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Rusty Wallis Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 348-7500
Address:12277 Shiloh Rd, Dallas, TX, 75228
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Rusty Wallis Honda

Carrie D. | 2015-03-03

Do not use the Honda financial services financing.  I have always paid on time except once due to unexpected medical issues.  I called in advance to make an alternate payment arrangement and that pay date is two weeks away but honda keeps calling multiple times to harrass me.  They use Robo calls and their rep asks the same questions each time until I ask if they have READ the account notes/ payment plan.  And then I ask them how many days it is until the agreed pay date.  They say they will keep calling.  So I will pay on the agreed alternate Payment date while I look to trade in this honda to get another model (not Honda) car.

J L. | 2015-03-01

I researched and either visited, emailed, or called all the local Honda dealerships these past few weeks in search of the best price and value on a 2015 Honda Accord. Rusty Wallice and his team beat the others hands down. Some of the other dealerships took exception, sometimes subtlety, sometimes not so subtlety  that I was shopping around for the best value and price. Salesman Jonathan Glasscock listened to what was important to me (my time and seeking value) and honed in on how he could best meet my needs. Some (most) of the other dealerships kept trying to convince me of what was important (to them+money out of my pocket). I was treated respectfully, efficiently, and in an non-adversarial manner. I found what I was looking for: a good price and value. I was disappointed at the way I was viewed at by the other dealerships. I have no problem handing over my hard earned money and understand a business deal has to work for both sides....not just the dealer side.

Ken J. | 2015-01-30

I decided a few months ago that I wanted a 2015 Honda Fit, after doing my research about the vehicle. A part of that research was also about the different ways a person can approach the purchase of a vehicle now -- one of which is via the internet. I started that via , who let a number of dealerships in the DFW area know that I was interested in a Fit (though I was not quite ready to purchase). I got numerous replies and price offers at that time, and Rusty Wallis Honda's internet Sales Manager, Joseph Nash, offered me one of the lowest prices for the features that were offered on the vehicle. I emailed Joseph and the other dealership's sales managers that I was not quite ready to purchase. Joseph was the only one of the managers who replied to me, and in a friendly and understanding way said to just let him know when I was ready, and that he'd be happy to take me on a test drive.

I made an appointment with Joseph for that test drive yesterday, and was impressed not only with the vehicle, but also with everyone there at Rusty Wallis Honda. When I decided to purchase I was offered a no-hassle experience that was one of the easiest I've ever had when purchasing a car. Joseph also introduced me to a Service Manager who would be taking care of me and my Fit whenever it needed any service work.

I grew up in a small town, where business people really tried to take care of their customers not just because they knew word would get around if they did not, but  because their customers were their friends and neighbors. I had that same 'small town' feeling of caring at Rusty Wallis Honda. It didn't feel 'corporate' or 'high-pressure'... it felt small-town neighborly.

That's why I feel assured that whether its services I may need in the future, or the purchase of another vehicle, I'll get good care. If you need to buy a new car, I'm sure there are other fine salespeople at Rusty Wallis, but I personally can highly recommend Joseph Nash to you.

Monica B. | 2015-01-02

I purchased a 2015 Honda Fit less than a week ago. The process was like any other dealership. I spent about 3.5 hours in the office. Everyone was very nice but, then again, that is their job. The test drive was wonderful and I have no complaints about my sales consultant John Glasscock. The finance portion is where I have my issues.

I went in with my own financing but I was told they could probably get me a better rate and to see what the finance team could do. I purchased a car with a sticker price of $19,025. Obviously they came back saying the price wasn't correct and that 3 extras were included but 3 others weren't. After everything was said and done the total came out to over $24,000 which meant I couldn't use my own financing without a down payment and had to use the in-house financing with a rate slightly higher APR than my other. I agreed to purchase a few extras on the car as well as GAP and a warranty. It made me very nervous that I was being charged so much for the car and that my payments came out higher than I was comfortable with. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I should not have signed. The dealership grossly overcharged me for GAP and for the warranty. Being that I'm not in the car business I didn't realize I was being overcharged for these until I had a chance to contact some outside sources. My sources (former and current Honda and car dealers) told me they scammed me. I contacted the dealership to try and get a list of the "extras" I paid for but was told they couldn't find the paper and that someone would call me. I've emailed and called about these gross overcharges and no one has bothered to contact me.

