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Service Center Hours:
Mon - Fri 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
Saturday 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
Sunday Closed


Established in 1989.

Sewell Lexus is one of the original Lexus dealerships that opened in 1989. We are one of the largest new car dealerships in the United States and the largest Lexus service, parts and body shop operation. We've been an 18-time recipient of the Elite of Lexus Award, the highest honor a Lexus dealer can receive. This year, we are proud to be the #1 Volume Lexus CPO Dealership and the #1 Volume Lexus Pre-Owned Dealership, both for the tenth year in a row. The Dallas dealership includes a Lexus Certified Collision Center, a full-service collision repair facility.

Sewell Lexus of Dallas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 352-8100
Address:6421 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX, 75209
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 7:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Sewell Lexus of Dallas

L G. | 2015-04-02

Incredible customer service!  I bought my first Lexus from them 7 yrs ago. I've had a BMW & 2 Mercedes previously from different dealers. Sewell is far superior to the other dealerships. Their Mini dealership is close to my home, so I go there for the complimentary wash. They are as wonderful as the Lemmon Ave location.  
They are as attentive to me with my 7 yr old Lexus as they were the day I bought it. I go nowhere else for service. They are honest and trustworthy.  My next purchase will certainly be with Sewell!

Damien L. | 2015-03-27

I traveled 300 miles to buy a car from them because of their famous and consistent customer service. I was twice as lucky when the sales person (Matt Lampo) helped me find the perfect car. He helped me with the upgrades and taught me the features. I highly recommend him to my family and friends.

Billy S. | 2015-03-08

Poor customer engagement and influence tactics. As a former salesman and someone who practices social psychology on a daily basis, I will say that my salesman severely missed the mark. As I arrived, we talked a bit and he mis-judged my buying power. When the time came for a test drive, my salesman decided to pawn me off on a salesman in training who had absolutely no knowledge of the product, no social skills and no sales training.

When I returned from the test drive, I noticed the original salesman was affixing a dealer tag to a newly sold car, but it was for another salesman who had actually made a sale. Does a menial task, like affixing a dealer tag, really require a salesman to accomplish the job a shop technician, or even a custodial engineer would be able to accomplish. A great salesman should exude excellence in sales knowledge and make the CLIENT feel like they are the priority, and I experienced neither of these concepts.

I left the pre-owned division very unsatisfied, abused, and insulted. Do yourself a favor and spend your hard earned money elsewhere.

Francis C. | 2015-02-24

All I can say is Sewell has great customer service! Bought my first car last Thursday and was helped by Daniel Martinez (BTW, thanks Daniel for all your help and for being so patient with me). His service was outstanding! While browsing the showroom, I never felt pressured at any moment. Like I said before, he answered each of my questions (I had many). So, if you are looking to buy/lease a Lexus look for Daniel Martinez, he will be more than happy to help you out.

Stacey L. | 2015-02-23

This review is way past due...but better late than never!  I've been using Sewell Lexus since, hmm 2007?  Sewell always gives me the red carpet treatment, each and every time, even on their busiest days-they always go the extra mile to give you the attention you deserve.  This is from the time you pull in all the way to the delivery of your vehicle.

I actually look forward to visiting Sewell because of the customer service.....who gets excited about car maintenance?  I do...when going to Sewell!

Rusty M. | 2015-02-23

Nothing but issues with service dept. They broke a door panel and replaced the faux wood molding with a totally different color and didn't even tell me. When I brought it back they replaced it with a third color that didn't match in any way. This is one of a few experiences. They have been a total bust as far as service and I'm not looking for platinum service - just do the job. Interesting this last time they said I had a radiator leak but the service agreement covered the cost. Highly suspicious that there was actually a radiator leak

Holly E. | 2015-02-22

Reason #9259 I continue to do business with Sewell: I arrive this morning for my 15K service and I'm greeted with absolute smiles and sweetness. They put me into a convertible IS on this beautiful 70 degree, sunny day. I proceed to cruise all day with the stereo blasted, hair blowing in the wind with my Jackie O's on. I get a call at 4pm that my car is ready. I reluctantly return the convertible but they give me cookies, chocolate, and an amazing ice tea.

Best service on the planet! Service means everything. Make me feel like I mean something to you and I'm loyal for life.

Kim D. | 2015-02-02

Sewell Lexus is a wonderful experience.  They greet you professionally in a friendly way; and they are very knowledgable and competent.  They could make the wonderful  experience extraordinary if they would serve warm, freshly baked cookies and add a cappuccino dispenser, like they have down the street at Sewell Cadillac.

Colby M. | 2015-01-30

Bought my car from Sewell Lexus in November 2014. I originally tried to make my purchase with Park Place in Plano and that went horrible. After contacting Sewell via the website I bought and pickup my car in just 4 hours. Chris Carlson was my salesman and he did a great job! Will continue to buy from Sewell they are top notch with customer service.

Lee G. | 2015-01-11

A couple of weeks ago my car wouldn't start, despite the fact that the battery was brand new. So I had it towed to Sewell Lexus where I bought it. The tow operator said it sounded like the starter to him, but the mechanic said it was a defective terminal on the battery, so they replaced the terminal. A couple of weeks later, my car wouldn't start again, so I had it towed back to Sewell. Once again, the tow operator said it sounded like the starter. This time, the mechanic agreed it was in fact the starter, so they replaced the starter. They waived the tow charge both times and I got free loaners, but on the whole I wish they'd figured out it was the starter all along. Luckily, I was at home both times and not out someplace. Sure hope it really was the starter and not something else they missed. The Sewell people are great and very nice and helpful and all, but I have to wonder about these mechanics. This experience has been a disappointment.

