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Randall Reed's Park Cities Ford is among the leading full-service automotive dealerships in Dallas and is located on a 12 acre site just north of downtown and in the heart of the Park Cities, one of the single most affluent markets in the United States. Mr. Reed has operated the dealership for 20+ years and has achieved the coveted Ford/Lincoln President's Award  14 times, the highest designation recognized for superior customer service.  The dealership is modern in design and features tile floors, marble accents, plush furnishings, wrought iron chandeliers, and dramatic floor to ceiling faux oak trees as focal points of the decor. A full-service coffee and snack bar serving Starbucks Coffee, a children's play room, two Customer Lounges, complimentary WiFi, complimentary shuttle service and a dozen flat screen televisions create a sense of true business warmth for customers.  We are located at 3333 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75235 and serve the Plano, Carrollton, Mesquite, Irving, Richardson Area.


Established in 1992.

Next time you see your mechanic-look again.  Some day, he or she just might own the very dealership they fix cars at today!  That's the story of Randall Reed and his World Class Automotive Organization(WCAO) of dealerships.

Randall owns and operates some of the most successful Ford & Lincoln dealerships in the nation.  Not only has he been recognized as a "Top 100 Mega Dealer" by Wards Dealer Business, his dealerships have been awarded the coveted President's Award, Ford Motor Company's highest award for customer satisfaction and overall operational excellence.  Park Cities Ford Lincoln has won the President's Award 12 times.

It's all about the people... the right people, in the right positions doing the right things.  The Randall Reed organization instills solid philosophies, beliefs, and moral fiber thoughout all facets of the operations.  

Come "Feel the difference of dealing with Randall Reed's Park Cities Ford Lincoln'

If it's not right, will make it right.

Park Cities Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 358-8800
Address:3333 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX, 75235
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Park Cities Ford

Krosscam C. | 2015-01-10

Service is really bad. Had appointment at 10:30 for oil change. It's 12:30 and no word on when I'm leaving. They talked me into buying a 1000 dollar policy that would give me oil changes every 5000 miles. They didn't tell me they would occupy my life every time I came in for service. Go somewhere else for service. I'm use to Lexus I guess. In and out in no more than 45 minutes. Good luck!!!

Christina D. | 2014-12-13

Husband and I bought a new truck there a year ago. We were there for about 5 hours going back and forth. The sales guys were arrogant and immature.
One sales guy was sharing another client's car buying business with us (we knew the client) and all I could think was 'great, who is this bozo going to share our business with..'

Linda D. | 2014-08-12

I test drove 4 different manufactured cars to see which one I wanted to finally go with.  I finally narrowed it down between a Lincoln and an Audi.  When I first came in, I met with Josh, "youngest manager at Ford".  I was very happy with my initial visit with him as he let me test drive the car and thoroughly explained all the great features of the car.  He was patient even when it was almost closing time.  I made it very clear to him that my decision would be made the following day.  
I came in the following day and met with Josh again.  I told him I made my mind up, and decided to go with the Lincoln.  I made it very clear to him that I was there to close a deal. I was specific on what I wanted and exactly what I did not want (a lease).  I gave him exact numbers to work with, and he asked for my patience while he worked up a deal.
After waiting for almost an hour and a half......he came back and presented to me EXACTLY what I did not want (a lease).  I was furious that he wasted my time.  I didn't even want to waste another minute there that I simply told him I would go home to talk to my husband about it just to get out of there.  Then he says to me in a very demeaning manner, "And how exactly will you explain to him the lease option we are presenting to you?"  As if I could not relay such information, which was a deal I didn't even WANT!!
Needless to say, I left with a very displeasing and aggravating mindset about the dealership that I knew I would not be coming back.  It completely turned me away from the Lincoln; I gladly went and bought my Audi from Audi Dallas with NO problem whatsoever.  
Out of all the dealerships I visited, Josh from PCF was the only one to not call back to try and seal the deal.  I'm glad I didn't close my deal there.
Too bad PCF....thank you AUDI!!

Stacy L. | 2014-08-03

My husband and I hate buying's such a smarmy, BS process and you generally come out of it feeling like you need a really hot shower.

It's for this exact reason that we decided to use USAA's Car Buying Service to purchase a new Ford Fusion Titanium. The CBS put us in touch with David Hayes, who assigned us to Vincent Morris. We made an appointment to drive down from Allen on Saturday (Memorial Day weekend) to take a look, test drive the car, etc. We already knew they didn't have the color we wanted in stock, so we weren't going to be buying that day.

Vincent and manager Josh Van Cura spent the next couple of hours hard-selling us, even going so far as to let us take one of the Hybrids home to see if we liked it. Fine by us. The next day we got online and found the exact car we wanted, but it was down in Waco. We figured PCF wouldn't have any trouble procuring it (they gave us the impression as such at our first visit) and if they did, we'd just drive down to Waco and get it ourselves. Applied online for financing and customized our USAA car buying program certificate with the details of the car we wanted. We got our "guaranteed price" and the next day - Memorial Day - my husband went back to PCF to hopefully seal the deal.