I feel as though they bumped the prices of these items so that I would have to finance more money and have to use the in-house financing. It also ballooned my payments into something I may or may not actually be able to afford. I'm paying $5000 more for the car than I was quoted. Now I can't get anyone to answer my questions or call me back. I was charged $895 for Gap insurance and $2000 for a warranty. You could buy a $60,000 Cadillac and not pay prices this large. I shouldn't have been charged more than $400 for Gap and $1200-$1300 for the warranty. Had I known this and been able to negotiate the price then I would have gotten the car for less and been able to use my own financing. They also charge $125 doc fee which is negotiable as well (as it is not fixed in the state of Texas and there is no cap).

It is a good dealership but BE CAREFUL and I'm not sure I'd recommend them. I was pretty darn satisfied and happy but now I'm just so disappointed in the lack of customer service. My finance guy scammed me with the biggest smile on his face and now I feel like a fool. Absolutely go in knowing how much you should be paying for extras. Carefully look over your Buyers Order before signing it. I also wasn't able to fully inspect the car prior to them pushing me to hurry and sign the documents. Had they been honest or had I obtained that information prior to going in I wouldn't be stuck with an inflated car payment. I wish I could take this car back and just go to a different dealership.

Lesson Learned. Thanks Rusty Wallis.

Chelsea B. | 2015-01-02

This review is for the service department. I don't live particularly close to Rusty Wallis, but I make it a point to come here for the great service! I'm always greeted by friendly faces and accurate time estimations. In reviews,I try to remember the names of people who were especially helpful but then I would list the whole service staff. Oil changes and tire rotations are my least favorite chores but they make it so much more painless for me! They don't try to rip me off and are very honest. I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Andrew H. | 2014-12-28

I can't tell you how happy I am dealing with Eric Lucy.

we got jerked around at David Mcdavid where they quoted one price over the phone and email and tried to tack on thousands when we got there. And they were rude about it. They tried to threaten me with making the car I wanted a demo if I didn't come back and buy it that night.

lute riely didn't want to deal till after Eric gave me the best price I could find online. Then they called every day to try and steal my business. They even blocked him from moving the car I wanted to Rusty wallis so I could buy it there.

Eric gave me a price out the door and that was the price I paid. NO GAMES.
NO changes to the price after I got there.
It was the best experence I could have hoped for buying a car. If everyone dealt with people like Eric does and Rusty Wallis does, car buying would not have such a bad reputation.

Sara L. | 2014-12-26

I bought a certified pre-owned Accord here last year with around 35k miles.  The sales experience was pretty typical, although they were extremely insistent about using their financing department when I had already secured my own financing through my credit union and was adamant about using it.

Almost immediately after purchasing my car, I found the TPMS light was CONSTANTLY coming on, especially on the highway even though the tire pressure was found to be normal after measuring it.

On top of that, a few months after purchase, I took it to be washed and one of the car wash employees asked me if I had recently purchased the car.  I said yes and he said I should take it back to be rebuffed and pointed out multiple spots where it was poorly buffed and had all these funky looking swirls.  At the time I lived almost an hour away from the dealership and just did not have the time since I was working a lot of weekends.  

In addition to those issues, there were these rubbery parts of the driver and passenger seat windows where the bottom of the window meets the car which were loose and loudly flapped around in the air when I drove on the highway.

I finally got it in earlier this year to get these issues fixed and they did fix the flapping bits of window rubber.  However, the TPMS light is still constantly coming on, even when the tire pressure is measuring just fine.

