Park Place Motorcars Dallas, a Mercedes-Benz Dealer in Dallas, TX

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When it comes to the craftsmanship, engineering, safety and innovations of Mercedes-Benz, no one understands what you're looking for better than the team at Park Place Motorcars in Dallas.


Established in 1987.

Park Place has created a name in luxury automotive sales and service by creating an extraordinary ownership experience with several car dealerships and exclusive luxury brands. Our flagship store, Park Place Motorcars Mercedes-Benz, was established over 20 years ago and has become a community partner in Dallas.

If you're looking to purchase or service a new or pre-owned Mercedes-Benz or other luxury brand automobile - come by an experience the difference of being a Park Place Preferred Client.

Park Place Motorcars Dallas, a Mercedes-Benz Dealer

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 526-8701
Address:6113 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75209
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Park Place Motorcars Dallas, a Mercedes-Benz Dealer

Kelley D. | 2015-04-02

We have conducted several business transactions with MB Park Place dealership and specifically Adam Bradford.  In every instance, we have received exceptional service, insights and support throughout our entire process from the initial research, to purchase, to ongoing maintenance on our vehicles.  Adam has always been able to place us in the right vehicle given our circumstances, budget consideration and overall goals at the time.  The management and service group provide exceptional service as well.  Needless to say, we will continue to go back to this group for our next transaction.  We would highly recommend working with Adam and the entire team at MB Park Place.

Jill L. | 2015-02-02

Service here is generally smooth and courteous, and they now have an app for scheduling service - pretty convenient. Snacks in the waiting room are better than BMW's - bonus.

William N. | 2015-01-21

Park Place made my Mercedes purchase enjoyable from the start. These guys are the utmost professional. Everything is just as you should expect.

I will back soon to add to my collection.

Miss K. | 2014-12-30

We had great experience with Park Place and John. John was very respectful and courteous. We were not planning to buy Benz any time sooner but we wanted to checkout some of their inventory. We were greeted with the smile at the front desk, girl told us to wait until she calls someone to help us. John came to help us. He took his time to find us what we asked for. We loved what we saw and drove. Decided to buy very next day as it was our daughter's birthday. My Husband wanted to give me a birthday present, So we couldn't find any better day to make our purchase than the very next day. Process was really smooth and fast. We were out of the dealership within 2-3 hours (maybe less). I never thought that purchasing a car can be this pleasant experience. We felt like, we went to buy a clothes (maybe smoother than that) lol and it was in and out quick.
We went to Fort Worth Location one time long back but did not have the same experience and left the idea of buying Mercedes but this location is awesome. I am definitely going to make another purchase in future. :) I highly recommend John Shepherd. Hopefully when I go back for car service, I get the same customer service. :) I will update my review once I visit their service department. Thank you John and Park Place. It was great doing business with you.

James T. | 2014-12-27

Nedd Ross made my experience buying my new Mercedes the most pleasant automobile purchase ever. He went out of his way to meet my expectations, and I will certainly return to him as well. His assistant Brian Johnson has contacted me numerous times to make sure that I am enjoying my new car, and to explain additional features and amenities.

This was a purchase well worth the money spent. I value the experience as much as I do the product, and I would recommend Park Place to anyone who wants a seamless purchase of a luxury automobile.

Raenell R. | 2014-12-12

Park Place knows how to do it right! From the sales to service and everything in between, amazing. I never felt pressured when looking to buy the vehicle and now that I'm in the service center no pressure there either. Just an amazing happy to be of service attitude. Then I meet an employe that has been there almost 35 years. He sang the praises of the owners and other employes. Nice to see.  Well done Park Place.

Naser A. | 2014-11-30

Love this place, Great deals & Prices. They will make you feel at home with thier service. My brother got a car from Chris last week and he told me what an amazing deal he got, so i told him to take me with him for his visit this week for finishing up stuff. First car we looked at for myself, was the one i wanted. We took it for a drive and it felt amazing. 3 hours and we were out of there with a brand new car. Thank you Chris

Full of life Y. | 2014-11-06

I live close to Grapevine Park Place than this location.  I read other Yelpers' review about Grapevine location, it was pretty bad.  Worst story was the tech guy left a cap after the service.  Honestly, that story totally turned me off.
I heard about Park Place reputation. My normal MB dealer is in Austin & I just can't drive to Austin to do my Service A.  
I read about this location so I made an appt & took my car in.  My advisor Robert was awesome!  He was friendly & he sure take care of his customer!  I even joked to him "I need a sugar daddy, would you help me find one?"  I pointed a very expensive car & told Robert "Actually tell a rich guy who buys that car "Korean woman comes with this luxury car" for free" "  He laughed at my joke.

I left my car, picked up a loaner car & headed out to shopping with my friend.  Totally forgot I don't have a house key or extra garage door opener by the time I got home around 9pm.  Well, i use car garage opener so never thought about carrying an extra one.  My mistake cost me $100 to unlock my front door.

I went & picked up my car, everything looks good. Paid & drove off.
The next day my friend pointed out "your tire cap is missing"
I notified Robert at the dealer & he promised me to replace the cap for me.
I just need to take this lazy butt over there to pick it up...

Over all, my experience at this dealer so great. My advisor is awesome & I have no problem going back.

Roshunda J. | 2014-11-05

This was by far the best experience I have ever had buying a car.  After the phone tag game with other dealerships, walking into Park Place and speaking with John Shepherd was refreshing.  I was treated like family and never once thought I was making a purchase.  Needless to say I love my car and thank you John Shepherd, you were awesome..

