Cowboy Toyota in Dallas, TX

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We offer New Toyotas and Scions, Certified Used Vehicles, Used Car Sales along with a great bodyshop Body Shop and Service Department dedicated to customers satisfaction.


Established in 2006.

Family Owned and Operated by Experienced Toyota Professionals!

If you're looking to purchase from a dealership dedicated to its customers, come by Dallas's Cowboy Toyota and experience our service for yourself!

Get your next New or Used vehicle at Cowboy and we guarantee you'll get a great vehicle with the experience and dedication of our team behind you!

We guarantee this not only throughout the purchasing process, but throughout the duration of your ownership of your Toyota automobile.

Cowboy Toyota

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(877) 372-9133
Address:9525 E RL Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX, 75228
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Cowboy Toyota

Sarah B. | 2015-04-25

I couldn't have asked for a better experience buying a new Toyota.  Robert Schulz was incredibly easy to work with and took the extra time to make sure I knew how to get the most out of my new 4Runner.  It was worth the drive to purchase my new vehicle here.

Kaia V. | 2015-04-22

Dealerships are expensive. That's a fact none of us can get around. The service department at Cowboy Toyota was one of the nicer setups I've been to in the Dallas area. Their waiting area is pretty big, with free coffee, and they offer a shuttle service and loaner cars if you're getting a big job done. I came in with the red lights on my dash board indicating my car was about to explode and they were able to diagnose the problem within 90 minutes, get me in a loaner, and contact me regularly to give me updates on both my quote and how long the repair would take. Though I wasn't happy to be dropping $2k on having my car's entrails fixed, I didn't feel sick about having the guys at Cowboy Toyota do it. I'll be back. Hopefully next time it will be a wee bit cheaper!

Vonjo G. | 2015-04-06

Great experience buying my 2nd car and first prius! Thank you Scott and Richard for your help in making this happen! friendly service and I didn't feel taken advantage of :)

Deanna S. | 2015-03-24

These folks are fantastic.  Carlos Ramirez is incredibly professional and thorough.  Clem car too!  Thank you.

Moureen K. | 2015-03-19

I just had my car trade in for a Prius V and my experience was completely satisfactory. I am very thankful to Scoot Henderson who is very professional and very good in explaining  the process. I was not pressured, really give me time to decide and the process was very smooth. I will definitely recommend Cowboy Toyota to my friends and family especially Scott.

Angela H. | 2015-03-12

Liane and Luis both assisted me at Cowboy Toyota. Liane was specifically referred to me as an excellent person to work with. I could not agree more. Liane has a rare skill that over anxious sales reps lose, listening! Liane was very concerned with meeting my needs and helping me find the car that would work best for me. She quickly responded to my email and answered all of my questions. I've been to too many dealerships that didn't know their product.

Kelly B. | 2015-02-18

I came out with more problems than I came in with. I set up an appointment first thing in the morning to bring in my car to check my tire pressure (spare was low) and to replace my blinker bulb. They said I had a recall that they would fix for free, which I agreed to. After waiting for 2.5 hours(!) (they said it would take 45 min to an hour), they were finally finished. On my way home, my tire pressure light started blinking which I found out meant that my tire pressure sensor wasn't working. I brought it back in and they looked to see what the problem was. Turns out two of my tire sensors stopped working and it would be $300+ to fix! Oddly that not only one but TWO stopped working conveniently right after I pulled away from Cowboy and having them work on my tires/car. They did not take any responsibility whatsoever. I left without getting the sensors fixed, so now I have more problems than what I came in with. The ONLY positive was that the lady I worked with was kind and they seemed like great people, but that doesn't mask the fact that I think the people working on my car were the cause of my now problems (even if it wasn't intentional). I won't ever go back and wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. There's ought to be more reliable service elsewhere in the metroplex.

Eleanor F. | 2015-01-01

If you go into the car buying experience expecting that the dealer will want you to pay the MSRP, and understanding that you have to talk them down, then you are prepared for the experience.

That having been said, I will say I am *extremely* satisfied with my lease deals on a 2015 RAV4 and Corolla. Scott Henderson was an awesome salesman and helped me get out from under my previous new car. I got ripped off at Trophy Nissan, and was way upside-down on that horrible car.