And if that wasn't enough, the car has been making ridiculously loud sounds when I drive at higher speeds on the highway. Turns out the wheel bearings were out. Had to get them replaced. Absurd.

I just can't recommend them given the constant issues I've had since purchasing this vehicle.

I'm already dreaming about the day when I can upgrade my vehicle and I haven't even had it for 2 years.  My partner is due for a new vehicle in the next year and we won't be coming back.

Tim G. | 2014-12-20

If your wasting all afternoon at Lute Riley and spending money re than $100 just for an oil change, you need to come to Rusty Wallis instead. I could never get out of there in less than 45 min, and always ended up spending more despite coupons. At Rusty Wallis, it's just less crowded. Plus, there's a totally different vibe here: way less car-dealership-like. I get the sense that they're trying to build s long term relationship rather make a quick buck.

Just raised to 5 stars 'cause they washed it!

Jennifer H. | 2014-12-11

After a week of looking for a new car, I went back home to Rusty Wallis Honda. I bought a Honda Fit from Tommy Norman in 2012 and was now looking to upgrade to the Honda CR-V. Not only was my sales experience with John Hargis comfortable, simple, and pain-free, but then I got to work with Tommy in financing. Both John and Tommy treated me with respect, didn't push me to make decisions, and made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. John went above and beyond making sure my leather upgrade was taken care of quickly and even made sure my phone was set up for Bluetooth before I drove my beautiful new car away. Thank you John, Tommy and the Rusty Wallis Honda team!

Caren N. | 2014-12-07

I have bought my last 6 Hondas at rusty wallis. I have been to other honda dealerships and had the worst experience and came right back to Rusty Wallis. They will not haggle you and will get you the best deal possible. John Hargis is the car salesperson I have been working with on the last 3 cars and he has never let me down. He makes my experiences at Rusty Wallis enjoyable, fast, and friendly. I would never go to any other dealership.

Kayla M. | 2014-10-28

Purchased a vehicle here 3 days ago. I work in sales myself, so I know all about how some people in this line of work can be very pushy and pressuring, but it's not like that here. They're knowledgeable and you don't feel forced into getting something you don't want, as I've experienced while browsing other car dealerships. Everyone I dealt with was wonderful and friendly. Highly recommend this place, and I'll be returning for years to come. Ask for Stewart or Brandon when you go, I guarantee a great experience with them!

Dee R. | 2014-10-28

When my mother and I first arrived to Rusty Wallis Honda I was approach by a gentleman named Bernard. He was friendly, but I expected that because he was at work. He ask what I was looking for and I stated a Honda CRV something with low miles.  He walked me over the  CRV's and allowed me to sit in it and look at the features. He did suggest other cars and SUV's but I knew what I wanted so he did not try to change my mind.  I told him I was just looking and I will shop around at other places.

I did shop at other dealerships.  The other car salesmen  did not take me seriously they stated I should not get a Honda CRV.  I went to one dealership in McKinney and the salesman ask when was the last time I financed a car and he would not even unlock the door for me to me look inside the CRV.

After several bad experiences I went back to Rusty Wallis Honda and asked for Bernard ( turns out he is a pretty friendly person not because he have to  be  at work). When I arrived he guided me straight to the Honda CRV's  and that night I purchased my first Honda. I thank him for being patient, kind and courteous. Several car salesmen from other dealerships need to take lessons from Bernard.

Jason M. | 2014-09-21

My wife and I leased a new 2014 Honda Accord Sport.  Our experience with Felton Jones was positive from the start. I had been in communication with him through the internet, and we found him to be trustworthy, friendly, and he made us feel at ease when making our purchase. He did an exceptional job making sure we felt comfortable with the controls on the car, before we test drove the car. We looked at other dealers, and were glad we chose Rusty Wallis, as this has been the best experience for the both of us.

George H. | 2014-09-07

Absolutely the best place in DFW to buy a new Honda, not the most glamorous dealership but I challenge you to find one friendlier or more fair, Great deal and a Great buying experience, ask for "Mitch" he's the internet manager and he is a easy guy to work with.

