments.  I don't know if all Sewell dealerships operate the same way, but if so, then whatever make and model of car I drove, I'd go out of my way to use them for my maintenance and repair work.

Richard F. | 2013-10-28

I spent over a year looking for the right low-mileage 06-07 Lexus LX470. Being a long time Sewell customer I wanted to purchase it from one of their dealerships as they include a 50/50 warranty that essentially covers everything on the vehicle during the first 30 days of ownership. This warranty has been essential to every "used" vehicle I have purchased from Sewell as there are always "minor" things to recondition when you spend a couple weeks and a few hundred miles behind the wheel of your "new" car.

I dropped by in early October to look at a 2006 LX470 they had just listed for sale. Unfortunately it was sold over the phone before it ever hit their lot. This was the 3rd time I had lost an LX at Sewell to a phone/internet buyer! I left my information with my salesperson, Andrey, and asked him to call me promptly if the buyers did not fund the transaction. Approximately one week later, Andrey called me and told me the interested party had not completed the sale. I immediately drove up there to take a look at the LX470 and it was absolutely stunning! I could not have asked for a nicer example! It was EXACTLY the truck I had been looking for, and was nicer than every other example I had seen at Sewell in the preceding year! The price was phenomenal, their attention to detail during the cleaning of the interior was wonderful and the exterior was absolutely spotless!

Immediately after purchase, the rear-seat DVD system went out and the truck required 2 very minor repairs. Sewell Subaru covered every penny of the repairs (which were costly), and provided me with a Lexus loaner for the week. I wasn't out a dime! I was nervous about them repairing the DVD system as it required most of the front seats and console to be disassembled but in the end the quality of work was great! The control box cover under the passenger seat was still missing a screw when I got it back, but it was like that when they sold it to me so no biggie!

My salesperson, Andrey, was courteous, polite and professional! Not once did he pressure me. On the "extended" test drive we took, he was very informative about the vehicle and a pleasure to work with. Financing was a breeze! Rich, in the Subaru/Infiniti service department was also EXCELLENT to work with! The sales manager of the Subaru dealership, Brad, who helped with the deal was also a pleasure.

Overall I am completely satisfied! Thank you Sewell Subaru for my new LX! Keep up the good work and I will continue to be a "customer for life"

Raul R. | 2013-09-10

I leased a 2013 Subaru Impreza from Sewell Subaru of Dallas approximately one month ago, and my expeience could not have been any better. I worked with "D" Oguntona, whom is not only professional and highly knowledgable, he is also a delightful person. I visited Sewell Subaru of Dallas at least three times during my decision-making process, before finally leasing my Impreza. Never once did I feel pressured or subjected to guilt for not wanting (or wanting) X, Y, or Z. D encourged me to ask questions, to gather information, to compare prices, and more than anything to make a decision I would feel comfortable and happy with. Out of all the dealerships I visited in the DFW area (including Honda, Toyota, and Mazda) and agents that I worked with, Sewell of Subaru of Dallas and D were the most transparent and straightforward.

Dan M. | 2013-09-07

I have bought many cars in my life but I have never been treated so well as I was at Sewell Subaru. This is truly an outstanding dealership. The customer service is just amazing! I would highly recommend this dealership to anyone in the DFW metroplex looking for a Subaru. They do not incorporate the high pressure sales tactics found at many other dealerships. I will be a customer for life. The management and sales staff went above and beyond to earn my business.

David H. | 2013-07-18

Bought my car elsewhere, but I wish that I had bought it here. Charlotte in the service department is an absolute gem and very friendly to boot.  You won't find better service anywhere.

Patrick F. | 2013-06-11

I had moved to Dallas about a month before I had some major car troubles, and didn't know where to take my car right away, so I decided to start with the dealership. I thought that it would probably cost a little more than an independent mechanic, but I would get a loaner and some extras.

I had a problem with my turbocharger, and had mechanic friend take a look at it before the dealership. After using a stethoscope to zero in the problem, he was pretty sure it was a problem with the bearing on the turbo. I told this to Sewell when I dropped it off. When I got a call the next day, I was told that they wanted to take apart the engine for $1000. This would only be to diagnose the problem, and not to actually fix anything. Then the proceeded to tell me that I could just drop in a new engine for a few thousand dollars and it would be like having a new car.

This really angered me because they essentially were telling me that they weren't going to try to do any of the easy quick things to confirm the problem. They went right to the extremes. And just because you put a new engine in a car doesn't mean it's like a brand new car. I didn't get a good feeling at all.

I ended up taking my car to an independent mechanic, and told him what we knew so far. They were able to replace just the turbo with a rebuilt one for about $1200. This is what I expected to hear. 2 months later, my car is running just fine.

Pearl W. | 2013-05-18

pleasant experience from buying our new 2013 outback. People are really nice, sales and service! They are not pushy, unlike other dealers.

Jenny F. | 2013-05-13

My previous dealership in the mid cities went out of business and I was overdue on an oil change. The service department got me in the same day I called and they did a couple other minor repairs without charging me an arm and a leg. Everyone seemed friendly and the waiting area had coffee, snacks, tv, and free wifi. Glad to have found a replacement dealership!

