Goodson Acura of Dallas in Dallas, TX

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"Goodson Acura in the Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas area has been awarded Acura's most prestigious honor - the Dealership of Distinction award - for its exceptional performance during 2011.  This distinguished honor is reserved for "only those select dealers that excel in providing an exceptional client experience." Goodson Acura has won the award a total of 11 times now including the last 4 years.

"Winners of the Dealership of Distinction award are the very best dealerships in the country," said John Mendel, executive vice president of automobile sales for Acura. They achieved the lofty standards established to exceed the expectations of even our most discriminating clients. These standards guarantee that the client's ownership experience will be as exclusive as our high-performance Acura automobiles"


Established in 1986.

We were among the very first Acura Dealerships in the country. We opened our doors in April of 1986 and wasted no time in climbing to the top of our field. We have been the number one volume dealer in Texas since 1986. During out 26 years we have continued to partner with numerous organization and businesses to improve the automobile industry as well as our local community.

Goodson Acura of Dallas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 692-2872
Address:4801 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75219
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Goodson Acura of Dallas

Joseph B. | 2015-04-21

Some clients prefer not to purchase a new vehicle with leather that starts scraping away at 40,000 miles, only to be told by Deron Lundgren that "I'm sorry you feel that way", rather than , "Yes, thats covered under warranty". When purchasing your next luxury vehicle, I would recommend that you look at other brands. This has been nothing but a horror story. Customer service is an essential part of any signifigant purchase, however Acura refuses to provide this. I will always look to Sewell instead for all my automotive needs.

Randall B. | 2015-04-06

I purchased a vehicle in 2014 an was satisfied with Goodson.

Ellie J. | 2015-02-14

I wouldn't even give this dealership one star if I didn't have to. Our experience was TERRIABLE! I'm 100% sure this dealership didn't want to make a sale. My family was here to look at a used car and it wasn't even brought around to us (although the salesman said that's what he was doing) We had to take our family to the car. Once we got in the car I saw that there was still food in it....mud on the back of the seats, dog hair in between the seats. I wanted to puke it smelled so bad. Under the hood there were still leaves. When I was taken inside to talk to someone about the car I was informed that I could get it detailed at a number of shops for a few hundred bucks by a schmuck of a manager. This dealership sucked and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I wouldn't buy a new or used car from this dealership. I hope to post my video experience on YouTube soon thanks to my handy dandy hidden video sunglasses:):) then you can see for yourselves.

Deborah R. | 2015-02-01

I don't have any complaints about this Dealership.  Been a customer since 2001

Bryan R. | 2015-01-23

We've always taken our ZDX to Goodson for service.  The staff has always been friendly and attentive to our needs.

I don't blame the service staff for their attempts to maximize the total dollar amounts of the service invoices rendered.  It's a business!!!  

Stick only with the defined services -recommended in the vehicle's service booklet,  have those services performed.
Fix or replace only that which is necessary.

I can only compliment the service department, we've never made a vehicular purchase from Goodson.

Paul M. | 2015-01-19

great service all around!  and my tl runs great!

thank you to; richard, matt, robert and jasmine.

Phillip R. | 2015-01-04

I purchased a 2012 Acura MDX in late November 2014.  We were happy with the car and the experience at the time of purchase.  However, within a week or so, we started to notice once of the tires was leaking air - odd since they claim to provide a comprehensive inspection of all vehicles.  When I eventually took it in for repair (to Discount Tire as we were out of town), I was told all the tires needed to be replaced.  This was after ~1000 miles driven.  

I relied upon the Acura dealer's multi-point inspection and was burned.  My advice to all used-car buyers from Goodson is buyer beware.  I thought that going to an Acura dealer would have prevented me from experiencing the usual used-car lot shenanigans, but I was sadly mistaken.  

When I went into the dealer and spoke with the used car sales manager, he was not helpful and gave an insulting offer of filing my car with a tank of gas.  You can dress up the used car dealership in a nice building, but it's still a used car dealership.  Be careful when you purchase a car from this dealership.  Make sure you fully inspect the vehicle.  I suggest considering a third-party inspection before buying a vehicle.

Yvette T. | 2014-12-10

In purchasing a new vehicle, it is a rare occasion to find a dealership with the ability to earn one's complete trust in today's market environment but Goodson Acura is proof they do exist.  From my first conversation regarding the 2015 MDX, Amir was straight forward in regard to pricing, availability, and dealer adds.  Upon arriving at the dealership, Kevin took more than two hours of his personal time to ensure Yvette and I fully understood every aspect of the MDX and how to exploit current technology available within the vehicle to enhance the safety and comfort of our family.  

