South Point Auto Group in Austin, TX

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This business is no longer active.

South Point Auto Group

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 445-0300
Address:4610 S IH 35, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on South Point Auto Group

Britt B. | 2015-03-20

I have now been to have my car serviced for check engine like 4 times in a 3 month period. They have yet to resolve the issue and I have spent a lot of money for the "problems" they can't seem to fix. They have the worst service, they are not accomodating to my time and energy and clearly don't know what they are doing. I would not recommend buying a jeep, going to this dealer if you have one!!! Avoid south point at ALL COSTS!!!!!

Elaine A. | 2015-01-04

I'm giving the dealership one star, only because that's the lowest option available.

Last Friday, I went by South Point Dodge. I'm a truck girl - I've driven trucks for 30 years - but I've been driving a Subaru for the last 18 months to save gas. I've been hearing good things about the Dodge diesel, though, so I decided to check it out. I drove to the dealership and it was apparent the sales guys made some snap judgements about a woman pulling in, alone, in a Subaru.

Here's how it went:

Him: "How can we help you today?"
Me (following him inside): I'd like to pick up some brochures.
Him: "We don't really have any." (Looks at another sales guy.) "We don't have any do we?"
Other guy: "No, everything's online."
Him (looks at me): "Everything's online."
Me (turning to go): "Ok, thanks." I start for the door. Silence from the "sales" guys behind me.
Me (stopping and turning back): "What's your name?"
Him: "Justin."
Me: "Hi Justin" (I put out my hand). "I'm Elaine."
Him: Shakes my hand. No further conversation.
Me: "Ok, I guess I'll just go wander around on the lot."
Him: "Ok."

I walk outside, spend about five minutes peeking through windows, and then give up and leave.

He never asked me one question about what I was looking for and why.

If he had, he'd have learned that I was a long-time truck fan, had once owned a Dodge Ram Charger that I really loved, that I frequently tow an Airstream (solo), and that I previously worked in marketing with an RV dealership. Oh... and that I usually write about my experiences.

But then, the weather outside was a little chilly and misty. Maybe it was just too dreary for him to make an effort.

Good luck, Justin You're going to need it.

My advice: avoid South Point like the plague.

L A. | 2014-11-21

I bought a Jeep here in April, but had only ended up at Southpoint while driving around after checking another dealership nearby and would not have bought from them had I seen these reviews. But my salesman was nice and the process wasn't bad since I knew exactly what I wanted and the price I would pay. He did, however, tell me there was a second key included but it never arrived, so I would have negotiated the price about $300 less had I known when I signed that I would have to buy it later. I had to call many times about the key he promised, but he blew me off, and when I later went there in person was told I had to buy a key for $325. They kindly offered to let me buy it at the employee price of $225. Other dealerships only charge 225 to customers, so I bought it somewhere else and after reading these reviews, am not going near the service department. I have already been to another dealership for service and it doesn't operate anything like this one.

Although my experience wasn't horrible, there was scamminess in the air and I felt I might have to walk away from the purchase at any minute. As soon as a salesman asks me what I can afford to pay per month, I bolt- It's an irrelevant question that is used to make you pay more. So I told him up front not to ask to help him avoid running me off. Still the sales manager almost did. I also don't do trade-ins- I sell my car separately and get 3x as much for it, and it's another way to avoid feeling ripped off. But there are so many ways they can scam you and I guess I can't keep up- they got me with the spare key and I read that it's common with used cars that they lie about a second key when they really only have one.
So the key issue and a few other minor things- the one star rating is for dishonesty that cost me a couple hundred dollars and inconveniences. If they want repeat customers, seems like they would do a little better. I don't get it. And apparently they do want customers to come back-
There's this:
Today I received a call from "The Customer Service Manager" who said she wanted to see how my visit was...SIX months ago. Nice timely follow up. But of course it wasn't really a follow up- she didn't really care or ask again about my visit and admitted that "the manager wants to buy back my car" because they're low on used car inventory. She asked when was a good time to bring the car in for an appraisal without even asking me if I was interested in selling the car I just bought. She went on to say that they have lots of buying incentives right now. So she had no interest in how my visit went, she was just trying to get me in to buy a new car. So creepy.

Patrick L. | 2014-10-08

BELIEVE THE REVIEWS!!!  This is the worst dealership I have ever encountered before.

Enrique, the "service consultant" an arrogant, rude nobody who lied about everything from when my vehicle would be diagnosed until it was ready.  Even after it was supposedly repaired I had to return because they screwed up the electrical system.  I was told it was just a quick fix and once again had to contact the service manager (who was just as arrogant, rude and unprofessional) to get my vehicle out there in hour's time.


Sydney S. | 2014-10-08

I moved from NYC to San Antonio in June 2014 and needed a car immediately. I went to several dealers and it took DAYS for them to try to find me a lender and a car I actually wanted. Southpointe Dodge was the only dealer I had e-mailed that stayed in touch with me through the car-hunting process. My sales guy, Sully, who was very professional and helpful, said they had the right car for me. I drove out there around 4:30 on a Saturday-a busy time at dealerships-but Sully and their financing department had me all set up to go by 8 p.m.! My only dissatisfaction is that I've had the car since the end of June 2014 and it's now October and I still don't have my warranty paperwork-I had texted my salesperson but got no response. BUT! Rebecca and Ilya and the other good folks at the dealership saw my Yelp review and got back to me IMMEDIATELY. They informed that my salesperson no longer worked there but that they would get right on it, and they DID! Within days, I got a certificate and the full warranty is on its way! Now the only downside is that if I need anything done under the warranty, I have to somehow get my car out to Austin from San Antonio. But I love my super-clean 2009 sporty little Pontiac G5-now I'm just trying to name it-any suggestions? :)

Rob G. | 2014-10-07

Horrible service dep even if you have appiontment for certain day they still wont be able to get to your ride for a simple electric issue at that

H H. | 2014-10-01

I need to have my front brake pads replaced so I went by on a Saturday morning at 8am.  I waited in line with a couple of other people in their vehicles but was ignored by a service writer who walked right passed me and went to another vehicle.  I then talked to another service writer and was told they could not help me today because I didn't make an appointment.  I have been here on several other occasions without an appointment and was seen without any problems.

Later in the week, I made a service appointment on their website where the website states that someone will call back or email within 12 hours to confirm the appointment.  I have never heard from anyone since I made the appointment and it has been 3 days.  I have tried calling the service department number, but no one answers of course.

South Point Dodge is just your typical sleazy car dealership with shady people working there who could care less about you now that you have bought their vehicle.  I love my dodge ram 1500, but I will never buy another dodge due to the fact that the service is just so terrible.  Howdy Honda, here I come.

Yelp, please provide the option of 0 stars because South Point Dodge deserves 0 stars instead of 1.

Ian E. | 2014-09-09

Worst experience that I have ever had with a dealership. Unprofessional, unorganized, tons of excuses and out right lies. Will never do business with again.

Lance K. | 2014-09-05

Tom gave me a ride home today from the dealership.
The friendliest shuttle ride I have ever experienced.
Tom made the whole service experience much more pleasant.

Joan W. | 2014-08-25

I'm sure this dealership has its good points I am just having trouble finding any of them. My son recently bought a used car from this dealership, a $29,000 used car. He picked up the car at 8pm on a Saturday night and at midnight called me stranded on the toll road. The motor went out in this car. We had it towed back to SPD and the next business day my son went to see them about the problem-lets just say they blamed him for the motor going out and had no desire to help-basically you bought it as is and it is your $29,000 problem.  These people are smucks.  Their rep is in tatters and I tried to talk to them. They acted like they really cared, but when it was all said and done-they said we stand behind our sale-the car was fine when it left the yard.  This car had high mileage and was a trade-in. There were no inspections performed on the car, no buyers guide given til AFTER we met with them last week.  I have had to contact my lawyer, the DMV and next is 7 on your side.  DO NOT DO business with these people-they will tell you everything you did to the car to cause the problem they take no responsibility for the car since they had it on the wholesale lot.

I would rate them a zero since they do not keep their word. They do not call when they say they will and you have to pursue them. I am looking for any and all avenues to get their attention. Maybe hitting them in the pocket book with complaints to the DMV will do the trick.

Chris L. | 2014-08-22

New ownership same bad operations.  Stop forwarding calls to service reps who aren't available.  Get up off your ass and see if people are available to take a call.  I even left a message with the cashier for someone to call me back.  No return call.

