Friendly Chevrolet in Dallas, TX

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Our vast 14 acre dealership of new, certified, and preowned inventory prices are extremely competitive and offer exceptional customer service.  We can help most people receive financing so you can drive away in the vehicle you want.  

And, with the purchase of any new or certified GM vehicle from Friendly Chevrolet you receive our free Concierge Plus service program. Concierge Plus is our comprehensive package of service benefits including free 5 year or 100k mile maintenance.  See dealer for details.

Friendly Chevrolet provides one stop shopping with all the onsite departments you need.  Come see for yourself what has made us a fixture in Dallas since 1956.  We look forward to meeting you and making your visit to Friendly Chevrolet a rewarding experience.


Established in 1956.

Friendly Chevrolet is a family-owned new and preowned auto dealership with a rich history and deep rooted desire for outstanding customer service.

Friendly Chevrolet

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 920-1900
Address:2754 N Stemmons Fwy, Dallas, TX, 75207
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 8:30 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Friendly Chevrolet

Jose A. | 2015-04-23

I have only been once, but it was a great experience.  I needed to get my vehicle inspected as I just moved here from out of state so I called to find out what the process would look like and the guy I spoke to on the phone was helpful.  

The next day when I took the car in, a couple of service personnel assisted me immediately upon arrival.  They got me checked in within 5 minutes, quoted me a completion time of less than an hour and fifteen minutes, and pointed me towards the waiting room and cafe.  

The facilities were clean and well maintained, the cafe food was much appreciated, and I could see service reps interacting with customers in a proactive and friendly manner.  

The inspection was complete ten minutes early, the car was unexpectedly washed, and it only cost $25.  I was psyched and will definitely go back.

Melissa M. | 2015-04-18

Calling this place a "service" department is frightening.  I could go on and on about the issues Ive had with this place.... Never take your car here.  In fact, never buy a Chevy so you have to take your car here.
I have been 4 times for my windshield wipers... Every time they promised me it was "fixed"... On the third time, they returned my car with the airbag light on.  On the forth time, they fixed it and tried to charge me without telling me (I found out when I was checking out).  Unfortunately, there has been so many recalls that I have been forced to take my car here.  I will never buy another Chevy.

Stephanie H. | 2015-04-03

My mom took her car in to get serviced around 9:45am and it's 9:02 pm and still not ready. I don't understand  how a job that is supposed to take 30 minutes takes forever . Maybe it's because they make women wait longer for their car because they don't know much about cars. I know that a regular service is supposed to only take 30 minutes.My mom is a very busy person and she needs her car for work and she doesn't have time to waste at a dealership. Never again will we waste are time again.

AP R. | 2015-04-02

Why are so they have a mechanism to make an appointment online???  The service department did not get my appointment.  Further, the people that DO answer the phone are extremely rude and unhelpful.  Disappointed again but will take my car in the morning and hoping my face to face experience is better.

Angela S. | 2015-03-31

Worst service Ive EVER had in my life! I took my car in to have it fixed from a wreck, and not only had to take it in one time but THREE times and it WAS NOT fixed correctly at all. They had actually wrecked it and did NOT take responsibility for doing it.  The area that was suppossed to be fixed in the first place never got repaired correctly.
After speaking with the GENERAL MANAGER of the store there times, he promised me it would be repaired correctly and it never got done.
I will NEVER take one of my vehicles back there again!
I've never seen anything like that in my entire life!

Michael C. | 2015-02-26

I just want management to know that your Collision Center Advisor Jorge Medrano is #1 in my book. First of all, he coordinated a tow to the shop and forwarded me a loaner vehicle for 1 week before liability was accepted. This was awesome because I was in a stressful situation, but he made everything seamless for me.

Then he did a great job conveying, to the opposing insurance company, my vehicle's damages and safety concerns. Usually when repairs are done, junk parts or inferior like kind and quality LKQ parts are used that don't fit right. He made sure only GM parts touched my Camaro. It's also nice to know that every panel that was damaged was just replaced and not puttied up. Very little body filler was used in the $9,300.00 job. I bet only a couple of table spoons of body filler was used.

He continually kept me updated, and explained how his staff would install each part. I'm the kind of guy who loves to know the nitty gritty down to the finest detail.

I was very impressed with the final product. It nice to know he believes in fighting for his customer in getting proper work done.