Charilyne R. | 2014-08-28

This is a bit of an overdue review but well deserved nonetheless. Manny helped me buy my new first car here a few weeks ago and I love it!!

My parents had previously bought a car here  but I was hesitant about Hondas. I knew they were excellent cars but I thought I really wanted a Kia Optima. After agreeing to go with my parents to look at Rusty Wallis, we pulled in and Manny immediately remembered my dad. We looked at some cars but to be honest I didn't give it a fair shot. We went to the Kia dealership and instantly returned - I ended up with a great Accord.

I felt everyone was so helpful, knowledgeable, and honest. They will go out of their way to make sure you find everything you are looking for. I even got my plates within a week. Go buy a car from Manny at Rusty Wallis!!!

Qianxi W. | 2014-08-25

My friend and i bought our own cars with the help of Alan Glazer. It is a great car buying experience. And our sales Alan Glazer is a really funny and nice person. Helped a lot on providing mechanical knowledge and buying process information. You won't regret to buy a car from Rusty Wallis Honda. Especially after another friend had a terrible buying experience in another Honda dealership...

Charelle B. | 2014-08-24

I've never had such an awesome car buying experience. It was my first time purchasing a vehicle by myself. Robert Villareal went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable and understand everything about the buying process. The finance manager, BJ was very informative and knew so much about the finance part, his personality and helpfulness really made my purchase so easy. I would recommend this dealership to anyone whose in the market.

Amelia V. | 2014-02-11

I had a wonderful car buying experience here!  From the beginning they were honest and put their lowest price out front (we went through an internet deal).  I went to other car dealerships that claimed they would "match any price" but when I told them the price I was quoted at Rusty Wallis, they said that they couldn't match it "because that price is too low and they must not be telling you about all the costs."  So I went back to Rusty Wallis and I'm glad that I did!  Joseph Nash was so helpful --  never pushy or intrusive, but let the company, price, and the car speak for itself.  He went out of his way to help me and make the car buying experience a pleasant one.  He called me and made sure everything was taken care of -- he even personally went to go pick up the car from another dealership since the color I was looking for was not on stock.  I had to leave the city for a trip, and he got everything fixed and ready for me in record time.  There was even a small bubble from the tinting that he pointed out to me and told me if it didn't go away, to let him know and he'd send a check so I could get it fixed where I was moving to.  In the end I was satisfied with the car, I knew I got I great deal, and was treated very well.  Highly recommended and if you get to work with Joseph Nash, you'll be well taken care of.

Mike L. | 2014-02-05

This review is for the service side of the house, but I can also say that the sales department here is actually very good, not obnoxiously pushy and respectful.

I've been using Rusty Wallis for service on our Honda SUV now for the past year and I've had very satisfying service every time I've gone. The SUV has been in for a number of minor and major repairs (preventative) and for some overall TLC.

Service Advisor, Chad Green has been awesome to work with. He's never been rude, pushy or made me feel like he's trying to sell me "add-ons" with service. He's been kind enough to prioritize service items that are "must do's" and advised me on the "should do's" to do later. Always returns calls when he says he will and has been a straight shooter when it comes to pricing and on what our vehicle needs.

The service performed has been exceptional and I've never had to return because of a incorrect or faulty repair. They'll even clean your vehicle for you before you pick it up.

Best part is Rusty Wallice will send me coupons in the mail for up to 15-20% off service repairs...which can really help to reduce the bill.

Overall I'm extremely satisfied with the service I've gotten here and will continue to seek out Chad for his help to keep our SUV running for many more years to come!

Eric E. | 2014-01-01

Have only been here for warranty/recall service.

Seemed like a standard repair facility for an auto dealership.

The service completed the work by the time promised.

The waiting area is nice. You have the option to wait inside or Ina covered area outside.

Lisa A. | 2013-12-25

Went there yesterday to look at a Honda Fit. I've owned 2 Hondas prior to this and was thinking about buying a third. After meeting w/a salesman, I can honestly say that if I was going to buy a 3rd Honda (which I'm not), I would go to any other dealer in Dallas.

