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As a premier Texas Scion and Toyota dealer, Keith Orr Toyota has a huge selection of new and used vehicles from which to choose. Keith Orr Toyota Scion online and offline customers enjoy special vehicle offers every day. We offer Scion and Toyota service & parts, an online inventory, and outstanding financing options, making Orr Toyota Scion the preferred dealer for Cedar Hill, Dallas, Desoto, Duncanville, Grand Prairie, Hutchins, Lancaster and Wilmer Scion and Toyota buyers. Ready to set up a test drive? Visit our Dallas Scion, Toyota dealership in Dallas, TX today!


Established in 1990.

Metroplex Toyota - Your Automotive Destination in DFW...Call, Click, or Come By.

Orr Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(972) 780-1166
Address:39660 LBJ Fwy, Dallas, TX, 75237
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Orr Toyota

Larry R. | 2015-04-12

Although I'm a little late with this review I would like to express my extreme displeasure with the sales department of Orr Toyota in August of 2014. Yes, I Know they've closed down since then, rightfully so, but I just wanted to express my extreme displeasure with the "finance" people involved with this now non-existent company. Tiffany E., Alex F. and their compadre, Chris? were doing all they could do to rip us off as much as they could. I am a Type 1 diabetic and had an insulin reaction after five hours of negotiations and that was all the Orr
Peeps needed to zero in for the score.

Congrats, my wife and I paid sticker price after negotiating for almost Five Hours! I complained about the conflicting terms within the contract the next day and no one I contacted via email at the now defunct Orr Toyota replied at all. Glad you're gone, ORR TOYOTA. The car buying public is now a little bit safer.

P.S.: I have since taken our Camry to the service department of the new owner, Atkinson Toyota, and must say that they have handled things great! That was a relief after out initial experience with Orr.

M G. | 2014-12-17

I tried to purchase a new car at Orr Toyota and won't be back.  I used Consumer Reports True Car service. Talesha McKhee was very helpful.  She received my online request, answered my questions, and found the vehicle I wanted at another dealer.   She accepted my deposit by credit card to secure the dealer transfer and purchase, and told me that a manager would call the next morning to confirm.   However I didn't get a call and it consumed many attempts with several individuals promising to call me back with updated information.  Finally I reached a manager who initially insisted that the transaction had been completed, then told me he hadn't discussed it with anyone, and after more calls, finally admitted that no one had attended to this, and wouldn't until after a holiday.  He apologized and promised to refund my deposit.  Three weeks later, after several more emails and calls, despite many promises I still have not received the refund.  I purchased my car from a different dealer and recommend that you do too.  Update: email notification that my refund has been processed, 3 weeks late.  Hopefully it's true.  Will upgrade to 2 stars for returning my money.

Jackie N. | 2014-10-31

I bought a Toyota and have regretted ever since - I want my Honda back!

The service department is by far the worst service department I have ever dealt with out of all of the car dealerships. They recommend that you make and appointment, but when I showed up for my appointment at 7am on Saturday I was LAUGHED at by the service guy behind the counter (counting the money). He said, just because you made an appointment, doesn't mean you're first in line. I asked "what does it mean then?" He said, just that you made an appointment, but you still have to stand in line - people start lining up around 6:30am, you should've gotten here earlier...then he laughed again. WHAT'S THE POINT IN MAKING AN APPOINTMENT!? I would rather be given no option of making an appointment then false advertisement that an "appointment" was made.

This wasn't my first bad experience with them, but I will definitely be sure it's the last. I will never recommend Keith Orr Toyota to any of my friends and family and I will make sure they are warned if they ever think about going here. The service department has screwed me over more than once. After this last, and final time, I went to a local car mechanic and paid for my car services and they treated me with respect, integrity and even sent me a thank you note and coupon via mail after my service. I would rather pay $113 every 3 months than EVER deal with Keith Orr Toyota again!

