AutoNation Volkswagen Park Cities in Dallas, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company AutoNation Volkswagen Park Cities in Dallas, TX.

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AutoNation Volkswagen Park Cities

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(214) 561-8100
Address:5555 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX, 75209
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on AutoNation Volkswagen Park Cities

Wayne L. | 2015-04-09

Sent my car to their service department several times. Their service adviser Frank is really friendly and helpful.

John S. | 2015-04-04

Can you leave zero stars? If I could, I would. Never trust this service department. Had a bad experience the first time and should've learned. You're better off going anywhere else.

Benjamin B. | 2015-04-02

I've purchased several cars over the past few years, and one thing I've come to understand is that all car salesmen are basically the same, with the exception of a few good ones out there.  I wouldn't say the guys here are "the few good ones" but overall weren't too terrible.  The sales guy (and/or his manager) was willing to negotiate on the new vehicle and gave us a fair value for our trade.  There wasn't too much back and forth to get the deal we were looking for.  We did all of our negotiations via email/phone before we would go to the dealership.

However, the in-store experience was less than desirable for anyone who has limited time.  Before we would meet the salesman in person, I told him I didn't want to sit around the dealership all day and wait for them, hence the reason for doing all of the negotiations before going to the dealership.  We ended up waiting for over an hour and a half in an office by ourselves before I finally cornered the sales guy in the hallway to get him to put us with a finance manager to sign our documents, since they had to have a "licensed person" sign with us.  

Finally we met the finance guy, who couldn't turn off the salesman inside of him.  Even though I clearly stated before coming to the dealership that we would not be interested in any extended warranties or added options to the vehicle, he still attempted to sell us the extended warranty on top of the CPO warranty that already came with the vehicle.  He got visually upset when we didn't purchase the additional warranty and acted like we were stupid for not taking his offer.  We said at least 5 times that we weren't interested before he finally gave up and moved onto signing the final paperwork.  He also attempted to get us to run our credit and get offers from his lenders, even though we already had financing established before going to the dealership.  This was a blatant disrespect to me and my time, since I had already told him we would be financing through an established relationship.  I work in finance and understand this better than most customers he works with, so I could see how someone could easily get taken advantage of in this situation, which is a shame.  

I'm not sure I could have been more insistent on how much I didn't want to sit and wait and how I wanted to use my own financing.  They clearly didn't listen to me, the customer, which was disappointing.  Overall I feel like we got a decent deal and we really like the new car, but the process of closing the deals could be more streamlined and more customer focused rather than trying to make that extra buck.

David H. | 2015-03-11

Stay away from this trashy lying dealership and don't ever use VW credit for anything EVER !!!!
I purchased 2 EOS convertibles from this dealership and everything seemed fine -
They were very friendly when I wanted a newer EOS than the one I had purchased 6 months before.
I purchased my vehicle - tire package and gap insurance.
Everything was fine then BOOM !!
I decided to trade the EOS for an infinity g35sx and went to the dealership to receive my insurance back.
I was told very rudely that tire insurance is non refundable  - lie #1 but not a big deal.
The day I bought their piece of junk 2 tires blew out - yes 2 not 1 so I was ok with that however I still need the gap insurance back.
They made me wait another 5 weeks for VW credit to send me the letter that would show a payoff and charged me for a car I didn't own !!
Finally on the 5th of this month I called VW credit and demanded my money.
I was told the check is in the mail because my solution was send it next day and I will be good - I was told it was mailed on the 4th and there was nothing they could do-
Today is the 11th still no money so I call VW credit get a lying supervisor -again-
Who informs me they still have my check and its a 15 day hold so it. Won't be mailed until then - I SOLD THAT CAR DECEMBER 14th!!!
This dealership is full of liars and thieves and the poor poor customer service along with VW credit the ultimate liars STAY AWAY!!!
This is the kind of car experience that makes people hate it like they do.
Unprofessional- lies- thieves - bravo auto nation and VW!!!

Brooke G. | 2015-02-19

Owing it to reasons beyond my control, I was at this dealership three times within the span of one week. Once for a cylinder misfire (bad fuel), a second time for new tires and the third (because I couldn't stay longer) for the alignment post new tire installation. Blake Harris has been, hands down, the best service associate I have ever worked with at an automotive service center. He helped me select tires that were within my budget, answered numerous questions, and took the time to discuss options at my level. Additionally, his customer service skills are excellent--he cared enough to follow-up throughout the process, apologized multiple times for the lengthy wait on my third visit (it was a Saturday afternoon), and even made a couple of suggestions about how to improve the look of my vehicle to match the vanity plate I currently have. Overall, I hope he stays with VW long-term because I would love to work with him again.

Ketedrea B. | 2015-02-14

****NO LOANERS**** The service I've received has been absolutely horrible so far! I wish I had read the reviews before I came, but my check engine light came on so I didn't have much of a choice. My husband took my car here on the evening of 02/13/2015. He was told no one was there to diagnose, yet they wanted to keep the car. Did I mention they did not have a loaner available? Therefore he had to drive home not knowing what was going on with the car. That evening Frank Todora stated they like to diagnose the vehicle before giving a loaner. So this morning I brought the vehicle back and spoke with Blake Harris who told me that they need to diagnose, but either way there are no loaners available. So basically, "I do not know what's wrong, when I determine the malfunction, I do not know how long it will take to fix it, but you'll be without a vehicle until further notice." Oh, did I mention my car is under warranty!!!