Matt N. | 2014-08-20

After nearly 2 weeks, still can't get an eta on a warranty job. When I stopped by to talk to the supervisor,  he accused me of lying to him about the lack of customer service given from his crew. They don't answer the phone.  They don't return messages.

Anthony T. | 2014-08-18

Poor service dept and sales dept.   I just dropped off my vehicle and was stunned that they asked me sign off that they wouldn't be responsible for damage to my truck or personal property in my vehicle in there hands.....and about 30 mins later I notice my truck sitting outside the shop, windows down and key with a big yellow band on it sitting on the dashboard!!!     Furthermore,  when I purchased said vehicle they tried to sell it to me for 2000 OVER  the price they had it priced online.   What a bunch of scams!   HELPFUL TIP: before buying a vehicle,  GOOGLE VIN #, that's how I found that ad!!!

Austin R. | 2014-08-11

If it were possible to give negative ratings on Yelp, South Point Dodge would have earned that rating today.

I called this morning about having a copy of a key for a Jeep made.

The Sales Person transferred the call to the Parts department.

The Parts department person on the phone quoted a price of $215.  The price included the cost of the key, as well as the programming of the key to my specific car.  That price is a rip off, but it's also about the same price as every other Jeep dealership, so I wasn't surprised.

I was swamped with work today, and had a friend willing to drive my car down to South Point Dodge to have the key made.  I gave her about $240 just in case tax pushed the quoted price higher.

She called me that afternoon to tell me that, after being re-directed to several different departments over the course of an hour, and finally reaching the Services department, they were trying to charge her closer to $300.

I instructed her to leave, and called them.

The Sales Person re-directed me again to Parts (not Services).

Parts again quoted about $215, which included both the price of the key and the programming.  When I inquired as to why I was being quoted one price on the phone, and another price in person, the Parts department person stated that they didn't know what the Services department was charging.  He then asked who I spoke to this morning.

There are three major issues with this:
1. The company should KNOW who I talked to this morning.  I called using the same phone both times.  Any standard call center software integrated with a phone PBX system can automatically record a phone number, as well as which employee picked up the phone.  The record of who answered which call can then be updated with what products, services and prices were quoted over the phone.  

2. The Parts department SHOULD know what the Services department is doing.  Any standard automotive ERP system should be able to provide standard lists of products, services and their respective prices.  All departments should have access to that system at a moment's notice.

3.  Talk about terrible customer service.  The Sales Rep that answered the phone didn't know which department to forward my call to.  The on-site staff didn't know which department to send my friend to.  The Parts department doesn't know what the Services department is doing.

Whoever is running South Point Dodge is an idiot.  Upgrade your systems.  Train your people.  Figure it out.

In the meantime, I'll take my little key duplication - and future Jeep maintenance and automotive purchases - somewhere else.  

South Point Dodge: Morons.

Jessica E. | 2014-08-04

The service department of this dealership is absolutely horrible. Our car has been in the shop for over three months! Having a new car built from scratch would be done a lot sooner.  Not only do I not trust their skill and ability to correctly fix our Chrysler, their customer service is terrible. They do not answer their phones. They do not follow up on what they say they are going to do.  Do not use this dealership for any of your car service needs.

Michael W. | 2014-07-31

Service Department could be the worst in the entire region. I should honestly give myself one star because of how many times I went back out of convenience. Every single time I  am yet reminded again why I need to travel to another dealership. No attention to detail, very poor service. I have a warranty repair on my Ram headlight that I refuse to let them fix for FREE. Just to give you an idea. No idea about the sales dept, but if service is any indication of the will only feel regret after.

Lydia H. | 2014-07-28

Horrible Service Department!  Regrettably I have had to endure their incompetence for over a year every time I have a recall issue that is required to be fixed by the dealer.  Overall the worst service I have ever had to deal with, due to them not being able to fix my truck in a timely manner and losing the keys and truck when I showed up to pick up to take somewhere else since they had not started it after having it for more than 5 hours! Beware of doing any business with them ever! Avoid at all costs

Kendell M. | 2014-07-25

I wish I had seen the other reviews for this dealership before my wife took her mother's car to South Point Dodge.  First, she had left two messages with their service department to schedule an appointment.  No one responded.  Next, she went online and left a message that she wanted to schedule service.  Still, no response.  Since she was near the dealership today, she visited the dealership in person and spoke to the service manager.  To his credit, he got her in immediately due to the problems she had experienced.  She got a tire rotation and oil change using a coupon for $29.95.  When she picked up the vehicle, the bill was for over $39.  There was an additional miscellaneous charge of $6.78.  She challenged the service rep because there was no mention of this charge on the coupon which, again, was for $29.95.  She rep paged both the service manager and the assistant.  Not surprisingly, no one showed up.  My wife paid the bill but said she would never return.  We have no problem paying an extra fee as long as the fee is disclosed up front and not after the fact.  Buyer beware if you go to this dealership.

Dylan C. | 2014-07-22

Awful place. Had contract ready, asked to see if they would at dealer cost throw in a half top and then all of a sudden the vehicle is sold. High pressure sales tactics from some 'Big Will' guy. Would never and will never buy from this place. They are a mess as I waited there fora n hour and a half just to talk to someone about paperwork I witnessed the managerial staff berate the employees as well as talk bad about the potential customers. Bunch of jerks. Stay away from this place, they don't care and they will do you wrong. They will of course come back and say I turned down or declined what was in writing but I specifically told the salesman I was on my way up to the dealership to get the vehicle upon arrival it was sold. Although the experience here was horrible I can say I learned from it and am thankful I didn't make a terrible mistake by purchasing here.

Leo A. | 2014-07-19

Worst dealership ever bunch of lying fucking idiots in the who don't know anything as well as are sales person John Garza he sucks as well tells us everything is set to go and come get the car then get there and its a different story and then try's to lie about it when we have everything he said on txt he fucking sucks never would recommend. To anyone not even to buy a bike if the sold them fucking idiots.

Nicholas M. | 2014-07-15

Let me premise this by saying this is specific to repair services. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER DO NOT GO HERE FOR REPAIRS IF ZERO STARS WAS AN OPTION I WOULD'VE CHOSE THAT!!!!!! My experience started on July 3 and around 1230 PM.After my ignition locked up on me, I had my truck towed here at the advice of my warranty company. Discussing my situation with Jason service adviser and making him aware that I would be unable to get a rental until my issue was diagnosed. I didn't hear back from them until Monday afternoon around 530 pm four days later. After hashing it out between the service department and my warranty company i was told the repairs would only take a couple hours and my truck would be done Wednesday afternoon, i get a call around 545 pm, "sorry we're backed up wasn't able to get to it today". Same story Thursday. Friday i'm told they're waiting on a part it'll be done today. NOPE, Saturday afternoon i'm told it was the wrong part, they're getting the right part in today , it being closed on Sundays i wasn't  able to pick my truck up until Monday afternoon 7/14/14, 11 days after i dropped it off. When i asked what took so long i was told they were understaffed. I then inquired if every cars shop time was 11 days. All i got back was stunned look of confusion.

So i get to the dealership and they bring my truck around and as soon as I start inspecting the outside of my truck, I look in the bed i see stuff from my toolbox thrown about. Before i left it initially i made sure there was nothing left out in the truck front or back and that my toolbox was locked before leaving. Upon further inspection i see that my circular saw($80 ), my bug out bag( $400) and a brand new set of heavy duty jumper cables ($40) was missing, i mention it to my service adviser, and after about 30 minutes i get a manager of some sort. He starts to say that i signed a waiver and they were'nt responsible for items in car, so this guy basically said he didn't give a crap. He says he'll ask around and see if any staff knows about it. At this point i just chuckled and thought to myself, yeah that's gonna help. So i guess leaving my truck in he responsibility of a service department, with everything locked, its my fault they didn't have any security or cameras.

I mention all my concern to the service adviser and all they were able to do was cover 2 DAYS OF RENTAL FEES!! Not to mention the head service manager was extremely rude when telling me what they would be willing to do. After i was told to pay the bill and bring my receipt, he tried getting upset with me for doing what i was told to.