Ken K. | 2015-01-05

I have had nothing but great experiences on multiple purchases from Sewell and the unbelievable auto service department. Recently, I actually tried to buy a different brand of car other than what Sewell offers and after one trip to a different dealership, I was back to Sewell because the other sales experience was so awful. Dawn B. at Sewell Lexus is always great and absolutely WONDERFUL to work with. Twice I have bought cars from her in under one hour with test drive and trade in. Once I bought one from Allison at Sewell Infinity who is equally great to work with.
I am done trying to go anywhere else. "Customer for Life"

RJ B. | 2014-11-25

If you are buying a car in Dallas, go to Sewell Lexus!  Jeff Price at Lexus Pre-owned is a consummate professional.  He made looking at and purchasing my vehicle extremely easy.  As a female, I always felt like he was talking with respect to me.  After I purchased my vehicle, I had some additional questions and Jeff took care of me. I am thrilled with my vehicle and with my dealership.

Max D. | 2014-11-04

I had a choice to go with BMW3, A5, but I bought my first car IS250 F sports with Sewell Lexus. The customer service I received from Sewell is awesome, compared with other dealerships I have visited. If you actually spend time to shop a car, you will find the differences.

I moved to Cali after I bought my car in 6 month, I was spoiled by Sewell and my sells person, the service I received from local dealer in Cali is incomparable with Sewell.

I have to mention my sells person, Adrienne, I told her I will wait some time till my credit score gets better and come back, she always remembered our conversation, and when my old car collapsed on me, the 1st person popes up to my mind was Adrienne, the whole sells team took care of me and made the deal possible. Even I left Dallas, any questions I have about my IS, Adrienne is always there to help me. The dealership doesn't dump you after you signed the contract.

If you decided to buy a lexus, Sewell is where you want to go.

John M. | 2014-10-27

Dealership is cosmetically nice and all employees were well mannered.

However, Sewell Lexus severely restricts the use of the Lexus Visa card.  

Baffling that a self proclaimed customer service oriented purveyor of luxury goods would act in such a way.

Here are the details:  I contracted to buy a preowned vehicle from Sewell Lexus and wanted to use my Lexus Visa card to pay for about 2/3 of the purchase price, the rest in a cashiers check.  To get quicker delivery.

Sewell Lexus refused to allow me to use the Lexus Visa card.  they said it cuts too much into their margins, which were probably already 20% on the huh?  If I buy an expensive watch at any retailer, using their co branded VISA, MasterCard, or American Express, their are no restrictions.

Is a Inflatable Gorilla next at Sewell Lexus?  Because they appear to be run by their bean counters and their marketing image is misleading compared to reality.

Harriet H. | 2014-10-16

So many folks complain about the cost of having repairs done at the car dealership, but I have to note that on two separate occasions, Sewell has saved me a ton of problems - and money.  On the first occasion, I was about to leave town and came in for a pre-travel oil change.  They noticed a problem with my battery, and changed it out immediately - at no charge.  On the second occasion, again doing another pre-travel oil change (notice a pattern here?), I pulled in, only to have the eagle-eye person in the drive thru notice a huge spike in my tire.  Further inspection found a nasty power steering without one second of hesitation, my service advisor, Graham Gage gave me a loan car and sent me on my way.
I don't think you can put a value on peace of mind when you're about to get on the highway....and I thank Sewell for always treating me like a queen, as I drive up in my almost seven-year-old SUV.

Robin G. | 2014-08-07

I am very particular about the cars I buy. This is why on average it takes me over a year to find a car that fits all my criteria I'm looking for at the moment.
I've been to most dealerships in the Dallas area and spontaneously stopped at Sewell Lexus just to exhaust that option as well and add them to my growing list of dealerships that are a waste of time....

I was absolutely amazed at my experience Sewell Lexus!

Probably the biggest understatement and cliche, but they REALLY go above and beyond to make the customer happy. I was only window shopping when I walked in but I found a car that fit everything that I was looking for and $20k cheaper than what I was willing to spend. I was assisted by Ken Brown and the fact that he treated me like a regular customer and not someone looking to buy a car was a huge plus point. He was extremely knowledgeable and did not play the pushy salesman. On average I spend about 5-8 hours at a dealership before a deal is made and I'm somewhat happy. Not here. Less than 2 hours after first seeing the car, I was signing the paperwork. HANDS DOWN THE BEST CAR BUYING EXPERIENCE I HAVE EVER HAD!

I NEVER speak highly of any dealership (good ones never existed before this)  but recounting my Sewell experience to family, friends, and coworkers was enough proof for them. I suspect that I will be seeing a lot more Sewell cars during family get togethers.

Olga S. | 2014-07-06

***I posted the review about a week ago, but somehow magically it disappeared***

This rating is for how the particular dealership handles potential customers.

I will be moving from LA to Dallas in a month and need a new car. I called up the dealership at 3:46 pm (Dallas time) on Saturday (they work until 6pm) and was transferred to Stephanie in sales. She was nice. I explained to her the options I want and told her the deal I am getting in Los Angeles (but I rather not deal with shipping the car) and asked her what pricing she can offer. She wrote down all the information and told me she will get back with me in about 30 to 40 minutes. Well, I haven't received the call that Saturday and Sunday the dealership was closed. I called myself today, Monday, at 11:26am (local time) and left her a voice mail just wondering whether she was able to get any information on the pricing. It is 5:24pm. I think it is enough time to give a quick 2 minute courtesy call even if she is still working on numbers, given she supposed to call me in half out on Saturday... Very unprofessional. I guess I better take my business somewhere else. Besides RX was really my last choice between ML and X5.

