Friendly Fleet Service in Dallas, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Friendly Fleet Service in Dallas, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Friendly Fleet Service, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Friendly Fleet Service in other cities in the Texas.

Friendly Fleet Service

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 352-1392
Address:9429 Lakefield Blvd, Dallas, TX, 75220

Reviews on Friendly Fleet Service

Russell P. | 2015-04-02

I was visiting Dallas in my diesel pusher motorhome and needed to replace all six 12"x22.5" tires. I worked with Dan and his service was fantastic. Very professional and he fit me into their busy schedule. They also were very fair on the price. Other shops in the Dallas area were over $2000 more for the exact same tires as it is common for shops to excessively markup costs for motorhome owners. Dan even stayed late so I could pick up the coach that day.

Bruce C. | 2012-04-22

So I'm working on a 96 P30 which is a 1 ton step van and I need a hood latch that secures the tilt hood down.  First I go to Reliable Chevy, they say I should go to Friendly Chevrolet, so I go down to Friendly Chevrolet and they say that they can't help me because the vehicle is not a light duty vehicle, so they direct me to Friendly Fleet Service.

Needless to say, at this point, I'm tired of getting passed to the next guy.  So I'm at Friendly Fleet Service and everything there says ISUZU.  I stand there a little miffed because the building says Friendly Fleet, but everything else says Isuzu and the cashier says, "Can I help you?  Do you need parts or service?"

Me: "Parts, ma'am."
"Is this for a medium duty vehicle?" (good, that's on the right track!)
Me: "Yes, it's a 1 ton step van."
"Just wait over there, once he gets off the phone he can help you."
(YAY!  I said in my head.  Finally!)

So the guy gets off the phone and says, "Can I help you?"

Me: "I have a 96 P30 and I need the buckle for the tilt hood."
"You need the whole tilt hood?"
Me: "No, I just need the buckle that holds the hood closed."
"Oh." and turns to the guy behind him, "Do we have body parts for a P30?"
Guy #2: "Nope, we don't have body parts.  You need to go to... (and he wrote it down)"

*Imagine my head exploding.  Figuratively speaking, it did.*

Me: "Uh.  Is that far?"
"It's in Rowlett."
Me: "Okay.  Thanks......"

So, my first impression when getting there was great, this place looked just like I expected it to.  Huge service bays, nice clean parts place that was almost clinical.  You know, most parts places have key chains and floor mats, shirts and windshield shades for sale.  Not this place.  It was just a counter and two guys.  Just like a parts counter should be.

But once I found out they couldn't help me with my parts, I wasn't happy.  At least it wasn't their fault, so I'm giving them an average rating.

Friendly, yes.  Fleet Service yes.  Part I needed, no.