Lindsey G. | 2013-03-28

I bought my first Infiniti from Sewell Infinity / Subaru though Leann McCants & Andrey & what an amazing experience! They were awesome, helpful, knowledgeable, and patient. Once we finally decided to purchase our QX56 we worked with the finance team & they were just as awesome as the sales group. I highly recommend purchasing from Sewell!!

Sean L. | 2013-01-04

I got a 2010 Subaru WRX from here and the experience had a few bumps but every issue was promptly fixed 100%. The car I wanted said it was certified on the windshield but in fact wasn't, the sticker was put on there by accident (very understandable, not really a big deal at all), but I told them I needed it to be certified if I were to buy it and they did it no problem.

That is a good sign because certifications are expensive for the dealers and they were willing to spend their money just to make me happy.

I recently had an issue that is common to standard cars come up and I explained to them my situation and they understood that I had barely purchased the car a few months ago and promptly fixed the issue and I had my car back in 1.5 business days with everything fully fixed. The repair would have killed me financially and they stepped in and made it right.

I recommend not only the Subaru brand, but this dealership in particular. It is nice, clean, and everyone that works there is great to deal with.

Laura S. | 2012-11-12

Two weeks ago I bought a 2012 Impreza at Sewell Subaru.  Overall my experience at Sewell was wonderful.  Everyone was friendly and helpful and went above and beyond to make my car buying experience go as smoothly as possible. The service was great and they have continued to follow up with me and answer and questions that come up.  After two weeks with my new Impreza I have zero complaints.  It's quick, fuel efficient, and has plenty of room for carting friends around town. Make sure you see Byron at Sewell Subaru!

Brian B. | 2012-09-18

My wife and I shopped many car dealers for a new Subaru.  Sewell was by far the nicest and had the most knowledgeable staff of all the locations we visited.  The buying process was extremely easy with very little pressure.  We worked with D and Randy on the sales side as well as the sales manager Eric.  All three gentlemen were very professional and took care of us from start to finish.  Sewell definitely has customers for life in us.

Amanda L. | 2012-07-27

I recently bought a Wrx at Sewell Subaru. This was hands down the best buying experience I've ever had. My salesman was "D" Agutona. He made my purchase easy and was always asking questions to make sure I got what I really wanted. He wasn't pushy at all and appreciated and listened to everything I had to say. He answered all my questions openly and honestly. I would recommend anyone who wants a Subaru to contact D at Sewell. I will definitely buy from him again!

Jennifer Y. | 2012-07-03

Make sure you ask for "D" when you go in, he is the most knowledgeable and most honest (not to mention fun) car salesman on the planet!  I bought my Subaru in 2010 and he still calls and checks on me.  You can totally trust him to tell you the truth and be there after the sale!

Jennifer Young
Plano, TX

Ryan F. | 2012-05-29

Service Center:
I have been here a few time to get my Impreza looked at. Very personable and greet you as you pull in the Service Center. I usually set up an appointment by phone so they know I'm coming in. I've gone in a few times to get repairs:

-Oil Change and 60,000
-4 Strut replacement

Great customer service but seems a bit pricey. In the end, I want to make sure everything is done right so I bite the bullet and pay. I enjoy the convenience of the courtesy vehicle while it's in the shop. I'm impatient and just want to get on my way.

Daisy J. | 2011-10-31

I have been driving Subaru for many years now. Last Saturday I had a pleasure to service my car at this dealership, and I was impressed. I am very hard to get impressed, but when I am I will advertise like this is my own place! :) I admire and appreciate a great service. I was met by the gentelman by the name of Doug, I later found out was a General manager of the dealership, who took my key and booked my car in! Everyone is so friendly and the service guys are great and take time to explain what is required. I made appointment with Charlie and Brian was my service guy. I was very pleasantly surprised and now understand why Sewell customers talk highly about their experience. I would recommend this dealership and I found out that my mechanic Rafael has moved from anothe dealaership to this one! Salesperson D is great, I used to work with him. he takes time to accomodate his customers and makes sure you are buying the car you want. Great place and great people! Thank you guys!

Pat M. | 2011-04-12

Prior to my move to Dallas, I had been in touch with David Correa through email with my request for information about the new Outback. David took the time and emailed me all the details of meeting my standards. I wanted to just say when I actually moved down here and walked into the dealership I did not expect to be treated so well, not only by David but by the Sales Manager, Michael.This was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had. I was introduced to the service person Brian, and I can't leave out John who took care of the paperwork. Truly appreciate all of your efforts!!!!!

Colin B. | 2010-11-22

Buying a car -- and a used car at that -- is easily the thing I hate most in this world. I hate care salesmen, I hate fake prices, I hate B.S. excuses on why they can't do this or that, I hate a million things about the entire process. So I generally do all my research online ahead of time and go in with a plan of action.

All last week I was looking for a certain car and wanted to be in a certain price. I found it at Sewell Subaru and went in to make it happen. I had to haggle a bit to get the tint thrown in on the deal, but they were cool enough to make that happen. My salesmen - D - was great in pushing that through for me.

Great car, great deal, great service, glad to get that out of the way.