Rusty R. | 2015-02-04

Just had a horrible experience on the phone with the "service department ". Called to get info on a service code on my car..was willing to bring car in, pay whatever to get it looked at etc.
When you call them you are not calling the dealership but a "call center". Was put on hold for approx 15 minutes and then disconnected. Called back was placed on hold again after hearing an ugly word.
Called back to "dealership", spoke to Pat, a WONDERFUL person, she apologized and had Dan, a manager,call me back. Very nice man. I would hire them both due to their customer service skills.
However, the way I was treated by their "call center" will not warrant my business.

Chris M. | 2015-01-21

The pre-owned sales team at AutoNation VW Park Cities was one of the best I've ever worked with. Very relaxed, not pushy. I contacted them to ask for help tracking down a Touareg TDI. Nicholas found one nearby that I had seen listed, but passed on for various reasons. He convinced us to come see it in person and we're very glad we did. Nick was busy when we arrived so Josh took us for a test drive and worked with us to come to a deal. The only negative part of the experience was the nearly 4 hour wait for the finance office to try to beat our pre-approved rate, which they did by a full 2 points, so I can't complain much. The guy working finance was also really nice and laid back (and overworked, jeez). Overall excellent experience.

Stephanie H. | 2015-01-09

I like this place but my oil change took 3 hours and 12 minutes. I think it was because I was a women and they think women don't know much about oil changes.oil changes are supposed to take only 30 minutes. Women also have to pay more cars but I'm glad I got a big business women to get me a good price on my car. I didn't have anywhere important to go but it just took forever. I also have to take it back because there is a recall. I don't have time to keep coming here and waiting forever. Before I got a Volkswagen I had a 2005 pontiac sun fire and it never had recalls. I still have that car and it works perfectly good for a 2005 car. I don't know how that's possible but it is. Next time I come here I will let my dad take my car so it gets done faster.

Treeca R. | 2014-10-29

Great experience... OriginAlly viewed the car via their web site, was contacted that same night to schedule a test drive. Car was just as described and seen online.

Lezli S. | 2014-10-08

Bad service at Park Cities VW! I took my Toureg which I love to have an oil change and get a diagnosis on why my check engine light was on. I had an appointment on Friday at 1:00. At first, they couldn't offer me a loaner, but called back later and told me that I could pick up a loaner. I was thrilled. Friday went by with no diagnosis. Then Saturday went by with no diagnosis. Finally, Monday my husbaAnd called the dealership and was told that the mechanic who was working on my car had to leave b/c of a death in his family. Sure! However, they had determined that my car needed new brakes and it was going to cost $1400. The parts were $500 and the labor would be $900. I have never! And they had determined that there was an emissions leak and they would need to take apart the whole interior of my car to determine where the leak was, but they had not checked the gas cap or any of the obvious easier things to check. They did offer, after we told them we would just pick up my car, to reduce the price of the brakes. They should have offered the "reduced" price up front to a first time customer. They stink!

Jasmine H. | 2014-09-13

Worst service !!!! And you would think this area would have better service!! Christina from the service dept calls me 40min after I have dropped off my car to tell me they don't have my brake pads in stock. So they go to the McKinney location to get them?? Why wouldn't you make sure you have them before I waste my time setting an appt and driving up there !! Oh and here comes the manager, asking why I want to leave?? Because your service sucks!! Do I need to spell it out? He never said sorry or I apologized!! Why even come over to talk to me if you have no solutions or options to offer me? Then he proceeds to tell me I will be late to whatever appt I have after this anyways, I might as well wait. Who are you to tell me what to do with my time ?? Learn some customer service skills!! It's not that hard!!

Reem W. | 2014-08-31

Worst service department ever. This is my first time purchasing a German car. Needed to get my window to be looked at because of an annoying, squeaky sound it makes when it rolls up or down. They kept a car for more than a week and I was told that it was taken care of and the problem is now 'fixed'. I go in to pick up my vehicle and the window still squeaks as loud as ever. The work order said - Lubrication of inner seal did not help. Wow!  Takes forever to get someone to answer when you call the service department, and you will wait forever to get a call back. Will check out the Richardson location next time. But the reviews don't sound promising either!

kelly b. | 2014-08-13

We had $2300 in work done on our Jetta and they had the car well over a week.  Washing the car and vacuuming it would have been a nice touch.  Nope.  Not today.  Bigger issue: pretty unhappy to be making such a huge repair to a 5 yr old car.  My husband has an 8 yr old Accord and we have hardly spent any money on it.

Lalo R. | 2014-08-05

I was looking for a Jetta online, I received an email from Shannon at Park Cities VW offering her help to find he car I was looking for. I called her and made an appointment. When I got there she was prepared with the information, however I saw a different car online which was preowned and she didn't push to for new one, a very nice passat, actually she was just looking to accomplish one think, I could see she just wanted me to get the vehicle that will make me happy. I told her I don't want to go over the car buying chase and she help me right away to get finance and the car I wanted. I TOTALLY RECOMMEND SHANNON!!!