As a consumer, I can honestly say that my experience with the Goodson Acura dealership is one that is often sought yet seldom found.  My requirements were established, discussed, and exceeded by every employee we dealt with from initial discussions through final delivery.  In purchasing more than three dozen vehicles, I can honestly say that Goodson Acura is one of the best dealerships I have dealt with in more than 30 years.

Our sincere appreciation goes out to Amir, Kevin, and the entire sales and support team of Goodson Acura.  It is comforting to know that dealerships which base their business on customer satisfaction while maintaining ethical standards still exist.

Ashley A. | 2014-11-26

I have come here now three times for services on my 2013 RDX. Each time gets worse. Not only do they try and add extra services on (this time they wanted to charge me $140 for a transmission fluid change that was just done in June), but their customer service is subpar. I decided to come back this third and final time because it is convenient and close to work but never again. I will make the trek up to the Plano dealership from now on to avoid this place.

RJ B. | 2014-11-25

I went into Goodson Acura Pre-Owned knowing that I wanted a TSX.  I found a car I wanted and thought about getting it for a few days.  When I went back, the dealership was completely unwilling to negotiate on the price. The manager, Greg, stared at me stone-faced when I talked about wiggling some on the price. Perhaps he would have negotiated more with a man. I decided to get the car anyway because I really liked it.  I wish I hadn't given Goodson the benefit of my business. Sadly, my experience epitomized used-car buying with a female customer.

Nash P. | 2014-11-12

I bought my car from Goodson Acura. I have always taken it back to them for servicing. I have given them many chances. They have horrible horrible service and rude staff.  I have called in about three times to schedule a servicing appointment and to arrange a loaner because it always takes forever here. All three times "sir I no loaner for you" not like I have no loaner right now, let me schedule something for you. Once the manager was yelling at his employees in front of a customer. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

Tristena L. | 2014-10-14

I visited Goodson Acura this afternoon to look at a particular car I had been eying and to get the specifics on price. I guess they were not interested in making a sale this afternoon and thought they could take advantage of a single, female walking into a car dealership. For starters, the receptionist was bothered that I was interrupting her personal phone call to ask for assistance. Then she has a sales person sent over who could not have been more disinterested. When he came back with a price that I said was over my limit and asked what else we could do, he simply said that's all I can do. Have a nice day. Wow, so I walked out and down the street to a competitor. Such poor customer service! I will never return, nor recommend Goodson Acura to any friends.

James C. | 2014-10-05

I purchased a new 2015 RDX . This was the most transparent , non stressful car buying experience I ever had. Amir, Brian and Augustin were very polite and professional. They have a customer for life. Thank You VERY MUCH!!!

Tillie B. | 2014-09-22

Either I have the most incredible bad luck on my last two service appointments or there is something terribly wrong with the service department at Goodson Acura. The first time I took it on a Saturday. The mechanic needed to give us a price estimate to fix an issue with the driver side window and door. Left our contact info and three hours later, no call. So we call our service advisor for an update and lo and behold, no one had looked at it. The service advisor had the audacity to say, basically it was my fault for bringing it in on a Saturday and expecting timely service. So then they have someone look at it, give us an estimate and the parts aren't in stock and we will have to bring the car in another day.  Meanwhile, the regular maintenance work and brake work had not even been started. So I go get my car and schedule to bring it a few days later. Work repaired without much incident on the second day. There was another issue that needed to be fixed but the price quoted was outlandish so I skipped it (handle on the left third row seat).  

So a month or two later, B1 service light is on. I decide to give the same service advisor a second chance. Bring my car in 15 minutes before scheduled time. Am told that it will be 45 minutes to 1 hour. Great - that seems short so I will wait in service area. Notice there are no snacks or cookies in the snack basket. Fine - these normally get refilled at the better dealerships (Goodson - go do some secret shopping at Park Place and Sewell and learn from them). I wait and am having a semi-pleasant wait. Like the wifi and magazine selection. At 1 hour 20 minutes, I realize that nearly every other person that was waiting in the area had either left or been seen by their service advisor for an update. Since I have heard nothing and am well past the time for completion, I go over to the service advisor area and ask. Once we find the service advisor, he asks me if anyone has been to see me. I say no, he says he will go check. I assume he checks but he doesn't come back to find me and give me an update. 5 minutes later, I go back to find him and he says that they just finished and it will be 15- 20 minutes for it to go through the wash. 45 minutes later, still no car, still no update from the service advisor.  I go back to the counter next to the loaner car desk and ask someone to look because, again, service advisor is nowhere to be seen. Someone goes and gets my car (I guess) and tells me it is ready in the drive. I check out (irritated because service advisor still hadn't actually seen me and I had now been waiting for over two hours, had not had lunch and no snack basket replenished during the entire two hour period I was there from 12-2:10pm on a Saturday). After I pay, service advisor comes over apologetically,  I guess. I tell him that I have a strong suspicion that my car was forgotten AGAIN under his oversight and that I would have appreciated him being honest about either the timeline or the fact that no one is managing the service area and noticed that the work on my car was not being completed. He makes apologies and I leave.