B S. | 2014-11-04

My family has purchased cars from the adjacent dealership for many years, so I decided to trade my Mercedes for a newer pre owned ( I never purchase new cars! Never ) I called and explained that I would like to come in to see about purchasing a new certified pre owned car.  The staff were very helpful and courteous.  We do not live in Dallas, therefore this was a out of the way trip.  Upon arriving were greeted courteously and  treated very well.  The sales manager whom we were referred to passed us off to an older salesman.  We got right down to business and told the salesman what I wanted and he proceeded to show us new cars.  I explained that I do not want a new car.

Also, this whole process took a solid three and a half hours.  (A good high pressure salesman will never get right down to business.)  The salesman was sure to tell us plenty about himself and  how long he has lived in the states and has been selling cars, how many he sells, and so on and so on.  I tried to stay objective and not judge but I could see this coming from a mile away.  He was quite arrogant but I kept telling myself to be objective.

After all the talking, walking around and the old salesman's showboating his career and quality of the cars we were sat at a desk and shown the numbers for our car and the new car that was (as we were told by these  crooked professionals) is a better deal than a used car.  But the price nearly 50% higher.  There were three of these people standing over us trying to pressure us into taking this deal!!  Not only that they all took turns explaining that this is the best price for this car and model.  these are nothing more than regular old greasy used car salesmen dressed up in a fancy office. After  they realized I was not going to pay they quickly shuffled us out the door and said we will give you a call.  I left feeling as though I was treated horribly because I would not pay their ransom.  I will never step foot or let one red cent go toward that company ever!   High pressure sales is the unwritten motto at Park Place Mercedes.  Also, let it be known this is not how the Porsche dealership treat their customers just Mercedes!    I know a lot of people in Dallas would not care what they pay, but as for me I will always be frugal. I did go somewhere else and bought exactly what I wanted for exactly what I wanted to pay!  Be warned!! HIGH PRESSURE SALES they are doing and saying anything to make large profits off of you!  If your reading this and you are some what frugal do yourself a favor,  give them a little litmus test, give them a little resistance you will see what I am talking about.  Good luck!  And remember they are not the only dealership in the area.
** As for the internet P R guy that will try and retort this, nothing will change my mind or make me take this down.

Roy R. | 2014-10-16

Once again the make-ready department tracks mud in my car.  I guess I should be thankful that they didn't scratch my dashboard like they did before.  You would think that someone at this high end dealership would get this issue figured out.

Chad N. | 2014-09-11

So about 2 years later they finally get my key mailed to me! I do recommend PP: Benz if you are looking at getting a Mercedes. Do I enjoy the cars? I like the style, but forget washing it, they tend to have more "dirt" and problems under the hood! These cars apparently used to be hand made and out of titanium/metal only fast forward 20 years and they are made on an assembly line in Alabama and out of plastic that is cheaper quality than the plastic ring you got your kid from the quarter dispenser at the grocery store. Seriously! I went to get an update on the key and upon my car being brought to me as I get in the e-brake is completely ripped out of it's socket! How do you deliver someone's car to them after washing or servicing and not notice that a "broken" e-brake is not normal or is it safe? They fixed it only it was another hour wait. I do wanna give a shout out to I believe Mario was his name for going above and beyond for me to ensuring that this problem was resolved immediately and not a minute longer. His professionalism and workmanship are a well deserved 5-star rating in my book. The only other sad thing is that when I went in to get my car washed I was told it would be about an hour, only 2 hours later no car and not even washed! Do I recommend buying a Mercedes? No. It you like cars that have issues every 3 weeks (and I mean sometimes twice a month minus the servicing) you're going to love it! With me being a business man I don't have time for issues and problems when I spent $65k for a car that should master "perfection" and rather the carmaker doing recalls just let the customer have the issue and let them pay as if $65k for an SUV wasn't enough and I could have purchased 2 cars for that price. Do I recommend this dealership? Yes! It just maybe the best MB dealership in Texas. I have been to MB dealers in Houston and Austin and the service doesn't compare to them. These guys will actually work with you, not screw you over. It's just owning the car itself that tends to be a screw over and a big let down. A lemon shaped M-class would do Mercedes about right! How many flashing red warning lights and dead transmissions can I get in 3 years ownership? Btw, once you get to about 80k miles my advice is to bring a message therapist with you while you wait in the lounge, the unbelievable maintenance bills will have you wanting to go be a contestant on wheel of fortune before you decide if it's better to just go climb up to the roof and jump off.

Ryan B. | 2014-08-17

I had been in the market for a new car for quite awhile, and I was fully expecting to buy from one of the large area wholesalers in Carrollton or Houston (who have great deals, by the way) or buying-and-flying from an ebay sale. I kept an eye out, however, for the outside-chance that I'd find a good deal on a CPO SUV at MBUSA dot com.

When one popped-up, I drove down fully intending to grab it because it was competitively priced; a CPO; it was in my backyard; and I didn't have any shady Internet dealings or questionable history from wholesalers. I had a good experience with Shiloh. As indicated, I knew exactly which car I wanted, so I wasn't really "sold" the car, and the entire experience reflected a no-pressure approach: I was there to buy one specific vehicle and they were going to try to make it as easy as possible. I'm pretty sure they could tell that someone coming out on a 100-degree day to look at just about the only diesel SUV on the lot was there for a reason. Even with that foreshadowing, they still negotiated with me I left feeling like I got a pretty good deal.

