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Welcome to Town North Nissan in Austin, Texas - Serving Round Rock, San Marcos, Killeen, and Georgetown
Nissan makes cars with innovation that excites. We make the dream of owning a new Nissan come true with an award-winning lineup of new and used cars, auto-financing that's easy to wrap your head around, and an expert team of auto repair specialists dedicated to using only Nissan parts. Our goal is to make your next car-buying experience a positive one. That means helping you every step of the way.

Town North Nissan

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 451-7411
Address:9150 Research Blvd., Austin, TX, 78758
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 451-7411
Address:9160A Research Blvd Austin, Austin, TX, 78758
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Town North Nissan

Kelvin L. | 2015-04-15

I came here to get my car serviced a couple of times.  They always say it will take about an hour but it's aways 2 hours.  This walk in policy sucks.  Unless u have someone picking you up, expect to spend time waiting.
They need to hire more mechanics to speed things up.  The service that I was getting is a hood latch repair, which shouldn't be that long.  
Not a happy customer.

Chris S. | 2015-04-12

This is a negative review of my experience at Town North Nissan's service department on April 11.

Nissan broke their top customer promise - "We will respect your time." They broke this promise by poorly managing my expectations.

I had my Maxima in line by 8:30. Straightforward work - oil change, tire rotation and state inspection. This was supposed to be a 2 hour job, and I told them I'd wait.

My wife also needed service on her Murano. She picked me up at 10:30 so I could drop off her and my son at a birthday party, and then return for service on the Murano and pick up the Maxima. Before we left, the service advisor - his name is John - told me my Maxima would be ready by the time I returned with the Murano.

When I returned from the dropoff, I parked the Murano in the service line. Same service needed - oil change, tire rotation and state inspection. I also expected my Maxima to be waiting for me.

It wasn't. This is where things started to head south quickly.

John told me they found dirty brake fluid and recommended a flush. A 30 minute job. I said "let's get it done." 90 minutes later, John came back and said "we also found one of the tires had a damaged sidewall." I said "replace it." I've seen competent mechanics with the right hardware do this kind of job in 10 minutes or less.

Another 90 minutes went by before I heard back from John. It wasn't that the Maxima was ready. It was that the Murano was ready. I scrambled to go pick up my wife and kid who had been effectively stranded.

At last, when we returned to Nissan Service at 2:30, my dirty Maxima was parked in a perfect spot for other incoming cars to have a hard time swerving to miss it. I was almost home free, when I realized my paperwork felt a little light. John had included neither my state inspection report card (required for the registration sticker) nor the results of their multi-point inspection. Getting that paperwork in order took another 15 minutes.

All told, my visit was supposed to take 4 hours and ended up taking almost 7.

Oh, and one more thing. I almost believed the "no more car washes because of the drought" sign posted in Service. But, during my extended stay I overheard two sales reps tell their new car customers their new cars had just been washed. If you're trying to cut costs in Service, just say so. Now back to Nissan's Customer Promise -… :

* We will respect your time - #fail
* We will employ a professional, well-trained and knowledgeable staff - #fail
* We will deliver your vehicle clean with a full explanation of features - #fail
* We will treat you as a guest in our home - #fail

I left feeling like a liability.

I'm conflicted because I like the Nissan brand and my wife and I have been happy with our products. To date, we've paid a premium for the dealer do maintenance because of the premium service. If we do return for service, we will not at all trust the service advisors' time estimates and will triple-check paperwork before we leave.

Crystal H. | 2015-04-08

It has nothing to do with the number it's the fact I was lied to. I was told I could get out of my lease anytime without being penalized and that is not true. No car company lets anyone out of their lease without fees but I didn't know that since I have never leased before . If I would have known that I would not leased a car at all! I was taken advantage of so someone could get a sale
From me!

Jimmy N. | 2015-03-25

After driving a beat up used 1998 Infiniti QX4 until it gave out, I decided to purchase a brand new car in November 2014. As a first-time car buyer I was little nervous about the experience. We've all heard the stereotypes about car salesmen so I did some research ahead of time to find the make, model, year, and price range I was comfortable with. I came into Towne North Nissan with a specific plan of action and to get-in-and-get-out in under 2 hours.

I was greeted  by Jordan Brown, who was extremely courteous and professional. He took the time to listen to my concerns and work with my constraints. The vehicle inspection, test drive, and financing went smoothly. I left as a proud owner of a new car that drives wonderfully. If you are looking to buy a new car, I would recommend Towne North Nissan and I would specifically ask for Jordan Brown. He's a nice guy and he is superinformative.

It's been a few months later and I have not needed any service repairs or customer service.

Laine Y. | 2015-03-18

The customer service after you purchase a car is awful.  My car has needed repairs for over 6 months now and we are in an endless loop of them saying they will order parts and call us back, and then we never hear back from them.  When we call back they basically tell us that they have no idea what we are talking about and tell us they will order parts and call us when they are in.  Today we talked to John, so we'll see if we actually hear back.  I am guessing no.  Also, our car is now no longer under warranty since it has taken so long, so that's great.  

We have purchased 3 cars from this dealership, and I seriously do not think I will purchase a Nissan again simply because of the "service" we have received post-purchase.

Toni L. | 2015-03-04

UPDATE - Thanks, Yelp, for letting me know that someone from this (shady) business responded to my review.  He asked me to contact him for more information.  I immediately emailed him - DAYS ago - and am still waiting to hear back.  I figured I'd repost here, since clearly he pays more attention to negative reviews than his own email.

If I could give them NO STARS I would.



I went in a few weeks ago prepared to pay cash for a used car.  The salesman was very nice, and very helpful.  My only complaint was that they told me they would install leather seats for $1200 and then actually charged me $1250.  

I figured I wouldn't quibble over $50, but then at the same time I brought my car back for the leather installation, they were supposed to touch up a few scratches in the paint.  When I picked up the car, it was obvious they had never even cleaned off the road spatter to locate the scratches.  The ONLY one I could find was covered with a blob of paint that wasn't even close to the same color!

When I tried to reschedule the work, I kind of got the runaround so I told the Used Sales Manager I would be satisfied if they would just give me a little bottle of touch up paint in the right color and I would do it myself.  He agreed, and said he would order it and mail it to me.

Well, that was weeks ago.  I have received nothing.  As far as I'm concerned, this business is wonderful to work with right up to the point that the get your money then they don't want anything to do with you.

They overcharged me for a feature that we had agreed upon a price, and blew me off on a minor repair, and lied to me about making good on sending me the paint so I could do what they should have done in the first place.

Shela S. | 2015-02-28

I just came back from this showroom and really feel this store does not deserve any star. Was there negotiating for an Altima 2.5 S and had checked with the salesperson if they could give us couple of detailing for the price being offered. To this,  the manager wrote on a paper the price of the vehicle with a comment " detail his car three times".
I could never imagine that a customer can be treated like this. It is a huge investment that a customer is making in buying a car n making such nasty or racist comments is not acceptable

Lu H. | 2015-02-24

Anthony Monteleone sold me a LEMON in the used car department that almost killed me and possibly others, it should have NEVER been allowed to leave the lot.  I bought a used Nissan Versa. I got a warranty on it but its limited. Anthony guaranteed me that this car was mechanically sound & he wouldn't lie because he "has a reputation to uphold...bla bla" I asked the service department to maybe check everything before I took it because it was under warranty. Not even a month later the transmission broke down and had to be replaced then a week after that ( this week) I put my brakes on at a busy red light intersection and they FAILED!!!!! I HAD TO BLOW THROUGH THE RED LIGHT.  Got it in the shop the next day and turns out there is bad leak in the brake line... AMONG OTHER THINGS.  Anthony Monteleone at Town North Nissan could have been responsible for a HORRIBLE accident if I didn't by the grace of God make it through that light unharmed. If you buy from ANTHONY MONTELOEON,  say your prayers.  Also, when i had my car serviced over there. They NOT only didn't  do what was supposed to be done 3 times but someone stole all my personal belongings from the car. Service department did reimburse me.

Tom F. | 2015-02-18

I am going to update my experience from 1 to 4 stars based on the following:

1. Juke auto independently confirmed all of the things that the service department at Town North Nissan said needed to be fixed. I think the most important things at car service centers for people like myself that know next to nothing about cars is that you don't get fleeced by them tacking on things that don't really need to get fixed. Also you want to make sure they are thorough so you know you are driving a safe car. In fact the found one thing that Juke auto didn't even find on their checkup.

2. The manager responded to my post and although I did not contact him since I had already got my car fixed, they are clearly paying attention to the reviews and making an attempt to improve the experience.

3. In retrospect, they did offer to pay for a rental car for me, I was so frustrated at the time, I forgot about that.

I think for routine maintenance (oil change and checkup) I would recommend going here, but if pricey repairs or parts are needed, I would probably go somewhere else to save on the cost.

Sara K. | 2015-02-17

Eric (Service Manager) really made things right.  After he replied to my post on here I called him and he was able to work with my schedule to get me in ASAP.  Once I was there he would check in and give me updates on the progress (it turns out I had a small leak in a tire and there was a recall on my Juke).  It was President's Day, so it was packed in there, but I was in and out within about an hour and a half.  I really appreciate Eric reaching out and getting me to come back to the dealership.  I plan to make appointments going forward and continuing to have my service work done there.

Matt H. | 2015-02-12

Kyle is the man! I came in looking for a used ride and didn't have much of a budget. He took great care of me! I left with a jet black maxima for a fraction of what I thought I would spend. Kyle, thanks man!

Emily P. | 2015-02-11

I was terribly unimpressed by this place. The sales staff was rude, at best. My boyfriend and I bought a car two months ago, and went in to look at the Rogues, planning to purchase for him. The experience difference from buying my car to looking into buying his was astronomical. I had an amazing, easy experience, and these people were flat out rude.

When I asked to see the numbers break down on the Rogue (the base price, the cost of adding extra packages, etc) the salesman, Jose, told me he could not give me those without looking at our trade in. I wasn't asking for the final price including trade, I wanted to know the price of the car to see what packages and features we could afford. I asked a few times if he could show us something like this (when I bought my car they printed out the price of the car and all the advanced packages so that I could do the math on my own). The last time I asked (nicely might I add), Jose straight said to me, "Look, do you want fictional numbers or real numbers because I can't give you real numbers without looking at your trade." Um, RUDE. And fictional numbers would have worked just fine, Jose.

We wanted an estimate on the various levels of the Rogue and their packages, not your poor attitude and salesmanship. Funny how when my boyfriend asked questions he was treated with respect, but as soon as an intelligent, business savvy woman opened her mouth she was given attitude. Disrespectful. Once Jose got his boss over to talk about the numbers, his boss told us, "That's not how we do business here." Well fine, I'll gladly take my business elsewhere. I refuse to give thousands of dollars to a company who 1. isn't helpful; 2. is rude; 3. doesn't respect your business; and 4. treats women disrespectfully over men. No thanks! We'll take out $40K budget elsewhere. P.S., you should also consider not treating younger customers differently than older customers. We had a lot of money to spend here, and this company missed out.

Tipsy C. | 2015-02-06

Service review: Come on people, they're a Dealer! They did what I expected, identified the cause of the check engine light and everything else from head to toe.  They responded with a comprehensive quote with all that they could find wrong with my car.  Quite a bit and shocking bottom line, but at the end of the day its my choice of what I get fixed and where I get it serviced.  Dealers prices are ALWAYS inflated, but some services are better from a dealer.  The service agent I had was EXCELLENT.  Thank you Miguel S.!!!

Ally H. | 2015-02-04

I've purchased two vehicles from Town North Nissan and had the entertaining pleasure of working with Kyle Forga. The first car I bought was the first I've ever owned in my name so everything was pretty intimidating at first but Kyle made the whole experience very easy going and got me everything I asked for (my requests were reasonable). His humor definitely made the car buying experience fun as well. I will definitely continue to purchase my cars from Town North Nissan as long as Kyle works there or until I hit the jackpot and can afford to buy a Bentley.

Herb W. | 2015-01-24

This past week I decided it was time to buy a new car, I searched many dealerships online and found a late model used car I was interested in at Town Lake Nissan.  I contacted Jordan Brown a sales professional there and made an appointment to see the car.  I was not at all sure I wanted to buy a car, just beginning to look.  I told him that, he was very helpful and did not push me in any way.  I looked at the car, test drove it and said I will let you know.  I went to several other dealerships and didn't see anything I liked as well so I went back to Jordan and decided to buy the car.  I already had approval and rate quote with my bank so I thought it would be a clean cut deal.  Town North offered to assist also with financing and I declined because I was intent on using my bank.  The day I went to the bank with my invoice, they changed their rate.  I said that is a problem, went back to Town North and said I an interested in your financing afterall.  Within 30 minutes they offered me a lower rate than the bank had offered and a shorter term of years financed.  Anyone interested in buying a car should absolutely give Town North Nissan an opportunity to help you.  They were professional, helpful, they listened to me and did everything to help me find not only the perfect car but, the finance deal that I wanted.  Jordan Brown did a stuller job at helping me through a process that is not one of my favorites, all the details of buying a car.  These folks get the highest rating from me.  Let me say I have bought 3 cars from another major dealership here in Austin and to move to a new dealer in itself was a huge step for me because of the trust issue that had been established.  Town North and Jordan Brown exceeded my expectations and I could not be happier!!!

Patty D. | 2015-01-12

Don't waste your time here. Worst customer service. The girls at the front are clueless, not helpful and rude. I have been trying to return my vehicle for 4 days here and It's been an awful experience. This kind of dealership makes me appreciate dealerships that actually have outstanding customer service like Carmax and Covert Cadillac. The have turned me off to Nissan after being a loyal customer for over 8 years.

Annie-Lee T. | 2015-01-07

Below is the post I was originally going to put up, until my recent encounters. This places needs some consistency in customer service, ASAP.

Noooow I know why this place is rated so low. The Service Department is THE WORST.

I don't know why this place isn't rated higher. The guys here have always looked out for me.

The salesperson was not pushy at all and helped me find my DREAM CAR, for the time being. He found EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I had some pretty specific requests.

The only annoying thing about this dealership is that they send surveys ALL. THE. TIME.

Cynthia M. | 2015-01-01

I am only reviewing the Service Department as I have not dealt with sales but felt the need to speak up.  Back in July of 2014 our daughters 2010 Nissan Rogue which we had bought used the year prior was having de-acceleration issues after driving several hours in hot weather on the highway.  To us it had become a safety issue and were concerned on where to turn.  We had read the earlier reviews on Town North Nissan and we were very skeptical to call but understood we needed to deal directly with a dealership for a resolution.  I called Mr. Jim May the new sales director who was most receptive.  Of course he advised us the car would need to be brought in to be looked at but explained he had just relocated to the area and was willing to help in any way possible.  Well, the problem has been resolved.  It took several months but not because of the dealership but because of a back-ordered part through Nissan Corporation.  Between Mr. Jim May and John Sullivan, another service advisor we can  honestly say we are extremely appreciative of their help and will not hesitate to go back to Town North Nissan for future servicing or repairs.