I purchased my car at Friendly, and I will be loyal to them. Great service with care is priceless. By the way, Jorge is good old fashioned likable. I won't forget about acknowledging the Body Men and Mechanics who make your company look good.

Meg S. | 2015-02-20

Wow, this place really is "friendly," until they charge you an arm and a leg for service. I awoke to a dead battery and had my insurance roadside assistance jump my car, and since I was late to work, I decided to just take it in to have the battery replaced rather than do it myself. Big mistake. $40 for the new battery, ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY DOLLARS for less than an hour of service. I wish I'd have known before I drove there, because I'd absolutely have had my husband drive me to auto zone and replaced it myself for $40. Such a waste of money. I will NOT be back, and I encourage y'all to find somewhere with more reasonable prices for your servicing needs. $160 for less than an hour of labor, and it's replacing a battery, for goodness sake, is obscene.

James R. | 2015-02-19

Best service and best price in the metroplex.  Don't waste your weekends trying to find the best deal, go to Friendly Chevrolet and get exactly what you want.  Ask for Mark Mingo!  I am a customer for life!

- Proud owner of the 2015 Chevy Colorado!

N N. | 2015-02-07

I had found this car online in Dallas Texas from Los Angeles California and closed the deal with the dealership.  While signing the papers I had noticed that they had bumped my price up by $1200 and so I had to have them fix that.  After signing the papers I had noticed that the door lock does not go up and down with the remote and so mentioned it to the salesperson who was helping me.  I was leaving the car for a grill guard to be installed so the salesperson said he would look into it and take care of it. When I asked the update on my car the next day the grill guard was not installed by the time they said it would be and the door lock was not going to be fixed. When speaking to a manager about the situation he told me he doesn't know what car I was talking about but that they knew the lock didn't work and that he is refusing to fix it. All in all an extremely dissatisfying experience.

Spencer K. | 2015-01-23

Terrible customer service. The Service Dept. is incredibly hard to get a hold of and when you do, chances are you'll speak with someone who seems like it's their first day on the job. On top of that, their phone system is a joke... constant background noises make it seem like someone is ACTUALLY answering the phone when you'll really be on hold for another 5 minutes. It also seems like I get disconnected every other time I call; the line will ring, it sounds like someone picks up, and then nothing. I ended up using Young Chevrolet because they answer their phones immediately, their staff are fast and friendly, and their quoted time for service was 1 hour instead of 2.5+ hours.

Jacobie D. | 2014-12-23

Since my DEF tank was at 17% when I picked up my car from Friendly (less than 3 weeks ago) by this weekend, the warning was showing 300miles until the DEF tank would be empty and speed would be limited. Why they didn't just top it off the last time I was there and save me the hassle of coming back to the dealership? I don't know. Anyway, I thought ok I'll get an oil change and tire rotation as well (make it worth the trip). I pick up the car a few hours later and everything is done (so I'm told). I drive off but the DEF warning comes on and says I have 770 miles until the tank will be empty. I drove around for about 40mins running errands before returning to the dealership only to be told (it's ok it just takes time to reset the DEF gauge). No one even bothered to check the tank or see that the car was showing 8% DEF remaining. I told my service adviser that the receipt shows they only added (1) gallon of DEF  he went to the service area and came back and said (nope it's full just drive it some more).  

Long story short I'm at 7% DEF and will have to go back to the dealership to get at least 3 or 4 gallons of DEF added. I checked the owners manual and it said the warnings start at 1,000 miles until empty and at that point the tank is at least 3 gallons low.

I could pay for and add the DEF myself. But that's apart of the service that GM sold me with the car. It's almost like since they don't know how to work on the diesels they intentionally screw up on your car so you're afraid to return.

Guess what Friendly, it worked. I'm giving Young Chevrolet a shot to correct your error and rebuild my confidence in GM.

Derek K. | 2014-11-11

After being reached out to by management, I've called the number given multiple times and have left two voicemails still with no call ..