***Please note that the manager has responded to my earlier posted negative feedback (the one that got deleted saying that the salesperson got sick (really strange as on monday the receptionist transferred me to her without notifying she was sick and i can email him or call him to further discuss how he can help. That's great but: 1. we live in 21st century and if the salesperson is not available, there should be someone one at least giving a curtesy call. 2. Why should I be chasing them when i've chased enough and they have my contact info?

Bryan D. | 2014-07-05

For the first time ever, 6/4/14 I received a call from Sewell.  Ironically the day after I posted on yelp.  Sewell told me the shipping date on their online status was wrong and it was not in fact 6/19,  they actually have all the wheels in stock now (shocking).  I told them okay, ship the wheels ASAP.  He assured me they would and I should be receiving the wheels "within a few days".  

6/10/14 I receive another call from Sewell.  This time notifying me the wheels did not ship and were now on hold in attempts to "mitigate a review".  He said if i'd like too, he can ship the wheels out.  I told them I said to ship it asap on 6/3.  It was now 6/10 and the wheels still have not shipped.  Finally my wheels were shipped this day.  Although if you login to my account the online status never updated and still says "ready to ship"  (way to go sewell)

6/13/14 I finally received the wheels.  Familiar with Sewell's quality and customer satisfaction at this point it was no suprise to me that 2 of the wheels came in poor condition with minor dings and scratches around the edges.  One even had a small crack on the face  (See Pics)

6/14 (Saturday)I take my wheels to discount tires to mount the wheels.  They advise me to return the wheels because overtime the crack would get worse.  Also to repair the black chrome coating to fix the area you would have to refinish the entire wheel.   Hearing this and seeing the rainbow discoloration in the sun I agree with them and don't go through with it.  I call sewell planning to return the 2 damaged rear wheels.  They tell me they'll get back to me on Monday to get it straightened out.  Monday they tell me they do not have a replacement wheel in stock.  They'd have to order another one from over seas....

They told me it would be unknown amount of time to replace the wheels.  I would only expect another 3 months and thought i'd go insane after dealing with this any longer.   After they tell me this and several calls since then I got a RMA to return the wheels sent to me on 6/23.  

Early July I received a full refund.  They handled the refund without question.  

It goes without saying I really wanted these wheels and am extremely disappointed. I can't find any other wheels like this except from sewell and had high hopes to use sewell long term for all of my future modifications.   Sewell never once offered me any sort of compensation throughout the entire process of consuming my life for 3 months despite the dozens of times I've had to carry their damaged wheels up flights of stairs in my apartment complex,   dozens of ignored emails and phone calls,  money wasted on lug nuts,  countless times loading and driving them around,  and the huge hassle of money and labor I had to deal with repacking them.  (four boxed wheels doesn't fit in an is350 btw)

I can say out of 10+ years of online shopping Sewell has out done themselves with this wheel fiasco being the worst online shopping experience I've ever had to put up with.

Omar H. | 2014-06-02

For Pre-owned vehicles, they take a lot of pride in restoration.  I bought a 2008 GS that feels so close to new.  I didn't mind spending a bit more to ensure the quality of the car.  And, of course, like most Lexus dealerships, excellent service and they do things the right way.  Nice detail, full tank of gas, 2 sets of keys, very happy with the service.  End of month is typically a good time to get a deal!

Tony N. | 2014-04-18

This is THE first time I have ever been treated well when walking into a dealership. Especially a Lexus dealership. It took me months of searching around for the car I want. Going to dealership after dealership. Big company owned dealerships and small private owned dealerships. They were all extremely RUDE! I mean, seriously, you want my money and your going to treat me like that? They all need to take a lesson from Sewell of Dallas.

After almost giving up, I broadened my search to outside of Houston and I saw my vehicle for a very good price. I called and spoke with Russell and he was very respectful and very calm. He was not pushy at all. Because of this, I drove all the way from Houston to Dallas just to at least give it a chance. Once we met in person he was very kind and explained everything to me even what was going on at the time with the vehicle. He was very open and honest.

Granted, there were some issues with the car but they took care of it immediately. SOLD! Their hard work and courtesy showed me how much they want me to be a customer and I guarantee that I myself, my family, my friends will be coming here to do more business.

Ed F. | 2014-02-16

After over a week of research, including several test drives, my wife and I visited Sewell Lexus. We met at the door by Will Lemon, who couldn't have been nicer or more helpful. Will took us for a test drive and gave us some good advice on the difference between a 2013 & 2014.
Long story short, we leased a 2014 Lexus ES350 for an incredible price from a great dealership & a honest salesman.
I couldn't be happier.

Emily P. | 2014-02-13

I recently purchased an RX450 Hybrid from the pre-owned lot and it was a wonderful experience.

I was never rushed or pushed to make a decision, and was encouraged to test drive multiple cars so that I could really find the one that I want.

We were helped by Melissa Lauck, who was extremely knowledgeable about the cars, very warm and enthusiastic about helping us over the course of a couple days (buying a car is a big decision!). She had an answer to almost every one of our questions, and if she didn't know, she would immediately search out the answer.

Buying or leasing a car has been such a pain in the past, and this was not the case with my experience at Sewell. I felt like I got a fair deal and great vehicle. I absolutely love my car and working with Melissa to get it. The free car washes are a huge plus too!