Arrive home and when I get out of my car, I realize that it did not get the wash that I waited 45 extra minutes for. There is dirt all over the top of the car, greasy mechanic fingerprints on my hood and driver door, bird poop on the front bumper and driver's side mirror and no evidence of water having touched the car. Call service advisor and let him know how mad I am about it. I am bringing the car in for wash and detail next weekend. He did offer to come pick up my car and get it cleaned 40 minutes before closing. I told him - you are closing soon. He says he will get me a loaner and I tell him that is not convenient for me.

Goodson Acura - we are an Acura family and have owned several but your poor service has me putting Lexus at the top of my list when I replace my car.

Sean C. | 2014-08-22

I found a used car that I liked, so I called them to make an appointment.  I asked them if the car was available, and they said "Sure, just come on in."  When I drove through heavy traffic to get there, I was told that the car that I came for had been in a shop in Irving being repaired for a body damage, so I wouldn't be able to even see the car.  They never mentioned that the vehicle had an accident when I first contacted them mere 6 hours ago.  No apology from the sales person.  All I got from him was "I know you must be frustrated."  Of course I am frustrated that I just wasted my time and gas driving all the way to your dealer for nothing.  My wife and I just walked out of there.  This place is dishonest and rude.  I wouldn't go back there or recommend anyone to shop there . UPDATE - They just called me and said 2010 RDX I went to see is back from service and now the price went from $24,000 to $25,750. I am surprised that they are now charging more for the vehicle that had to go through a body work. Normally, the value of the car drops when the body is not in original paint. I guess they decided to charge more since the bodywork is not recorded in the Carfax, and I doubt they will tell the potential buyers that it is repainted when they are trying to sell it at a full retail price. I don't know how all these good reviews came about, but my experience with them has been awful at best. If you are buying a used car from them, just beware that you may not be getting a full story on the vehicle you are about to buy.

Liz S. | 2014-03-22

My husband and I bought a new 2013 RDX about a year ago and we came in to get an oil change and a mini detail and received the best service from Don and Dwayne. We bought the RDX all season mats when we bought the car and for some reason some of the letters popped out on the drivers side and they replaced every single mat for me at no cost. They were extremely helpful and gave us wonderful service. I highly recommend purchasing your Acura at Goodson Acura of Dallas!

Andrew S. | 2014-02-12

These people will not stop spamming you, no matter how many times you opt out, unsubscribe or block their emails. They have created a whole new reason to hate used car salesmen. I inquired about one car months ago, and bought a different car somewhere else. They kept calling and I told them that I bought a different car, and I am no longer interested. Low and behold, HERE COME THE EMAILS FROM JARED RIOS. They wont stop no matter what I do.

Ravi C. | 2014-01-08

Called to get a price quote on a 107k tune up for an mdx and spoke to Dave in service and then called a few other dealerships to compare prices and Goodson had the best deal, so called Dave back and made an appointment to drop the car off on Friday and pick the car up Monday evening and he said he will give us a loaner car since it will take a whole days worth of work. Awesome.

Dropped the car off on Friday and met Dave(great guy btw) and told him my wife had a 15% off coupon come in the mail, but we couldn't find it. No problem he said, he will still honor it. Awesome. Before I left I told him if anything outside of the 107k tuneup needed to be done he had to call me to to get my approval. He said no problem.

Monday at 8am I get a call and they ran the diagnostic and came with a few things that needed attention. I told Dave no problem give me 10 mins and I will call him back. Called Dave back and declined some additional work and added a new filter and spark plugs to the tuneup.

Dave calls me a few hrs later to tell me the car will be ready is 3hrs. Great! I said, we will be there.

Got there around 5pm and the mdx was washed/ vacuumed and in the service drive in area.

Met with Dave he went over each price of parts and labor and gave me a copy of the diagnostic report.

Went to the cashier paid and shook Dave's hand and we were out.

Over all I loved Goodson and will be taking my rsx for a major tune up there in a month or so.

Thank a lot guys and Dave, THANK YOU,

Walter H. | 2013-12-11

Watch out they will overcharge you for the non necessary items. I had my car service before they moved to this new location, that time they indicated my brake pads need to be replaced on the inspection sheet. I have had my car service in their new location several times, but they never point it out again. You figure it out!

Stephen H. | 2013-10-26

After 6+ years of being screwed by John Eagle Honda, I've finally found a service center that cares about customer service. Richard at Goodson has always been a pleasure to deal with and provides excellent communication from start to finish.

