Signature Autos in Austin, TX

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At Signature Auto Leasing, we are commited to make your auto leasing experience smooth and enjoyable.  We search
all over the country to find the most desirable cars and trucks.  

Call us today at 512-372-9999 to get started.

Daniel Driskell
Managing Partner

Signature Autos

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 372-9999
Address:9606 North Mopac, Austin, TX, 78759
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Signature Autos

Derek M. | 2014-04-01

Great experience dealing with Ron. I would vouch for him and anybody looking to purchase a vehicle. I contacted them through . Ron called me the next day and we spoke about 20 min. He emailed me all of the forms to fill out and return. Along with my deposit. He held it for me as I flew from Seattle to purchase the vehicle. He took a quick picture of my license and handed me the keys to take it for a spin on my own to see if everything was good through my eyes before purchasing.

Next we walked in a garage which is where they keep there vehicles (nice). Loved the vehicle from the moment I laid eyes on it. Love the ride. Got back and handed over check and signed paperwork and out the door in 10 min flat.

Quick easy process and on my way back home to Seattle.

Kudos to the dealer Ron for all the help and assistance.  Thanks!

Jay V. | 2014-03-10

I had been looking to purchase a vehicle for my wife. Living in the Dallas area, I searched all around and came across the vehicle I was looking for on their site. I talked to them over the phone and they took my offer on said vehicle. They responded in an efficient manner and advised me the offer had been accepted and would give me until the following business day to come in. None of that -hurry in here now because it may be gone when you come in!- Ron, who was the person I spoke to about everything was nothing but helpful. The following day we made the trip out to Austin. We showed up to the location, which is an office building with a large parking garage. I got in contact with Ron and he directed me on where to meet him. When we arrived he brought the car down from the garage and allowed me to hold the key so that I could surprise my wife. The only issue we encountered was the vehicle not having gas to be able to drive at that moment, but it was completely my fault as I had not properly notified that I would show up that early in the day. He offered to take care of that. Unfortunately, while she liked the car, my wife decided that such vehicle in particular was just not the one for her. I explained to Ron what  her decision was and he was impressively understanding about it. None of that harassment you receive from big dealerships all over the place. He didn't treat us different after the decision we made and thanked us for coming out. It was so pleasant and easy to work with him, that I will continue to eye their inventory to see if we find something that my wife or maybe even I may like for myself. Thank you very much Ron!

VJ C. | 2012-12-02

I am too lazy to write reviews, as I don't want to have to sign up and join, yet another site, however, after my experience today, I feel the need to spread goodwill to my fellow mankind. Since it is a rare occasion to find a reputable car dealer, I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't share my juicy tidbit!  (After all, I am one of those who doesn't visit a place without reading a review, so I feel it is high time to give a little back!) :)

1) They are located in a high rise building with other luxury offices (call them- they will navigate you in, if you are unsure like I was).  They keep their pristine inventory in the COVERED parking garage!  What a concept!  No paying for acres of prime real estate eating up a frontage road.  This is why they can keep their prices rock bottom!  This should be every dealer's biz. model. Pure genius!

2)  Made a purchase today.  Researched what I wanted online and pinpointed it to a Mercedes R350.  They had the best deal in town (according to Car guru- with a $2,400 below average retail cost).   They offered to take a picture of my license with their phone, rather than disappearing for ten minutes to make a copy, like other dealers.  The salesperson didn't need to go with me and high pressure sell me, rather, suggested I not leave my husband and kids stranded and bored and pack up the car seats and take them with me.  Wow!  They trust me!  But, it is probably because they, too, are totally trustworthy.  Hmmm, karma!

3)  As with any test drive, we hooked up our scan tool to the car via our iPhone to see what computer codes had been thrown. To our shock, this was the first place that had not had them cleared through a dealer mechanic.  Impressive!  Honest!  Nothing to hide. (Showed nearly the max- approx. 233 start ups). Clean! These (or most) have been leased vehicles and, if you ever have leased, you must service via the dealer, or where it is specified and keep it in near perfect condition.  This is why I will never lease- too much pressure for me to keep a vehicle in great condition with two kids!  However, this is the exact reason why I prefer to purchase a former leased vehicle!