Monnica L. | 2014-10-24

I traded a truck at Friendly Chevrolet about 2 years ago. The young salesman knew very little about any of the truck features, but I was familiar with the trucks. They didn't have the color I wanted so they got one from another dealer, the previous dealer's name plate was removed and you could still see the outline in the paint. Later I took it in for an oil change and received it back with grease stains on the steering wheel and dirt all over the mat and the service number still hanging on the mirror. The people at the concierge booths are less than helpful and very rude. They drive your vehicle around, say nothing to you and move on to the next. I realize they are busy, but even a quick "have a nice day" would go a long way.
Needless to say, a couple of months ago I wanted to trade my truck in so I drove 300 miles to Lawrence-Hall Chevrolet back in my hometown as I won't do business at Friendly ever again. I had excellent service at Lawrence Hall. They ALWAYS deliver a clean vehicle and remove paper floor mat covers and service numbers and hold the door open for you while you get into your vehicle. Only thing is now I have to get the extended warranty cancelled through Friendly. AGAIN, this has been an absolute nightmare!! I went in person a few weeks ago and spoke with the financial manager. He copied the odometer statement and told me to fax in the zero balance letter when I got it. So I have now faxed this letter over a week ago and I've called and left him several voice mails within the last couple of weeks with no return calls. I will have to go in yet again to deal with this incompetent, UNfriendly staff. Save yourself the frustration people! I've never seen such horrible service. I will have to find another Chevrolet dealership to have my routine maintenance done on my new truck. It definitely won't be Friendly! Even if I broke down in front of Friendly, I'd pay to tow ANYWHERE else, maybe even 300 miles to Lawrence Hall!

Timothy S. | 2014-09-15

**You are being warned: I strongly advise you to avoid Friendly Chevrolet at all costs.**

I urge you to READ THE FILTERED REVIEWS AS WELL as my scenario does not seem like the first. If you would like to read my experience, continue.

My brother and I came here to look at and ultimately TRY to buy an as-is used car.
After test driving and giving the car a thorough exam, the salesman prepared a series of offers and haggling ensued to a price about 15-20% lower from asking and was agreed upon in a written price breakdown including taxes, fees, etc. of both the dealer and my brother.

My brother signed the paper and was prepared to pay then and there and then disappointment:

After HOURS and HOURS of waiting in the showroom for someone to actually pay the money to, we were brought into an office and told that they no longer wanted to sell us the car. We were both stunned at this point and did not understand what was happening.

There were extremely fishy explanations of the reason for refusing the sell the car to us: from everything to something about online reviews, to there might be something wrong with the car, to discussing it further with the manager and getting back to us the following weekday. The most repeated explanation was "we just can't retail you this car today."

We left kind of shocked - have you ever been to a car dealer that refused to sell you a car?

Ultimately they did call on the following weekday and my brother has told me that they decided to auction the car instead and would still not sell him the car even after he offered a bit more.

I am not sure if they were losing too much money on the deal or what, but I can't ever get the time back that I wasted at Friendly Chevrolet.

If they truly were worried about online reviews, they certainly should certainly appreciate this one - they have earned it.

I am writing this review about my experience with Friendly Chevrolet from the perspective of wasting about 6 hours of my Saturday. I am sure my brother will have a separate review for his perspective of this experience.

Ana U. | 2014-08-21

I purchased my car from Friendly Chevrolet 3 years ago and had a very positive experience with them. They were helpful and knowledgeable. I recently had to bring my car in to get a part changed since it was part of one of the Chevrolet recalls. Once my car was returned to me the next morning a  noticed a rattling noise once I started the car. I am usually very busy so it took me about 5 days to bring the car back and have them check that the noise was. Well the service representative that helped me was very condescending. He began pointing to the ignition and the hood since this is where the ignition and fuel injector parts were that they changed were. Furthermore, he told me that the noise sounded like the muffler and since they didn't do any work on that it would be $89.95 just for them to look at it. I pointed out that I am aware that that is not where the work was done but the car did not have this noise when I dropped it off but it did when I picked it up. He pretty much told me that without paying $89.95 for a diagnostic they would not do anything else and that I had no way of knowing if they produced the noise. When I told him I was not going to pay that much money just to have the car looked at and that it is just a very interesting coincidence to me that I dropped a car off that had no noise and they gave me back a car with a noise, the service representative pretty much said "have a good day" and walked away. Now I'm left with a car that sounds like I'm dragging a string of cans under it, and with the cost of the repair. Aside from the fact that this company sold me a defective car, I felt incredibly disrespected by the condescending tone of the representative and not even an admission of maybe just maybe they could have possibly done something to generate this noise. Furthermore, I would have been willing to pay for it to get repaired but charging people $89.95 just to look at the car is ludicrous. Needless to say when I am ready to trade in my current vehicle I will be taking my business elsewhere. You have now lost a customer in me, and I will be informing everyone I know who is searching for a car to stay away from these people.