Brad D. | 2014-08-12

By far this had to have been my best car buying experience ever. Bought a new C-class back in May for my partner, and after dealing with many other rude salesman and dealerships, I was blown away by the amazing treatment I got from Amine. It was like buying a car from my best friend! The experience was so awesome, I went back a month later and bought myself a new E-class from Amine as well. This guy really takes the stress out of the car buying process and treats you like a million bucks. I have bought many cars over the years but never had this kind of treatment! If you go to Park Place, you have to go see Amine, he's seriously the best salesman period!

I actually just recently had to service one of my vehicles (very minor) and even this experience was awesome. Paul was my service advisor and he seriously had to be the nicest advisor I've met. I previously purchased a Mercedes from Ewing in Plano, and what a difference in the way I was treated. He communicated with me constantly, never had to wonder what was going on. The biggest surprise is when he brought my car back he said I was almost out of gas and offered to fill it up for me at no charge! Everyone at Park Place truly knows the meaning of paramount customer service. I'll never buy from anyone else!

Stacie M. | 2014-08-11

Great customer service!!  Justin Cole in sales really made our buying experience a comfortable one.  Not buying a Mercedes but purchasing a used Nissan made no difference in our superior treatment we received from this dealership.  everyone was so nice & we highly recommend this group of professionals to anyone wanting a new/used car.

Lance W. | 2014-08-04

Alex Licea is the best!! He is always so attentive and easy to work with. Today he worked a miracle. My car started overheating THE DAY before we were set to move to Las Vegas and the car was to be shipped. He got it in day of and had it ready in a few hours!! He, along with the rest of the service team, provide top notch service every time! Thanks!

Tim N. | 2014-08-01

Leased E350 2014 from John Dagnan over a year ago. Had a good experience then and just had the A check done on my car. Everything is pretty smooth at Park Place. Very large dealer and everyone I have came in contact with has been great. I want to say thanks to Johnny Olivares working behind the desk. Very professional, personable guy. Park place is lucky to have him.

Jordan M. | 2014-07-24

We recently bought a car from Park Place, and had a great experience with the staff.  Chris, our sales person, has been very easy to work with.  When we purchased the car, he stayed late to accommodate our schedule, and takes plenty of time with us after the sale whenever we have concerns.  He personally walked us through all the technology in the vehicle, and took time to answer all of our questions several days after we had purchased the vehicle.  This dealership is a class act.

Tom C. | 2014-07-03

HaHa!!  I think you know you are in trouble the minute you call them up and they are trying to solicit you to work there! Never talk to anyone who has not worked there for 5 years---and good luck with that. If you really want to be treated like royalty never purchase the car. Because once you do, you are no good to them any more.

James S. | 2014-05-07

I brought my car in for oil change  4 months ago and was up sold new tires as well. Agreed and paid and left.  Next morning at 5am when leaving home one of the new tires was near flat. I Had a major meeting for my company in Houston I could not get a flight or get a car so had to drive and air the tire up every few miles to keep it going. Very scary and dangerous. Called service to basically get no help. Finally had to go to another Mercedes dealership in Houston that treated me amazing and replaced the tire at no charge even though it was installed improperly. They also detailed the car and gave it back to me show room floor ready which my own location where I bought it did not do. The manager I finally got on the phone said next visit they would gladly make up the issue and detail my car and they were sorry. He would put notes in the system. All was good but I am at the service department again and no notes are in the system and no one knows what was discussed. Very frustrating. So I am taking it to another store in north Dallas now. I understand errors. But when you tell someone that you will correct the mistake and do something nice in return and then no follow through just frustrates me.

Velvet J. | 2014-05-03

I bought a car here (a 2014 E350), and took my other Benz here for an estimate to repair it.  So...where to begin?  Perhaps I've been spoiled by dealing exclusively with Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Newport Beach the last ten years, but I have to tell you, Park Place Mercedes is a FAR cry from Fletcher Jones.  When I bought my car it took literally HOURS to complete the paperwork only to be told after waiting for FIVE hours that we would have to come back the next day to pick up the car.  That wasn't the only annoying thing--the salesperson we initially dealt with passed us off to his assistant relatively quickly and we NEVER saw or heard from the original sales guy again (not even a follow up call to see if we were satisfied with our purchase).  The assistant however was FANTASTIC.  Why on Earth that young fellow isn't promoted is beyond me, but he gave way better customer service and was by far more personable than the original salesperson.  

Now onto service.  My older Mercedes had an issue and needed to be towed in.  We waited for over 20 minutes for a service advisor to come to us and the service department was clearly far from busy.  It was only when I pointed out that it wasn't fair of us to keep the tow truck driver waiting did a service advisor finally magically appear.  Then when we sat down with him, he took our information and said "I'll be in touch with an estimate).  

Note:  When I dropped off the car, there was NO mention of a $99.00 charge for "running a diagnostic."

So the next day comes and I get the call with the estimate and I ask the man if there are any discounts since it's an older car and I don't want to put that kind of money into it.  He says "I'll find out and call you back."

Never heard from him.

Went to pick up the car and take it to a local shop and was quite surprised that I couldn't simply get my key.  

Had to go to the check out desk and was presented a bill for $99.00 "for running a diagnostic."