James C. | 2014-12-30

I recommend that nobody shop at @Town North Nissan but if you do find yourself with no other option my advice is if Eric Wood the floor manager from Town North crawls from his cube toward you, leave.

Don't walk, run. Eric might just be a pathological liar and feels absolutely comfortable doing it. This guy is the poster child for scummy car salesman. There isn't enough hand sanitizer to get the dirty off your skin after dealing with this individual.
Take your business to an honest dealership, you'll be happy you did.

Joe D. | 2014-12-28

After doing more business than I should have with this dealership I've decided that they are a totally shady shitty outfit and I wouldn't recommend ANYONE go deal with them. They'll try their best to rip you off when buying a car and their parts guys will try to take you to the cleaners everytime.

I tried to return a leased car here once and the scumbag salesguys wouldn't honor the lease take back even though I was totally within my right to return it. I had to go down to the south dealership to return the car. Even then, the South Nissan store turned out to be scumbags and I ended up selling the vehicle private party.

They want to charge $30 for a fuel filter that I can buy for $10 on the internet at a million different places.


Lizeth M. | 2014-12-24

WARNING !! For future Customers DO NOT STEP IN THIS DEALERSHIP !! they will screw you over . Financing is the worst.!!!! I had a really good sales man . I had choose a 2015 Rouge , A beautiful a SUV Saturday evening , and everything went well . It went from going well , to December 23rd being the worst day , I got a call from finance that the vehicle wasn't accepted due to my gross , It's all BS ! They gave a another option to buy another car , and didn't wanna give me what I want . And I did not want to purchase something I didn't want , they bullshit people especially finance , they wait days to tell you that's not the correct !!!! Do not step in here , they called while I was finishing Christmas shopping and they ruin your night and they dont listen to the customers wants . Worst purchase experience I've ever had !!!

Myong S. | 2014-12-19

My family had a horrible experience at this dealership.
It was a time to upgrade my dad's old car and my dad was particularly interested in Pathfinder S model.
We had other business to visit around this area so we stopped by at this dealership. We had quotes from other dealers so if we can get little lower than those, we were going to buy the car that day.
We were greeted by young sales person and I don't want to mention his name here.
If you are going to trade in your car at this place, think again. He offered half the price we were offered at carmax.
He gave us a completely BS price for 2014 model and tried to convince us it is still a new car.
I knew that there are aggressive discounts and rebates offer for 2014 model since there are 2015 model already in market.
The worst part is here. As I tried to negotiate the price, he said "DO YOU WANT TO BUY A VERSA? OR DO YOU WANT TO BUY A USED CAR? THOSE MIGHT WORK FOR YOUR BUDGET."
His tone was't joking or suggesting at all. It was just so rude and I couldn't believe someone who works at sales industry said like that. It is natural people who wants to buy a car tries to get the best deal as possible not necessarily they can't afford it.  
I feel like he looked down on my family because we brought our old car which we bought when my family first moved to U.S.
Um.. my parents own sushi restaurant and they makes over six figure annually.
Too bad he lost the customer who is actually going to buy the car.
My family ended up buying car from nice and respectful seller at other dealership.

Jorleny I. | 2014-12-17

I wasn't all that impressed as I managed to walk into the lobby at the pre-owned building. I walked in because i knew i had a lot of problems with my car, it was closest to where i live. Main problems were the hood and front bumper because they were rusted. Also my transmission was slipping. The sales person bought my car for 500$. Not like they needed to tow away my vehicle.

My boyfriend bought me some new tires that were that much. Yes, they are liars and i don't trust them. Not after the fact that they kept bothering me to come back because they were missing some information.

Anyway, i think these dealers are trying to make more from you in the end.

john r. | 2014-12-16

Went in to look for a new Rogue and test drove one and everything was going well until I was ready to leave. It was super high pressure and they were very rude since I was not wanting to buy. They kept saying it was a fair price and that I am "lucky" to get a price as low as they were offering. A sales manager even came over and was acting like I was being ridiculous for not taking their "amazing offer." Stay away! Very rude salespeople.

Janie V. | 2014-12-13

Quick and friendly service. From pulling up for oil change info request to paying... 40 min max. Great customer service. Thanks Luis Cruz.

Dave H. | 2014-12-10

They were trying to charge me $70.00 for a repair South Point Nissan (Clay Cooley Nissan) in South Austin did for $23.25.

I took my 2008 Nissan Altima to get the right break light bulb replaced. I bought the light bulb at AutoZone and they could not install it because they needed to dismantle the whole back light. I took it into Town North Nissan because it was the closest one to us. As soon as I come in the Service guy, I don't know his name (chubby Hispanic looking guy), came up to us and right when we told him what was wrong he asked if we knew how much it would cost, then and there I knew there was going to be a problem. I said no sir, and he was like whoa since this is a big job it and we need to dismantle that part it will cost a bit but not too much. He then said well we will both learn how much today.  I asked him about how long it would take, please keep in mind this was at 8:45 am we were basically the only ones there besides three other folks, he said it would take about 1 hr or 1.5 hrs. It took him about 15-20 minutes to get us a price. He came back one time and started talking about my suspension and oil, and breaks, etc. I told him all I needed was the price to install my light bulb. He said ok let me get the for you. Five minutes later he comes back and lets me know that it was going to cost $70.00 to install the bulb. He said he was taken back himself when he found out how much it was going to cost. My girlfriend and I looked at each other and could not believe the lie that was coming out of his mouth. We asked him if this was the lowest he can go and he says we are going by the price or policy or some mumbo jumbo like that. We took off and said No Thanks. Immediately I called the South Point Nissan (Clay Cooley Nissan) in South Austin and asked them how much it would be to install the bulb. They said it would cost about $20.00 for the repair. We drove all the way to South Austin to have our light installed because the folks at Town North Nissan are a bunch of scammers and dishonest people. I ended up paying $23.25 for the same work that was going to cost me $70.00 at Town North Nissan, and it took them 30 minutes with about 10 people waiting. I have the receipts to prove it. I haven't met any one as dishonest as the folks in Town North Nissan. Mr. Service man you should be ashamed of yourself, or not I mean that's what you do day in and day out scam people out of their hard earn money.  I am very disappointed and feel everyone should know, shop around you can save serious cash if you. And another tip, before going call other dealership and see who gives you the best price that way you aren't scammed into paying something that is more than three times the actual amount.

JC R. | 2014-12-06

Came in looking to just browse the lot. Lee T. came right out to help me, and was very kind and honest with answering any of my questions. Test drive with no problem. Sat down to discuss price, and was surprised how quickly they came to something I was comfortable with. The manager seemed reasonable and it doesn't feel like I was being hassled.

Ended up leaving on the same night, happy with a 2004 4runner. I would happily give my recommendation to anyone looking to get the right car at the right price.

Added bonus- they have printed out carfax reports in each car before you even get there.

T B. | 2014-12-02

I am only reviewing the sales side as I have not been to the service yet. I bought a car here this past weekend. I have always wanted a 370Z. After months and months of research, I contacted the dealer through their website to ask for information about a silver one that I thought was nice.

Jeff Lapp emailed me right away letting me know the car was still available. I went to the dealer the next morning. Even though I showed up early, because I failed to realize the dealer opened at nine, he was more than willing to help me.

We went to go look at the car. I was a little disappointed, because the car was listed online as an automatic. However, in reality it was a manual. By no means Jeff's fault. Even though I haven't driven a stick in a longtime, I still loved the car and decided to test drive it. Fell in love with it. Jeff helped me through the majority of the process and it was one of the most pleasant sales experiences I have had to date.

I finally got to the part everyone hates, the finance department. I already had financing before I walked through the door, but of course, they want you to use theirs and buy all the warranties and so on. It's just the name of the game.. Let's face it, they're there to make money. I understand that. However, I'm the one making the payments. The first finance guy I talked two was really pushing me hard. However, the finance manager and I were able to come to an agreement that I was happy with.

Even though I got a little flustered, the purchase went through and I felt good about it after I left. I don't feel like I got completely screwed like I have felt in previous car buying experiences at other dealers. Don't get me wrong, I 'm sure they got their fair share out of the deal. However, I was satisfied.

All in all, I would totally buy another car from them.

Katie L. | 2014-12-02

My father and I went back here after I spoke with upper management on the phone. Although we didn't want to give them or business after what happened, we decided we wouldn't lose the perfect car over it. When we went back we test drove the car again and our experience was very pleasant. Lee, Adam, and Manny were all very nice, respectful, helpful, and apologetic for what had happened. I appreciate that they took care of us. They even gave us a free tank of gas and a last minute car wash.

I'm changing my review to only 3 stars because even though our second experience was great, there's no excuse for ever treating a potential customer like that in a sales setting.

Thanks Nissan for rectifying the situation.

Jennifer C. | 2014-11-21

I hate buying cars, but when a deer and I met on the interstate and my car was totaled I had no choice but to buy a "new to me" car.  I took a second job so I could get something decent to drive.  I didn't haggle much on the price, I just basically requested that if I paid sticker price that they tint the windows for me.  After several rounds of the  "let me check with check with my manager" game we had struck a deal.  Financing was fairly painless, but when I took delivery of my vehicle they only gave me one key.  It's one of those keyless cars, so some quick research told me replacing the missing key is going to cost me approx $300 at the dealer.  I was very upset.  Then I was told that "they know a guy" who will make a replacement for $110,  the dealer refused to pay.  So I took a day off and I brought my car in for the promised tint job, I asked if they would split the difference with me.  They said yes, but they wanted me to pay the key guy, and they would put $50 worth of gas in my tank.  I didn't need $50 in gas, as I had over half a tank.  The dealership is in Austin.  I live in Georgetown.  It has been a huge hassle, and I feel like once they had my money they didn't give a hoot about customer service.  It all feels a bit shady and underhanded.  I am not going to drive to Austin when I actually need a fill up, and after I left they refuse to call me back or help in any way.  I know that even on a used car, and them paying for the tint, they still made a pretty penny off of me... I find it hard to believe that any company would give such poor service over $100.  It may not seem like a lot to you, but as a single mom with 3 kids who runs a tight budget as it was, to take on a $300 car payment is a huge leap for me.

Leslie D. | 2014-11-03

No rating stay away!

Used car the movies and stereotypes ......bullies too!
Especially Adam - Sales Manager who clearly has a chauvinistic issue!

The last six months after my purchase of a used BMW have been hell. I drove my car for ten days before check engine light went on for the first time, salesmen Andrew recommended I return for oil change.,Did so and drive another week until  the car started fuming and showed no oil! Returned again where they sent to BMW. The car sat there all summer June 12- August with no repair due to warranty issues.

Been very patient....then picked it up.....drove three days ?.......light on again this time needs thermostat and new suspension. Town North took no responsibility,
Wouldn't correct problem and told me I needed to trade. And that they wouldn't give loaner. I have bought four cars from them by the way.

Today I go to trade it in Still no repair by the way and the Sales Manager-Adam actually started berating me and yelling at me that I should have :

-never bought a used BMW.

And that I had wrecked it......never drove it!

Wouldn't give me fair value on what I had already spent! Offered me 4000 less then I had in it.....said depreciated but I never drove it!

I have never been treated so rudely or unfairly in my life!

It was insanity no the worst business I have ever witnessed!

Whatever you do don't trust anyone at TOWN north Nissan!

They are the you off then no service!

Reporting to Better Business tomorrow and may call Channel 36


William C. | 2014-10-28

I would give 5 stars for Kevin Ranft.  He was super helpful, really understood what we were looking for.  He saved us a bunch of money by suggested we actually downgrade a trim, but add leather aftermarket.  We got all the features we wanted, and nothing extra (who needs heated seats in Texas?).  The car we picked out wasn't actually on the lot yet and slated to arrive within a couple of days. Got a call the next day and Kevin informed us that the delivery date was pushed back until November.  Told him we would come in and discuss our options, came in and he said that they went ahead and traded with another dealer.   Overall really pleased with him.  

The first ding is because we waited forever for us to talk to the financing guy.  I think we waited at least an hour before we finally were able to talk to him.  

The other ding comes from picking up the car.  Had to wait a few days for the windows to get tinted and leather added on.  I told Kevin that I'd come in at 5pm on Thursday to come pick it up.  Came in a bit late, Kevin was with some customers.  No big deal.  However, I ended up waiting for an hour before the car was ready.  Kevin felt really bad and offered to give us a free tank of gas which was great and I really appreciate him trying to make it right.  But really, after spending $24k on a car I feel like the car should have been ready at the agreed upon time.  It's my understanding that it was the detailers that got behind, but at least give me a heads up or let me know if there's a delay.  

In conclusion, I really recommend Kevin as he was super helpful.  But the dealership could really work on reducing how long I spent waiting.  I estimated that I probably wasted 2-2.5 hours waiting around in their showroom.

Paula C. | 2014-10-08

Went to test drive two used cars from a website. Trouble started when they  took my minivan to evaluate it for a trade in. When they came back, the valued my van at less than half the value mentioned on reputable websites, due, they said, to a flashing air bag light that made my van unsellable. The airbag light was not flashing when they got the car, and it was flashing when we got it back. Now that we are home again, we have found that it is probably a wire that the dealership disconnected. If this is the kind of stuff they pull, STAY AWAY  FROM THIS DEALERSHIP.

Rick C. | 2014-09-26

Sales staff is awesome there they always make you feel at home and value your time. Talk to Carlos, Kayley or Jorge when getting into a new car they always go the extra mile and actually check up on you. I've bought an armada, a leaf, a Sentra and recently a frontier and they always give you the best deal in Austin. I always do my research before buying a car and they will beat the price and the apr. Go check them out.

Jeff M. | 2014-09-17

Brought my brand new nissan in with 4000 miles on the odometer for its first oil change, received it back and took it for a car-wash immediately and low and behold there are two sizeable quarter sized dents on the front end of the hood where it was shoved down to latch it.

Being that the car only has 4000 miles on it, ive got no reason to have the hood open other than for the first oil change....

After taking the car by one weekend later to have air put in the tires due to a tire light from a coldfront that came in over the weekend, i received the car back with non functioning windshield sprayer nozzle on the drivers side. Found the hose to the nozzle was clearly broken off the nozzle with the plastic still inside the rubber hose. this is a NEW CAR mind you with 4,xxx miles on it...  They dont break themselves...

