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Established in 1985.

South Point Hyundai has been a staple in the Austin area for years. Once South Point Pontiac, Chrysler, GMC, this location has now been turned into South Point Hyundai. We offer a wide range of products so whether you are looking for a SUV (Hyundai Santa Fe) or a sporty sedan (Hyundai Sonata) we are the dealer for you.

Throughout the history of this South Point location we have always done our best to provide a better price, better payment, and more for your trade. So Race to the Point...South Point Hyundai.

South Point Hyundai

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 672-8791
Address:4610 IH-35 S, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on South Point Hyundai

And D. | 2015-04-24

This is a 1 star rating, but it's much worse than it appears as I'm rating on a curve.

Advice: get your service/buy your car somewhere else. My tire replacement was scheduled for 10:00 this morning and it still isn't complete and it's 1:45. I was informed it would only take 1.5 hours. Oh, and Hyundai was the one who damaged my tires in the first place.

Here's my story:

Transmission Repair covered under warranty took 1 week to replace and it was discovered that Hyundai had damaged my tires and rear differential during the tow.

The rear differential took another 1.5 weeks to replace (under warranty). South Point Hyundai informed me that they would not process the damage claim for the tires (even though they admitted that they were damaged) and that I would need to.

20+ phone calls to Hyundai USA, Hyundai Roadside, Agero and Infinite Management (Hyundai sub-contractors), multiple email (including abusive customer service) and 2 months later I received vouchers to replace my tires.

I scheduled my tire replacement appointment and was informed it would take 1.5 hours. However, South Point Hyundai, instructed me that I had to verify that they had the parts in stock. That's correct, the Service people wouldn't check with Parts - I needed to. I called the Monday before my Friday appointment and was told they had 3 in stock. I was told to call again on Wednesday to see if they the remaining 1 in stock. On Wednesday someone finally ordered the tire.

So today's the appointment day and It's now approaching 4 hours on this service call for replacing tires.

Icing on the cake: the invoice came in $200 over the estimate and they're looking for me to pay for it.

This place is absolute and definitive garbage.

Amy B. | 2015-04-21

Patrick is an excellent salesperson. He did everything to make the car buying experience easy and low stress.  My finance manager Riley was topnotch as well.  He really knows his stuff.  I traveled from Oklahoma City and they made for a great experience.  I would highly recommend them!

Paul S. | 2015-03-30

We just purchased our second car from Southpoint Hyundai.  Our second buying experience was just as AWESOME as the first car we bought from them.  Our salesperson was Tracy in the internet sales department and she was A-1 in terms of support and responsiveness.  She sent quotes and information on the the Sonata we were looking for within a few minutes of our request.   All our offers and negotiations were done quickly over the phone and when we arrived at the dealership to sign documents there were no surprises.  

After checking around, we can honestly say Southpoint gave us the best price we could have gotten in Central Texas dealerships.  

Tracy gave us a thorough explanation of all the features and even followed up a few days after the purchase to make sure everything was OK.

The finance manager, Ali, also did a super job of helping us through all the documents and assisted in clearing up a minor descrepacy in our favor.  Like we said, no surprises, and the signing was painless.

No high pressure sales tactics here, just good honest folks.  Check out the other dealerships and then give Tracy a call at Southpoint.  We recommend her and the dealership highly.

Roberta R. | 2015-03-27

Staff was very friendly when I bought my car here in December... Brought my car back for the first oil change (which is free!).... Super fast, very friendly... Very clean establishment.... Free coffee... And they wash your car for free! I'd recommend this place to anyone who needs a car! :)

Christi R. | 2015-03-11

Jeff Allen is awesome! He went above and beyond making me happy when I wasn't so much. I can not tell you how happy I was when I walked away with my son's car. I will not speak about the other employees there. I have nothing to say other than if you want an AMAZING experience, only deal with Jeff Allen! I don't have enough nice things to say! Thank you so much Jeff for caring for people. You are a breathe of fresh air! I will travel from San Antonio to Austin any day of the week as long as Jeff is our guy! Worth the trip! Thanks Jeff! :)

Hatti H. | 2015-03-09

South point made it right. I appreciate Ilya taking care of us. Megan was also instrumental in resolving our issue. Thank you to South Point.

R. P. | 2015-01-16

I bought my brand new Sonata and immediately had issues. After I took delivery (at night, because they drug me through 6 hours of negotiations to ultimately only want $50 more than I had originally offered), I noticed a scuff on the back bumper, which was all the way through the paint. I contacted SPH and they immediately had me bring it in for repainting, which took about a week to get done. While at the dealership, I asked the representative if they would repaint the bumper or just "scuff and shoot" the damaged area. He assured me the ENTIRE bumper would be completely sanded down and repainted.

Fast forward another year, my car gets bumped in the parking lot of my workplace. The the bumper was fine, but only the paint over the previously-mentioned scuff was cracked and peeling - the rest was as if nothing happened. I called the dealership to find out what they intended to do about it, and immediately got the run around. The lady on the phone said she could find no record of the repaired paint. So she said to call back in 30 minutes, because the manager was at lunch. So I called back. The manager was busy. I called an hour later, guess what? The manager was "busy" again. The woman told me she would talk to the manager and call me back in an hour. She didn't so I called again. She said the manager told her to have me bring it in. So I said I would after work. She said, "well, he won't be here then. Bring it in on Saturday." So I called to confirm the manager was there on Saturday - nope. Called back on Monday. The manager apparently only works every other weekend, and he was supposed to be there, but wasn't for whatever lame-assed reason. So I ask WHEN will he be there on WHICH Saturdays. I could not get a clear answer, nor could I get help. I called multiple Saturdays and no manager was there.

The take-awayof the story?They sold me a damaged vehicle, then lied to me. I paid for a new car and got damaged goods. I will never buy another vehicle here again, and I tell anyone who will listen about their piss-poor ethics and dishonesty.

john r. | 2014-12-20

After my terrible experience at Town North Nissan on HWY 183 I went to South Point Hyundai and had an awesome experience! Robert Valero was a real nice and straightforward salesperson. Then the sales/floor manager Tom Cruz was just as nice and helpful. Riley the finance guy was real cool and patient with all my questions. He was extremely transparent and straightforward as well. Cool dude. Had a great overall experience. I cannot speak for all the employees there obviously but I can say that working with those three gentleman made for a great car-buying experience. I recommend going to South Point Hyundai and working with those guys I just mentioned.

Rebecca W. | 2014-12-04

My parents had the BEST experience EVER buying a car.  They were very anxious about being approved due to their Social Security-only income.  They have been through a hard time over the last few years, and their credit isn't on the happy end of the credit ratings range.  