Paul H. | 2013-11-19

Service: 5/5
-Upon pulling into the dealership I was directed to the service line
-Upon entering the service dept I was greeted and given a loaner
-The process was smooth and painless. I took my time to inspect the loaner car, adjust the mirrors and seats before pulling out
-Everything felt professional and efficient
-Complimentary car wash

Browsing the showroom, I was not pestered by any sales associate. I was interested in speaking with one however. I was offered to test drive an IS350 after being loaned the IS250 for a few days. Everything was low stress and a pleasure to deal with.

I have had positive experiences with every Lexus visit which has kept us loyal for many years. One minor gripe is that Sewell only offers beverages while other Lexus dealerships I've been to offer various things to eat.

Bill P. | 2013-11-06

I had to take an older lexus in for recall work, wasn't a big deal but why not...
anyhow, i called about it and made an appt. as they had a limited amount of loaner cars on hand, no biggie to me as i have ample trans but hate to get rides to dealers.. anyhow, i also needed some work done so they gave me a really nice sedan for 5 days while they did the work and such. end of the day, they could have replaced a bunch of stuff and charged me for it but didn't, the service was beyond the realm of perfection.

Tiffany R. | 2013-10-13

I walked in here like 10 minutes before the placed closed because I wanted to take a quick look at a car that I had seen online.  I was greeted by a salesperson who didn't rush me at all.  He told me to take my time looking and insisted that I took one for a spin.

Katherine K. | 2013-10-12

The experience you have with a car dealership is primarily based on the individual sales associate that you work with at the dealership. I had a great experience when I leased my RX450h from Sewell about 17 months ago.  Jennie Blilie was the best sales consultant and made the experience painless when I drove to Dallas from Austin to trade-in my 2010 RX350.  Based on this experience, I expected to be a Sewell customer for life.  Unfortunately, Jennie is now in the finance department and is no longer a sales consultant.

In June of this year, I got a call from Aimee Thomas, another sales consultant at Sewell Lexus, who said she worked in the used car department and was in need of used vehicles like the one I had leased.  She was interested in investigating whether they could buy me out of my lease and put me in a new model of exactly the same vehicle.  I told her I'd be happy to look at the numbers and if she would send them to me I would take a look and let her know.  I never received anything from her and she never called me back to let me know if she was still interested or wasn't able to make the numbers work.  Then, 4 months later, she called me back and apologized for never getting back to me and said that now the numbers were good and she was going to send something over "in 10 minutes."  Nothing showed up in 10 minutes but she did finally send something to me the next day including more apologies for the previous lack of follow up.  We exchanged a couple of emails that day and in the last email, I posed a couple of questions regarding how my vehicle was being valued compared to the trade-in value they were offering. That was 1 week ago and I never received an answer to my question.

When I emailed her today to express my dissatisfaction with the way she has treated me, she apologized but didn't acknowledge that she was again lacking in her follow up.
So if you choose to go to Sewell Lexus for a vehicle, my advice is to deal with someone other than Aimee Thomas.

Lynette M. | 2013-09-29

Living in California, found the most perfect used car in Dallas Texas.

Handled everything over the phone and a few FAX/emails.
Flew out and I was driving my new car in less than an hour !

Great staff, beautiful offices, looking forward to my next purchase !

Matt B. | 2013-09-13

Sewell Lexus - there is a reason Universities do case studies are the customer service and business model that Carl Sewell built. This is one of the dealerships you can go in to and not feel like you're getting ripped off. They replace key fob batteries for free, they wash your car for free, they give you a loaner for any service -- for free! They understand the importance of time and they get you on your way. I really appreciate the people at Sewell and their hard work. Keep it up - I'm still sending referrals your way!!!

Below you'll see a paint job completed by Sewell. Obviously it was not a great matching job done by the body/paint team. The paint manager did try to convince me that the lighting was the reason I thought the paint didn't match-- you'd have to be blind to think these colors matched. Anyways, after some back and forth, Sewell repainted to my satisfaction and I was able to move on.

Ron I. | 2013-07-26

I've been to both Park Place and Sewell on a few occasions dealing with my GS300. After 2 bad experiences with Park Place Lexus, and nothing but positive experiences at Sewell, Park Place is done with my business. After moving to Dallas from AZ four years ago, I brought my GS300 to Park Place regarding a chronic intermittent problem with the brake pedal. Basically, when you come to a stop, occasionally the brake pedal wouldn't immediately release when you took your foot off (which would lead to a moment of panic sometimes). I had a dealer in AZ check out the issue on 3 or 4 occasions and they were never able to duplicate it. The problem finally got to a point where it was constant and Park Place was able to diagnose the problem ($2,800 for a ABS unit). However, I was now out of warranty by 2k miles. I explained that I had been complaining of the problem for at least 2 years (in AZ) and they were never able to find the issue. The service adviser tells me that "Lexus is very strict and they're not going to cover the repairs since you're over the mileage). I called Sewell for a 2nd opinion and got a great advisor (wish I could remember his name) who said he didn't think it would be covered but (VERY important), I will see what I can do! Great response. Now I sort of felt comfortable that he would try to get it covered. He called me back and said "Good news...Lexus will cover it! How great is it when someone actually tries to help you???

Every time I deal with Park Place, they seem unwilling to try to help you. Why do I need to jump through hoops to get assistance with my car? Lexus service is supposed to be superior to other dealers. Sewell seems to understand that and they will continue to get my business.

Tim D. | 2013-05-23

Most honest and kindest dealership on the planet! I'm treated like royalty here. Everyone is very knowledgeable and if they don't know something they will find it out for you. I've gotta mention Travis Weathersby in parts because he has always gone above and beyond to help me. I'm a very picky customer and have a lot of questions and Travis always finds answers for me. I'm forever loyal to these folks because they treat people like family.