Alexander A. | 2014-08-02

I have 07 VW GTI, I love this car as much as the day I bought it so I always try to get the original and the best parts for it, even if they are pricey, anyways while looking online for a good place to get my car an oil chance I saw this dealer which is not too close from where I live but I decided to give it a try even with those feedback.
It might been my luck but my first visit to this dealer (today) was more than perfect. I set an appointment online and went there in less than 5 mins my car was already in the shop. The price for the oil chance wansnt that bad i can tell you, and they even gave me a 15% off that price, the girl thAt took care of my (wish i could remember her name) was awesome.! but here is the best part they washed my car too lol . From this experience I will be back for sure. Even if this is not my closest VW dealership from home...

Alesia G. | 2014-07-30

I bought a car from  here last Saturday and I am very happy with my purchase and the whole experience at AutoNation Voltswagen. My salesperson James Benjamin was very nice and very patient with me. He got me the car I wanted and I was able to get the payments I could afford. The finance manager was also very nice as well.  I would recommend anyone who is looking to purchase a car in the near future to pay James Benjamin a visit at AutoNation Voltswagen.

Mark F. | 2014-07-28

We have had the new VW for less than a year. During this time my wife has taken it in 7 times because of problems with the tire pressure light.  The dealership claim they only have records for three of these repair visits. It seems to me that they are choosing not to keep records for some repair attempts in order to avoid Lemon laws.  If you have ANYTHING done on your car here, make sure they give you a record of it. Also, do not trust the dealership on what they claim Lemon laws say-get an attorney or do some quick online research yourself.  I would not buy another car from this dealership.  Most recently they kept the car for further testing for a week, only to figure out that two of the wheels were oval shaped and may have been causing hte tire pressure problems.  If this really was the case, I'm not sure why they didn't notice this months ago.  To make things worse, when my wife picked up the car, it now has scratches on some of the doors.

Kim M. | 2014-07-24

Can I tell you about the bad experience I had this morning? Man, I woke up to a flat tire and it just wasn't how I wanted to start my day. Despite having purchased the tire from Volkswagen, I went to Discount Tire to presumably get it patched and be on my way to work.

Not so fast, Kim.

Discount Tire told me it couldn't be repaired and it couldn't be put back on my car. So who do I call? The delightful service department at Volkswagen Park Cities of course! I tell them I'll be there in about 20 minutes to get my tire that I just purchased replaced.

Here's where the fun starts.

I'm told I have to make an appointment for the next day. Even if something is wrong with the service I JUST had done there? Oh yes. And not only that! I was also told that if I showed up without an appointment I would more than likely be turned away.

So after work, I decided to stop by and chat with the presumably friendly service manager about this not so great phone experience. Friendly might not have been the best description.

After mentioning twice that he had a very important call to make so hopefully this would be quick (nice, dude), he reluctantly shook my hand and listened to my complaint about the mornings events.

"Well this is our busy season."
"This is like the grocery store. Do you expect to just cut in line and not have everyone be upset with you?"
"The damage to your car was a road hazard, it isn't our fault"
(after saying I just had the work done, bought my car there, and have repeatedly taken my business there) "Most of our customers say the exact same thing"
"What do you want ME to do about it?"

Instead of attempting to diffuse a situation with an upset customer, this man just added fuel to the fire.

Don't bother with this place.

Nate M. | 2014-07-15

Go to Shannon!  She provided great service and understood what i was looking for.  I am very happy with my new Jetta SEL!

Steve S. | 2014-07-12

First, I was under the impression that the pre-certified warranty is only valid in the Autonation dealer network. I also asked and was reassured that I have to use Autonation. However, this is a VW insurance so now I use the VW dealer close to my home. Second, the service department is managed poorly in my opinion. I ordered a part but was never called that it has arrived. When I called I was told that the part has arrived but when I arrived for my service appointment, they already shipped the part back because they had it longer than a month. 45 min drive wasted. Good thing is they clean the car inside and out when you leave service. Lastly, their VCP program is a waste of money.

Mariano C. | 2014-07-01

One of the worst places to buy a car and get service done. Truly try your best to go anywhere but here. The service department will do everything in their power to make sure they push unnecessary parts and service your way so they can charge insurance. Also they will make sure that maintenance falls out of warranty instead of making sure it falls within warranty, even though they preach maintenance free three year, 36,000 Mile service. Do yourself a favor and don't come near here. Sad it will be my last vw after these problems.

J M. | 2014-06-16

Awful service.

I had my tires aligned after hitting a curb when it was icy in Dallas. The alignment was a bit off. On top of that, the steering column squeaked every time I turned the wheel.

I dropped my car off for the 2 year warranty service. You need to make an appointment to get a loaner, unfortunately. So, I took the shuttle to work. It was terrible. The guy drove like a maniac. He was doing 30mph over the speed limit, making crazy lane changes, etc. I called VW to follow up with his behavior. They said they would look into it. You're paying a premium for awful service. Typical dealership behavior.

Don't take the VW shuttle.