I said I was never told of the charge and I wasn't going to pay for it.

They quickly removed the charge which I was thankful for, but geez...give me a break...I buy a new car from these guys less than a month prior and they try to sneak in a charge that I never approved of for another car I own?  Where is the attempt to build customer loyalty?

These things would have NEVER happened at Fletcher Jones.

Anyway, they process the paperwork, and tell me to go wait outside and they will bring my car up.

FIFTEEN minutes goes by and then my car only comes up after I ask for it the THIRD time.

Let's recap...

1.) Original sales person of my E350 dumps us off to his assistant almost immediately when he finds out the sale of the car is actually going to happen.

2.) No follow up whatsoever from the original sales person to see if we liked the car and had any questions.

3.) Waited five hours for them to process the paperwork for the new car only to be told that we would have to come back the following day to pick it up.

4.) Try to sneak in a charge of $99.00 that I never agreed to on my other car.

5.) Waiting much longer than it should have taken twice at the service department first to drop my car off and then to pick it up.

No.  Just no.  

Ms. Jones won't be coming back here.

I'll  be looking for another Mercedes dealer in Dallas to do my thing with from here on out.

Thanks for nothing Park Place Dallas.

Now, in response to the message that Rory E. from Park Place after he read my review...

Rory, are you offering me the same "Pre-paid maintenance" offer as the one that Mercedes of Calabasas just E-mailed me?  It appears this is a Merecedes Benz offer right now--not one exclusively made to me from Mercedes Park Place Dallas as a gesture of good will in light of the experiences I described above.  Please correct me if I'm wrong....(I added a photo of the email I received offering me the pre-paid maintenance from the Calabasas Mercedes dealership--in my opinion, it looks like the same thing Rory is offering me doesn't it?)

Here's my final update on this:  Rory wrote me and told me that the three years of pre-paid maintenance would be for a NEW car I would PURCHASE in the future.  I told him that I had no need for ANOTHER new car as I just spent 65,000.00 on one 5 weeks ago.  Thanks, but no thanks.  I'll be doing my Mercedes purchasing and serving elsewhere--and YOU may want to as well.

B. H. | 2014-05-03

Horrible customer service! My husband and I went in to look at the cargo space in the GL 450. We walked the parking lot for a while and actually had to stop an employee who attempted to just walk by. He just pointed us in the direction and walked off. It did not appear he was working with another customer. We went inside the new car entrance and the employees barely looked up at us. No acknowledgement. Looked at an ML on the showroom floor and looked at different color options on the back wall. I made eye contact with at least five salesmen and not a single one even said hi. My husband and I walked back toward the, for the lack of a better term, "welcome desk". Four to six employees scattered, a few walking right by me close enough to brush my arm, and couldn't be bothered to look up from their phone. When we turned the corner, Oscar was standing there. We asked about the GL and he was very informative and even took us to the parking garage to see a new one. Once we returned to the showroom we were greeted again with employee noses in the air and the cold shoulder. I have never been treated so poorly at a car dealership. I guess because we were in t-shirts, they didn't think we were a sale. Little did they know... I will never under any circumstances, do business with Park Place Mercedes or any Park Place Dealership for that matter. Shame on your training team and your customer service. You're an embarrassment.

Alexus S. | 2014-04-24

I bought my car from Park Place Mercedes and whenever I need my car serviced they get me right in with a loaner car and usually have my car back to me the next day! We will be buying more cars from Park Place in the future.

Brooke L. | 2014-04-23

Best. Car. Buying. Experience. Ever!

I'm not kidding. I freaking, really, HATE purchasing a car. My salesman UNDERSTOOD HOW TO WORK E-MAIL AND TEXT MESSAGES AND USED CORRECT GRAMMAR!!!

I have started the car buying process about 8 times the last two years.  It seems, most salesman don't understand that I am smarter than them.  I'm not trying to be mean, but it's true.  I have researched the car, I know my credit score, I know the interest rate I will pay. I also know how much I will pay for the car (thank you unlimited internet access at work).

Next, I do not have time to sit in a dealership. I want to drive the car and leave.  I will conduct all other business electronically.  For most places, this is hard for their salesmen/women to understand.  Park Place allowed me to do this.  I drove the car, they appraised my trade - and we were done.   We conducted all pricing, questions, and EVERYTHING electronically.  I received a text when it was time to sign the finance papers and that was it.  I swear to God, I spent less than 1 hour total here and got exactly what I wanted.

Way to win over Millennials with your understanding of technology, Park Place.

Cassandra D. | 2014-03-28

I have just recently purchased a CPO (2012 C250 Mercedes) from Park Place.  John Stark, my salesperson, was absolutely amazing.  He was not like any car salesperson I have ever met.   Not only was he a good listener, but he made sure all my specifications were met.   John worked with me until he found the exact car that would meet my needs.   From the service department to the administrative staff,  everyone is exceptionally professional and courteous.  John introduced me to the sales manager and he was also extremely professional and made me feel even more at ease about my new puchase.   Lillian, the bells and whistles specialist,  is the person who knows all about these high tech cars.   She is very patient and extremely knowledgeable.   I left knowing how to use all those neat enhancements of my new car.  The waiting area is very clean and comfortable with complimentary drinks and snacks.   It just doesn't get any better than Park Place Motorcars and more specifically, my sales person, John Stark.  In my opinion, You Guys Rock!!!!