On top of this i was told that things like this just happen which makes no sense as it would have taken some obvious force from something to have broken the nipple on the nozzle off completely.

Sounds like the techs here are dying for work and are breaking things just to claim it under warranty to get paid forcing customers to have to come back inconveniently to get things fixed that shouldnt have been broken in the first place.

Ive also unfortunately bought a 2012 sentra from this place and had horrendous suspension noises when just getting in and out of the vehicle (strut mounts and springs) and have been told there is nothing wrong with the vehicle and it can CLEARLY be heard every single time you get in and out of the vehicle without a doubt. its clearly able to be reproduced every single time you get in and out of the car.

I was told it was an exhaust gasket and was literally walked outside the dealership by the service advisor and told not to worry about it.... no joke...

Seriously do not bother. the service department is worthless and this is coming from a 10 year veteran mechanic that worked at many dealerships from saturn/gm to bmw/mini....

avoid like the plague...

Antoinette G. | 2014-09-12

This review is for only the service department.  My husband and I have bought a total of five cars from here over the years, and are pleased with our vehicles.

Service Department has friendly advisors, but the department is horribly inefficient. We go here for our oil changes because they are included in our warranty. We consistently over the past year have had to wait 2 to 3 hours for an oil change. One year ago I went and they said they had changed their process and you had to have an appointment. Therefore, I then made an appointment, only to still have to wait two hours for an oil change. The service manager's response was, "even if you have an appointment, it's still like a doctor's office, and you sometimes have to wait a long time."  Months later they said they changed their process again, and did away with appointments, because it wasn't working.  

A couple of months ago my husband went for his oil change and had to wait for 3 hours.  He actually typed a message on their FaceBook page while he was there about how slow they were, and someone immediately appeared and talked to him, apologizing for the slowness (yes, I guess they are good about checking their FB page throughout the day).  

Yesterday I went, and was told there would be a two hour wait because I was coming at 1:30, the tail end of the "lunch hour when the service guys go to lunch." They told me there were five cars ahead of me. If the lunch hour is busy, why do they understaff during lunch??  That's like a restaurant saying their waiters are at lunch during the lunch hour.

While I sat there on my two hour wait, I asked the receptionist in the show room if the general manager was available (I wasn't even complaining, just going to ask him a question). She said he was on the phone, and I told her I would be waiting over in service. No GM ever appeared.  30 minutes later I went and asked her, "he's still on the phone?" she said, "No, I saw him walking around with an employee." Again, I told her, "Okay, I'm over here in service", and told her my name. No GM ever appeared.  30 minutes later I asked her, "Is the GM still walking around with an employee?" She said, "No, but he's in the finance office. Let me call him."  She called him and then told me, "He wants to know if you've spoken with the service manager." I said, "I'm not even wanting to ask him about a service issue. It's unrelated to service."  No GM ever appeared.  I guess you have to say that you are there to buy a car to get him to appear.

When my car was finally ready (two hours later), the service guy apologized and thanked me for my patience. I told him that it's not his fault, but I get so frustrated with these two to three hour waits every time.  His response was, "Call me next time and make an appointment, and I can get you out of here in less than an hour. We put orange cones on the top of the cars that have appointments, and those get top priority." So now they are back to appointments again? Who knew.  This is ridiculous. I like Nissans, but would be stupid to ever buy a car here again considering their track record of service over the years.

Pam M. | 2014-09-11

This is the second revision of my original review posted 9/11/14.

Town North has actually sent us a check to reimburse us for our costs incurred at the independent mechanic!  I must say, I am pleasantly surprised!  It appears that Town North does, in fact, stand behind the products they sell.


This is a revision of my original review posted 9/11/14.

I wish I could give Town North Nissan ZERO stars.

On 9/16/14, Town North wrote a response to my original review, in which they offered to reimburse our costs incurred for the work done by an independent mechanic.  I actually spoke to their "Owner Loyalty Manager" on 9/17/14 and she reiterated that offer.  I immediately emailed her the backup documentation that she requested (a copy of the invoice listing the work done and a copy of my credit card slip).  I have not heard back from her since.  Left her a voice mail on 9/22/14, requesting a status update, but have had no response.

Apparently their offer to reimburse our costs was a disingenuous attempt to make themselves appear that they stand behind their product.  It seems that is NOT the case.

There are other Nissan dealerships in the Austin area - you'd be better off using them.


Do not even THINK about buying a used car from these shysters!

Purchased a 2006 Nissan Murano from them in April, 2014.  Were assured by their staff that the vehicle was roadworthy but bought a separate extended warranty anyway, just in case.  September 2014, the engine started making loud banging noises so took it in for service.  Turns out, 3 of the engine mounts are broken off, both front struts, mounts, bearings and boots are worn, and the camshaft sensor is jacked up.  And of course, the extended warranty that we purchased didn't apply to any of the work required.  Quoted us a cost of $4500 to repair.

Left a message for the Used Sales manager, Joel Alvarez, on September 5, but he never returned our call.  

We've ended up taking the vehicle to an independent mechanic for repair.  After seeing how Town North conducts the sales side of their business, there's no way we'd allow them to perform the necessary repairs.

Save yourself a lot of time and trouble - just don't engage with them.  In our opinion, they are disturbingly dishonest.

Staci C. | 2014-08-23

Giving 5 stars to Kevin- Trading in a car. Did my research, was very straightforward with wanting a low car payment. and Kevin worked his magic. Very nice too. I highly recommend working with him!

Dana F. | 2014-08-17

Miserable experience- lied about the availability of the car, given the ole' bait and switch when we got there from Blake and the 'sales manger' comes to make it right with more dishonesty.  We left immediately and headed south to Clay Cooley Nissan. Bought exactly what we wanted and treated with respect and honesty!  Head south if you want good quality service!

S M. | 2014-08-12

DO NOT buy a car from these people. They use extreme high pressure sales tactics. I really liked the car I was considering buying - but they were soo pushy and offensive. if you are buying a Nissan do it elsewhere.

Eric M. | 2014-08-03

Carlos is a miracle worker! I came in wanting a very specific payment and car and he somehow made it happen! Have you ever heard of that happening? I haven't! For the first time ever I left the dealership without feeling like I got ripped off.
I came in on a Monday evening and picked my car up on Wednesday because I was having the windows tinted and the battery charged.

If you are in the market for an electric car you should absolutely go see Carlos and buy from Town North Nissan! They have the fastest battery charger in Austin and will let you use it anytime!

I will do all of my car buying from Carlos from now on!

Melissa N. | 2014-07-27

After knowing I had to purchase a car I did my research.  Know the value of your trade by checking KBB, Edmunds, and NADA.  Know the value of the car you are about to purchase and compare it to other dealerships.  

After deciding I would purchase from TNN, I showed up to the dealership and took the Altima for a ride.  No salesperson present.  When I was done test driving it, very few questions were asked.  In all fairness, I did not ask about any features on the car.  Hell, I'd been driving an 11 year old Camry, so anything would be a step up.

In hindsight, I should have asked for more details on the perks of the new car, but I didn't.  I got a great deal on the car (under retail value) and more for my trade than they offered.

The customer service was not supreme, but it was acceptable.    

How did single women purchase cars without smart phones and interest rates apps before??

No regrets (so far) on purchasing from this dealership.

Debbie B. | 2014-07-26

I think most folks are really done with the "we've got a secret price for your car, see if you can waste your time trying to get it out of us" business dealership model.

Town North still into this old school, tired approach.

Visited today, said I don't do haggling, asked straight up for best price on a specific Nissan Rogue - couldn't get it, because I wasn't committed to buying right that minute and horrors, I might "shop" around!

How silly. My wife and I rolled our eyes and left. Note - I'm a cash buyer, might have written a check today if I could have gotten some kind of straight answer.

Btw, nice SUV - handsome and drove well.

I think this kind of dealership is a dying breed. Takeaway for TN. A lot of us still have lives and we just will not waste time on this ridiculous sales dance.

TB Austin

John M. | 2014-07-13

                         On the above date approximately 7:40 am I took my wife's 2014 Nissan Altima to Town North Nissan located at 9160A Research Blvd. Austin TX 78758. I requested oil change,Tire rotation, and passenger air bag repair. When i picked up the car none of it was completed, but received a printed document from employee,Anthony Santosco that it was done.I attempted twice to resolve the matter with Manager,Jim Mays,Service Advisor, Anthony Santosco,but was unsuccessful. Both of them was rude,unprofessional,repeatedly lied,talked over me and played word games even after I showed them clear proof of the gross negligence.   Faulty air bags are a safety issue which Nissan Corp and the Federal Goverment requested repair. My wife and kids regularly occupy the car and now there safety are at risk and your emplyoyees,establishment fail to correct the problem even after three documented attempts to resolve the issue. I purposely marked the tires and oil filter but, Mr. Anthony continued to attempt to appease,downplay and belittle me with customers and co-workers present. The passenger air bag continues to malfunction and it is listed as a recall from Nissan Corperation.  I called  General Manager, Greg Kimball and left him a message @ 512-451-7411 and never received a call from him.When i bought the car the sales reps were polite, professional and efficient,now that I need service and safety issue corrected it is the WORST ever. I would like my wife's car repaired correctly without Nissan corp, or me having to baby sit grown men that Town North employed.  I would also like to complete a survey concerning the service i received and return it to the Nissan Corp.  I can be reached at . Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read and respond to my valid concerns.

Sarah F. | 2014-07-04

Came here yesterday, as a first-time buyer. Cole (I believe was his name) greeted me and I requested to see an '11 Rogue for $16,981. He left to go find the keys, and came back several minutes later, saying he thought it'd been sold (even though I *just* saw it appear online as a new arrival). He offered to show me another, more expensive Rogue, but I declined as I specifically came to see the condition of this one vehicle. He walked off to continue looking for the keys again and came back, stating that the car was off being "certified", and once more offered to show me the other vehicle. I declined again and told him that I was between two SUVs and only wanted to see the one I'd asked about. He finally brought it around for me to look at. The vehicle was in great condition, cosmetically, although their were stains in the back seat (I'm sure they could be scrubbed out though). I ended up buying from another dealership, but wouldn't write this place off in the future, if they happened to have another vehicle I wanted to see.

Callie M. | 2014-07-02

I didn't initially purchase my vehicle here, but went in the get a lug nut replaced after I had noticed it was missing on my 2014 Nissan Xterra that I had only had about 3 months.

John was extremely helpful and the replacement took about 5 minutes. He drove it up to the front and handed me the keys in the waiting area. Overall limited but positive experience.

Ravi N. | 2014-07-01

Very Good Customer Service. Joe Peterson was the service advisor. I took my Nissan Altima car which I had bought from other dealer. I was experiencing certain issues with the acceleration.

First time when they took my car for analysis, they dropped me back to my office. And after analysis they had to order a part. Once that part was received from Nissan, they called me back promptly without I following up. They gave me a rental car for the period it was on the part replacement. The service advisor Joe Peterson was very good in listening and answering my all doubts about the repair.


Lori J. | 2014-06-24

Just purchased a new vehicle from Dylan. Dylan was one of the best salesman that I've ever dealt with when buying a car. No pressure, no calling every day bugging me to make a decision. Great buying experience.  

Finance was another story; smoke and mirrors and trying to charge three times as much for stuff you shouldn't need on a brand new vehicle. It's taken over 6 weeks to get a refund from their finance people, and I'm still waiting.

Kara E. | 2014-06-21

Great, fast, friendly service. Akeem is awesome and knows his stuff.

Customers are a little rowdy, but they have a nice waiting area with popcorn, a kids play room, coffee, soda, and plenty of reading material.

Really excited that this is going to be my local shop!

Rob A. | 2014-06-21

I don't always wall out of a car dealership feeling good. But these guys couldn't have been more accommodating and professional. My salesman ERIC is the man! Super patient, very friendly, low pressure. I finally leased a car from them on my second trip in 6 months. And when I came back, he have me access to all the variations I was interested in and worked with me on the price to settle in a very fair deal. These guys will take care of you. Ask for Eric and you're in good hands.

Vivos E. | 2014-06-18

A nightmare come true!  do yourself a favor and run, run the other way!  These people have no business selling cars and don't know anything about customer service.  At least that was our experience with the self called 'best salesman' of the place -- Kyle.  This man was not only trying to sell us a Nissan Murano that have previously been on an accident and wanted to pass it on as not a big deal, but he left my husband and I waiting for over 45 minutes while he looked for the key of another Nissan we wanted to see, but they couldn't find the key for it (really really bad excuses).  

The boiling point was when he wanted us to commit to certain price (by signing an estimate) before he would even ask his boss about a better deal.  Keep in mind at this point we haven't even driven the car since he couldn't find the keys for it!  He was furious that we didn't want to sign anything and that I , a very pregnant woman, would dare to ask him to talk to his boss or to let us meet with the boss before making any commitments.  

Needless to say, we were no longer interested on being there, but I still wanted to talk to his supervisor to see if at least, we could make it our worth while to come back when the keys were available-- to our disappointment the manager didn't take the opportunity to make us want to come back and try the car...instead he was very short with answers and could have careless about us investing over 18,000 in his dealership!  Lucky for us the very next day we went to another dealership and got us the ideal Murano!  The price was just right and the sales people were awesome!  Normally, I really don't like to write these type of reviews, but sometimes you just wonder how businesses expect good loyal customers when they don't care for the customer or at least try to...

Ty D. | 2014-06-11

Great service bay.  I would recommend Anthony Santoscoy (Service Consultant).  He is very knowledgeable, helpful and patient.  Ask for Anthony the next time you take your car in for service!!!!

josh n. | 2014-05-31

What a joke. I went to this dealer 3 x each time they just tossed out a super high number and acted like it was great. I was in the marker for a Altama and I didn't want to drive south. I am so glad I did drive south. The 3rd time I came into Town North I even told the salesman how bad the other 2 visits was and never once did he have me meet a manager. I even sent an email to Group1 and they never got back to me. Do not waste your time not even for a test drive.

Ziyu L. | 2014-05-26

Went here three times before:

1st time: Manager waved us goodbye from his office through a glass.  Would not want to talk to us.

2nd time: Different price than what was promised over the phone.  Ended up buying at Round Rock Nissan.

3rd time: Good thing is that they were fast.  So, they said no to my price and we each went our separate ways.

Avery L. | 2014-05-24

After an absolutely terrible car buying experience (Clay Cooley Nissan of Austin South - don't go there), Town North took care of us. If you need a car, you need to work with Jorge Garcia. He's the internet sales manager and will do everything he can to help you out.