Long story longer, PCF didn't want to do the deal. They got technical and said the USAA certificate wasn't valid because the car wasn't "in stock", so my husband said fine, we'll drive down to the place where it IS in stock and they can have our business. After more back-and-forth-blah-blah, my husband was told that the general manager was good buddies with the general manager down at the trading dealership and they were going to swap our car for an Explorer and okey dokey, we've got ourselves a deal! So to summarize...we were getting what we wanted for our trade-in, we had located and committed to a car at another dealership for the exact price we wanted, and we had financing. Your car will be here tomorrow, handshake, signed over the trade-in, signed a Buyer's Order for our new car with the specific VIN of "our car".

The next day, my husband got a voice mail from Josh, telling him that our car has been returned to the manufacturer for an "electronic problem" and is no longer available. Is there another color we'd like? What else would we be interested in?

At that point, we feel like we've been baited-and-switched. Either the car was never available to begin with, it was sold at the other dealership for a price higher than what we were willing to pay after the fact, or it really did go back to the manufacturer.

Regardless, we were VERY unhappy. Josh didn't seem terribly interested in trying to make this situation right. We tasked him with finding a replacement car for us - with the preferred color and options - since the car we'd committed to buying was no longer in the mix. He came back with three options, and said he'd call my husband back with more details. He never did. My husband called again and left a message. Again, no call back. Couldn't reach anyone until we drove back down to swap out cars the next day, and then Vincent & Josh descended like locusts to try to salvage the deal. Nice try, guys.

I held off writing this review because I wanted to see what happened to the Fusion we were supposed to buy. I ran a VIN check and it was titled in Texas on 7/28/14. Unbelievable. No, wait...believable. It was never returned to the manufacturer. We figured this happened, but needed proof. Why they lied to us I don't know (unless they hoped we'd be so hot for the car we'd buy one off their lot), but their loss was Five Star Ford in Plano's win. We got the car we wanted there the next weekend, with zero hassle and and for a better price.

The only good thing that came out of this experience was we found a great Hawaiian plate lunch place around the corner. At least it wasn't a total loss and wasn't a complete waste of our holiday weekend.

Nathan H. | 2014-05-14

The one good thing I can say about this place is that I got a good price on the car I bought from them (back at the end of September 2013).  Though I don't know if all of the bad customer service I received from them was worth the price.

The most significant issue I've had is that they did not include the key to the wheel locks that they installed.  I only found this out when I took my car to be serviced last month.  I held of reviewing till now but that is what pushed me to finally post something.  Because of this the shop I took it to was not able to rotate my wheels.  I called Park Cities to complain and they said they would order me a replacement key.  I asked them to send it to my house.  They claim they've sent it, but it's been over a month and I still have not received the key.  They also have no record of what shipping method they used or if there is a tracking number.  Now after bumping my rear wheel on a curb I can't even take the wheel off to check the rim for damage.  

The other gripes I have are individually fairly minor, but add up to a pretty bad customer experience.  

- When we bought the car we negotiated window tinting and front license plate mounting for my wife's car (we moved from a cooler climate that didn't require front license plates).  I brought my wife's car in for the service and picked up a loaner car.  They said it would be ready by the end of the day.  After work I drive in to pick up my wife's car, and they say "Oh sorry we used the license plate mount we had for your wife's car on a car we just sold so we won't have it ready until tomorrow."  Not even a courtesy call to save me the time of driving in to their store.  When they finally had the car ready the next day I went in to pick it up.  They hadn't put on the license plate yet, and I watched the guy screw it in.  He then slipped and gashed the screw driver into my wife's bumper.  He looked up at me sheepishly and tried to play it off like nothing happened.  I got them to give me a jar of touch up paint, but it is annoying to see someone treat your car that poorly even when you are standing right there.

- When I bought my car it was missing part of the owner's manual and only had 2/4 tire stem caps.  Not a big deal, but things I thought should be included in a new car.  They said they would get them to me soon.  Also, the stem caps are mildly important because the tires take Nitrogen and specialty caps indicate to service shops to not fill it up with standard air.  Well it took months for the manual, so I told them I'd pick it up when the stem caps came in.  Well it's been about 8 months and I still have not received something that simple.  

- When I came into the dealership they advertised a year 2014 model with a price quote, but what they actually had was a 2013 year model.  We noticed right away and were able to take this into account while negotiating but just be aware that the car they quote you may not be what they show you.

- My wife had recently graduated from school and Ford offers a $500 recent grad discount.  We had already bought a car with this discount for her.  Park Cities said that we could only get one car with this rebate, but when we checked the Ford Website it indicated you could get up to 5 cars with the rebate.  We had to follow up with them and then apply to Ford to get the money back.  If we hadn't done this on our own we would have missed out on $500.  It also took us several months to get our credit, where if they had researched this properly we would have had it taken off our initial cost.