Jerrad R. | 2014-08-07

This review is entirely meant as precaution to anyone considering purchasing a vehicle here that you will still be dealing with them for repairs, routine maintenance, special offers (car washes etc.), and warranty issues if you decide to go that route. Please keep this in mind, your experience doesn't stop at the sale. They have incredibly severe issues with lack of follow up, ETA's, knowledgeable service advisors, and customer service in general.

Two months after I purchased my brand new car, that literally had to be ordered from the factory, I took my car in for routine maintenance and found out that it was involved in a front axle recall. This was on April 10th. I was immediately given a loaner and told it would be 3-4 days for the repairs. After a week had passed on April 17th I called them after not hearing anything and was told the part that was needed was on national back order and that I could anticipate a wait of 1 to 2 months as a worst case scenario. Okay that's fine so be it, this review isn't about my displeasure of the recall as insane as that timeframe is. After this point though it's no longer a GM issue and quickly becomes a customer service issue through the dealership.

Over the course of the next two months I never received a single call that I didn't initiate. They had absolutely ZERO follow up, no concern for the situation, and worst of all no sense of urgency.

Two months had come and gone and then I was told verbatim, "So we got the part in to fix your car! And uh, by the way, your car is a manual right? Right, well then *chuckle* that may be an issue, we accidentally ordered a part for an automatic. So our technicians are going to put the car on the rack in the next few days and basically see if the part fits or not, we aren't sure but the manufacturer told us it should fit." This is when it became the dealerships issue, they very clearly told me they ordered the wrong part and actually repeated this to me several times over the next month. So needless to say about another week had passed and I still had not heard if the part "fits" or not so I called them and sure enough, it didn't fit.

At this point we are past the 3 month mark due to the dealerships mistake of ordering the wrong part and they have made LITERALLY no effort to offer any type of appeasement for the mistake. I had already gone through the maximum amount of miles for my first loaner and was on my second, which was a downgrade from my actual car and the previous loaner.  At this point I asked to speak with a sales manager which was around July 13th. I told him I didn't trust this dealership, GM, and that with this being my first new car EVER, the entire experience was tainted by this disaster and the way that they handled it. I wanted out of this car and to make the process easier I'd buy a different car THAT day, I just wanted to come out even, keep the down payment and whatever else.  He told me, "Absolutely we can do that! That's reasonable, let me get you with a salesman." So me and the salesman go out and find a car that I like, we test drive it, and everything seems to be going great. I was told to sit in the lobby and about a half hour - 45 minutes later the sales manager comes and tells me, "So this is how this is going to work.. We can't actually do this for you because of the negative equity on the car, but we will reach out to GM and see if anything can be done for you internally." So basically they wasted three hours of my time on something you easily could have said no to in the first place. I asked when I can expect to hear from someone on this and was told Monday. (I was there on a Saturday, so 48 hours)

Fast forward a week and a half later and I still had not been called. I contacted the salesman I had dealt with and was told, "Now this isn't the car dealership's 'official' advice, but both I and the sales manager think you should consult someone about the Lemon Law and go through that process." So after the dealership made an error of ordering the wrong part, drawing out this process to nearly FOUR months, their customer service advice to me was to LAWYER UP and go through the Lemon Law process. Which by the way, it doesn't take a genius to do a quick Google search and find that Texas Lemon Law doesn't apply to recalls if you are being provided a loaner. So the fact that they even suggest an insanely stupid idea of getting a lawyer involved just said to me, we aren't interested in helping you and we are also trying to buy some time.

So to end this, I just picked up my car yesterday on August 6th after I called them on the 4th to see what was happening with my car.They said they left a voicemail that my car was done, and they didn't. This was literally 6 days short of four months and should have lasted no more than 2 months as a worst case scenario. Also when I went to get my car yesterday it was FILTHY, both inside and out pollen covered my entire car. I took pictures of it at the dealership.

Kathrine M. | 2014-04-28

Well this place has some issues but they did fix them even though it took some time.  I would still purchase from them again.