Long story short, we went to Clay Cooley, they promised a specific price, made us wait 4 hours, did a bait and switch, and we ended up walking. Clay Cooley called us 15 minutes later asking us to come back, but we were long gone. Next day, went to Jorge, told him the story, and he took care of us. Not only did he beat their price, the transaction was smooth, and he kept us updated very frequently (during a very busy Saturday). The few people we worked with were very courteous and polite, and I had no issues. Even after the transaction, he followed up with us to make sure we were happy with everything. Just remember that every sales associate is different. Some care more than others. However, it is very important that the people he works with such as his manager and finance manager are equally as good (in which they were).

A few weeks later, we wanted the car to be tinted darker. He went above and beyond to help me get that taken care of. He didn't tell me to just call his service department etc. This is where he makes 0 money and takes time out of his day to just help out a customer. Town North has made me a loyal customer and has restored my faith in the business. If you need a car and don't want to deal with that general sleazy cars salesman, talk to Jorge. He's your guy.

Gregory S. | 2014-05-24

Let's see, about a month ago, I was searching for a Hummer.. I was slightly obsessive and being very picky (I know what I want) I went over to Town North trying my chances at finding my new beaut..
Scotty Huffmaster approached me after a few minutes on the lot.. We got to talking about cars but what surprised me is he met me where I was at personally. He noticed my baseball cap and we spent a good while talking baseball. Ultimately I ended up buying my hummer elsewhere mainly because Town north didn't have what I was looking for. Next vehicle I purchase will probably be from Scotty.. He's a good guy. Looking for a car, get in touch with him.

David D. | 2014-05-23

From the moment I walked through the front door of Town North Nissan I felt completely comfortable.  My salesperson greeted me with me with a handshake and a warm smile. Scotty Huffmaster was extremely professional and knowledgeable. I have and will continue to recommend Scotty for anyone who is buying a new car.

Justin F. | 2014-04-26

His name was Anthony monteladeo or something, and he was the most disrespectful sales associate I've ever met. Quite seriously, the average cologne drunk Abercrombie and Fitch sales rep would put him to shame. He addressed me as "buddy, and son", never shook my hand, never got up, told me I was "no help" and to "come back later when I made up my mind". Well I just did, and it was to go to carmax.

Maddie H. | 2014-04-23

If you are planning on buying a Nissan in Austin, this is the dealership to choose!
Go see Hardy at Town North Nissan. He will make sure you are a happy customer.

Andrew F. | 2014-04-19

I was having some issues with my Nissan Armada last year.  First time I took the car in I was told they found the problem with the air conditioning smell and service light.  Walked out to the car, turned it on, it smelled like death and the light was still on.

So let them keep it another day.  Light was gone, smell better.

2 weeks later, light comes back on.  Take it back, they "fix it".

2 weeks later, light comes back on again.  Take it back, they fix (?) it again.

7 months later the light still comes on and i just got a call from Enterprise Rent a Car.  My service contract allows me to get a rental car for two days.  Apparently Nissan hasnt paid that bill.

mm. this isnt exactly the best service.  I will definitely not be shopping here or getting my service done here ever again.

Cindy S. | 2014-04-12

So far, so good with sales. Got a price by phone & Carlos is holding a new car fresh off the truck . Appreciate his patience with me & the Costco program. Stay tuned for a happy buyer next week!

Update: chosen car "in transport " ...hmm, better come tomorrow or call me sucker!
The jury is out.

Betsy M. | 2014-04-08

Today I went in for an oil change and tire rotation and it went great! Awesome staff and great waiting area with coffee, tea, popcorn, tables, tv and free wifi! I pretty much studied the entire time so it went by fast. My service advisor was Felix, and he did an awesome job with meeting my car's needs.

fran W. | 2014-03-13

This is about the service department at Town North. I had several awful experiences with them in the past. I ended up dealing with them again this past week, and was thrilled!  Chris Smith, the new Service Manager, took great care with my car. He picked it up from the transmission shop it was at, looked at it, diagnosed the problem (an oil leak) and had it fixed in a day.  Best of all, he didn't charge us at all (probably because he knew that we had had terrible experiences and that Nissan was about to lose 2 customers, but still).

Sandy S. | 2014-02-25

Terribly slow service. Hour and a half for a simple oil change on a Tuesday afternoon? and this isn't the 1st time either. Who has time for that? If your Nissan needs service, look elsewhere. I know I will.

Andrew C. | 2014-02-13

***In response to Finance Director's apology***


You had more than one opportunity to rectify the issue when my 6 month pregnant wife stopped in to personally talk to you yesterday.  However your lack of concern and condescending demeanor to her more than showed your true character and lack of customer service.  Because of your decision of INACTION, we took care of the issue. We called the 3rd party vendor.  We called Nissan Credit.  We took care of the problem when we shouldn't have to. What you are failing to realize was every word out of your mouth was an excuse to redirect and NOT to take ownership of YOUR department's failure.  As a director, the successes AND failures are your responsibility.   I am not going to call you because I have a full lack of confidence in your ability to resolve any other issue.



I'll start by saying I purchased a vehicle in November from Town North NIssan.  Great sales rep that helped us get the right vehicle for the right price.

That being said, here's my story.

Our financing would be through Nissan.  We asked to defer the payment until Feb.  They agreed to but we would have to set it up ourselves because the 3rd party vendor (US equity advantage) could not facilitate that.  We told them to cancel the debit through the 3rd party vendor and we would set up our own payments scheduled to start in Feb.  We were told it was cancelled.  

Fast forward to today.  We find out that the 3rd party vendor HAS been debiting our account.  When we called Town North Nissan, I spoke with Steve Riddick, their finance manager.  To sum it up, he's absolutely worthless.  Customer service grade? Can not compute because no chart goes that low in the negative region.  The only thing I got out of that conversation was, "Sorry it happened.  We can't do anything about it and you'll need to find another solution, but not through me.  I'm not going to waste my time on this because I've got other things to do."

Steve Riddick is the worst financial consultant I have ever had to deal with. Not only is he worthless with regards to any help, he also lacks integrity and any shred of customer service.  If you're supposed to be a manager, you need to own up to the mistakes made by your company and work to correct it.  What you did was re-direct any ownership in the problem back towards the customer.  

Way to go Town North Nissan.  

Give that guy 2 gold stars.

I wish I could re-do my "satisfaction" survey.

Paul K. | 2014-02-12

I brought our company truck back to Town North for some HVAC warranty work and a 30,000 mile checkup. What a difference a couple months makes! I was greeted promptly and the service consultant (Valarie) seemed happy to meet me and help me. Some of the other service consultants greeted me as well, at least in a cordial fashion. I was called regularly with vehicle updates, costs were accurate, and my vehicle was ready early in the day. When I picked up my truck, Valarie was unavailable, but one of the other guys walked me to the cashier and then went and inspected the truck one more time to make sure all the paper and plastic stuff was out. And he was friendly, too! Good job! Now if you can get the friendly-factor up a bit more, that'd be even better.

The one down side was that the Shuttle service took a LONG time to get back from their run and pick me up, but that has nothing to do with service and I don't hold that against the service folks.

Natalie M. | 2014-01-07

I was on the market for a new vehicle so I came in one afternoon. Despite me saying that I wouldn't be ready to make a decision for a few weeks the salesmen kept asking, "What do I have do to get you in this vehicle today?"

Ugh. Leave me alone. Let me do my research and make an informed decision. He called me three times after I left.

I bought a car elsewhere.

Justice F. | 2013-12-31

Applies to sales only at Town North only:

Unresponsive. Lazy. Confused. Disorganized.  Don't know how to sell to a willing & ready buyer. Makes car buying painful.  This experience consistently over 4 different sales staff/managers.

Avoid - go to RR Nissan instead.

Ling Z. | 2013-12-19

The service manager - Austin Morin, showed no respect to a customer and being very rude. He even told me that no pick up service after I pointed out that he had some attitude when he was listening my complains.

I was assigned a bus driver but that bus driver unnecessarily wasted 30 minutes in local headless driving without knowing where should he send the other customer to. I was not happy with that driver, and told him I wanted to complain. Later on Austin Morin called me, he didn't have patience to listen to my complains at all and cut me in the middle many times, jumped to a conclusion that I wasn't happy because the driver didn't send me first. After I politely pointed out that he had some attitude in dealing with a customer complain, he started warning me that he cannot send another driver to pick me up from downtown to take my service car! He told me " I am the service manager, I cannot send any car pick you up today"! During our conversation, he never showed any respect and never wanted to apologize sincerely.

Basically, this service manager is sending me an message like "hey, I am the service king here, if you are not happy, don't come.  

Bye, town north nissan, I will not give you any business in the future.

Melisa D. | 2013-12-05

We bought a $5500 car that needed $3000 worth of service, per the lemon check we had done immediately.  Took the car back within 24 hours and have been struggling to get our cashiers check and cash returned to us.
12/6/13. Nancy saved the day!  Nancy followed it through, and got our check for us today. Thanks, Nancy!

Krystal D. | 2013-11-12

I am very disappointed in the customer service that I have received.

My first complaint is that during the sale of my vehicle, the salesman told me the price of the vehicle that we agreed upon and assured me that I would be able to use my bank to do the financing. Then when I meet with the finance person, he tells me he is sorry but I will either have to choose to use Nissan Financing or they will add $1,000 more to the price of the vehicle. I was quite upset about this since I was able to get a lower interest rate with my bank. He couldn't help what the sales guy had said.... Anyhow, I went ahead and used the Nissan financing and just turned around to refinance it with my bank. In my opinion, Nissan should have sucked it up and given me what they said they were going to give me.

Since I have had this truck, I have taken several hours off of work and used my gas to drive back and forth to this dealership wasting my time. Which is not what I expect when I buy a NEW vehicle.

1st time - drop off to fix paint damage on passenger door that was noted during the purchase.
2nd time -  pick it back up
3rd time - no one would answer phone, so I drove back to talk about the problem with the rear door
4th time - go back to drop car off to fix rear door
5th time - went to pick it up, but there was a new scratch, so left it there
6th time - went to pick it up (even though the silver plate wasn't fixed)

3 months later when the silver plate falls off completely....

7th time - I called to order the silver plate from the parts dept and he advised that I have the service dept fix it. So service dept had me drive all the way over there just to say, "ok we will order the part"

This is just frustrating because several of these trips back and forth to this dealership could have been easily prevented. This has taken a lot of my time, not to mention gas driving back and forth. How hard is it to do a quick walk around to make sure things are good to go before calling me to come pick up the vehicle?

I am quite sure someone was aware of the problem with the rear door to begin with and just didn't say anything.

David S. | 2013-11-09

Went back to check out a 2013 Rogue SL. My gf and I had test driven one last month and overall she was very comfortable with it, being her first vehicle. We went to a variety of dealerships and usually there was a salesperson that didn't mind letting her drive a vehicle (and not pressure us into buying a vehicle TODAY). Let's face it, they're in business to sell cars and we're here to figure out if they have a vehicle that meets our needs at a price we are happy with. Anyway Konstantin Allen was our sales person and our finance guy was Kory Dupree. Anyway Konstantin let us test drive the Rogue and a Maxima back in October. We went there to see what Rogues they had on the lot and got a 2013 black Rogue SL FWD. It had every option, including leather except for the AWD, which for Austin, it's not too important. Aside for the little high balling initially, (no trade in so your bargaining power is quite good, especially for a "common" car like a Rogue). After we stood up and was about to go check out Round Rock Nissan (they had a silver SL AWD, which would've been slightly nicer), she wound up saying yes to the black one after they knocked off a few more hundred dollars, at 0% APR. I told Kory up front that this was going to be a 3 year trade in car and we weren't interested in extended warranty, maintenance plan, etc and he got the picture. He tried to pitch once but got the hint that we just wanted to sign and drive. Full tank of gas and first oil change free, they are very accommodating. Also vehicle was prepped and ready the same night and we basically got the window tint, wheel locks and N2 tire gas fill for free. Overall one of my most satisfying buying experiences.

S R K. | 2013-10-30

I needed to sell my 2009 Honda before moving out of the state. I went to auto trader to get a quote to sell my used car. As soon as I received an online quote, I was contacted by Adrienne from Nissan. We scheduled an appointment for the next day. She had all the documentation ready and it took 15 minutes to appraise my car. She came back with a number very close to the online quote. I came back the next day to hand-off the car. It took less than 5 minutes for the process since she had already prepared everything necessary. The hand-off was quick and efficient. 2 days later, she gave me the check for my car. This entire process was simple, efficient, and pleasant. I rate Adrienne as one of the best car salesman catering to the customer needs. Customer service goes a long way and it pays rich dividends and I wish the best for Adrienne and her dealership :D

Steve M. | 2013-10-28

I own a 2009 Titan with a driver seat issue where the edge of the metal back brace is protruding through the foam and making its way through the seat cover, in 2012 Service looked at it and replaced the seat cover. My 2008 Titan didn't have this problem nor my 2010 Armada but its happening again and I am 500 miles over my factory warranty and just now finding out my extended warranty does not cover "trim", its not a part of the seat where it gets worn down. I believe this existing issue should be covered and ultimately having the seat replaced to eliminate a possible defective seat. I was told to called Nissan corp customer service by Town North Service and all I got was since I have been loyal customer since our first Stanza they will pay for only half.... not acceptable. I guess my loyalty isn't worth much and with two kids needing cars soon I'll have to break the Nissan trend and move on to another manufacture.

Leah E. | 2013-10-26

2013 Altima - 4 months old with 7500 miles and needs a new transmission.....nice!
Top that off with the fact that I can get no one to return my phone calls to start the discussion of me no longer wanting this obviously terrible product.
Left messages with now 4 seperate people - the general manager and sales manager included -and no one can call me back. Seems odd.....

April M. | 2013-10-23

Update:  After having an extensive phone call with the GM and Service Manager--I was invited to bring my car back in so that my tires and brakes could be reevaluated.  Both gentlemen were VERY apologetic about my experience and because their desire was to truly get to the bottom things & it was close to my office I agreed.  Upon inspection--my brakes were no where near what the initial inspection was noted as.  In fact I believe they were 8mm and 6mm...The front was "green" and the rear "yellow".  This situation will be used as a training and developmental opportunity and they were all happy that I was willing to help them improve their service department.  Is anyone perfect NO...Do we all make mistakes?  YES...  I doubt that I personally will have this type of experience again here and really hope that they (The New GM & New Service Manager) are able to get everyone on the same page of a customer service driven establishment.  I was pleased with today's visit and thankful that management encouraged me to call because I really wanted an explanation. I got it....We made a mistake....It's rare that those words escape a business owners/representatives lips but today it did I appreciated their honesty.