Zac S. | 2012-11-07

I want to share a story about my second awesome experience with SEWELL. Anyone who has purchased a car from them knows the service and quality they provide for the extra dollar. Anyway, I went car shopping yesterday to over 6 dealerships. Everything I saw was presented unprofessionally, not true to the AD's posted online (duh) and overpriced without the option to wiggle much as firm and as a customer I was. Kind of had my head down after the day. I was on Lemmon Avenue and I decided to just randomly take a visit to SEWELL LEXUS to see their pre-owned. I went inside and was greeted by a sales associate named Daniel. He showed me not only what they had in my price range but what every Sewell had (meaning he would get minimal if any credit if I went to a different Sewell to get the car). We found a Nissan Altima Coupe S on their lot but it was out of my budget by a pretty hefty number. We went outside to look at it and I seriously was aww'ing over it like a 10th grader at a Skrillex concert. 40,000 miles, 1 owned, only serviced at Nissan, premium package, etc. I told him that my budget was firm and thanked him for showing me. We went inside and he pulled up my history at Sewell. Apparently my family combined had purchased 3 cars from them. Anyway, he took my information down and told me he will talk to his manager and give me a ring if he could get it closer to my budget. I didn't expect that to happen because it would have taken a serious cut in the cars already good price (It was the best deal for the car in 500 miles according to ). I expected for him to call me with a price maybe 200-300 dollars less but he called me two hours later and gave me a price that beat the market by 1,250. They really worked with me. I'm going to pick up the car at 3 knowing that I'm buying exactly what is advertised. Sewell has a customer for life.

PS: The civic Sewell sold me in 2010 is also running amazing!

Susie O. | 2012-09-14

The customer service at Sewell Lexus is unmatched.  Carl Sewell knows what he's doing when it comes to taking care of his customers; he wrote a book named Customers for Life, a recommended read, after all!

The staff is very approachable, not to mention incredibly nice.  If you're in the market for a new car (or even if you aren't), put Sewell Lexus on the top of your list.

Christy T. | 2012-09-06

Sewell Lexus of Dallas, Christine Weesner (Sales Associate - ; 214.353.2106), and Alex Oger (Technology Specialist - ) proved to provide incomparable customer service throughout the entire event purchasing my second Lexus from Sewell and Christine.  I was consistently updated on the progress of my trade-in as well as purchase.  From start to finish, the process was the most swift and efficient I have experienced.  Sewell, Christine, Alex, and all others within the dealership I interacted were informative, helpful, and friendly.

Christine and Alex obtained my vehicle settings preferences and had everything set-up when I was ready to pick-up the vehicle (which they offered to deliver if more convenient!).  Having previously owned two Audi's, after a year or more, I would "discover" features I never knew existed in both vehicles.  Examples include a six-disc CD changer housed in a back, side compartment with the first Audi and with the second options to view and select various information such as the average use of gasoline per gallon; present rate of speed; current trip mileage; or another alternative of the six or so available.  My career heavily surrounds innovation of technology, including user-friendly functionality; nevertheless, I struggle familiarizing myself with new vehicles' technology or rather, I did.  I have not found myself fumbling around, flipping through the manual, or becoming frustrated while attempting to acclimate myself with the Lexus RX's technology due to the time they spent explaining and demonstrating the features and functionality of the Lexus RX.    

Before meeting Christine at Sewell Lexus of Dallas for my first purchase, I assumed trading-in would be a feat by reason of previous experiences with much less complicated trade-ins; however, I was shown to be incorrect as it was handled quickly and seamlessly, unlike all previous involvement with dealerships, trade-ins, etc.  My thoughts of purchasing a vehicle in the future by no means included a better scenario, but again, I was enlightened by way of my second purchase.

I am unable to emphasize the amazing display of customer service provided by Sewell Lexus of Dallas, Christine Weesner, Alex Oger, and all other Sewell employees I encountered.  Regardless of your interest in a Lexus, I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Christine Weesner ( ; 214.353.2106) to familiarize you with Lexus vehicles as well as Sewell Lexus of Dallas' way of doing business, not only because you may find something of interest as a result of Lexus' superior ratings in all areas including safety, reliability, quality, and technology, but also to experience the precedent Sewell Lexus of Dallas sets for all dealerships as it should be no less at any other dealership than what I assure you will encounter with Sewell Lexus of Dallas and Christine Weesner.

Bruce C. | 2012-08-10

This place is a little crazy.  I was there around 3pm and there was a double line of cars that went from the service bay to the street.  I was there to get parts, so they were in my way!

Even after I got my part, some of the cars hadn't been cleared.  I suppose that means that people like the service here.

My experience at the parts counter was average.  Got what I needed, no hassle, though there was somewhat of a wait as only one parts counter guy was there for the first couple minutes.  Finally another guy walked up and helped me.

The dealership itself is nice as you would expect Lexus to be.  There's a free fountain drink dispenser and lots of places to sit.  I've heard that you can get an iPad loaner if you've forgotten yours at home.

Prices on parts a little more than they are at the other dealership in Plano, but I think this place has a bigger inventory...  Just anecdotal.

K A. | 2012-07-05

Adin used to be my service adviser until she transferred to another department with in Sewell.  I was so lucky to get assigned to Brittany, who is equally as fantastic!  These ladies have always made me feel like something special, even though I am not rolling up in a top of the line RX or LS. They are honest, and responsive.  I don't ever feel like I am being taken advantage of.  Lexus quality had me transfer from Mercedes, Lexus service has me want to be a customer for life.

