John Eagle Honda in Dallas, TX

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John Eagle Honda

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 499-9283
Address:5311 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX, 75209
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on John Eagle Honda

WB M. | 2015-04-25

I recently had warranty work done at John Eagle Honda.  Their mechanics went above and beyond what was requested and at no cost ($0).  They not only replaced my tire, which was the purpose of my visit, but also checked my battery and replaced it before washing my car and sending me on my way!  Excellent and friendly service!!!

Samantha S. | 2015-04-20

This review is for the service department.

My car (bought from John Eagle) was apart of the airbag recall so I took it in to have it checked out and chose to get an oil change while I was at it. When the time came that I needed another oil change, I realized my hood latch was broken. Being the last people to touch my car and seeing as they gave me an entire report of all the things they wanted to over charge me to fix while I was there, I figured surely they noticed they broke the hood latch.

I spoke to one service technician who told me that it was not their fault and I could pay $180 to fix it and the conversation was abruptly ended. Now I understand I drive an older car and things happen but the part itself is a $15 part online and has 4 screws holding it in place. Wanting to figure out an option and assess the degree liability that John Eagle's service department had in breaking my hood latch, I asked to speak with a manager, Jesse Hernandez.

I called Mr. Hernandez numerous times over the course of several days. I left a voicemail, sat on hold for upwards of half an hour, and left messages with others in his department and received ZERO response. I even went so far as contacting the Service Director who must have trained Mr. Hernandez on how to dodge calls because he too ignored me entirely.

Bottom line, don't waste your time at this dealership. If you do buy a car from them, you'll be forced to encounter atrocious customer service if you never need any work done.

D G. | 2015-04-13

If you want to get screwed over for a deal, this is the place. Horrible experience. The guy closing the sale spent more time trying to sell maintenance plan than explaining your paperwork. Choose another dealer. You get no deals, and they actually make you think you're an idiot for not paying full price, plus all of the mandatory BS add-ons. Crooked, slimey sales experience.

Robin M. | 2015-04-04

Not thrilled with the Service Center's customer service this morning.  I made an appointment for an oil change.  I get to the service center & they direct me to the "Express" center (which is really the empty Fiat dealership a block up the street).  I arrive and am told that despite making an appointment, my wait for service will be an hour to an hour and a half because they're backed up with the morning rush.  What's the point of making an appointment then?  I walk into the waiting area and there are not enough seats to accommodate everyone.  I'm sitting in an old office chair that I pulled from behind the would be info or sales desk in the empty Fiat showroom.  Other customers are standing.  Ridiculous!

Sophia Z. | 2015-03-11

I owned a honda for 8 years- loved it and used John Eagle service for everything!  They are fantastic!!
But this review is about the SALES dept!  I went in 2 months ago to buy another honda.  We had the worst test drive experience of my life.  We car the salesman, James picked out for us was out of gas.  So we had to drive the gas station to start off our test drive.  When he was filling up the car he left his cell phone on the top of the car and then drove off.  5 minutes later on the test drive he realized he left his cell phone at the gas station!  We had to turn around and search for his cell phone and back track our steps because he thought it fell off the top of the car when he drove away.  We finally decided to end the search and head back to the dealership to disucss options.  But instead of talking to us about our interests in the car- he told us to hold on while he called Verizon wireless to report his phone was stolen.  It was unreal.... we wasted an hour with his joker and finally walked out without saying goodbye.  He chased us down in the parking lot to give us his business card!  Yeah right... we will NOT be buying from you.

Kathy E. | 2015-01-15

Called yesterday to have recall doorlock problem fixed on CRV, told it would take ninety minutes to two hours so made an appointment for 10am today to wait for it. Brought car in, told it would take 90 minutes to 2 hours so I said again I would wait. After 2 hours, told they were trying to replicate problem and might not have the parts. Really? I called yesterday, told them problem and made appointment but 2 hours at dealership next day to check for parts? 2 more hours go by, after asking to see Service Manager, car still not ready but hurry work (now miraculously complete) and release it and will mail me paperwork. Four hours and fifteen minutes spent there, and had to ASK to get car. Worst service ever. This service was on a recall doorlock problem that I had spend several hundred dollars fixing several months ago, can't get that money back either or my wasted time. Horrible experience, we have three Hondas and will not be back.

Paolo T. | 2015-01-07

Simple place that does what that day and keeps their promises. They wash my car at anytime even if i don't make a service visit. Just a note it gets busy on the weekends so plan ahead.

Robert M. | 2014-11-21


Good evening, above is a post from Jennifer A. on Yelp from only a few days ago documenting the same thing that happened to me today at your dealership. I brought my wife's car in to have the air bags recall taken care, which I scheduled a month ago. I didn't tell Cody he needed to look over my car and tell me what's wrong with it, you were to replace the air bags at your cost and everyone's happy.  Instead I got a call from Cody Tarpley and an emailed report asking if I wished to do the following, replace the battery @ $135.00, replace the front suspension stops @ $525.00, which by the way is a $50.00 part for the pair, TOPS. Change my power steering and brake fluid for $120.00 each. In total $1000.00 for something that I will get done for 1/4 of the cost. I just wanted to ask the question, wait for it................................................­................Is there anything else I can do for you????