Ryan S. | 2013-10-18

I went here for service on 2 occasions. First they tried selling me multiple items that I had recently changed the week before (air filters, oil change, windshield wipers). They wanted to charge me to fix my drivers side seatbelt buckle saying it wasnt covered under a lifetime warrenty. My next trip back to get my buckle fixed (had to make several calls to Acura Corporate) they wanted to replace my power steering pump, and all of my rotors and brakes.

I had everything checked at 2 other shops in town and my brakes rotors and power steering were perfectly fine. Bottome line: only take your vehicle here to get things serviced under warrenty. Find an independent shop for everything Goodson claims needs replacement.

Ryan L. | 2013-10-17

Brought the car in, service advisor charged me $100 deductible but only fixed 1 of 2 warranty repairs. Said my nav system wasn't working because the disc that's been working for a year and a half is the wrong one. Told me to buy another one. I did, and the problem was still there, now they want to charge me again for the same problem that they didn't fix the first time. Service manager cares more about money than customer service. Refuse to accept that they misdiagnosed the car. Calls me irrational and that the second $100 is my problem not his. Asked if he is willing to lose a customer over $100 he said "If the customer is upset over a problem that is not his fault, yes I'm willing to lose that customer."

Chris H. | 2013-09-23

I found Goodson Acura on the internet. We live south of Houston and had searched high and low for an Acura TL. We can't afford a new one but was looking for a 2010. We knew what price range we wanted to stay in and what we wanted. We had a horrible experience with a dealership down here and were more than a little burned by it. We found two cars we were interested in and the price was right. Did the inquiry and got a response from Robby Hand almost right away. He let me know they were still available and gave me more information. Told him we would be in Saturday morning.

We left Pearland at 4:30AM and drove to Dallas. We had 5 vehicles to look at in the Dallas area. Goodson Acura was our first stop since they had two of the 5 vehicles we were interested in. When we arrived we were told our #1 pick had sold the night before. They had plenty of inventory and it was all high quality. We met Robby and he showed us a few more while this one was brought around. Went on test drive, usual small talk, etc.... Robby knew we had a difficult time and he listened to our concerns about being able to trust a dealership and the quality of the purchase.

We then went inside to look over the records for the vehicle. My wife and I looked at our other options. There were some cheaper ones we were going to look at. He then showed us all of the work that had been done on the car to make it Acura certified. We showed Robby the cars we were going to look at and the print outs. They were all cheaper and all but one had less miles.

We went and looked at two others and the one that was the cheapest was from New York and had been in an accident with airbag deployment. Thank you carfax for revealing that. I guess there is a reason the place selling the car didn't have the carfax on the online listing. Wasted our time there.

We then went and looked at another one that had less miles and they were willing to make a deal on the spot. We told them it was a possibility and it was in the running.

We were heading over to look at #5 and stopped back in to Goodson to look at the vehicle one more time. Met with Robby again and it appeared they were eager to make a deal. My wife and I then pondred our options. It all comes down to Price and Mileage for us. We then felt good enough to buy the car.

We then started the paperwork process. We always finance through our credit union. We were then offered an extended warranty. It was cheaper than the one at the credit union so we bought it as well. I usually don't even consider the extended warranty at a dealership but the price was right.

We then went over to finance and had Chris as our closer. Excellent guy and to the point. Got us in and out in about 20 minutes. Answered all of our questions. Was very personable.

We then left to go eat lunch while the car was detailed and made ready. Throughout the entire process Robby was professional and not pushy, answered all questions up front, and sold us a quality vehicle at a fair price. Communication was also spot on.

After reading the reviews on Yelp I am not even sure those people went to the same dealership. We had no issues.

The used car office is small and cramped. There really is nowhere to go to discuss things without other salesmen around besides outside in the Texas heat. We sat in the cubicle just the wife and I to discuss things and had another salesmen come in at least three times to use the computer.  We went outside to review our options. The new car side where we went to the finance department was top notch. It's like the difference between the W and a Motel 6. The used car sales office could use a remodel.

On the used car side I didn't catch the guys name but he is the one we were dealing with on the price. He was a little off. Kept pushing their financing on us and just seemed like the old school car dealer type. I can't really explain it but just weren't comfortable dealing with him.

Last but not least and I am not sure if it is this way with all cars they sell but they charge $399 for glass etching. This is really something we could have done without. It was included in the sales price but they backed it out of the final price. For example if the car was $34,000, on the sales sheet it said $33,601 sale price and $399 for the etching making it a total of $34,000. I would have much rather done without the etching and had the car be cheaper by $399. Some people like the etching I guess but you really have no choice and it is never mentioned until you get to the end.