Amy K. | 2012-05-25

All I needed was a car wash, and I'm super pleased with Sewell. I came at 3:50p (the car wash ends at 4), and there had to be at least 15 cars ahead of me in the pull-through garage. I was a little discouraged, thinking the wait would be forever, but they had me out of there by 4:15. I'm so happy all the dead bugs are gone!

Ash W. | 2012-04-14

7 years ago I drove away from here in my car. 4 Lexus dealerships later in 3 states, they still stick out  for great service.

I once held out on service to wait to get back to them.  Until I found my current dealership I compared every other place to Sewell. Generally, everyone lost.

Always on time, polite, upfront, and on top of their game. They will point out things they notice so you have a heads up before something goes disastrously wrong.  The free car washes whenever you want don't hurt either.

My only issue came when I was passing through on my way to my new home of Colorado. I asked to not have windshield washer fluid filled unless it was the stuff with antifreeze. They looked at me funny (this is Texas after and I am not sure they've even heard of the stuff down there) and went ahead and filled it up. Fast forward a few months in Colorado when it is -12 Degrees F and I have slush for washer fluid. Thankfully nothing was harmed.

Jenn M. | 2012-03-31

Sewell Lexus is the best !  This the the 2th car I have purchased from them.

Staff is friendly and goes the extra mile.  Whish I could say the same about the Porsche dealership.  But thats another story

Edna Z. | 2012-03-24

I have been a customer for over 15 years and love the place.  They are the most professional car dealership I have ever dealt with in my life.  The service dept is the best.  I drop my car off and they have me driving away in a loan car within minutes.  

I can say I have never had a bad experience with them.

Aiden K. | 2012-02-27

By far the best dealership and far beyond perfect customer service.  The place is fantastic.  Everyone there are friendly and will do anything they can to satisfy.   Sewell Lexus is the perfect example of fine customer service at it's best.

Shanna C. | 2012-02-16

Alright, I was hoping to add a star and take it to 5 stars but I can't. Kind of trivial, but I am doing it. The service here was great. It really and truly was. I know it's standard service to run the car through the car wash, but I must stay my car was cleaner than it has been in months. Thank you for that! The recalls on my vehicle were fixed, and I knew that I might have a battery issue. The technician called me and informed me that I needed a new battery and notified me of the cost. I declined because I knew I could purchase a battery and install myself for much cheaper. Service was wonderful, as the people here are ON the ball. Very much so.

Now let me explain why I did not take this service to the 5 star level. When I picked up the car, I could tell that everything had lost power as the sunroof wouldn't work. I really thought that to be a lack of attention to detail and that they should have made sure everything was re-calibrated before delivery.  It really wasn't too big of a deal as I had to replace the battery and would be doing the same, plus I know how to get everything working again after a battery replacement. But that was 1 attention to detail that would have been a real problem for a person not knowing the 'fix'.

Issue #2: When they replaced the tabs that hold the plastic cover (the one that covers the battery), they replaced them with the ones that 'pop in' rather than the ones that screw. By doing this, when I took the plastic cover off, there way no way for me to remove it without breaking those plastic tabs. The ones that were on the vehicle prior to entering service were the screw kind, therefore not needing to replace them every time you check the battery. I just thought that was another lack of attention to detail. I can't imagine that the screw kind cost all that much more, so I don't understand it. Now I don't have any tabs holding the plastic cover on, I need to go buy some I guess.

Issue #3: After replacing the power module, it seems that my car is not idling at a steady RPM. It is fluctuating randomly. I am still not sure if I need to take it back in for this. I am currently monitoring the issue and will make a decision later.

Sewell, I hate that I couldn't take you to the 5 star level, but these 3 items were just silly to me. Maybe next time, I will be back!

Yum Yum H. | 2012-02-15

Out of my experiences with Mercedes, Porsche, Acura, and Lexus Dealerships - i've had the best experience from Sewell Lexus Dallas when I lived in Dallas.  They understand what true customer service means and really provide extra services that other dealership just won't go out of their way to do.

I'd buy my next Lexus from these guys.

Lauren T. | 2012-01-17

Sewell Lexus is fantastic! Although I decided to not go with a Lexus at the time, the sales process was extremely helpful and not pushy at all. John Montgomery was my sales associate, and he was super nice to work with at all times. He was prompt with answering the questions in my emails, he returned my calls quickly and he went out of his way to help me no matter what. Everyone was polite in the New Car Sales office as well, and they even have free cookies and ice cream for customers on Saturdays! SCORE. I am currently working with Sewell Cadillac on a new vehicle (my heart was set on this car before I visited Sewell Lexus), and I am happily receiving the same treatment there as well. Sewell is just a class act company all around, and they are simply hard to beat. Amazing customer service... No wonder their reviews are so high!

E P. | 2011-10-05

I have never met the parts staff in person (I live in MD), and only have dealt with them through phone or online, but they are by the far best Lexus dealer I have worked with.  

They have everything for my car available online, and if there is something I'm not sure about, or have addtional questions, I call them and someone knowledgeable answers my questions.  Same with their online team.  Their prices are better than what I'm quoted at my own dealer.  

Definitely worth giving them a try.

Geri R. | 2011-08-01

Sewell has ruined me for all other car dealerships. Buying my car could not haven possibly been more pleasurable.

Courteous, professional staff (Brent is fantastic). Complimentary beverages. Free car washes for life. I may just go there to hang out.

Andy P. | 2011-07-28

Sewell offers EXCEPTIONAL service. Whether it be basic maintenance or body work, they treat you very well and always try to help. I bought my car here and often go to other dealerships because I don't live nearby, so I have to get her serviced at other dealerships. But when I do get a chance, I always enjoy my visits here.