Brooks H. | 2014-05-15

It's really too bad because I figured this AutoNation dealership would be different from the last (Richardson VW) but they're not. When I first took my car in, they were very attentive & helpful and heard me out about my minor issues on my 2012 CC (manual R-line...I love the car). All I needed was an oil change & there was a license plate light that went out that needed replacement as well. Since it was within about 4k of my 30k warranty being up, I figured they'd do the routine run down.  It was around 11am on my lunch break & I work less than 5 minutes away at Oak Lawn & Maple. So I finish up with them and have the shuttle take me back to work. I got there before 12 and still had some time to kill so that was nice & I had advised the service tech that I got off at 3:50 so he said that would give them plenty of time and that the shuttle would be there to pick me up after work.  I get a call around 3 and it's the service tech Paul & he's calling to tell me that 2 of the tires need replacing and that it would be about $600 plus an additional $99 for the "special" they were running on alignments.  VW of America had sent me a $50 gift certificate for the hassle I went through about a year ago because of one of these supposed "self-sealing" tires that got a nail in it and they wanted me to pay for the entire replacement. Sorry, but in my opinion if you're gonna put $300 a piece tires standard on a vehicle and call them self-sealing and then I get a small nail in it and that requires replacement, the dealer covers the cost especially if the tread is barely worn down since the car was close to new at the time.  Well, I told the tech I would not be interested in his tire deal and he proceeded to tell me that unfortunately the license plate light was not covered under warranty which meant $48.00 to replace it. Really??? Okay, fine...use my $50 credit from VW, replace the damn light and come pick me up around 4:00 when I get off work. I work on the 7th floor so when 3:50 hit, I Fred Flinstoned it out of there and went to wait around the side of the building where the previous driver dropped me off.  I waited.  And then around 4:15 I called and asked where the driver was and the tech said he would be there within 5-10 minutes and that he was very sorry & unsure of what happened.  So I waited.  Then around 4:30, I called back, only to end up getting the guy's voicemail and leaving a message advising that I was still waiting.  After about 4 or 5 more calls, the shuttle shows up about 5 minutes till 5:00.  So I had been waiting outside my office under the burning sun now for over an hour at that point, completely screwed up my whole reason for working early (I live at 75&635, traffic is a nightmare so I try to start work before 7am so I can leave before 4pm and just barely miss rush hour).  I get back to the dealership after giving the shuttle driver directions on how to get back. Wow. We're at Oak Lawn & Maple and this guy doesn't know the best way to get back to his own place of employment on Lemmon? Okay.  Par for the course at this point I guess. When we finally pull into the dealership, I just want my keys so I can get in my car & leave but the tech (I keep saying tech, let's just say the employee named Paul) wants to shake my hand with a smile and ask me how I'm doing.  I told him I was not doing well and that I was pissed and that I was saddened by this lack of service and that I just wanted my keys and car.  He blah, blah, blah kinda apologized, kinda made excuses and then led me into the general manager's office. HA! Really? This guy is your manager? You're screwed. This guy has the nerve to tell me to "take a seat"... I tell him no,  I can't believe I'm in here while I should already be at home but I just want to leave so I can get out and start battling traffic.  I tell him I'd already waited over an hour on his shuttle driver so I wasn't about to wait for him or any of his other AutoNation rejects. He then turns to Paul and says that maybe they need to word the response differently to customers when it comes to pick-up times & to give them a time frame instead. REALLY???? You're going to start talking to your employee about re-framing the logistics of your company right in front of the customer? I am fed up, I feel like puking. I tell this manager or whatever he calls himself that I am in no mood to join their little board meeting and that I'm leaving and never coming back. I finally get my keys and Paul was kind enough to open my car door for me cuz that's exactly what I want...some dude opening my door for me. How chivalrous. My hero. These people suck. They are awful and I would highly suggest boycotting the AutoNation franchise entirely.

Angelia R. | 2014-04-26

These people kept my car for 10 days!!!!!  Only called when I called them first, didn't even start of the laundry list of small issues I had....just kept putting me off, putting me off.  It was like pulling teeth to work with them.  They NEVER fixed my main issue which was my car stalling while driving on the highway.  So scary, so scary!!  I am a mom with 2 kids driving carpools everyday and they don't seem to care that their Volkswagen just dies on I-30.  They never fixed it.  Do not go here unless you have a month to wait on these guys and then good luck.  Worst experience of my life with a service department.

Heather M. | 2014-04-17

My husband and i have purchased 4 vehicles from this dealership. After a recent visit, we have come to the decision that we will NOT be going back. Ever since "Auto Nation" took over the whole place has went down the drain. The only decent part about this dealership is the Service department. The salesman are unknowledgeable and pushy, and the sales dept. is a joke. Infact, i just had to call today to speak with the  part dept. & it took me calling 12 times (yes 12, i counted) just to get someone to answer, sad that this was at one time the only dealership we would buy from. Not anymore!

BellyUp D. | 2014-03-06

Well its only far that I give a update...I went back today as my tail light was out again after having it fixed less than a week ago, as it turns out the place that holds the taillight was melted, which you can imagine after being there a week ago, I felt as though this should have been bought to my attention. I did speak with the GM and the manager of the auto dept, and as much as its a pain in my butt to go back, I did feel as though they heard my concerns and they did fix the problem. I cant guarantee these little things don't fall through the cracks in the future, but at least they are aware of it now and they seem to have listen.