Christina E. | 2013-09-03

I am surprised to see that there are unfavorable reviews of this Acura location.  Although I only have experience with their service department, it is the best around.  Every single person who works there is so nice and they go above and beyond to make sure you have what you need.  
    Ok, sure, you might wait an hour or a little bit more for an oil change, but where don't you?  And can you really complain when you get to sit in a waiting room with a big tv, plenty of computers, coffee always available and usually some sort of cookies? I don't complain.
      I never have to worry about going to this service station "to just bring something up".  They are more than happy to check out any concern I might have and if it's nothing, they reassure me and send me on my way.  I usually never have problems getting appointments for the days or times I want them and they are always willing to try their best to get you around the time you requested.
    I could tell so many great stories about going to this service station but I'll just tell one of the most recent that really shows who they are and how they care for their patrons.  I had to have my oil changed and maybe a few other things and I told my friends I could meet them for lunch to pass the time.  When I got to Acura, I called my cab as planned to go to lunch but while I was waiting one of the representatives asked why I kept looking out their front windows.  When I told them I had called a cab to go to lunch they were outraged! They said they could not let me pay for a cab when they could give me a loaner for the hour and that's exactly what they did and my car was ready when I came back from lunch.
   You thought that was good? ok, one more. I'm not too knowledgeable about cars and I'm sure they are well aware but certain things about my Acura make me love to have it.  One being the male voice that was an option for my navigation system.  After the service department helped me decide on getting the update for my 4 year old navigation system (and giving me step by step instructions on how to install it and telling me to come by if I had any problems and they would do it on the spot - none of which gave them any money) I lost the option for the male voice.  Although I thought of going to the service department for that alone (which they would have smiled and listened to my concern anyway) I waited until I needed an oil change.  When I got there for my appointment I explained this small issue and told them how much I really loved it.  Not only did the service department work to find it, when I got my car back and realized it wasn't fixed, a representative came out to look at it himself.  Sadly it seems with the new navigation system it is no longer an option but they never made me feel stupid or like my concern was unimportant.  This is simply a global Acura problem but what other dealership would really make this a priority?  Even though they did probably laugh when I left (and who wouldn't, my main concern was a male navigation voice), I always felt like my concerns mattered most.
  One more, just so you know that I've been here a lot and I really always love it.  One of the first times I brought my car to this service station I actually had a problem.  I brought my car for it's first inspection here in Dallas and Acura was more than happy to have me.  I never had anything done to my car in the 4 years that I had it so it did need the work they told me but I checked it out with other car people and it was completely needed and sure, it was expensive but when you don't do anything for your car in 4 years, it is almost expected.  So I had to leave my car there for a few days and I picked it up on a Friday.  When I went to back out of my garage on Saturday morning I noticed that I couldn't see out of my rearview camera and on further inspection it was completely cracked, and not like one crack, like shattered.  I was furious, and I called Acura and left them a not so nice message telling them it couldn't have happened anywhere else and telling them how disappointed I was that they let me leave with my car like that.  I got a call back with no questions asked, no fight about it, asking me to bring my car back and received apologies upon apologies.  They fixed my camera with no problem and made a bad situation still somewhat pleasant.  I never had to argue the fact it was their fault and I never felt like they disagreed with me.  Again, they always made me feel important and right.
  I love this service department and I would never go anywhere else.  I could tell so many good stories about the experiences I've had here because I've never had a bad one!  I even love this place so much I contacted Acura through their website to tell them how great this service department was.  I'm even sorry for those of you who have had bad experiences because I'm convinced it has to be a fluke.  If you have an Acura near here, this is where you need to get service.

J M. | 2013-08-23

Gotta love the "non-apology" of "I'm sorry to see you are upset."  
I will always drive a Honda or an Acura, I am very loyal.  But when I get ripped off, I don't forget.

Melissa E. | 2013-08-19

Came here for a simple oil change. I made an appointment. I was there for nearly two hours on my lunch break. There were only two people in the waiting room when I got there. My car was washed, but the plastic part where the door closes had dirty footprints all over it and they messed with my A/C settings.

I talked to someone and they asked if anyone had come to tell me it was running behind, etc.  An hour into it, a person did come and tell me my car was done being worked on and showed me $900 worth of extra work they recommended. I declined it all and they said my car was being washed. Had I known it would of taken an hour or more to run my car through the wash and vacuum the floorboards (they didn't dust anything), I would have left then. The man implied they could have given me a loaner at the hour part, but no one offered. I got a credit for a free oil change..... if I come back, which I never intend to do!  Then he said it was probably a misunderstanding between the shop and the car wash, so my car was probably just sitting around, that's why I saw people who came in after me leave before me.

They said "usually" it is in and out under an hour total and in the shop for 20 minutes. As far as know, it was in the shop about an hour. Well -- this is the second time I have been here, and the first time it took a little over an hour.  So it seems to be never fast in here.

