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Roger Beasley Volvo in Austin, TX serving the Austin metro area, all of Texas and the entire US, treats the needs of each individual customer with paramount concern. Our customers visit from all over Texas and the US. We know that you have high expectations, and as a car dealer we enjoy the challenge of meeting and exceeding those standards. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to excellence!

Our experienced sales staff is eager to share its knowledge and enthusiasm with you. We encourage you to browse our online new and quality pre-owned inventory, schedule a test drive and investigate financing options. You can also request more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling - Internet Sales: 866-981-1722.

Roger Beasley Volvo

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 452-0266
Address:6375 Hwy 290 E, Austin, TX, 78723
  • Monday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Roger Beasley Volvo

Lauren W. | 2015-04-09

I've never written a Yelp review before, but I felt like this was a PSA to warn people.

Where do I even begin....

I'm new to owning a Volvo, and was extremely excited to find my 2008 C30 here with under 50K miles in the price range that I could afford. I'm pretty sure that the older gentleman who was selling me the car could tell my excitement, as he barely did any "selling" in the first place. Franky, he acted as if by me purchasing a car from him was actually quite a burden... Their air of callousness and complete laissez faire attitude has continued with every interaction I've suffered with them!!
I moved forward with the deal and purchased my car outright, as well as a 3yr extended warranty. This was my first "nice" thing I've ever owned, and I wanted to keep it that way.
Within a week, my car had completely died and dumped me on the side of the road in the middle of the night. Had it towed back, and they claimed it just needed to have the battery replaced.
Two days later, I'm dumped on the east side, in front of a cemetery, in the middle of the night (leaving a venue across the street on east 7th). Have it towed to Volvo, get it back the next day and presumably everything was fine, the starter motor had gone out.
NEXT DAY, car breaks down AT NIGHT... have it towed to Roger Beasley yet again. OH WOW, OOPS.... they didn't notice the two times prior that it was actually the battery cables which were faulty.

Fast forward to this week:

I was driving on the flyover of 290 West, about to exit Lamar, when all of the lights began to flash on my dashboard. This startled me to say the least and I began to frantically try to merge to the right to pull over. By the time I had pulled over, I began to see smoke billowing out from under my hood. Meanwhile, I had compromised my own safety to stop as quickly as possible, which happened to be on the shoulder of the flyover exit to Lamar. As cars zoomed past me, I waited for the tow truck to arrive for over an hour.
The next day I get a call from Jim Benton at Roger Beasley, who tells me that nothing is for sure as far as the status of the engine yet, HOWEVER, they were able to find the original colporate to be a "fatigued temperature sensor" which had actually fallen off and in turn all of my coolant had leaked out immediately. This would be covered by my $3000 3yr warranty. BUT I had to wait for the inspector to come out to make his final verdict.
A couple of days pass and I hear from Jim again, who informs me that the damage to the engine was so severe that it will need to be replaced. He thinks that this will no longer be covered by the warranty, however he needs to wait to hear the final FINAL verdict. I finally hear from them and what do you know-- NOT covered by warranty because of "continued driving".
The faulty temperature sensor did not notify me that anything was wrong, thus, I did not pull over until my car began to start flashing other lights on the dash at me.

I reached out to a local mechanic who had this to say:
"The engine coolant temp sensor inserts into a plastic thermostat housing and is held by a clip.
When it pops out the coolant is lost quickly. Tell him there is no low coolant level sensor for warning and when coolant is lost rapidly the damage is done before you can know there is a problem. Getting vehicle to roadside without risk of personal injury takes time. You could not have caused this to fail. The clip that holds in the temp sensor is not a maintenance item nor is it accessible for you to have touched it and caused it to be loose.
He is acting in bad faith per the terms of the insurance coverage contract."

Now I'm stuck with a bill of $12,000 from Roger Beasley Volvo (not even sure where they came up with this outrageous number) and a warranty that apparently doesn't mean Sh*t!!

Sam R. | 2015-04-01

In a lifetime of buying and/or leasing cars, this is my worst experience at any dealership by far! They are rude, disrespectful, and ruthless in my opinion.
It was a long four years under my lease and will never enter their doors again. The Volvo C70 was outstanding and performed up to expectations. My advise would be to just go elsewhere for sales or service.