**Please turn off the Christian radio station - it gets a little much after 2 weeks of sitting there for a hour and please don't have employees (I think it was, she was wearing a blue jacket, but it could have been someone walking off the street, it was just the same blue as everyone else) go around with her son with a note asking for money because the brother has cancer

Anna B. | 2014-02-19

I went here to buy a new car and worked with Wayne.  He was great and very knowledgeable about the Passat and Jetta I looked at.  I ended up with the Passat, and love it.  Process was smooth and easy.  Would recommend my friends to buy a car from here.

Jamie B. | 2014-02-11

I worked with Reid and Matt while leasing my new 2014 Passat. Absolutely great experience! Very helpful, honest, upfront and willing to reach a deal. I have had some pretty distasteful car buying experiences and completely stayed away from car dealerships for the past 5 years. This was as relaxed and low pressure as could ever be expected.

Dealership is clean, and service staff is very helpful. Great place to buy a VW.

Donovan L. | 2014-02-03

I took my mother here to buy a car.  The majority of the people here were completely unfriendly and smarmy.  

My mom ended up going to another dealer to buy her VW because the people here were so awful (with the exception of 2).  

Typical car salespeople.

Stacy S. | 2013-11-11

I had a great experience buying my car here with Gary and Matt. I got the best possible deal I could get without haggling or that "let me go ask my manager" business that I personally really hate.

I had to do most of my communicating through email as I travel for a living. Not a problem for these guys. They went out of their way to work with me. I love my new car!

Samson S. | 2013-10-29

I can speak to my sales experience and introduction to the service department.

Worked with Gary M. on buying the car.  Gary employees the best of a life time of experience.  When you are speaking with him he is frank and personable.  While all sales folk have pressures on them you feel that he approaches the sale one on one with you and your needs.  He respected my needs and never pushed me in one direction or another.  When he offered input it was valuable.  HE LISTENS which is a rare thing among any person, salesperson or otherwise.  We sorted through my interests and came to a completely satisfactory solution for what I wanted in a car and then negotiated a terrific price within an hour of my crossing the threshold of Autonation's shop.  

After closing the deal Gary introduced me to one of the service managers, Matt L.  Great guy.  He and a new service associate, Christine and I sat for a half hour to talk very brass tacks about service and care for the car.  While I have not had my car serviced at Autonation I do feel confident bringing it there.

While some folk have posted here about bad experiences and I was a little concerned, working with Gary and Matt and Christine was fantastic.

aa g. | 2013-08-20

Here's the thing - it's not my job to provide feedback to owners or managers about my specific (horrible) experience. Get your staff together, review individual situations (they are well aware of unhappy customers), and figure out how NOT to let it happen again!

Kristie A. | 2013-08-01

Fast forward 3 years and I have a year old Jetta now.  Had a flat tire, and long story short, had to have my car towed here the other day.  I had to end up replacing two tires, but the service manager was cool and brought me out to the shop to show me the bubble in the second tire before they did that.  I also took care of the 10,000 mile service while I was there.  Free oil change, ftw!  I was there for hours and was offered to have the courtesy van take me some place for lunch, but I just walked across the street to the Whataburger.

Good to know that costumer service is still A+

Hal S. | 2013-06-27

I was contacted by the Quality Control Manager of this business and told to expect a phone call from the dealership to discuss the problems and what happened.  Are you surprised???  No phone, no follow up, just a note on Yelp to call them.  Meanwhile the repairs that they said were necessary on my car....It has now been 1000 miles and no warnings or LED readings on any of the computers on my car.  I have had the car checked again to make sure that the vacuum booster system is still running properly and that they catalytic converter is operating properly and they are both 100%.  This proves to me that the dealership was disingenuous when telling me that I needed the repairs and that they obviously try to scare people to spend money that they don't need to.  This proves that you must get a second opinion from an independent repair shop because the days of honesty are long gone.

J B. | 2013-06-25

This is by no means a reflection on VW - I LOVEEEEEEEE my 2013 GTI but the car buying process was complete bull shit.
Test drive was maybe 5 minutes, okay whatever I knew I wanted the car but that still seemed incredible short.
My sales guy was the biggest douche I've ever met and treated me like an idiot (beyond the usual slimmy car salesman gig) and chewed me out multiple times (um....maybe you should be at work when you say you will so other sales people don't talk to me?).
The first time I got my trade-in appraised it was A LOT higher than a month, it has less than 100 more miles on it.

The worst part is that I bought my car OVER TWO MONTHS ago and have called and spoke to numerous people and stopped by and I still don't have the second car key. Supposedly it FINALLY got ordered after exchanging some harsh words with the manager. Yes, I was pissed.

Also please note: they also do not buff the cars before you drive them off the lot. I spent over $30k on a car that has scratches all over the hood. When I pointed it out before I took the car off the lot they said I could come back in a month and get it done. That was just stupid on my part. Should've voided the contract right then and there because it was not a good indication of service to come.  Of course, when I came back for my 'check up' a month later and mentioned the scratches I got a blank look. Guess who is paying $400 to get her brand new car buffed? ME! ME! ME!!

Overall I completely regret getting my car here and particularly giving the sales guy commission.  I would not recommend this place to anyone and there is a 0% chance that I will buy from them again.

Michael N. | 2013-06-01

stopped to get an alarm light checked.  helped immediately, everything reset and out of there in no time.  such a pleasant experience.

