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Clay Cooley Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(855) 264-7726
Address:39690 LBJ Fwy S, Dallas, TX, 75237

Reviews on Clay Cooley Nissan

Steffanie B. | 2015-03-27

In need of a second vehicle, I ended up at Clay Cooley Nissan on a Wednesday afternoon.  We've all seen the me first, shop me last, either way come see Clay. I couldn't resist. Haha. My first car was a 1994 Nissan Altima so this trip took me back. I'll be talking about my sales experience as well as commenting on the other reviews.

So the bottom line is that Clay Cooley Nissan is the number one volume Nissan dealer in America.  That must mean something. You don't get there without doing some things right.  

I'll kill the suspense and announce that I ended up leaving with a 2014 Nissan Maxima. Based on our budget and with their current Maxima rebates we ended up looking at these although we'd have loved considering a Titan.  Nevertheless, after a few peaks and a test drive we started in on the negotiations and settled in at a very happy and comfortable place. I want to commend everyone we came into contact with from our salesman Donnie Harris to managers Robert Spivey and Dwight Walker. All three men were professional, listened to us and worked with us to ensure we got the best deal that was best for us. Sergio, the finance guy, took great care of us. He handled us with tact and made us feel valued. He didn't pressure us to buy extra coverage and was top notch.

All in all, we were very happy with our experience. We left about 8p with our new car. We had a lot of discussions with and without the Nissan team members so we took our time and made the right decision.

I'd like to comment on some of the comments I read in the other Yelp reviews. A lot of people talked about  GPS and overpriced used cars. I found out that Clay Cooley offers a program called Fresh Start. It's designed to allow people with less than perfect credit to buy a used car with 60-80k miles. The cars do come with GPS monitors because most of the Fresh Start consumers may have defaulted on previous loans, may have a repo history or any other unfavorable financial behavior or circumstances that end up categorizing them as high risk. Obviously, your rate will be higher the less perfect your credit is,  a reality.  I can't comment on the consumer process or the customer service aspect of their experience but at least I could maybe she'd some light on some of that commentary posted.

My car does not have a GPS on it. And when U asked about the prior posts, Donnie informed me and answered all my questions.  

All in all, you have to judge it for yourself. My experience was great. Good people.

The one thing I could say is that I wish they had a nice, complimentary coffee/espresso machine and cold beverages. A popcorn machine would be great too. Buying a car can be a tedious and long experience and providing potential future Nissan owners with some complimentary drinks and what not would be a great improvement.  

Their interior was clean. The bathroom was clean. And oddly, I loved the smell of the soap in the bathroom. Conveniently located off of 20.

Nathan J. | 2015-03-26

This is an excellent place to do business. They made car buying easy and a pleasure. The  sales manager Robert Spivey was careful and meticulous, Donnie Harris was knowledgeable and patient and Dwight Walker handled their business. Sergio and the crew Were very professional and walked us through each step of the process and allowed us to make our decision on the vehicle we wanted. The buying experience is stressful, they made it look easy.

Aunt Jee M. | 2015-01-25

The WORST car delearship I have EVER been to. We came to look at a used car with only 7,000 miles on it and waited 30 mins while they tried to find it, well it had sold which is fine but then they tried to get us interested in other vehicles. That's fine also but when we would ask how much they were to even see if they are near our budget they would say well let's test drive it first. I said no, we want to know price first then, we will see if we are interested. And they said well that's a weird way of doing things, If I wanted to buy a car I would drive it first! Are you serious? Who doesn't know how much a car is before??? I realize we can negotiate the price but we also know if something is even a realistic price for us! This goes on forever, we finally get pricing. This is pretty much everyone who works there, they will try to make you feel stupid and dodge your easy questions. I would recommend to stay far away from Clay Cooley, I know we will!!

Israel L. | 2015-01-10

Stay away. Went to purchase a 2015 Altima at an advertised price. Through the internet, they advised that the vehicle was in stock at the sale price. I saw at least three cars in stock of my preferred color. The mgr told me about extra charges like nitrogen filled tires, etc. I told him that the car still had some plastic and nobody had touched the car. Bought same car at Fort Worth Nissan without haggling.

Hilda G. | 2014-09-07

Was very disillusioned with customer service and how my whole experience at this dealership was handled. I went in with a friend and we both we looking for purchasing cars.  He had a car I didn't .  The had us leave and come back 3 times which was very disheartened each time.  Everyday they stated I was going to get a car.  But sent me home with nothing until the 3 day they finally put me in a car.  My friend who had taken me to find a car and even co signed for me was not even given a referral bonus.  And the general manager after numerous calls never called me back.  They make you wait hours and and hours then send you home. They are not versed on great customer service.