Zoia W. | 2015-01-14

I always received good services here. From the service representative to the billing department, everyone's courteous and helpful. It's been 6 years for me at this location.

David S. | 2014-12-30

my son went here to get a volvo put on the diagnostic computer.they charged him $65 then told him because it was throwing so many codes they were going to charge him $200 dollars more to tell him what all the codes were,they already charges him $18 dollars for 2 seals that were $1.50 apiece on ebay.they just had a baby last week this is their only transportation.thank god dodge didnt do me like that but im a loyal coustomer.he bought this car thinking it would be a good family car,i would never ever suggest anybody do business with such gougeing much less buy a volvo from these guys

Jessie D. | 2014-10-19

Best car buying experience I've ever had. I found a car a wanted online and spoke with Barry. He gave me all the details I needed and was always great getting back to me promptly. We wanted to driveHouston into town and drive out as quickly as possible. He really pulled through. The whole process took about 35 minutes, and I left with exactly what I wanted at a great price!

Ashley L. | 2014-10-07

I absolutely adore Barry and Elia. They were phenomenal help in the searching and buying process. They took care of me in the span of an hour and a half, helping my find a car after an accident. I was not happy with the condition of the rear tires on the 2009 Nissan Sentra I was purchasing, so they worked with me and agreed to order the tires so I would be pleased. It felt like we were all working together to make sure I got a safe car, the way they would treat their own 21 year old family member. But most importantly, they worked with me to make sure I got the car financed at an appropriate and affordable rate. I cannot say enough things about these two men and the experience I had shopping for a car. Quick and painless.

Katherine D. | 2014-08-05

Leased a 2013 s60 from this dealership, which was an okay experience. Brought my car in for service Friday. They gave me a loaner car, which is what they say they would do so great. However, by Tuesday, I had not received any contact at all from the service department to update me on the status of my car. Poor customer service. Even my Honda dealership called me within a few hrs of drop off to give an estimated ready time. I had to call them. Turns out car needed alignment, which they told me I had to pay for even though all service (except tires) is included for first five years. Last time I checked, alignment doesn't require replacing the tires, but fine at least they are making the other repairs free of cost to me. So I come by to return the loaner and pick up my car and as I am about to pull out the "no call" service advisor comes up to my window to tell me that I can't leave because there was damage to the loaner. Really?! So he shows me a tiny dent and an inch long faint scratch both of which were very difficult to see. I told him the little dent was there when I got the car and I don't know about the scratch bc I can hardly see it now. He clearly didn't believe me. This isn't my first rodeo buddy, I've had rentals/loaners before and I don't think I've ever had anyone point out such minor scratches/dings- I always assumed bc those things are consider normal wear and tear. Which is all irrelevant bc I DID NOT DING OR SCRATCH The car. He tells me he has to get the manager. Meanwhile he knew I was on a short break from work and was in a rush to get back to my students and patients. A few minutes later another guy shows up to tell me he's going to have to contact my insurance. Wow. I have never been made to feel more like a liar especially by a place in which I am a paying customer. Incredible that a huge company would risk customer satisfaction scores for something so tiny.  Oh yea, they got grease all over my leather drivers side door and left it there. You guys are supposed to clean a car after service not get it dirty. Unbelievable. Volvos are great cars but this dealership is awful; I almost want to swap my lease so I don't ever have to deal with them.

Zach A. | 2014-07-16

I bought my car in 2009. I bought a "Certified Pre-Owned" 2001 s40. This car had 28,ooo miles on it. No brainer right? Test drive was fine, the cars history checked out (so I  thought). Before I even made my first payment on the car (2 weeks after I signed the papers) The car completely broke down. Nothing worked. I had to get it towed to Roger beasley Volvo and the estimate was around $1400. This was my car as a student people. I pleaded to the sales person I had (I forget his name, He was an older man and I feel his name was Pat) who had no remorse or regret for me. He simply smiled and said, "You already signed my papers I cannot help you with anything else". I wouldn't buy from them ever again and I hope karma exists because that would see this whole location torn asunder.

