BMW of Dallas/MINI of Dallas in Dallas, TX

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BMW of Dallas, a Dallas-Fort Worth BMW dealer, has a vast inventory of new & used BMW cars and sport utility vehicles (SUVs). We offer vehicle financing, BMW OEM factory service & auto parts.

BMW of Dallas/MINI of Dallas

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 353-5000
Address:6200 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75209
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on BMW of Dallas/MINI of Dallas

Jeff G. | 2015-04-25

Just bought a new 5 series and couldn't be happier with Kent Cochran as my salesman.  Knowledgable, non-pushy, and helped to get the deal I wanted.  He also made sure things are going to be taken car of after the sale.  I would highly recommend asking for him by name as he will take care of you.

Billy M. | 2015-04-21

Overall, we really enjoyed the experience shopping for a car at BMW of Dallas, though it got off to a rocky start. We walked into the showroom and were ignored by 2-3 employees who walked by us without so much as a glance... Nice customer experience for a high-end dealership!  Star deducted accordingly.

Eventually we were greeted, and met by our salesman, David, He was fantastic, from the test drive, through negotiations, through the purchase of our car. He was friendly and attentive and worked with us to make the deal happen. Overall, a really good experience.

Mario B. | 2015-04-20

I was very excited to find a certified vehicle I had been looking for a while. I contacted the store that morning and began working with Gary throughout the day. That evening I visited the dealership and was quickly greeted. We went on the test drive and I received the full run down of the vehicle and its features. I discussed wanting to use my Costco membership discount when it came to negotiating (did it with the last car and took all the haggling out of the process). When presented the sales sheet I was shown the "discount".  After signing the paperwork I was out the door in about 2 hours from start to finish.

The next day I was curious as to why the discount seemed to be less than expected, so decided to call Costco.  After a few minutes on the phone I learned I did not in fact receive the no haggle discount (wasn't offered on the model I bought).  I really felt they should have been more forthcoming with this at the dealership (they even labeled the discount as "costco" on the negotiation sheet which was completely false) and if it wasn't offered, let me know so i could have more appropriately negotiated the sales price.

Lastly, when it came to picking up the plates, I came to realize the service wasn't nearly as attentive. Gary no longer returned phone calls or emails which left me having to just drive up to the dealership to find out if they had arrived.  When I got there on a busy Saturday nobody was working the front desk and finally after standing there for 15 minutes, another salesman stopped and asked if he could help. I explained I was there to pick up my plates, he then began explaining that there was nobody working the front because everyone had been laid off. Fortunately, he was willing to help and got me squared away.

Overall, the car is great, but with the not so honest sales tactics and customer service dropping off so abruptly after you purchase, I would try another dealer next time.

Jeffrey T. | 2015-04-13

I have only ever dealt with the service department and on the in house surveys I've usually tried not to give a poor rating but that's cause I know those reviews hurt the employees if they are bad but after having several visits here my overall experiences have been fair to poor.

My usual experiences have been as follows
- different service reps given to me almost every time I come with varying degrees of customer service skills.
- I've sat for close to five hours after being told a service would only take two hours. Sometimes after waiting for two hours I find out they were unable to contact so and so about my coverage so nothing has been done and they never told me that they hadn't started any work.
- I've never been able to get a loaner car. Even with two weeks notice they don't have loaners. I've been told I need to set appointments almost a month in advance in order to get a loaner car and this has been the same for the last couple years.
- sometimes the courtesy cars to take you home and back when they can't get you a loaner are timely, but I've also waited over 30 minutes to get a ride back home and have also been called telling me my car is ready and they will tell the shuttle car to come get me only to get a call over an hour later saying the shuttle has just left to come get me.

Overall, it's just very hard to make any plans around getting service here. It's fine if you only have normal services, no emergencies and schedule months in advance and can get a rare loaner but otherwise I feel like it kills my whole day to try and go and get anything fixed.

My wife drives a Mercedes and is always making fun of me because she has none of these issues with her service. Just two weeks ago she called to schedule a maintenance and got an appt three days later along with a loaner car.

Hopefully they can improve

Norman L. | 2015-04-09

Don't sign any additional warranty coverages, it's a scam. You can buy any of the "protectants" at any autostore for $15. Then when you try to cancel the warranty the next day, it will take over 4 months at the cost of $600 and many repeated and unreturned phone calls to the dealership, to the third party warranty provider, and to BMW Financial to see if the cancellation has been processed.

I leased the car 1/14, requested the warranty cancellation 1/15, and as of 4/9, I was forced to pay an additional $600 for the warranty I requested to be cancelled. As of today, all calls made to Brian Lloyd (the finance guy), who has returned only two of twice a month status update calls,  have been met with a "the warranty cancellation is still being processed".  

I would reccomend my salesperson, Curt and everyone else on the staff except for Brian in finance.

Just called the third party warranty provider and they have not receieved a cancellation notice from this dealership, so Brian Lloyd is not only a scammer, but a liar.

I would like to mention that the rest of the staff resolved my issue quickly and with no trouble.

The situation was resolved with a formal apology from Brian and the cancellation was expidited, so I'm amending my review to 5 stars.

Terri R. | 2015-03-20

I worked with both Lee Carter & Malcolm Hodge during the purchase of my Mini Countryman and both were a pleasure to deal with, very helpful, responsive to questions etc... I LOVE my new Mini - it makes driving fun!

Will M. | 2015-03-18

One of the worst dealership service depts I have experienced. I really wish Sewell or Park Place would open up a BMW dealership in Dallas. Even though the service has never been great at BMW of Dallas I have always gone there anyway due to it's close proximity. I will look elsewhere for service from now on.

For what it's worth I have had relatively decent experiences with this dealership on the sales side. I wouldn't call it exceptional by any means, but perfectly adequate. I have also had more positive sales/service experiences with other AutoNation owned dealerships in the Dallas area.

Saad H. | 2015-03-17

The dealer here was very accommodating and did everything possible to ensure I was happy with my purchase. They worked with me to identify the car that I wanted and then worked magic with the numbers to get it to my price point. Additionally it was not a high pressure sales environment and that definitely was a refreshing change.

All in all a great experience!!!! Will definitely be coming here again for my next BMW.

Bruce L. | 2015-03-08

Never a big fan of the car buying experience,however, having now worked with Gary Aggas, I can say this was a wonderful transaction. The search, test drives, selection and negotiations were smooth and without stress. I recommend Gary to anyone looking to purchase.

Emp H. | 2015-03-05

I would like to share my experience with your guys. I am a customer in Seattle Washington, which is thousands of miles away from BMW of Dallas.

About 2 months ago, I was looking for a used BMW M6 online. I found out that they have a pretty good M6 in their inventory. So I asked for a quote, and a salesman (Jay Purdy) reply me within very short of time. After I had been communicate with him, I decided to buy this car in distance because he was passionate and made me have a good experience of purchasing the car. So far, everything was good. After waiting for 3 weeks, the car finally arrivals. Then, I realize the car does not have the second key, which makes me wonder why a car worth 80,000 only has one key. So I called Jay, and he told me that they (dealer) are ordering a new key for me and it will be shipped when they have it. After waiting for 2-3 weeks, the nightmare starts. I called Jay's number and no one answers, and no email replies as well.

Finally, after I called sales number on their website and talk to someone, and this guy told me that Jay Purdy is no longer with them. So I asked him what about the issue that Jay left over? He said he would contact the sales manager and let me know what's going on. And you know what, that was end of the story. I tried to call the manager for so many times and left so many voice messages. And finally, sales manager *Denial* told me that he could do nothing with it, and let me talk to another sales manager *John Bosco*. After million of phone calls, John picked phone once and told me once they receive my documentation, they would go ahead order my key. After I send my documentations to him, I thought someone was going to help me out with it and unbelievably that was BS as well. *John Bosco* never picks up my phone call again.

The entire thing is the worst experience I have ever had in my life. I can not image how would the people like them become the leader of the sales team and how would the salesmen going to be with their supervision. I feel like they are taking advantage of I am being far away and treated me with so much disrespect by ignoring me. A couple of hundred dollars key isn't a big thing compare to the $80,000 car. But it clearly defines who these people are, they would do anything to get your money with no moral and manner.