Overall, 11 day turnaround for a approx 2 hour job; they never picked up when i called. I had to call repeatedly to check on the status of my vehicle to which they would only call back when i said i was going to come up there. Poor customer service, and on top of all that no accountability for stolen property. ABSOLUTELY THE WORST SERVICE EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicki M. | 2014-06-30

This review is regarding the service department:

My experience with this service department was a nightmare, to say the least. I'd recently moved into the area and figured my best bet was to take my car to a dealership. They'd know the car the best right? WRONG. What ensued was a week of back and forth phone calls, incompetence, and straight-up rudeness. Seriously, save yourself some time and go somewhere else. Not only will they charge you WAY too much, they'll treat you like they don't even want your business.

Mary W. | 2014-04-30

NEVER buying a Chrysler again!!! This is not so much about South Point Dodge but it is Chrysler!!! Though taking 4+ days to find out what is wrong with the car is South Point! Found out my lifetime warranty is void because at 5 years I had to bring it in for a power train check. Even though the car was in the shop last year nobody mentioned I needed to have the check nor did I receive a reminder no mail, no email, no communication! Exactly what they wanted, pay for the extended warranty and find an excuse to void it. At least Honda resets the mileage for the warranty when something has been replaced under the warranty and it never took 3+ days to find out what was wrong with the vehicle.

Joseluis L. | 2014-03-19

The most dishonest people working there. Stay away from them.

Kitty K. | 2014-03-18

We bought our Dodge Ram 1500 from South Point 2 weeks ago today. We had a good experience with the salesman, Josh. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and really worked with us to get us in the truck. 5 stars for Josh.

Their service dept. is awful. On the day we bought the truck we ordered a tow brake. We called them a week later and after 15 min. they found the part that we ordered. We then scheduled an appt. to have them install it, they couldn't get us in for another week. My husband got there at the appointed time (10am) and it took them until 11:20 to find the part. Really? He was there 3+ hours MORE hours while they installed it and there was no one else getting their vehicle serviced. He got no updates from the service manager while he was there. My husband has installed this part on two of our trucks and it took 30 min. The only reason we had them install it is because it was a brand new truck. If you want to buy a Dodge, talk to Josh. If you want service, go somewhere else.

Kami M. | 2014-02-20

The staff here is atrocious!!! They are rude, condescending and flat out hard to deal with. My boyfriend and I went to the look knowing exactly what he wanted. The salesman barely acknowledge what we told him and tried to take us directly into the sales office. We ignored him and walked out to the line of challengers. We asked if he had any srt8 standards on the lot, he ignored us and was texting on his phone. When one drove by he said its not standard, we got the mechanic to stop the car and found that the car was indeed standard and everything my boyfriend was looking for. Once we made it obvious we were interested in the car the salesman informed us that it was too much motor and should look at something else. I think if I'm telling you exactly what I'm looking for you should listen not text on your phone the whole time. Covert missed out on a sale because of their rudeness

Jason T. | 2014-02-19

I wish 0 or negative stars was an option. I went into the store for 1 specific car I found online. When i get there, i see (in the same spot as the pics online) the car however it looks to be extremely modded/upgraded. The sales person i got was  nice, however he gets a used care to try to pawn off on me as a "deal". We walked the lot and i asked about several other cars and their prices. Long story short, what you see is not what you get. They put upgraded equipment on there cars but the sticker price is the base model. Very deceptive. I reported to Chrysler customer care, however they do not have a say in the dealerships' advertising practices.

Poor service from start to finish.

Megan B. | 2014-02-13

Terrible service. Rude. I've given them over $6k in business and they can't be trusted. They are scumbags and disrespectful. They will give you an estimate and then when you go to pay it is double or triple. It is a typical chain dealership. Shop local and put this dealership out of business so we can try and get someone who deserves to be there in that spot.

Michael B. | 2014-02-13

I worked with two different sales people. I was referred to the 2nd because it was one guy's 2nd day. I had questions about features and he was not familiar with the product, and that's ok. The second guy knew more, but still had a lack of understanding on standard features.

Be very careful on the sales price. They will have you sign something which list the sales price and the options you want. However, when you go to sign the 'official' papers the price could be different. This was the issue in my case.

As many other reviews have pointed out, we get our stereotypes of car salespeople/managers from somewhere. This would be that place. The finance person also tried to sell me GAP coverage for an extra $20 a month. That's about 3 times the normal amount.

Very sleezy place. Worse case scenario.

Kelsey A. | 2014-01-29

This review is specifically for the service department.

On 11/7/13 I brought my 2011 Jeep Patriot Latitude in for a rattling noise I was hearing. I had heard this exact noise just 11 months before and had the dealership (Chrysler Jeep Dodge City of McKinney) in McKinney, TX (where I am from) fix it, no issues whatsoever. The issue was my right lower arm control needed to be replaced. My Jeep was still under warranty at the time so it was replaced at no cost. As you can understand, when I brought my Jeep in to South Point with the same issue, I was a bit frustrated thinking this was the exact same issue I had just fixed months before. I gave the service employee who helped me my invoice from the other dealership and explained what I thought it was. He told me they would take a look and call that afternoon. This was a Thursday and I explained I needed my car for the weekend so if it wasn't something that could be fixed right away, I would need to bring it back on Monday. To spare you all the lengthy details, I never received a phone call Thursday (after calling the service department many times and receiving either no answer or uninformed employees promising to call me back) and was forced without a car all weekend. Monday rolls around and after, again, multiple calls to the service department, still no answer. I finally received a call Monday afternoon explaining my left lower arm control needed to be replaced. As a reminder, I had already diagnosed that issue with the service employee when I dropped my car off. It took the South Point service "experts" 4 full business days (5 full days) to tell me something I already knew. He then explained it would be an outrageous amount to fix. Unfortunately, I do not recall the exact amount to replace it. A large part of that cost was the diagnosis/inspection fee. Again, I had already told the service department what the issue was.

I proceeded to contact Jeep of America to see if I could get this fixed under warranty as I was only about 5,000 miles out and had just had the other side replaced. After speaking with Jeep of America multiple times as well as various people in the South Point service department (whom I repeatedly had to explain the situation), they decided to cover the costs. I already knew Jeep of America was going to cover the costs, when I received a phone call from a member of the South Point service department explaining, "he had bent over backwards for me and got the costs covered under warranty because he felt bad for all the trouble I had gone through." At this point, it was almost comical that he tried to take credit for that. I laughed it off, got my car back and fixed after 6 business days of South Point having it and will never return to this service department again.

I don't expect much from this service department but I do expect to be treated fairly and timely. I sincerely hope South Point reads this review - I suggest telling your service department communication is key and simply not calling a customer back is unacceptable. I also suggest assigning one service employee to each customer as that should alleviate much headache for all parties involved. I would like to think this is an isolated event but by the looks of your reviews on Yelp, it appears this happens often. So very unfortunate terrible service is still in existence.  

I STRONGLY recommend against taking your car to this service department for any reason.

Chris B. | 2014-01-16

This is possibly the WORST auto repair experience I have ever had.
I received a recall notice and had a linkage issue with my 4 wheel drive so I brought my truck to SPD to have the work done.  I called ahead of time and spoke to Chris.  He said, sure, bring it in.  You can wait in the waiting room for the vehicle.  We have WIFI so you can do your work from there while you wait.

I arrived and was told, well, you might want to use our shuttle service (the driver was the most professional individual I dealt with the entire time).  OK... so I take the shuttle to work.  Chris assures me before I leave that it will be done by the end of the day.  I call around lunch and he doesn't know when it will be done but promises to call later in the afternoon to let me know.  Did he call - NO!

So, next day my husband and I get up early to get me dropped off so I can go home with my truck.  When I get there they are no where near done.  In fact it is 12:30pm before I leave.  Spent 3.5 hours waiting for something they had promised would be complete the day before.

They DID tell me that my tires had a problem on the front of my truck (a dually).  I chose not to have the tires replaced there.   I leave the dealership finally and start driving and the truck is now pulling hard to the right.  I call and they say, sure, bring it back in.  I get up early this morning and get there so I might get to the office at a reasonable time.  At around 10 they tell me that it's the tires.  OK, but if we rotate them this will even out the wear.  They are going to take the irregularly worn but still relatively decent tires to the inside rear, move the inside rear to the outside rear, move the outside rear to the front.  Great!  How long will it take?  1-1.5 hours.