Jennifer S. | 2013-04-21

I've been here once before and experienced excellent service, but this time was a complete fail!  When I picked up the car after a full detail, there was a miscellaneous charge of around $18 on my bill.  Luckily I caught it and asked what it was for...apparently for use of the rags etc., but they said it was a mistake and took it off - seems like a way to rip people off, if you ask me!  When I got in my car to drive off my iPod no longer played, but it worked when I dropped the car off.  I went back in and they took the car back to look at it...they said my iPod was dead!  How very frustrating!

By the way, I got the iPod to work again...not sure what they did to it though!

Billy H. | 2013-02-27

I bought my 2006 VW Passat at this dealership and due to the dishonesty of the sales people I swore then that I would never buy at this dealer again.  The service center has always had very courteous people and the only thing I am not pleased about is the outrageous cost.  Of course, this seems to be the norm for dealerships across the board.  Unfortunately it is very difficult to find a VW repair shop that is both courteous and reasonable.  In fact, I'm still looking.

William P. | 2013-02-01

Have to say that I have had very mixed opinions about this dealership, so I've waited a while to make any comments in an attempt to be constructive.    While I absolutely understand and agree with some of the other opinions voiced on here, I add a little bit about my own.  

I have a 2009 VW GTI that I bought CPO.  It had roughly 15K miiles on it when I purchased it (mid 2010), so plenty of VW warranty plus the additional CPO warranty, which I just found out doesn't end until mid 2014 unless I hit the mileage first, which I won't.  Score!  So I've been fortunate that repairs have really not been out of pocket except for brakes, tires and the 40K service after the free stuff was over.  And thank goodness.  There have been a few problems with the car including the ABS system going out (multiple lights went off on the dash) and most recently something with the air intake manifold (MIL went off on the dash).  The warranties saved a minor fortune thankfully.

The salespeople at this location could use a little help, although I have to say Myron is definitely my preference if I'm going to speak to someone about purchasing a car.  If you enjoy driving, talk to him and he'll find you what you need.  The Fleet Manager on the other hand, avoid if at all possible.  Quite annoying.

The service advisers for the most part have been good, but I have had some negative experiences.  Rather than bore with details, I'll say this... I complained in the customer survey, which then promoted a call from the Service Manager and an email from the manager of the dealership.  Both apologized and offered to meet with me in person to discuss my concerns.  While I didn't end up meeting with them, they did assure me that I had been dealing with newer employees and that they would be coached.  Since then, the same service advisers that I had seen and disliked are now much improved.

For the best service at this dealership, see Ted, Tony or Jorge.  All three are great.  They listen to you when you're concerned and on two different occasions, I received free loaners when I probably should have paid because I talked to them about my concerns related to my vehicle and them keeping it overnight/over the weekend.  Also, ask them to bring a technician out who can explain the mechanics of what they're wanting to do to your car if it's not making sense.  Two different occasions Ted had this one great Senior Tech come out (forget his name sadly) to explain what was going on... best customer service ever to help me understand more about the car and alleviate concerns I had about driving it.

Bottom line, if you don't like what's happening, speak to someone.  If that someone isn't listening or doesn't seem to care, ask to speak to someone's boss... just be polite.  It's worked for me so far.

I'll add another note... service is apparently not a problem just at this dealership.  If you look at most dealerships around town (and I'm talking all, not just VW), they all seem to have faults... even the more expensive ones.  Dealership are dealerships I guess.

Darien R. | 2013-01-30

This is a review of a particular salesman, nothing further. As an initial matter, I did not end up purchasing a car from Park Cities simply because the dealership did not have a car in the color I wanted. However, I visited several dealerships during the course of my car shopping, and, by far, the salesman I dealt with at Park Cities was the most knowledgable and helpful.

The salesman's name is Ivan Martinez. Unlike the salesmen at most of the other locations, Ivan was informative, knowledgable about the features of the particular car in which I was interested, and overall very helpful. This was in sharp contrast to some salesmen who it appeared I was educating. Ivan was also responsive to my phone messages and promptly returned my calls. I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't purchase from this salesman.

Beyond this particular issue, I have no experience with this dealership and, hence, no opinion.

David R. | 2012-10-20

Worst VW dealer ever.  Avoid at all costs.  Horrible service experience due to incompetence that borders on negligence.

My 2004 Jetta blew its fuse box and needed to be replaced.  We are new to the area, so had it towed to the nearest VW dealer - Park Cities.  We called ahead to let them know the car was coming.  I wasn't able to personally take the car because I was at work, and my wife is pregnant and couldn't wait in the Dallas heat.  The car was towed to the dealership, and then we never heard back from anyone for 2 days (!), despite calls and voicemails.  They seemed to have just lost my car.

Eventually they found it (said "Oh yeah, we were wondering whose car that was parked in front...").  WTF -- I'd only been asking about it for 2 days.

They replaced the fuse box, for about $740.  They also said I needed new battery which would have been extra $400.  I had just gotten a new battery a few months ago, so said to just charge the battery and replace the fusebox.  

They called 2 days later and said the car was ready.  The service coordinator (Ted Jacobs) said his mechanic told him there was a some problem with my alternator, but he didn't know the details--I asked it if needed be replaced, and he said no it just might need something at some point in the future.  The car was ready so I could come and pick it up.  