In short, what I am trying to say is if you just want to buy a car from them and 100% sure that you will never interact with these people. Then, go for it, they will "treat" you as their God. However, if you may need to somehow interact with them after they get your money, RUN AWAY AS FAR AS YOU CAN. They will never care about you and treat like a piece of s**t.


I hope my review would help.

J B. | 2015-02-28

My service rep was a very professional, well spoken man with a great service approach and fantastic follow-up.   Sadly, my interactions with him were the only acceptable service pieces of my experience at this dealership.   I hold him harmless for the service team behind the scenes that does the actual work on the car.

My first BMW purchase after owning 3 Porsches.   My service experience with Porsche was awesome.  Having that in mind i proactively called BMW and introduced myself as a new customer to their service department and explained that I really enjoyed having an assigned advisor in my previous 'Porsche Relationship' and that I would love to experience that with BMW as well.  The woman on the phone sounded confused and was a bit cold in her response/communication, transferred me to an Advisor.    

After my car had been serviced for a week or so to fix a coolant leak, I picked it up.  This was a Friday evening, Saturday morning I had to add coolant.  I brought my car back.  23 days later, with excellent communication from my advisor, he kept me in the loop about everything, I pick up my car.  While loading my work briefcase into the trunk I notice that the interior lining is in pieces and the trunk hasn't been reassembled.  I was frustrated but brought this to the attention of my advisor who promptly took the car back to be re-assembled.  20 minutes later I walk out to get in and leave and find the rearview mirror is not attached to the windshield.  I paused and wondered how no one noticed this, and thought to myself 'they can't possibly think it's ok to drive like this?!?'  I walked back in and brought this to the attention of my advisor.  He then asked if he could put in in a loaner car and keep it to fix it.  Of course I said 'yes'.  Two days later I pick up my car.   I was disappointed to drive home and smell burning oil as I'm sure if there is still an oil leak.  surely someone would have caught it whilst they had it over the last 23 days, test drove it for quality assurance for 100 miles and wouldn't they have done a final inspection before returning it to me?   I just can't help but feel that this dealership has so much business that their quality is suffering and they are churning out car repairs as fast as they can, sacrificing quality of work and customer experience to do so.

I was disappointed to learn that even though I made them aware that the coolant was still leaking 12 hours after I paid the deductible and picked up the car from the first repair, I was charged a second deductible because of some technicality with the warranty and inspector.   My thought process in going to a certified BMW dealership for the repairs was that their service would be superior to others and I hoped they would be experts and fierce advocates for their customers.   I was wrong.  Their service is sub par, not the worst I've ever had; but, below what I expected from the reputation of BMW.   After I post this I'll be reaching out to my advisor with an email to alert him to the strong odor of burning oil that I am experiencing only 12 hours after getting my vehicle out of the shop.  Sadly I'm anticipating this being another rodeo with another deductible.  

I want to be a fan of the dealership, but for now I am extremely let down.

Manuel T. | 2015-02-25

I had a great experience purchasing my X6.   I am from San Antonio and was looking for a specific car.  David Boice was prompt and effective in finding the car that I was looking for.  We took care of the finding, driving, negotiating and me driving the car out of the dealership within 2 days.  I had try to work with the sales personnel at the San Antonio dealership and I got a response 2 weeks later.  

I highly recommend working with David.  He took the time to teach me features and options on the car that I had not hear before or knew I had with previous cars.

Tom T. | 2015-02-14

Leasing first car for my business.  BMW of Dallas beat the price of the dealership up north and had a very good experience.  I knew the vehicle I wanted, they found the one that had my specific options in the color I wanted.  Initially gave me a small discount and I left to continue shopping, but they called me later with an additional discount.  I provided all my financials ahead of time and was in and out in 45mins.  Way better experience at time of sale than I've ever had.  Only reason I gave them one ding is their refreshments in the lounge and the lounge itself needs a slight update.

Steve H. | 2015-02-04

I decided to get an electric car, as a 2nd commuter vehicle. I looked at a couple of other dealerships but glad I stopped by BMW Dallas.

Seems as though all the dealerships on Yelp struggle to get a good rating, so I felt compelled to say, "I very was impressed with BMW Dallas". As we milled around, the staff was very courteous and down right friendly.

Our sales consultant, Ryan Chong, was very knowledgeable and fully experienced in helping us make this important buying decision. Price was right on and the finance dept was courtesy and efficient.

Also, I am impressed with the BMW Client network. In short, love the car, the whole buying experience and I will be back again for my next Beemer.

Ask for Ryan, he won't disappoint you.

Hoang N. | 2015-01-27

This is a review specific to BMW of Dallas CA Chris Jurgens.  Having watch a parrellel poor sales process and service from Classic for a friend of mine buying a new 435ix convertible.  I am glad I chose to work with Chris at BMW of Dallas.  Chris was very professional and treat me with respect supporting my phone request to test drive a BMW M4 on short notice.  He never gave off the cheesey sales guy approach trying to stroke your ego with small talk which is how I like my interactions to be when buying a car.  I always got regular email communication updates on my car build status and timely response on questions which is more than what I saw from the Classic CA experience my friend had on her custom order.  I would definately recommend Chris if you are in the market to buy a BMW.

Baylor B. | 2015-01-19

I have never had worse customer service or quality of work than at this BMW location.
Here are the issues I had.

-The first time I paid $3000 to have my car fixed only to have an issue less than two weeks later with my thermometer not working and then I paid to get that fixed, another $700.

Then when I picked up my car, a whole metal piece of my car was MISSING. A piece that was there when I brought my car in.It had been ripped off when my car was being washed. The man "helping" me named Cody said it was my fault because it wasnt completely attached to begin with. It was completely attached. He proceeded to say that they would replace it. they replaced it with the WRONG color.

My car now looks horrible and it is because the service here is a complete joke. I will never buy a BMW ever again.

If I could give them less than one star I would.

oh and both times I had get my own rental car because they were out of loaner cars, I called the manager and complained and he never even called me back

Girard B. | 2015-01-13

I brought my car to dealership on August 21. 2014  due to low cooling fuild service light. I was everything was okay by Tim Bennett,also inform me  no more factory WoW ! . I when to have oil change,also make Tim aware of  server light back on back for cooling in Nov 19,  2014. I told travel to Montreal canada. Everything was great no problem. I get to Canada after driven 2400 miles cars start to miss and water pump when out.
It cost me 1600.00 in parts. I call Tim back left three message on the voice never return.

After Rick Manger sorry but could not help me! If I was in Dallas he could have help.
So go purchase anothers car but BMW ,this my last car every buy again with BMW brand.

Service suck suck suck!!

2011 Bmw 328i coupe with 27,990 miles.

Melissa C. | 2015-01-12

i found the car i wanted...the two sales folks were less than professional for someone spending this much money on a vehicle.  i knew more about the car than those two and if you are going to sell a car you should know a little about the car.  i would have been embarrassed. in addition when you greet someone for the first time you may want to introduce yourself.    i will say that olivia was awesome and she and the finance team were the reason i purchased the car. great people and took care of me and made the process of signing the papers very easy.    i worked with joe in the service department and man he was a dream.  he communicated with me every step of the way and because of his customer service i even upgraded a few amenities on my car because it was so nice and smooth to work with him.  might be time to get olivia on the sales floor and rethink some of the sales folks you have on your team now.   i would buy another car from this dealership but will be more particular of my sales person next time.

Charlie C. | 2014-12-19

David Ramos is awesome!! He got me the best deal within my budget and I'm loving my upgrade. Will definitely recommend him to anyone who's looking for a great customer service experience....

Linnea R. | 2014-12-19

Just bought my 535i from BMW of Dallas and my experience was excellent!  Joe Eckert, my sales associate was professional and easy to work with. I ended up with the exact car I wanted for a great price.