When it's time to buy a new car, I'M GOING BACK TO HONDA!!!!

Catherine P. | 2014-08-04

After YEARS of great experiences..Orr Toyota is now a scam!! Do yourself a favor and spend your money and time somewhere that appreciates their customers!

Floyd F. | 2014-03-29

Had a good experience at dealership.   Salesman Larry Freeman worked with us and got the car we wanted.

Angie N. | 2014-03-27

After test driving a car at Keith Orr Toyota on a Saturday,the salesman confirmed we were approved and ready to go.  My husband signed a lease on a new car nearly 2 weeks ago, and we used my old car as a trade-in.  We were very happy with the car, and we didn't mind how long it took at the dealership because we were aware his credit is less than perfect and that it might take some time with the finance department.  Love the car, the service at the dealership was friendly.  A bit slow, but efficient.  Yesterday we get a call from the company that financed my old car (the trade-in) and I'm told the payment is late.  So my husband calls the dealership to find out why the trade-in hasn't been paid off.  The finance manager advises that they've been trying to reach him (they haven't.  no missed calls, no voicemails).  That even though we signed a lease agreement when we got the vehicle, the bank has refused to finance us.  So we need to either come in to sign a new lease with a payment $150/month higher, or bring the car back.  The lease agreement is signed and done.  There is no clause or stipulation saying they have any right to want it back unless we are in default - which we are not obviously.  The director of the finance department tried every deceitful way he could to bully us into bringing back the car.  He tried saying we signed a spot delivery clause - which we did not.  I told him to send it to us, it was not.  It was a paper allowing us to test drive the car for a few days, but it's rendered null and void if a retail agreement is entered - which it was. When I pointed this out to him, he admitted I was correct.   Then he said because I'm driving the vehicle to work, that it was a straw agreement.  It's not - we're married, he drives the car as well, I'm on the insurance and my driver's license is valid so per the state of Texas, this is not a straw agreement.  After trying for SIX hours, I finally got a hold of the Finance General Manager who after evading my calls all day, immediately started the call off saying it was a straw deal. Once again, I outlined for him how that was incorrect and let him know it offended me and my intelligence that he went there immediately just to avoid financial losses because of his departments mistake.  I asked to speak to the General Manager, David Huff, and was told he is in "General Manager Training".  Wow.  I confirmed with the receptionist he is out today, so tomorrow I will begin trying to reach David, even though I've already left a voicemail and it hasn't been returned.  I'm really hoping Mr. Huff will contact me and resolve this entire situation.  Because simply put, we did nothing wrong, and they made the mistake of finalizing a deal before they had hard approval from the bank.  A lease agreement is a lease agreement and if I breached the contract, I would be severely penalized.  But they're trying to break my contract and not only that, but try to intimidate me into just handing it back, without so much as admitting their mistake!  As I said, I truly hope this is not a representation of how the entire dealership is ran, and that Mr. Huff can prove that they are actually a good, ethical and reputable business.  Because right now, I would have to say I am in shock over how unethical and crooked they have been.  In addition, I've asked both the Finance Manager and the receptionist for any contact information for Mr. Orr himself since David Huff has been unavailable and both of them said they have no idea on how to get a hold of him.  If this can't be resolved by tomorrow my next step will have to be a formal complaint with TXDOT.  As of right now, my advice to everyone would be to steer clear of Keith Orr Toyota, because this has been a total nightmare.  However, if Mr. Huff or Mr. Orr do resolve the issue, I will re-post with an update.  I just don't want to believe the entire dealership is doing business in such an unfair way.****03/28/14 -True to my word, I have to add to this post.  David Huff and Mike, the New Car Sales Manager both called and they resolved the situation.  We keep the car and they honor their agreement.  Mike was especially apologetic for the bad experience we had and we are very satisfied with the outcome.  While it is unacceptable that we were ever put through all of this in the first place and that there has been and will be people that experience this without knowing their rights and take back a car they shouldn't have to, the fact that it was eventually fixed without any sacrifice on our part is very much appreciated. ****I urge all those shopping for a car, do not close the deal on a Saturday unless they can give you documented proof the bank has approved the loan****