The salesman at first seemed ok (inspite of complaining about having to still work (forever) b/c of his kids. However, I was trying to get an idea of how much the Fit actually costs (the MSRP is 17,000+) and this is where he lost all credibility and any possible sale w/me.

He stated that, "There is little negotiating room on the Fit b/c it is one of the few Hondas that is made in Japan." Huh?!? Really?!?. I almost laughed at him when he said that, but I managed to contain myself. he then tried to pigeon hole me into a corner about price asking, "how much I wanted to pay?" and when I responded how most people would, "Well, how much does the vehicle go for?", he got offended. Guess he was hoping to take advantage of me. I think he didn't actually look at my age on my license and just took the fact that I'm working at Starbucks and that I look like I'm in college (I'm extremely petite and had no makeup on), to mean that he was going to rip me off. (I'm actually 35 so this was never going to happen.)

Then, enter in his sales manager who refused to negotiate w/me until I made a purchase. He even had the nerve to say, "we will negotiate WHEN you come back."

I'm sorry, but I don't make $15,000+ purchases from people who treat me like an idiot and who I also DON'T like. Rule number one in sales: establish rapport!!! They forget there are at least 2 other dealerships in town that I can buy exactly the same car with without dealing w/2 horrible sales people.

Anyway, the reason I was shopping around, is b/c Im extremely petite and I think Honda tends to make their vehicles too wide for me. Anyways, after shopping around, I decided to buy a different make this time around. I took the fact that I received such horrible service here as a sign. AVOID BUYING A VEHICLE HERE AT ALL COSTS! HORRIBLE SALES TEAM! THEY DON'T TREAT CUSTOMERS W/RESPECT!

Dennis L. | 2013-12-18

Never again will I ever deal with this dealership!  After negotiating and agreeing on a price and terms that certain equipment (roof rails and headrest DVD system) be moved from my old vehicle to the new one, we drove out of the dealership with the new vehicle (without the equipment moved since it was closing time).  After a week of constant follow up on my part to see if I could come in to have the equipment moved, we were finally told that I would have to pay for the labor involved with the transfer of equipment despite what was documented and agreed upon that day of purchase.  Since I refused to change the terms of the agreement, they requested the vehicle be returned to them and we take back our old vehicle.  BUYER BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!!

Travis J. | 2013-11-19

Stopped here because phone and Navi system weren't working in my accord, and this was closest dealership to me at the moment.  A salesman got into my car with me and explained many of the features to me which the dealer where I bought the car was unable to do.  He then worked with me and another salesman for sometime to figure out a solution to the problems I was having.  They were extremely generous with their time, although the problem turned out to be an issue that only the service department could resolve.  The people I interacted with at Rusty Wallis Honda left a great impression on me, and I will do business with them in the future.

Aislyn G. | 2013-11-07

I'm so thankful I didn't buy here. The gap insurance they say you have to have on any car in case of a wreck that covers the difference in what you owe to what your insurance gives you is an incentive based program. My down payment means ill never be upside down but it was still 'necessary'... Noooo thank you

Debbie R. | 2013-10-25

I did all my shopping via internet as I did not have time to shop.  My car was totaled and I needed something fast, but wanted the best deal.  Joseph Nash responded promptly with a price, and then provided a drive out price when I asked, and it was a great price.  I was cautious about the old "bate and switch" but it didn't happen.  He constantly proved to me that the price he quoted as my drive out what the price I was paying.  What a wonderful and refreshing experience!!

Benoy A. | 2013-09-29

My basis of this review is solely on the purchase of my new vehicle via email. As a price conscious consumer, I did my research on the web and started shopping among local and non local dealers. There were many dealers willing to give prices and even match other guys pricing, well so they said. So many of them thought I was a sucker and tried to change their price for some reason or another. However, Mitchell Smartt was the only one who HONORED his price. For that, I would highly recommend people to do business with him. You should still do your due diligence in shopping around, but you can trust that Mitch will stand by his word. The peace of mind that you get knowing that you won't get hoodwinked at the last minute is worth it.