I looked at both preowned and new. Joe even picked up a preowned that was out as a loaner from the current customer so that I could drive it!  I decided to buy new. I picked up the car that same day and drove it home. It still had the wrappings on it from coming in and they had it cleaned up, detailed and ready for me to drive in a very short period of time.

Yesterday the BMW Genius/BMW Encore representative Laurie Hunchar, sent me an email inviting me to come in and spend some time learning more about my car. I live in Athens, an hour and a half away so it wasn't going to be convenient to do that and she offered to come to Athens to spend the time with me!   WOW.....Now that is outstanding!  I am very happy with my experience at BMW Dallas.

Rip C. | 2014-11-19

I have five words to say awful awful awful.
I bought two cars here in the matter of three months a BMW 328i & a Mini Cooper S John Cooper Works.

They are crooks and they don't care.

Just stay away.

Melody M. | 2014-09-24

BMW of Dallas Service Center-TIMOTHY BENNETT
I walked into BMW of Dallas without an appointment and met Timothy Bennett who is a service representative. I recently moved to Dallas from Florida and needed to change dealerships for getting my car serviced and was dreading the change.   However, Tim was so professional and knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable with his suggestions.  
Everyone from the moment I got out of my car was excellent and courteous.  I never felt abandoned, the staff made sure customers had what they needed in the waiting area as well.

Voodooman W. | 2014-09-16

BEWARE!!! Daniel Raiburn is an absolute terrible sales manager and should not be dealing with the public. He does not want to make you happy, but wants just exercise his authority. He let my deal walk over a small $400.00 discount. Now he may not have really been able to discount the car, I'm not upset about that we would've paid the $400 had it been explained properly with a good relationship established. I am upset about his terrible demeanor, rude, condescending, apathetic tone. He hung up in my ear when I was kindly explaining that he had provided us with bad customer service. Unfortunately he is involved with most sales there, so make that U turn now, before you get burned!  I mean really??? At a new BMW dealership??? With a Sales Manager no less??? BEWARE this kind of behavior doesn't just happen on a bad day. If the Sales Manager is rude the dealership must have an Ego.

Rob K. | 2014-09-08

I could not have had a worse dealer experience.  Major complaints:
1.  Sale person had his facts wrong on numerous occasions.  I often had to persuade him to verify his statements, that were found to be wrong.
2. When I asked about a negotiated price I was told simply MRSP.  
3. Not surprising I took my business elsewhere and got a substantial reduction off of MRSP.
4. They are being VERY difficult about returning my $1,000 deposit.  E.g., not returning  phone calls, not processing a refund.  Still have not received it; will likely have to call credit card company to cancel the payment.

Ryan G. | 2014-09-05

I just purchased my first BMW, a 428i convertible! After months of searching and researching I settled on Dallas BMW as they were the only dealership in the surrounding area that had the model I was looking for. As I was set on a 2014 with specific option packages my dealership choices were very limited.
My salesperson, Mike Hall was very professional and courteous.

Jonathan T. | 2014-08-29

Worst customer service ever.  I've been here 3 times and each time was worse than the last so finally I gave up and refuse to come here even though we live about a mile away.  Almost everyone that works there are rude and have no sense of what good customer service is.  Whoever their manager is needs to pay closer attention to his staff and perhaps check out this site to read some of these scathing reviews.  

I was involved in a fender bender not so long ago and brought my car here to get an estimate since I wanted the paint to match the original factory paint.  The whole process was a nightmare.  We had called and the person that answered the phone had informed us that we did not need to make an appointment with an adjuster but just to come by whenever.  We took our car in the next day, but the adjuster wasn't there because apparently we had missed our window.  I took the car in myself a few days later during their working hours.  I basically sat in my car for several minutes while the BMW service staff walked back and forth without one word of acknowledgement to me.  I finally made contact with a lady, who reluctantly informed me to pull around while she pages the adjuster.  The guy came out and very casually inspected my car and managed to answer a few questions.  I was completely unimpressed with his evaluation and decided that I would rather spend my money somewhere else where people cared a little more.  

We took the car to Sewell Collision Center because I've heard so many good things about them.  Everyone we dealt with at Sewell were amazing.  Too bad their service department do not service BMWs.  We will absolutely never come back to BMW of Dallas, even if they offer us complimentary lifetime services.

Ashley H. | 2014-08-15

This weekend I went and bought a car from BMW of Dallas.  I had been conversing with Olivia for a few weeks because I was pretty particular about what I wanted and she was always patient and kept me updated when they would get something in their inventory that might interest me.  I ended up coming to Dallas from Midland to make my purchase and when we arrived at the dealership I was introduced to Mike Bakhsheshi who would be the sales person helping me on that day.  Mike was awesome and very friendly and personable.  He was very patient as I checked out all of the cars and decided on which ones I was really interested in.  

Once I figured out which car I really wanted to buy it was around 11:30 and I desperately wanted to go get some lunch while they compiled some figures.  But, they were sneaky and said it will only be 10-15 minutes and then you can go.  Well, BMW Of Dallas clearly operates on football minutes because it was about 2:30 before I could get some lunch and I was about ready to bite someone's head off.

As far as the business side goes it was pretty time consuming but uneventful for the most part.  I think they like all car salesman are trained to do good cop/bad cop between the car salesman and the sales manager, which is okay I guess until the sales manager starts throwing together some funny math.  He should really know his audience before he starts making false statements about how much money he is saving us.  I am an accountant and my husband is an engineer so the sales manager might be able to out-spell us but he will never be able to outsmart us in math.  I started doodling some formulas on the sheet of paper that we kept passing back and forth thru the glass partition to show him the error of his ways and eventually he came out and proceeded to speak to us as if we were children.  Basically, so no one else falls for his trickery he tried add the amount of sales tax that I was saving by trading in my car that I own outright and act like he was doing me a favor and make it appear that we were getting closer to the amount that I was expecting as trade in value for my car.  Well.... You are a car dealership, you are in the business in buying and selling cars and that does not constitute doing me any favors.

Overall I give Olivia and Mike and Kevin (I think was his name... he worked in finance) 5 stars!  Awesome all around and I would work with any of them again.  My car also gets 5 stars because its awesome and my first BMW!  Mike was awesome and had my car all set to all of my specifications when I drove off.  It really was nice to already have all of my settings memorized as soon as I bought it.

The sales manager that worked on my purchase gets no stars.  I feel like he did not take me seriously and to be honest I felt belittled when he came out from behind his glass wall to talk to me.  These feelings do not evoke strong emotions to go back and spend more money with them.  And, this will not be my last BMW.

Jorie D. | 2014-08-07

Yet again...BMW of Dallas = das failure

Called this morning to request a test drive.

Talked to a one Olivia and told her the two cars (gave stock # - because you know they just couldn't find anything without it) and now (if it's not an inconvenience) we would like to schedule a test drive.

She put us on hold for a mere 13 minutes, while she did her Wizard of Oz button pushing or her coffee/potty break to check her inventory...again, 13 minutes later..."oh yes yes, we've got them here." Great, we will be there for a test drive between 12:30 and 1pm.

We arrived at 12:56 and went to the greeters desk and was acknowledged by a pickle of a receptionist.  Sure am glad they have their warmest cheerful employee in that position.

So...Olivia never came down from her inside sales, ivory tower, to greet us. After, two phone conversations, from a empty sales desk phone, to Olivia HQ, it was decided the cars were no longer available. Really both sold in 2 1/2 hours.

Really...why do we keep trying Dallas BMW...because we live a mile away.  

What can I say, I've said too much.

We are heading to Ft. Worth BMW.

Douglas J. | 2014-07-22

I scheduled a service appointment for 10am.  When my wife and I arrived, we were told to go sit in the lobby.  The lobby was nearly full and after 40 minutes, there were still people who had arrived before us.  We got our keys back and left.  

If I am going to spend 4 figures on service, I'd like to get some service.