I have purchased 2 cars in the past 10 years from you all, the experience has been wonderful until now. I am in the market for another vehicle and I wont be purchasing it from your dealership.



Jennifer A. | 2014-11-17

Terrible, dishonest service. Made an appointment two and a half weeks ago for my Honda CR-V to get the airbag recall service done. Brought my car there this morning (rearranged my schedule and my husband's schedule to do so) and was told HOURS LATER that they didn't have the parts! I ask service consultant Michael Graham for an explanation and I get an "Um, sorry." Oh but get this -- he's more than happy to give me a detailed list of "suggested maintenance" that they'd like to do for more than $2,000! NO THANK YOU. I will take my business elsewhere.

Lyssa S. | 2014-11-07

TERRIBLE experience doesn't even begin to touch the surface of how hellish and horrific my experience was here. Over priced cars and extremely inconsiderate customer service. At one point the sales manager called my husband rude, told him he was interrupting and was in his face when all my husband was trying to communicate on what we could afford on a car (at which point I started to laugh because I couldn't believe that was happening). Do not waste your time here.

Kara B. | 2014-11-03

John Eagle Honda is the epitome of the skeevy car salesman stereotype. The pinstripe suits, the slickback hair, the condescending mannerisms.

For about a week my husband and I had been looking at  the 2014 Honda Camry EXL, and we had been getting different online quotes from the dealers around town. Over the internet our salesman (hereafter referred to as "Slick Hair") promised to match any online quote we had received, and to beat the offer by $500.

Sounds like a good deal, right? We thought so too.

We arrive at the dealership, and are greeted by Slick Hair. He asks us if we want to test drive the car, we decline as we have already test driven one model and we were satisfied with the results. Slick Hair laughed at us and said that no one ever bought a car without test driving it first, but agreed to show us the vehicle they had in stock.

After seeing the model they had at the dealership, my husband and I agreed that it was not our ideal color combination (chocolate brown on the outside, black on the inside. I jokingly called it an Easy Bake Oven. Slick Hair was not amused). However, we really wanted to walk away with a car that day, so we went inside to talk numbers. Slick hair said we could get the car in any color, and it would arrive in about a week. We said we wanted a car that day, so we would settle. Slick Hair repeated that we could get the car in any color. Awkwardness ensued.

Slick Hair asked us to see the quote that the rival Honda dealership made us. He paled, or was that my imagination? Informed us that they would never honor that price, how it was just a ploy to get us into the dealership, yata yata yata. He said we could get the car for 32k, unless we were willing to finance with them. Then we could maybe get it for 30k. He said that he could tell  we were inexperienced car buyers, and there was no way we would be getting a car that day.

We walked away feeling discouraged, but decided to check out Rusty Wallis Honda anyway.

Surprise Ending: Rusty Wallis did indeed honor the online quote (even though we paid for the car in cash). We walked away with a car THAT VERY DAY including tax, title, and licensing for 23k!

Do yourself a favor, skip this dealership-- they will not beat Rusty Wallis on price. I wish I had read yelp reviews before wasting my time here.

Nina D. | 2014-09-06

Professional, honest, friendly, fantastic experience! I just bought a new car at John Eagle Honda!

Reatha Robinson sold me my car and from the moment I met her she was friendly, personable, and professional. She helped me find exactly the car I wanted and did not use any high pressure sales tactics. I left feeling like I got a deal that worked out for us all. The color I wanted had to be traded with another dealer and in the meantime (the weekend) they let me use a loaner car! How nice! I didn't even think of that. My car was delivered on Monday as promised!

Everyone I met was extremely nice! I have a ton of questions, I'm very particular and detail oriented, yet everyone was patient and friendly. For example, I returned to ask a silly question about the paperwork on the rental car return date. The return date was the same day that I had picked up the car, but I didn't plan on returning it until a few days later. The man in the service department (I believe his name is Tony) was so nice and initialed the paperwork even though the return date didn't matter because it was a loaner I wouldn't be charged for.  

Reatha, Paul, Benny, Danny, and everyone else I met, thank you! I love my new car! I'd buy a car from here again, but hopefully I won't have to for a long time!

Julia S. | 2014-08-12

If I could give 0, I would. They should change their name from express service to slow to no service. This is ridiculous!!!
I came here to get a replacement key made under the warranty and to get an oil change. I called a wk before and made an appt for 10am. I arrived 9:55am and at 1:30pm, I m still seating in their lobby for my car!
Yes, I did add an oil change to my original appt for key replacement.  But more than 3 1/2 hrs of wait?! this absolutely ridiculous!
To make this worse, the rep doesn't even apologize for the wait. When I asked him why I have to wait so long even tho I made an appt, his response is we have a back up. No apology. No explanation.
This place sucks!