Maria L. | 2014-07-03

Although I've had issues with my C70  (which I purchased at the worst dealership I've ever had the displeasure of working with  - Momentum in Houston), I have had THE best experiences at Georgetown, as well as, Austin Roger Beasley Volvo dealerships.  Yes, it takes about a week to get a loaner for scheduled service, but if your service can hold out for a loaner, it's worth it.  I was put into a C70 loaner for a couple of days. When they called indicating my car wasn't ready as initially planned, I asked for a SUV loaner and they were able to accommodate the request. From my experiences, they go out of their way to try and make/keep their customers happy.  This will more than likely be the last Volvo I own (no offense Volvo), but as long as I have it I will always go to Roger Beasley Austin or Georgetown.

Brenda T. | 2014-06-11

I'd known for quite some time that a Volvo would probably be my next car, and had heard from several people that I should talk to Shannon Petty. Shannon is now the sales manager and while I did indeed start with her, she sent me to sales guy Chris White to answer my detailed questions and take me on a test drive(s).

Chris must be one of the most patient people in the world. I hadn't even officially narrowed down my new car choice to Volvo, much less to a specific model. Chris let me drive three different models, and while he gave me information on the high points of each, he also let me come around naturally to my own decision.

The whole process took several hours, and was very helpful and educational. I don't buy cars very often, and I pay almost no attention to cars and what is available when I'm not in the market for one. Volvos have so many amazing and high-tech features and options, and Chris explained all of them to me. There was never anything like a hard sell. It was a very comfortable and easy process. Including when I decided what I wanted and then it was all about the best financing package.

All of the above took place during one day, and I had somewhere to be that evening and was pressed for time. I called Chris two weeks after I got the car because I had some questions about the navigation system and other features and knew it would be easier if I had him show me in person (yes, I was too impatient to read the whole manual). Again he was incredibly helpful and patient, and spent an hour and a half with me showing me how to use all of the features that I hadn't yet mastered. The navigation system, for example, is way cooler and more robust than the system in my 2007 Prius (duh).

All in all, the entire experience was a positive one and I'm thrilled with my new car. Highly recommend the dealership, Shannon, and Chris.

Stephanie R. | 2014-05-19

I recently totaled my new car.  Although great on gas and very economical, it came with a price.  A low impact crash caused that tiny car to be totaled.

Enter Volvo.

Enter Chris White.

We arrived at Volvo and met Chris.  He asked about our needs and showed us the different models on the showroom floor.  Once I narrowed it down to an S60 he showed me the new ones on the lot.  He showed us a sport model and we test drove.

Chris sat in the backseat and navigated our route.  We did some highway, some bumpy sections of road, and some curves.  I was hooked.  Not only was the car luxury and comfort, but Chris explained all the safety features and awards.  After talking about being an 'Audi Girl' in the past he explained the differences in the two cars.  He truly made the buying experience a no brainer.  He followed up with an email and has kept in touch with me since.

The finance process was the best I've ever had.  We went over the car's owner manual while the finance manager did his magic.  Once we were finished we went to him, went over the best deal he could get, approved, signed, and drove away in our new car.

I got my plates in and the service dept. put them on for me.  What a nice bunch of folks there too!  I've been driving it for almost two weeks and I love it.  I think I might be a Volvo owner for the rest of my life.  Great car, superior handling, and Roger Beasley made it the best experience.

If you are in the market for a new ride, give Volvo a chance.  Just test drive and talk to Chris White if you have any questions.  That guy knows EVERYTHING about Volvo.

Shawna C. | 2014-01-17

I dropped off a client's Volvo to get serviced here and even though we hadn't reserved a loaner car, they were able to hook me up with one on the fly. I got great customer service, everyone was super friendly, the loaner car was in awesome shape. They did a beautiful job with the service, kept the car clean, and it's running smoothly.

Tahra B. | 2013-09-04

John Peasley worked very hard to find a car that fit my needs AND wants that also fit within my budget! I told him what I knew I didn't want and they did not waste my time showing me those cars anyway, like other dealers did... Even though I was on a time crunch, tight budget, and high expectations, John was able to find several cars that fit all of the above. If you want someone who's going to shoot you straight and listen to what you want you should definitely go visit him!!!