Ankit S. | 2014-07-13

The service advisers I have worked with have been pretty awesome so far, but the car is still under warranty and I have purchased a lot of the extra coverage, because without it you might go broke if something goes wrong. Especially with the tires. The place is clean and they try and work with you promptly. The only big drawback about the place is the staff who handle the loaner cars. They are pretty gruff and rude. They don't seem to enjoy or work with customers who want to experience a new aspect of BMW. Being from another city where the loaner cars are usually offered to entice customers to looking into new vehicles, I'm pretty disappointed with those guys. It is nice they provide loaners, but they could be a little more accommodating and helpful.  
Haven't had too much more of a bad experience, and hopefully will continue to do business with them. I would appreciate if they gave some more detail on what services were done when I bring my car in for service, being an auto enthusiast of sorts and just generally curious.

Francis K. | 2014-07-03

Horrible.  I was purchasing a used 5 series. The brakes were blown, the differential was leaking, and the car was not even cleaned. Next they made me wait three hours after the price and contract was signed. Finally they sent me an unsigned title from the previous owner and unnotarized from BMW of Dallas.  What a car wreck posing as a BMW dealership.

Kevin B. | 2014-06-18

This is the worst dealership of any kind. I am typically very patient with Service Groups because I used to work in one. However, when you bring your car in for a popping noise, you tell them it is in the right/rear and they work on the front end, that's a problem. Even a bigger problem is they were surprised when that did not fix the problem. Took us nearly 5 months to get the car fixed for a manufacturers defect in the, you guessed it, right/rear control arm.

Then, more issues continued, but I don't have time to write a novel.

Long story short, this place is ridiculously incompetent and their customer service sucks from the GM down. When it comes to them communicating with each other, the head doesn't know what the tail is doing. It was amazingly frustrating to deal with this group and it was so bad, we are selling the BMW and going to Lexus.

I cannot believe a place that sells this high end of a care has such shitty customer service.

H A. | 2014-06-12

Took my under warranty car for routine service and oil change to BMW of Dallas. After getting home I saw some damage on the door. It looks like someone slammed the door into a wall or another car and shipped the edge of the door. I know it wasn't me and I'm the only one that drives the car. I even have padding on my garage wall just in case the door touches the wall.

I called the next business day and left a message for my Service Advisor, then called again and left a message, then a third time and left a message.

Finally got a call back on Thursday and they denied any responsibility. I don't know what can be done to fix it but I would've been happy with just a $30 bottle of touch-up paint. The SA just said they can't do anything and that's it.

I will not be taking my car here anymore for any service. Classic BMW in Plano only from now on.

Do yourself a favor and don't bring your car here.

I will be purchasing my fourth BMW this year and I know it won't be from BMW of Dallas.

Leigh H. | 2014-06-09

Michael Fraser has been my service advisor every time I have had my car in for service. He was so professional my first visit, I request him every time I need a service appointment. He even helped me redo some settings over the phone, great service!

Brenna N. | 2014-05-27

I'd give one star, but unfortunately there's only a few locations to purchase a BMW in Dallas/Ft Worth, and this location unfortunately has the most in stock. There's a high probability you will in fact find exactly what you're looking for here;  they have an entire parking garage stocked full as well as an off-site (only a mile away) fenced in parking lot that was full as well; downside is that it is pretty much the only reason you will find/purchase a car here--there is an option online after you're approved where you can customize your own BMW, no doubt this comes with a waiting period of a few months, but if you're a patient person I suggest you go online and customize your own rather than purchase one from this location, the reason I didn't you ask; unfortunately i'm an impatient person when it comes to purchasing a new BMW .

Me and my husband went in on a Saturday, and it was relatively busy, yet we were greeted quickly, and needless to say for our salesman, Kyle Clementson, is that it was his lucky day and had absolutely nothing to do with his salesmanship. We had already been approved, we researched what we wanted and decided on that location because it had the 2014 BMW X3 X-line with every single thing/package that we knew we wanted.

Kyle seemed awkward most of the time; apparently he used to be an "actor", add that on top of car salesman and the only concoction i can come up with is a professional liar. I feel that his demeanor was solely based on the fact that this was going to be an easy sale and therefore didn't have to care or try as hard--he was not the least bit attentive, at least not with my husband or me. I'd like to hope the reason for his lack of customer service was due the the high volume of potential consumers, unfortunately for him I don't excuse that behavior when it comes to the fact that my husband and I were purchasing a $55,000+ vehicle, and he will get credit where no credit is due.

At least try the location in Fort Worth off White Settlement first, if you don't find one there then be patient and special order it; I will never be let down with all the constant reminders in why I can't stand Dallas.

Shay P. | 2014-05-11

I recently purchased an X5 from this dealer and it was great!  Christopher Choudhry took very good care of me.  He got me exactly what I wanted and I didn't have to wait as long as I thought.  When I went to pick up my car he took his time taking me through the new system and quickly returned my calls when I had questions.

Rob N. | 2014-05-02

Man, we were going to go here tomorrow and buy a new X3 or X5 but these reviews have me very concerned.  I can fight through any sales experience but all of the negative reviews of the Service Department are scary since it will be my wife having to deal with that situation for the next several years (we keep our vehicles a long time generally).  If the service department sucks and is rude to her at all it will be ME having to face her wrath and deal with it.  Looks like I will be headed to Classic.  Disappointing since it appears BMW of Dallas has the largest inventory.

Nalin S. | 2014-04-25

Broken rim again. My model of rim has been recalled outside of the USA and the internet is abuzz with similar failures. Despite these details, BMWNA states that this - my fifth rear rim to crack under normal use - is not covered under warranty.

I would like to commend Richie. The one redeeming factor to my visit was that he provided great service, put me in a loaner, and allowed me to beat him up on pricing.

All the above stated, when it get my car back (almost $1700 later) I would prefer the valet not get out, point at the shiny new right rear rim, and state "this tire is low". Fail.

Animesh P. | 2014-04-24

I am looking for a new BMW and decided to go to this dealership for no specific reason. I took the test drive of a fully loaded BMW X3 xdrive 3i with M Sport Package on April 8 2014 and decided to buy at once but due to some prior commitments could not do so on the same day and decided to buy on the next day.
I had an appointment setup with Mr. Jay Purdy (Sales Department) on April 9 2014 @ 11:30 am and I was there at 11:25 am. I would say he is a very nice person and helped me throughout the buying process.
He will really make you comfortable and help you make the right decision without pushing you.
I got my car around 2:00 - 2:30 pm and I was really excited :)

Juju B. | 2014-04-24

Very rude & unhelpful. First time I took my BMW here I was treated very disrespectfully and ignored and talked down on like I was ignorant.. Sorry just because I'm a girl doesn't mean I don't know anything about cars, or my car at least! I left and went somewhere else & got the work done for a 1/4 of the price. A year later I decided to call & get a price quote on something else I needed done, service guy was very rude over the phone to me, almost picking fun at me and told me basically good luck at going somewhere else (not even knowing I had already obtained quotes other places for way cheaper). When I told the service guy there was an ad on their website for a special on the service that I was calling about, he laughed and said "ya that's just the parts that's not going to be the labor & other fees we will charge you" - umm then why doesn't the "special" price online say that? Regardless, these guys here are very rude, try to scam you for whatever $ they can & don't really care about customer service.. I will NEVER take my BMW here again, or buy a BMW here.. They've also changed their BMW loaner car policy were if your BMW is not a 2010 or newer or purchased @ their BMW dealership you do not get a loaner while they work on your car, regardless how much you spend or how long they take to fix it. Complete scam. I bought my BMW in San Diego but live here now so seems pretty unfair if you ask me if I'm willing to pay all this $ for them to fix it they could at least make sure I have a way around in the meantime. When I had my Infiniti, Sewell always took care of their customers regardless. Avoid this place & take your BMW somewhere else, you'll thank me later.

Kingsley A. | 2014-04-07

In September 2013, I purchased my first BMW, a CPO model from BMW of Dallas. I had a fantastic experience thanks to the sales rep Robert Grisham. With multiple visits to the dealership over several months and many test drives, I would have frustrated your average sales rep. Robert, on the other hand, was extremely patient and invested plenty of time educating me on the different models/years until I was ready to purchase. Months later, Robert continues to go above and beyond. I have taken the car in a few times for minor things and Robert has helped make each visit as efficient and convenient as possible.