The online appointment system is very quick and easy to use and they usually remind you 24-48 hrs before for those who are forgetful. You can reserve a loaner car and car wash etc. Another thing I love is they give you a good estimate of when your ride will be ready. Thanks Sewell.

Elizabeth S. | 2011-06-29

GET a 2ND OPINION BEFORE HAVING WORK DONE HERE!  I've been a customer at Sewell since 2003 when  I purchased my car there.  I've been bringing my car in for regular service/oil changes ever since.  A couple of weeks ago I brought my car in for a regular oil change and was told that I had valve and cam leaks that would cost $1500 to repair.  I told them because it was such a high-cost repair that I would bid out the repairs.

I did a lot of research to find a repair shop that had great reviews (I chose MasterTech in Plano) and took my car into them for a 2nd bid/opinion.  When I dropped it off they said they are seeing more and more people who are coming in for a 2nd opinion after dealers (including Sewell) have told them work needs to be done only to find out the car is fine.  They said if the work does need to be done, their cost for the same repairs was $900. Sure enough, my car was fine and MasterTech returned my keys and car at no charge.

I was shocked.  Sewell's 'Customer For Life' policy has clearly been abandoned. Due to this betrayal of trust, I will never take my car there again and I advise anyone reading this to avoid them as well.

Todd C. | 2011-06-17

Best Lexus Service Department in the USA.
My only suggestion would be to definitely not buy a new or used car here. There are zillions of low mile Lexus on Ebay in the Dallas area for 30%+ off Sewells prices. Recently bought another car on ebay, took it straight to Sewell Lexus and its as good as certified now. The certified story the new/used sales people give you is so weak to justify the huge price difference. Not worth paying $15k more for the same car with less miles at a local ebay dealer. These are Lexus. they dont need a warranty !

Ron S. | 2011-06-17

I recently had some major service to my late model GS300 and found the customer service exceptional.  

Also, the cost was actually lower than I expected.  They beat the quoted price I had previously received from another local Lexus dealer and were cheaper on both the parts and the labor.

Soung S. | 2011-04-24

This dealership is hands down the best Lexus dealership in the DFW area. I have been burned by Park Place Service one too many times. They are always helpful no matter if your in service or the showroom. I always get taken care of well here. They have a nice dealership as well. If I was in the market to buy another car, I would come here first.

Roxanne K. | 2011-04-17

I went here shopping after a miserable experience elsewhere (see my other "car dealership" review for a laugh). What a wonderful place... the staff are so nice to work with and they take really great care of you. I was impressed by their sales and service claims. If you buy a car here you get free car washes for LIFE. LOL How amazing is that? They will come and pick your car up to service it.

I put my name on the list for a CT200h... what a long list for this auto. They had exactly what I wanted on the lot and here I was thinking "ohhhh, I'll get to buy a car today after all" only to hear "actually, every car you see on this lot is already sold"... wow, good for Lexus at 350 cars flying off the lot per month. Their doing something right and if my experience is any indication... I see why.

Jose B. | 2011-03-10

We took our car for some repairs. The customer service that we received was excellent! The problem was taken care of in a timely manner. Definitely had a great experience.

Megan H. | 2011-01-30

I love Sewell.  I have bought several, yes several, cars from their auto group and I have never, not even once, been disappointed by their commitment to quality and service.  Whether it's an oil change, a car wreck, or purchasing a new car, I am always helped by the nicest people.  Their waiting rooms are nice and cozy, but you never have to end up waiting long.  Their service managers are always helpful, despite the high traffic there at every hour of the day.  I am definitely a customer for life.

David P. | 2010-10-24

Having test driven/purchased vehicles at many dealerships in the metroplex I must say that this is one of the best. The most important aspect of this is courtesy and respect. When I want to look at a vehicle I want to be shown a great vehicle with good explaination and little pressure. We first test drove an ES and IS several years ago with Chris P. and due to certain circumstance were not able to purchase a car at that point.  We had a nice enough experience that we sought him out again and just purchased an ES yesterday. Most other places we went we very high pressure and frankly just creeped us out to the point of wanting to leave and take a shower. This mostly applies to park place mercedes and university park audi who were potential competitors (very high pressure). Overall a good experience so far.

Sabrina B. | 2010-09-19

Ok - I have to admit I love Sewell - except for the price, which is why I gave it 3 stars. Benny coming here for 14 years and loved it. Today my radiator broke. When I called to get a price estimate, it was almost $1100! That was enough for me to call Davenport Motor Company fir the 1st time. Their price? $675. Sorry Sewell - I love your convenience & I always knew I was paying a premium - but now that I know how much of a premium I probably won't be back.

Jeff L. | 2010-06-26

I have had a few friends ask me why my wife drives a Lexus when it is basically made by Toyota.  One big reason is the service that we get as Sewell Lexus of Dallas.  My wife loves her car but I have been totally won over by the service that we receive every time we go into the dealership.  Before we dealt with Sewell I would have never sent my wife in to get her car service without my help..Their service team takes care of her from the minute she enters.  They welcome her by name, they always have a loaner car ready to go, the move all of her stuff to the loner car, they offer her coffee, in short they continuously affirm our decision to do business with them.  When she picks up her car she get the same service plus they always have car washed.  That is a nice touch.  Five stars for Sewell Lexus of Dallas.  Great Job

Nikki B. | 2010-04-21

I rolled up to Sewell this week after driving by and thinking, "Hmm... what's a little test drive gonna hurt?" I'm in the market for new wheels and figured what the hell, let's just go see what they have!