Traci S. | 2013-08-23

I can't say enough about Rick and the Roger Beasley Volvo Service department!!  I took my 2007 Volvo XC90 (my second volvo purchased from this dealership) to the service department because my air conditioner wasn't working properly and my extended warranty was about to run out.  They were very nice and promptly greeted me when I pulled into the service drive.  They went over all the issues I had mentioned when I made the appointment and said they would call as soon as they checked all of them out.  I went to the loaner desk and again, I was treated with respect and promptly.  They made sure I understood how to work all the new features on the loaner before I left the dealership.  Not only did Rick fix the things I asked him to but they went over my entire vehicle and even found some hood shocks that were not working properly and got those replaced under warranty as well!  Rick was extremely nice and respectful each time we were on the phone.  Upon returning to turn in my loaner, and pick up my vehicle, AGAIN, everyone kept saying thank you for coming in and thank you for my business.  To top off my GREAT experience, when I got into my car, they had washed my car, vacuumed it, sprayed air freshener, wiped down the inside, AND buffed out a huge black mark on my driver's side door that had been there for months!!!  They certainly went above and beyond for me!!

Cara M. | 2013-06-26

Chris White at Roger Beasley Volvo is an outstanding car salesman. He's everything you want in a salesman, but never get! He's not pushy or overbearing. He is extremely knowledgeable and considerate. I enjoyed working with him every step of the process!

Simone G. | 2013-05-17

We bought a Volvo last year and it was just fine, we knew what we wanted to it went smooth but the reason for my review is for the service center they have been really great! I was nervous because of bad reviews about service but we have had 5 oil changes, great service on repairs and warranties. Some of the employees are dryer then others and some offer a littler more smiles but the service from start to finish has always been great. I have never not been offered a borrow car and when I have taken advantage of taking one they let me pick from what they had. The Cashier has always been nice and they also offer free wi fi so if you stay you can log in. They have some desk areas with plugs etc, it is a little dated but hey it is a auto waiting room. We also bought a second one a few months ago we like it so much!

Ashley H. | 2013-04-17

I have bought cars from  the Roger Beasley group in the past and never had 5 or even 4 star experiences.  However, that was not the case at Roger Beasley Volvo this week.  I had *excellent* service from Shannon Petty and Austin McDonald.  The sale was quick and painless.  Shannon took great care to make sure I got a new car with all the options I preferred.  My husband and I were in and out of finance faster than you can blink.  I would highly recommend Roger Beasley Volvo and Shannon and Austin.  And I have no doubt that when I bring my car in for service things will go just as smoothly!

Gilland H. | 2012-12-16

This is my 2nd Volvo purchased from Roger Beasley Volvo in Austin.  I recently purchased a 2013 CX90.  I noticed a review on Yelp which wasn't good about an individuals Volvo here in Austin...perhaps they should use Tier1 Gas from Costco (89 Octane) but which contains 6 more detergents then regular gas so they're engine doesn't make noises!

I wouldn't had spent $45K on a Volvo unless I had done my homework whereby I checked everything out, including all the ratings and found it was the best value for the money.  This is a car which one buys for the long haul (10 years).  The last Volvo I owned had 275K miles on it before I sold it and I never any issues or problems.

ROGER BEASLEY VOLVO has the best customer service and staff I've ever had the pleasure of dealing with.  The sales staff is very professional and know they're stuff when it comes to Volvo.  My Volvo is always hand washed before its returned to me after service.  I give Roger Beasley Volvo 5-Stars for VERY best deals, VERY best service and VERY best reputation in the industry.

A S. | 2012-11-13

I am not the type to write reviews, this is the first one I have written in fact, I just wanted to let whomever is looking for car services to know how amazing my experience with Roger Beasley Volvo was.  Yes, my tires were replaced and my door was fixed but more importantly I was helped by delightful people and treated very well.  I appreciate the rides to and from the dealership, both of my drivers were incredibly personable.  Joe from the service department agreed to match the price of my tires to the price of discount tires and was a great pleasure to work with.  I went to a mechanic shop last week who gave me a $400 estimate for a part, I ended up paying $55 for the same part from you guys.  I believe I paid Aubrey, who printed a maintenance schedule for me and was extra patient and appreciative.  I was hesitant to go to a Volvo dealership because I thought prices would be super high but am all around very impressed and wanted to recommend Roger Beasley to others.  Two thumbs up for customer service, I will be back.