Shawn Hamze (Salesman) and Ali Fawaz (Finance Director) treated my parents with respect and courtesy.   Although I was worried the dealership would try and take advantage of them, it was just the opposite.  Shawn and Ali went out of their way to help them get the very best deal possible.  They explained everything clearly.  Amazing sales team!

David C. | 2014-11-17

I will update this to two stars, as I got my key today. Ilya was very responsive and helpful. But it still took over a month - something must be internally wrong.

Laura S. | 2014-09-29

I just finished purchasing a brand new Hyundai Elantra Gt from this location. Jason and his team did a miraculous job helping me get into a car I loved at a price I could afford. Not only that, they helped me with the negative equity on my Accent that had basically seen better days. This car is the first big purchase I made on my own and they walked me through each step and worked to get my interest and rate just right. There was very little haggling and nothing but wonderful people. From start to finish I think they have started a new great life for me and the car I have dubbed The Doctor. Round Rock Hyundai was full of rude people that did not want to work with me, and since I had had a few great service experiences here I new this was my place. Thank you every one! This car is my dream!

J A. | 2014-09-28

Exceptional customer service and professionalism, beyond what I have experienced in the past for any car repair. I brought in my car a day early for a brake light switch recall and not only did they take it in but the repair was finished same day with my rental car fully covered. Everything was single handidly completed by Paul, one of the best staff I have encountered in a long time. In addition, when I had a question about a possible engine repair after I paid, he took the time to pop the hood and examine the part giving me a breakdown of its function and condition. Great service by this dealership in every way.

Andrew L. | 2014-09-24

I just purchased a Hyundai Genesis from South Point Hyundai in Austin (512-445-0300).  My salesman was Lawrence Chang.  I have purchased many cars in my life and this was the best vehicle purchase experience I have ever had.  Lawrence was very customer oriented.  He bent over backwards for me.  He gave me excellent pricing and went above and beyond what I expected to complete the transaction.  He really cares about his customers.  He made sure I was totally satisfied.

Rose F. | 2014-09-17

I have had the  best experience ever buying a car.  Most of the people have forebodings about car dealerships but this place is truly an example of great business.
I came to South Point Hyundai back in 2011 to trade in my truck, I cant remember my salesman, but he was awesome, very patience, ( who's not a pain in the butt when buying a car?)
I got a Hyundai Accent 2009. I loooved that little car and it was very good gas mileage. I got back two years later,Nov 2013 because  I needed a 4 doors car.I talked to Mr Gilbert, who has been assisting me in the past, he's in the area of car services, Mr Gilbert has given me the best customer service ever, he recommended me Hunter, one of  the salesman, Hunter was very knowledgeable about his field, a smart guy who really will go the extra step to make you feel comfortable with the deal and get you in the car that's right for you.  
I traded in my Accent for an Elantra 2013, and I love it. I couldn't be happier. When viewing the car there were a few things that needed to be taken care of in order to make the purchase work and without questions Hunter went ahead and did everything in his power to make it good.
I would recommend this place to family, friend and anyone who is looking to buy, have service on their cars, oil change, anything, this place is the best!!  

Buy your next car here from South Point Hyundai,  and you won't regret it.

Michael N. | 2014-09-12

I'm writing this review to sing the praises of one the salesmen there, Shawn (Sp?) Wright.  Shawn took my experience from mediocre/disappointing to outstanding.  I can't speak highly enough about Shawn.  If you want an experienced, no-pressure salesman, who is truly looking to create a win-win scenario by only selling you what you need, then ask for Shawn next time you go in.  I worked with Shawn Sr (his son works there as well), but if you believe personality is hereditary, then I'm sure his son is pretty solid as well.

Last weekend I went in to South Point to trade in my 2011 Elantra and try and get into a new vehicle.  I had been speaking to various people at the dealership about trade-in options and I had some base assumptions for the conditions of the deal I was going in to make.  Shawn was my salesman and throughout the entire process there was no pressure from his end throughout the entire process.  He told me what he was able to do and there was not hours of back and forth.  At one point, toward the end of the transaction, there was one term of the lease agreement (that I thought I had worked out with other personnel at the dealership) that the dealership was not going to be able to fulfill.  

It is always upsetting to spend that much time working toward a deal and then realizing that an underlying premise was not going to be fulfilled.  But it appeared that Shawn was more upset than I was and he bent over backwards to make sure that I was satisfied with the deal.  He even came out of his own pocket to throw in additional amenities to make up for the misunderstanding.  I could not have been happier with my interaction with Shawn.

Kyla J. | 2014-09-12

The process of obtaining a car from this dealer went pretty smooth. It's after you've driven off the lot and are waiting for them to send a pay off for the loan you had before you went there. I know it's a 20 day pay off, but there's no reason why you should have to wait that long and essentially pay for a car you no longer own. I was told that they were sending a check to my bank to pay off my old loan on Sept 3. . Guess what? Yep, it's not there yet . Nowhere in the US does it take 9 days to receive mail, especially priority mail. If you buy or lease a car here make sure you stay on top of them about this particular part of the process so they stay on top of their shit and the process doesn't get dragged out like mine did. I am not thrilled with this place right now.

Shaun B. | 2014-08-13

Service was great but the advisor was a little strong on trying to upsell unnecessary services using lame fear and doubt tactics. Overall I got the repair expected at an average price but it took much longer than expected and I couldn't seem to get anyone to treat me like a decent paying customer.

Jason S. | 2014-07-16

I purchased a 2014 Hyundai Sonata on Monday 07/07/2014. After only 3 days and 200 miles of driving the vehicle is experiencing transmission issues. When I called and spoke with Solomon the sales manager he assured me to come and and they would exchange the vehicle or do whatever they needed to do to make me happy. Of course, as soon as I arrive that all changes. First they had a salesman, not anyone from service drive my car, David Cantu. David stated while driving my car "yeah, I kinda of see what your talking about, but I am not sure what it is". Once we got back to the dealer they sat me in an office while they discussed how to screw me harder. I was then told that I could do a trade in on this car for another one. I was appalled at this idea because I had over $3000 in positive equity in the car I traded in for this one. Which, by the way was a 2009 Honda accord with over 150K miles on it and it was NEVER in for repairs! After I told him that was not an option and I would not do that he said there was nothing that they could do. I was then told by Adan that sometimes they can to a collateral exchange with certain lenders, but mine was not one of them. I promptly called my lender, Capital One Auto Finance, they told me that in situations like this that yes they do in fact do collateral exchanges. I was told by Capital One to that all the dealer needed to do was contact them with the old and new vehicle information and reason why this exchange was being done. They are not willing to help me and are only out for themselves. These people are the true meaning of Crooks! STAY AWAY, get a Honda or a Toyota. I regret not getting another Honda!