Catherine A. | 2014-07-21

Not very professional.

They obtained my phone number when I filled out an application at .
To me, that's a red flag.. I was expecting to hear from a larger financing company, not be pawned off onto a local dealership, who is going to try to get me to buy THEIR car, not the one I originally wanted financed.

As I suspected, I was told I would have to pick from a group of cars they had which included no mini coopers, because of my credit. I told him I wasn't interested, I would save a larger down payment and find another Mini Cooper, what I wanted.

The guy (Virgil) kept calling me the wrong name, I corrected him twice and after that I think he did it to annoy me. I called the dealership and asked not to be called again. The next day I got another call while I was at work, the voicemail from Virgil again.. I'm not calling them back and will avoid this dealership.

Let me be clear I wasn't upset that they could not finance me for the amount I wanted, nor that they did not have the car I wanted. That's no big deal. I've worked in sales and customer service all my life and you don't do yourself or your company any good by calling your customers at inconvenient times, by the wrong name over and over, or pushing them to buy things they do not want.

Jason J. | 2014-07-21

I don't want to say to avoid this dealership, but I will say that IF you decide to visit this dealership, be very cautious and aware to what is going on and what is being told to you when you purchase a car.

So I was in the market to buy a gently used, pre-owned vehicle.  After looking around at the different cars on their certified pre-owned section, I finally made my decision and wanted to purchase a 2012 Mitsubishi Lancer.  

After spending several hours on the lot, I finally spoke with a finance manager who finalized the selling of the car.  As I'm at his desk, signing my life away, he says that I need to sign a form saying that I agree to having my car monitored by a GPS if I fail to make a payment.  I stopped him immediately and told him that the salesperson did not tell me any of this information when I was looking at the car, test driving it, etc.  The finance manager seemed as if he was completely unphased by what I said.  I went ahead and signed the remainder of my paperwork and drove off in my car.

About 1-2 weeks later I wanted to speak with the general manager of the dealership to ask why I wasn't informed of a GPS monitor on the car prior to purchasing it.  Overall, he gave me some excuse by telling me that all salespeople are suppose to surrender that information to the buyer, which my particular salesperson did not.  I told him that since I was not informed of the GPS monitor, I was going to a third party person to have it removed because I was technically lied to.  I was then told that if I did, I could have my car REPOSSESSED and even ARRESTED because I would be tampering with the vehicle.  I have heard horror stories about how dealerships will disable a vehicle even if you are ONE DAY LATE.  Now I am the type of person that pays my bills on time, but every once in a while, I have been known to make my car payment a few days late, but never to the point where they have added late fees.  Also, the thought of a GPS monitor on my car just felt very odd to me.  It felt like a huge invasion of privacy.  I was told by the dealership that they only use the GPS monitor only if you fail to make a payment and not to "spy" on you to see where you are, but I'm sorry; I don't believe that.  

After about 3 months I traded in my vehicle, but this time I traded the vehicle in and purchased a 2015 Nissan Altima from Nissan of McKinney WITHOUT all that mess that they "claim" that they forgot to tell me about at Clay Cooley.  

I feel like the Clay Cooley franchise tries to screw people over the best way possible, and is also willing to cut someone's head off just to get that almighty dollar.  I truly regret visiting Clay Cooley Nissan and I have definitely learned a lesson from this horrible mistake and that is:   ALWAYS READ THE FINE PRINT.

Kellie O. | 2014-01-03

I called and talked to a young man named Spencer Moses, he lied through his teeth to get me to come down. He assured me that they have a minimum 3000$ trade in rate for all vehicles, regardless of vehicle condition. He stated that this policy is what makes them the number 1 Nissan dealer in all of Texas. He told me there was a vehicle in stock that was matching the exact description and price range of what I was looking for. I looked on the website and asked him to verify the car was still in stock, since it was not on the website. He took 4 hours to get back to me, and assured me that yes the car was there, he just looked at it. I texted him when I got off work at 7pm saying I was headed down, he said OK! When I arrived at 8pm, he had already left. I had to wait around to talk to someone else (that place was packed!) When I finally talked to a manger he informed me that the car Spencer talked me into coming to see had never existed, and that there was no policy in place saying everyone gets 3000$ trade-in for their vehicle. Another employee told me Spencer has only been there a couple of weeks, and multiple people have been complaining about him. Maybe shouldn't put "hated it" in the review, since the manager was pretty awesome and worked with me for quite some time to try to find something for me to take home. They didn't have ANYTHING matching my price range and description though, so I walked away empty handed. (however they approved me for a car 7k more than what I wanted...)They have my info on file, and I will keep looking at the inventory online to see if anything I want comes in. If I end up going there again Ill give the manager a good review. Until then F* you Spencer Moses. Thanks for wasting hours of my time with your lies, and for helping drop my pathetic credit score even lower for nothing.