At noon I go out to find out where my truck is.  They are still working on it.  Chris kinda of gets this "go sit down and shut up" stance.  Fine - I am now hostage.  It's noon, my blood sugar is dropping and I have no way to get food.  Had I known it was going to take them so long I would have brought something to keep me from crashing.  Finally it's almost 1pm and they are done.  I pay the bill and go out to the truck.  They did NOT complete the work as we had discussed.  The mechanic that suggested the proper rotation was not the guy they assigned it to.   The tech that suggested it did not instruct his flunky on what to do.  Chris did not make sure they conveyed the plan.  Now I am standing by my truck, suffering a hypoglycemic blood sugar crash and listening to Chris argue with some other service guy about the work not being done.

The only professional person at this point is the shuttle driver that brought me to get food.

I get back to the dealership and finally about 1:30 I am sent on my way.  They didn't even offer to refund the $39 for the tire rotation.  (I had spent over $800 the day before on the other work)

This piss poor service experience has me so angry that I have decided NEVER to go there again for service and in the next year when I go to buy my next dually I will avoid Soutpoint Dodge like the plague!  They lost  a  service customer and a potential sale.  Nice job guys!  You suck!

Teri W. | 2014-01-14

I feel like my car has been held hostage for over a week now.

We took our car (2005 Pacifica) to a small local shop because of on oil leak (great place by the way, Dura Tune on 38th and IH35).  They cleaned engine, couldn't see the leak so they added a dye and gave our car back...all in one day.  We take our car back on a Monday and they isolate the leak.  The tell us they don't have the tool to access what needs to be replaced and suggest we take it to a dealership to get fixed.
At this point we decide South Point because we live south and the only other dealership is on North 183.  Man was that a HUGE mistake!!!

The first tell us they are one day behind.  Fine, we bring it in on a Monday evening.
Then we don't hear back from them on Tuesday, not a word. Seems our assigned rep, is really a tech and has been "transferred" (maybe fired but who knows)   Ok, so car is effectively lost in the shuffle for another day.  Wednesday, FINALLY get someone and they tell us they are breaking all kinds of rules to jump our car ahead to get it looked at (whatever dude).  Thursday - They repeat all the tests the first place did!  Even after we gave them all the info from the first place.  Friday - They say seals need to be replaced and the water pump.  They work on it on Friday and Monday( yep, kept it over the weekend).  Monday Chris tells us it should be ready today, maybe by 4pm.  We call close to 4pm to hopefully pickup.  Calls go to voicemail.  No return call until the next day.  Chris takes off early that day (no mention of this on voicemail) and because he left early he doesn't realize they ordered the wrong part (water pump).  Tuesay (one full week later), poor car still not ready and still being held hostage.

If there could be negative 5 stars, that might be a close to what this place deserves!

Robert D. | 2013-11-11

Worst ever they talked me into buying extended warranty and tire and wheel coverage
Had a blow out 3 months after I bought the car on a Sunday called the warranty company and they are only open Monday - Friday 8 - 5 and you have to have authorization before you get service or you can not get reimbursed
I waited until the next day had the place I took the car to call the warranty company again they said that the warranty was not activated
I called South point Dodge and was told I had to talk to someone in Finance and they were not in yet to so I left a message no one called back
I called again and asked for finance someone answered I told them my sad story and he said that's bull I do have coverage but I needed to talk to service I was transferred to service and no one picked up
I left a message and no one called me back I called again asked for service someone did answer they looked up my info and said I see you have the extended warranty but I do not see that you have tire and wheel coverage but I can talk to finance because they have that info
I was again transferred to finance no one picked up
I called back and told the operator or whom ever answers the phone over there my story again saying what a run around I was getting and that I need to know who to talk to and I was tired of this crap
She told me not to cuss at her that she was not going to take that
I apologized  and said I was not cussing her, she said she would not answer my calls anymore and transferred me to finance again
Again no one answered I called back and guess what she did not answer I called several times and there was no answer
what a joke
I got tired of the BS and paid the bill at Firestone myself they have great customer service at the Firestone in Arbor Walk by the way  
I called the warranty company again right after I left  Firestone they asked me several questions and after that said that when they talked to the guy from Firestone they said my policy was not activated not that I did not have coverage
but since I did not get authorization first they would not reimburse me
Please for your own good stay away for this place

Lane L. | 2013-11-07

THIS PLACE IS I went in to get someone to appraise my vehicle to sell to them. I had already been to Carmax and they were very helpful. My trade is a Jeep so I figured naturally a Jeep store would trade fairly.  WRONG. I first dealt with a male at the reception desk that acted like I was bothering him. His greeting to me without making eye contact I might add was "waz up". I knew from that point it wasn't going g to go well. I politely asked if I could get someone to appraise my vehicle. He said No. "The guy that does that is off on Thursday". I then said "so y'all don't sell cars on Thursdays"?  He said "dude I'm just telling you what we do". I asked if I could speak to a manager. At that point he paged available sales to the showroom floor. A man came to assist me and I told him what I was needing and he said let me get someone for you please. I waited and he came back with what appeared to be a manager named ALTON.  Well I asked ALTON if he could appraise my vehicle and he said are you going to buy a car from me?  I said I wasn't sure until I had gotten a value on my vehicle. He then said how much to you want for it. I told him my price and he said "I can do that just go pick out a vehicle you want to buy and we can get it done". I said I'm not sure I want to buy today. Well ALTON then insisted I go to Carmax and get them to look at it. I told ALTON I'd already been there and he said what did they offer you. When I told him he said well I can't give you that much. I said but you just told me you could. He said no he won't if I'm not buying a car there from him. I asked him if he had a card and he was the rudest punk I've ever met at that point. (THATS RIGHT ALTON I JUST CALLED YOU A PUNK). He said do you have a card. I said I was the customer and I don't have a card. He asked me for my drivers license I said no I'm not giving you my information. I then asked to speak to the GENERAL MANAGER. He refused to tell me who the General Manager was and said as far as I'm concerned this conversation is over and you can leave. I told him if and when I decide to buy a car I WILL NEVER CONSIDER THIS DEALERSHIP. He then said that's your choice. I said I know and that I will never be here again to make a purchase. He said then you can leave my store now  


And as far as ALTON is concerned if you worked for me you would be looking for a job today boy. YOU MY FRIEND ARE THE EXACT REASON THE CAR BUSINESS HAS SUCH A HORRIBLE REPUTATION.

Will S. | 2013-11-04

This dealership is terrible. I purchased a car here and could never get a service person on the phone. The cranky woman that answers the phone should be working for the government, not a private company that needs service skills to generate customers. She should be fired immediately. So should their service manager, who cant run a service department!

I have now switched to Covert Jeep on 183 and their service department is amazing. They answer the phone, are courteous, and know what customer service is about. I highly recommend skipping Southpoint Jeep and taking your business to Covert Jeep, you wont regret it.

Michael F. | 2013-10-07

What a joke. Went in looking, they were having ZERO down.. Awesome thought i had luck.. Got the car for 3 days then they hit me.. we need 2500 down, i gave them the keys, they said i already singed. i did but i singed for zero down. he slid the key back to me. e had works. then i had to walk back to work... everyone there is rude and trash!!! place needs to be closed!!!!!!!!!!!

Stephen L. | 2013-09-30

This is the worst dealership ever!!!  Do yourself a favor and avoid the Dodge South Point.   My truck has been in the shop for 7 days and no one will return my call. Had to go up there 3 times in person, only to be lied to.  Horrible service, uninformed employees, place is a joke.  Dodge should be ashamed they use their name.  I'd rather get hooked on meth than ever go here again.