Christina M. | 2014-07-11

So it's been over a year since my nightmare of dealing with this place. I never received my gift card in the mail or any other acknowledgement of my existence. I called back at one point and spoke to a manager named Sonny, who told me that the person who originally promised me the gift card and oil change vouchers was no longer employed there. He promised to get my gift card in the mail ASAP (along with my license plates, which were originally supposed to be mailed with my gift card - but never was). I finally got my plates in the mail, but no gift card. The only other time I heard from Sonny again was when he dialed the wrong number, intending to speak to someone else haha. Then a few months ago, I got a call from an associate there saying they wanted to BUY MY CAR BACK. Yes, seriously. After I got done laughing my ass off, I informed him that the car itself was the ONLY good thing that came out of me working with South Point Hyundai and that I was not interested in selling it back to them, or doing any business with them at all. Ever. Of course he asked about my experience and I proceeded to horrify him with my story. He politely let me go... nothing else ever came of it. Do NOT work with this company - they are a joke.

Dywanda H. | 2014-07-09

Due to life changes I was forced to purchase a car for myself and my daughter from a not so good dealership.  After two years I needed to get into better cars but was told that I was so far upside down I would never get out of the cars.  

This was until I  meet Mr. Therion Mitchell (Buba) the miracle worker.  I drove from Dallas to Austin to work with Buba.  This guy worked harder than I have ever seen anyone work to make sure I was able to get out of each car and into brand new cars.  If you think there is no way out of your car and you need for someone to work hard for you please viist South Point Hyundai and ask for Buba he will get it done.

Josie D. | 2014-06-13

Buyer beware. We shopped online for a used car for my step son. He choose the car at SPH, drove it, and we thought the price was right. Paid cash. They never showed my husband or step son a car fax report, and never disclosed that the car had been in an accident. I found out when I called my insurance company to insure the car and they ran the vin#.

Under Texas law, the dealer has an absolute duty to disclose prior accidents.

I called and told them what I had found out, and explained that under the circumstances we had overpaid for the vehicle because the value was less due to the prior undisclosed damage.

Their solution? They offered to take it back. Which was the right solution but the point isn't how they made it right, it's that they knew or should have known that they were selling a previously damaged car and that they violated the law by failing to disclose that fact. Had I known the car had been in accident, I would not have purchased it.

So be very careful when shopping here for a used car. I would not buy from them again.

Matt C. | 2014-05-17

I've been searching for a Veloster Turbo for some time.   Tim Burns took me on a test drive which went well, however once we started talking numbers we ran into problems.  I was ready to pay for the car outright or put 2/3's of the cost as a down payment.  Tim asked me what numbers I would need in order to walk out of the dealership with the car on the spot.  I told him that if I'm spending around $25k, I'd be remiss if I didn't shop around.  I let him know I would not be buying the car until I had a chance to see what other dealerships were offering.  He told me that he didn't want to be used as a bargaining chip and told me to shop around first, then he would give me his price.  He was not willing to give me a price on the car, unless I had the final offers from other dealerships.  After speaking on the phone to a friend at another dealership, and getting a price substantially below the invoice price elsewhere, I returned to South Point and asked Tim to remove me from his system so I would not receive calls or emails from South Point.  Tim began backpedaling, telling me how great the price was they were going to offer me.  I told him I didn't want to even hear it and walked out.  When looking at making a substantial purchase, I want to deal with someone who will work with me and help me make a decision.  At South Point, I was being strong armed and pressured into making a decision on the spot without considering other options.

This is the first of two automobile purchases I am making this year.  Neither one of them will be from South Point after this experience

Mike T. | 2014-04-21

So I did some in depth research before I visited this business. I have been to auctions, other lots, and have a few car salesman as friends. So I knew the routine. First time car buyer. I bought the 2013 Veloster Turbo. In white. Not the color I wanted but was the only manual transmission within 200 miles. Also had all the features I wanted. Test drive went smooth, although I did let my sales guy talk me down from really driving it. I had planned on hitting east Stassney near Burleson rd to test the road noise and suspension. I wish I had now. The road noise is Significant almost deafening, especially on the tollway. Hind sight.

Patrick was my salesman and he was pretty honest with me. I test drove the BRZ, FRS, and the Dart 2, so I knew what was out there and what I was looking for in options. Turn signal mirrors, cruise control, manual, great MPG, and a fair deal. I walked in debt free, car free, and armed with knowledge. After about a week I decided on the car, and walked in with a price in mind. 22.500. Sticker was over 26. I walked out at 22 flat. With 6.5%, and was happy.

The service department is helpful, but at dealership prices. I had all my tires insured through a separate company DT, and now I get lifetime balance and rotate free. Plus replacement. Whereas one visit for the same services cost me 65$, per visit. No thanks.

I also bring my own oil for changes. Royal Purple, and it only costs 20$ to change for me. Cuts out the hassle and time of pulling and recycling my own oil.

One snaffu did happen though. I had my tires rotated and when I received the car back, one wheel wasn't completely tightened.  So that means the tech didn't notice a metal on metal thunk as he drove it across the lot, twice. Shameful. I did when I drove it ten feet. So any damage to the front bolts and rotor will be brought back for repair. Negligence. Lost a second star.

The service personnel are very helpful. The cappuccino maker is cool. The couches sink in and make you feel diminished when looking up to talk to a rep though. The car wash personnel are better than any wash I've yet had in Austin.

I return every so often looking at possible upgrades. But I'll keep my blue and white Veloster. No trade, so don't call me.