This experience was totally different. Scott went out of his way to explain everything to me in language I could understand. I told him what I was willing to pay and what I wanted and he bent over backwards to get me the deal. I even asked him to give me side moldings at no extra cost and he got that done too!

I would say that Cowboy Toyota gave me a car-buying experience that was far and away superior to the experiences I have had at other dealers in the metroplex.

Thank you, Scott Henderson and Cowboy Toyota for my new cars!

Andrew B. | 2014-12-22

After spending countless hours at my local dealer (where I have also bought a Camry and 4Runner) trying to find and negotiate the purchase of a new Toyota Sienna Limited and having frustration after frustration, I decided to expand my search outside of Shreveport.  Requested an online quote from Robert Schultz at Cowboy Toyota (about 3 hours away), and had a response almost immediately, with a price that was just slightly LESS than what I had been willing to pay for the vehicle I wanted.  Whereas the local dealer kept telling me how difficult is was to find this particular vehicle, Robert had not only found one but also given me a very competitive price within 15 minutes.  Usually, when something seems too good to be true, it is.  He asked for a $500 deposit to secure the vehicle from the port in Houston, which would be refunded if the vehicle was not exactly as we discussed.  Reluctantly, I sent the deposit, being unsure how easily I would be able to get it back if anything wasn't as it was supposed to be.  Reading all the positive online reviews is what gave me the confidence to go forward with it.  When he secured the vehicle, he let me know, and then let me know when to expect it to be delivered at the dealer.  When it was delivered, I filled out some paperwork online to save time and drove over to Dallas to do the deal.  The vehicle was EXACTLY as I had requested, the price quoted was accurate, and the whole thing took less than a couple hours.  It probably wouldn't have taken that long, except that I arrived an hour earlier than I had told Robert, and he had to finish up with another customer.  There were NO extra options added on at the last minute, and ZERO pressure for extended warranties or roadside maintenance.  This is the most pleasurable car buying experience that I have ever had, and I would drive the six-hour round trip in a heartbeat to buy from him again.  I wholeheartedly recommend buying your next Toyota through Robert.  As a side note, he responds very quickly to email, and was very patient with my need for reassurance that I wasn't going to drive all the way to Dallas to end up driving home without the minivan.

Alex Nader D. | 2014-12-12

A bit out of my way but was well worth it. Got a fantastic deal on a 2014 CrewMax Tundra and thanks to Robert Schultz who made it happen. Aside from giving me the lowest drive-out price - something 4 other Toyota dealers couldn't do or even get close to - he was able to get me the lowest interest rate possible on 72 months financing, which was that nice cherry on top of the icing!

Thank you again guys, keep up the good honest way you conduct business with!

Even thou the dealership needs some massive remodeling which I think that is work in progress, the people there are very kind!

Heather S. | 2014-09-25

The most pleasant experience I had with this location was my service advisor, Tim Dorweiler. He has followed through on my car even a week after I was there. The team there went out of their way to get me the replacement key I ordered same-day so I wouldn't have to wait a week. I felt like an A-list customer! Tim is the reason I will return here!

The only reason I docked a star is because the actual facility is so old and outdated and it doesn't have the best waiting room. It reminds me of stepping into an old horror movie. But the service and employees are out of this world and so helpful that I can almost forget how bad the lot looks.

Gaurav D. | 2014-09-03

I am a Costco customer, so pricing was already set for us. We worked with Robert Schultz who made the overall buying experience very smooth for us. He answer my numerous questions & even helped us get the car same day by personally delivering it to our residence.

Great customer service !!

Kathi L. | 2014-07-12

Rodney Houston, and his service manager worked very hard at Cowboy Toyota to insure I received the car I wanted. It was a complicated transaction, and I was a challenging client.
I am a repeat customer, and it would not hesitate to make an additional purchase at the dealership.