Between the poor service, not including the basic components of a new car, not following through on their promises, and just dropping issues unless I bug them the service at this dealership has not been what I would expect from a large branded dealership.

Tara R. | 2014-05-01

I used PC Ford for the first time this week when my Ford Edge overheated on my way home from work Monday. The dealership is about a mile from my house and I thought the dealership would be able to tell me what was best for my Ford. I got it towed there Monday around 7 and was told they would look at it Tuesday, or Wednesday afternoon at the latest. Long story short they didn't even pop the hood to see what was wrong until Thursday morning (after I called three times and told them that I was leaving the country that weekend and how I would appreciate them looking at it as soon as possible.) The advisor assigned to my car was Vince, I called him at 1 pm Wed and he said my car was next in line. When I called back at 5 (since I hadn't heard anything) his exact words were, "well your car is in the exact spot it was the last time we spoke." How relieving to hear...I called later that day and spoke with Larry, the manager, who said " well at least he didn't lie to you." Really!?!? Do these people know what customer service is?
Once they finally got around to diagnosing the issue they found that it was a pretty simple fix and I could pick it up that afternoon. They tried to charge me $105 to tell me the pass code to my keyless entry, I gracefully declined. However when I went to pick up my car Vince said that as a courtesy they would give it to me for free. FREE? The fact that they wanted to charge me in the first place is outrageous.
When I went to leave Vince tried to explain one last time how sorry he was that I wasn't satisfied with the service. However I don't feel he was sincere because once I explained my frustration all be had was excuses.
What I learned? That PC Ford doesn't know the first thing about customer service and that next time I'll go to a local mechanic and have my car back the next day.

Teresa C. | 2014-04-28

Thrilled that my BFF listened to us and purchased her 2014 titanium escape after we were subjected to the unprofessional jokers at Westway Ford in Irving. She got what she wanted and great pricing from Park Cities.
We have been customers of Park Cities since 2007 and this dealership wins hands down over others in sales and service.

Michael V. | 2014-03-07

We just bought our second vehicle through Park Cities. Our first salesman no longer works there so we worked with Hamza to look for a new truck.

Hamza took great care of us and worked to find what we truly wanted and didn't try to upsell a ton of features that we didn't want/need.

Ended up getting a much better deal that we had anticipated and couldn't be happier!

The paperwork/finance process was lengthy as it is with any car purchase, but the gentleman in finance was a great sport about staying after close and getting everything squared away.

I HIGHLY recommend Park Cities Ford!!

Jamie H. | 2014-01-30

Just bought a brand new F150, even got the extended warranty with road side assistance. Withing the first two months, I got a screw in the tire so I brought it in. Thinking my road side assistance would cover the cost of the repair to the tire, I could not have been more mistaken. Initially I called first and they said they would not honor my warranty but I brought it in anyway because I knew the warranty should cover this. They looked up the information and found that in fact it would be covered up to $20 and I would have to cover the rest of the cost. So I thought, sure, that sounds fine, I mean it's only a screw in the tire, should be able to plug that for a couple of bucks. Then I was informed that to plug a tire it would cost me $30!!! for a tire plug, you have to be kidding me!! I quickly left there and went to the tire shop just down the street, they had my tire off and repaired within 10 minutes, and it only cost $7.
One other time I took my ford ranger in to have new plugs and wires and it cost me almost $500. The next time I just did it myself and the parts only cost around $70.
I would say if you want to buy a car here fine, just don't get it worked on here.

LD L. | 2013-11-01

I would like to now recant and update my previous statement regarding upper management at Park Cities Ford.  Just as before, my 2013 Ford Fusion is in their service department again. However, today I stopped by the dealership unannounced to speak to the Managing Partner, Jeff Enright.   Although I did not have an appointment with Jeff, he did take a meeting with me despite his busy schedule to discuss my continued concerns regarding my 2013 Fusion.  After our discussion, Jeff offered me a couple of solutions within his reach to satisfy my concerns and put me in a better situation.  I can now say and believe that the management of this dealership does care and place value on their customers.

Meg S. | 2013-10-31

My fiance received a call not too long after I posted my initial review and spoke with the service director. My fiance says he is completely satisfied with the outcome of the conversation and we did receive a partial refund. The fella from Park Cities was very helpful and accommodating, and we greatly appreciate his assistance.  Yelp works, people!

Steve Y. | 2013-08-19

Got a very good deal on my new lease and they have given me the red carpet treatment every time I've gone back for service which is now 4 times!

Michael E. | 2013-07-03

Service Dept people are rude and their communication is horrible. This time I  tried to get my vehicle inspected and Evan in service told me and hour was not enough notice and that I would have to wait until the next day to be serviced. He didn't apologize nor sound like he cared at all. When I said I would just go somewhere else he said ok and just hung up.