Karla S. | 2014-03-27

Do not bring your car here for service. It's a boys club where you'll be patronized and then overcharged.

I called ahead to ask the price of an oil change and state inspection (two completely standard transactions). Over the phone I was quoted $140 ($100 for the oil change, $40 for the inspection). When I met my service rep, I was again quoted $140.  In fact, he wrote that number down and asked me to sign it.  

Two hours later when my car was ready, the cashiers asked me to pay $169. Where did the extra money come from? "Shop fees," the cashiers said. Two other ladies were checking out at the same time as me, and I heard each of them asking, "what are these 'miscellaneous charges'?" as their bills didn't match what they'd been told they would pay.

I was able to get my "miscellaneous charges" reduced by half, but a service rep insisted that I still had to pay $14.25 because "the state requires that we bill part of the inspection fee as 'parts,' and part of it as 'labor,' and that's where these miscellaneous fees come from."  Does that make sense to you? No, me neither. It was some hand-waving designed to make me feel better about paying more than I'd agreed to.

Gotta love shady accounting.

Polly S. | 2014-03-20

Best car purchasing experience EVER with Wade Cowser at Mini of Dallas.  Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

Essam E. | 2014-03-20

Called for service and got a call back and service advisor  was very obnoxious started telling me how much this and that cost before even get my info and then proceeded to tell me that I need to leave my car before even running diagnostics and that they can not help me with a loaner or rental. Sounded like he wanted to dismiss me and not being of any help. I am shocked of how BMW allow this to happen to its customers . Tried to contact a manager but no luck. All my friends and coworkers at UTSW will know about my experience do they can avoid BMW of Dallas

Maricel K. | 2014-03-04

I just leased my very first Mini Cooper at Mini of Dallas! I am so thrilled to finally have the car of my dreams! Jason Williamson made my dreams a reality! I have never leased before, he made the whole experience easy and stress free! Everyone was very helpful and I didn't feel overwhelmed or pushed into anything I wasn't sure of! The atmosphere was fun and professional, a fast and easy process, we were there for a good while, but it took some time to figure out which mini I wanted. Jason took us to the other car lot full of new mini's waiting to find a new home! I was in mini heaven! I choose a velvet silver with a blacktop and sunroof mini cooper! I've only had the mini since Saturday, but so far I couldn't be more happier with my pick! I was just going in for a test drive and ended up going home in my new mini cooper! I look forward to doing more business with Jason and Mini of Dallas!

Wrayanne W. | 2014-02-08

After posting about an initial experience that was deplorable, I have to say that I'm IMPRESSED by the way BMW of Dallas and, specifically the GM, Gregg Wunneburger, handled the follow up. They reimbursed me for the cost of my window repair, and more importantly took the time to  hear out my complaint and promise to do better. Everyone makes mistakes, but only the few that follow up to do the right thing will earn my business. I can definitely say I'll give these guys another shot, because I feel confident now in their concern for and interest in their customers' satisfaction. WTG Gregg, salvaging an unhappy customer is a good way to earn a loyal one for life!

Matthew L. | 2014-01-25

Finally after 2 hrs of waiting at the dealer I get my insp sticker and owners manual. I guess the salesman had to pull teeth to get the manual (most likely out of another car that trace motley was traded in) anyway done with this place. Waste of time, headed to classic BMW for my next service appointment.

Mary Elizabeth L. | 2014-01-21

I recently leased a new car from BMW Dallas, and the experience exceeded my expectations.  The selection of inventory was great, even for the new 4 series, and the service was wonderful.... Friendly, knowledgeable, and most notably - patient. Ask for Christopher Choudhry!

Mike M. | 2014-01-07

not impressed.  appears staff is not trained in customer service.  watched service manager be rude with client which wasn't shocking since he never returned any of my calls.

Tedrick W. | 2014-01-03

Chris Jurgens was by far the BEST professional sales individual I've ever worked with! Just purchased a 4-series and the process, professionalism, and his knowledge surrounding the vehicle couldn't be better. I would definitely purchase here again, and encourage everyone to work with Chris. By the way, BMW did an awesome job on the 4-series. Big improvement over the 3-series coupe!

As far as BMW of Dallas, the location is very nice.  The service and environment is far better than the competitor in Plano.  If you are shopping for a BMW or Mini, head to this dealership!

Kaci C. | 2013-12-31

I just bought my 2nd Mini Cooper from Mini of Dallas a couple of weeks ago.  I used the same salesman, Jason Williamson, (mainly because buying a car can be a pain and stressful) and he made it such an easy process the first time.
He made the transition from "looking" to "owning" as easy as possible.  He didn't push me for a certain model or package, which is a huge positive when I look at car buying.  He took me through their whole inventory when I couldn't decide.  I had the same specifications in mind from my first car, but choosing a color took time.  Jason was patient and even helped (without pushiness) when I started comparing my top choices.
After finally choosing a color, which if harder than it sounds (because it is a Mini and all the colors are awesome), they handed me off to a guy in the BMW office.  Waiting for the paperwork took a little longer, but as it was a Saturday afternoon; that is to be expected.  This is of course the least fun of buying a car, because they are usually pushing for added warranties.  I was prepared this time because I basically wanted the same package as the first car.
The whole process took about 4 1/2 hours and I think two of those hours was me deciding what it was I wanted.
If I ever plan on trading in my mini for an upgrade, Jason Williamson and the Mini of Dallas will be my first choice.

Russell S. | 2013-12-26

I have purchased 5 BMWs over the past 10 years.  2 at Classic and 3 at BMW of Dallas.  Christopher Choudery at BMW Dallas is easily the best salesperson I have worked with.  He's honest, knowledgeable and will give you a VIP experience.  He's even helped me with a car purchase I made from another salesperson.  
 Unfortunately I can't give them 5 stars because I agree the Service Department is generally aggravating.  Even if the car is under warranty, you will be upsold and jerked around.  However, the service department at Classic is no better, and is actually worse, in that they will not call you when your car is ready.  Classic once returned a car to me with 0 miles of gas left in it!
 So the advice is to buy your BMW from Christopher at BMW of Dallas.  Get your oil changed at the dealership, but only when the light in your dash tell you to.  For any other needs, service it at a private place. There are several around that do great honest work at half the price.  And if you wreck it, take it to Sewell Lexus...

Nicole T. | 2013-12-13

Ask for Joe Eckert!  Very ethical sales dude who knows his stuff!  Joe is very fair and helps walk you through the sales process and finance part.  I was able to work directly with Joe and didn't need a "man" to help me.  Joe will give you the same deal regardless of your gender.

Blanquita K. | 2013-12-04

Caveat Emptor. If I could give this place negative stars, I would.  It seems like once they butter you up to buy one, afterwards you will be saddled with the condescending, pretentious, thieving service department with zero customer service skills at BMW of Dallas.  I had bought my car at Classic BMW, and had my first maintenance service there.  I took it in because the brakes were making a bad noise, and my service advisor was such an a-hole, I was glad BMW of Dallas opened so I could go there instead.  My new service advisor, Peter, was nice and friendly just as long as things were well and I was willing to pay whatever they told me I owed.  This quickly went sour on my last dealing with this place.  As soon as my car turned 50k miles old, things began to break down at an alarming pace. Having been at Honda before, I expected switching to a luxury vehicle would come with luxury customer service (and less repairs for the ultimate driving machine) but I was wrong.  As soon as I paid 2k dollars for fixes, a few weeks later I had to fix the car again, another 2k dollars worth, and so on for months until I finally decided to sell the lemon back to them.  