Shiraj S. | 2014-03-05

I purchased my car in Houston but have had servicing, check ups, etc all done here since moving here a year ago. The service is top notch. The salesmen/service advisors at the Houston location I purchased my car at pale in comparison to the staff here! The waiting room here is nice, newly renovated, and the service is reasonably quick when an appointment is made ahead of time. They treat you with nothing but respect here. Couldn't ask for more - ill definitely keep coming here for all my car needs!

Jay S. | 2014-01-23

I purchased my car PP Motorcars on Lemon Ave in July and have to say they have exceeded my expectations in every way.  Sales, service, everything!  What they do right is great.  But when something goes wrong - no matter how minor - they go WAY above and beyond to fix it.  I am a very picky person when it comes to my stuff and my cars are at the top of list.  PP Motorcars really caters to people like me so I can't recommend them enough.  I will buy my next car from them and the one after that.

Shaun J. | 2013-12-01

Poor customer service for car buying experience. Bad communication and follow up.  Made us feel like we were a bother. Salesperson was new and admitted to not being fully trained yet. We had to work the deal around their schedule. We loved the car and that's the only reason we put up with it.  Wish Others could have the great service of Sewell Lexus.

Shereen G. | 2013-11-26

My parents decided to drive from cushy SoCal to Dallas to visit my uncle for Thanksgiving. Dad took his 2012 C250, that has less than 8,000 miles on it, on the journey. In the middle of a deadly snowstorm that spanned from AZ to TX, the TPMS light illuminates (checked by the dealer in CA who said it was just low air). Shortly thereafter, the check engine light illuminates and the car went into "limp mode." The car limped all the way to Dallas and was promptly taken to Park Place. Just like any doctor's office, they took in the urgent patient (so now you see why some posters were negative about wait times...) and did everything to ensure the safety of the car and passengers.
Wouldn't you know it...there was a recall! Way to miss it, Walters....THANKS for catching it, Park Place.

Dad says the car has never driven better.

Mom still might catch a flight back home.

My mind is at ease, and my husband is ecstatic that he doesn't have to drop everything and run to the rescue!

Mom said every member of the staff was amazingly awesome, friendly, helpful, courteous,  knowledgeable, caring, and they really appreciate it.

If you don't like this dealership,  get out of line and find somewhere else that could hold a candle to the esteemed staff at Park Place.

Ken P. | 2013-11-21

I have taken my car here for repair 3 times.  They are very helpful when you drop the car off.  However once you pick up your car they avoid you at all cost; even when you answer their survey and request a call back.  My last visit they downloaded the incorrect software to my benz.  I had all sorts of issues going wrong with my car.  Rain sensing wipers not working, a/c not functioning, car overheating.  After several calls and voice mails no one contacted me.  I had to take my car to Houston and once they serviced it I was advised that Park Place put the wrong software on my car.  I had to pay a hefty sum to put the correct software on my car and have had no issues since.  I won't go back to Park Place for any reason.  I have contacted the BBB and the manager advised me to contact him so his A+ BBB rating would not be affected.   He refused to provide a good contact number so I am sure he was not serious about resolving the mistakes of his mechanic.

Michael C. | 2013-09-26

I wanted to update my previous review. After being contacted by the social media manager of Park Place (who was very polite and courteous), I was connected with a service advisor named Mario, who FINALLY got me the quote I was looking for. To my immense surprise, it was SIGNIFICANTLY (by a couple of hundred dollars!!) lower than the quote I got from Marshall Motors. We scheduled a time for the service (I had to wait until I was 21 so that I could take advantage of the free loaner car), and I will get to that part later.

There STILL seems to be an issue with communication between the telephone/customer service agents and the service department. In addition to the incident mentioned in the original review, there was once instance in which one of the two belts in my car snapped and I was stranded at a gas station. I was trying to decide where to get my car towed, and Park Place was nearby, so I gave them a call to see how much replacing the belt would cost. The guy I talked to, just like last time, was extremely polite and courteous, took down all of my information, car make, model, phone number, name, everything, and told me that he would get back to me by closing time (I called about 20 minutes before closing time). Well closing time came and went, without a follow up call, and I ended up having a different shop do the work. There wasn't any follow up in the days after either....very similar to that last incident. Definitely frustrating, especially in cases where you need an answer (or at least some information) as soon as possible.

That being said, the actual service at Park Place was amazing. When I pulled in, they put an RFID tag on my car so that in the future just pulling into the shop gave the employees the chance to greet me by name and automatically pull up the information on my car. I went over several of the issues in my car (couple of warning lights, etc) in addition to the convertible top, along with a suspension fix that a different shop told me I needed. Soon, I was presented with a nicely optioned 2013 C250 with the Sport and Premium packages (Harman Kardon stereo and XM radio made commuting fun).

Though the repair took longer than expected due to extensive diagnostics required, Mario kept me well informed with brief daily phone calls with updates on the progress. I was particularly impressed with the fact that they actually told me that the suspension fix was not needed, saving me a couple of hundred bucks that I would have willingly spent. He also was happy to work with me in calling a 3rd party warranty company and seeing if they would cover one of the components (they wouldn't...).

In the end, even though the services took two weeks total, I didn't mind at all because I was zipping around in a nice loaner and was kept informed throughout the process (a far cry from my initial experience trying to wring information out of the customer service staff). I pulled into the bay and was greeted by Mario within 5 seconds (loaners have the RFIDs too I guess). We went over everything and soon enough, I was on my way out the door with a working convertible and all the annoying warning lights taken care of.