Dev S. | 2013-09-07

Like many others on here you cant go wrong with this dealership.  My parents were looking for a car and being the protective son I am I went with them.  After a bad experience at another dealership we came here to look at Honda's.  

We were greeted by Kenneth in the new car sales area.  He is very knowledgeable and showed us several cars.  Once we picked the CR-V then we started to wheel and deal.  My dad has some consumer reports info on his phone so we knew what dealer cost was on the car.  After going back and forth a few times I stepped in and told them since my dad was born 3 months after Hitler invaded Poland this maybe the last new car he buys.  I told them a final price and Kenneth made it happen.  We got the car for $500.00 over dealer cost.  After that we went into the business office where the business manager was so nice.  We got the extended warranty and paid for the car.  Since it was near closing time they told us they would have the car ready by lunch time the next day.  When we got there the next morning the car was cleaned and ready.  The XM radio was activated and ready to go.      

I have always thought car buying was such a dreaded task we have to do in life but the experience we had at Rusty Wallis was great.  They have treated us with respect and like a family member.  After we drove off the lot and days and weeks later we got phone calls to see how we are doing, if we need help with anything like the nav system or the on-board computer system.

Margaret G. | 2013-07-09

Best car buying experience I've ever had. Peter Kramberger was our sales associate, and he was extremely diligent and informative. I'd done research and knew exactly what I wanted. Not only did Peter get me the best price out of multiple dealerships, but he made the entire car buying experience as enjoyable and efficient as possible. We will definitely go to him for our next vehicle.

Mike U. | 2013-05-24

Ok, this is the first time ever that I have written a review for a car dealership. I had such a wonderful experience at Rusty Wallis that I felt the need to write one. I was in the market for a new 2013 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan. I emailed all the local dealerships and Christopher Pritchett of Rusty Wallis emailed me back with the best price. I showed up at the dealership and everything was as promised...even all the extras like trunk liner, window tint, wheel locks, pin stripe, ect was included!! In addition to the great price on my new Accord they gave me a very fair amount for my trade. I have bought a few cars in my day and this was by far the easiest, most hassle free car buying experience that I have had. If you are in the market for a new car do yourself a favor and check out Rusty Wallis Honda and start with Christopher Pritchett  or Ronnie Taylor who work in the Internet area. They will treat you right and get you a great deal. Also, this dealership is still family owned which is a nice plus in my opinion.  BTW I absolutely love my 2013 Accord EX-L in black with tan leather!

Arturo C. | 2013-05-22

We had a very good experience buying our used Honda Accord from Rusty Wallis Honda. Our salesperson Jimmy was super helpful and courteous. He answered all our questions and helped us navigate through our first car purchase. The vehicle was in great condition and we paid a fair price.

Dori H. | 2013-05-16

You can't go wrong at this dealership.  I can only speak for the used car side but I had a fantastic experience.  John Hargis went above and beyond for us on trade-in and making sure every detail of the truck we bought was exactly as they promised.  We also dealt with Ronnie on his team and they couldn't have been more courteous.  Even going so far as to deliver the car two hours away.  

Great price on our trade-in, great price on our new truck.  We couldn't ask for more and you won't be sorry if you visit.

Vince B. | 2013-03-28

John Hargis took my absolute top price on a 2013 Odyssey Ex-L (no Nav or RES) - nobody else in the metroplex would meet it.  Complete out the door price with TT&L.  No bait and switch, no pressure, no last-minute add-ons. Of course, the finance manager's job is to show you the advantages of financial add-ons like extended warranty and gap insurance, and Zafar did a very professional job at it, it just didn't meet our specific needs.  John not only didn't pull anything like a bait and switch; he was super-friendly and helpful.  In spite of being busy, he gave us all the time we needed, explained all the features efficiently and understandably, and was friendly and respectful with us and patient and open with our very zealous kids.  It was well worth the drive from Denton to near Garland to get this deal and get to have this experience.  My advice after negotiating with lots of dealerships in the metroplex: Go to Rusty Wallis and ask for John or Chris - they really treated us right.