Pradeep V. | 2013-09-13

They were rude at first. Then it went downhill from there.
I went in to this dealership a few days ago to get my son a car - a used camaro - and my experience was terrible to say the least. First off, the neglected to tell me that this car had been in a prior accident right until i sent the check. I looked the case file up and let that go because it was only a minor fender bender. I was going to pick the car up tommorow to suprise my son home from school to find out, THEY SOLD THE CAR TO ANOTHER PERSON!...Seriously? I shook hands with the salesman and even sent them copy of check and they went and did this... is that even legal? Long story short don't waste your time here, if they don't sell your reserved car to someone else they'll take 30+mins to even get a salesman (who is clueless about their vehicles he thought the manual mode M on the transmission was "going up the hill faster" mode) assigned to you after the receptionist rudely scoffs whenever you ask. Don't come here...its not worth your time.
Unethical to say the least

Olivia G. | 2013-09-09

I took my Jeep in because we suspected the wheel bearing was bad.  I am still under 36K miles so we reasonably assumed it would be covered under the 36,000-Mile Basic Limited Warranty.  At drop off, I was told by Mario it would be at least 3 days before they could look at it.  It was going to be $120 for them them to diagnose.  Fast fwd 5 days, they said it was the wheel bearing (really?) but it was not covered under warranty.  Wrong. They quoted me at $450, then offered to knock off taxes to "help me out" which brought it down to $350.  I was also told an alignment was needed if they were going to replace the wheel bearing.  We had to call Chrysler ourselves to confirm what was covered under the warranty. They were very helpful and provided a case number which we relayed to the Service Manager.  After several calls back and forth, South Point finally agreed to honor the warranty but the alignment was not covered and would be $69.  When we picked up my Jeep, I asked Mario to speak to someone to relay my concerns about my experience.  He quickly went into hiding and I was approached by Alan who said he would look into it.  He called me, I called him back and still no resolution or apology.  If you think your service should be covered, check with Chrysler before emptying your wallet. Below is Chrylser's link and contact number.  Overall, bad customer service experience. Shame on South Point for trying to pull a fast one.
Phone: (877) 426-5337

Scarlet P. | 2013-09-05

Worse place ever. The service department must be the worse I have ever seen.
Took my car in for a simple service and recall and two days later they still have it, have done nothing and I have left 4 messages per day and they do not even call back. On top of it they have lost my service records. How they stay in business is beyond me. I will make sure not to go this place again.
With that they have lost a car sale too as was thinking of trading mine in for a new one.

r c. | 2013-08-20

The service has gotten terrible.  You could drive in with a pillow and day bed and tell them you're willing to wait until closing for them to repair your car and they'd ask you to come back another day. Ask for an appointment and that's not going to happen. Call the manager and he gives no remedy or apology. It's gone from a normal service department to a gamble to see if they can help you. They can't!

Amanda W. | 2013-08-18

I have two reviews to give, I'll write one review for both departments.

The Sales Department: 5+ stars

I purchased my car from this location a little over a year ago. We went to the lot and looked at this car I saw on the website. Now granted it did take a little bit for a sales associate to come out and assist us, but the gentleman who did end up helping us was great! We were not sure we would qualify for a vehicle, and the associate did all he could to get us into a car. I know they want to make that sale, and we really wanted the car. Needless to say, one year later, I am driving that car I had my eye on. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!

Service Department: 0 stars

I used my iPhone to put in a request for an oil change and to get the skid plate replaced on my car. A message popped up telling me that request was received, but I did not get the confirmation it stated would be sent to me. So I figured I had entered my email in incorrectly since I use two different accounts. The very next day I decided to go on the computer and place another online request because I wasn't sure if the first one took. At about 6:03 p.m. that same evening I get a call from a gentleman confirming my request. He states that they can change the skid plate at the same time I get my oil change since the skid plate needs to be removed anyway. Great I thought. So I set up my appointment for my oil change and skid plate replacement. Well Saturday rolls around, and I go to my 2:00 p.m. appointment. (Mind you, I did have things planned around this appointment) I get there, and nobody had a clue about my appointment. I was told by the gentleman who contacted me to speak with Adam, and the first gentleman to acknowledge I was even there was indeed Adam. He tells me they don't set up appointments for oil changes, and that it's first come first served. I told him I had made an appointment, but he still kept telling me the same thing and apologizing over and over again. I understand, but somebody made a mistake. I spoke with the service person who checks the email, and he verified for me that he did receive my request I had submitted from my iPhone (the one with the incorrect email), but had not yet responded to it. That request was sent Tuesday, it was now Saturday. Now granted he did tell me he was out of the office that day, and I understand things do happen. However, not once did they offer to get me in ahead of the other vehicles that were there; who I'm assuming did not take time to make an appointment as I did. All I got was the "to bad so sad" vibe. Sucky customer service to say the least. It probably does not matter one way or another to them, but I had to share my service experience.

Adam S. | 2013-08-10

I have never been to hell and I really never wanted to go. But, I wound up there with my visit to South Point Dodge. After two hours with an amicable salesperson "Z" (including 2 test drives), we came back into the showroom and were surprised that someone had taken "Z"'s place finalizing the deal. This tall, wide (but not heavy) African American, was brutally rude and abrasive. He low-balled our trade-ins from a bluebook private sale value of over $5,000 to $2,000. He would not let us see the carfax report despite the entity's promise they would.

We walked out to leave and we saw "Z" in the parking area. We let him know we'd be glad to do business with him but not this other person "who makes all the important decisions" for the dealership. "Z" said OK and we walked towards the front door. The aforementioned person was there and screamed that I did not know how to do business.

We left. Sadly, we were exited to buy that vehicle. We'll find something another day.

Garritt M. | 2013-07-30

Absolute worst dealership out there . The sold me a jeep with a blown engine and they new it. Service department is horrible. I created this account just to complain because I'm sitting in the waiting room and been here for 8 hours. It's not that I don't have another ride, it's that I don't trust leaving my jeep here due to the fact they will take years to finish the repairs on it

Matt R. | 2013-07-08

Worst experience of all time. Bought a brand new jeep only to have it malfunction and become not drivable within two months. No help from customer service. Chrysler flat out told me to deal with it and they weren't covering anything, when I am dealing with a straight manufacturers defect. No wonder Chrysler dang near went under. Whole dealership will give you the run around just like their cronies in Detroit. Please do yourself a favor and do not purchase any automobile from this place. If you do you better have a good attorney available.

Cathy R. | 2013-06-28

If I could I would give this place less than one star. We bought the car at this dealer and live in far south Austin and have switched to the far north Chrysler dealer for service. We continued to use them for service far longer than we should have because we kept thinking it had to be an unusual experience.  No one could be that incompetent, right? Wrong. Service takes longer than they claim, costs more than you would expect, and is not fixed the first time. In the last visit, we went in there to get one problem fixed and came out with a new one. They broke something else while in there and then claimed it coincidentally broke at the same time.

Tiffany V. | 2013-05-22

Yeah..... No. We do not like this place. Sales people are yuck, service is yuck. My husband is considering not even buying a Jeep next time, just to avoid this place.  When you ask the repair people to fix the same thing twice, and each time, they say nothing's wrong, you start to get really annoyed. Then the third time you go, and finally get someone 'competent', using that word loosely, and they get the same thing fixed. Yeah, you begin to see why the service dept experience starts to dictate your purchase decision.  We hate going here, but his car has the extended warranty and we can *only* go here.  I think that's the only reason they can stay open.  Extended warranties.

Amanda B. | 2013-04-07

I really don't like to bash a company based on one experience, but it has been horrible working with South Point Jeep over the past month. We bought a used Jeep Wrangler from them over a month ago (we love the jeep) and we are still arguing about the free oil changes they promised us. Our purchase price of the vehicle jumped up about 4K from what we agreed on to when we were signing to close the deal. Since we caught the price difference before signing it, they are saying that everything else we agreed on was nullified. We call to try to get help and it seems like they just pass the phone around, telling us that we need to talk to someone else. It just seems like no one is there to try to help you. We love our Wrangler, but this is by far the worst car buying experience I have ever had.

Beth K. | 2013-04-01

The sales department was awful and the service department was worse. I would tell you all the details, but I am still too mad to recap the whole mess.

Please, do not do business with these people.

Rod R. | 2012-12-17

Listen to the other reviews.  Go to another dealership for service.  I dropped off my car at 7am and was given the impression service would be completed in one day.  They took three days to complete the work.  Perhaps they had legitimate reasons for the delay but they weren't communicated to me until the third day.  They are not in a rush to do anything and leaving a message is generally fruitless.  The only way I was able to get a hold of someone is by calling and leaving messages every 15 minutes.  It seems they only started working on my car whenever I called.  If I hadn't, perhaps they'd still have my car.

The worst part was that after they put me through all that, my car wasn't washed or vacuumed as is the standard at other dealerships.  After having me with no car for three days, no discount on my oil change or tire rotation.  But all that is fine. I would have at least expected them to clean up the globs of solder they left under the passenger side seats.  But not even that.

Horrible customer service.  I'm never coming back.

John C. | 2012-11-16


I was ripped off by the repairs department at South Point Dodge for multiple items. I had them repair my drive side window regulator and they said it was fixed until a week later it broke even worse than before. I took it into a different dodge dealership to get it fix (because I moved to Denver). This new dealership said the guys not only didn't fix it, they didn't even install working parts and over charged my labor by three times. I complained to the South Point Dodge dealership and they said they would send me a check for parts and labor (which I had to fight over). It has been two month and I haven't received the check.