LONG story short, the service department at Park Place is fantastic. They will be my choice for service in the future. Less expensive than other accredited shops (like Marshall Motors), snazzy free loaners, great service, high quality and trustworthy warrantied work, and effective communication. Just make sure to talk to a service advisor directly instead of relying on the ineffective customer service staff.

Crystal C. | 2013-09-23


Service Director Cam followed up with me on the same day I posted my experience on yelp. He offered to re-inspect my car by senior managers. I am very appreciative of this.

Next Monday I dropped my car off. Jeff the service manager and Joel the assistant service manager addressed all my concerns in a courteous and thorough manner. They fixed my license plate light, checked my car computer, assured me that the brake fluid level and the power steering system were decent, while one of my rear tires was almost worn out. Jeff took the time to show me how to read the tire indicators.

Cam also assured me that they will address some issues I raised: CSR should not misinterpret service items, and service advisor should give recommendation based on the actual car conditions.

While I had been disappointed, the managers have gone above and beyond to rectify it and did what they can to make me a loyal customer again. I now adjust my rate to be 4-star, and look forward to doing more business with them.

Kurt V. | 2013-08-20

These are great folks, like no other dealer group in the area.  Beautiful
Dealership staffed with great folks who truly are "Experts in Excellence".  I cannot even bring myself to think about shopping at another dealership, unless of course, it was one of their other stores, like McLaren...maybe someday!

C R. | 2013-08-20

Great car buying experience! Leased a car over 2 years ago with Mike Kavanaugh and he was fantastic! Still remembered my name even after 2 years! Impressed for sure!
My only complaint is the car wash service. Yes I know it's free but the hours are not convenient for someone with a full time job. In the 2 years I have owned my vehicle I have only been once. The one time was a Saturday morning and I waited about an hour and a half for my car. And again I get that it's free but BMW across the street offers a self serve drive through car wash open all day...that is customer service!
I drove through this morning at 7 am hoping it would be open but it does not open until 9...already at work by then which is unfortunate. I would give this dealership five stars if they could make some of their services more readily available to all.

Ron N. | 2013-04-14

Incredibly overpriced, and average to poor customer service. They get a "A" for having beautiful facilities, but then again you pay for it and then some with their prices. Just to remove a basic part from my car they wanted $600. An independent repair shop not only removed the part but they replaced it too, and for only $400. Before that I brought my car in for a safety inspection and it took over 10 days. When they called me to pick up the car I left work early to get it and when I arrived they said they made a mistake and that they needed more time to complete the job. When I scheduled a pickup a few days later, they forgot to send the driver. So, on two separate days I left work early to get my car, and both times they botched it. They promised to discount my bill for all the inconvenience, but when I saw the bill it did not have a discount. Despite multiple emails and voicemails to get the adjustment that was promised, they failed to respond to any of them. Bottom line, I would not go here for service unless I had no other choice. I love my Mercedes, and would like to get another, but the poor service makes me have second thoughts about buying another Mercedes. I have also heard from the CEO of my company that the sales experience is equally dismal. This dealership has lost 3 sales to competitors to my CEO's family alone due to the bad sales experience he had.

Joseph O. | 2012-11-29

I am a 3 time return customer to this place. I recently had an issue with my ac smelling weird and usually the customer is responsible for paying for these types of services. I made my case to the service manager about how I felt it was unfair that I had to pay for an extremely bad smelling ac on a new car and that I felt as though it was a defect in the make as opposed to my doing. He had sympathy towards me and took care of the service for me. I felt very special because of this. His name was Jeff Cole. I am usually not pleased with the services I recieve these days, but I feel as though park place went above and beyond the call of duty to service me. I will definatley be purchasing more cars from them. I hope they do really well for how I was treated! God bless them!

Larry D. | 2012-11-21

Probably the easiest car buying experience I've had.  We went in late (about 45 mins before closing) and Amine didn't hesitate to help us, show us what we want and head out for a drive.  After closing, we sat down and quickly got to business making the deal happen.  Both Amine and his manager Hisham (sp?) came with a no-BS approach and made it work.  They sent us home with a loaner so we could come back the next day to get all the paperwork done, as it had gotten late.  I am glad to be a part of the MB family and consider Amine a great ally anytime I'm looking for a vehicle.

Lindsey J. | 2012-11-20

The service at ParkPlace is always exceptional.  I have now bought my third car there and the experience is always so smooth and wonderful.   Their staff is caring and attentive to your needs at all times.  The facility is gorgeous yet comfortable.   I love getting to work with Parkplace for any and all car needs.   They are by far the best!

Andy P. | 2012-10-30

Owning a MB is a luxury and you do pay a lot for it - the car, the upkeep, the premium gasoline. That being said, we expect to get what we pay for. We take my wife's car here because the location in Grapevine is surrounded by that whole mess called 114. Usually online appointments are easy to make although the last time I tried they pushed ours out a whole week. We weren't happy with that (minus a star) but came back anyways. They're very friendly and quick to attend to you and the loaner cars are clean and new. The service guys are very straightforward with their recommendations and call to keep you updated. We might not always be able to afford a MB in the future, but if we do we'll be coming back here.

