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Tesla Motors

Dealer Info:

Address:11600 Century Oaks Ter, Austin, TX, 78758

Reviews on Tesla Motors

Tommy Y. | 2014-10-13

Great experience. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Model cars on display which you can sit in and play with. Everything in the store and about the Tesla is just "Cool".

I really want to test drive one!!!

Jack M. | 2014-04-21

I liked this place so much, I bought the car!

I went by simply because I'm the resident gearhead among my geek friends.  I like the sounds, the smells, and the whole visceral experience of burning fuel.  I drive small sports cars and I do some legitimate racing on the side.  I don't have a carbon footprint, it's more like a crater.  

But I knew I'd be asked if the car was a good buy, so I went to check it out.  Now, this is a review of the business, not the car, so I'll just say that I bought the car in spite of it being big, heavy, American, and electric.  I never would have even considered a four door luxury sedan.  It's that good.

And the dealership experience is just as good.  I keep encouraging people to go check it out.  There is zero, and I mean zero sales pressure.  Part of that is Tesla's philosophy, but part of it is the law -- Texas won't even let them tell you how much the car on the floor costs (usually around $120k, depending on how its equipped).  

They'll let you play with a fully loaded Model S on the showroom floor for hours if you'd like.  They'll walk you through every feature of the car.  Answer every question other than pricing.  Not once will they ask you to buy the car.  Not once do they talk trade in or financing.  Stay as long as you like, enjoy the car as much as you'd like.

If you'd like to test drive one, you'll have to come on the right day, but it's the same thing.  Show up, give them a license, and you're off and driving.  It won't be a long test drive and you'll have an associate with you, but you're allowed pretty free reign of the car and again, no one will run a credit check or even ask if you can afford the car.

It's like they don't care if you buy the car or not -- mainly, because they don't.  Tesla is in the very enviable position of being supply limited, not demand limited.  They can't build them fast enough to fill demand.   All they want you to do is come in and experience the car so you know what it is and what it can do.  It's so different than anything else on the road, you really do need that time without pressure to evaluate it.

Ultimately, I bought one.  I don't think I ever would have had the store experience not been so good and I hadn't been allowed such unlimited access to the car.  Oh, and they give me free charging when I'm at the Domain, so that's nice.

Rachel B. | 2014-04-11

Oh my goodness!  I want one, I want a Tesla RIGHT NOW!!!!

Many of us have heard about the amazing Tesla cars, but haven't really been able to get up close and personal with one.  This all changed for me last night while I was hanging out at The Domain here in Austin, TX.  When we were walking around we noticed the Tesla shop and just had to go in and check it out.  Here's what we found and fell in love with:

1. There is a beautiful Model S at the front of the showroom.  You can get inside, play around with the huge 17in display console, and just poke around at everything....Just be careful not to drool all over the lovely interior!  You can also look around the car and pop the hood and the trunk.  That's when you will probably say out loud, "Where's the engine????"

2. That will lead you to the back of the store where they have a underbody and frame of the car.  You can see the über-small engine, where the batteries are located in the bottom, and just how beautifully efficient this car really is!

3. Informative staff in the store can help answer any questions you have about the car or the company, except pricing info.  Texas is in a battle with Tesla to be able to sell cars directly to the public instead of dealers, which is why they can't talk about sales info.  You can however go online and find out anything you need.  Luckily in Nevada, where I am currently from, you can buy a Tesla any time you want!

4. They have all of the interiors on display so you can touch and feel the leather, the wood accents, and check out all of the colors.  Again, wear a bib so you don't drool on all of the pretty stuff.

5. Of course, they have plenty of Tesla swag you can purchase like shirts, cups, and even baby clothes.  

If you are close to The Domain at all, get over here just to go check out a Tesla in person.  And feel free to buy me one!

Stu R. | 2013-12-05

Took a P85 Model S out for a test drive this weekend with Matt as our "Co-pilot".  Matt was awesome.  He was super informative, laidback, and not pushy at all.  Pretty much the exact opposite of the stereotypical car salesman.  We scheduled the test drive online, but you may be able to just walk in and schedule a time that way as well.

The showroom is plain, there's not a whole lot going on.  The highlight is definitely the car, which I would have loved to see them driving on the sidewalk to get into the store.  The next highlight is the station where you can mix and match the different color/trim/interior options with samples.  Other than that, they have the typical car dealer items like a $50 logo branded thermos.  

The cars are amazing.  ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!  The fastest car I've driven is a CTS-V (556 HP, 0-60 in 4.0 seconds) but the Tesla felt way quicker and was totally silent.  I was amazed.  

The center console is one huge touchscreen and the GUI is slick.  All the controls, knobs, and buttons are digital.  It's easily the most technologically advanced driving experience I've seen and since it's built with software, Tesla has the ability to continually update and improve it over time.  

The future is here, and it's awesome.

Faith D. | 2013-05-20

I really liked how un-pretentious this place is considering what they sell. I have no intention of buying the car, they know this, and yet they willingly let me sit inside it and mess around with the bells and whistles on this fairly expensive piece of machinery. They are a business for profit, but they also go out of their way to educate the people that walk in their doors. I didn't feel like I was bothering them or wasting their time with my questions. They really wanted to talk about the Tesla cars and were genuinely excited about it. How nice!

alicia k. | 2013-03-24

The Tesla sells itself. If you can afford one, there is no reason not to get one. There are two cars in the showroom, the model S and the retired Tesla Roadster, which they no longer make but can be purchased used. The small store displays a wealth of information about the technology and there is cute merchandise, especially the children's stuff. They also have a designated Telsa charging station in the parking garage, 2nd floor.

Hmm, why do I feel so invisible when I walk into here? I'm going to assume that I look young so maybe I may not look like a person for whom the Tesla is marketed to. Seriously, there were plenty of staff members chatting with "potential" customers, all too involved in their conversations to notice me, even when I was holding their Tesla charging cable. I had to practically shove it in some dude's hands so I could leave. All he could say to me was "I was looking for that."

Because of my awesome experience with the assistant store manager, Lauren, I'm going to give them the benefit of being a new store and the employees are not yet trained properly.

N G. | 2013-03-11

Tesla is open and in Austin!  The showroom, car and information staff were wonderful.  They can not quote prices, but you can look it up on line.


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