Kristen J. | 2014-04-21

We had a great and horrible experience with this car dealer. We came in one night, talked to Vincente about a truck, and finally reached an agreement. Of course, we had our back and forth about the deal, but we were happy with the overall service and we're getting a great deal.

We then came in the very next day to sign final paperwork and pick up the truck. Ironically, they could no longer offer us the agreed price from the night before even though we had a signed agreement (by both parties) with the price listed.

We then spoke with David, a manager, who was not the best - even though he worked with us a tiny bit to try to honor what was said the previous night. He basically admitted that they messed up, but would not offer the price that was agreed upon.

Overall, very bad business based on principal and customer service. We will not return to this dealership nor recommend it to anyone.

Authentic I. | 2014-02-13

I called- in advance to find out what it would cost to replace the master cylinder and booster on my vintage Corvette.  The parts are no longer stocked by Chevrolet so..I bought OEM parts.  I also needed  to have it inspected.  According to the Chevrolet labor rate, this should take no more than 2.5 hrs complete.  Guy tells me $575. including inspection-----with my own parts?  Gave me a lot of double talk and when i told him all of this stuff was on the internet- he claimed well there could be other parts to replace-like calipers.  But that was not what i asked.  Decided if they thought i was a stupid chick that some 8th grade drop-out could bullshxt i would NOT want to do any business with them-no way no how!   He backed off a bit when i told him i knew what the book labor was-then gave me some crap about WHICH book, as if insurance repair and insurance repair labor hours were different?

I thanked him and said that if business is SO bad that they resort to UPSELLS to make their rent they would not have me at their mercy with my car apart at their service center.  They can join the rest of the Chevy dealers whose lots in north texas have become parking lots of the airport.


love my vette-but now im thinking tesla

Chris M. | 2014-01-07

Worst experience buying and taking delivery of a used vehicle. Service department is the worst!

Jessica V. | 2013-12-10

Came in for an inner tire plug on my SUV, they held the car for a week - to be fair there was a snow storm. BUT then when the car was "ready" gave me a laundry list of "problems" with the car, most laughable, and wanted to charge me 2k for all these little "issues" the guy then said may as well get a new car with all these problems, and asked how I liked the loaner (a 2014 suburban I did not like) Things like new filter, change oil (just had it, not due for another 1500miles), air in tires... Blah blah. Then what I came in for hadnt even been done! I had to sit in the waiting area another hour for them to put in an inner plug on the tire.

Atrocious service, just the stereotypical salesman. Sad, business must not be going well (with that service no wonder!) - why else would they say I need a new car instead of an over priced oil change and while I'm at it new wipers, filters, etc.

Thanks, but no thanks!

James R. | 2013-11-05

****BUYER BEWARE***** These crap talking unfriendly people will scam you around every corner. They hid several extended warranty in the base price of my car which made the contract price go from 39k to 49k (A 25% Difference!!!)

Then when I asked them to remove the extended warranty they said they wouldn't sell me the car because they don't make enough money!

These guys are total jerks but the finance guy Joe C. take the cake. This guy called me and actually yelled at me...

YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED FRIENDLY CHEVROLET... too many dealerships offer incredible customer service, you can treat people like you do and be in business for long.