They also lied to me about checking my belts and suspension, which they charged me for and now have major problems. My check engine light still is on, after one day of it being off "fixed". It's truly been the worst service experience of life. Not only will they lie to your face and try to cover it up; they will make you wait around the dealership for 5 hours; when they called me to say it was ready.


Bret C. | 2012-09-29

The service at this place is awful.  My girlfriend took her Wrangler here when it was having trouble.  They went through and did $1500 worth of work on it that they said was absolutely required.  When she went to pick it up, they had to jump her car to start it so she could pick it up.  When she asked why they needed to do that, the guy just said it was fine and would charge back up with the alternator.  Turns out, after $1500 they gave her the car back with a completely dead battery.  She got home and it wouldn't start!  The battery was working fine before she took it in, and we realized they had left the lights on the whole time it was there, thus killing the battery.

When she finally got back ahold of them, they told her it sounded like the battery and she should take it to where she bought the battery.

I called them myself to help her out and add some accountability so they would actually be fair with her.  I left a stern message.  No callback.  

Never ever again.  Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY BUSINESS!

Cynthia W. | 2012-09-12

Absolutely horrible customer service!!!!!!!!!!

I'm surprised this dealership is still open!!! Poor Poor Poor customer service!!!! no updates on vehicle when dropped off, no returned calls, nothing!! I was thinking of trading in my liberty for a  4 door wrangler. definitely not happening at this dealership!!! I want no part of southpoint! Complete Morons!!

Went to pick up my Jeep! Finally it's fixed! WRONG!!!!! I get there and OMG there's a huge dent on my front bumper. I immediately assume it's not mine but it is My Jeep!! They tried to put the blame on the tow company, i told them NO i saw the did a walk around my Jeep before i left it there. OMG i was LIVID!! Seriously words can't explain how upset i was.  So they pull the paperwork and see if it was noted on there, UH NO IT WASN'T OF COURSE cause it happened in there shop!! I was told that someone probably backed up into it. WHATEVER ALREADY. This dealership is the biggest disappointment ever!! So now they're sending it to the body shop! They put me in a rental. I just want all this to be over and done with so i NEVER EVER have to go back!

Sharon C. | 2012-08-18


From sales to service.....these guys need help!

NEVER AGAIN!!!!   I had originally taken my Jeep in to be looked at (and yes, I had an appointment) and the service guy said that he would notify me either later that evening or first thing the next morning.  That day came and went and so did most of the next day.

I called them towards the end of day 2 to find out what was going on.  They stated that they had not even started to look at my Jeep and that I needed to understand that is the it works.  I admit, I got angry and let them have it.  One hour (one hour!) later I was called by the same service guy who stated that they had been driving my Jeep around for 2 days and that they could not find anything wrong with it.

Sure you drove it around.

I decided that I wanted to look at a new Jeep.  I went back to them 2 days later and asked to see the new Jeeps.  They said that I had to give them all my information about my current Jeep and what I was looking for and what I was looking at for payment wise.  I gave them all the information that they asked for and then waited.  And waited.  And waited.  

The next thing that I know a different salesman comes up to me and says "How adament are you about a Jeep?"  I told him very because well, I like Jeeps.  "Ma'am you're being unrealistic."  "Excuse me?" "Here let me write it down and show you."  I admit this is where I become very angry but kept my cool.  I politely informed him that I HAD NOT looked at a vehicle, test drove a vehicle or been made an offer on my Jeep yet.  I asked for my keys back.  He says "Oh, perhaps I came in to early."  I responded "My keys.  Now."


I was looking for a new vehicle.  I was already anxious about going by myself to purchase a vehicle.  All of my fears were realized when I was treated they way I was by them.  I wasn't exactly thrilled to go someplace else and go through this treatment again but I did go to another dealer and am so thankful that I did.  They will get my service from now on.  NEVER AGAIN TO SOUTHPOINT!!!!

TLynn M. | 2012-07-09

Where can I possibly start? We went to just look at Challengers, not totally sure thats what we wanted but keeping an open mind. We had researched and knew what we could pay and got pre-approved before stepping foot on the lot. They began by showing us an RT model which we immediately said was not in our price range. The salesman told us he had just sold one for about 23,000, so I drove it. Its nice, but when it came down to trying to get them to be straight on the numbers all we got fed was a bunch of bull.Funny it wasn't until those numbers were too high that they miraculously found the used V6 model that we were looking for in the first place, funny because they led us to believe they didn't have any. Luckily my husband ran the show despite the fact that the salesman couldn't handle it and had to get his sales manager. Who tells us he is not taking our trade in, so we get up and leave. His manager stops us as were just about to drive away, says he can help us he's willing to deal. I absolutely can't stand car salesmen, its the seedy, deceptive, underhanded, double talk that really crawls under my skin and they served it to us, but we were not playing the game. We did manage to reach a deal that worked out in our favor, somewhat. They got us approved through another financial institution at a lower percentage rate, which it turns out didn't benefit us at all but instead got them a bigger chunk since we had talked them down. All in all, I was a very happy customer! They even agreed to fill up the gas completely! I would say 80% happy! Thats a great number! Heres where they went wrong! When we were just about done and they gave me my key, I asked for the second key, to which the salesman replied "You'll get it when you pick up your plates." No misunderstanding, no mistake, no "its a used car, there may not be one". So flash forward a couple of weeks, I go to pick up my plates and ask for the other key, a staff member looks for it, then the salesman looks for it, and then he comes and tells me there is not another key and it was a mistake. Used cars don't always have 2 keys. Now had the salesman disclosed this at the time of purchase one of two things would have happened 1-I wouldn't have bought that particular car and continued my search 2-I would have had them write into the contract that a second key would be provided. This was not how it was handled and in fact I was led to believe that it was normal practice to pick up the second key with the plates. I was forced to fight tooth and nail for that key which they did eventually give to me. I told them that I was a completely happy customer until the salesman blatantly lied to me and then would not make it right. He avoided my calls and I was forced to continue up the ladder of slime to get what was promised to me. If I could do this over, I would definitely NOT buy from this particular dealership. I absolutely WOULD still buy a Challenger and LOVE this gorgeous car!

Riley S. | 2012-06-25

I've called their parts department several times and they answer and say "can I put you on hold"... which is fine, I understand people are busy... but then they just forget about you. I've tried multiple times... no more. I'm shopping elsewhere.

Jason S. | 2012-06-14

The A/C on my anti-Chrysler 300 went out, so I dropped it off at the dealership on Monday. Said it would be a day before on they got to it.

They called me on Tuesday and said that they were busy and hadn't had a chance to check my car yet. It would be another day.

They called Wednesday and said that they were busy and hadn't had a chance to check my car yet. It would be another day.

It's Thursday. They haven't called yet. It's 7:30 pm.

Ruby P. | 2012-06-11

WORST SERVICE ANYWHERE. Holy Moses. I haven't ever been treated this poorly by a service department anywhere! Especially one that wants your business back! Or so you would think.

I first took my 2006 Dodge Sprinter van to South Point Dodge for service a few years ago, just your standard oil change, tune-up etc. They didn't fill in the booklet where you file service records. The next time I was in, I asked them to fill that in, and they again didn't. Over the next few years, I brought the van in again for regular service, brake work, and every time I had to hold the book out for them and ask them to fill it in- after the fact.

That lack of attention to detail should have alerted me. But the van ran fine, so I figured it was just them not wanting to deal with paperwork.

But I figured wrong. Last year, right as that horrible heat wave we had started up, my AC went out. I took the van in, and they supposedly fixed it. But they didn't. As I drove away, the AC didn't work at ALL. In 95 heat, at 5pm, stuck in traffic, no AC, and I had just paid a hefty sum for a repair. You get the picture. So I called them to have them really fix it, and they actually talked DOWN to me, saying things along the lines of "Awww, well if you didn't mess with the knobs all the time and left it how we had it set, little lady, you wouldn't have this problem." I insisted I am a bright and tinker-friendly gal, and that it was a mechanical failure, NOT MY FAULT. They insisted otherwise. I insisted right back until they agreed to see the van again to look over 'what I had done'.