Dave L. | 2013-10-03

Worst service experience ever:
  - took 4 weeks of our Murano in the shop to fix the problem with the "fancy key"
  - Nissan told us our extended warranty provider was extending the car rental allowance during this 4 weeks, and they were wrong -- only covered 1 week of rental
  - claimed they found "no problem" with the catalytic converter which CarMax had just found a problem with (and said dealer had to fix).  Couple months later, the car won't run, because of the catalytic converter!
  - service contact was polite, but never returned calls
  - service manager was rude as all get out

Jen N. | 2013-09-23

I can only speak to their service department. Some of the people in service are kind and professional. Others are quite frankly ass*oles. Some will bother to answer their phone or call you back. Others never do.
But nobody (shockingly) is very good at repairing Nissans. I had to bring mine back again and again as it would die on me. You know, on the freeway or 30 min on the opposite side of town. And I paid them and paid them to fix it. It never was and they went back on their promise to fix it. I went to Southpoint Nissan, talked with their brand new service head manager. And he and their service reps restored my faith in Nissan. Don't go to Town North. Southpoint is the way to go.

J S. | 2013-09-19

I thought these guys were pants.  I contacted them via the Nissan Website, following up a lead on a deal advertised there.  According to the Nissan site they are 'internet certified' so given I was at that stage asking questions thought I'd at least get a dialogue started.

I was contacted by a Liza S., Internet Manager.  By the wording of the email from her you would get the impression she didn't want to correspond by email - surprising for an 'internet manager' in an 'internet certified' organization.  There was no 'how can I help you?' or anything like that, just a form email saying 'I work by appointment' and 'don't hesitate to contact me', by phone I might add.  Nevertheless as I was just asking some initial questions (although I was a serious lead) I thought I'd just give it a go.

I asked:

(1) What are the 'great incentives' and 'internet savings'?  She'd made reference to such things in her introductory email, but not said what they actually were or meant.
(2) Was the deal on the Nissan site referring to an Automatic or stick model? (it had AT in the name, but the details listed stick specifically so this was a minor clarification)
(3) I asked her what 'well qualified' meant in terms of financing.

The latter I asked because I have excellent credit, but I've never heard of people qualifying for this - some nonsense reason being given for why what you saw advertised doesn't apply to you so I wanted to know the criteria in order to understand if the offer was genuine and not be spun a lie, given a bait and switch if I came in.

Liza's response (with my commentary on it added)

'These are great questions'
This isn't a good start.  One who responds with that, usually I find does not go on to answer them.

'(1) The internet pricing will include all of the incentives, and rebates in the special pricing. This pricing is for qualified buyers looking to finance through NMAC'.

Which doesn't really answer the question now does it?  I asked what it was, not what it included and by telling me what it included, itself being marketing term I am none the wiser.

'(2) AT means automatic transmission, and there must be a typo on the website. I will look further into this to clarify which type of transmission the vehicle has. Do you by chance have a stock number on the vehicle?'
In asking for 'stock number' it appears she assumes I was referring to Town North's website.  Silly given I'd been referred via and referenced the Nissan main one, but nevertheless as she'd confirmed here (sort of) that references to AT/stick shouldn't be mixed I could only follow up as best as I could (below)

'(3)Qualified buyer; this is a question more for my finance department. Ultimately, the banks determine who a qualified buyer is'

Nothing to do with banks, NMAC decides who they finance to and the criteria.  Either way, there is criteria, it doesn't matter who specifies what it is, it shouldn't be difficult to state it.

Nevertheless, rather than inform her I didn't think she answered the questions and had possibly even been evasive I responded as follows:

Me(1):So the internet pricing is no different to the 'walk-in' pricing?
This was a polite way of leading the conversation to pinpoint the differences between internet and walk-in 'special pricing' and trying to establish what the facts behind these terms were.
Me(2): (an explanation that it's on the Nissan site and steps as to where to find it so she could let me know whether it was an AT or a stick).
Me: (3) I'd be grateful if you can put me in touch with one of these people then.
i.e. if you think this question is for the finance department, then please introduce me.  Not unreasonable given the apparent unwillingness to ask them for this and cut/paste it to me.

So, what response did I get?


I tell a lie, I got an email from Nissan asking me to complete a survey based on my experience.  IIRC it was a quality rank, a 'would you recommend this dealer', with a comments box to which I answered '0', 'no' and commented as here.

I got an email from Nissan a few days later acknowledging the feedback, saying they'd spoke to the dealership and asked them to get in touch with me.  They asked 'have they already been in contact with you?' to which I responded 'no'.  Another few days later I got an email saying they had again spoke to the dealer and someone called Jorge G. (from the dealership) would be contacting me shortly.

I was never contacted.  My email was very rudely (read: without my permission) added to their spam mailing list, but no it seems (other than junk email) these people can't be bothered to get back to you.

I would be very careful with this dealership.  In my experience, people who cannot explain special deals and financing criteria are unwilling to do so for dubious reasons.

It's their loss. I got a vehicle from another Nissan dealer the following weekend so I can't say I'm that bothered, only with customer service so bad the only thing to do is yelp.

Liz C. | 2013-09-17

I purchased my Nissan Versa from Town North Nissan brand-new in 2011.  The last 3 times I have had my car serviced, something major has happened.  In March, my fuel pump went out on a road trip.  In June after an oil change my windshield wiper motor went out.  I just had my 30,000 mile last week.  My battery died 2 days later.  Wouldn't that have shown up on the diagnostics?  That was replaced and I took my car back in to have the windshield wiper motor replaced.  Picked up my car this morning, drove off, the sprayer on the motor isn't working.  Wouldn't they have tested that?  I'm obviously as frustrated and deeply disappointed with the lack of skill and professionalism I am experiencing as anyone would be.

Shadow P. | 2013-09-16

Awhile back I bought 2006 inifinti g35 coupe from the used car  lot. The sale guy was 5 star, but used sale manager there 1 star. The problem was after I bought the car. First  time I wash the car I notices that the rim was discoloring, just 1week after I got the looks like the rim was painted black and reprinted again to metallic. I called the sale guy and went to show it to him. He said that he would take care of it. But the guy that they subcontract will usually come in Thursday . So I wait until Thursday when I went in again, the sale manager looked at the rims and say that I used some kind of chemical to discolored it. I was amazed on how he right always accuse me of messing up my rim. Then he stated that since it was my fault I would have to pay $200 to fix it. From what I can tell, north town hires cheap repair to touch the car, make it look nice then sale it to you. After a couple of washes, then imperfection start showing....shady used car dealership for Nissan.local used car lot I would have understand, but dealership?  . I will never go there for a used or new car again..not even for a service.

Barbara T. | 2013-09-12

I'm on a roll with car dealers today (get it, on a roll? hehe) so here's another dealership with whom I've had multiple dealings. The service and parts departments have been very good, but the sales person and sales manager with whom I dealt were sleazy and dishonest beyond words.

They lied over the phone and said they had the brand new SUV I wanted in stock. When I got there they pulled a bate-and-switch and told me that the one they had was actually a different color, with different features, and a higher price. They talked us into a test drive promising that if we liked it, they could "easily get us what we wanted." After the test drive, they herded us into a tiny room and proceeded to use high-pressure sales tactics. They said they could give us the price we asked for as well as the trade value we wanted for our car. But then they kept coming back from the sales manager (you know, the old car dealer negotiation tactic) with prices that were higher. When we finally said "no" the sales lady (pretty on the outside but cold and calculating) turned INSTANTLY mean, and said, "Sorry we couldn't make a deal. Thanks for your time." All of the pleasantries were gone and so was her smile.

As soon as we left, the sales manager called and said to come back and they would lower the price. We did, against my better judgement, because I really liked the SUV. They said, "If we get the price where you want it, sign this page saying that you will do the deal. That will allow us to get the vehicle here." Like an idiot I signed and left, but the price wasn't listed on that form. The next day ice queen (now turned friendly again) called us and said they had the vehicle and to come on in. She said they had lowered the price and were "in the range" that we wanted. WHAT?! IN THE RANGE? What about the price I agreed to? I told her that would only buy the vehicle if the price was EXACTLY what we wanted, not "in the range." She started making threats and saying, "I have your signature." I said, "Thank you for your time, but we're not on the same page here and I will not be buying anything." For the next three days I got voicemails from her and the sales manager saying they had our signature and that we HAD to buy the vehicle. I finally called her back and told her to stop harassing us or we would pursue the matter legally. Never heard another peep after that.

Lesson learned. NEVER agree to anything you don't completely understand and feel good about, NEVER let yourself be pressured into a deal, NEVER sign anything until you're actually buying a vehicle that is physically there in front of you, and NEVER deal with Town North Nissan thugs.

Cara O. | 2013-08-22

They are always super helpful and nice.  The only thing that holds me back from a higher rating is the long wait times to get an appt.

Matthew M. | 2013-08-19

so I have to be honest, I used to be a mechanic, I know cars pretty well, but my profession leaves me with little time to service my own cars. I have noticed that after a year or so since I had a crap ton of end of warranty repairs done on my Nissan, that the dealership didn't do half of the stuff they said they did.. My fog lights that I said were shorted out, they claimed were burned out, well, a year later, the magically came back on?! Ooooo Maaagggiic!!! so they were never actually checked.. The motor mount that was "replaced", guess what?! Its still bad?! Also, I noticed most of the grommets under the hood are missing, so the panels are loose... I am forced to buy my own parts and do the job correctly. I cant even trust the dealership!!!

Dawn W. | 2013-08-17

My props to the service manager and service department. While I couldn't afford the "motherboard" repairs suggested for my Versa, I was thrilled with the way the handled getting my cracked dashboard repaired.

I know sometimes mistakes happen, so I wasn't pissed when I discovered that the dashboard got cracked during inspection. The service manager handled it like a pro. Had the part ordered before I left. Called me as soon as it was in to schedule the appointment, and had the repair completed within 15 mins.

Thank you for taking a mistake and making it better. And also giving me faith to bring my Versa in for future repairs.

Eric S. | 2013-08-13

Bought my Altima here in the summer of '11.  The car is fine, and I'm happy with the deal I got, but otherwise the experience was dreadful.

I paid for the car up front with a cashier's check, so this should have been the simplest of new car transactions, but no.  Had to stand around some 60-90 minutes; meanwhile the salesman (whose name was Chan if I recall) was trying to make deals with other potential customers.  Then ultimately I was allowed to leave without the paperwork.  Partly my fault I guess, and perhaps they are not used to cash transactions, so I wasn't too angry about that.  I simply called Chan and asked him to mail me the paperwork, and he agreed.  The height of insult: The jackass did nothing.  I had to contact the sales manager, who did follow through and mail me the paperwork.

There's more.  When my plates came in I went back, reluctantly (what choice?).  Turns out the car they sold me didn't have a bracket for the front plate.  Big deal, surely they had lots of them.  Nope!  Had to drive around for a week without a front plate (illegal in Texas) and go back there a second time.

Haven't been back there since.  I get my Altima serviced elsewhere.

Meg A. | 2013-07-30

I recently bought my 2008 Mazda 3 from the Used car dealer ship and I have never felt so ripped off in my whole life. In the 4 months since I have had the car I have had to take it in 2xs to be repaired totaling over $600 in repairs.They will not help me at all. I spent cash on my car bought the extended warranty that I was assured would cover anything that was defective in my car. I was told that they have a service station on site everything will always be taken care of. That was till the first time it broke down. then 'm told that the warranty I was sold only covers very select problems, something that I was flat out lied to when I bought it, and I have to take it to a different dealership because they will only service the Nissans there. 2 weeks after the first break down and the ac goes out. Now when I bought this warranty I was specifically told that it covered the ac, because this is south Texas and god forbid you don't have AC in 105 degree heat. NOPE. Not covered. I have called and talked to every manager I can, no one will do anything and it's impossible sometimes to talk to someone that can actually help at all. To top it off I have been talked to as if I was a child and dismissed on several occasions, I am 30 years old and have owned several vehicles all on my own I don't appreciate being talked to as a child not to mention when I don't appreciate that they will try and talk about something making it sound difficult to dismiss an issue when I have actually worked on that part of my car before and I know what it is and how it works and you are literally lying to me to get me to just roll over and say of ok I didn't know that was how that works. Please for the sake of your sanity and bank account DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR HERE!

Steven L. | 2013-07-01

The service dept sucks.
Tried to get an appointment for a simple oil change. This is the Monday before July 4th. Was told I couldn't get an appointment for the entire week! I said no and was going to go to Jiffy lube or similar BUT, after thing about it, I have never had any work done on my car other than be a dealer. (2009 Versa). So, I called back and tried to make an appointment for next week. I was told there were no appointments available for the week except "drop off" that require a two hour wait. I declined.
I called South Point Nissan, a 30 min drive for me, and I was told come on in anytime, 30 mins out the door, no appointment needed. They have a new customer for life. The drive is worth the service. No way to run a business!

Heather L. | 2013-06-24

Ask for MATT OCHOA.  He helped us with the car we wanted and made us a reasonable deal.  We are very happy.

C. S. | 2013-06-21

Called to make an oil change appointment for a Friday or Saturday (pretty much anytime of day) and was turned away before going on vacation. This is supposed to be my regular dealership too as it is close to home and go there regularly for service. I do realize this is a busy dealership though and maybe I called too late. Funny - I called a few places down by the Gulf where we are going to the beach this month (June). Ha! I have an appointment down there. Go figure.

I would not be yelping if it were not for this- what really irritates me about this dealership is that it has tried to sell me a new battery every time I have gone in for an oil change or maintenance, even after having the car for less than a year. This is like saying, "Yes, our factory battery sucks." I am not stupid. Usually, I go get the battery tested at a few places after this has been communicated to me. Battery charge was fine until recently. After owning the car for three years now, the battery has needed to be replaced (maybe the factory battery does suck). Guess what? I did not buy it here for all the misinformation in the last three years. Read Desi M's review below. Same experience.

Service is decent when going in and always quick, but I could use less of the high sales pitch when I go in for a simple service. Service people are professional, aside from the fact that my battery is always dead under their watch.

On the positive side, I love my Nissan car. Reliable.

Jill H. | 2013-06-17

The worst! Simply trying to get some outstanding recalls on my Altima taken care of and these guys made it impossible--wanted to charge for diagnostics, the manager wouldn't even speak to me. Terrible, avoid this place like the plague!

Chi C. | 2013-06-05

Almost bought a car from these slimy people, but THANK GOD we have friends who steered us clear! From the very beginning, I felt like this sales person was an airhead who did not listen to anything I had to say, did not pay attention to detail and used textbook "used car sales tactics" to keep us coming back. In the end, we found a MUCH better deal at the Nissan dealer in Temple. It was a drive, but we got a FULLY LOADED 2013 Armada Platinum Reserve for LESS than what these crooks tried to sell us ONE THAT WE DIDN'T REALLY WANT! And Carlos, the sales manager was very disrespectful and rude, so beware! Just make a short drive, do your homework and you will find that these guys are not ones you want to do business with...