Will M. | 2013-06-30

I was hit in an accident and this place replaced my front bumper. The process was a nightmare. They didn't listen to what i was saying about the damage done in the accident. When they returned my car with the bumper fixed the fog light was out which I told them it was the first time, and they did not even tell me this when i picked it up. When I got home I noticed the broken fog light and told them. they got the fog light working but the next time i picked it up the fog light was cracked. They accused me of doing this myself even though the crack happened while they were working in it. After a month of badgering them I was able to speak to the manager and he was able to tell the insurance that this crack was initially caused in the accident. They did replace but this whole process was a nightmare and I will never go back there.

Todd S. | 2013-04-15

Normally buying a new ride is worse than getting kicked in the taint. Not so at Park Cities. I dealt with David over the internet, and they were expecting me. I tried other dealerships across DFW for a King Ranch, but several of the others tried the old bait n switch.
I left very satisfied and I didn't feel like I had just gotten molested which is normally the case.
Everybody was nice, from sales, finance, and to make ready.

John M. | 2013-04-07

I went to the Dallas auto show and had a $50.00 gift card voucher for a test drive. The manager was cool enough to sign off on the voucher and let me get it without a test drive.

Out of courtesy, I took a Ford Fiesta out. It was a great car, the sales person was great and not pushy and very knowledgeable.

I learned a lot from the drive and experience.

I would be buying a Ford in the near future, if the time and price is right.

I was surprised how Ford has changed over the years.

C B. | 2013-03-13

I wish I had read the reviews before taking my car to this dealearship. I'm giving one star because I had to choose one. I took my Lincoln in on Friday 3/8 because the car was jerking, RPM's were idling high and at one point when I was driving the car wouldn't go any faster the 25mph. Dropped the car off at 9AM and hadn't heard anything so I called to inquire at about 3PM. Was informed that they were still working on it. Finally about 5PM my service guy Hector calls me back and says they couldn't find anything wrong. I asked if they checked the transmission and the computer/electrical syatem. He said "YES everything checked out fine".  So Saturday when I was out and about the jerking started all over again. I called the dealership and they asked that I bring it in and have a mechanic ride with me to check it out.  On Saturday after the mechnic rode with me I was told to bring the car back in on Monday when Hector was in. So I call Hector on Monday, he tells me to bring the car in. I get there on and he then proceeds to tell me I need a new transmission. I asked him how he came to that conclusion without the mechanic going in to look. He said the mechnic on Saturday said the transmission fluid was black. I told him how could he determine it was black when all he did was sit in the passenger seat and never went under the hood. Then he said it was black on Friday; I asked him why wasn't I told on Friday it was black instead of saying the transmission was fine if black fluid is an indicator of a problem. He then proceeded to say the mechanic didn't have time to llok at it and asked that I bring it back on Wednesday and I would have to pay an additional 260$ for another diagnoses.  He also made the statement " I'm not trying to take your money, I'm trying to help you". "I'm doing you a favor by giving you a loaner car".At this point I was done with Hector. I called the service manager and explained all of this. He talked a good game initially. He asked me to bring the car back in and promised to get me a complete diagnos. I think I failed to mention earlier that I never got a detailed print out of the diagnoses that was allegedly done on Friday. So on Tuesday morning (7AM) Ron (service manager) set me up with another service guy. (Craig) told him to keep me updated and keep him in the loop as well. I never heard from either of them until I called at 3 inquiring about my car. Craig said he would call me back because Web was working on two cars in front of mine & hadn't had a chance to look at it. Never called back So I call back at 5 and informed Craig that I wsa going to stop by the dealership on my way home. When I get there Craig basically tells me the same thing. He had the shop foreman take me out to look at my car. So while on the shop floor looking at my car the foreman tells me the repairs are so costly that he recommends I trade the car. He then stops the mechanic in passing and in the midst of Web explaining all of the issues I ask him to produce the detailed print out of the diagnoses. he says he didn't print it. I asked that he put my car back together and produce a diagnoses and I'll pick my car up in the AM. I really don't believe a proper diagnoses has been done on my vehicle.