Lara Renee M. | 2014-04-07

I first started looking online at  special on a velsoter 2013 and was contacted by Ilya Kuklin. We set up an appt right away which I happy about his promptness on calling me. When my hubby and I got there we test drove a Veloster it was cool and zippy, but we wanted something roomier.
 Ilya recommend a 2014 Elantara GT hatchback, which I did not even know they came that way!  We loved the way it drove had all the bells and whistles I was looking for seat warmers, water bottle cooler, blue tooth, xm radio and much more.
 Very please with our purchase and the great deal Ilya made us. His honesty was what made the experience even better. Very down to earth cool guy. I wish I could remember our finance guys name, he was great and had lots of advice;) Great experience over all! Thank you guys!

teresa v. | 2014-03-03

My sister and I bought a Hyundai Santa Fe (not from here) for my mom.  We aren't located in Austin so everything was done via internet and phone.  At first, I was super impressed by the responsiveness of their sales team.  I was even ready to purchase the car from them even though their quoted out the door price was $500 higher than the best quote I received.  BUT unfortunately, their less than honest dealings and high pressure tactics left me with a bad taste in my mouth and cost them a sale.  The other dealership we ended up buying the car from quoted me $33,512.18 out the door with a 2.9% interest rate.  At $0 down for 72 months the monthly payments would be approximately $500/mo...just where we needed to be.  So tell my why South Point Hyundai promised me $34,000 out the door (which I had to fight them down to this number to begin with) at 1.9% interest.  Once I got the verbal on this, NOTHING in writing they tried to pressure me into putting a $500 deposit to secure the car. deposit until I get a guaranteed rate with something in writing!  Even then I still had my full trust they would come through to make this deal work.  So we ended up getting a 2.9% rate once the application was filled out but tell me why the monthly payment they gave me then was $561/mo.!!!  Something just didn't add up here and I honestly didn't even care to find out.  Once they lost my trust I didn't even bother with an explanation in the price discrepancy because I wouldn't even believe what came out of their mouths anyway.  I know the car sales business has drastically changed with so much info. available to consumers on the internet it is very surprising to me that the salesperson and manager here very clearly treated me like an idiot that could be taken advantage of.   In any case, I am happy the deal is done now and my mom has the car she wants, no thanks to South Point Hyundai.

John-Paul L. | 2014-02-20

I am constantly hounded by these guys to sell my old car and buy a new one  -- even after I have told them every single time to stop calling me, take my name off their list for any solicitation. This has been going on, once a month for about a year.  The lack of courtesy and professionalism is alarming.  

Once I actually looked into what they could offer and the result was insulting.  Also, the car's transmission gave out after a year (was brand new) so I have less than impressed.

So unless you enjoy lack luster deals for a shoddy product, and non-stop harassment, don't deal with these people.

Fred S. | 2014-02-03

I'm an experienced car buyer and I was looking for a new car.  I went to various dealership and found the stereotypical car dealer tricks were still alive and kicking.  You think bait & switch, misleading advertising and high pressure sales techniques would be a thing of the past in our progressive society, but that's not the case with most car dealerships...

I contacted South Point and found an Internet salesperson named Patrick Reeb.  I told him exactly what I was looking for and he made the buying process surprisingly simple.  I picked the car I wanted, we did some old fashioned negotiating via email, and I got a very good deal on a 2013 Elantra.  This was the easiest car purchase I ever made, and there were no "surprises" during the deal...

Catherine P. | 2014-02-03

I have yet to meet a genuine car sales person and I'm in the car business. Thanks so much to South Point Hyundais Finance manager Jeff Allen! Best experience ever he did everything he could even when I thought I was being unrealistic!

Thanks so much again !


Chris Lee O. | 2014-01-15

Why buy an expensive Lexus Infinity when you can have a 2014 Sonata 2.0 Limited w/technology upgrade.

I am not an employee of Hyundai or even cared about buying one either. I have always owned cars like Pontiac Solstice and Honda S2 (very sporty cars). I don't have that kind of money to throw on a beamer or Lexus...but l have colleagues at my job who drive these cars. Very nice luxurious cars.

However...After spending a lot of hours doing research on Honda Accord, Chevy Impala on third party review sites, I saw consumers were choosing Hyundai over Chevy, Ford, Nissan and Honda, etc.

I have seen Hyundai's before. They just seemed like cheap cars. Whatever these Korean makers did this past year....shocked me when I stepped into a 2014 Sonata 2.0 Limited. The damn car looks like a Lexus. All the perks from interior, telematics, Infinity sound, to panoramic sunroof blew me away...and for the price!!

I won't write anymore. Just consider this car.
Don't look back.

Thanks South Point Hyundai.

Stacey B. | 2013-12-23

I decided to write this review after receiving several letters, texts to my cell phone, and just now, a phone call, from the sales department asking me if I'd like to sell my car. I  am very happy with my Santa Fe and have no plans to sell it. I find it tacky, irritating, and unprofessional to be constantly hounded about whether or not I wish to sell it.

My experiences when I've taken my car here to be serviced have been fine. Nothing special, but not too much to complain about. One thing I haven't liked about my service visits is being told by my service representative that her take home pay depends on "10" reviews and imploring me to rate her and my experience highly. I understand her concerns, but again, this is unprofessional and just rubs me the wrong way. If I lived closer to another dealership, I would probably try it out instead.

All in all, South Point Hyundai is fine, but I only go there out of convenience due to its proximity. I definitely recommend anyone with other options look around.

Jennifer H. | 2013-11-27

Soooo we've done it a.g.a.i.n! Its been a year since my whole family got amazing deals at Hyundai, 4 to be exact... Let me tell you...Rick King is the Superman of all superheroes when it comes to getting you out of the old and into your new dream on wheels :)
I left behind the limited elantra which I thought had "completed me" for a year sooo well....but when I walked in to the was one of those unexplainable moments in which the whole universe just alignes oh so perfectly to make your day go from ordinary to extraordinary! Rick is just super chilled and has a laid back attitude when dealing w customers, which in my personal opinion is already a winner's attitude when it comes to huge investment deals that people need to make...and he will make you feel comfortable making the deal but! also let's you walk out w no guilt feelings as he has not subconsciously attached the old ball and chain to your ankle. Also, finishing touches are also a breeze w the one and o.n.l.y Ali, the great magician. He just does all the footwork so you get the numbers you want to see. You dont question the magician and dont try to figure out his tricks, but just sit back and enjoy the show. The whole experience is just very pleasant. All guys at the dealship will treat visitors with warm courtesy :) this is home away from home. Great deal ship to make part of your family , thank you Hyundai, Rick and Ali :) go now and check them out. Always great deals

Phillip A. | 2013-10-24

Do not go here!  They will lie to you and waste your time.   They offered me pricing based on what I told them my credit was and after 2 days and 8 hours they finally had me meet with the finance manager, Ali and he said that sales was full of b.s. And they could not offer what sales had told me. The sales managers all came by and try to strike up conversation.  There were at least 4 floor managers one named sonny.  Complete waste of time and a lot of personal info was asked of me in passing along with my credit having an inquiry twice.

Steven K. | 2013-10-22

I recently bought a 2014 Santa Fe Sport from the team at South Point. Had a great experience with Rick and Rob. They treated me well and made me feel like I was part of the Hyundai family right away. There was some lack of efficiency while purchasing the car and I felt the process took longer than usual but overall I would recommend south point to anyone!