I come in get the car, and asked for more details about the alternator.  Ted still didn't know, so I asked to talk to the mechanic to find out what was going on (how bad is it, how many volts was it putting out, etc.).  Turns out it is completely not working - 0 volts.  Glad I asked.  

I asked Ted how far I could drive it and he said "depends on how far you live".  You've got to be kidding me.   I was told the car was ready, and it's not driveable.  Replacing would be extra $900.  

At this point, I was done with these clowns.  I had it towed elsewhere, and had the alternator replaced, at a reputable Audi/VW mechanic.  I wish I would have found him before.  He replaced the alternator for half the price Park Cities quoted ($475), and said I didn't need a new battery.  

If only this were the end.  The fuse box Park Cities installed melted 4 weeks later.  I went to the other mechanic, and he replaced it for ($275)--half of what Park Cities charged before.  I was told that apparently if a fuse box isn't installed correctly (e.g. terminals not properly cleaned of corrosion), it can lead to a short like I had.  

I'm lucky because this is apparently a safety issue -- an improperly installed fuse box (thank you Park Cities) can overheat at the cable attachments before tripping the fuses, and potentially cause an engine fire.

If only I had just gone to a real mechanic first, could have saved $$$ and not have gotten screwed (or put at risk of my car starting on fire) from their shoddy work.  

In summary, Park Cities VW is not well managed, has poor customer service, does dangerously shoddy repair work, and all this for twice the price of independent mechanics.

AVOID at all costs, for your own sake.

Kevin C. | 2012-09-23

I have a leased Jetta that I need to trade in for a new one.  Salesman was super nice and (after the requisite haggling) we had the payments I wanted.  So off to the finance guy I go, where the REAL haggling begins.  

This guy was such an arrogant, rude, obnoxious, dismissive jackass that I couldn't spend 5 minutes in the office with him. (He must be the owners son, or he'd be jobless.)  So I excused myself from his office and left the dealership.  A whole afternoon wasted.  Stay away from this place!!

Gowri S. | 2012-07-21

I own a 2009 VW EOS and have taken it to Park Cities a few times now for the usual servicing. Every single time... The servicing agent calls me an hour into the work to tell me that something or another extra is highly recommended but it will cost an extra $100 bucks. They are extremely pushy and judgmental on the phone during this conversation and don't really thoroughly explain why exactly I need to pay extra right this minute. I really feel like they are scumbags trying to rip me off and take advantage of someone who has limited knowledge about vehicle maintenance.  Luckily, my warrantee is over and I don't have to come to the dealership any more.

James V. | 2011-06-08

Ya know? It a car dealership. What are you going to expect? Endless offers of "services" you'll never use, pressure to finance through them even though you have a better deal, etc.

I bought one car through this dealership and the salesman was really nice. About two years after that, I tried to buy another car through this dealership. It's like, I had the money in my hand "Yes please, I'd like a Jetta diesel TDI". Can you believe it? They guy never call me back! HA!  I called the dealer in Irving and bought one over the phone without even test driving it! The the salesman from this place called and asked if I was still interested. I'm like "Uh . . no I got it from the dealer in Irving" and he's all "Oh, okay!" . . . .?

So new sales gets 2 stars but the SERVICE DEPARTMENT gets four stars! They're always helpful and the service is good even though expensive. The place is A-ok!

Rachel B. | 2011-03-09

I needed an oil change and had received a recall notice, and this is the closest VW dealer to my house.  After seeing the rating and reading the other reviews, I prepared myself for a terrible experience.  

My experience was wonderful.  I was met with friendly, gracious and knowledgeable staff.  They not only dropped me off at home, but they also picked me up when my car was ready.  The entire process was speedy.  The waiting are was comfortable, and there was bottled water and an espresso machine.  I will definitely return.

Brent W. | 2011-02-27

The day started off poorly, when the service staff was unaware of the appointment I had made online. Thankfully, they were willing to honor the appointment anyway.

Everyone was courteous, and the problem that I needed fixed was addressed. However, in the process several repairs costing an outlandish amount of money were proposed. I was called at approximately 2:30 pm with an estimate which included more than $1200 worth of labor, but the consultant assured me they could be done by 5:00 pm. It's really unclear to me how one could accumulate such tremendous labor cost in such a short time.

The prices for repairs were simply too high. When I asked the consultant about why the costs were so high, he explained that they are competitive with other dealers in the area, but perhaps not independent shops. They cannot match independent shops because their overhead is higher. How is it my problem that your overhead is too high?

For the repair which I desired, the estimate was to replace several parts (ECT sensor and thermostat) to correct the problem. I asked specifically which part had failed and was given an odd answer, that when this is the problem they simply have to replace both. A pretty unsatisfactory answer, considering I knew what the error code was before the repair was even started.

Anyway, I asked for only this repair, and it was not finished until after 5:30 pm. The repair was done to my satisfaction, and the car was clean. I usually walk into a car repair shop expecting to be fleeced, but this shop exceeded my expectations. I would only go back in a pinch.

eric m. | 2011-02-27

I just leased a brand new 2011 Jetta SE in October which I love, but on December 13, I get a call about a 1000 mile check up and should bring the car in today.