When I brought it back in, they kept it for a week, and when I called to ask how the repair was going, they kept telling me they hadn't got to it yet. Now, we don't have a lot of money and can't afford a rental on top of repairs, so this put us out. They finally said it was a warranty issue, and said they fixed it. I picked up the van, and again, the AC didn't work.

By that time, I was done with these guys. Plus I needed the van, so drove around in hellish heat with no AC the entire summer. It was awful. I finally figured I should call on them one last time, and have them fix the problem, since it had never been fixed, and I had paid for the repair already. When I brought it back in, they again kept it for a week, coming up with all sorts of excuses as to why they hadn't got to it yet, including the 'dog ate my homework' excuse of the parts trucks all getting into accidents coming into Austin and there weren't any parts anywhere.

They again gave me the attitude of it somehow being my fault, and if I just would leave what the big men set in place, everything would be fine. Oh, and then they told me that last year, the part they had replaced was replaced with another broken part! Their bad (finally). They then said they fixed it (again), but they hadn't. I picked up the van and drove away, never to return again.

I know I'm going on and on, but I can't say enough bad things about their service dept! They treated me poorly. They lied. They charged me for repairs that never happened. They kept me waiting without returning phone calls, time after time. Don't ever take your vehicle to these folks. Don't ever go there. They obviously don't know what they're doing, and they treat you horribly. Save yourself! Go ANYWHERE else but to South Point Dodge!!!

Michael N. | 2012-05-22

fast talking--stereotypical car salespeople-  
and dont even get me started on the service department-  to them you are a NUMBER- they dont give a rats ass about you- or your car-
from some other people waiting in line for service I got the clear impression that these people were seeing to it that for every issue they "fix", another would appear.
RUN - FLEE from this black hole of a time waste

Dustin H. | 2012-05-03

DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THIS PLACE! At any cost go somewhere else... even if it's in Round Rock or San Marcos. You will be happy with your choice not to go with South Point.

My wife and I, bought a Jeep from them and it was the worse experience we've ever had  purchasing a vehicle. First off... The jeep we bought was suppose to be brand new and come in on a truck and have less then 100 miles on it... so they said. When it came in! It looked as if it had been driven hard for years! The interior was filthy and smelled as if someone smoked in it. It actually had fast food trash in the back seat. ha! It had 5000 miles on it. Which is fine, but they told us it was going to have less than a 100 miles. We also ordered the jeep that was suppose to have the nicer wheels, bluetooth, uconnect, and black interior! What showed up was a stripped down Jeep that had stock wheels, tan interior, no bluetooth/uconnect. It was the lowest model that they brought in for my wife and I.  The best part was the Sales manager James, said it didn't come with black interior, so this is what you get. Then we did research and found out every dealership across the US sales a stone white jeep with black interior. THANKS FOR LYING TO US JAMES!

They offered a buch of things to make it right after we said, that we wanted a refund on the Jeep and we were going somewhere else. This is after we already traded our previous car and  did all the paper work for financing.

So, they gave us a long 'we owe' punch list. They have slowly tackled almost the whole list, but there is one item left and they said, it would be available by the first of January. Well... it's now May and guess what still no 'we owe' complete! I've called every month to every other week and kept getting it should be available soon and we will call you  when it comes in..... Finally, I got someone on the phone that was refreshingly hontest (which is weird with this dealership!), and he told me that with the Jeep we were sold wont' ever have that product and that the previous people I spoke with should of told me.  

I went up to the dealership to actually talk with someone inperson to figure this thing out, because I had 4 to 5 messages that I left that never got returned. I sat up at the dealership for nearly 2 hours and got a answer of we will call you!!!!!!!!   ha! What a joke! I guess they have to have the GM to approve of the 'we owe' since it's going to cost them much more then they thought.  What a joke. It' takes 5 guys to say yes for something they already promised my wife and I.



Kelly M. | 2011-08-30

Too bad I have to give one star at all.  

Background:  My family is moving to the Virgin Islands.  We need a 4-wheel drive car.  We are not loaded, thus we need to take out a loan to get a car here because they are so incredibly marked-up in the VI.  Unfortunately, to ship a car from the mainland to the US we have to have permission from the lein-holder to do so.  This is difficult to do since the company can't repo it while we are on an island.  We've had a real time of it.

However, we thought our prayers had been answered when yesterday, South Point Dodge told my husband over the phone that they would indeed allow a loan for a car going out to VI...without stipulations.  So he makes a 1 pm appointment for today and goes down there to check out their inventory.  It is currently 4 pm as I write this review; he is just NOW leaving, empty-handed, and having had spent the entire three hours there sitting and waiting while their lying and/or incompetent sales and loan managers REALLY go to check to see if they could do make the loan (I guess they just wanted him to make an hour drive south in the middle of the work day for the hell of it?).  

Verdict?  No, they cannot give a car loan for a car going to the VI.   In fact, they can only discern the availability of a private loan through Bank of America: with a ridiculous rate and only after 6 months of payment while the car sits on the mainland useless to us.

Greasy, sleazy, and measly-minded car salesman/dealership generalizations come from somewhere.  And this hellhole dealership is the very definition and rotten root of it.  

You would be better served attempting to go back in time and negotiate for a horse and buggy than deal with these losers.

Abhijeet S. | 2011-08-19

horrible service!! bought a new dodge charger from them. had to go there three times just for the duplicate key and still did not get the key. my new car already needs servicing. i had to keep my car there for two days, just to know that the part required is back ordered. its being 2 months and i am still waiting for the part. i have had a horrendous experience. please do not go there unless you get a very very good deal.

Julie A. | 2011-05-22

HATE this place!  I have tried them three, thinking well, maybe I had a bad experience the one time and it will be better the next time - not true.  They are famous for not telling you your car is finished.  The last time, my husband took in the truck.  I thought he was going to kill them.  Just please, take your vehicle somewhere else.

Julie O. | 2011-03-10

People in need of car servicing - BEWARE.  The service associates receive a commission from "selling" you goods/services you may or may not need.  Kind of a conflict of interest in my opinion.  We brought in our vehicle for something the internet car forums consistently said was a brake issue (we couldn't get our car out of park).  We told this to the service associate (who never mentioned this to the actual technician working on the vehicle).  South Point's computer showed that it was a $7800 transmission issue.  We had it towed to another shop, whose diagnostic showed that it was the fuse in the brake sensor's system (what every person said on the car forum).  They replaced it, and the car works perfectly (for $200 - not $7800).  Our South Point Dodge service associate clearly thought he could make a huge commission off of us, the scam artist!

anne marie j. | 2010-12-27

I researched a mid to small size suv for months. The hubs is a Jeep off-road guy and I'm a novelty, tiny, colorful, and fun car kinda gal. He said no more imports and I said no to GMC. I found a Jeep Patriot online and started making calls. We talked to the internet guy and he gave me two options. The full loaded one and the base model. South Point was the closest dealership that had what we wanted. We were also trading in two cars so going to Georgetown wasn't really an option. He was supposed to email us more info before we came in but he said he forgot.
Well, we went in and asked for him. Then waited. And waited. We paged. And waited. Paged again. He walked right past us. Finally, he passed us off to Hollis (our awesome super sales guy). He asked what I wanted and picked out a truck. We test did a test drive. We looked at what else was available. We were back in his office after 30 minutes of all my questions. He went back and forth with his boss about the pricing and trade in values. We settled, we didn't feel we got screwed. It was actually right in line with what we wanted to pay. Oh,no that came later at the finance department...four hours later. They said that one of the agencies said I had a zero credit score. The guy asked if I had ever had a credit card or financed anything. Um, yeah, the VW you just got the payoff for?? Long story short, the payment they quoted us hours before wasn't the same when we went to sign the paperwork. They also had most of the info incorrect. They said the wait time was standard with all dealerships. I test drove and financed my VW in exactly one hour (Thanks Boardwalk VW!) so no...its not standard.
So why did we stay?
1. They had the car we wanted.
2. We had already invested so much time.
3. Our salesguy was great.
4. They gave us a good price on the hubs trade in.
5. They gave us a great price on my trade (sight unseen).

They might have screwed us on our rate but they really screwed themselves on my trade. Whatever profit they made for the rate got eaten up by my bug. I can pay off my new car early to get out of the interest rate but they paid about three grand more for my trade than it was worth.

If you're looking for a Jeep, Dodge, or whatever else they sell...go see Hollis. Call your credit union or bank first so you don't have to deal with the finance department.