Karen F. | 2013-10-28

I went to the State Fair and test drove the Stingray and the Chevy Cruze. I liked the Chevy Cruze so I decided to take Chevrolet up on their offer to extend my test drive at one of the local dealerships. Friendly Chevrolet was the closest location and convenient on my way home. For my troubles, I would get a $50 gift card of my choice. So, I decided to stop because I thought it wouldn't take that long. I arrived around 3:30p and left around 7:30ish. I was met by a salesman who was new to the location so I don't hold anything against him. I told him why I was there and he went to get a form for me to fill out that would enable me to get the gift card. I test drove the Turbo Diesel and regular versions of the Cruze and I decided to shoot for the regular version. I told the salesman I wasn't ready to purchase because I wanted to save a little more money in addition to trading in my Trailblazer. He said OK and I was getting ready to leave and another man walked up and was introduced to me as a manager. He said it wouldn't hurt to see where my credit is at and how much I would need to put down with my trade in. I said OK but my credit sux because life happens. He tells me to just keep an open mind and see what happens. So, I said OK and let him run everything. I told him my income, etc. and was honest with them in every way possible. I didn't pad my income or any other information asked of me. So, I was surprised and a bit shocked when he came back and said I was approved for $424 a month for 72 months with $500 on my trade if I could come up with $1000 down. He said I had 28 days to decide and get the funds and I should make it a Christmas present to myself. I sat for a minute to think and I asked what if I can't? He said no worries. I would still be approved. Then they asked me if I had a blank check. I said no. I don't use checks. He left me to think a few minutes more. He came back and brought with him the finance manager and he says to me if I can get you approved no money down, $448 a month the trade could I do it? I told them early on that my limit was $425 max. So, a few more minutes went by and the finance guy come back in and says I can do $426, 72 months, no money down, just your trade. I said done and done. The other two salesmen shake my hand and congratulate me and tell me I can go clean out my Trailblazer and they would have me on the road in my new car shortly. An hour passes and I have all my stuff sitting with me in the dealership lobby and the next thing I know, yet another finance guy comes to me and asked me if I could provide proof of income. I told the other two and the first finance guy I didn't have my pay stubs but I could fax them over the next day.They said OK but this new person is telling me they need it before they can finance the car. So, I wait some more and then the first two guys come back and start giving me a line about needing a cosigner. I asked why did it take three hours to tell me that after I was already told I was approved for no money down? No answer. They just said be right back and never came back until it was time for them to take my stuff back to my Trailblazer. I was told at that time I needed $2000 down with my trade but they were waiting on a call from another lender who would finance me. They said I could go home because there was no point in waiting any longer and they would call me in the morning. It was the most humiliating experience I have had in a long time. I just went in for a simple test drive to get my gift card! I missed my virtual class for this B.S.! My question is why do that to people? Why get their hopes up with lies and then squash them in front of the public like that? Do car salesmen and dealerships derive some sick twisted pleasure in humiliating people???? If I decide to buy the Chevy Cruze, I WON'T BE DOING IT AT "FRIENDLY" CHEVROLET!!! I will go anywhere but there! It almost makes me want to kick my history with Chevy to the curb all together! Honda, KIA, Dodge, hell even Ford is looking like better options than Chevy at this point! If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, don't go there!

Joe W. | 2013-05-30

Don't go there, the sales mgr David was a complete a*!hole! Didn't even bother to try to help us in anyway. Just kept saying he couldn't do it...without listening to what I had to say. Them WALKS OFF on me and starts talking to our sales guy like we were idiots! I bought one car new here in 07' and it will be my last!! This place is not friendly, except the sales guy Daniel who was friendly and went out of his way to do everything toile us feel comfortable. But the finance mgr, David....a complete jerk!

Natalie C. | 2013-03-08

I LOVE Friendly!  John Ballard is my service man and I will not take my car anywhere else to get serviced.  I have also had some body shop work there as well and Lisa helped me out!  Love this place and if I get another Chevy I will definitely end up buying one from them.

Jason B. | 2013-02-22

Sold a 2007 Chevy with transmission problems, and admitted it.  Still would not fix it within the first 10 days.  Said if I got  the warranty they would fix it....super rude if you ask them to fix anything....guy name was Justin

John K. | 2013-01-05

Typical car dealership. They claim to be different but they aren't. Walked through the door with the price of a new Equinox from autotrader and they gave me a "rock-bottom" price that was 2g more than the price on the Internet. When I confronted them they said the price on the Internet already included all the rebates which was an outright lie as one of the discounts I received was a military discount and it still didn't add up to the price they quoted.

I ordered leather seats and they told me it would be ready on Monday. I finally got the car on Friday. When I finally went to pick it up, they informed me they had lost one of the keys. They didn't see it as a big deal.

Bottom line? These guys could care less once they make the sale. Terrible customer service. Unanswered emails and 15 minute hold times when calling. Dishonest business practices. Avoid at all costs. "Friendly Chevrolet" is definitely a misnomer.

Bruce C. | 2012-04-22

I do like that they have a "guard house" that directs you where to go, though I find it mostly unnecessary, at least for me.  I needed parts and PARTS is written quite dramatically in large 2 foot letters on the front of the building.

This review is for their Parts counter, specifically for a younger (early to mid 20's) Hispanic parts counter guy.  I wish I got his name.