Angela H. | 2013-02-27

If I could put less than one star, I would. I have never as a customer felt less attended to, less cared about, and more ignored. This is all started when DH and I were looking for an SUV; Park Cities had a Lincoln we liked and the warranty was great, so we drove the 60 miles to take a look.
              It was a very high pressure environment to begin with, but they had us convinced that the Certified Used Lincoln would be a great deal and get better gas mileage than the truck we were trading in. The vehicle had been smoked in, though, and there were cig burns all over the floor mats, so I had them write a "we-owe" for the floor mats. We took the vehicle home, and that's when the trouble started. The first thing we noticed was that the gas mileage was AWFUL. I called several times to our salesperson who told me that 10 MPG wasn't normal for the vehicle and I needed to bring it the 60 miles back and have it checked.          
          Next, I noticed that the vehicle began shifting really, really roughly...and again I called back and was told to bring it in. (This was all within a week's time).
The final coffin was the "alarm system" I found in the glove box. As I was looking one day, I found a small touch-screen control about the size of a box of tic-tacs. I had no idea what it was or what it did, but I recognized the brand as a car alarm. I called the dealership and asked if they could tell me anything about it (again, this was less than 2 weeks into owning the vehicle), and they stated I would have to take it to Car Toys and pay the $80.00 to have it identified and give me a tutorial on how to use it. My feeling was very much so that Park Cities should have known about any and all features on the vehicle when they sold it, and not asked me to pay additional on something that was their oversight.
          I made some phone calls to the alarm company, and sure enough, found out something grim. The alarm on the vehicle was one very much illegal (and dangerous) in Texas. Heavens, was I upset! I couldn't get our sales guy (not a surprise, we've always had a difficult time getting a call back from anyone there), so I spoke to the Sales Manager and told him about the alarm. Same answer: Nothing we can do, so sorry! I was furious and told him I was bringing the vehicle back and wanted our truck returned.
             Fast forward a few days and we drove the 60 miles back to return the vehicle. We were under the impression we could give the Lincoln back (side note: The we-owe on the floor mats came in after much hounding and they were a totally different color than our interior...and again the same "nothing we can do") and not get any negative equity given the trouble we had been through. Nope, not Park Cities.
            They made us take 2k negative equity and sold us a brand new Ford at waaaayyy over what it was worth that has since had, in 20k miles, 2 blower motors blow up while I've been driving, 3 suspension issues (control arm, repeated alignments due to said control arm, and faulty rotors), and an ongoing problem with the vehicle's Sync that apparently can't be fixed...all in a vehicle we are currently 10k upside down on because of the previous debacle.
            I've tried getting in touch with Mr. Reed himself, I've called Ford Motor and several consumer watchdog groups, and basically Park Cities simply screwed us and we have no real recourse.

       I wouldn't recommend this place to my worst enemy, and I hope Mr. Reed reads this and is truly ashamed of the business he has his name on.

Jared K. | 2013-02-16

I was the 5th vehicle in line when I arrived at 6:45 this morning, even though the service department doesn't open until 7:00. I'd much rather be sleeping in on a Saturday, but the wait is usually a lot shorter if you get there bright and early.

After 45 minutes of waiting, the oil change I came in for was complete. However, the service technician informed me that there were a few regular maintenance services (flushing the coolant, etc.) for which my truck was about 30,000 miles past due. I wasn't excited about spending the extra money, but I'm sure it's cheaper than having something break down.

I asked how long the additional maintenance would take, and the technician told me about 30 minutes. An hour later, I was still waiting. I must have looked visibly frustrated sitting in the waiting room, because the technician approached me again and told me everything was "just about done." After another 20 minutes, my truck was finally ready.

I got a free car wash and vacuum out of it, so at least that's something.

J H. | 2012-12-17

This review is for the service department; Some of the worst customer service I have ever received in my life! These guys will find any way possible to get out of doing any warranty work to your vehicle, even after you do their job for them to make them aware of the Service Bulletin that proves it should be done. I URGE anyone that needs service done to their vehicle to go anywhere else.

Josh D. | 2012-10-28

I took my car to Park Cities Ford to have some body work done after my car was side swiped (the other drivers' insurance was covering the cost of repairs and rental car). I own a 2008 Ford Focus. When I took my car in to have the estimate done Rick in the body shop was very nice. He told me that it would take about three days to get all the parts in to fix my car. I brought my car back on to drop off on a Monday, and got my rental car from the Enterprise there in the dealership.

They had my car for twelve days, and the first call I got on the status of my car was on the eighth day (Tuesday) saying that my car would be ready on Thursday. I called on Thursday morning to make sure it would be ready before I went to work, but my car was not ready on Thursday and would be ready Friday and that was not a big deal as I had a rental. I got the call on Friday that my car was ready.

So I get to the dealership and I see my car sitting on the side of the building so I go and take a look at ti before I head inside. MY CAR LOOKED AMAZING!!!! They did a great job on the body work and color matching and it was flawless. Then, opened the car door to check out the inside because something I had put in the center console was out on the dash. Everything seemed to be fine at the time.

So I headed inside to go see Rick again and he went over the paperwork with me again and I was happy. I then went back out to my car and started the car. I then was in kind of a shock to see that I had less than a 1/8 of a tank of gas left in my tank, and when I dropped it off it had right at a  of a tank. So I walked back inside and got Rick and I asked him why so much gas was missing.

I know and 1/8 of a tank of gas may not seem like much for most people but for someone like me who only drives 7.5 miles to and from work in a week and is on a tight budget that is a lot of gas.

When I dropped my car off "Miles to Empty" reading was at 49 miles and when I picked my car up it was on 36 miles, a 13 mile difference. Rick said let look at the odometer reading from before and after. We did that and it came out that my car had only been driven 1.4 miles while in their possession. So I asked him how come there is such a discrepancy. He said that the "Miles to Empty" reading is just an estimate and you can only go off of the odometer reading. I said that's fine but there is still more gas missing than there should be, and he could not give me an explanation as to where the gas went, nor did he plan on doing anything about it.