Lindsey L. | 2012-12-04

I bought my used car through internet sales and had a great experience.
Rusty Wallis Honda was one of 3 dealerships that had the car I wanted. I chose them over the others because Chris answered all my questions thoroughly, promptly, and with courtesy. Jason on the finance team offered me a better deal than the banks, and went the extra mile filing the out-of-state papers with my local DMV. When I picked up the car, everyone I encountered at the dealership was helpful and friendly. The car was everything I expected and I'm still loving it.

Kelly M. | 2012-06-20

I bought a new Civic at RW a month ago.  The salesperson, Z, was delightful, and bent over backwards to make the process easy.  The financial person, though, was insisting on the max for a service policy, resulting in a payment that would be $600 per month.   He wouldn't back down, until I threatened to walk out, and then we got down to business.

A month later, I came back, to same salesperson, to buy a Fit for my son, who is going to college.  Sale went great.  New financial person was delightful--that night.  Two weeks later, he calls back, to tell me that I had failed my new credit check, and that, instead of a 4 year lease, I would have to do a 6 year purchase.  This issue is still cooking at the moment, but the Financial department is the epitomy of what dishonest car dealerships are all about.  Stay away!!

Anthony B. | 2012-03-14

Yelp does not allow long reviews. Below is a link to my full review of this horrible business.…

Jessica S. | 2011-05-31

Had an upsetting experience with the used car dept. We needed to trade off our car because of a high mileage/warranty situation. So the used dept put us in a car we didn't really love(an accord-just bigger than we needed) but promised if we came back in 1 yr, we could trade out for anything we wanted and lower payments. One year later, we return only to be told our mileage was too high for any such trade. We explained we had some unforeseen family matters and were driving further daily than we had intended. We were then told there would be no way to exchange for another used car, we were looking for something better on gas and maybe a lower payment.  So they took us over to new cars, only to have us sit there for another hour to tell us that unless we put like $5,000 down and took a monthly payment of $500+, they weren't going to do anything for us. All this from the salesman and car buyer/seller(the guy who hides in the booth) that spent so much time assuring/promising us the previous year that a new(used w/e) car would be no problem when we came back. I would really love to find a dealership that isn't chockablock full of LIARS. Our previous car came ordered from Mini, and that's the closest we've gotten so far-but that went south quickly  once it came around to servicing it.
Anyhow, I wish anyone who goes here better luck with their car buying experience-I know it's always different for each person's situation.

Richard T. | 2006-05-04

About 7 years ago, fresh out of high school, I bought my first car here... a 1999 Civic. About a year later, I traded in my Civic and bought an Accord from this very same dealer. Both times I had my parents with me, we were able to get an awesome deal on both cars.

3 Years later, the Accord needed to be traded in. I come back to Rusty Wallis (without the parents) expecting to get a great deal. Boy was I wrong.

They treated me like total crap. Almost like a child (probably cause i look like a 12 yr old.) All I wanted to do was buy a civic, I did my research, i knew what I wanted. No one wanted to help me. After finally getting someone to help me, I felt like the salesperson thought I was wasting his time by trying to get the financing, options and price straightened out. After over an hour of negotiating with the guy I got frustrated and said... "you know, what... nevermind" and left. He never even checked to see that I was a loyal customer to that dealer!

I went to John Eagle (a smaller dealer) near Downtown and before talking to anyone, went up to the receptionist and asked for the nicest sales guy there... the guy who helped me actually talked to me and I was able to get awesome financing on the car, it all happened very quickly without having to deal with unneccesary BS. Thank you John Eagle.

I probably won't go back to Rusty Wallis because of my experience... And I hate saying that cause they've treated me so well in the past.