Cristy W. | 2013-07-07

So, I decided I wanted a used convertible VW Beetle, and saw one just exactly what I wanted on at Goodson Acura.   We live in East Texas, so I emailed Goodson to check on it's availability and also to mention that I had come across another car at another dealership that was cheaper.   Immediately, Jonathan emailed me back.  He had researched the car I had mentioned at the other dealership and sent me the Carfax on that car.  Come to find out, the other car that was cheaper, had been declared a lemon! I was SO impressed that he went the extra mile for me without having even met me!

So, I picked out about 2-3 cars I had liked on and we went to the first one that opened the earliest.  So we got up at 5:45 am on a Saturday, and drove 2 hours first to check out a Beetle at Grapevine Chrysler Dodge.  And let me just say, it was a total waste of time.... We left pretty annoyed at the lack of service and disrespect of our time. ( you can catch my review of them on their yelp page)

Then, we went to the next car on my list that was at Goodson Acura.
I emailed Jonathan to let him know we were coming to look, and when we got there, he had it pulled up front with the top down and looking like a brand new car!  When we met him we immediately felt much better that we had walked away from the other dealership.  He was friendly and, more importantly, seemed genuine.  He never tried any gimmicky salesman tricks, and seemed to be very patient and honest with us.  They gave us exceptional service and a fair price for our trade in.  At one point, when my husband and I were getting ready to sign the papers, my husband mentioned that he was hungry.  Jonathan went and got us 2 Snickers candy bars each to help tide us over until we could get lunch.  Their coffee/ hot cocoa bar was pretty awesome as well!  He was great and we LOVE our new convertible bug! I would definitely recommend this dealership!

Tom P. | 2013-07-01

Just a heads up, before you decide to buy a vehicle from Goodson (or anywhere), spend 10 minutes walking around their service department. Unfortunately, all vehicles must get serviced sometime and it is logical to return to the dealership when those times arise. I could detail my experience, but I think a general description would probably be more in order.

Goodson's service department is similar in design and function to an outdoor bazaar in Cairo. No desk labeled to its function? Check. No real process to follow and no one assisting the confused patrons? Check. A waiting room where patrons get to sit on each other's laps due to overcrowding? Check.

Of course, if you ARE into masochism, you should add this destination to your DMV/Post Office rotation. It would be hard to find more apathetic employees than the ones featured at Goodson. You won't get automotive help, but if you need up to the second dating life information on some of Dallas' least eligible (you cannot help but overhear them on the phone) then this place is for you. Want to catch back up with the "high school just isn't for me" crowd? This is the place for your reminiscing.  Have a strong desire just to stand around aimlessly for hours while being ignored? Man, this place will fill that need in spades.

In the interest of being completely fair, there was a nice woman who did try to help me get my car checked in, but once she made the fatal mistake of showing assistance to me- the mobs descended and her workload increased 1000 fold. I never saw her again and I sure hope she is doing well.

Brian P. | 2013-05-23

Very disappointing experience.  I was quoted $14,670 on a vehicle.  These crooks wait until I am sitting in front of their finance manager to change the price of the vehicle. " mean your sales person didn't tell you about the $399 for our acid etched window theft system??" Yeah, right.  cost you all of $15.  Then they change the finance terms from financing $ 9800 for 4 years to " Well well take out the price of our theft system, reduce your interest rate add this, take this and see how we help (screw) you?"  They definitely are adept at the bait and switch.  typical rip off artist that are found at nearly every dealer.  The vehicle purchased was minimally cleaned and they didn't even bother to fill the gas tank.

Pitiful, crooked liars....especially the sales person Lena Wyrick....Steer clear of her.

Chris B. | 2013-04-30

New Car Sale are nothing less than shysters. Simply put without the semantics, very old style of trying to sell or hook you into a vehicle. The slight of hand approach of focusing only on your monthly payment and very high pressure, desperate sales tactics. Run of the mill tote the note mentality and not what I expected from an Acura dealership. I purchased a new car from them 3 years ago and I will never return for service or sales.

David S. | 2013-04-14

Just bought a 2004 Lexus RX 330.  Process was painless and expedient.  Lena Wyrick was my sales consultant and was very helpful and knowledgeable. Will do business with them in the future.

James D. | 2013-02-21

I had a very nice experience at Goodson Acura (Used cars). In January 2013 I decided to upgrade from my Accord to a TL and shopped online for weeks before I decided to actually drive one.  I visited a few other dealerships that day before I headed to Goodson and I should have gone there first!  They had several options for me to test drive on the lot which was nice as I had not decided if I wanted a G37 or a TL at this point.  I met Leonard Johnson and he assisted me with my decision.  He was very knowledgeable about the cars on his lot as well.   The purchase process was smooth and easy.  Everyone I met was very nice and the dealership it's self if very nice as it should be at this level.

I would recommend Goodson Acura for sure and will be returning when it's time for a new TL!