I do understand that the car must be driven from one part of the dealership to another to have different things done to it, so some gas must be used.

So, I left the dealership a little frustrated, and I called the dealership and asked to speak to the body shop manager. I was told he was in a meeting and so I left a message for him and asked that he return my call when he was out of the meeting. After not hearing from the manager for a couple hours I decided to call back. I was told he was not in the office at the moment, so I asked to leave a voicemail.

When I was transferred I was in luck because the manager picked up the phone. So I went through the whole thing with him and he tried to tell me the same thing. I said however the gage itself was still on  of a tank when I dropped it off. He the proceeded to try and tell me that if a service tech notices that the car battery seemed a little weak when they start a car they may let it run to help recharge the battery. I advised him that I just replaced my battery less than six months ago so that would not have been an issue for my car.

So with him on the phone and him knowing all the information it finally came down to someone left me engine running and there was no reason why, and that he would reimburse me for the excess gas that was used.

I now have a new issue that I have to contact him about. The Over Drive button on my shifter came off about a month ago and I had it and the spring in the tray next to the shifter and when the dealership cleaned the inside of my car they threw it out.......ill let ya know how it is handeled.

Amelia C. | 2012-09-22

I'm surprised by all the negative reviews! I had a really positive experience purchasing my new car from Park Cities. A super sweet 2012 white ford focus SE with hawt rims if you were wondering. I've been back several time to pick up paperwork/license plates and not once have I not been immediately greeted by an associate or a manger and asked if how I can be helped. Their level of service is PHENOMENAL. It's really not something you see anymore. Not once did I feel pressured into buying anything or were they trying to sell me something other than what I wanted to look at. I was looking at several cars at the time, and I can't say the same for many of the other dealerships.

I had a small hiccup with interest rates with the financial department but all it took was one phone call and i went from over 5% down to 2.75%. That's better rate than what I could find on my own. All those tedious little details were very clearly explained. No questions are left unanswered - prompt responses and follow up. It's great. It really shows that not only do they want your business, but they want to KEEP your business.

Overall, I would highly recommend park cities. They made my car buying experience easy and enjoyable. I'm confident if I were to run into any issues, they would step up to resolve immediately. Park Cities Ford is truly first class.

Todd W. | 2012-09-11

I came in to get an #American-made auto from a company that supports equal rights for all Americans. I got above-average service and tho "credit-challenged," they retroactively gave me ZERO % for my new Ford! Wow! Thanks Ivan and Randy!!

Lynnelle R. | 2012-08-27

What amazes me is how I get recorded messages after each of my visits to Park Cities Ford begging me to give them a perfect review, they state they only provide superior service, and if I was not fully satisfied, then to contac them to make it right. I have had 1 visit out of 4 where I received decent service and the remainder have been far from the superior rating they ask me to give them on surveys.

1) no one offers to help you when you get there. You have to figure out who you are supposed to speak to.
2) waiting time is way too long for a basic service.
3) 1st collision repair: very poor paint job on my bumper that has to be fixed.
4) 2nd collision repair: working with collision/body shop is painful. Get hung up on about half the calls I make to them, sit on hold for long period of time, they never follow up with you - you have to call and follow up, follow up, follow up, even if they say they will call you back, if your assigned contact is not at work, no one else will help you - you have to wait for that person to be back at work.  I had an appointment to get my right front fender repaired 2 weeks ago today, dropped off my car and 2 weeks later it is still not repaired, as of 3 busines days ago, it was in buff and then would go to service the next day to replace my left front wheel and get a front end alignment - 3 business days later, still no car, and of course, absolutely no status or follow up by them with me. I just made 3 calls to them, 1st call they disconnected the call during a transfer, 2nd call they left me on hold for 20 minutes, 3rd call they disconnected me during a transfer.

Shaun J. | 2012-03-08

You're not going to get great service here.  Just forget it.  They treat you like you're a bother to them and all they want to do is give you the number to call Ford customer service because they can't answer any questions on site.  Avoid buying a car here if you can.  The salesmen were all nice, but once you have the car, the service department sticks it to you with attitude and no helpfulness. They have no solutions for a critical problem I have a new car I purchased from them.  They just want me to jump through hoops and figure it all out on my own.  For the money I spent, I just have just went to Sewell and bought a Lexus.

Jennifer P. | 2011-12-26

Do not, I repeat, do not take your car here to be serviced...unless of course you don't want your problem to be fixed and you want to pay a lot. In that case, go for it!

I have taken my car in not once, twice, or even three times, but FIVE times for the same problem. It's my check engine light that started it all, which 5 months later is still on, by the way.

The first time I took it to be diagnosed, they said they would call with their recommendations. I wait, and I wait, and I wait. Finally, 30 minutes before closing (and no one telling me anything by phone), I go in. They tell me they haven't even looked at it yet. Really?!? I bring it back another day and tell them to keep it until they know what's wrong.