Amy M. | 2013-05-06

Nissan headquarters phoned me back - I'm tenacious - and said it was under warranty (not recall). I had just a few miles left to get it done under that criteria. 06 Pathfinder repaired. This service company should have known that. Bought hubby with to assure proper treatment. They all but chest bumped my husband. Auto dealership world is a dude-oriented world.

Michael G. | 2013-04-30

I thought service was getting bad these days but these guys take the cake. I drove into the so-called 'service bay' and was completely ignored even though I had called ahead and was the ONLY vehicle in there. After waiting a minute or so for a service advisor, I got out and went into the service area. There were three men at their desks in there and not one of them bothered to look up when the door opened. I had to get their attention with a loud, 'EXCUSE ME... CAN I GET SOME SERVICE HERE?' Talk about a dead-pan look from these guys. If you've seen the dullards in 'Idiocracy' you know what I'm talking about. Not a spark of intelligence in their eyes. Even the service manager was about as friendly as a fence post. On top of that, when I asked about getting a map update for my friend's GPS, they looked at me like I was speaking a foreign language. Finally one of them told me I had to call Nissan or go on the Nissan website and order it. No address was given. No phone call attempt was made on my behalf. Nothing but the absolute worst excuse for service I've ever been around. I will not be back.

Derek D. | 2013-04-17

Since the beginning of this month I have been on the quest to purchase a new vehicle.  This process is always arduous and taxing.  I discovered the 2013 Nissan Xterra and I really liked it.  I went to Town North Nissan located in Austin Texas and they made the car buying process even more stressful and actually life threatening. On Tuesday 4/09/13 I went and test drove a 2013 Xterra S 4X4 with Sales Consultant #1.  I returned to the same dealership on 4/16/13 to test drive a 2wd Xterra.  I was given the key to a brand new 2013 Xterra X 2wd and told to take it on my own for a drive.  Within 6 minutes of my test drive on the highway smoke started pouring out of the Xterra and the gas pedal was not responsive.  This was absolutely terrifying, extremely stressful not to mention life threatening to both myself and the other drivers on the highway around me.  I was able to coast off the highway and coast out of the way of traffic with cars swerving all around me. I immediately called the dealership and before I could fully explain the situation the receptionist transferred me to the sales man's voice mail.  I immediately called back and told the receptionist what happened and she paged Sales Consultant #1.  Sales Consultant #1 got on the phone apologized and said he would be there soon.  About 20-30 after I had been sitting in the smoking car Consultant #1 and Consultant #2 showed up.  I was visibly shaken by the whole terrible ordeal and the first thing they told me was that if anyone ask I should say there was a sales consultant in the car with me.  I am a very honest man and do not appreciate being pulled into a lie.  I found this to be extremely unprofessional and distasteful after my ordeal.  Then I got into Consultant #2's car to ride back to the dealership.  He kept saying "well you're ok. You're ok.  Stuff like this can happen but we're going to make it right.  We're going to do whatever we have to, to make this right and get you in one of them."  While driving back Consultant #1 called and Consultant #2 answered it on speaker phone.  Consultant #1 explained the broken down Xterra was about to be towed and "thankfully they didn't ask any questions about if anyone was in the car."  Once we returned to the dealership, Consultant #2 asked me to come in and talk to him so he could "make it right".  This resulted in a pressurized sales pitch for the 2013 Xterra S.  Then it switched to a sales pitch for the car that had just broken down on me, and then back to the Xterra S.  He showed me a sheet that had both the sales price listed and msrp listed.  He was willing to come down about $1,100 dollars but that still did not seem like he was "making it right".  He explained multiple incentives that would not apply to me, and were completely not helpful.  Finally I had, had enough and said I would return the next day to see what we could work out.  Stressed, discouraged, and still upset I left the dealership. I then contacted another Nissan dealership here in Austin and they gave me a very aggressive competitive price for the 2013 Xterra S.  I returned to the Town North Dealership today 4/17/13 to see if we could make a deal.  I again returned to Consultant #1's desk and presented him with the information I had including the the offer from the other dealership.  He in turn took that to his manager Renee Marquez.  He returned with an offer that was still higher than the other dealership, and said I could talk to Renee directly if I liked.  I agreed. He went to get Renee, and I they were walking up to the desk I was sitting at I could hear Renee say "Oh no he's confused he doesn't know what he's talking about this is a miss communication." I said "there is no miss communication on my part"  Renee was visibly surprised I could hear him bad mouthing me.  He then proceeded to tell me that there was no way he could do this deal and the other dealership had probably lied to me, and he just couldn't do this and if I had an offer I should take it."  I mentioned the car breaking down and he did not care.  He was completely rude, unprofessional, disrespectful, insulting, and very tacky in his delivery.  So I got up to leave and was reassured by Sales Consultant #1 that it was not my just perception of Renee's behavior, but his as well.  This has been a horrible experience with Town North Nissan and now seeing how it's management treats its potential  clients I am now not surprised.  Sales Consultant #1 was actually very nice to work with, and I hate that Renee Marquez cost him a sale.  It's really too bad Renee is representing Nissan as he is terrible and unprofessional.  It burned me on Town North Nissan, and has almost burned me on Nissan all together.  AVOID TOWN NORTH NISSAN!!

Emma S. | 2013-03-29

I had a friendly sales person. This is the only good thing I can say about my experience purchasing a Nissan. I love Nissans and have owned one for seven years, but I will never go back to this dealership and would think twice about purchasing another Nissan. The salesperson's boss was rude and aggressive for no particular reason. The finance manager tried to sell me over $8000 in warranties. I had to say no to him more than 10 times. With an almost perfect credit score, I was offered a ridiculously high interest rate, which I negotiated down in a ridiculously epic battle.

Lisa R. | 2013-03-11

I've bought 5 cars here, and I'm always well taken care of. I currently own a 2012 Murano, a 2012 Juke, and a 2005 350Z. I've also bought a 2011 Murano and a 2009 Altima, both of which were totaled (I was not driving on either occasion).

My husband and I had a horrible experience at another dealership when we bought the Z, so we ended up buying it here. That sales guy is now the finance director and is still an awesome guy. He's helped us iron out a dozen different situations and has taken great care of us for years, ever since we bought the Z.

Subsequent cars were bought from Jerome Dunu in sales. He's tremendously helpful and knowledgeable about the cars, and he's really a laid-back, genuinely nice guy.

I've had multiple service issues with my Z, which was badly damaged in a hail storm before I bought it. There was a time or two when it started to look like the dealership wasn't going to do the right thing, but they always have.

It may be because I know a few people there, but I research pricing before I walk in, and I haven't had to negotiate at all based on what I've found and the price they've given me. Again, just a tremendously positive experience for someone who hates the process of negotiating for and buying a car.

I'm guessing that car dealerships get the short end of the stick a lot of times on Yelp. People are more likely to write a review based on bad experiences rather than good ones, especially in this space. As a truly long-time customer, I wanted to talk about my experiences here.

There was another car we seriously considered when we bought the '12 Murano, but in the end, the long history of great customer service brought us back to Nissan and to Town North. I'm quite sure we'll be back when it's time to upgrade that Z.

Jane N. | 2013-02-22

Don't go here to get your car serviced, they are reckless, will damage your car, and waste your time.

I took my car here to get a recall fixed, and they had to do some work that involved removing the steering wheel. In the course of this, they completely broke the steering well and had to replace it. I though, oh well, new steering wheel, but I should have realized this did not bode well for the quality of mechanics they are apparently hiring.

I picked up the car and the steering wheel alignment was terrible (and very different from when I dropped the car off) and my blinker noise was faulty. I called and they said they would fix it. So, I took it back in, and when I picked it up the next time, they fixed the alignment but the guy said they couldn't fix the noise, and then showed me by hitting the dash with his fist how that could affect the blinker noise without much more time and trouble.

Not a huge deal so I took it home and immediately noticed on my drive home a very noticeable crack in the dash and place where the plastic had been chipped off which happened to be near where he was hitting it. I called and they said bring it back in. So, back again a third time to the crappiest dealership in Austin and the manager decided it was too expensive for them to cover and said I couldn't do anything because there was no way prove they did it. Bad bad place.

Brandon B. | 2013-02-14

For the past eight years, my wife and I have only had the money to own one car and share it between our two jobs. That changed this week. I received a job offer that required me to have a car to travel between my office and our clients. Having just purchased a new Toyota Prius in early October, I thought there would be no way we'd be able to handle another car payment, but Town North Nissan made it happen. Within an hour of receiving my offer letter, my wife and I were at the dealership and talking to Blake, who is awesome by the way. I told him we were interested in the new 2013 Altima and he immediately went to work on finding the perfect match for us. We settled on the 2.5 SV model in black with charcoal interior. The chrome on black accents on the exterior are SEXY. Blake made the entire transaction seamless. He gave us a very fair price right off the bat and there wasn't much negotiation needed based on my research. Within an hour we were approved for financing and they were getting the car ready for us. The only reason I didn't give Town North Nissan five stars was that the finance guy put on a pretty hard sell for extra warranty coverage. However, I know that's his job and I wasn't going to let it get to me too much. By the end of the evening, I was in my new Altima and driving home with that wonderful new car smell. I'll review the service center when the time comes to use it.

Adam M. | 2013-01-01

The service manager was very helpful in resolving an issue I had with the service performed.  I was pleasantly surprised that he made sure I was completely satisfied and left a happy customer.

Scott T. | 2012-10-29

Shuttle service was nice bonus and the staff was friendly.

Ashley S. | 2012-09-28

First car dealership experience ever:

AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL. If you want to deal with a real sleezebag, then ask for a guy named Kyle in the used car lot. At first, I thought everything was pretty cool here. He let me drive the a 2011 Nissan Juke, and a 2008 Toyota Yaris sedan. I liked both cars. But they weren't what I was looking for. I wanted to see the grey 2011 Nissan Sentra. I called before I came and he told me he had it. When I got there, he said another salesman put another customer in it and he didn't know when it would be back. All his excuses were sketchy. He put me in another Nissan Sentra with more mileage. I drove it and immediately knew there was something wrong with. I may be a chick but I know enough about cars. Pushing the accelerator produced a seriously LOUD noise. It was the noisiest car I've ever been in. The acceleration was weak, and I was comparing it to a 95 Honda Civic. It made me think all Nissans at this point were crap. I brought back the Sentra the next day, everyone I showed agreed there was something wrong involving the power/drive train. He let me take the original Sentra I was interested in. But at that point I didn't trust that d-bag and wasn't going to buy anything from him. He knowingly put me in a LEMON and refused to acknowledge it time and time again. Not only that, he constantly bothered me with constant phone calls throughout the day leaving multiple voicemails. Talk about adding pressure and stress to an already stressful decision and experience!

When I returned the 2nd Sentra, he tried to to still sell me on anything and everything. He even offered to go up on giving me more for my trade in. As I was walking out of his office he was shouting "I'll give ya 2,000 for your trade in! I'll give ya 3,000 for your trade in!" Desperate and full of himself, this guy needs a new profession. There's nothing more annoying than dealing with a man who's excessively full of himself.

Because of this experience, I stayed away from ALL car dealerships and post-poned my new car search for almost 3 months. And it also made me decide I should just go ahead and buy a brand new car. DON'T GO HERE!

Mike V. | 2012-09-14

Really wish I could give them 0 stars. They have had my car for over 12 and haven't even started to work on it. What's the point of a service appointment if they don't hold their end up. These guys suck at everything they do. DO NOT GO HERE EVER!!!!

latrese s. | 2012-07-25

Nancy is the best thing they have going for them!  The salesman was was pushy and did not honor the Internet price. We really should not have bought the car. The entire process took 8 hours... no exaggeration. We have since spent $2,500 plus on repairs and the car is now one year old. =( I would have rated them a zero had it not been for Nancy who works with warranties.

Kevin P. | 2012-04-04

Bought a used 06 Nissan Titan in 2009.  Price was good, but they nicked me for a bogus $175 documentation fee that I missed until I got home.  Also, they charged a registration fee, but didn't register the truck.  The old registration was good for 9 months, and they just let it ride.  5 stars for price.  1 star for the bogus fees.

One month later, the heater failed.  Although the truck was just out of warrantee, they fixed it anyway.  However, the dash board rattled after the repair, and the heater failed again, 2 years later.  5 stars for stretching the warrantee.  2 stars for the quality of the work.

I returned for a second heater repair.  This time they charged for the repair, but they didn't fix the problem. Sure, it didn't make the same awful noises anymore, but the heater still didn't work.  1 star for shoddy work.

Then, the truck developed a leak in the transmission fluid lines that lead up to the oil cooler in the front of the truck.  The truck only has 58K miles at this point, and should have failed like this for another 5 years, minimum.  I hit the online forums, and this is a common failure for Titans.

Worse, Town North determined that the power train warrantee has expired.  It's a 5 year / 60K warrantee.  I have 58K miles, but the truck is 5 years 7 months old.  7 months out of warrantee.  I expected Nissan would extend the warrantee, since this is their first foray into the full-size truck market, and I would have thought they would want to get it right.  But no.  Town North charged for the repair.  1 star for not taking responsibility for a known Nissan Titan defect.

Last, I asked them to look at the heater problem, which still occurred after two repairs.  They claimed that their last repair was good, but something else was broken, and they wanted to charge me AGAIN for a third repair.  Efff that.  I said NO.  1 star for not honoring their work.

Furthermore, I see some dampness on the power steering lines.  These are the same type of high-pressure transmission hoses that failed.  I'll take the truck elsewhere, to have these hoses replaced, and to get the heater fixed.

2 stars.  I'm not impressed.

Aidan L. | 2012-03-26

Unbelievably bad. My wife and I had never been to Town North Nissan before and we walked in on a Saturday morning with money in our pocket, ready to buy a pre-owned car.

We literally stood in the middle of the main hall for 15 minutes looking to find someone to assist us!! Sales people were just standing around talking to each other in their offices or pretending to be busy - completely ignoring us. At some point one of the salesmen briskly asked "Do you need something?" and as soon as we told him we were looking to buy a car he replied with "ok" and disappeared never to be seen again. After joking with my wife about how it seemed like they wanted us to get on our knees to beg them to sell us a car, we walked out and never looked back.

Worst customer service I've experienced from any business EVER.

MiMi R. O. | 2012-03-07

I am now a proud owner of a beautiful, brand new Maxima!!  Thanks to the Town North Nissan team, they all went above and beyond for me!  If you're in the market to purchase a new Nissan, I highly recommend this dealership!  Make your appointment with JEROME D. who assisted me every step of the way and whose service was outstanding!  