When I do bring the car in they welcome me and inform me that it would only take an hour. Once more than an hour has passed, I start to ask how much longer and was told about 10 minutes at most. Well they had me in the waiting room for 2 hours before i finally start to ask for a loaner car since it was such a long wait, they said, "it's coming out right don't need a loaner", 30 minutes later I ask to see my car, but that I wasn't allowed in the back.

Finally, 4 hours later someone comes out and tells me there's a problem with my car and bring it out. Somehow, what was suppose to only be a quick check up they managed to break the driver's side air vent and leave scratches on my cluster glass.  When I saw this I thought okay things happen no problem, but to hide from me for so long and keep me waiting and not lending a loaner was just completely wrong.  The top mechanic comes out and tells me how they broke it trying fix a recall and they'll fix it first thing in the morning, they'll come pick it up from my home and leave a loaner car.  Well around noon the next day I call to see when they would come pick up the car because I work in a private area where they wouldn't be allowed in, I was told,"Oh sorry the replacement part we have is a different color, but tomorrow we will be there no worries".  

It's now 3 months later and still everytime I go up there I'm told TOMORROW. So, now I'm driving and paying on a new 2011 Jetta SE with a completely useless air vent which throws out hot air no matter what I do from a dealership who offers no help.

Heather N. | 2010-08-07

It is lovely having your AC go out in your car in the middle of Texas in the Summer!  I called the Park Cities dealer after I had seen it nearby and heard about their free shuttle service on Yelp.  They were very accomidating in getting me an appointment on a Saturday (the next day) HOWEVER said they cannot do the air conditioning service on a Saturday because they have less than half of the technicians on Saturdays.  I can understand no one wants to work on Saturdays but frankly that is when most customers are off workl  I was disapointed to say the least because now I am going to have to find a dealer closer to work and deal with this during a busy work day AND have to drive around with no AC the rest of the weekend.  I went ahead and took the car in anyways for an oil change, a headlight out and a recall since I was going to just stay in for the Saturday anyways (since I had no AC I am not going to be running many errands)   David in the service department was amazing.   I am a fan of the dealership and felt completely comfortable thanks to him.  He made sure I got a ride home and a ride back and I did not have to wait forever for a ride as I have with other dealerships in the past.  The car was ready earlier than expected really clean inside and out.  Normally I have the car barely rinsed off at other dealers.   He fixed everything, answered all my questions and was patient and caring.  He genuinely cared and wanted to help me out with the AC issue.  Unfortunatly I do not work near this dealer so I will have to take it to the Irving dealer next week.  I am still overall happy with the service but the dealership really should offer more services on Saturday service.

Andrea G. | 2010-03-28

I'm giving this place 1 star because when I needed them most they never returned my call. (my driver's side window on my Jetta fell into my door right before a huge blizzard hit Dallas)

I called in the morning before work at 8 and spoke with a woman who said no one was in the shop yet but she would call me back in 30 minutes. Well I never got a call back.... EVER.

What am i suppose to do??? drive around in below 30 degree weather with my window down?? Anyway if you want business you call people back that need help. Obviously Park Cities VW doesn't need business.....

Never going there.

Laura J. | 2009-11-04

Pathetic! James Carr, with all your religious literature in that office, you might wanna learn how NOT to be shady.  I test drove a car and had advised him previously that I was trying to keep my payments to $200. He gave me a price of $249. After haggling via phone/email for a lower price for a lease, he agreed that $220 was a possibility and I said I would come in (not a huge difference really is it?). When I arrived to sign the docs, he had tacked on $750 to the down payment and taken 2,000 miles a year off the mileage that we agreed to. Never advised me of this and didn't say a word till I asked him what was up with the down payment. Shady! When I got up and told him he had wasted my time, he didn't apologize, his answer was "it is what it is"!!! I went to a new dealer in irving who was amazing, helpful, truthful and did all he could to make sure I was getting taken care of appropriately.

Andrew M. | 2009-02-18

I recently brought my Jetta in for its 5,000 mile service and was very pleased with the service. The staff were professional and their attention to detail impressed me. For example, my steering wheel had a small, almost imperceptible nick in the leather on the top back. I picked up the car to find out it  had not only been serviced, washed and I read in the report that they noticed the small nick in the wheel and went ahead and fixed it.
The only issue I had was that I had to wait about 40 minutes for the van to take me to work (this didn't include the driving time). The pickup was much quicker and I didn't have to wait long, though. I think next time I will have a friend come with me to take me to work. All in all I was very happy with the service/attention to detail of Park Cities VW.

Julia H. | 2009-01-01

I hate having my car serviced. I always feel like a walking checkbook. Unfortunately, if you want it to run, you have to do things like change the oil. Sooo, I sucked it up and took my Jetta in for service yesterday. It's new & I bought it out of state so this was my first experience with VW service.

They booked my appt. within 24 hours of calling - no waiting a week like a lot of dealers, so I was cautiously optimistic. They also offer free pickup and drop off service within 12 miles of the dealer, granted it's in a big rolling billboard of a van, but it meant I didn't have to coax someone into giving me a ride.

There was no wait when I arrived and my assigned service tech took care of me immediately. The car was clean and ready about 45 minutes early and the checkout process was fast and easy.

The only negative was the broken TV in the customer lounge, one of women in there with me got very frustrated messing with it.

All in all, this was the least painful service appt. I've ever had. Next week, I take in my other car, so we'll see how long the euphoria lasts.