E S. | 2014-06-01

I moved to Dallas less than a year ago from Houston, where I purchased and cared for a pre-owned Toyota Corolla 2006 over six years with a private shop mechanic for all repairs and Toyota dealerships when a coupon or promotion made service options more affordable.  I never experienced any major problems with this car, and it has served as an excellent investment in a vehicle due in part because I took care of it diligently.  As car care goes, you typically get out of it what you put into it, and I have done my share as an owner.  This smooth ownership experience came to a screeching halt on April 7, 2014 when the check engine light came on along with the airbag sensor light and I took it to Cowboy Toyota in Dallas.

Being new in the area, I went to Yelp for reviews and had received a mailer coupon from Cowboy Toyota.  Though there were several very negative reviews, it looked like management had taken the time to respond and resolve issues, which impressed me.  I arrived at the Toyota dealership and was introduced to Danny, a service manager.  I explained that I wanted to have the vehicle diagnosis service done.  He was polite and responsive, and told me my car would be ready shortly.  About an hour later, he came to the waiting area with a very concerned look on his face and told me that "Your transmission is shot, there are black shavings everywhere.  It will cost close to $3,500 to repair."  I was in complete shock because I have NEVER had any issues with the transmission, the car was driving fine, and I have been in close contact with my mechanic and other car professionals every year and no mention.  I then asked about the airbag light and he said "The airbag also needs to be replaced, and that will be close to, $1,000."  After speaking to him for several more minutes, I asked what the bare minimum recommendation is because I can't believe this amount of work is needed when there was not an issue with the car's driving, and I have cared for it for the past six years without problem.  He informed me that at a minimum I needed to have my transmission flushed, and because I was due for a state inspection, he said everything else would need to be completed or I would not pass inspection.  At this time I asked if I should consider selling the car to the dealership, knowing that the Blue Book value would put it close to $5,500-$6,500 private party, and perhaps the entire repair wouldn't make sense financially.  Again, I'm in complete shock trying to navigate a crisis situation.  He went back to the garage, and came back about 30 minutes later telling me he could offer me $900 for my car.  Was this a ploy to intimidate a woman into selling her perfectly reasonable, solid car for a lowball price?  That's what it felt like.  Shocked, insulted and utterly confused, I consented to having the transmission flushed and told him I would be back for other repairs.  He pressured me for close to 15 minutes saying they would have to "double charge" me if I didn't get all the work done now "because the car is taken apart right now, and we will have to re-take it apart again, so it will cost more like $3,800 next time".  I'm happy to say I declined, because it began to sound ridiculous.  I paid $397.25 for the transmission flush and vehicle diagnosis - and Danny would not take my coupon after all of this.

I later took my car to a private shop mechanic after soliciting recommendations from co-workers, and this mechanic informed me that there is NOTHING wrong with my transmission, there are no "black shavings" and that in his opinion, and he'd be willing to sign a statement for court saying this, it is highly unlikely that a transmission flush was done at Cowboy Toyota.  Certainly no work done to the extent that the bill stated.  Although, they did do a vehicle diagnosis and they were correct, the airbag did need to be replaced - which this mechanic did for half the price, and took the time to find a used one.

In sum, I paid $397.25 for a vehicle diagnosis and a transmission flush, that most likely didn't occur.  I have left two messages at Cowboy Toyota asking to speak with the Customer Service Manager.  I have not received any response.  I am deeply disappointed, but genuinely hope that this issue will be resolved and make it to the right audience because Toyota is a brand people trust and respect.  In this case, I am seriously left wondering how this could happen and why I have been treated this way.  Perhaps the most funny part of this experience, in a very ironic way, I received a mailer from Cowboy Toyota offering me $7,075 for my car if I traded it in for a new car last weekend.  I can't say enough how poor this experience has been, and there is an opportunity for Cowboy Toyota to rectify this with a loyal Toyota customer.  Cowboy Toyota, I look forward to hearing from you.

Michael O. | 2014-05-22

I just had my first experience with Cowboy Toyota's service department and it was by far one of the best auto repair experiences I've ever had.  Not sure what happened with the negative reviewers but I was treated very fairly and honestly, given a simple and clear estimate and the work was completed ahead of the estimated time and under the estimated price.  Shelly J was friendly, courteous and extremely customer-focused.  I won't be going anywhere else for work on my Prius.