Cecilia G. | 2013-10-09

big huge joke!!!!!! do not sign anything or put your ss# on anything if you already have a financial in place with your bank!  !!!! i had financial in place and i didn't want my credit pulled but jamie in the finance told me he had to pull my credit no matter to see to make sure i wasn't a terrorist in order for me to buy that car!!!! don't fall for it!!!! they will use the "patriot act" line.  dumb me... i signed the dotted line! i really thought i had a great deal until i got home and added up the number numbers. the sticker price and the bill of sale were $85 off. i was suppose to get $4,500 off including trade in and rebates. i only got $3,000. complete bull. sonny huge joke. shaun too. shaun text me saying my bank didn't approve my loan. for a sales person you sure do know a lot about my credit! he doesnt know whats going on. they tried working out a deal after the fact i dropped the car back off to them. they should of been honest and not pulling a fast one by pulling my credit.  good luck selling that car!! If I could not give them any stars I would have done that. I wasted my time, energy and risk of getting pulled over in my jacked up car! Lol save yourself now... DON'T GO TO THEM!

i took my butt to hyundai round rock and got in the same car for a much better price and a deal!!!

Kelly W. | 2013-10-07

Do not be fooled by this location into buying the extended warranty. They will pressure you very hard to get it, talk it up and all the benefits, and then not honor it.  Beware!!! Service department is the worst!!

zoey f. | 2013-10-07

Super easy to work with.  We loved working with Patrick Reeb.  I highly reccomend this dealership.  We now have 2 cars from them!

Gennifer T. | 2013-08-26

Good experience, no false information. Our salesman left something to bedesired but luckily he was out when we went to pick up our car so we had Andre and he was amazing.

ToriandGrant H. | 2013-08-26

Worked with the Internet Sales Manager, Ricky. He was nothing short of an absolute pleasure to work with. No gimmicks, no games, just good business. Everything during the process, with Ricky, and everyone at South Point, was very easy. Ricky was always available when I needed to confirm or talk through things, and was the definition of a professional. Take your business to South Point and you simply won't regret doing so, it'll be the best car buying experience you've had.

Holly R. | 2013-06-24

BEWARE of Southpoint Hyundai.  I recently went in for a car they have advertised online.  I was promised this car after test driving, we had a verbal agreement but I wasn't able to sign anything because the car needed to go through a safety check.  The sales person, Carlos Aguilar, made it very clear that the price listed for the car online was non negotiable, and ensured me throughout the SIX phone conversations we had that the car would not be sold to anyone else, that the price was still as listed.  Four days into this, Carlos explained to me the transmission was cracked but under warranty and would be fixed before sold to me, and would be available in a week to pick up.
Flash forward one week later, and suddenly the price is for the car as-is (not at all what the website ad says) the warranty is voided because the owner did after market repair work, the transmission replacement is going to cost $8,000 IF they were to do it (which of course is going to increase the stated  "non negotiable " price ) and that the car is not in fact being held for me regardless of what his employee ENSURED me EVERY conversation we had.   We spoke to someone named 'Jeff' today; he told us if we had done our research we would have realized they would not sell a RUNNING car for this price.  Implying it is MY fault they have been giving me the runaround for over a week.
Overall this was a terrible experience and I hope this review keeps people away from this extremely shady, unprofessional dealership.
If they would have been upfront with me about the broken car they STILL have advertised online, in perfect condition, I would not have wasted a week waiting around; I could have found something else from them even.  Now that I know how terribly shady they are I will continue to spread the word.  STAY AWAY.

Matt R. | 2013-06-04

Beware of this company.  They used very high pressure scare tactics to talk us into purchasing a warranty after we repeatedly said no many many times.  Finally we agreed to buy a warranty after the salesman told us that if anything at all is wrong with our car we can just drop it off, pay the $60 deductible, and they give us a rental car to use until the repairs are finished.  Sounds pretty good, right?   The very first time we tried to use our warranty (today), we were told that we would have to wait up to 4 hours while they diagnose the car to see if the repairs even "qualify" for the warranty.  Who has 4 hours to wait around all day??  Not to mention this is not at ALL what they promised - a simple drop-off and go with no questions asked.

Also, when we initially bought the car the light signifying low pressure in the tires was on and they said they would fix it.  Then they brought it in the back and the car came out 5 minutes later with the light off.  Of course, the next day the light came right back on.  Obviously, they had just refilled the tire long enough to get us out the door.  The tire continued to get flatter and flatter until we had to put on the spare.  It turned out that there was a nail in the tire that had obviously been there for a long time that was causing the slow leak in air pressure.  AGAIN, somehow this also wasn't covered by our warranty that "covers everything".  

If I were you, I would avoid this company at all costs.  They are just your typical high pressure salesmen that will say any lies necessary to close the deal.

T. B. | 2013-03-29

DECEPTIVE!!!  South Point advertised a $4900 incentive off MSRP for an elantra gls online. I went to the store and spoke to Michael (salesperson) who assured me they could get me into the car. He even found the exact car on the lot.

After playing the waiting game for 20 minutes the salesperson let me know that the INCENTIVE ADVERTISED ONLINE WAS  A LIE because it consisted of multiple discounts that could not be used together. What??

Why advertise a Hyundai Elantra for 13k when you can't sell it for under $16,500? I am not going to pay over $3,500 more than the advertised online price. That is plain dishonest. Nobody could ever get the online advertised price because it was a lie.

Shame on you South Point and your dishonest, deceptive advertising gimmicks.

I went to the Round Rock Hyundai dealership that has been around for over 20 years (versus just over a year for South Point Liars).  Round Rock Hyundai has an amazing new service department. I bought a beautiful Elantra from a salesperson at the Round Rock Hyundai dealership who didn't try and lie about the price of the cars with gimmicks and hidden fees.

Travis X. | 2012-11-12

This is a review based off my experience BY PROXY.  My boyfriend bought a car here and since we're one of those couples that requires both of us to be on board with a big purchase, I had to deal with them as well but through my boyfriend.

So this review is  based off their customer service and customer service only.

After we spent a few days looking at cars and being disappointed in most of them, we finally made it to the Hyundai models.  We're both hatchback [5door] fans so the Elantra GT stuck out like a sore thumb.

After being allowed to test drive the car for HOURS and allowing him to drive the car from their office up to north Austin so I could drive around in it myself we both really enjoyed the car and decided to go ahead and start the process of buying one.

We ended up getting a car with a decent package inside. No complaints about the car really.  After a week we began to regret not getting the car with the tech package which had a lot of the features we really wanted.  We didn't need them but with bumper to bumper 10 year warranty we felt it was worth looking into getting a car that had ALL the features we wanted since the car will be with us for at least 6 years if not the  entire 10.