Jason J. | 2013-02-15

My car was damaged at their dealership and they expect me to pay 1/2  of the cost to replace a factory windshield with and aftermarket one. I have it in writing that they would replace the window at half cost and no where did it say they would use aftermarket glass.

They wanted to charge me $300.00 to replace a TPMS sensor that only cost $79.00 total at David McDavid.

They are rude and obviously do not care about customer service or Quality of Service.

If you use Goodson for anything I implore you to call another dealer ship and get a competing quote. You will most likely save hundreds of dollars!

Steven U. | 2013-02-04

I just moved up from a Honda to an Acura and the experience at Goodson Acura was excellent.  Paul was a very nice salesman who really worked with me and made sure I got the deal I wanted.  Every person I met at the dealership made it such an enjoyable experience, which is the way it should be when you are purchasing an expensive car.

I bought the 2013 Acura MDX and could not be happier.  As I was leaving the dealership to get into my brand new car, many of the dealership's leadership team came up to personally thank me for making the purchase and ensured me that I would always be taken care.

If you want a hassle free car buying experience with one of the most reliable brands, then I suggest you stop by Goodson Acura.

Jennifer S. | 2012-12-28

went in to Goodson Acura and spoke to Paul Glicker. I wanted to trade my lease in and was looking at the RDX. As normal we drove the car and of course I liked as I knew that was what I wanted. We began crunching the numbers and trying to make the numbers make sense to both of us. Once we reached a stopping point in regards to the mileage, lease term, down payment, trade in value and monthly payment I decide to leave to discuss with my husband who was out of town on business. I then later called Paul and put my down payment down on the vehicle under the terms at which we agreed upon. My husband came home Christmas Eve and went to the dealership to sign the documents. This is where the scamming began. They handed him paperwork that a mileage term  of 3k less a year than we agreed upon. When I called to speak to Paul, he said "Sorry Jenn I couldn't remember what we agreed on". The documents where then changed.  (Seriously YOU DONT REMEMBER). The next issue we run into is now the monthly payment increased by $50.00. My husband calls me again and I told him to walk this is a scam and I do not want to do business with them. When my husband began to walk out they said what if we can get the payment down $40.00, making it still a $10.00 increase from what we originally agreed upon. I told my husband to walk as its not about the $10.00 its the fact that they are scam artists and I do not want to do business with him....

My husband signed the papers anyway and brought the car home. Come to find out they gave me $500.00 less on my trade as they agreed upon originally. I spoke to both finance guys, none of which wanted to accept responsibility and when I call Paul he too is speechless. I have yet to hear from anyone there about my experience after voicing my concerns multiple times. These people are scam artists and took advantage of a situation where my husband and I could be there at the same time. The 3 main variables when purchasing a vehicle were altered when my husband came to sign the documents.. the monthly payment, the trade in amount and the mileage.


Matt B. | 2012-12-14

Well after posting here on Yelp Goodson Acura reached out to me and the service manager Chris had my check to me within a week.  For that I am grateful.  It's a bummer that they made me work so hard to get my money back but I am happy that once the manager became aware of the problem he got it taken care of.  Makes me wonder what my service manager Michael Jordan was doing everytime I talked to him??
Overall I think this is a great service shop and I will not be dealing with Michael Jordan going forward.  Thanks to Chris Nevin as he got me the money I was owed.

Eric D. | 2012-07-15

A little preface:  I had been searching for used cars via craigslist and walking into dealerships for a couple of weeks before I wandered into Goodson Acura.  I almost didn't go in, as it looked out of my price range - but man am I glad that I did.

So here is the deal: My last car got totaled by the hail we had a few weeks ago, and I had about 5 grand to spend on a car.  I told them my price range, and that I was looking for a 4-door sedan.  I also told them that I was fond of Toyota Camrys.  These are the same facts that I told ever other dealership I had walked into.

Here is where Goodson Acura stands out.  First off, my salesperson Marcus didn't even flinch when I told him how little I was looking to spend.  Every other sales person at the other dealerships almost made it seem like I was wasting their time with such a small purchase.  Secondly, after telling him the type of vehicle I was interested in, he actually showed me that type of vehicle!  Imagine that!  Every other dealership was trying to push me into an SUV or something out of my budget.  Marcus showed me three cars that were in my price range that had the features I wanted.

After looking at a few cars, I test drove the one that I liked the most - a 1999 Toyota Camry.  They happily supplied the CarFax, and Marcus walked me through all the features, and even the blemishes of the car.  It was a very honest environment - I was never made to feel pressured to buy.  It was nice to see that integrity and common courtesy still exists the auto retail market.

In the end, I did buy the car.  That too was a clean, easy process.  There is a comfy lobby with complementary beverages while you wait - not  that I was waiting that long.  After that, signed a few papers, payed up, and I was on my merry way.

In summary:  Probably the best place to buy a car in DFW.