They had appraised the car for a certain amount, and the night before I was to go and sell it, something else broke down.  I took it in, explained my situation to the service advisor, who told me I should fix it before selling it so they wouldn't take off from the appraisal offer (he should have consulted with the sales department but just wanted to get more money out of me).  Perhaps a miscommunication occurred, I still can't quite figure it out, but the next day I went to the sales department to see what the adjusted value would be because the repair was going to cost me 750 dollars.  The sales guy told me they'd only discount the value 200 dollars if I turned it in without repairing it ("because it's much cheaper for us to fix it ourselves since we have the resources"), so I quickly went to service and told them to not fix the car since I was going to lose more by fixing it myself.  Service advisor says "sorry, too late, car's fixed." I asked why I should be expected to pay 750 when I was about to sell it back to them for only a 200 dollar difference, and he said "They are a different department. I don't know where they would take the car to fix it." Um, what? You have a full dealership and BMW mechanics a few steps away and you expect me to believe they're going to take the car to get fixed at Joe Schmoe mechanic shop?! When my sister who was with me asked him, "do you have a manager?" He replied "I have three" in a condescending tone.  The manager, Mr. Garcia, was worse.  Zero customer service abilities. When I told him my story, he ACTUALLY had the audacity to dare me, "I can bring Peter in here so he can tell me what happened." I told him, "He already gave you his story, so I don't see how it's necessary for him to be in here for us to argue back and forth in front of you."

"Customer's always right"? Not here.

He argued with me for what seemed like an eternity, refusing to budge on the cost of the repair though I told him that I was selling the car right back to them and they were going to fix the car anyway, for 200 dollars.  After making a fool out of myself, raising my voice at this guy and explaining I refused for them to steal from me another dime, he finally budged and waived the cost of the labor. I sold the car to them, and never looked back.  They took forever to give me the money for the difference in the value vs what I owed on the car, too, once it was sold.  The guy who was supposed to be helping me, kept dodging my calls, and I couldn't get a hold of anyone to help me until I finally called the accounting department myself. He sent me an email saying they had not received the title from my financer.  But then I look online and my car is already listed in their inventory as for sale.  They're selling a car without a title now? To the last minute, they kept insulting my intelligence. The accountant was the only nice person I encountered at that place.  She told me nobody had requested a check for me, so she was not aware, and promptly got on the task.  The car may look beautiful, seem awesome, but do not be fooled.  The cars are junk, and the customer service is garbage.  

Do NOT buy a BMW ever.  ESPECIALLY from this place. Peace.

Miguel V. | 2013-10-27

Great service, and attention, will come back to get my next MINI.  Will add the 5th star after I need some service.

Thank you.

Rob M. | 2013-10-20

I got excellent service from the parts counter here.  They had no problem coming out from behind the counter to look at my car and assist me getting a new wheel lock key.  I appreciate the good service!

Thao L. | 2013-09-08

I bought my car here a couple of months ago. Robert helped me. He was nice, maybe a little on the pushy side, but I guess it should be expected of car salesmen?

They're a little more attentive to you when you're interested in buying a car, but with service after the fact? It's horrible. Even if you have an appointment, expect to wait. A. Long. Time. My fiance made an appointment here a couple of weeks ago to get an estimate because his lock wasn't working. It took them over 2.5 hours just to get A QUOTE. They wanted to charge $1300 to get it fixed, $1,000 of it being for about 6 hours of labor. Another time he brought his car in for an oil change when it was due. They wanted to charge him a separate $80 fee to reset the computer to show that the oil change was not due for another 15k miles.

I can see why this place has such abysmal ratings. We'll be making the longer drive to Classic BMW for both of our cars where the service is better and they don't tack on ridiculous, unnecessary fees.

Dfw T. | 2013-09-02

This has got to be the worst car dealer in town. Sleepy contract salesmen that work only on appointment and have no idea what cars are on the lot. Had me drive 40min to look at 3 shortlisted cars that were not even there.  Shut em down !

Jason M. | 2013-08-15

This is a review for Mini of Dallas

I recently purchased a brand new 2013 Mini Paceman, and couldn't be happier with my decision.

The salesperson I worked with, Jorge De La Canal did everything he could to make sure I found the right Mini. I originally went in with the intention of buying a Countryman, unfortunately the one I saw online sold the day before and their inventory was rather low due to the new 2014 models coming in.

Luckily for me, a Paceman was displayed right behind his desk and I started to really like the sportier look of the Paceman.

This is the third vehicle I have purchased new from a dealer and the experience was by far the best and pretty stress free. Jorge even knocked off a bit more since my wife is a Mini owner but we didn't qualify for the loyalty discount since it was purchased used from a wholesaler and not a Mini dealership.

I would absolutely recommend Mini of Dallas if you are seriously considering becoming a Mini owner, just make sure to ask for Jorge.

Ashley C. | 2013-06-28

I wish I could give a negative number of stars!
I HATE this place. I typically only write good reviews, but I'm completely fed up with BMW Dallas.

Buying the car was fine, but EVERY time I have visited the service department has been a headache. My blood pressure goes up every time I'm there.

The free maintenance up to 50,000 miles is a huge joke. They only give you "free" maintenance if a light is on saying that your car requires maintenance. So, if you want your oil changed a little early, and the service light isn't on in your car, it's not free at all.

Not only that, but I expect a "luxury" dealership to provide a loaner car when am having maintenance done. (Like Park Place does, with no problem ever.) I'm not sure how long this has been in effect, but today we were told that you can only get a loaner car if your service takes more than 2 hours. And evidently an oil change will only take an hour and 59 minutes.

The service employees here, in general are rude and uncaring. They only care about money, rather than providing good customer service. I've received way better service from a Ford dealership than I ever have at BMW Dallas. Once you've purchased the car to them, they could not care less how you are treated.

I love my car....but I will never purchase another BMW from these people again. And I will pay for my services rather than return here and be treated like a nuisance.

I think it's back to Park Place Lexus for me. Unless Park Place decides to build a BMW dealership!

Veronica J. | 2013-05-13

This was my first time at the dealership. In fact I just moved here from North Carolina where the service was phenomenal at the BMW dealership. The customer service here would never be allowed at the dealership I frequent. There isn't anything that I can say is that bad, however there isn't much that I can say is that great either.

I'm use to someone just going above and beyond at the BMW dealership. The staff don't walk by and speak to you here.  In fact, they look you in the face as if you aren't there.  They don't offer you drinks or anything. Maybe my expectations are higher than the management staff. I had at least 5 employees walk past me without greeting me.  If possible I'd sit down with the leadership staff to give a few suggestions on improving the customer service at this location.  

I was helped by a man name Rodney.  He was very nice.  The cashiers weren't the most friendly.  That was disappointing being that they are who you have to give your money to.  Overall, it was not a great experience.  If I find another dealership within 30 miles, I would drive there although I only live 3 miles from this dealership.

Alex K. | 2013-05-13

In all honesty, I've been a Mini owner for 7 years. I came to this dealership to look at cars and haven't received such great treatment, pre and post sale in a long time. Jason was/is simply great. Look forward to continuing doing business with you.

Bruce C. | 2013-04-15

I have been getting parts here for the past year for the BMW cars that I've worked on.  

I ordered a secondary air injection pump check valve the other day and since I was waiting on the part, called a couple times to see if it had come in.  It was a day late but it was no big deal.  When I went to pick it up, I found they had ordered the secondary air injection pump.  This obviously wasn't what I wanted so I asked them to order the check valve.  They said they could get it the next day in the morning and then I asked if they could deliver it.

Salesperson: "No problem, you probably won't get it until the afternoon, though."

Me: "Okay, that's fine."

The next day I call and see if they can give me a status on the delivery as I didn't want to sit around the house all day waiting for the part.  They said it was on the truck and it would be delivered in the next 30 minutes.

When the driver arrived, he seemed frustrated.  I walked out to greet him and he hands me the box and the first thing out of his mouth is, "Never again!" and turns to walk away, then after a few steps, he turns around and says, "Next time use your business address."

Me: "This is my business address.  I do mobile repairs."

Him: "Oh..  Mobile repair," he says as if that made a difference (not in a sarcastic way).

I called the parts counter and asked for clarification and it turns out that they don't deliver to residential addresses at all, which is fine, but the delivery guy was particularly crotchety and I don't think there's any need for that.