Malisa S. | 2012-10-17

I had a high level of satisfaction with my new car lease from Park Place. I had the pleasure of working with Chris Brown at the Mercedes-Benz Dallas location. I was contemplating between a Lexus Lease and a Mercedes-Benz Lease and solely went with the Mercedes-Benz because of the level of service and hospitality that Chris provided. Chris made me feel as if I was his top client.  I am continually surprised by his level of customer service. My mother are now both Mercedes-Benz client and I know we will be keeping our business with Park Place Motorcars Dallas verses any other manufacturer because of Chris' honesty and genuine personality. Thank you Park Place for making my experience better than I could have ever asked for. I know all my new car sales referrals will be sent straight to Chris. No doubt.

Jen W. | 2012-09-28

Park Place is simply one of the best car buying experiences I've ever had.  Their staff is extremely friendly and attentive (but not in an annoying way).  They listened to what I was looking for, showed me my options, were fair in negotiations, and just overall very professional.

Their facility is beautiful--we just bought another car at the Audi on Lemmon and it was no where near as nice as Park Place inside!  Most car dealerships feel like run-down offices with sad little desks, but Park Place is fancy and clean, but without having a pretentious vibe.

I can bring my MB there anytime for a free car wash, which is a small, but nice, perk that highlights their attention to detail and hospitality.  But, be prepared to wait as it usually takes 45 minutes.

If you're in the car market, I highly recommend checking out the options at Park Place!

Jennifer F. | 2012-07-17

Love that my car always comes out of service spic-n-span!

P L. | 2012-07-10

Promises to return calls or provide updates don't happen. Service is long and expensive. Service advisors are lacking. It's a shock and poor contrast to the service at Park Place Lexus in Plano.  We won't be buying or having service done at Park Place Mercedes again

Joe F. | 2012-05-07

I know I'm weird for saying this, but I love car shopping. The negotiating and all the pomp and circumstance. . .it's something I look forward to.

Chris Rupert is the guy to talk to here. In May 2011, my lease was up on my VW Passat and I was looking for a nice little upgrade. After doing some research and looking at what I could afford, I figured a C300 was going to be my best bet.

After a completely horrific experience at Ewing, I came down, spoke with Chris for a bit, test drove a C300 that had a couple extra bells and whistles that were out of my price range just so I could get a feel for the car's layout and how it drove and handled before we went in to discuss terms on a more base model.

Chris was great helping me get to the right price point then dropped the bomb that they were going to put me in the upgraded car (18in wheels, body kit, iPod package) for that price instead. I was eager to drive my new car so Chris actually followed me back to my place so I could drop off my VW and hit the streets in my new wheels.

Absolutely amazing experience - highly recommend.

Matthew K. | 2012-04-06

I've had mixed experiences here.  My first time here I brought my Mercedes in for service because the check engine light was on, and all was taken care of under warranty. I was pleased with the service and the speed with which my car was repaired.  However, on a subsequent visit, I brought my car in because there was a foul odor coming from the air ducts.  Turns out that Mercedes-Benz has a severe engineering problem with the drainage system for the A/C unit, which leaves water in the resevoir to build up and collect, which in turn can lead to mold and fungus.  Well, that's what I was smelling and the dealership new exactly what I was talking about.  So, the 'service adviser', I have a real hard time believing that individuals who walk around with a checklist on a laptop actually know what they are doing other than going down the list and checking things off. I also think it's funny how all these people need titles, but I digress.  So the 'service adviser' tells me it will be $189 to fix! I said 'hell no', this should have been covered under the CPO inspection, because this was the first time I had ever used the A/C since buying the damn car.  After a long back and forth, I finally was able to speak to a manager, someone with some college education and can reason and be rational.  The manager understood my point, the CPO certification should have caught this problem.  He promptly resolved this and took care of the bill which ended up being over $400.  The manager also gave me tips on how to prevent this from happening in my car again for which I was very thankful.  He also let me know I could file a complaint with Mercedes-Benz, to let them know that I was yet another customer who experienced this A/C problem.  I couldn't believe that MB was leaving it up to the dealerships to deal with.  

So, if you have a problem, talk to a manager, don't talk to the service advisers, they are idiots with no education.  They only know how to read a computer screen.  As far as getting my car serviced, since it's a CPO I have no choice, I hope it goes better in the future, and I am hopeful given how great the management has been.  It sure makes me more willing to continue to buy MB products from them.

Lily M. | 2012-01-09

I spoke with a sales person back and forth for almost a week on a car I was interested in.  They didn't have the color I wanted so I said I would look somewhere else.  They called me back saying that the Fort Worth location had the exact car I wanted and they sent me pictures of the car.  The Dallas location assured me that I would not make the drive out to Fort Worth for nothing.  I get to Fort Worth and the car was a total wreck.  I call the sales person I had been speaking to in Dallas and he would not answer.  All of a sudden he was no longer available.  I sent him multiple texts about how upset I was that he had me drive way to Fort Worth for nothing.  I even called the Dallas location to speak with the sales person manager and the manager never did call me back.  A week later, I called back to report all of this and finally I was able to get a hold of someone (the sales director).  The sales director called me back asking what he could do about it.  Do you have to ask what you can do about it?  How about learn to take a complaint and use the feedback to improve your department's customer service!  They have definitely lost my business.  I will never shop at Park Place Motorcars!

They are only nice if it is to sell a car.  They will lie and tell you anything to sell the car.  The customer service here is unacceptable!