B L. | 2014-03-16

When I bought my 1998 Honda Civic 15 years ago, I bought it here from Reatha.  Needless to say, I still own my Honda Civic and it has been the best vehicle I have ever owned.  I have had maintenance done at this dealership and they are always professional and courteous.  I love the waiting area and the free waters and the donuts they would sometimes offer.  I would highly recommend this dealership for maintenance and for vehicle purchases.  If I ever buy a new car, it will be from here!!

Joel H. | 2014-03-06

Miguel & Kelly in finance were the only good part of my experience. The lot has cars with lots of dents, dings and scratched that they don't even bother to fix. There is a 2012 or so Honda Civic on the lot with body damage with rust. That's not the way to present a vehicle used or not especially at a Honda dealer. I found that the vehicle was not ready when promised. These cars are not 100% Fully Reconditioned as advertised on there website if they were they wouldn't have rust on the body of the vehicle. The "4 hour detail process" is not what I would consider a detail at all. My car has been cleaned up better at a $5 wash. Not a professional operation. The service promised was not delivered. Very disappointed in this dealership and will not be returning and if you are looking for a new or used Honda DON'T STOP HERE!

Danny K. | 2014-02-24

I heard of bad experiences from friends at John Eagle but I do like to try businesses on my own. I went in for a "four day special" on an oil change which included a free tire rotation, free brake inspection and free multi point safety inspection.

When I pulled up and told them I scheduled an appointment they didn't seem to know I was coming. What's the point of scheduling then? They asked what I was there for and I said for the four day special and to check my engine light. The "advisor" said "is that a coupon or something? We don't see those. They're sent out by some marketing company." He could not seem more disinterested. The "advisor" lacked basic customer service friendliness. He told me it would take a few hours and he'd call me.

A few hours later I got an email with my "action plan" of recommended repairs totally $5K. Okay...I didn't get a phone call so I waited about half an hour and called. My "advisor" Tony got in the phone and said he emailed me the plan. I didn't realize "I'll call you" also meant "I'll email you and assume you know I'll email you." I told him I got the email and am going to hold off on the repairs (I was suspicious of the recommendations. Maybe I wouldn't be if the service advisor new basic communication skills.) He then challenged me and said my car would probably die in the road and my tires would blow out. I just got new tires on my front wheel drive car. It turned out that these expert mechanics at john eagle took my lower thread rear tires and rotated them to the front. If a front wheel drive car is better off with better tires in front why would you rotate them. Why not tell me "hey your coupon had a free tire rotation but they're in a good enough position right now. We would however recommend new rear tires." So now the likelihood of having a blow out is greater.

I also wanted to mention that when I called the advisor and declined the recommendations he basically said "fine" and hung up. He didn't tell me when I could get my car. I called back and said uhh you hung up and didn't say if the car was ready for pickup. He said they need 15-35 minutes to put it back together first. Still not gonna call me or do I show up in 30?! I just showed up 30 minutes later and with a lot of anxiety about how rude they are. I walked in and he was slouched in his car and then gave me some papers to sign and pay. He didn't even say thank you.

I will not be going back to john eagle. Funny thing is, I will probably buy a new car soon and I definitely won't be buying one there.

Jim B. | 2014-01-19

I've had 2 experiences with this dealership. The first I wrote off as maybe a long day for them.

The recent one however was dismal. We brought my daughters CRV in ~60,000 miles for oil & filter & to check check anything needed for maintenance at this mileage. I don't do the maintenance on this CRV.

They didn't mention low power steering fluid, lowish brake fluid, very low battery water or dirty air filter. They did tell her the positive battery terminal cable was badly corroded and recommended replacing it and the battery for $650; simply ridiculous.

I replaced the corroded clamp with a NAPA clamp for $4, then filled the power steering fluid, brake fluid, battery water and the replaced the air filter NAPA $12. The air filter was the original 2009 unit.

Firestone, Quick Lube etc always checks and tops off all fluids, filter etc. One would think a Honda Dealership would do at least as well if not better than a non dealership. The Honda dealer in Tenn that the CRV was purchased from did super work.

I can't recommend this dealership to any one.

For the DFW area I'd try Rusty Wallis, David McDavid etc. that get good rating and  the Honda Presidents Award year after year (found at's find a dealer portion:… )

Diana A. | 2014-01-09

I would have expected a Honda dealership to stand behind their product better given their reputation for being reliable cars.  FYI they are not so reliable and therefore not worth the premium cost!

Lacey Z. | 2014-01-03


I recently took my 2008 Honda Fit for a regular oil change and maintenance check. The service person was nice and greeted me promptly. After a short wait (30-45 min.) the service rep came back with a printout of my vehicle, and did not take the time to explain what was right with my car, but rather focused on what needed to be worked on: Brake fluid change, power steering fluid change, and air filter change... Totaling $280 worth of parts and labor.

After letting him know that I didn't think this was right, and got on the phone with my dad, he came back 5 minutes later with a different printout. He explained before the other printout had an different page shuffled into the mix that wasn't a part of my service order, and I only needed an alignment done- costing $90.