I do, however, really like the parts people.  Sherry and Jason have been very helpful with ordering parts and other than this most recent part that was mis-ordered, I haven't had any problems.

Crotchety delivery man cost this review a star, otherwise, I would have given BMW 4.

Dave H. | 2013-04-09

Wow, huge inventory of cars! Unfortunately service (or maybe it was just one bad sales person) is bad. I only came here because my friend was planing on trading in his m3 for something more usable. The secretary upfront puts my friend with Rick. Everything is going find until the test drive when Rick gets behind the wheel and guns it the 35i x3 up and down the street like a maniac. After that, my friend didnt bother to test drive the car because he just wanted out of that car with Rick.

Rick, really, why do you have to showboat? He already drives an m3 and knows what power is and how fast these cars can go. Plus, I was sitting in the back and did not appreciate my life being in jeopardy. So, that's strike 1.

We get back into the dealership and Rick goes on about how they go through more inventory of cars in a month than most dealerships around because they are just so awesome. He mentions that most of their inventory goes to china. I ask, to be nice and out of curiosity "why's that?" he responds with "why dont you ask the chinese?" okay, a little rude. strike 2.

At some point he asks my friend Pukar about his background. Rick asks him "whats your American name?"....really?! wow. american name?? I'm surprised my buddy played it off cool and didnt blow up on him. I would hope the other salesmen have more common sense than this guy. But who knows, there's a lot of 1 star reviews for this place, so, maybe not? Im just surprised how much of an idiot and racist this guy was being. I, personally, would never want to buy a car from someone like that.

Ritchie S. | 2013-03-27

Sold me a used car that had an accident previously. When buying the car i asked the sales rep if the car had been in accident i stated multiple times that it had not, i trusted him so never ran a carfax or auto check.  I decided to run one a month after the transaction and what do you know CAR WAS HIT!

These guys will LIE LIE LIE to sell anything!!!!

Save yourself the heart ache and stay away. Its a shame! BMW should pull this franchise! ASAP!

Despina G. | 2013-03-26

Riley made the process of buying our first Mini enjoyable and not car salesman-y. We highly recommend him if you are thinking of buying a Mini and not wanting to deal with the rest of the crazy salesmen. The process went smoothly, and negotiations even smoother.

Eric S. | 2013-03-19

Terrible service department. They should walk across the street to Sewell Lexus for training. Will not be back. Ever.

Eric M. | 2013-02-13

Bought a Mini and was lead across the lot for closing. There I was presented with a whirlwind of upgrade options by Ronald Drayovitch. After declining a package I was corralled to the maintenance plan while hearing alarms about $250 oil changes and $2500 brake jobs. Now reading online I find oil changes on the Mini are more expensive but only required every 15,000 miles. That averages out to what might be a slightly more expensive oil change, but nothing to scream about... People in online forums are reporting brake jobs coming in at about $1400.  This is unlikely to come close to the $3500 paid for the maintenance package.

With friends like the one at this dealership, its a wonder anyone drives.

Lin W. | 2013-02-11

Buyer be aware! If you have not shopped around for the extended warranty, you will be surprised! Since extended warranty is honored by any BMW dealer, you should at least do a few inquiry before heading to the most expensive one in town.

I have learned my lesson. The sales person Ronald Drayovitch showed many additional items for consideration. To make his sales, he exaggerated the cost of maintenance. For example, he told us the oil change costs 250 dollars and the brake costs 2200 dollars and assured us better to go for the extended maintenance if the budget does not allow us to buy any other items.

So, please bring your smart phone next time to this dealer and fact-check with anything the sales person said.

When we got home, we found out the extended maintenance usually costs 1000 dollars less. And when we consider adding a little more will also add the warranty etc, this is what he replied in verbatim:




All capital. And RUDE.

So please be aware of the dealership and the sales person. You may want to find financing and warranty somewhere else, that saves you not only money but also grace.

Misha V. | 2013-02-04

BMW of Dallas - I believe that the service management group is trying to  address what caused such negative experiences and comments about their service department. My first visit to BMW of Dallas Service department was not what I expected from BMW. Autonation that owns this dealership is a parent company that owns many other dealership nationwide. I do believe that this is in part is a reason of why BMW of Dallas does not have a right offering in the Dallas Area. Autonation needs to change their "service" methodology first and then live up to BMW standard. I have had a couple of conversations with BMW about my first experience and I really hope that they will listen to customer feedback, keep open mind and make changes. But - on a personal level, my new service adviser  Richie H is outstanding person and a service adviser. He communicates promptly, uses email and takes care of business. He is very respectful and very knowledgeable on BMW and tells you how it is. He is here to help. I will continue to update my review as I use them more in the future.

David W. | 2012-09-20

The staff at BMW of Dallas are unproffesional and completely inadequate of providing any sort of customer service.

I bought my car here and after several times of being poorly treated and abused I had my service switched over to Classic BMW.  

If you are looking for a good car buying experience then stay away from BMW of Dallas!

Kia W. | 2012-08-31

So I've reviewed BMW of Dallas before, giving them an awful review. I gave them another chance, thinking how difficult could a routine inspection and oil and filter change be - plus they had mailed me a sizable coupon discount for it. Yet they tried to tack on brake flush ($150), power steering flush ($150), fuel system flush ($360), and coolant flush ($180) services. Suspicious that they were just trying to get money out of me, since this was supposed to be a routine maintenance inspection, I looked up all four services and realized that 1) my 2007 Z4 3.0si doesn't even have power steering (it was the first BMW model to get electric), 2) my car has about 37,000 and isn't due for a coolant flush for at least another 20,000 miles, and 3) my friend who works at a specialty racecar parts shop and owns two high-performance cars hadn't even heard of a fuel system flush. The only maybe legitimate service would be the brake flush.

Shouldn't BMW dealers know my car doesn't have power steering? Should I really have to Google that on my own?

And to top it off, my service manager, Z, practically begged me to give him a 10/10 on the customer satisfaction survey they may or may not be sending me soon - last time when I let them know how awful their service was (possibly the worst customer service experience of my life), I conveniently did not receive a customer satisfaction survey to fill out.

I've gotten recommendations for European auto mechanics in the area and will not be giving BMW of Dallas a third chance.

Ben B. | 2012-08-17

Hmm, I guess I've been lucky everytime I've been here. I didn't buy my car from here, but everytime I've been Beth Richardson (service advisor) has taken care of me. I've scheduled my appointments over the phone and made sure everytime that I would be given a loaner. They've given me a loaner everytime and this past time, they finished a brake job that Beth said would take a whole day in around three hours.

Their new location is very nice and the showroom is great. I don't think I'd necessarily buy a BMW here based on some reviews, but I'll definitely get my car serviced here again.

W W Y. | 2012-06-17

Not worth your time at all. I didn't buy a car from them but I needed to go to a BMW dealership for help with a used Mini. On the phone I was told they could help, at the service place they weren't able to help. Then when I took my issue to a Discount Tire, they were really suspicious of how I was treated at the dealership and called up there themselves. Turns out, they could have helped me with my issue. I can't trust a place that won't give me the same answer twice.

Dan B. | 2012-04-27

The salespeople and service people care far more about extracting money from their customers than providing any meaningful level of "service."

Watch out for the 30-something year old female sales rep with the "headlights" who tried to put a high-pressure sales job for the extended warranty. She started talking in circles when I said that if I bought a BMW because it was a high quality car, then why did I need an extended warranty?

I brought my BMW in to the repair shop, told them the automatic windshield washer was not working, and asked for an estimate on repairs. After hearing that it would be nearly $500 to repair, I declined the repairs. Yet, I was billed $200 for "diagnostics: 'Your windshield washer is not working.' " Which, of course, I already knew.

Not going back.

Gary P. | 2012-02-14

I just got a great deal on a 2010 Z4 w only 16K miles. My sales advisor went over and beyond anything I expected, waiting for me when I was late and even staying after closing to ensure I was able to drive the car home the evening I bought it. The facility is beautiful and very customer-friendly with a very helpful and gracious receptionist and great finance guys. So glad to have BMW in the neighborhood. Only downside is their sign is hidden by trees and hard to see...that and I already got my first speeding ticket--not they're fault their cars go so fast.