I can't say enough good things about Jerome...overall he was great at being patient and accommodating (with everything!), which is a must with me.  What I loved the most was I NEVER felt pressured by Jerome or anyone else I spoke to at the dealership.  Everyone was about going above and beyond to make sure I was happy.  And when making a big purchase like this, it's that type of service that separates them from the rest of the competition.

For me it was a 4-day process but definitely well worth it!  From day one Jerome and team were very attentive with my needs and wants.  They asked all the right questions and just seemed genuinely interested in what I was looking for...they were ready and willing to fulfill all of my requests which I really appreciated.  The first day I was on the fence if I should go with my first choice (the Maxima); I did have a few other brands I was considering and looking at.  That's when Jerome and team offered to loan me the car for the weekend (and of course I happily accepted)!  At first I was in disbelief, I have never heard of a dealer loaning out a brand new car "just to try it"!  Even at that point, there was no commitment involved and no pressure at all.  I mean they helped to make the process so easy and keeping me stress-free.  They were all about "take your time, we want to make sure you are happy with your decision" and they really did live up to that!  

From beginning to end, I was completely impressed with how this dealership handled business and providing me with the utmost professional and friendly service.  On the last day I worked with Jerome he told me something that for me is proof that there are still really honest and caring dealers out there, he said "just because the deal is done, it's not the end...I'm always here to help" for me that was just another indicator that I knew I had made the best decision, not only with my purchase but also by doing business with T.N. Nissan.  And I didn't even mention all the incentives I was given...from the huge mark down on the MSRP up to the warranty package (3yrs free oil changes and tire service at any Nissan dealer in the US...score!)!  All I have left to say is TAKE ADVANTAGE of the MARCH MADNESS SALE y'all!


P.S. I'll be returning to this dealership for my milestone stay tuned!

Andrew B. | 2012-01-25

So, I thought I was doing my girlfriend a good service and help her out today by dropping her car off for a tune-up...  Well, 6 1/2 hours later, I am still here and really furious!  

I was told by their service team that they'd get me "in and out in just a few minutes."  Again here I sit waiting and growing more and more agitated as I write this!  

I understand that cars need routine maintenance, and typically a car should go through a massive tune-up every 60K miles, however, to be tricked into believing that my girlfriend's car needs "major fixing" (even after it has been responding just fine) is asinine, and then for them to give me an estimate of $1200, and then for them to make me wait for 6 1/2 hours?!  

This place should burn to the ground and take the slime balls who run it with them!  


As I sit here one of the service techs just killed one of the customer's batteries... And the customer is becoming more and more irate!

Desi M. | 2011-11-29

Visited the dealership for my "express oil change" last weekend,  two hours later I get offered to buy a new battery that  my car didn't needed and a set of tires that I did not asked about .

Three of the customers in front of me were "sold' new car batteries they did not needed either.  I did have to bite my tongue to stay silent and let them get ripped off.

I do not believe that a serious  Dealer like Town North will resort to this type of tactics to make an extra buck.

Apparently they didn't like my responses to their "Customer Satisfaction Report " because they did not call me back anymore to ask me if  I like their services.

Educate yourself before you drive there and do not buy anything you did not asked for.

Rusty T. | 2011-10-03

My wife is from China she went in there to see if her transmission fluid needed changing. Her car has a special transmission which can only be serviced by the dealer. Her english isn't so great. These slippery f**ks tried selling her a new car.  Her car only has 30000 miles on it! They tried to take advantage of her lack of communication skills. Total sh*t bags. She mistakenly walked into sales not service dept. Instead of sending her to service, they tried servicing our collective poopers!!!

Stephanie C. | 2011-10-01

They actually tried to charge me more than sticker price. I was apalled. Finally worked a deal that was alright but not great.  The vehicle they gave me was missing a cover on the front bumper.  They told me to come in the next week and they would have the part.  I drove all the way there to be told the part didn't come in yet... no message or call.  Now almost 4 weeks and no plates or part. And no calls or messages.  Called this morning and they claimed they called me several times.  I never recieved any calls or messages from them.  However I was called to do a survey.  So i know they have the right number for me.  Now they are claiming they sent my plates to my parent's address, which is over 150 miles from me, and they are also out of town.  So my plates are probably sitting on their drive for the taking.  My main complaint about this business is extremely poor communication and almost 0 effort to provide a good experience.  I put more work into buying this car then they put out effort to sell it.  If you can avoid it go somewhere else.  The service here is non-existant.

Steve C. | 2011-09-24

Great deal on our Altima...amazing service...could not ask for better!

pancho a. | 2011-09-12

I went here Saturday to look at a used truck.  Looked at the truck for about 30 min before someone came out to help me.  There was nobody there but me and 4 sales guys standing around doing nothing.  This guy Mark that I was working with came across as an idiot with an attitude.  He was very cocky and acted like he did not want to deal with me. After test driving the truck and looking it over, I decided I wanted to make an offer.  I made a reasonable offer and they would not accept.  They would not negotiate with me.  I had cash and was ready to buy but they would not come down on the price.  Mark even gave me a sob story about how much his commission was going to be.    I just got up and left pissed because I really wanted to buy the truck but they would not work with me.

Kurt K. | 2011-08-02

The entire experience has been fantastic since I first contacted them via the internet.  Keith went out of his way to get us the exact Murano we wanted and even picked me up at my house to get the car!  The service has been fantastic and I highly recommend them and Keith.  The first Nissan for either of us...and so far we love it!

Em B. | 2011-04-25

THE BEST. period.

My car is serviced in 1 hour for oil changes and the first time I had to get my car fixed (get my car handle reattached) they were finished in 2 hours - on a Saturday too! My car was washed and fluids were replenished! Voila!

Excellent customer service in the Service Department and in the Sales Department. I LOVE this dealership! Maybe I'll even get a new Nissan when my little Versa goes of to the great parking lot in the sky just because of this dealership!

Cynthia C. | 2011-03-18

Beware of the new style key fobs, with the chip located in the key, itself, not the fob piece with buttons. That means only the dealer can replace it, and you can be at their mercy if you want to drive your own car.
The key fobs for our 2011 Nissan Versa only work sporadically, and Austin's Town North Nissan dealership is refusing to replace them. I've had problems for quite a while with both key fobs. No matter which one I carry, it only works part of the time. I discovered through some research that keeping the key fob near a cell phone might cause this problem. Of course, most women carry both a cell phone and car keys in their purses, so this would be a major design flaw and security problem, since it potentially leaves a person stranded with no entry to the car.
I have meant to call the dealer about this problem for some time, but meanwhile have been carrying the key fob in my hand so that it would work better. However, this makes it much harder to keep track of. The other day I lost the key fob and decided that this much inconvenience for a 2011 car under warranty was too much.
I went to Town North Nissan, where we bought the car a few months ago, and talked to the service department and to the original sales person, Christy, at length about the problem. They agreed that cell phones can disrupt the way the items work, a fact that wasn't disclosed when we bought the car. They tested the key fob I had with me and agreed it was defective. After some discussion, staff said their service manager, Greg, would agree to replace one key fob, but not both, since I could only produce one. I explained that the other one was lost in part because I couldn't keep it in my purse because it often didn't work from there.
Even though the service staff agreed the key fob I had was defective, they maintained that - get this - replacing both key fobs (for a new car still under warranty) would only encourage other people who had lost perfectly good key fobs to try to get free replacements.
I was forced to accept their deal or leave, knowing no other business would be able to provide the service. I left. (And just for the record, I did talk to my car repair garage, a locksmith, and two online key fob replacement companies, who all agreed with this assessment.)
I'd like a car with keys, please. At the very least, Town North Nissan should replace both key fobs under warranty.
My advice is to stay away from the new style key fobs AND to stay away from Town North Nissan, where it doesn't seem to be worth the less than $100 it would have taken to keep this customer.

Felya B. | 2011-01-24

Great service!!! Brought our car in for recall items and they fixed them promtly . Great communication and they found a small problem and fixed it for just the cost of the labor!!

Mark T. | 2011-01-14

this place is the worst.
test drove a car and loved it. ready to make an offer and take it home.
they then tell us it sold 3 hours earlier on ebay.
so basically, i drove someone else's car. wtf!!??!!
what type of business is this?

how would you feel if random buyers were test driving the car you paid for?

i have never had worse service or met people this shady in all my life.
we read all the horrible reviews of this place before we went there, but never expected THIS to happen.
i figured they would harass my girlfriend or treat us wrong after the fact like everyone else has encountered.
my word of advice...
hire new people who do their jobs right and value their clients.
so, all this went down, and the manager will not return my phone calls.
i figured if anyone would care, it'd be the guy in charge, but not even that is happening.
if you buy/bought a car off these guys, my sympathy is with you

Jackie P. | 2010-11-18

Wow, where to start?  I went to Town North to purchase a new Altima Coupe with very specific features.  I brought my mom along for some company b/c I knew it was going to be a while if they had to special order the car.  When I started negotiating a price with the salesman, he only spoke to my mom.  She told him that I would be purchasing the car and he needs to address me because it's my credit, my $$ and my down payment he's going to be dealing with.  Even after she said this, he still attempted to do business with her.  Then, after I told him I want the premium package he started asking HER if I wanted options X,Y and Z (which are already included in the premium package) and acted as if they were an "extra" feature.  Overall the guy was condescending and had no knowledge about the car he was trying to sell me.  I walked out of Town North and ordered my car from South Point Nissan less than 24 hours later.

Now let's talk about the service department.  My car had less than 1500 miles on it when the clutch started to squeak and my steering column had an issue with the spiral cable.  I scheduled an appointment for early Saturday morning so I could pick my car up before 5pm that day.  I waited until 3pm to call about the status of my car.  After being hung up on (twice) by the less-than-polite receptionist, I got in touch with a service writer (not the one I left my car with) who told me HE COULDN'T LOCATE MY CAR!  He said it wasn't on a lift in the shop and it wasn't in the parking lot.  I called twice after that and each time I couldn't speak with my original service writer and the whereabouts of my car were unknown.  At 4:45 I received a call from my original service writer telling me my car was ready but the dealership was closing and I may not be able to pick my vehicle up today.  I told him that I was coming to get my vehicle today and I would appreciate if he waited, considering that both he and my car were missing for over an hour.  I picked up my car and after receiving negative attitude from the service writer, (I'm assuming b/c he had to stay 15 minutes late?) I started driving home.   I realized 60+ miles were added to my car.  When the car is brand new it's easy to notice a 60+ mile increase.  I called the dealership and they said their paperwork only noted a 1 mile increase and they are sure it was nothing more.  They were extremely rude and condescending and acted like it was my fault.  So, my car goes missing for hours, comes back with 60 additional miles on it and it's my fault?  No way.

After my first terrible encounter with them I went to Town North for a second time for the squeaky clutch that they "fixed" the first time.  I walked in the service area and a service writer at the end of the row was screaming LOUDLY at a customer on the phone.  He slammed the phone down and started to swear and rant about the customer to another service writer.  He acted like I wasn't standing there clearly listening to him demean the customer and make jokes at the customer's expense.  I dropped my car off and they told me they couldn't hear the squeak but they would lube the clutch anyway.  They lubed it and AGAIN it came back 2 weeks later.  (After 9 visits to Town North and Round Rock-both Maxwell dealerships- it was determined to be a FAULTY CLUTCH MASTER CYLINDER!)  Another time I went to Town North because of my clutch (AGAIN) and my TPMS light , even though the correct amount of tire pressure was in my tires.  Town North looked at the light and said they could correct the problem quickly.  They inflated my tires WAY over the recommended PSI and told me the problem was solved.  My husband wound up letting air out of the tires b/c they were so over inflated.  It seems like Town North is only good at putting band aids on car issues rather than fixing the main problem.  

Avoid this lazy and rude dealership like the plague!!!  Read my review of Round Rock if you want to get a good idea about how these two service departments do business.  You couldn't pay me to buy a new Nissan ever again just because of these two dealerships!

Kamni G. | 2010-08-13

We bought a 2010 Nissan Murano SL from here. We got an awesome deal but the expeirence was not as good as we expected. At first we had excellent attention, and everyone was helpful and responsive but then....

The story is we traded in our BMW ZHp, and left a $300 camera in it. We called and left a message for the sales guy to call us back and never heard back from them. A simple response would have been nice.

They worked with us really well during the process of the sale but after the sale things went South. Needless to say they felt bad and apologized and sent us a $100 gift card to use at their store. Okay...
perhaps ya'll should try knowing more about you cars abd its features before selling it.

Jen B. | 2010-08-04

We bought a 2010 Rogue from Town North in June - and it was a really GREAT experience.

Our sales guy was responsive, informative and low pressure. We got a great deal for our crappy clunker trade-in and the financing part was painless. No pressure to add on or charge extra. We got a price we were looking for.

Yes, when the paperwork was getting drafted and they were detailing the car for us to take delivery - we waited a bit... but car buying is not an INSTANT process. Anyone who has ever bought a car should know this.

There was very little negotiation (which is usually what takes the time as they run back and forth to the ominous manager's office for "approval") and was so low pressure - that I honestly can't remember when buying a car was so painless.

We love our car, as well!!

Ask for Adam Landry when you go!

Denise W. | 2010-07-16

This was my first trip to Nissan after purchasing my new Rogue in 2009.   I was very worried about using this dealership for maintenance after reading the reviews.  Surprisingly, I had a good experience.  My car is under warranty and I couldn't believe they would charge me $99 for a diagnostics test when I could tell them there was a problem with the brakes.  Well, they didn't charge me the fee and I didn't even have to argue with them.  Yippee!  Everything went well.  My car was ready and the service guy was really, really pleasant!  Hopefully this is the first of many positive experiences at Town North.  : )

Mike M. | 2010-06-26

Trying to keep my extreme dislike for this place to under 2500 words is impossible.  From the sales experience through service I have never had a positive experience.  I was a loyal Nissan driver, but considering I don't plan on leaving Austin I will no longer be driving a Nissan product.  I only give them 1 star as Yelp prevents me from from giving a zero star review.

Keith G. | 2010-06-16

Two visits to this place so far...excellent experiences. Last week I took my truck in and was surprised to find my carpet vaccumed upon pick up (my last dealership NEVER did this). Also, check out was quick and painless. I returned today for a different issue and this time they WASHED my truck!! Check was again quick and painless. Both visits were no charge - i.e. even with free work they provide awesome service.

mian g. | 2010-04-12

I must be really bored to write a review about a car dealership.
Okay yes I'm really bored at work. Aren't you?