So, the problem was not just the light, but my car shaking on start up and sometimes stalling. I assumed it was a problem with the O2 sensor. Mind you, before I brought it in here the radiator and mass air flow sensor had already been changed (you'll see the significance of this later). So, after the first time taking the car in, they called and said it was indeed the O2 sensor. Actually, let me back up. I had to call them multiple times for updates, because they never called me. So, we replaced it.

Fast forward TWO days and the light comes back on, and the car shakes and stalls again. They test it and the codes come back that it's actually the fuel pump. $750 later, I drive away with a new fuel pump.

Just a few days later, same problem. I take it back in and they keep the car for a few days. They said they can find nothing wrong with it, the engine light is now off, and everything seems to be working fine. No charge. Great.

How long does that last? Oh, just a few days. I take it back AGAIN! This time they run the codes and they tell me there is a lean on it...which means there is a vacuum leak most likely in the engine; however, when I pick the car up, they tell me they couldn't find a leak so they replaced the mass air flow sensor. Remember a few paragraphs ago when I said I had already replaced that? Yeah. So, I guess at this point they are just randomly replacing parts. I told them that the mass air flow was new and didn't need to be changed and their response was "oh yeah, I kinda remember you telling me that.' Well, I didn't pay for that visit, and I left feeling very frustrated.

Present day: guess what came back on a few days after that last visit? My check engine light. Whatever they are doing is not fixing the problem. I refuse to pay any more money for the car; however, I will keep taking it back until they actually fix it. I don't know if they are playing some sort of game with me, but I don't think they realize how tough of a broad I can be!

The only plus side is this: each time I got a rental car, which I didn't have to pay for, but that pro certainly does not outweigh the numerous cons. My only guess of this whole situation is that they either have EXTREMELY incompetent mechanics, or they just like to swindle people out of money, which by reading the other reviews wouldn't surprise me. I will be making an appointment with the service manager this week to hopefully get the problem fixed and then in the future I will take my business elsewhere.

If at all possible, AVOID THIS PLACE!!!

Daniel Y. | 2011-09-28

Guess what folks...the A/C is still going strong 4 months later. Can you believe that? What a surprise! Park Cities Ford can blow my header...

Nick D. | 2011-08-22

This is an update to my previous post.  While my trying to get a response via the cursory follow-up call failed miserably, an email to the GM and the Director of Financing worked.  The GM responded that night, asking me to call.  Keith Burris, the Director of Financing, also responded, apologizing profusely for the misunderstanding and asking to rectify.

I met with Keith and we reworked the contract.  Keith assured me it was a one-time mistake, and I believed him.  The issue is the speed with which the financing process is completed.  I communicated the need for clearer communication of pricing for the various options.

Park Cities handled the situation to my satisfaction.

I just hope that this was an isolated incident.  So, words to the wise: when working with Financing, take all the time you need.  Make sure all of the numbers are clear before signing anything.

BTW, the $1200 number I was quoted that I thought was the price of the extended coverage, that was my car payment with everything added in.  Again, a lack of clarity in the numbers.  Dennis seemed like a nice guy and Keith vouched for his forthrightness.  So, maybe this was a simple mistake made in a hurry

Claire D. | 2011-07-28

I waited two hours for an oil change the other day at this Ford dealership.  Two hours would have been  acceptable, had the man who was working with me not come to me an hour into me being there and told me my car would be ready in 15 minutes and then GONE TO LUNCH.  I don't know if it was his job to get someone to cover for him or it's a normal practice to just leave a customer waiting for an additional 45 mintues and not worry but I was not happy.  The only reason I know he went to lunch is because I saw him walk back in with another guy and HIS customer confronted him about going to lunch with out telling him.  I will not come back to a place with such poor customer service.

R s. | 2011-06-21

These people are what's wrong with the car business.  All smiles and promises of great service right up until the moment you sign... Then it's all down hill, and I mean immediately!  Right after I signed on my truck they told me to go up front to pick it up; they didn't walk me up to the front, they didn't tell me where to pick it up or who to see just a general "head up front". I waited over an hour without ever being addressed again.  During my hour in exile my salesman acted like I was invisible, strolled past me several times and never said anything else to me like thanks for the 50k sale or can I get you a water??? Nothing, "sale made = you no longer matter"
The following week I called my salesman with a question and when I finally got him on the line I was dismissed without an answer and a promise to call back; never happened.