Debby P. | 2012-11-01

Definitely do not lease a car from Roger Beasley Volvo! If you do, you were warned!
After the sale, they could not care less!!

Brad H. | 2012-10-23

Service for a 2011 Volvo S60, had a tire pressure sensor replaced. Service department personnel were friendly and efficeient, no issues.

Lounge area is a bit sparse but has coffee, wifi and a room with desks if you bring a laptop to work while you wait for your car.

Susan C. | 2012-07-24

I just had my Volvo serviced at Roger Beasley in Austin. I am more than happy with not only the work done, but the wonderful customer service. Jose Marquez, my service advisor was very helpful and kept in contact with me. I will be using them again for any future repairs and will go to them first when the time comes to trade in my current Volvo.
Thank you.

Hannah B. | 2012-07-23

Chris White, salesperson at Roger Beasley Volvo, is absolutely fantastic!

I had been searching for a car tirelessly for two weeks before I walked into RB Volvo, and made the purchase of my new S60 within 24 hours of walking in their doors. Chris approached me while I was perusing their new cars outside and immediately shook my hand and asked me if he could help me find what I was looking for. We took the car out for a test drive not 5 minutes later, and I knew I was sold.

He is extremely knowledgeable and pulled all the spec's immediately once we got done test-driving. I told him I wanted everything spelled out for me before I would make any decision, so he worked with me that night (it was very late.. almost closing at 7pm!) until I had every piece of information I needed.

The next day when I purchased the vehicle, Chris walked me through my entire car. He took the time to program my phone with my car's Bluetooth capabilities, put together all my manuals, set up Sirius, show me all the controls (again, because he did that part the previous day too when I test-drove!), and left telling me that if I needed anything, to give him a call.

What a breath of fresh air, that was, because every other dealership I went to within 100+ miles of Austin made me feel like I was wasting their time. Chris made me feel like an empowered individual and reminded me what it's like to have great customer service.

I highly recommend buying from Chris White at RB Volvo. The process could not have gone smoother, his customer service is impeccable, and I couldn't be happier with my new Volvo S60!

Peter H. | 2012-07-09

I purchased a 2011 S80 from Roger Beasley last year.  The purchase experience was great so I have no complaints.  However, their service department is average.  

I've been to the service department twice, once to replace a tire that had a nail in it and another time to fix my radio that stopped working.  The first time, I scheduled the appointment a week in advance and they knew that I needed a new tire and exactly which tire I needed, yet they never bothered to order it.  My car was there at the dealer from Thursday morning until Tuesday morning because they had to order the tire and then get approval from my insurance company to cover the cost of the install.  All this for a simple tire.

I would say that the service guys do a decent job, but they need to be a bit more proactive in keeping parts in stock and ordering them for upcoming appointments.

Keri B. | 2012-05-15

An Open Letter to My V_LV_ (fill in the blanks with vowels as you wish)

Oh, V_LV_!  I never knew I could love you so much it hurts!  You're so red and glistening in the sun yet so sleek and supple inside. You're such a smooth ride, and just being with you encourages me to take my top down and show you off all over the city and countryside. I've now had many a perfect day just toolin around in you.......exploring.....feeling free and easy...taking my time or going's allll good.  My guilty pleasure is to plug in the Hall n Oates Pandora station and just sit back and enjoy the sun on my skin, the wind in my hair and a satisfied smile on my face.  I never knew being so exposed could be so thrilling!

I'm so proud of you that I've showed a picture of you to everyone.  I think they all have V_LV_ envy.  They all want a ride in you and I'm open to that (no dogs tho!).  There's no reason I should horde my V_LV_.  I like to share, and it really makes the world a better place.    