A day or 2 after we came to this realization the person that sold the car called us back to see how we felt about the car etc.  We told him we liked it but that we were in the beginning stages of regretting not looking at one with the tech package.

He told us they just got the very car we had but with the tech package in that day.

We decided to at least look into it and started to talk to him about possibly returning the old one and upgrading and how much more the monthly cost of the car would be etc. etc.

When it was all said in done we walked out of the lot the next day with the car we wanted the whole time, got a great deal on it and got the remainder of what we owned on the old car put on this loan [at a lower rate] and essentially paid off 1 car.

Their was little to no pressure put on us at any time the explained things very clearly and we even setup a plan to go back in to refinance in 6 months for an even lower rate.

I'm very happy with the customer service with them and that they went above and beyond to make sure we left with the car we wanted.

This is the FIRST and ONLY time I have left a car dealership without feeling screwed, taken advantage of, or pressured.  It was a great experience and I imagine when we look to upgrade our second car, we will be  coming back to this location to do just that.

Carl F. | 2012-09-25

--- This is a review of a test-drive experience. ---

I hate buying cars. I always feel I'm dealing with salesmen who are desperate to make their numbers. I also don't much like negotiating. That's two strikes right there.

So when we thought about getting a reliable, inexpensive new four-door hatchback, I was dreading the very thought of going into a dealership and being swarmed by smiling salesmen bent on picking my bones clean.  

The good news is that South Point Hyundai has Jason Rinaldi.

I connected with Jason over South Point's helpful online chat feature, and he answered some basic questions I had about a 2013 Hyundai Accent SE that was advertised on the Interwebs. He asked if we'd be interested in a test drive. My initial instinct was to decline, frankly, but this young man wasn't the least bit pushy so we set it up for the next morning. He even said we could bring our dog to participate in the test drive, which I thought was a nice touch.

Total Woman and I ended up leaving our pup Maisy at home that morning, but Jason provided us with an excellent test drive experience. He was knowledgeable about the car's features, and quickly connected our iPhone to the car's Bluetooth handsfree phone feature so we could test that. (This should be considered a standard safety feature in all cars. It's excellent.)

When we were finished. Jason probed a bit about our timeline, whether or not we had questions on price, etc. It was all very respectful; again, not the least bit pushy.

So thanks Jason. And thanks South Point Hyundai.

For reasons totally unrelated to South Point Hyundai or the car itself, we decided to remain a one-car family for a while longer. But when it comes time for us to replace our beloved 2003 Mazda Protege 5, we know where to go. And we know who to call.

And in case I need to beat my point to a pulp, if we buy a Hyundai, we'll buy it from Jason and South Point.

Boom! Done.

Sally M. | 2012-08-21

I have had so many wonderful experiences since purchasing my car here. Their superior service continues long after you drive off the lot with you new car. The service department is dependable and kind. They even waited late for me one night, not minding a bit I'd be putting them behind in getting home, I'm sure. They are so friendly from start to finish. Even the saleswoman who sold me my car (Jackie) checks in every now and then just to see how it's doing. I will send everyone I know to these guys and look forward to my next vehicle purchase from you. Thanks guys!

Maria L. | 2012-08-07

I bought a new car here last year. After all the paperwork and fees, the price was higher than what I thought was discussed  with the sales person and I felt duped after I got home and really read the fine print. But I'll chalk it up to me being a first time car buyer and won't make the same mistakes next time. They also offer GAP insurance when you purchase a vehicle. I decided to buy it at a total premium of $488. Later I learned I could get the same insurance from my insurance company (Progressive) for an extra $1 a month on top of my usual monthly premium. So just a heads up, ask your insurance carrier if they offer GAP before you buy it from a dealership.
As far as the service department goes, everyone has been really nice and courteous when I go in for oil changes, etc. So the four stars is only for the service department.

Joshua F. | 2012-07-15

Big thumbs down. I had a similar experience with Tom Cruz as someone else here. He had shown me and my wife a variety of vehicles. I set up an apt a week in advance to buy a blue elantra. When I get there they only had black and red. After wondering why he had kept the apt given the lack of blue cars, i agreed to buy the black elantra.  

However now the sticker price had increased 1k with add ons we never agreed on and didn't want (pin striping and other bs).  I told him the price was 400 over another offer we had, and to match it or honor the original price we agreed to a week ago, as I was already compromising on color.    He said he had to go talk to his "finance manager".  Their 2nd offer came in $700 higher than the todays sticker price! A very balsy move.  They had a new song and dance on the "new price change" and we just left baffled by their try at silly tactics.

My in-laws live in Dallas. We just went to freeman hyundai in Irving. Dealt with Matt Patrick---transaction couldn't have been smoother. It seems all the reviews here are a five or one star. Add this one to the one star count. Shame Tom did all that work showing us cars just for another dealership to get the deal. So unnecessary.

Stephanie J. | 2012-04-10

Like everyone else, I'm not a big fan of car shopping at dealerships.  I owned a Hyundai which was bought in another state, and I trust the brand.  I came into this dealership with very specific ideas about what I wanted:  SUV or CRV, used, sunroof.     My dealer was Mark, who took very good care of me.  He showed me what they had in inventory to match my criteria, and I found one fairly quickly that I wanted to buy, all without mentioning a price range.  When he gave me the price for the car, I told him what I would pay for it (based on edmonds & kelly blue book) and they accepted it without any haggling.  They offered me far more than my trade in was worth, and when I told them what payments I wanted to make based on the agreed price they found a way to do it without a crazy high interest rate.  Matt, my finance guy, was good enough to break it all down, and we got along great.  (I probably took up more of his time than I should have.)  I heart my car and I recommend them highly.

Brian J. | 2012-03-16

--Best  car buying experience every  (5th car purchase)!   These guys were  honest, hard working, and at the end of the day made me the best deal.  I found that their cars and trucks were listed 2-3k less than anywhere in Austin, and they offered me the best for my trade!  
--They don't really haggle on used cars because  they are priced soooo  low, but they worked really hard at making a good offer on my trade.  Once I got to finance, they worked for almost a week  finding me the best rate to get my payment $28 less/mo. than I was looking for.    
--Also, I got the extended service warranty for less than $20/ mo. and it should pay  for itself 10x over.  They didn't try to rush threw the process and explained all the pros and cons of the deal.  Needless to say they are now working a deal for my GF to get  a new car as well.  I report back on that!