I felt that if I hadn't spoke up and tried to get another opinion they would have gone ahead and charge me for the work that didn't need to be done.


Bryan W. | 2013-12-06

RE: Used car department.  Adds on website can be misleading. Called talked to see a used Honda. They had plenty of time to detail this vehicle, but didn't. I am so lucky I got to see it before. It was filthy, body had major dents. Tires were tracking, the list goes on. Tried to trade in a very nice trade-in but the unprofessional sales manger behavior was suspect. He was condescending and rude. Treated me like I was an idiot. My background is from growing up in family dealerships, been running dealerships since 1948, me 56. In all the cars I have ever purchased or traded in, this was absolutely the most ridiculous. Used every tactic from " Why used car dealers have a bad Reputation " paperback. The younger two men I spoke with first were helpful but powerless. My time was completely wasted. By the way the rough used Honda was priced an easy 2500 over the worth of actual value. Unorganized. Said so many people had come to look at it they didn't have time to detail. Sorry other people were pulled in on a misleading advertisement. Negotiation was absurd. From 800 to 2500, go figure. Merry Christmas

Mindy W. | 2013-07-16

After having my engine basically re-done by John Eagle, the car ended up dying 3 months later....

Jay T. | 2013-07-09

This is probably one of the worst dealership experience ever. So to start off I was looking to purchase a used  Audi A5 for my son. I noticed it on an ad online. So I contacted them and asked if they can lower the price. The car was selling for 36K. They said they would sell it to me for 31K. I was so excited when and thought that this dealership was really helping me out unlike other dealerships. So I left the next day with my family to go get it. (On a side note we drove 10 hours to buy the car, because we were out of state.) When we got there it was night time and we checked into a hotel last minute and you know that could be a pain. (Especially when they had no rooms for 3 of the hotel we visited.) But the next morning we went to check the car. We test drove it and was ready to purchase. The first salesmen that came out was pretty friendly and if I purchased the car I would have gave this place 5 stars but it wasn't the case... When we told him that we got a mail saying that they were going to sell the car for $31K he went to go get his sales manager. His sales manager was the guy who sent the mail by the way. So the sales manager came out and told us that it was a TYPO... He said that it was suppose to be $35K. I don't get how you could hit any number for a 0. The exact price he said he would sell the car for was $30,642. I'm pretty sure that if you quickly glanced through the mail you could see that you made a mistake. I let him knew that I was gonna come the next day and asked him to double check the warranty. He didn't reply to the mail even though he said if I had any question please ask. But then I saw on the ad that the warranty was included so I just brushed it off. When we asked when we were there he said it didn't have the warranty. He said he wasn't going to lower the price anymore on the car. He said that he worked there for seven years and this never happened. We wasted a day to come check on the car and 20 hours spent driving to and from home. So they lied about their car when advertising and even did this to us. I thought that this place was going to be the best dealership but it turned out to be the worst. You need to do something about your sales manager.

Stephen B. | 2013-05-14

I purchased my 2005 Honda from John Eagle in October of 2005 but generally have it serviced at an independent mechanic I've used for 10+ years.  I have used them from time to time however for a few repairs.  I got a recall notice that my power steering hose might leak and catch fire a few weeks ago so I brought it in.  They were kind enough to also look at airbag light and also fixed my seatbelt latch that was causing the airbag light to come on at no charge.  I was informed by Brandon, my service advisor, that my radiator had a leak and that it would be $650 to fix.  I decided to take it to my aforementioned independent mechanic because he generally fixes things for about slightly less than 1/2 of what the dealer charges.  I dropped it off on Monday and my independent mechanic calls me and says there's no leak in my radiator - he looked it over, tested the coolant and asked me if I had put any additional coolant in that would indicate a leak - which I had not.  Suddenly my mind raced backwards in time to all the other suggested things I had done over the past 7-8 years when I happened to take the car to John Eagle ... broken engine mounts and various other "issues" that they had identified and I had paid dealer service pricing for because they had the car and it was convenient and felt very embarrassed, like a sucker - violated really.  I called and left 2 voicemails for the service manager Mario which were not returned.  Unfortunately the cliché continues to hold true - you can't trust the dealer.  So if you own a car that you can take somewhere other than the dealer and not void your warranty (all of us with cars not made in Germany), do yourself a favor and take it to Love Field Auto - there's no fancy waiting room, latte or shuttle (just take a cab to / from) but you're going to get an honest assessment and more than reasonable price from Randy (1/2 the price of the dealer).  Go check out the Yelp rating on Love Field Auto - his Yelp rating is like 5 stars AND that many people can't be wrong.  As for John Eagle Honda - they can't really be trusted.

Lamont G. | 2013-02-26

Didn't have to wait at the service center. Try to get here before the afternoon rush, so before noon if possible.

Pretty classy inside, they've won several awards.

Jamie B. | 2013-01-08

This is specifically for the Express Oil Change.

I started bringing my CRV here for oil changes when other express locations always seemed to leave my car dripping oil for several days after service. I haven't had that problem here.