Joey R. | 2014-05-17

This was a very easy buying experience and they have gone out of there way to ensure I was happy. I will definitely consider buying my future vehicles from this dealership. Our internet sales consultant was amazing!

Jeff D. | 2014-04-24

I am entirely surprised this place has anything over 2 stars. Their service department is horse #!@*. Schedule an appointment on a weekday in the morning and you are there over 2 hours. Personally, I always change my own oil. But since I paid for a car that has service included, I figured why not? Huge mistake. I mean I don't have half the equipment these failures do, and I finish my oil and rotate my tires in roughly 30 minutes. And that's ONE guy with a floor jack and some jack stands. Anyways... after the over 2 hour oil changei came to find out they also were nice enough to disconnect my horn. You have to pop the hood to gain access to the power cup links for a vehicle's horn. It worked fine the day of my change, and suddenly didn't work when I left. Doesn't take a detective to figure that one out.

Bottom line. Stay away. Go to Toyota of Plano or Richardson. They are both worth the drive if you simply must go to a dealership. Oh... and to the jackass who is going to write a generic "we're sorry" response. Gtfo. Spend more time giving a @#!* about the poor souls you're trying to find new ways to scam while they are trapped in your waiting room for 2 hours or more. Maybe then you wouldn't be on yelp 24/7 apologizing.

Nadav P. | 2014-01-11

EDIT: Since writing this review, I have been contacted by Toyota with a message that they are sorry and I should contact them to get this fixed.  I used the contact information they provided and have yet to hear a reply, two months later.

The staff at Cowboy Toyota were very friendly, when I was looking to buy a vehicle.  Once they had my money, there service did a 180, from bending over backwards to the lacking of even the simplest help.

I've owned my brand new Rav4 for only 2 months.  Since then, I've had numerous issues with the electrical system.  The man who sold me the car, who had earlier given me his phone number and the guarantee to "call him whenever I needed to," has yet to pick up the phone when I call him during his work hours.

A month ago, the electrical systems in my car began to fail.  The blue-tooth would stop working mid-call, disable sounds randomly, or simply fail to recognize any voice recognition.  My GPS became de-synced, and would take me on roads that don't exist, getting me lost in cities I've never heard of.  

Whenever I call Cowboy Toyota Services based on the number listed on their website, I'm given their sales offices instead, and have to be redirected with every single call.  And with every call, I have to provide my name and car information numerous times as if no-one at the service station has bothered to write the information down.

When I brought my vehicle into an appointment last month, I was told by the members at the service station that all the technicians had left early.  I was not notified of this change, and was forced to drive home.  The second time I went, they forgot to reserve a rental car for me, and I was forced to wait an extra hour.  The employee their smiled and said the service car was on the house, even though my contract with Toyota states that service cars were free-of-charge.

Then, not more than three weeks later, I had additional issues with my car's electronics.  I called the dealership and was told that I could bring the car in for service.  Not more than 10 minutes later, I received a call from the office saying that the technicians have once again gone home early.  The final time I brought my car in was the biggest insult of all.  I spoke with the manager, and after looking at my car, his only answers was a GPS upgrade for $200.  My vehicle is brand new, and he wants to upgrade it.

I have spoken to different managers at this dealership multiple times about the issues and yet I have yet to see a single step taken to resolve them.  I do not recommend this dealership to anyone, and this is the last time I purchase a Toyota.

Honest-Abe R. | 2013-11-01

The service department needs a little TLC. This is nothing a little paint, tiling, cleaning could not fix.

Wish they had a better selection of coffee and more than powdered creamers in the waiting area.

Customer service is great. My service adviser Carlos Ramirez is professional, knowledgeable, and great to work with.

Recent visit :

Juan (service advisor) was not helpful. Asked him if there were any coupons for an oil change, he responded "not aware of any". I was able to find a coupon online on my phone. Went to another service advisor, and he even helped me print the coupon! Employees like Juan stink in customer service, and will bring down a business!

I will only deal with Carlos Ramirez from this point forward. If he is not available, my family and I will take our business elsewhere.