It was time for a change. We been driving our Mitzu SUV for the past 13 years. This thing took a beating. I think street curbs make a quick prayer each time we pass. "don't run us over, don't run us over."

Don't be afraid. I'm not a bad driver.
But who cares when it's an old car, right?

We started looking on Autotrader until we found a gorgeous FX35 put up by Christy Erickson at Town North. We've dealt with other sales people before who advertise their cars online. Surely we came across some who lowball the car sales price just to get you to come in their showroom. Then they tell you no sorry it's not available or you have to do financing with me.

So we had our expectations low. Walked in and Christy introduce herself. The FX35 was just as described on Autotrader. The price just reduced. Carfax was provided and no strings attached. Had our rounds of bargaining. Nothing drawn out and we walked out there with a great deal on a car.

The hiccup came when they took way too long to get my plates. I had to go back twice to extend my temp plate. No idea why it would take that long.

Remember there are plenty of other dealerships elsewhere. Do your research and don't be suckered.

But if you do find a use car you like at Town North. Christy would be your best bet.

ellen h. | 2010-02-15

My husband and I have had some pretty horrible car buying experiences in the past but our experience here has been really great. We worked with salesman Thomas and sales manager PJ in the pre owned area and they both were patient with us, and seemed to really care more about our needs than just jamming any car they could down out throat. I cannot say enough good things about how they conducted themselves during this transaction. We will recommend them to friends and family and continue to buy from town north whenever we need a new car.

Mara M. | 2010-02-03

I took my car in to get serviced under warranty today -- and oh, hey! There's going to be a $99 diagnostic fee! For a vehicle under warranty!

Now, if they decide that I didn't cause the damage (clutch is going out, there's really no way to tell if I rode my clutch -- because yeah, someone who has owned a standard for 10 years rides their clutch -- or if the parts wore down on their own due to poor manufacturing), then I don't have to pay it.

Anyone see the problem here? They decide what caused the damage, and it's totally subjective. states there is no diagnostic fee charged for warranty work. Nice way to abide by Nissan's contracts, Town North.

Oh, and the likely issue? That brake light indicator thing I mentioned in my previous post? Turns out it was my master cylinder leaking -- my car was part of a recall. Only took two visits to Town North to determine this. First visit, was told there was nothing wrong. I trucked my happy ass to Great Hills Shell (still awesome, by the way), was told my brake fluid levels were low. Light started going off again, took it BACK to Town North and told them it seemed like my brake fluid was leaking. That's when they figured out they should probably replace my recalled part.

Eff you, Town North Nissan. I hate you. I seriously can't wait until my car is no longer under warranty so I have no reason to set foot into your crappy dealership.

I love my Sentra, and I loved my Xterra, but Town North is about thisclose to making me reconsider the next vehicle brand I purchase. So really. EFF YOU, Town North.

jaime k. | 2009-10-22

UNBEIEVABLE! That sums up town north nissan!  Everyone was so nice and helpful through the whole experience.  I was so nervous to buy a car, but my sales guy was so knowledgeable and there was no pressure.  They made it all simple and easy!  They have a customer for life!

Michael T. | 2009-07-16

I brought my Nissan Murano in for an oil change and wheel alignment (I had a coupon for a $50 wheel alignment).  Upon finishing the work, the service representative told me that I was in need of a brake replacement immediately.  The checklist that was supposedly done on my car indicated that there was only 3 mm of brake pad left on the front wheels and 2 mm on the rear.  Luckily for me, I was told, I could use the coupon I brought in for the wheel alignment to get a great deal on brake pad replacement--only $99 for the front, $99 for the back, and $99 for flushing the brake fluid.  The service rep suggested I leave my vehicle and he would help me get a rental.

I wasn't able to leave my car, so said I would try to bring it back.  For a comparison, I called a few other places to see what the work would cost.  To my surprise, the same work would cost only half as much at 2 other places ($99 to replace all brake pads, and another $40 to do the fluid flush).  I took my car to one of these places to have the work done the following day (again, I was told at the Nissan dealer that it was very urgent), and was called later in the day and told that I had at least 50% of brake pad left on the front, and about 25% on the rear.  In both cases, this was twice the amount that was indicated on the checklist at the dealer.  When I came to pick up my car later in the afternoon, I asked the mechanic to show me, so he grabbed calipers and we measured it together.  At the thinnest point, I had 6 mm of brake pad left on the front and 4 mm left on the rear.  

It seemed that the dealership was pressuring me to do unnecessary work.  When I called to inform the Service Manager of my experience, he expressed concern but indicated that there was nothing he could do (since I went ahead and had the brake pads replaced).  In fact, even though I wasn't asking for anything (I was merely calling to inform him), he stated that it would come down to my word against the technician's.  In this situation, there's only one of us with an incentive to be dishonest.  I'll never bring my vehicle back to this dealer and caution you against it too.

DiAnne O. | 2009-06-30

Wow.  I am researching vehicles now because I want to buy one at the end of the year,  I am looking at various Crossovers and saw that the Rogue had gotten good reviews and got good gas mileage for this class of vehicle.  

So the next logical step is to test drive one.  I stopped at Town North Saturday.  I am still asking myself why.

To be fair, I pulled up in front of the used car section first and a salesman (Tony) came out to greet me almost immediately.  He told me they didn't have any used Rogues.  Ok. But I had to ask HIM if the new car section had any of this model on hand, new.  Not an idea he volunteered. And then he was mostly concerned that I might - horrors - walk over to the new car section rather than move my car because it was parked in "the used car line".  

Oooooooooookay.  So I drive the 100 yards to the new car section.  3 Rogues - YAY!  I even opened the driver's side door of one of them and snooped around inside.  

Ghost town.

There was a man there who was looking at a different model of new NIssans - again, more than a casual, "bright . . . shiny" look . . . and he was also ignored.

So, a wasted 30 minutes later I drove away.  Never to return.  Did I mention I'm planning to buy my next vehicle outright, no financing?  Too bad, Town North.

Kat K. | 2009-01-08

Man, if you're a non-smoker, you don't even want to set foot in this place.

The people seem nice enough...I'm actually sitting here waiting for my car to have an oil change.  But this is my second day that I've come in for something, and the entire showroom, parts department, waiting area, and service area REEKS of smoke.

Update...I spoke with the general manager, who said my concerns would be addressed promptly.  He was very nice. Bumping up my review to include this. They were cheaper than Round Rock Nissan, so I hope they address this!

Brian T. | 2008-09-19

For sales I would give them 1 star, but I would give them 4 for the service department.

The 2 stars for sales is partially due to me being naive. I bought a new car there in 2004. But what they gave me must have been a program car or something because it had about 3000 miles on it. This was not good and I have learned a valuable lesson.

In spite of this the service department has been very good. The service has always been fine and they even suggested that I go somewhere cheaper to buy tires which shows me that they are probably honest.

So if you go there for sales, let the buyer beware, but you should have no problem with the service department.

Marla C. | 2008-07-18

This review has been a long time coming, and today, the proverbial poop finally hit the fan, so here goes:

First, a survey. Raise your hand if you like being jerked around? Anyone? Beuhler? Yeah, I didn't think so.

Well I don't like being jerked around either, and in dealing with this bunch of slimy bastards, that's all I feel.

Let's start in September 2005.
I had a totally loaded 2002 V6 Jetta wagon. Freakin' loved the thing. But I'd recently adopted my baby daughter, and with her car seat and all the various crap you have to carry around with an infant combined with the fact that I was on a medication that had the side effect of giving me MAJOR joint pain in my knees, the Jetta's backseat suddenly became very small and cramped, and the act of getting her in and out of the car was literally painful. So I researched and decided I wanted a Murano, bigger on the inside, but not much bigger on the outside. I couldn't afford a new one, so I was shopping for pre-owned: Ideally a lease-return with low miles. That's how I ended up at Town North. Anyway, I found a 2005 lease vehicle that had just been returned with 39k miles on it. It was a pretty basic model but in my price range, so I test drove it. It was great except for the pretty intense wobbling on the front end and steering wheel vibration when I hit about 55 mph. It felt like the tires needed to be balanced [RED FLAG], and I was assured that's all that was going on and that it would be fixed before I picked it up. I was also assured by the salesman that they would find a cargo cover for the back (since it didn't have one), and that they'd throw it in, no charge. Got back, read the clean Carfax report, and was ready to deal. I let them talk me into purchasing the Pre-Owned Plus warranty because at the time I was a single gal and was paranoid about buying a used car and breaking down--especially with a baby in tow. (And the warranty did come in handy, twice, which is its own story. But that's just to let you know that I'm glad I purchased it.)

Went to pick up the car the following Monday, and it only had 1/4 tank of gas in it (despite the fact that I'd traded in my Jetta with a tank full of Premium, which is what it required) [RED FLAG], no cargo cover [RED FLAG], and the front end was shaking much worse and more loudly than when I'd driven it on Saturday [CRIMSON FLAG, THE COLOR OF BLOOD]. I turned around and took it right back. WTF, right? They acted like I was nuts, and I had to throw a little fit before someone would come and drive it so I could show them what the hell I was talking about. After they experienced it, they were VERY apologetic and promised they'd get to it and have it ready for me the following day. Pain in the ASS!! Anyway, they ended up having to replace all 4 tires (for some weird reason they explained to me) and work on the front end, but finally the vibration/wobble was gone. For about 2 weeks. Then, for nearly the rest of the time I owned the car, no matter how many times I got the tires rotated/balance, front end aligned, it still vibrated/wobbled at 60 mph + [SERIOUS RED FLAG] Other than that though, it was a fine car. I didn't ever LOVE it like I did the Jetta, but it was comfortable and what I needed at the time, so it was just fine.

Fast forward to 2008. Gas prices are through the roof, and even though I can put regular unleaded in the Murano, it's only getting about 15 or 16 mph in the city and about 22 on the highway. Crappy.

I decide I want a Honda CR-V, go to Howdy Honda, and get EXACTLY what I want. (Had a great experience there, btw, and I freakin' LOVE my car.) And while I'm arranging the financing for the CR-V, the Honda dude tells me that if I purchase THEIR car care thing and end up trading my CR-V in or selling it before the end of the term of the warranty runs out, I can get whatever money's left refunded to me.

So, since I'm smart, I says to myself, "Self, I bet you can ALSO get some money back from your Nissan Pre-Owned Plus thing since you've got about a year and a half left on it before it expires."

Next week, I call Nissan, and they say that yes, I've got an about $500 refund coming to me. SWEET! But that I have to hadle it through the dealership and to take my paperwork from the trade when I go. How hard could that be, right? [FORESHADOWING!!] So next day I go up to Town North, and talk to  Eon Thomas in their finance dept. He said that, yes indeed, he could file that paperwork for me for the refund, but that I ALSO needed a payoff statement from the bank where my Nissan car note had been. He gave me his phone and fax number and just said to send it to him when I got it, and he'd hadle it. Well, I faxed it to him on Monday (and it went through, I've got the confirmation) along with a letter explaining what it was, what I needed, and asking for confirmation that he'd received it. Has he called? No. Despite the fact that I've left two message for him.

How do I feel? Jerked around.

Angus C. | 2008-06-06

I found these dudes pretty frustrating to work with.  Long waits, trade offs between different sales people, lots of pressure to TAKE IT NOW, paperwork mistakes, and finally forgetting to take my down payment check. Then the battery on the truck I bought died the next day.  I've never received any follow up calls from them. Oh, except when they tried to get me to buy an extended warranty. Actually, as I type this, my temporary plate is three days expired, and not a word from them.  I'm going somewhere else to buy my next vehicle.

Rachel F. | 2008-04-21

This is hands down the best car buying car experience that I have ever had!  I absolutely HATE buying cars because I always come out of it feeling like I got cheated.  Town North Nissan is different.  

I was looking for a used Nissan Altima and found a beautiful one listed on Craigslist.  I called on a Sunday and someone actually answered and said to come by the dealership on Monday for the test drive.  They let me take the car back with me to work even though I hadn't made a final decision to buy the car.  When I went back that night, they had all the paperwork ready to go.  I was able to bargain with them a little bit on the price and they also gave me a great interest rate, much better than what a credit union had quoted me.  The finance guy was very nice and explained the contract in simple terms.  He didn't hard sell me on the extended warranty and I appreciated that and I did end up buying it.  As good as my experience was, it actually got even better after the sale.

I received a phone call from my salesman (Inno) asking how I liked the car and was I having any problems.  He called again when my license plates came in and even put them on for me.  I have received an e-mail from my salesman, the general manager, and the service manager.  All of them were thanking me for my business and providing contact information if I had any trouble.  I did have to take the car back the same week I bought it for a minor wheel problem.  They fixed it right away and didn't charge me.  I can see why Town North gets a lot of repeat business and I will buy my next car from them.  

Ask for Boon or Inno (yes, I know they have funny names) if you're looking for a great deal on a used car.  They will treat you right!

Tara H. | 2008-02-12

So, ever since the Altima Coupe came out this year I have been all about it.

I hate buying cars due to the following reasons:

1. I am cheap and spending over $100 makes me break out in hives.
2. The blatant motivations of salespeople on commission irritates me and more often than not I end up being a complete b*tch to them.

So, I went here to test drive the Altima so then I could go to Apple Leasing and have them buy it for me so I wouldn't have to do all the dirty work, right? Well, first off, the sales person that helped me was all kinds of good lookin'. Rowr. Cedric, I don't mind taking another couple test drives with you, baby. Anyhow....

He was very nice but did apply some very gentle pressure to try and get me to do the deal right there. Fortunately, I am not and have never been one of those people who likes being pressured into anything so I didn't spend more than an hour and we took two test drives.

I appreciated that they didn't try and hard sell me, which would have been bad news for everyone and I am especially grateful to Cedric for being so knowledgable about the car. If you decide to go with a Nissan definitely look him up as he will make sure you are taken care of!!!!!

Remember: See Cedric!

d m. | 2007-08-08

car repairs.

the conventional wisdom is... they phuq you at the dealership. i still have that mantra rolling around in my head, despite the fact that my dealings with these guys have always been good.

today i showed up with multiple issues. some things a result of my apathy... neglect... the momentum of life. plenty of opportunities to screw me. maybe i'm undesirable? maybe i'm not their type. because once again, as usual, they left me unblemished.

they found simple solutions, didn't charge for the little stuff and even found an obscure recall issue to repair something for free. my warranty has expired by the way.

good guys... could be just my experience... but good guys.

my only complaint? their magazine collection is shite. i mean good housekeeping? so, it's like 1950 in the customer lounge. okay. i flipped through it and i did learn stuff, for instance...

clever uses for mustard or soy sauce packets: put them in the freezer. they make great mini ice packs for small boo-boos.