I walk in and there's only one guy at the parts counter.  It's around lunch time on a Friday so I don't think it's that big of a deal.  At least not yet.

So he's helping a guy and they're speaking in Spanish.  About a minute after I walk in, he goes off and comes back with the parts.  "Great!" I'm thinking, he's almost done.  Well, I was wrong.  They keep talking for a couple minutes.  All the time, I'm thinking, "Hmm.  I wonder what they're talking about.  It doesn't seem like it's about the parts because they aren't pointing or looking at the parts at all."  So several minutes go buy and I decide to sit down.  There are some tires and rims on display so I sit on them.  Literally 5 minutes go by and they're still talking and there hasn't been any change in what's going on.  I really wish I knew some Spanish so I would at least know that they weren't talking about cars.  So another 3-4 minutes go by and my butt is starting to hurt, so I stand up, hoping that it will signal to the parts guy that I'm still waiting on him, even though I'm in plain sight.

Luckily the customer, and I use that term loosely at this point, notices me and reaches for his wallet and pays.  "YAY!  Finally" I'm thinking.

So I'm all ready to go up and get my part and they KEEP talking.  Are you serious?!

They talk so long that finally an older parts guy comes back from lunch and sits down.

"Can I help you?"

Me: "Yes, I need a hood buckle for a '96 P30."
"We don't sell parts for those trucks.  You need fleet service.  Here's their address."
Me: *sigh*.  "Thanks."

And to rub salt in the wound, as I'm walking out so is Chatty Patty.

I hate to give Friendly a one star, since other times I've had to get parts here have been fine, but this is really unacceptable.  Plus I'm mad that I waited so long to just be directed somewhere else.  On top of that, the place they referred me, Friendly Fleet Service, doesn't have those parts either.  No, they're not just out-of-stock, they don't carry them at all.  A HUGE waste of time for me.

Alex V. | 2010-11-14

Friendly Chevrolet is one of the most improperly managed and unprofessional businesses I have ever dealt with.  Here is my experience with Friendly.  I saw a Chevrolet Avalanche for sale on Ebay.  It was a good looking truck for a pretty good price and being that I live in Boston I really wanted a truck from a part of the country where there is no salt on the roads.  I asked James, a salesperson, to send me some pictures of the undercarriage just to be sure there was no rust.  He was supposed to send me the pictures on Monday before 9 pm and when he didn't send them I called and Heather, a secretary, told me they would be sent the next morning before 10 am which they were.  As soon as I received them I called James and told him I wanted the truck.  We agreed to a price and went through the process of completing the necessary paperwork.  I then received a phone call from Heather telling me that there was another buyer interested in the truck and that I needed to wait to see if I could still buy the truck that I thought I had just closed the deal on.  So I sent in my paperwork and deposit assuming that there must be some  mistake, after all James already told me I had the truck.  I diligently called heather and James for the rest of the day trying to figure out what was going on with my paperwork and what the next thing I needed to do was.  The fact that they were ignoring me was my first clue that something wasn't right.  After hours of waiting for a call I tried again and finally I got an answer from James.  He informed me that the truck he sold me that morning had actually been "sold" the night before to someone who "said" he wanted the truck but had not completed any of the paperwork nor had he made a deposit.  There's really very little I could do from Boston but I told a manager, Chris my story and he seemed willing to try to help me find another truck which made me feel better about the dealership.  Unfortunately, ignoring customers seems to be a common trend there because Chris who was eager to help is now missing in action.  I strongly urge people not to go to this dealership and to anyone who does, stay away from James, Heather and Chris.  They are perfectly pleasant and polite but unfortunately incompetent.

oscarito g. | 2010-02-15

I have nothing nice to say about Friendly Chevrolet. They are a-holes.
Be very very cautious about the warranty that you buy, i paid an additional 1500 for 3 year extended warranty because the finance guy convinced me that i needed it. So i take my car to get it repaired and plus i have an extended warranty. They then tell me what i need repaired for my impala and they said its going to be 3200 to get it repaired, they then tell me that warranty will cover some of the balance, then i get a bill for 3100 telling me that thanks to the warranty I bought I save 100 dollars. Big WTF.

Lindsay H. | 2009-01-12

Not so Friendly! Went for some warranty work and they gave me sooooo much hassle. Ended up taking the vehicle to Bankston Chevrolet where they are actually friendly.