I hope you never get sick, but if you do, I have no qualms about bringing you back to Roger Beasley.  I would trust those guys with my V_LV_ I think.  They are the ones that introduced us after all and they know you inside and out.  Stan especially was like a ninja pimp, very subtly pointing out your features and then just letting you do all the rest.  You really do speak well for yourself.

V_LV_, I know we will have many great years and adventures together.  I promise to take care of you, keep you clean and fed and well-lubed, if you promise to continue to thrill me and get me to my destination.


David H. | 2012-05-05

I've owned 4 Volvos, all bought brand new, all always under warranty. Currently have a 2010 Volvo XC90. 3 of them were purchased at a dealership in Kansas City where I used to live--I loved them. Best dealership ever. Best cars ever.

But this dealership is absolutely awful. And frankly, so is my XC90. It's under powered, it rattles like a can of nickels and lacks half the features most 2010 cars have.

It always takes at least ONE WEEK to get a loaner. That drives me nuts. And once you do get in, the service people are such incompetent dullards that I regularly walk away feeling so irritated that I swear I'm going to sell my car just so I don't have to deal with them.

This last time I picked my car up, there was grease all over the center armrest and on the carpet on the floor, and get this--someone removed my Human Rights Campaign magnet (it's a sticker support equality for gays/lesbians). ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? WTF?

I never thought I'd say this, but this is my last Volvo. And I implore you to consider another, better brand to spare yourself the headache of dealing with these a**holes.

Heidi V. | 2012-04-16

I was really nervous about buying my first car, but the knowledgeable and laid back sales team made it a seamless transaction.  Chris White and Anne Fox stayed waaayyy past closing on a Friday to make sure we had everything we needed.  I appreciated Chris' no pressure attitude and  Anne's sound advice.

Jim N. | 2011-12-10

We just bought a new Volvo from Roger Beasley Austin. We are so happy with the sales team there! All the staff we worked with were great--including Shannon Petty and Ann Fox--and put a lot of effort into earning our business. We worked most with our salesperson Chris White, and he made the experience great for my family. They all work very hard to make their customers happy. We're excited to be part of the Volvo family. Thank you Roger Beasley!

Reid W. | 2011-09-10

Let me start out by saying I'm pretty deep in the Volvo game. I've been around them a while and owned multiple Volvo's. Been to multiple dealers. This review will be based on their service as I've never purchased a car from Roger Beasley.

First experience: Trying to get my S40 aligned. Cool, so I drop it off and let them go to work. Get a call an hour later saying "Uhh yea our tech says this is going to be hard and will cost you $200." Now I'll admit, I have on aftermarket rear control arms, but the addition of these arms makes it actually EASIER to align.

Regardless, I let the service writer know that and he says "well come pick up your car then." It's not so much they didn't bother to put fourth any effort to just do an alignment, but the fact he just blatantly had no intent of rectifying the situation made me irritated. I said "no problem" and drove it to Volvo of Dallas. They did it no problem, no extra fee, and even offered to let me have a brand new C30 loaner while it was going on. Kudo's VoD

The only redeeming value to this was afterwards, I decided to take their online survey they email you and told them how I honestly felt. Later that same day the Service Manager called my cell and we discussed the situation and offered to align it. By this time I'd already set the appointment at VoD and politely declined. (It should be noted that this is the only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1.)

Second experience: Today I brought in a V70 I recently purchased from a private party. The car came with Volvo wheel locks but the last person to put them on must have used an air gun and really cranked them down. So when I go to remove them, I end up stripping the key. Great.

Take it to Roger Beasley against my better judgement thinking "hey maybe I'll get a rad service writer and they can just zip them off really quick." I didn't even want them on anymore so I figured taking off 4 bolts wouldn't be too big of a deal. Called Joe and asked if I could swing by after work. "No. Can't. Too busy." Cool, I understand. "Is it cool if I swing by tomorrow morning before work?" "Yea that's fine."

Next morning I speak to Jim. I get that mornings are busy, too, collecting everyones car for the day. Again, this isn't my first rodeo. So we talk about it for a second and he says "Oh we may have to break them off and that's $119. Can you leave it for like an hour?" Err what? I had to get to work so I again politely decline and made an appointment for the next morning to hopefully discuss it a bit more.