I'm currently waiting in the area on the south side of the building where I can plug in and get Internet access. That's a nice plus.

Of course always take the term "express" with a grain of salt. On busy days it can take a couple hours or more. Today is a stormy, decidedly not busy day, and it's already been 45 minutes. At least no one has come out yet to sell me something extra, which I know is standard in the industry; it's just frustrating when, for example, you've recently had the 30K (expensive!) visit done, where they replaced and did everything imaginable and unimaginable, and a few weeks later they try to tell you that you need something. Yeah sure.

Well, I seem to have escaped relatively unscathed. It took about an hour. The only thing they said I might want to get soon is a new battery, as it's a bit weak. That's probably true since it's been sitting at the airport for a week.

So a good experience, overall.

A F. | 2012-12-19

The car buying experience was fast and fairly simple.  The service center is a disaster on the other hand.  I scheduled an appointment to get the brakes resurfaced and a recall taken care of.  When I arrived for my scheduled appointment it took them 3 hours just to tell me that they didn't have the parts for the recall and the brakes need to be resurfaced. Complete waste of time. I took the car and will NEVER be back for anything else.

Amy K. | 2012-12-12

Woo hoo! Glad I took my friends recommendation.....I had a wonderful experience here!

Mark Shipman was so helpful and really made an extra effort to be sure that all our questions were answered. We will definitely be returning to John Eagle when we are ready for another Honda.

Loving my new car! Two thumbs up guys!

Stephen H. | 2012-12-04

Ah the old saying still holds true "fool me once, fool me twice"  Keeping it short as the other reviews hit on a majority of my issues with this dealership I feel its advisable to avoid them.  The staff is immature and rude, lacking the understanding the concept of client loyalty and appreciation. After purchasing my "certified" Element in 06 and having it repaired and serviced for the past 5 years, some repairs for the same problem, I'm quite certain that costs equaled the purchase price or probably close to it. No matter though the staff sees no importance in that fact nor are the interested in keeping a customer for life despite their claims.  They aren't even apologetic,  (see defensive)should let's say, they lied, totally wasted your time or completely screwed up a day where you rearrange, reschedule and cancel appointments to complete a repair.  

They ( friendly customer service survey girl)  will no doubt call me to rate my experience, to which I will acquiesce. I'm sure this is how their multiple "service" awards are doled out.  But I say .. Go somewhere else. Better service better pricing .. Better everything.  Find some place with stronger character.

Jennifer W. | 2012-10-25

Stopped in here really quick because I needed air in my tires, the first guy I talked to was very friendly and agreed to just swing my car in real quick to air up my tires before I picked up my husband from the airport.

The person who actually came to get my car told me it would be 45 minutes because they were "required to do an entire check to ensure the tires were not flat or punctured" I explained that I didn't want that and would just go to a gas station to air them up myself. He tried to say I couldn't do that until I gave him a look that clearly said I'd like to see him try and stop me from leaving.

He finally just aired them up and brought me my car but he acted like I had personally affronted him by declining the extra crap they were trying to do. Had the original person kept up their customer service I would have been happy to give 4-5 stars, but the 2nd guy was rude. They still aired up my tires for free in my Honda which I appreciate so I'll settle on an even three stars.

Leza M. | 2012-10-23

I had a great buying experience.  Bought a 3rd mini-van here.  Worked with a Chuck Ewing...He was great to deal with.

Amanda G. | 2012-09-23

My Honda experience was terrific. Never before have I purchased a car and driven it home the same day within a few hours of walking into the dealership. Thanks from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you and your team did to make the purchase so enjoyable. There was never any high pitch sales talk or haggling over the price. It was great.

Also, thanks for the wonderful gift. I will definitely put it to good use.

I will be telling all my family and friends about your dealership. I'm sure I'll be back one day make another purchase.

Tim R. | 2012-08-25

I purchased an '08 Accord from John Eagle, and a couple years later, before going out of my factory warranty I purchased an extended service warranty through Honda care.  This past Wednesday I took my car into McDavid Honda in Frisco as I live North now, because both my VSA and ABS lights had come on together on a number of occasions.  Upon diagnostic tests it turns out there was an issue with my "VSA modulator" and it needed to be replaced, and my car was not drivable until that happened as the issue had a tie-in to my braking system.

Upon telling McDavid I had extended warranty they looked up in the system, and told me that my policy had expired.  That didn't seem right to me, so I went home and found my original paperwork (which I was shocked to still have years later).  It turns out that I was still covered, and so I scanned and emailed my paperwork to Jason (a new guy who was obviously VERY new) in Eagle's finance department.  This is where I thought the issue would be resolved quickly, and boy was I wrong.  

I was informed that while they appreciated me emailing them that paperwork that they needed to have someone go to their storage warehouse, and pull my original paperwork.  This was a bit insulting to start with, as it basically was saying, we don't trust that you're being honest with us, but I decided to just let it slide at first.