Randy M. | 2014-01-02

My step-daughter ended up with a car from here at a RIDICULOUS price (way more than it was worth and way more interest than she should have been charged).  They kept her there 8 hours and she ended up with a 2010 Kia Forte at 20% interest and they valued it at over $13,000.  On top of that, they made her sign papers without explaining them to her (first time buyer) and now if she is somewhere their GPS signal doesn't work her car could be shut down.

I got online at their site and asked one of their representatives to contact me and she said she would have a manager do that, but it has been two weeks and I have not heard from anyone.  They are very close to usury (in my opinion it IS usury).


Neil M. | 2013-12-23

Waited over 2 hours for them to take my damaged tire out of my trunk and tell me to drive on my donut until the new tire comes in after the holidays.

Abbie E. | 2013-06-12

This dealership has a reputation as one of the most scamming in the area and I would not recommend it.  Take a look at their commercials on the local TV and you get a feeling for what I'm talking about.  What's prompting me to write this review now is all of the annoying (at best) and misleading ads I get in the mail from this dealership.  Today I get this big ad that all glossy saying I'm likely a winner of $15,000.  It has this "combination box" thing attached that looks somewhat high-tech that you pull open to "reveal your code" and then match with this scratch off number and printed "winner number"...I'm not sure why I even bother-maybe out of annoyance.  Low and behold I'm a winner--check out the fine print and it turns out everyone is--and 399,997 of the people have won a $5 Walmart gift card--that you have to make an appointment within a window to hear the sales pitch and you can get.  The other 3/360,000 people won an iPad mini or $150 (still not worth it in my opinion for the trouble) and one person (maybe) wins 15,000 but god knows what you have to do to claim that.  It's such a scam and they are the worst about this--if I was considering ever getting a car from there is first wonder where they get the money to constantly mail out these scams and deal with the fall out--how much did it cost to make 360,000 little "combination boxes" all revealing the same number?! Hmm...I guess they add this to everyone's price they are paying for a car--I personally wouldn't want to pay for, or even be somewhat responsible for paying for, even a tiny portion of this annoying junk.  I would never go there.

Alexandra R. | 2011-10-05

I have mixed feelings about this particular dealership... I've recently had a lot of front end body work done and they recommended collision king (which by the way gets one star) so I'm a little bitter about their referral. Another time I made an appt and arrived and they didn't see me scheduled so I had to wait forever. I had ordered some parts and got an automated phone call saying they were in and then once again I got there and they couldn't find the parts for a good while. Buuuut, with all this crud I've dealt with I must say that my service rep joey has always been the best, smartest and very nice. From now on i will only work with him. I do like too the fact that if anything is replaced and something goes wrong, it's under warranty and they have a courtesy van and the driver has always been super nice.

Kate S. | 2011-05-27

Awful awful awful.

Please do not spend your money at this dealership. The salesmen are so rude and unprofessional, I really don't know how they stay in business. I should have done research on this place before I stopped in because after searching this dealership online once I got home, I found that they have gotten so many bad reviews.

I wish I knew the name of the salesman that basically verbally assaulted me so I could name him here. He was an elderly gentleman who only talked to my boyfriend the entire time and never even said hello to me. Sexist much? He was way too eager to get all of our personal history, which in retrospect is pretty annoying since he never offered us HIS name! Then he tells us he's getting the car and doesn't come back for 20 minutes. When he comes back he tells us that the car is already being test driven. So I want to leave at this point because this man can't even tell me when we'll get a chance to test drive it, and its already taken him 20 minutes just to find out that the car's not on the lot. When I tell him I'm going to look at some other dealerships and I'll be back, he completely flips out and literally screams at me "THE CAR IS HERE, THE CAR IS HERE". So my boyfriend tells him "No its not. You just told us its not on the lot". That salesman couldn't have been more blatant about the fact that 1) he didn't care about us or our needs AT ALL, and 2) he was angry he wasn't going to sell us a car right that minute. So awful.

I am still baffled by the terrible service I received.


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