Uptown Cars in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Uptown Cars in Austin, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Uptown Cars, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Uptown Cars in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 733-7433
Address:16317 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78728

Reviews on Uptown Cars

Mary M. | 2011-04-28

Ever wonder where Hollywood got the stereotypical greedy, sleazy, lying used car dealer idea from? Well, I don't have to wonder anymore, because I now know. It's based on Billy from Uptown Cars. I was helping a friend of mine purchase a vehicle. Uptown Cars had a Honda CRV at a decent price, so we went to look at it. Took it to Pampered Auto Care (I'll be doing a review of them in the next day or so) next door for a pre-sale inspection. They found about $1600 worth of problems with the car. That was to be expected for a 12 year old car. Took it back to Uptown and talked with the owner, Billy. You know how some people ooze charm? Whatever the opposite of charm is, that is what Billy oozes. Had it been a car for me, I would have turned around and walked out. But it was for my friend and she wanted it. I told Billy we wanted to negotiate the price based on the repairs from $4600 to $4000, which I felt was more than fair. He proceeded to bad mouth Pampered Auto Care and inform me that he would have his mechanic fix the problems. I told him no way, no how. I already knew this guy was skeezy and I sure didn't trust him to fix any major problems. Heck, who am I kidding? I wouldn't trust him to competently change the station on the radio. So he accepted $4000 for the price. Great. I could get out of here and get a shower before his sketchiness seeped into my pores. Not so fast. He then informs me that HE DOESN'T HAVE A DEALER'S LICENSE RIGHT NOW BECAUSE HIS BOND EXPIRED. Wanted me to sign a waiver stating I knew that. Again, I told him no way- call me when he got his license. He texted the next day that it was all clear.

Now, we begin day 2 of dealing with this idiot. I called him early in the morning and asked him what all do we need to bring. He said the money and a driver's license. I asked, "A cashier's check for $4000?" He said yes, made out to Uptown Cars. Took my friend to the bank, got to the lot, where the extremely helpful William (the ONLY good thing about this hellhole) completed the paperwork. Well, he completed the paperwork AFTER the light company came about 30 minutes later to turn back on the electricity from Billy not paying the bill. Seriously. We're ready to sign, Billy comes in (leaving a slime trail behind him, no doubt), does not even acknowledge my friend and I, and says the price is wrong. It doesn't include tax, title, and license. I informed him that he had just told me a few hours early that the cashier's check needed to be for $4000 and he never mentioned TT&L. We went back and forth. He REFUSED to eat it even though it was 100% his mistake. Fine. Whatever. She wanted the car. We went to the ATM. She could only get $300 of the $400 additional dollars out of the ATM. Called him and asked if that would be ok. Nope. He wanted all of it. So we had to drive to the bank, out of our way and waste our time all because of Billy's incompetence. Got back to the dealership (this is now the 3rd time we've been there). And guess what? HE DOESN'T HAVE THE TITLE. I had to make him go get it- he didn't offer. More wasted time waiting around on this piece of scum. Finally, we got the car.

The moral of this story is DO NOT GO TO UPTOWN CARS. The owner is a skeezoid, the office is so filthy you're afraid to touch anything for fear of catching smallpox or some other previously believed to be eradicated disease, the incompetence is off the charts, and as far as getting any customer service from Billy without having to get rude and demand it- forget it. Given the choice of using a busted up tricycle for transportation or buying a car from Uptown, I'll take the tricycle any day. Way less stressful.

Daniel M. | 2008-07-25

Small, independently owned auto dealership near Round Rock. Run by two guys named William. Bill is an old hotrodder who loves to work on cars and seems like a good guy (for example, he told me the car I was about to drive needed a new clutch before I even stepped in). Billy seems to be the actual businessperson (I dealt with him when actually purchasing the car). If I was in an extremely charitable mood, I would describe him as having some things to learn about customer service.

I bought a 2002 Subaru Forester from them in June 2008- it was the only car like it I could find in my price range- and I love it. However, I have a number of complaints about them which I had to swallow in order to get it:

1. I asked to have the car inspected at M.E. Gene Johnson garage, near Airport and I-35. Granted, this is a fifteen-to-twenty minute drive from their dealership, but I am new in Austin and that's the garage I had recommended to me. Billy asked me for a hundred-dollar deposit in order to have the car inspected there, which he would keep if I decided not to buy the car after the inspection. So if his car turned out to be a lemon I would have paid him $100 for the privilege of finding this out. While I understand it was some trouble for him to have the car inspected at the location I selected, it is the dealer, NOT THE BUYER, who should be responsible for the risk of a car not being worth the purchase price. Not to mention that I gave him a damn ride to and from his dealership in order to get the car inspected!

2. The garage reported to me, as Bill had already informed me, that the vehicle needed a new clutch. The garage quoted me $800 to fix the clutch. Bill told me that they had received an estimate of $465. Preferring to get the clutch repaired myself by someone I trusted, I asked them if they would be willing to knock the price of a new clutch off the sticker price. Billy offered to take $400 off. Not only is this nowhere near what I would have been paying, it's $65 less than *their own estimate.*

Which essentially means that I would have been paying for the privilege of having a repair done myself which *should* have been before I even test-drove the car.

3. Billy would not release the car to me until he received payment in full from my bank, despite having a drafting notice in hand from my bank three days previously. When I told him that the drafting notice guaranteed payment from the bank, and that he should therefore release the car to me, in fact that is the WHOLE POINT OF THE DAMN THING, his response was "I don't see a guarantee of anything here. In fact I can barely read it because our fax machine is kind of old."  

4. My girlfriend ended up picking up the car for me, as I was out of town (driving my old car, which broke down on the way back- thanks Billy!). When she picked it up the battery was dead because the door had been shut on a weed. Naturally the car was also out of gas. She had it jumped and drove to a nearby gas station, where (surprise) it failed to start. She called Billy and he agreed to send one of his guys over to jump the car. In return he asked if she would "buy him a beer." Her response was unsuitable for reproduction on a classy website such as this one.  

5. The interior of the car was dirty, including some candy melted to the dash.

It pisses me off all over again to remember what a pain this guy was. Unless they are the only dealer in town that has the car you want, avoid them like the plague.

I think what says the most is that I created a Yelp account AND their business listing on Yelp just so I could complain about them. That's how negative this experience was.