This was mid-morning Thursday, so I asked when they'd have my paperwork, and they assured me either late in the day Thursday or Friday.  I didn't get a call with any update on Thursday.  I called them, no answer.  My service advisor at McDavid called them, they assured they were within about an hour of resolution and would call him right back.  Friday morning, no communication, I call, no answer.  Friday afternoon, I call, no answer.  I finally connect with new guy Jason at 4PM on Friday just for him to tell me they haven't made any progress.

So, we're a couple days into this, and McDavid in Frisco lets me know at this point after fronting me a rental car for a couple days they need to figure something out since they're the only one paying for anything, and Eagle is the one slowing everything down.  When I call back up to Jason he tells me that since it's 5PM at this point anyone who can authorize me getting a car from them is gone for the day, and there's nothing he can do until Monday.

I go to the dealership on Saturday about 1PM.  I first get there and ask for Matt, the Finance Manager.  He sends out another guy in the Finance department, I tell him the story, and he says, I understand, let me get Matt.  Matt then sends out Jason who reminds me that the people who need to authorize aren't here, and he told me this.  I look at him and tell him that I know better, and if that's really the case that they're an awful, awful dealership.  Finally about 30-40 minutes after my arrival Matt finally shows himself, knowing he can't dodge me any further.

He takes my paperwork, and finally asks me what's wrong with my car?  This might have been the most shocking part of it all to me.  These guys claim they've been working on my case for two days, trying to get authorization on my warranty, and they don't even know what the issue is?  What if it ended up being something not even under the warranty coverage!?

So, after 20 more minutes of work by Matt, I get to sit down and talk with himself and John Ingram.  John is very apologetic, and understands my frustration.  He tells me it's strange that my contract is hand-written, and that they don't have warranties for the terms mine are under, but they're going to honor it anyway (the first bit of any customer service I've received from them).  His solution is for me to bring my car down here, and they do the work.  When I told him I had no desire for them to work on my car with how I'd been treating I think his head nearly fell off.  He then wanted to know how I proposed to get the work done.  Another ten minutes later we finally figured out a scenario where my dealership did the work, and sent them the bill, and I'd pay for the rental car I was needing for a couple extra days, only for the option of not having to deal with these guys anymore.

Needless to say, I think the way these guys treated me was awful.  I had a large problem (about $2,000 if I would have had to pay out of pocket) and they weren't handling with any urgency.  Then when I forced some urgency they treated me like I was a nuisance and not someone they wanted to deal with until I stood outside Matt's office while he was talking to others to rush things along.  I won't suggest these guys to anyone, and think if you live in this area a drive to Frisco or Mckinney or any other deanship is in your best interest.  One lady in the lobby actually overheard one of my conversations with Jason, and actually mentioned that she didn't normally go to this dealership for service, and that she didn't plan to come back now.

trina d. | 2012-07-24

Brought my still under warranty minivan for a/c repairs. Was told a rock hit the condenser.  Not covered by warranty.  So I asked to see part.  They produced the part, but there was no evidence of any dent that I could see, no evidence anything hit the condenser.  I asked the manager how do you know it was something that hit it?  He said, it couldn't be anything else.  I asked him, "well we don't see any dents at all--couldn't something be wrong with the part that made it fail?"  He said, "That never happens, it's always a rock."  So I disputed their opinion, and they sent for a "mediator".  Who turned out to be a grey-haired, pony-tailed guy in a Hawaiian shirt and cowboy boots.  He looked at it 2 seconds and said, "rock".  So the manager said, not covered by warranty, not our problem, you have to pay if you want it fixed.  A few months later I got in the mail notice of a class action lawsuit involving the condenser failing due to manufacturing defect, for the year model of my van.  

What I hated about the experience with John Eagle was the dismissive way the manager treated me, like I was some unreasonable, crazy woman with whom he was required to go through the motions of dispute resolution (e.g., "mediator").  "No, that never happens"??  Parts NEVER fail due to manufacturing defects.  And the process took the better part of the day. And the "mediator" was a joke.   Now I drive about 30 minutes to take my car for service at another dealership, although Eagle is around the corner.

Leslie K. | 2012-07-20

Beware. As a result of their negligence, my car overheated and had to be towed. Took it to people i've worked with for years. They immediately noticed the radiator cap had been left off from the dealership the day before. John Eagle Honda did not take responsibility for their mistake. Further, they tried to make it somehow my fault. Horrible way to treat a customer (and Honda owner). I'm in the market for a new Honda and definitely won't buy there as a result

Clay G. | 2012-07-10

I have suspected in the past that John Eagle Honda on Lemmon was either overcharging or they were suggesting repairs that weren't necessary.  Recently I tool my SUV in for the brakes to be checked out because they were squeaking.  They called me later that day to say that all the brakes needed to be replaced for a cost of ~$500.  I decided to get a second estimate and took it to Ken's Muffler and Brake on Central Expwy.  They called me immediately to say that only the rear brakes needed to be replaced.  When I picked the car up I asked about the front brakes and he said they looked like new..  I won't be going back to John Eagle..