Liss B. | 2013-10-02

Friendly service. But all employees have their personal phones out, in front of customers = unprofessional. Waiting room and service desk area was sub-par. Felt and looked dirty. Probably won't be coming back.  The second I walked in they told me, without making any eye contact that my total for the day would be $750 for an oil change!? Um what!?  #1 I came in for an oil change only, #2 this is a lease that is probably going to be returned in the next month or 2, and #3 that's no way to greet someone!
I've tried to give this place the benefit of the doubt, but like other yelpers have mentioned, you are guaranteed to wait a MINIMUM of 2 hours for a simple oil change!  The waiting area is horrendous, coffee options horrendous and the bathrooms...OMG!  The toilet seats are all stained and peeling and in need of i total renovation or demo!  As much as I hate the traffic in Dallas, I'm going to go to a new dealership, extremely out of my way, for a better experience.

RuthAnn F. | 2013-07-31

I have been needing to buy a car for quite awhile now but have been putting it off because -- simply put-- I don't know how to "haggle."  I hate all the game playing that goes down when you're negotiating the best deal on a new car.  Well, my prayers were answered in the form of an angel named Liane Mann!  Liane is friendly, approachable and "real."  When I expressed my angst about trying to play the buy-a-new-car game, she allayed my fears by saying "I don't play those games." And she didn't. I feel I got the best possible deal on my beautiful new Avalon hybrid.

Now here's the *real* kicker:  My husband -- a person who's notorious for spending 45 days shopping for the perfect flashlight -- was so impressed with Liane and her professional demeanor, he went back the very next day and bought a car from her.  The. Next. Day.

I can't recommend Cowboy Toyota - or Liane Mann - highly enough!

Terri B. | 2013-06-04

I purchased my car from here several years ago and continue to use the service department.  Besides getting a great deal on my initial purchase, I find the service department is excellent.  They are knowledgeable, friendly and quick to service your car.  Although I miss Allen, the service manager that was there forever, the staff is as good as ever!

Kat H. | 2013-05-10

I have been to several dealerships and never felt like I was getting good HONEST service. Cowboy Toyota is a very different experience. Friendly efficient took care of everything and did not nickel and dime me to the poor house. Loaner car, delivered car back to my work place! Highly recommend them for your Toyota needs.

Kristen F. | 2013-04-16

I had a great experience with Cowboy Toyota!  Patrick Ogbeide and Lianne Mann were awesome!  They were extremely helpful and straight to the point.  I had been working with a couple of other dealerships and their customer service just did not compare.  I highly recommend you go here for all of your Toyota needs.

Heather F. | 2013-01-18

I traveled from Austin to buy from this dealership because no one in town had a better (used) car or lower price.  They were truly helpful and accommodating.  I was able to negotiate a price via email before leaving Austin and they even picked me up from the bus station.  I can't recommend them highly enough.

Paul M. | 2012-10-07

Patrick Ogbeide and Chris Low were wonderful to work with and I don't say such things often.  I communicated with 4 different dealers to work out a deal for a new Camry Hybrid XLE to replace my earlier Camry Hybrid.  Cowboy was one of 2 that easily started speaking in real pricing terms without any of the usual dealer foolishness.  Now I have to admit that this dealerships location sort of put me off - don't let that stop you.  Think of it as an opportunity as I think they realize they do have an impediment and are willing to work to make up for it.  Once it became clear that Patrick and Chris were willing to deal directly and honestly I took the plunge and took them up on the offer to come to my work location to evaluate my trade.  They met my price and exceeded the best I could get from closer dealers - even the last bids the local threw me as they realized they were losing the deal.  
Moreover I need to mention that Patrick and Chris made closing the deal amazingly simple.  I went down there to 'ground' my trade - expecting the usual horror of dealing with the financing guys trying to hard sell me on various warranties and other add-ons.  It was nothing of the sort.  We were on our way out with a Cowboy Toyota supplied loaner within 20 minutes of my wife concluding a final test drive.  They delivered the car with my accessories added to my home just a few days later.  It was the most painless car deal I can remember and I know I got a good deal too.  
Note: I see a pattern in the reviews here - looks like others like me have a good time with the sales but the service side may be an issue.  I can say the new car delivery section of their service seems fine - guess time will tell on the rest.