Now for the service; every experience with their service department is worse than the one before it.  My truck has been in their shop about 5 times for warranty work and even though they are supposed to cover it under the terms of the warranty they have yet to actually pay for my rental car while my truck was in the shop for work that they did under warranty.  Each time they promise to fix this and pay for it and each time they "forget" or they "overlook it" and then getting reimbursed is futile.  The communication from their service reps is terrible and when their manager (Ken Star) is involved he is no better and possibly worse as he is arrogant and unapologetic about the things that they have done even when he has admitted fault it's just a "what do you want me to do about it?" kind of attitude?  
The last time I was in I asked them to change a tire under the road hazard warranty and because the tread was pealing off and it was dangerous.  They agreed it should be done under the warranty and then forgot to change it and turned it back over to me without changing it!  The service notes they gave states that they looked for leaks in the tire but couldn't find one so the tire was given a good check.  Guess they missed all that tread peeling off while they were checking for flats... Not to mention my original note to them was specifically about the tread!
When I asked again about their failure to change out the tire they kind of shrugged and sent me back inside to a different rep who said they didn't even have one of those tires in stock but they could order one for me and I could come back in a couple of weeks to get it fixed!!!!! I pointed out that the tire was unsafe, they agreed and then took my truck back and put on the spare.... No apology no nothing, as usual.  Once again Ken Star was rude and worthless.  
Again my truck has been in at least 5 times for warranty work.... Five times! And four of them were for the same issue that they couldn't seem to fix.  One time they even complained that the problem was coating them too much money... Costing them!!!!  That says it all, at Park Cities it's all about them.

Brad B. | 2011-01-17

good service department but no new car literature in the waiting area. This is also the second time I've been there and there was only Fox News to watch in the waiting area. Maybe some HGTV or DIY network would pass the time more quickly and be less offensive.

Jacob T. | 2010-03-01

Was forced to bring in my vehicle here the other week when it broke down on the Tollway at 6:30am (on my way to work for a 7am meeting).  This could have turned into a disaster.  Long story short, a sensor had shorted, this was fixed at no cost, and the service department even picked up my towing bill (even though i hadn't used their preferred tow-servicing company).  Their shuttle (crown victoria) service took me to work and picked me up that afternoon with minimal inconvenience.  I was close to 30k miles, so was also given a quote for the various recommended services that come with that milestone.  This was useful because some of the services I know I can do myself at a much lesser cost.  

The free tow saved me $125 though and is what earned this place a "get out of jail free" coupon, redeemable for one minor negative customer experience that I will inevitably encounter in the future - for such is the nature of any auto-servicing establishment.   Also, really bad coffee in the lounge, but if you have time (I didn't) there's a Starbucks close by (isn't that always the case though?).

As I proof-read this, I realized how much I apparently love parentheses (really).

James F. | 2010-02-04

This review is for the service department at Park Cities Ford. I had taken my car here for regular service for a couple of years. About a year and a half ago, one of the items I had serviced was the front brakes. I wasn't having any problems with them, but they insisted they needed to be serviced so I went with their recommendation. That was in Oct 08. Moving forward to Jul 09, they recommend that both the front and rear brakes are coming due for service and show signs of excessive wear. Really, in less than a year (front brakes)? So I said let's wait at least until the next service in three more months. This time when I went in for the oil change, my brakes are miraculously okay (same service consultant). This time, they recommended a service and inspection for the rear axle that would run around $500 if there is nothing wrong. I didn't mention the brakes until after the inspection review was complete, and then was surprised when I double checked with them for a recommendation about the brakes and they looked at them again and said they are fine. The point of this review is, every single time I have visited them, they recommend a $300-$500 repair that is UNNECESSARY. I ended up taking my car to an independent mechanic for a complete inspection. All of the recommendations from Park Cities were bogus. I will never visit them for service again. They are only interested in wasting their customer's time and money.

Nickie G. | 2009-06-26

Park Cities Ford is the place I take my baby to get fixed, so this review is for the service department only.  Why do I take it here?  Well, it is close to downtown and they offer a really great shuttle service.  So if I have to be at work at 7:30 I can drop it off at 7 and they have a driver take me to work....and then the driver comes back to get me and takes me back to the dealer when it is fixed.  They also work with a couple of rental companies if your car is going to be indisposed for a few days.  These perks make getting your car fixed as convenient as it can possibly be.

My car has been having the same issue over and over for almost 2 years now.  It happens sometimes once per month and this last time it took a year before it happened again.  Pain in the ass!  I am sure the computer records of my repairs are 10 pages long at this point!  Anyway, point being, Craig from the service department told me to come right in, gave me a rental car on the dealership's dime, and even apologized that this was happening again.  Everyone in the service department has always been super nice to me and I really think that they train their service reps well.  Only one thing I think they could do better is communication.  I like to have a check in at least once per day when you have my car for a week so I can know what is going on and I generally have to be that annoying chick and call them every day like a needy ex-girlfriend.  Let a girl know what's going on!!

Problem keeps happening so they can't figure out what is wrong with it.  Even the head mechanics in Detroit are stumped.  So I am torn on how many stars to give this place.  Mamma's baby is sick and they are the doctors...fix it already!  However, right now it is fixed so Mamma is a happy camper.  And since they always treat me with respect and humor I have to give them a 4 star.  And hopefully this will be my last visit for a while!