Kristina M. | 2011-12-31

I bought my first Mercedes from them. I got a great deal on the car, but the service is what's going to keep me coming back. 24 hour roadside assistance is priceless. Super nice and helpful, and will replace w original Benz parts on the spot, free and no questions asked. BMW never did that. I wish I could remember the name of the guy who always comes to help me but he is awesome!!

Nina V. | 2011-12-01

I was on the verge of filing suit against Park Place because of all the torture they put me though.  My key was not being recognized when I put it in the ignition.  Their whole process was trial and error.  First I paid $400 for a new key.  That wasn't it.  Then the replacing the "steering column".  That wasn't it.  Then they replaced the ignition control.  That was is!  This is over a period of 2 weeks.  I get my car back and my a/c doesn't work!  Keep in mind it is 105 degrees in Texas.  The service advisor I had (Cassie A.)  said "Oh it just needs freon."  That was BS.  It was a computer glitch that they messed up.  My a/c had been working fine before.  She blatantly lied to me.  So, I drive home thinking it just needs freon.  Try that.  That is not it.  Drive car back in 105 degree weather to Park Place.  They fixed the a/c.  This is $1,300 dollars letter and 2.5 weeks later.  Albeit my car is a 2001, it is in good condition.  Each time I took it in to get fixed, something else was the problem.  
Also, each time I have taken my car there I have not been able to get a hold of my service advisor.  I heard he had been fired when I got there.  The new one I got was not much better.  I hear they are voted one of the best places to work because superior training?  They were deceitful and incompetent if you ask me.  
My next car will likely be a Lexus, since they are more dependable and I had good interaction with their staff.

Cody F. | 2011-10-27

I have to again upgrade my review.
I just took my car back in for the upgrade and they were very prompt, courteous, and thorough. They quickly got me a loaner car, and upgraded one at that; sporting the GLK which I am very appreciative of.
Although I may have been disappointed by Park Place at first, they have gone above and beyond to rectify it and are doing what they can to make me a happy customer.
I have never experienced a company trying to make things right for a person just posting a honest review on here but they have. I will update this review one last time after I get my car back but thus far they have won me over and will continue to get my business.

Luigi O. | 2011-07-17

In the last 6 years I've bought two cars from them, and serviced 3. Michael G. has always provided the best service, taking the time to let me know what they are doing to the car and why. Always a straight shooter, always looking for my best interest when dealing with warranties.

Yes, prices are not bargain, but then again, that's not why you buy a Merc.

Maximo L. | 2011-04-02

Well this place is neither outstanding or bad.  Kinda in the middle with it all.  I've had better service when I owned a Cadillac.  Is what it is.

Taylor K. | 2011-03-14

Very poor customer service.  I will not be buying another car from them.  They told me that they could not service my car during lunch because their employees were on a lunch break. I know, it's unbelievable, but it's true.  They don't return phone calls and generally, let's-make-the-customer-happy attitude is completely lacking.

Michael N. | 2010-08-09

Car didn't start at airport yesterday. Roadside assistance came out and took care of it. Problems again today so...  called the person who is responsible for all 3 of my cars  from this dealership (James Wood).  He checked and called me back - sat up an appointment for me to bring it in today.  I got there and Kevin Bara (the service advisor that I have used twice now and feel comfortable claiming him!) took care of everything and had me out in 1 hour and everything handled on warranty.

Membership truly does have it privileges and Park Place and all of the people working there remind me of that every time I go in.

Dave F. | 2010-02-28

My experiences at Park Place have been bar none. I took my Mercedes there for service a couple times.  When I arrived, there was a porter waiting for me, and he knew my name when I got out of my car (how do they do that?). Service was prompt, I didn't have to wait to work out the details on what I wanted done.

The interior of this location is like walking into a club house. Wood lined walls with rich paneling and crown moulding lined the offices. Free bottled water? Yes, please! I felt like a king walking into the place.

Yes, Mercedes gives free service loaners that are also Mercedes. That's nice. I owned a Corvette once and the service loaner Chevy gave me was a purple Geo.

So OK, you're not going to get discount service here. And they don't negotiate, like ever. I tried to get them to budge on what I thought were outrageous pricing on some upgrades, but they wouldn't. I stopped trying to bargain with them after I tried to negotiate a better deal for their $400+ wheel alignment and they laughed (discreetly) at the absurdity of the idea. So I dropped the Franklins required, and my car was serviced with all the elite Benz equipment they have.

But alas, I sold my little Mercedes for a different type of Toyota off road vehicle. The sales floor at Toyota was littered with popcorn and kids were running around screaming and running into people. Oh, I miss you Park Place. But I'll be back someday soon for my next Mercedes. Can you spell E Class?

Stephanie L. | 2009-10-13

I went here to have my Benz serviced on.

The service was supposed to be only 2 hours, but somehow that turned into 4 hours. Mhm nice.

My appointment was at 9am.. I came on time to drop off my car and sign a few papers. I was inside studying and waiting on them to finish molesting my car, 2 hours passed and the guy didn't even call me to tell me it would take a little while longer. I ended up calling him 5 times asking him where my car was. Nice going.

As if I wasn't irritated enough already, he calls me back to tell me I had to replace some part in my car that would cost me $800. Hah, right.

When I got my car back, it was clean alright.. they washed it.. turned off the Service sign.. but didn't reset my brake notifications. Greattttt.

It was around 2 pm when I drove out of the dealership, and I've never been back. (The next day, I saw they forgot to replace one of the screws in my tire. YAY for Park Place.)