--Ask for Jason or Patrick

Carmella M. | 2012-02-15

I will Yelp till the Sun comes up ,as luck would be on my side today .
Driving home from work while everyone else was on the ever so waited
lunch hour normal people work since my schedule is 0400 A.M till .1200 today so my lunch is early .anyway my car refuse to go over 20 mph.and its only 6 months old
2012 Hyundai ,

Service people were great as far as getting it done quick no bull and delivered what they promised when I bought the car ,I just knew there was some thing  wrong that was not covered by the warranty and they proved me wrong.I was so Happy !
I will never ever complain about a slow driver again.
so if you happened to be on Lamar today and could not figure why this car was creeping while traffic should have been smooth going it was my fault.
I would step on the gas pedal and give it  some gas ,and top speed was 20 after going to get groceries,lots and lots of groceries.
so I figured i would make it home yet never thought  it would of made it so I called
the Dealership and Roadside assistance they came and towed and was able to pick up my newly program car was ready it is still a mystery how it Deprogrammed  itself .

As long as I can go to work tomorrow I am just really happy everything worked it self out in six hours..

leah j. | 2011-11-21

This place was horrible. They decided it would be nice to apply my credit to over 10 banks. They never followed up with a phone call. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!!

Sarah A. | 2011-11-01

I went here looking for USED cars and it was complete garbage.

I made my inquiry online and decided to go in to the store. The internet sales guy looked up who I was and what I'd inquired about and then brought around a brand NEW car for me to test drive. So. There was that.

The most annoying thing and why I left was because he kept asking what monthly payment amount I was trying to get to with my purchase. And I KEPT saying it was not about monthly payments but about the total dollar amount, which I did not want to increase from my original amount. Multiple times he said I should lease, which I explained I did not want to do a few times before I decided it was pointless to talk to the guy any longer.

When we got in the car to leave he actually ran out while we pulled away and gave me a "better" price on one of their new cars. When I said no, it was still too much he knocked off another thousand dollars. So that was funny. But we still left. That kind of made the whole experience feel even more sleazy.

Laura F. | 2011-10-29

South Point is the most honest and helpful dealership in the Austin area. My husband is an avid bargain shopper and was comparing rates from dealerships around the area.  South Point gave the best offer and stuck with it, not pulling a bait and switch at the end.  They worked hard to ensure that we got the model and color that we wanted even though it required extra time and effort.  Once our car was found, the entire time worked hard and taught us about all the bells and whistles.  We will definitely be returning next time we need a new car.

Alex K. | 2011-10-23

Go elsewhere, even if you have to pay more.
Since I bought my vehicle, which I had thought was a good value, I have had nothing but problems the last 4 months.  It is a 2010 and they've screwed me on everything from installing an incorrect battery, stealing my battery bolts, stealing my mats, and promising to provide repairs that took me 3 visits and never got resolved.  You owe it to yourself to not waste your time here.

Emily D. | 2011-10-23

I've had some not-so-great experiences with car dealerships in the past (haven't most of us?), so I was pleasantly surprised on both occasions when I came to South Point Hyundai.

Visit #1: My husband and I both drive Hyundais, and when we moved to TX over a year ago, we needed to change our license plates. Problem was, the screws holding the plates in place were stripped...on BOTH cars! Another one of those annoying car problems that you can't quite fix yourself, yet don't want to take it in and get charged a rip-off flat rate for.

We brought the cars into South Point and they got both of them in right away. Apparently it was a more difficult process that initially thought, but they extracted the screws and affixed the new license plates within a half-hour. The best part was that they didn't charge us anything. AND they gave us a coupon for a free oil change! Now that's a way to get repeat business.

Visit #2: Several months later, our 2009 Santa Fe started shimmying and making a horrible grinding noise when braking. Turns out that 2 of the rotors were seriously warped and the other 2 were halfway there. The warranty for them had already expired, but the folks at South Point called Hyundai and got them to cover 2 new rotors. We paid for labor and to have the other 2 rotors "trued." The reason I deducted a star is because they started working on the car without getting my signed approval for the estimate. However, they kept their word on the price. We haven't had any brake issues since.

Thanks to South Point Hyundai, I'm a little less jaded when it comes to car small feat!

Amanda Rose M. | 2011-10-02

Loved this dealership. In and out without wasting time on negotiations we weren't trying for. Jake was great, very informative about the cars we were looking for, didn't trash talk competitors and took us right out for a spin.

Nice to finally have a non-pushy sales rep when we were still researching and not ready to buy.

k a. | 2011-08-27

After having a bad experience at the Round Rock Hyundai, I decided to try out this location. I worked with Jackie, and I'm so happy I did. She listened to what I was looking for, went above and beyond to make sure I was happy, and gave me a very good deal on the car I wanted. Even though the car I wanted wasn't on their lot since it's brand-new, she said they knew it would be there in 2-3 weeks. She even threw in a tint because of the wait which was awesome. Jackie continued to keep in touch with me to let me know how things were going and texted me a photo of my car when it reached the lot (It took 2 1/2 weeks.). I'm completely satisfied with my experience (doesn't happen much with car salespeople) and will happily recommend Jackie and this location to anyone looking to buy a Hyundai.

Lori D. | 2011-06-26

Five stars for a car delearship you say??  Why yes!!  I have had a very good experience here believe it or not!  First off, I got a great deal on my car.   Patrick was my salesman and anytime a question has come up on it he has been quick to help me even though the money was already in his pocket, so to speak.  Recently the car needed a new battery, but Auto Zone had told me that it was my alternator.  Needless to say I was quite upset upon buying a "brand new to me (07)" car that had an expensive problem.  I called Patrick and he immediately put me over to Toby in the service department who was very kind and reassuring.  I brought the car in and sure enough it was just the battery and Toby was on top of it.  It is reassuring that a car dealership will stand behind their product and not just take your money and be done with you.  Thanks South Point!

Shannon G. | 2011-06-26

I recently drove away from South Point Hyundai in my new Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0t Premium and would like to thank the Internet Team, particularly Adan, Scott, and Rick, for being so incredible throughout this entire pain-free experience. When I first went to the South Point store, the vehicle I was looking for was not available at the time and a little difficult to come by. I was prepared to wait weeks for the exact vehicle I wanted. Still, they worked diligently and were able to have my new dream car to me in less than a week. The Internet staff was incredibly kind, patient, and thorough with me throughout all of our encounters, and even when following up with me afterwards. I left as one completely satisfied customer because of this trio. I truly cannot say enough great things about these three guys! If you're stopping by South Point Hyundai, ask for any of them. Their service is fantastic and they will surely treat you right!

Erin E. | 2011-05-13

I bought a used Elantra a couple months ago and had a great experience. Being a mid-20's woman, I had been treated differently at a bunch of different dealerships. It was frustrating! But at South Point, Vincente Hernandez, treated me like an adult and didn't apply excessive pressure. I understand the sales business, so there will always be the search for an opportunity to 'close' but Vince was great. He let me take my time with my decision, knowing it was a big one for me. He even filled up my tank for me with his own money after Id mentioned I'd like a full tank! In addition, I called with a question about my warranty, and he even scheduled my oil change.