Satyendra C. | 2011-11-02

Worst sales people at the BMW dealership. My wife and I drove a long way to check out a car. Despite two calls and a few emails saying we were on, they could not find the car keys when we arrived. We wasted 30 minutes of our time, before leaving. The funny thing is the car we were looking for, was immediately pulled from the online inventory the very same day. Leads me to believe the car may have been sold to some "favored" people. What a sham!

N A. | 2011-07-13

If you enjoy being overcharged for services then BMW of Dallas is the place to go. They tried to charge me $550 for a BATTERY. After calling around to other dealerships in the DFW area, I found out that BMW of Dallas was charging over $100 more than other dealerships. This will be the first and last time I have my car serviced here.

Steve M. | 2011-04-21

I have owned BMW's since 1985. This week I took my 650 into BMW of Dallas on Lemmon and as a result of their total incompetency, not only would I never do business with this dealership again, but service was so awful that I am thinking of never owning a BMW again. I would rather ride the rail than deal with these idiots again. Avoid them like the plague.

Aviance W. | 2011-03-18

Service is awful. I purchased my car and for two weeks I have been trying to get  alarm installed and keep getting blown off.  I was told that my car would cost 250 to repair it ended up costing 800.... Will never buy a car from bmw of dallas again.

Chantell O. | 2011-01-22

As a previous reviewer said, my car-buying experience here was actually enjoyable, pleasant, and fun. A little harried, but that's because I went to look at a car that was up for auction in three days and had to make up my mind fast--no fault to the dealer. What's more amazing is that I wasn't treated like a child or messed with, and I'm an 18-year-old female. No, I was treated with as much respect as a 40-year-old businessman.

While I didn't buy new, and I didn't buy a BMW, this dealership's sales department earns an A++. I left with a 2007 Toyota Camry XLE, fully loaded except navigation, for 1000 dollars under the Kelley Blue Book *trade-in* price. It was in pristine condition, even after 51k miles (two independent mechanics, a friend and a shop, were amazed at its condition inside and out). I guess that's what you would expect from a BMW trade-in vehicle; the previous owner loved luxury and it showed in the car. I wasn't hassled into buying, welcomed by everyone I spoke to, and catered to--even though I wasn't buying a car that earned the dealership a penny (actually, I saw their documentation on accident during the buying process--they took a 200 dollar hit on the car). My salesman for the most part was Brian Herrera, who answered all my questions patiently, stayed late the night I bought it (almost an hour after the dealership had closed because I work long days), and sent lovely emails at every step, thanking me for stopping by (again, no pushy attitude at all), for purchasing, etc. He even answered phone calls on his personal cell after 9 PM! AMAZING! I was so grateful for his gracious manner and excellent customer service that I barely even tried to haggle on the car (I did a token haggle, but what else can you do when you're already getting it under blue book trade-in value?). He still pushed it back a couple hundred dollars to get me under 15k on the purchase (thus causing them to lose money on the deal) without skipping a beat. They let me take it on two test drives, one for almost half an hour to drive on the highway (they aren't very near one without tolls), then loaned it to me for an entire day, no questions asked, to have it inspected, drive it around, and make sure I loved it.

Then to top it off, the car is backed by Autonation, which you'll hear them tout quite frequently. So it has a 3-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee, if for any reason you don't love the car. And a 60 day warranty that covers the engine. While it's not a certified pre-owned car (because they aren't a Toyota dealer, surprise!), it was worth every penny. I didn't even bother purchasing an extended warranty (though they have those options for used vehicles that aren't CPO), because I feel like they have sold me such a quality car.

While I doubt I'll ever find myself purchasing a BMW, if I ever did, I'd be back asking Brian to cut me a deal. Even if you spend a little more on the car, the service would more than make up for it. Make an appointment with Brian (I also worked with Rick Cline, but Brian is definitely my favorite), you won't be disappointed! And don't forget to ask to take it to the highway--they'll gladly let you do it! It was SUCH a different experience than my previous one with John Eagle Sport City Toyota (read my review on them, too--avoid at all costs!). Thank you BMW of Dallas, for making my first car-buying experience so pleasant!

A. E. M. | 2010-08-31

I dropped my M6 off at the dealership to get the brakes serviced and they put 35 miles on my car. When I wrote John Witt, BMW's Service Director an email voicing my concern he responded with this:

Mr.. Metz,

I received your email concerning the mileage put on your vehicle while in for service.

We do require the technicians to road test before they work on the vehicle and after it is repaired.We have a 6-7 mile road test route they are to follow depending on what the customer concerns are.

After the technician is finished we have a quality control person road test the vehicle to make sure everything was repaired.

I understand your concerns and I have the same concerns with our customers cars and don't want them driven anymore than is necessary.Too much could happen.

In the future if you don't want your vehicle driven just tell Richard and we will make sure we don't road test it at all.

If you have any other concerns feel free to contact me.


John Witt
Service Director
BMW of Dallas
MINI of Dallas

Notice the "Mr.. Metz", I am 29, so I guess a little respect is out of the question. He also wrote, "In the future if you don't want your vehicle driven just tell Richard and we will make sure we don't road test it at all." In the future I will be doing business somewhere else. This guy is obviously an asshole that is not qualified for his job. I don't see him having a very successful career. I will have my car taken to Classic BMW in Frisco from here on and when I buy my next M6 ($100,000+) in a couple years I will be going to Classic for that too.

Spartevan V. | 2010-06-02

Dear BMW of Dallas on Forest Lane,

When the @#!@ are you moving to your Lemmon avenue location? The only acceptable answer is - yesterday. Here's another question for you . . . (that I'd like to see YOU answer)do you plan on improving the logistics and customer service experience with your move?

Your dealership and service department are a nightmare to navigate. There truly IS no space, and finding the service department and pulling into 1 of 2 narrow lanes leaves much to be desired. Tell me, why do I make appointments online with you? Is it so I can continue to wait in your lanes for someone to approach me and act like it's a surprise that I'm there? Or is it so I can repeat my name and my service request 3 times to 3 different people? Please - refresh my memory. OH, I know why - it's because I ENJOY being inconvenienced. *chuckle, chuckle* Silly me.

I'm glad the reviewer below had a great sales experience and invited the married guy to party later on in the week, but curious to see what her after-market experience has been?  I enjoyed my sales experience at Classic BMW at Plano and my sales guy, while he would have been fun to party with, was too classy to even crack open that door.

I prefer to keep my professional matters professional . . . speaking of which, I am sitting in your service department  waiting area right now. You know, now that we've finally determined who I am and why I'm here? Since the online appointment application seems to be yet another inconvenience and not intuitive. I am the girl wearing a white silk top, a denim skirt, and the one that has been fanning my face with any object possible and loudly complaining because evidently your air conditioning is busted. I keep hoping you'll overhear and take care of it on your own (yes, passive-aggressive), but please forgive me - I'm lethargic and drained because the heat is sucking my soul.  I'm really going to give you the benefit of the doubt, because I sincerely hope you don't DELIBERATELY have the A/C set to 80 FRIGGING DEGREES on a 96 DEGREE DAY.

*PS - and if you do, how about you shroud the !@#@$! air conditioning console, because I can see it proudly displayed on your not-so-proudly-updated-since-1982 white wall.

In addition to your lack of professionalism, perhaps if you had a decent coffee bar like Ewing Autohaus or even a nice, comfortable waiting area like my beloved Classic BMW, or *shock* greet me like you acknowledge I made an appointment -  I'd forgive the fact that your disgusting dealership at the corner of Disgust and Despise is like Dante's inferno, in more ways than one.

Is nickle and diming me on service not enough? Based on your outrageous service prices and the fact that you can't even air condition your waiting area, shouldn't you have saved enough capital to be at your Lemmon Avenue location, like, 10 years ago?

Get it together.

Auf wiedersehen,
Sparty "Viva la Classic BMW" Spartevan