Woody, my new favorite car salesman, greeted me at the door with a big personality and warm smile. I know this whole process can be a bit intimidating at times so I was happy to be welcomed by such a friendly man. And better yet, Woody never talked down to me or treated me differently than any other customer. He was honest, straight-forward and showed some serious respect.

We went through some options and a list of what was on the lot, then grabbed a few sets of keys to go take a look. I feel head over heels in love with a particular car on the lot and Woody let me take it for a spin. Then he got in the car with me and went through all the options the car offered and answered my million questions without ever making me feel stupid for asking.

Then the part I always dread came up. I followed him into his office to talk numbers. I explained that I wasn't purchasing that day, and not until I'm darn well ready. I told him that although the car I drove was perfect, I'd like to still keep looking to see if something better comes along. I gave him a list of exact things I was looking for, and if it lands on the lot to call me; but that I didn't want to hear from him otherwise.

I half-expected to see a crap email come in sometime that day about some other car he found that wasn't the exact one i wanted, but *close*, or some other sales push bullpoop. Nada. No emails or calls thus far. I like that!

I'll keep you all updated on whether or not Woody finds me the car I want. I sure hope he does!

Paul K. | 2009-12-08

Great buying experience!  I bought a Honda CRV, and it was really pleasant dealing with everyone.  My only other experience is buying from Volvo in Richardson, where they played all of these games trying to upsell you on service warranties you don't need, while pretending to lower my interest rate, acting as though it was something they did.  I also get free lifetime car washes from them for free, which I've taken advantage of fully.

Dan D. | 2009-10-19

Never disappoints. We have bought cars here since 1998.  My last visit to the dealership I was replacing the batteries on my car remote which would normally incur a fee, but the parts dude replaced them at no charge.  Typical service received here.  When you have to wait, the waiting room is comfy with phones, dataport, and complimentary soft drinks, bottled water, tea and coffee.

Amanda M. | 2009-06-03

As I am wont to do, I managed to blow out (yet another) tire.  When I took my car to Sewell I was not expecting much.  However, I felt like they were honest (found out the last Lexus dealership my car frequented had lied about a few things- don't go to Northside Lexus in Houston!) and respectful.  They took me out to the shop area to get some things out of my car when it was on the rack and it was so CLEAN out there- a stark difference from my usual Maple Ave hookup, which I realize hardly equates to quality, but order makes it seem like less will be overlooked.
They are EXPENSIVE, but it is Lexus and you can't really be all that surprised.

Bob B. | 2009-02-16

I was recently tasked with talking to Sewell Lexus about a (2)extremely bad lease agreements made with the dealership, and subsequently, what, if anything could be done. I have my answer as of this morning 2/16/2009, "absolutely nothing". The lease agreements were for (2) company vehicles., an RX 400h, and an RX 350. The 400h contract is for $914/mo.!!!, and the RX 350 is for $775/mo.!!! Both were written with terms that far exceed the factory warranty.(A joke!) No attempt was made to reduce the cap cost on either vehicle, and obviously nothing was done to make the monthly payments remotely reasonable. I spoke with the GM there, and he pretty much said "too bad". When I told him he had lost two customers, he said "so what". Carl Sewell wrote a book on customer loyalty a while back.....I guess those days are far behind them. These two lease ageements are the worst I have ever seen. The 400h was even a demo, and it was listed as such on the contract! I warn anyone who is about to do business with them.....they are truly sharks circling you in the water.

bee s. | 2008-09-15

I purchased a hybrid in August of 07 and it was the most pleasant car buying experience I have ever had. My salesperson Jeff Hazelwood is a professional. I never felt any pressure to purchase a car just support in making the right choice for me and my lifestyle.
I have been so pleased with the service. I drive by for a free car wash with frequency and they can not be nicer and when I have had the car serviced it has been easy breezy. You get a loaner and off you go. My service rep John Bonsal continues the wonderful customer service that was begun the day I walked in in 8/07.
Prior to the Lexus, I have been a benz , volvo and saab owner and never did I feel respected after the sale. I always felt like I was being taken to the cleaners and how long could they keep my car while I was driving a loaner clunker. Sewell is the best game in town.

Van P. | 2008-01-05

I dropped off my car for its scheduled oil change, and perhaps it's because my car isn't actually a Lexus (just purchased off a Lexus lot with Lexus warranties), but the service here was terrible-- curt, uninformative, and almost determined to be unhelpful.  I was only permitted to come in on one designated day of the week because the non-Lexus guy only worked that day (which barely makes sense). I had initially been given the impression that the process was an in and out affair, but upon arrival, I was informed that it would take all day to get to it.  I wasn't given a loaner car to get to work, though a subsequent examination of my invoice showed that I allegedly was.  And then they piled on a bunch of services that were *needed* that I was ultimately charged an exorbitant arm and leg over.  

And of course, after all this, I'm told by others that this particular Lexus is reputed to be the worst in the metroplex.

Malabar J. | 2007-12-04

We bought a Lexus (used) for my wife this fall. First of all, it's really a great car. But this is about the dealer we got it from, not the car itself. I've never liked buying cars; some people I know really enjoy the bargaining. And the internets have certainly given the buyer a leg up compared to 25 years ago. Still, it's just not my cup of tea. But buying a car at Sewell Lexus was utterly different. It was one of the most pleasant consumer experiences I've ever had. Everything was totally low-key; there were absolutely no pressure tactics. The service is so outstanding, and they treat you so well, so respectfully, that you become a customer for life. Which -- not coincidentally -- is the name of Carl Sewell's book. One of the reviews of the book on Amazon sums up my experience as a customer: "This book ... gives a real life view of someone who is passionately dedicated to service and shows how service drives superior business."