Janice R. | 2012-05-18

I recently was in the market for a new Honda, and came here to look early in my car shopping game.  I wasn't pleased with the service I received.  I waited around for about 15 minutes before they were able to track down a salesman that wanted to help me "so late in the day" (it was 5 PM, and they closed at 7).  When I was matched with a salemen, he spoke to me in a condescending manner during the course of my visit, tried to tell me I couldn't afford the car unless I leased, then told me to have my "Daddy" call him with questions.  I explained to him that my "Daddy" lived in San Antonio and didn't make financial decisions for me and got the heck out of there and planned to never return.  

Fast forward a month - I ended up buying a Honda elsewhere (told ya I could afford one!) and driving home from work an indicator light came on warning me of a tire issue and ended up being a flat.  The dealership I purchased from was about 20 miles away and I didn't want to risk it, so I ended up taking my car to the John Eagle service center, and they redeemed themselves!  They were very nice and checked my tire out and repaired it (for the price of 19.99).  I was annoyed because my car was only 3 weeks old...but I guess these things happen.  I was pleased with the way they treated me considering my car was plastered with logos from a competitor dealership.  They returned my car shiny and clean and told me if I ever wanted a free car wash, to just come by!  

So in the end..I give them 3 stars (1 for sales, 5 for service).

Dee M. | 2012-03-09

As I was leaving work several months ago, my check engine light came on. Drats! The Civic (1997) had just hit 120,000 miles on the dot. I'm driving home, hoping it's just the gas cap. Nope. I went to Auto Zone and they checked it for was the O2 Sensor. I checked online to see what that type of repair entailed. Yep, I would've done it myself but decided to let the professionals handle it. I was in no rush to get it repaired since I have another vehicle, so I let it sit most of the Winter.

So, I have to leave the country for a couple of weeks and am planning on moving within a couple of months of returning. I have to get the Civic repaired. I made an appointment before I left for Manila. The Monday after I returned I took the car to this dealer and guess what? no appointment was made! So now I am getting irritated. Like I would just pop up out of the blue!

They charge $67 to tell me what I already told them. He comes in and says it's the O2 Sensor. No, really? Then he says it would be a couple of hours. (as I'm typing this, I'm thinking of knocking off another Anyway, I asked if they would have actually scheduled my appt if it would still be 2 hours and he said yes. I was like...then what is the point of making an appointment? (crickets)

They offered to take me wherever. No way. I think they take longer when you leave. So, after a couple of hours I was on my way. I do appreciate the car wash. It had been sitting for a few months and that was my next stop.

Next, I plan on using some Turtle Wax on the headlights when the warm weather returns to Dallas. It's been cold and rainy the past couple of days and the weekend doesn't look too good either :-(

Michael G. | 2011-12-30

I looked at using my car here once. I was told by their manager that most of their customers have affluent backgrounds and typically pay we couldn't discuss financing. I then ended up leaving and buying elsewhere.

Scott C. | 2011-12-19

I am compelled to write another review for John Eagle after receiving another round of excellent service. I want to emphasize that the first time I came into John Eagle I was not very impressed--I had a bad experience. Nevertheless, the dealership was very vigilant and made an effort to ensure that I received better treatment and service after I wrote my initial review on Yelp. Since that visit, I've had two really great visits and been taken care of very well by the Express Service department. Most recently I took my new 2011 Accord in because the battery died. I knew it would be under warranty and wanted to make sure that I didn't pay anything for my visit. What really impressed me was how Peter Mai handled my situation. On my drive over to the dealership the engine warning light had also come on, and when I arrived Peter generously explained that to diagnose that problem specifically they would charge me $67, however if the battery was bad the replacement would be covered under warranty and the engine light would most likely not come on again/be resolved by replacing the battery. It's this kind of honesty that shows me that people like Peter at John Eagle really have their customers' best interests in mind. I will continue to service my Honda at John Eagle exclusively and highly recommend that anyone dissatisfied with their service call and ask for Peter Mai. Again, I really appreciate John Eagle's policy of accountability and responsibility.

Lisa R. | 2011-11-20

We were called that the car was ready but it was not. $500 later and it is not even washed.  The service is ok, but sometimes a little slow.  I'll be back to give them another chance because it is so convenient.

Katie H. | 2011-08-23

It's too bad that the customer service to loyal Honda customers is so terrible at John Eagle. I literally live down the street and will now be happily driving all the way to David McDavid for my auto needs. Over the last four years I have gone to JE numerous times and every time I left feeling weaseled by one of their service men. I am a 20 something year old girl and unless I bring my dad or a boyfriend with me they seem to think I am a moron.
A recent (and final) visit to JE finished with me storming off the lot and driving to David McDavid. When I arrived, a service man named Buddy helped me immediately, went above and beyond what I had asked for and had a food trailer serving free burgers and hot dogs.
Save your time! Go see Buddy.

Maximo L. | 2011-07-18

I have bought several cars for myself and always hated the process.  My roomate needed a new car and I just happened to run into James Parker, a senior sales person one day while out and about.  James had us in and out of there in about an hour and a half with a brand new car!  This dealership was very nice and everyone that worked there acknowledged me even though I wasn't looking for gratification.