We were supposed to get a gas card for making an appointment through internet sales which we have yet to receive. I signed off on which salespeople got commission and his name was at the top. He didn't deserve squat.

Kate R. | 2010-09-15

I moved to Austin from Seattle in July.  While in Seattle, the AC in my 96 Jeep Cherokee died and I never bothered to get it fixed.  I went to Rairdon Jeep of Kirkland (Seattle) to get it fixed, and they went through 3 air compressors over 10 days before I got my car back.  Unfortunately there was a leak, for when I got to blistering Austin, my AC was blowing warm air again.  I was not enthused about leaving my car at South Point, especially as I had no friends or means of transportation in a new city.  Mark Weber in the service was awesome and friendly - ask for him.  I dropped the car off for a day so the mechanics could assess the problem, they ordered the part and a week later, they were able to install the part in one day. Everything was covered under the warranty from Reardon.  Thanks for your help Mark and I'm glad the Austin Jeep Dealership can install an air compressor!

Shirley F. | 2010-07-10

This place has horrible customer service. You drop a car off, don't necessarily expect it to get looked at that day (no matter what they say). When you give up on having the car looked at that day, they will also try to charge you for having the car sit on their parking lot, untouched, for a few hours. $46 for nothing? I don't think so.

The workers here also called my grandpa a "confused old man" and were extremely condescending. Avoid this place like the plague.

Emily K. | 2010-07-08

Worst customer service I've had ANYWHERE. When I took my Jeep in because it was dying in the middle of traffic, they kept it for four days and then said nothing was wrong with it.

It was towed back by AAA after dying on me on the way home from the dealership and they were irritable and rude- apparently the computer indicated that there was nothing wrong with it despite it having died 5 times in a week while I was driving.

I took it to a private mechanic and he gently told me that if anyone had inspected it for more than 5 minutes and really looked for the problem, they would have seen that the central computer was failing and that's why the error codes never registered.

Not only did the employees at South Point's garage look as if they cared less when I came back after having nearly been in an accident upon their return of my Jeep, the manager told me that I needed to think about bringing it in at a less busy time if it happens again since it "requires much more effort" when the computer is the problem.

I found an amazing mechanic who warranties parts for a year at Just Jeeps and I will never be back. Prices have been more competitive than that of South Point, and they are all about customer service.

Matt T. | 2010-07-02

You are so lucky to get to come to this dealer.  Really.  You are SO fortunate.  You are kind of annoying by being here and asking questions about cars and stuff, but I *guess* we'll take your money anyway.

Oh, you want to bring your car in for service now?  Ok, well, first of all, you are still annoying, but again, we'll take your money - in fact, we'll over charge you and be kind of arrogant about it.  Now, please go away and get ready to wait.
Seriously, that is how it is at this place.  The only thing worse than buying a car here is getting service here.  You WILL be over charged.  You WILL wait too long.  They WILL probably not do something right.  

And yes, you will be made to feel an idiot for going there.

Kevin V. | 2010-02-22

I was quoted $800 for a repair @ South Point. I went somewhere else and got the same repair for $400.

Nancy G. | 2009-08-13

I recently bought a Jeep at SouthPoint Jeep through the cash for clunkers program. Lucky for them.

The salesman was very rude during the entire process, knew nothing about the vehicle I wanted to purchase, made me feel like a nuisance and lied about the vehicle I was buying. Not to mention the fact that he yelled at me when I called to find out a time to pick up the vehicle, made me wait for many hours and apparently did much of the paperwork wrong.

I love Jeep vehicles, but had horrible service at this dealership. The sales manager eventually gave me a $10 gas card for my troubles - it did not make up for spending 12 hours waiting and being treated very badly after spending a ton of money with them.

They are very lucky that Chrystler had a matching program with the cash for clunkers and I was saving so much money, or I would have walked and I'm sure others will too.

Candace S. | 2009-06-12

Honestly, I was not impressed with their service.

My husband was on a deployment in Iraq and military folks can buy a Chrysler car as a discount through AAFES or something of the sort. He had a beater truck that was becoming more trouble than it was worth so he was going to get a new Dodge Charger through the program. So, while he was over there, he did all the paperwork, got the specs, agreed on a price and got a loan. Amazing what you can do with the internet!
Then, it is shipped to the closest dealership to our house. So in this case, it was South Point Dodge.

Some time in January, I got a call from the dealership that the car had arrived. My husband wasn't slated to return from his deployment until February so I asked if they could hold it until then because I wanted him to be able to pick up his first new car himself--you know, it only happens once and I wanted him to be able to experience it.

Three weeks later, my husband was home! He was so excited that we went early in the morning to pick up his new car. When we saw it, it was DIRTY. The car was black and you know it just shows everything. The salesman who had been dealing with told us that each car only gets to be washed once and it got washed when it had arrived (back in January). Seriously, you couldnt give a quick wash before we came by?

We paid TT&L, signed some paperwork, got the keys and we were out.

We drove home in a dirty car and that weekend, I gave it a proper washing. We get it serviced at the Dodge in Round Rock instead now.

Deborah R. | 2009-05-18

I phoned this dealership on Feb 24th to see if they had in stock the car I wanted.  I spoke with sales associate T. Moreno who said he could get the car I was looking for on the lot the following day if I came down to purchase it that day.  I did, writing them a check for over $25K.  I stressed to him and the finance dept that it was imperative I keep the personalized plates from my trade-in.  They assured me it was no problem and I was told to pick up the car the next day.

When I arrived, the salesman gave me the key and an extremely brief run-down on the vehicle.  I got in the car and found an empty gas tank as well as missing premium floormats and NAV manual.  I went back inside the and told the receptionist of the problems and then had to wait 30 mins for the salesman to be found.  He told me he'd order the mats and mail them to me with the NAV manual.  I asked him to email me when he ordered them so I would not have to follow up.  Re: the empty gas tank, he said he had an appointment to go to and suggested I just follow him to a station and he'd fill it up.  We drove along backroads until I was completely lost and arrived at a station where he filled the car and then took off.

On Mar 4th I emailed him and asked if he'd ordered the items.  No response.  Two days later I telephoned and left a message for him.  No call back.  The following day I phoned again and did not receive a call back.

To make things more fun, I then received new license plates from the State in the mail.  South Point had NOT registered my vehicle to the proper plates.  I telephoned the GM, C. Murphy, on Mar 12th.  Mr. Murphy apologized and promised to look into it and email me that evening.  He emailed me the following day after I again contacted him.  His email stated the mats were ordered and would arrive in 3 days at which point they'd be FedEx'd to my house as.  He also said the NAV manual was an easy fix and would also be taken care of.

Regarding the vehicle being registered to the wrong plates, here is a quote from Mr. Murphy's email:  "I regards to the plates, now in Texas the plates go with the customer so your Vanity plates should be ok to put on you new car (I will double check with the state). I apologize for the unprofessional of my salesperson, as a Five Star dealer and 98 percent customer satisfaction; this is a small and unfortunate incident. I will give you an update on this by this afternoon."

Not only is the information regarding the legality of the plates completely wrong, but the promised update by that afternoon never occurred.  Ever.

After no further word from South Point, I again contacted them.  Now I was passed off to the New Car Dir, M. Spencer.  His solution was for me to drop by and someone would pull mats out of another vehicle and, if they fit, he'd let me have them.  Because I live 20 miles from the dealership, I advised them that I couldn't exactly drop by on the off-chance they might find some substitute mats.  I asked if they had another Seabring Convertible on the lot and, if so, perhaps they could play "find the mats that fit" on their own time and FedEx them to my house as was promised by the GM.  Mr. Spencer said yes to my suggestion.  That was May 8th.

On May 16th I emailed Mr. Spencer to inquire what the status was.  I cc'd the GM and salesman, hoping a miracle might occur and I'd actually receive a timely response.  Once again, nothing.

May 18th I arrived home to find a FedEx door sticker on my front door indicating a signature-required delivery attempt had been made.  Of course I can't sign the signature waiver as the dealership did not leave that as a delivery option.  And, of course, the dealership did not let me know that they'd finally sent me the floor mats.  So now I have to take off from work to accept delivery of the cursed floor mats.

I can say in all honestly that the people I dealt with at South Point are incredibly rude, unprofessional, disorganized, and inept.  If you think you may require any after-the-sale customer service, avoid South Point like the plague.