Steffanie B. | 2012-08-09

I am only commenting on the service department.  I try and try and try again to give these guys another chance but I am convinced that this is just the culture of the business here.  I just never quite feel valued, accommodated or just taken care of well.  I just never feel good and I always end up leaving.  The people are nonchalant, the prices are wack and I just end up taking a drive to Rockwall to get great service every time!

DO NOT GO HERE!  I ended up taking my car to a Valvoline Lube place just to get an oil change because they just come off so icky.  Vowing to never return.  I am out of second-, third, ....eighth chances.

Kevin M. | 2011-06-14

Lets just say this dealership is the best one i've ever been too... They DO offer the best deal compare to any other Toyota dealership around... Not only did i experience their great deal, other of my friends have bought their vehicle here also... all 5 of my friends.... who all agree they offer the best deal and will likely to go back and purchase another vehicle from them. Some drove all the way from Mansfield,Tx.

The shopping experience was great!! compare to other dealerships this one was awesome!! While walking around we were nicely approached by this gentleman of the name Billy. Very humble guy willing to help with anything you have a question for. While shopping around and taking a look at different vehicles Billy was kind to pull out 3 different trim level of Highlander's for us to compare instead of looking thru a book, some dealership won't do that but he made the effort and did it for us. We end up getting the 2011 Highlander Limited.

To keep this short, if you want a good deal and a helpful salesman Cowboy Toyota should be the TOP of the list, after experience other places this has to be my favorite one. You can't beat GREAT DEALS and HELPFUL customer service.

BTW ask for Billy :)

Carlos C. | 2010-11-24

We purchased a new car and a used car from Cowboy and my mom purchased 2 Rav 4 from Cowboy, and my brother purchased a used truck from them as well and all our experiences have been A++. This last time we were in and out in under 2 hours! This included trade-in appraisal, test drive, signing, etc! Lots of inventory to choose from! Highly recommend you give them a visit! Pat, Art, and Felanna were the ones that worked our deal, but all very helpful!

Amelia C. | 2010-10-13

Ugh...yea...let's even up the scale here... I've only ever driven Toyotas (since highschool), thusly, I've been a been to a number of Toyota dealerships around Texas (Highschool was a while ago...and I get around *wink*) Let's just say...these guys aren't even close to making the cut. The second I stepped into the service area, it was like a time warp back to 1993. Based on that alone, I was about to make a U-turn and run for the hills. But my mama told me to "never judge a book by its cover" So, I shut it and braced myself for the worst. I told myself that "they just haven't renovated yet to look like all the other shiny new dealerships you're used to. Suck it up princess! It's close to the apartment" was pretty terrible...

The first time I went was to get my car Camry recall fix. All the staff were expressionless and could care less about giving me the time of day. Attitude check...PLEASE?! The store hours are clearly marked till 6pm, but "you need to get your car now at 5pm because it's a slow day". If my patronage is an inconvenience to YOU...then, I will take my business elsewhere. But...foolish me I go back again to run into the same bad attitude "no we can't get you an estimate because the body shop guy is on break, you're going to have to come back another time" SERIOUSLY?!?! Not even an ETA? Well, if they weren't so adamant about shoving me out the door, I would have left anyway!!

And so ends my short relationship with Cowboy Toyota. I don't love having to drive up to Carrollton, but I don't put up with this sort of treatment. :) Peace

Dena F. | 2008-05-28

So, if you go to a paint and body guy and say "How much to make my passenger side headlight work?"  They will reply with "It's a kit, round $200."  And then I go "Uhhhhhhhhhhh...."

However, when I looked up the part online at it showed a new bulb available for under $30.  I called Cowboy Toyota to see if they had one and they did.  I asked if I, with my minimal car fixing abilities, would be able to put it in.  They told me they'd do it for me since the battery is on the other side and it's easy to do, thus saving me about $170 plus.

And they did.  AND they told me to go tell the police officer who pulled me over and gave me a ticket for a light that was out that his job is to both serve and protect, and I didn't know the light was out so I should have gotten a warning.    I'm entirely considering giving Cowboy Toyota a Father's Day card.