The only reason it wasn't a 5 star review was because of the manager of used cars. He was very nice but just slightly shady. My first visit, he said he'd give me more for my trade in. When I went back and asked for more, he admitted he had said that to get me to come back in. He did end up giving me more for it, but it just kind of left me unsettled.

Everyone I met there was very helpful and very kind. I would buy another car from South Point and especially from Vincente

Greg M. | 2011-04-27

My wife and I just bought a new Santa Fe, and the experience was a good one. Very little pressure from the salesman, Russ. He was amiable and didn't try to steer us into more expensive vehicles that we were clear we didn't want. He was patient with our dual test drives and explained everything about the vehicle and pricing that we needed to know. I enjoy buying cars when there's minimal fuss and haggling (but some is OK and kind of fun). Any time you walk out (drive out) with a new car that you are happy with and got a fair price and good service, that's a win. Nice job South Point!

We also have a relatively new Subaru, and the buying experiences were comparable. If you like the low-key, low-pressure vibe of Subaru, you will probably like South Point too. Ask for Russ!

Lady R. | 2011-01-12

They sold me a broken brand new car.
It was very slow the couple of days we came in to look at cars. And our car salesman was like a rat. He would sneak up on us or just watch us through the window. We did find a car, but soon after it had major problems and they are not owning up to it. I have written Hyundai, but no one has responded in over a month.
I brought my car in for 5 services in the last 7 months. Nothing was explained to be, done correctly, or had even close to wonderful service.
Drove up to tell them the problem with my car, no one came to me for about 15 minutes, finally someone came with no greeting, then asked what was wrong. They wrote down stuff I didn't even say, I was uninformed about the car rental service, so I went for almost a week without my car, I had to call about five times to check to see if my car was done, finally when I picked it up near closing time, i drove off and immediately heard a terrible noise coming from my engine. Brought it back the next chance I got, they had the car another 5 days, and honestly it's been such a nightmare and a regretful purchase. No one is telling me why the car is in such terrible condition for a brand new car, all the servicemen say, "I don't know." and say that the 27 point check inspection didn't catch anything.
Probably the first and last Hyundai for us.
Would definitely not recommend this place.

Sera O. | 2010-07-16

It's tricky to believe reviews on car dealerships, certainly due to the negative stigma and stereotypes attached to them.

While I have had a good run with my ten year old Hyundai Santa Fe, after one problem after another, I decided that a monthly car payment would be a much wiser investment than dumping hundreds a month into a car that would be on its way out eventually.

The salesman I worked with (named Patrick), however, was in every way the seedy, nonprofessional salesman that many dealerships earn their reputation by.

Granted, I did not have the easiest budget to work with for what I needed, but it was still reasonable and entirely possible.

Instead, I kept getting jerked around, steered towards things I did not care for, and was generally treated like a child who did not know what she wanted.

I was extremely unimpressed.

When I finally did find something to my liking on my third trip at South Point, I was kept waiting for almost two weeks without word on whether or not I was approved for the loan.

My phone calls and messages went unanswered. My emails ignored.

Finally I got a hold of the salesman, who told me the bank had rejected my application for the used, 2008 SUV I had my eye on, but insisted they WOULD approve me for a shiny, 2010 brand new car priced 3 times as much.


This bait and switch tactic was so cliche and so offensive, I couldn't believe this guy actually was trying to take advantage of me like that.

After declining, I finally called the credit/financial office at South Point, and I spoke to a very nice gentlemen there who informed me that my salesman Patrick had NOT EVEN SUBMITTED MY APPLICATION AND  INFORMATION TO THE BANK!

So, not only did he string me along and waste my valuable time, energy, and gas to drive down there on multiple occasions, but he dishonored me by ignoring my requests and blatantly lying to me on the phone.

Long story short, I gave his manager an earful, and took my business to Toyota. :)

natalie m. | 2010-06-09

I originally went to South Park Hyundai to look at a used Toyota Matrix (the Matrix wasn't there cause I went to the wrong South Point HA), and after a few days of serious research, I bought a brand new Hyundai Elantra Touring GLS with the popular package. IT'S AWESOME!!! I had never given Hyundai so much as a thought until I walked through the South Point lot.
When I arrived I was greeted promptly by one of the sales associates, he was waiting on a client and couldn't help me, so he introduced me to Patrick Wright. Now let me tell you about Patrick, if you are concerned about cubic space in a vehicle, take Patrick with you on a test drive. He is like 6 foot a million, and is as broad a some of the smaller model Hyundai's. Not to fret, he is a gentle giant, very patient (I changed the color car I wanted in the middle of writing up paper work) and very knowledgeable on the Hyundai brand. I really felt at ease through my entire buying experience, and found everyone from management to finance to be very patient, kind and helpful. I highly recommend Hyundai, Patrick Wright and South Point Hyundai!!!

Stacie R. | 2009-07-14

I bought my first Hyundai Elantra two years ago at Gillman Hyundai. It was a pretty rotten experience overall--everyone I dealt with was either dodgy or creepy or both (their finance people actually film you accepting their terms--WAY creepy) I had to call to find out if my license plates arrived (they were supposed to mail them to me) and I never received the title to my car despite paying it off a year and a half ago. They said they mailed it somewhere else--why should anyone hold the physical title to my car other than me!? It's no wonder the place was closed!

A few weeks ago, my car was totaled and I wanted to get another Elantra. I went to South Point, planning to look at a pre-owned car I had seen on their website. Two salesmen (one training) came out to assist me, and regretfully told me that the car I wanted was already sold (word to the wise: their online inventory is not updated very frequently, so call ahead) but that they would be happy to contact me if a similar one came in. It was then suggested I take a look at the new inventory, which I was hesitant to do since I was trying to stick to the amount I was paid by the insurance company.

Of course, I felt right at home on the test drive. The price I was offered was great--I didn't even have to negotiate! The finance clerk I worked with was very friendly and was happy to explain anything I didn't understand. No cameras here! I signed a few papers, paid for the car and went to take home my new baby. I was given a tour of the car, the books that are included and estimates of when I'd receive my plates, title and how. Last, the salesman took my picture with my new car for a calendar full of coupons and maintenance reminders that I'd be sent later. Not necessary, but just another example of how South Point goes above and beyond.

Overall, I had a great experience at South Point. I also visited their mechanic shop once with my last car and had no problems. A+!