David T. | 2011-06-21

Went into their express service center for oil change and they told me I needed almost $400 of brake work immediately. Did not seem right so I got two second opinions. Both were people that I knew I could trust and both said I didn't need brake work. Had plenty of life left in my brakes pads. Got another 7 or 8000 miles out of my pads and then had them replaced for less than $200. They're my closest dealer but I won't even go there for warranty work now. They lost a customer for life.

Alan P. | 2011-03-05

Recall Notice and they did good. ;also flushed the radator and oil change. Not the fastest but all was well in the end.

Mike B. | 2010-11-16

Interesting mix of prior reviews.

Bought a used Honda 5 years ago and had only taken it to small shops so figured I'd run it by the Honda guys for a detailed look.

The came up with a list of about 8 items that could use attention, ranging from changing air and cabin filters, to front brakes, to missing engine splash guard to worn ball joint boots..  What I liked was that when I asked the service manager what was critical, he didn't make a case for anything needing immediate attention...recommended addresssing the fluid changes first and everything else was preventative.  I got detailed estimates on every item and went back to my local guy for his estimates, some of which were lower and some higher, but overall came out about equal, so I ended up doing all the work I couldn't do myself between both locations.

Also dropped in on Sales to talk lease options and they guys there were really low-key.  Not push at all, just here's your options, here's price points, and let us know if you need anything else.

If you go to their website you can print service coupons at prices about the same as the quick-serve guys--$29 for full serve oil change for example.

Paul K. | 2010-09-17

I'm bringing it up to 2 stars since my battery holder actually just did erode through...but they were still way too expensive!

Colin A. | 2010-06-05

I had high hopes for John Eagle, based on positive reviews from friends.  I expected to be able to visit the dealership, take some test drives, and leave the place with a little more car buying knowledge then I had before.  

I could have never predicted that the dealership experience would be such an awkward mix between overattentive eagerness, low enthusiasm and high stakes pressure.  

When we walked into the showroom, we were immediately greeted by the doorman.  Two steps later, we were awkwardly shaking hands with a salesman, before we even had a chance to get acclimated to the environment.  Maybe making your customers uncomfortable is a sales tactic, who knows.  

Right off the bat I made my first mistake - telling the sales person that I was not buying a car today.  From that point on, it was clear that the guy just wanted to be through with us as quickly as possible.  Took a couple of test drives, and then went on our way to the used dealership across the street.  We were with the new car sales guy just enough time for us to be pestered for "not taking advantage of their sales specials."

I wanted to ask him, "well when don't you have specials?", but refrained.

Next door, at the used dealership, it was like a whole other world.  The sales people were friendly, unassuming, and attentive.  

Until we started test driving cars, that is.  Once they found out what I was looking for, they almost immediately started into high pressure mode.  It was clear they were not going to be happy unless I purchased a car that afternoon, despite my many attempts at telling them it wasn't going to happen.  

John Eagle, you must realize that people do not enjoy being pressured into car sales.  Try building a relationship with your customer first.  If they don't want to buy right away, it's ok! Give them the info they need and let them leave - chances are they'll eventually return.

Abra B. | 2009-10-07

I've been taking my car here for about three years and can't find any place better. They're quick with service and, generally, up front with costs. I haven't had any experiences where they do something without asking.

They just opened this quick oil change service center next door, and they got me in and out for less than 30 minutes. I'm sticking with them for as long as I own my car.

Melinda I. | 2009-08-31

I was treated with such a lack of respect that I will drive the extra miles to  go somewhere else, although they are around the corner from me.  In the past they've also tried to sucker me into hundreds of dollars of unneeded repairs, which fortunately I didn't fall for, and kept going back for my oil changes because it's close.  But the last time I was there, the service person was so awful it was truly one of the worst service experiences I've ever had at any type of business.  Although there was nothing overt that told me so, I got the distinct feeling that it was because I was female and he just didn't expect me to stand up for myself.  Whatever the reason, I would definitely recommend going somewhere else.  If you need a dealership, David McDavid has always been super to me.

Chad C. | 2009-07-01

Parts department has always treated me with respect, unlike at most car dealerships where I can't seem to get the time of day.  Service department was quick and warranty covered everything.  Can't complain.

Shaheen M. | 2008-12-31

Management is unprofessional & Company is unethical

Short Story:
John Eagle transacted my account without my authorization or knowledge.
Called to speak to a manager who would not let me get a word in and hung up with me both times.
As a company of such reputation they handled themselves poorly and unethically.
Just trying to squeeze you out of your money to meet monthly/yearly goals.

I would not recommend this business to anyone.
Advice: Be very careful!

Richard T. | 2006-07-12

I bought my Honda here after going to three different dealerships all over the Metroplex. They treated me with respect and actually worked with me on getting the best deal.

They have a bunch of really cool guys unlike some of the other dealerships *cough*Rusty Wallis*cough*  who treated me like crap even though I have been a customer to them for years.

I love this place and If I still lived in Dallas, I'd buy another Honda from them again.


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