Anabel V. | 2013-06-20

THe purchasing side is awesome.  The customer service is awesome. Follow up calls, you name it when it comes to customer service; they are prompt and thurough. The reason my rating dropped was because of the service dept.  My car dealer guy made an apptointment for me but when i arriced after work on my day off at 7am it meant nothing.  It is a 1st come 1st serve what was the point in making an appt?!  They are uber slow i arrived at 7am and did notleave until close to 11am.  Another thing is if the service folk dont come uin until 730 why do they even bother having anyone come in at 7am.  I was rather upset that my appointment measnt nothing and if i would have known it was a 1st come 1st cerve then i woul dhave shown up aliot later: (

Chelsea L. | 2013-05-25

CONSUMERS BEWARE, ORR Toyota FALSELY ADVERTISES PRICES!!! We were contacted directly by the dealership regarding a vehicle.  The price quoted to us over the phone was also published on the Orr Toyota website. After 3 days of phone discussion, we went to Orr to test drive the vehicle.  We spent 2 hours at the dealership and then they tried to sell us the car for over $3600 HIGHER than the advertised price!!

The justification in price difference by Orr was a disclaimer at the very bottom of the web page. There was no other symbol or other indication next to the published price that suggested that the price listed was NOT the sale price. The advertised price was discussed with both the Internet Manager and Sales Advisor prior to our going to the dealership and a price disclaimer was never mentioned.

Orr Toyota deserves ZERO stars for our experience but that isn't an option. I can overlook sales advisors with no expertise or knowledge of the vehicles they are selling.  I can tolerate sales managers that reek of cigarette smoke. I can even excuse waiting for a vehicle to get gas put in it so it's ready for a test drive (that was scheduled) but false advertisement of prices and waisting my time will not win my business.

Sara M. | 2012-11-02

I only gave this place one star because it was clean. The service guy I dealt with was horrible. i took my car in because my tire light was one and had been for about 2 weeks. when he first spoke to me he told me it was due to the temp changing. i agreed because i knew that was a possibility but i also thought one of my tired looked low so i asked him to please check them. after making me wait 15 minutes in the drive to get "paperwork" he finally took my car back. I went into the waiting room and sat for about 20mins. I then got bored and decided to check out the new cars. I wanted to see if they had the new FR-S in stock. While i walked into the showroom. I saw no customers. ( this was on a saturday afternoon around 2pm). the few salesmen i saw standing around were uninterested to see a person walk through the door. They didnt even greet me. i went to the front desk to ask about the FR-S and the receptionist asked what was that. I pointed to the one they had on the showroom floor and she said "oh yea its right there". Obvisouly she hadnt listened to my first question which was if they had a different color THAN THE ONE RIGHT THERE... OMG... She looked around and said nope. i had it. i went back to service to see if my car was done. I waited another 30min until the rude man came to get me and said that he filled them up cuz they were low. ( like i knew they were).
I only stopped here because I live close by but i will never go back again.

Chuck N. | 2012-02-29

Can't blame a man for actually READING the signs when he pulls in. The signs said SERVICE SERVICE AND OIL CHANGE. in that order. I pulled into the empty service port and I swear the staff person gave me the "you dumbass" look as he signaled for me to pull into the second service port behind another car. THEN when he came back out he gave me the look again. WELL I didn't need an oil change, I needed other SERVICE. If you were pulling in for SERVICE which one would you pull into? At any rate, the service trumped all else.

Jay D. | 2011-09-14

Highly do not recommend anyone to purchase a vehicle from there.  The customer service and management is horrible.  Mainly, they're all talk.

-Military member

Ac A. | 2010-10-18

Excellent service!!! I have a dependable car with an excellent service team