John S. | 2012-06-17

I purchased a pre- owned Acura from Acura of Dallas month ago.
My sales consultant was David Rivera and he made the buying experience
An enjoyable one. I am a customer for life at Acura of Dallas

Dave B. | 2012-05-19

I just purchased a car there, it was great!  No pressure, polite, easy to talk to!

Kim P. | 2012-02-08

Every time I come here people remember me and treat me with respect and kindness. They're never pushy and seem to really care about my safety and budget!! I didn't buy my car here but I will in the future!!

Rob C. | 2011-11-27

Went to Goodson Acura at their new location based solely on a Google search for nearby Acura dealers and was pleasantly surprised by the great service I received.

Called first to inquire about a service light on my vehicle and spoke with Megan, an incredibly knowledgeable service rep. Not only did she answer all of my questions on the phone but also met me at the service bay to handle my service personally.

The loaner car I received during the service period was a 2012 model and the process was a breeze- I was in and out in less than ten minutes.

The next day Megan actually personally blow dried the floor mats so that the detailing would be ready by the time I came into pick up the vehicle.

A great experience from a dealership that has won my future business.

Jamison T. | 2011-06-05

Yesterday, I purchased my very first Acura from Goodson Acura. I have had many good experiences purchasing vehicles in the past, however, I can unequivocally say this was my best experience yet.

After three visits over the last two years to the Acura dealership in Plano - my city of residence - I almost decided against purchasing any Acura vehicle. After reading consistently positive reviews of Acura in Consumer Reports and other car aficionado magazines, as well as many owners of a Honda or Acura, I decided to seek customer feedback on other Acura dealerships  in DFW (thanks Yelp!), and was redirected to Goodson Acura.

A little background: I am a convert from Lexus, although my experience as a Lexus owner has been superior. They make excellent vehicles, however, I *needed* a vehicle with more room for cargo and better towing power as well as I *wanted* something with better driver feedback.

I recommend seeing Johnny at Goodson Acura. He's a delightful person who is bright, patient and knows his cars. He's also a musician, so you might enjoy reviewing his Guitar Center catalog. :)

I fully realize that I'm on a buyer's "high" from owning this vehicle for 24 hours ("yay, a new toy!"), so I plan to post a follow-up review after six months. We all know the true value of a vehicle purchase is realized *after" the financial transaction. I hope my future experiences with Goodson's customer service and quality of work will solidify my satisfaction with this dealership. :)

Sharon A. | 2011-03-16

I moved to Dallas from Winston Salem, NC - my Acura (Flow Acura)dealership in winston Salem was so wonderful - I hated to leave them because I had never experienced such great service with a car dealership before - however, Goodson (so far) has filled their mighty big shoes.  The service has been great - the people who work there are so friendly - everyone has a smile, everyone says hello when you pass them in the hallway, everyone makes sure that you have been taken care of - no problem is ever silly or minor - I took my car in last week because a light kept coming on and I wasn't sure why - I thought it probably had to do with low tire pressure, but I had the day off and wanted them to check it out for me to be sure - I went in and while in the waiting room they came out with a basket full of what 'appeared' to be fresh baked cookies - they were HOT!   It's the little things that companies take time to do extra, that indicates to me that they want my business -

I also felt that when I bought my car that I got a good deal financially  - when I signed my paperwork, my salesman took me in the back and introduced me to the manager of the service department, who gave me his card and told me to call him direct if I experienced any problems.  

Also, It was Saturday - I called at the last minute and asked if I could have someone look at my car - when I got there I was offered a loaner, but they didn't expect the car to take more than an hour, so I declined.  The light I mentioned above seemed to be directly tied to the low air in my tires as it has not come on again -

Seriously - they have customer service down to a 't' . . . .  they exceeded my very high expectations.

Robert B. | 2010-01-07

My check engine light was on, and I have a tool to check it,  and it was the emissions EGR valve. Then I find out that my 1997 RL has an extended warranty on the Emissions system for 14 years or 150K. (I'm sure it was due to some class action lawsuit not out of the goodness of Acura's heart...but I digress). So I'm thinking; Yea, I'm going to roll into Goodson in my 13 year old car  and tell them I want them to fix it for free. Right!  But man when I rolled in there, they treated me like I'd just bought it there yesterday. Every one there was really nice, they even gave me a loaner.  Even when they called with the " Oh, by the way XXXX also needs to be replaced phone call (every shop makes, every time you take it in)  they weren't too pushy. If I only rated them on customer service I would have given 5 stars.

 Only reason they didn't get 5 stars, is they didn't replace a bunch a parts the extended warranty said they are supposed to ,once the car passed 100K, (it's got 109K)and they only cleaned the EGR ports.  But I've worked as a repair guy, and we all know warranty work gets the min, paying customer get the max.  ( and I did mention the car is 13 years old didn't I?)