4)  Every other time I had purchased a car, I felt the need to haggle, because deep down inside, I knew 1) I was being cheated and 2) I knew I would need to sink some money into it when it broke down in 6 months and wanted to make sure I had some funds left over to do so.  However, I knew i was getting a phenomenal deal and wouldn't dream of insulting these guys who were extremely professional and are only interested in moving awesome in-demand luxury vehicles with years of longevity remaining.  Plus, they need to eat and are letting us, too! So, since earlier in the day, I had already test driven the same make and model for comparison at a big dealership in Georgetown, who had maybe 1 other vehicle that was in this class (luxury, foreign, high demand), I noticed (online and after I already purchased) that these guys had at least 10 that fit my criteria and in my price range!  Super selection, if you are in the market for loaded vehicles at rock bottom prices.  I am glad I didn't know about it then, otherwise my husband may have wanted their Land Cruiser, one of their Lexus, 4Runners or other awesome stock.

5)  No games, no wasting time, no funny business and no passive aggressive jabs you get at mega dealerships that they use to remain in control (yes, there are tons of little tricks out there and are taught- do a search sometime, it is disgusting).  These guys don't have to play games (remember their low overhead?) and are super fast with paperwork.  In reality, all dealers should be, but it is part of the game of bouncing you back and forth to their managers a.k.a. sales closers and trying to steal your trade in and sell you a no good warrantee. (You know, the kind where, if you go to a different service station, while traveling on vacation- you void their warrantee because they didn't get to overcharge you for an oil change?)

6)  So, because I wrote them a check and saved a bundle, I can afford to sell my luxury diesel sedan on craigslist and make a lot more than any dealer could ever offer.  Had I bought the other vehicle I test drove at the mega dealer that day, I would have had to traded in my car to offset the cost (to pay for their property taxes on their mega lot which housed sun burnt vehicles.)  The OTHER guys said, without seeing it or asking the year, that my diesel Mercedes would fetch maybe between $500-$1,000 trade in.  For a diesel?  Yeah right!  Luckily, Signature Autos doesn't even have to waste their time offending you by trying to scalp a trade in from you. But this route, I will feel like I won twice, selling it on my own!

FAST (:45 min. incl. a 20 min. test drive) PROFESSIONAL, AFFORDABLE, HONEST & PAINLESS!  Its like Mama always said "Don't go to the big casinos in Vegas, where the payouts suck.  Go to where the locals go, off the strip!"  Well spoken, mom!

darcy r. | 2012-08-01

So I finally got that spare key ;)

Errol M. | 2009-08-13

Okay, bear with me a moment:  I don't dislike people in the auto-retail business, I just think they're dicks. I want to buy a car, they want to sell me one, I want them to profit, so just give me a bottom-line, out-the-door price and if I don't like it, I'll move on. If all of us took the time we're going to spend in a cubicle feigning respect during price haggling and instead volunteered that time at Meals on Wheels or ASA or whatever, don't you think the world would be a better place? You betcha'.

So here's why I know Signature Autos is as good as it gets: I do all my research on the net, I know what I want, I ran my criteria through the car-search engines, and these guys turned up with the car.  I emailed them requesting their out-the-door price, they responded, I confirmed it by telephone--I don't do confusion-- they confirmed it, I went there, I test-drove it for a half-hour, spent six-minutes on paper, and left with the car. That's how the auto-retail business should be.

Seriously, if a dictionary now shows my picture next to the word "Dufus," so what?  I left there convinced I got a great deal, the car drives like a dream, they're happy, I'm happy, and life is good.  

Incidentally, Signature Autos is housed in a Mopac office building and keep their cars in a parking garage, which is the kind of paradigm-breaking concept that amuses me. Ignore their website references to eBay and transportation fees, which don't apply if you go there.  Every once in a while, I surf their site just to check out their current slate of cars.