NEXT morning: Show up at my appointment time, wait for 20 minutes for someone to talk to me. He said essentially the same thing and I just say "Let me know if they can get them off because I don't want to break them off." Hell I could do that by myself if I wanted to without paying $120. I go chill in the waiting room for 2 hours, come out, and they managed to get them off without breaking them. Cool! "Ok your total is $119." WHAT??? I'm not looking for handouts or free service by any means, but seriously??

So that's it ladies and gents, final straw. I'm driving to DFW and going to Autobahn or VoD from now on. They know me on a first name basis and occasionally pull some solid favors. Moral of this story, put fourth the effort to make me happy and I'll make sure I direct business your way.

Tory K. | 2011-08-11

Took my XC90 for the first time here today. Was greeted promptly by my Service Advisor, Delores, who showed me the waiting areas and how I could connect to the internet in order to work on my laptop while I waited.

The entire experience from start to finish was a piece of cake. And my car was finished an hour sooner than I was expecting. I felt like a valued customer and they treated me with care. And even though I did not purchase my Volvo from this dealer (I bought it from my brother), never once did I feel they even gave a damn. To them, a customer is a customer. And their chances of getting my continued business seems extremely likely.

Jennifer M. | 2011-07-13

I bought my S40 about three months ago from James at Roger Beasley, Austin and love it!  James was very helpful, knowledgeable, and instrumental in helping me find a car that fit all my needs.  Dolores in their service department is also a true asset to the team at Roger Beasley!

Mike B. | 2011-07-06

I have taken my XC70 to Roger Beasley Volvo on 290 for all maintenance and repairs since purchasing it there in 2003.  2 out of the last 3 service visits have resulted in the car being kept for two days or more for relatively simple maintenance (normal service interval + change a headlamp; or normal service + brake job).  In my most recent experience, the car has been brought in 2 days in a row and the work is still not complete - the service advisor has apparently forgotten twice to tell the shop staff what work I've asked for and has not realized it until it is too late in the day to address.  I will no longer use Roger Beasley's service department, and sadly, I am considering other brands for my next auto purchase this summer due the service department's inability to deliver a consistent and predictable customer experience.

Jennifer D. | 2011-04-26

I just bought my car a few weeks ago and love my certified pre-owned Volvo S40. Working with Larry Gray was a great experience! He is professional and nice and I am glad I was able to give him my business and not some of the other dealers I had visited.

R M. | 2011-04-20

These people are awesome!!  Linda Lilley and Shannon Petty ROCK! This is Volvo #2 that we have purchased from RB Austin - because we love RB SOOO much !  THEY ARE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING A DEAL HERE!  Kudos to Linda Lilley !!  Shannon Petty is the SALES MANAGER AND THERE IS A REASON WHY SHE IS !!  Go and see Linda or call her!  I have to give credit - where credit is due as well!  Derek Pruitt at RB Georgetown is the greatest Service Advisor as well !  DEREK ROCKS! LINDA ROCKS! SHANNON ROCKS!!

Disco L. | 2011-02-08

Uggghhh can we just say BAD, pooh on you Roger Beasley! I made an appointment to test drive a few used cars. Gave them a list of 3 cars I saw on their website I was interested in well in advance (days!).  One car had wires hanging down from the ceiling that had been disconnected from maybe the Bluetooth not sure, but hanging down wires in a car test driving gives a bad impression homies! Second car was riddled with chocolate handprints all over the place, really how hard is it to CLEAN cars you are attempting to SELL for a pretty penny? I was so disgruntled about the experience I just walked out after that. Even my mother that drives a fall apart 1998 GM was offended. Called Roger Beasley of Georgetown instead & can we say wow! I will review that one separately, but long story short.....I won't be buying ANY car muchless a $40k car from Roger Beasley no matter the make like....uhhhh.....ever.

Natalie G. | 2011-01-15

I was so impressed with my recent experience with Roger Beasley Volvo. I will tell you upfront that this was my first and only experience here, but as I've owned my S40 since 2007, it's not my first rodeo with Volvo service facilities.

I took my car in for standard maintenance, only to find out that the maintenance plan I purchased with my car doesn't apply to any dealership but where I purchased it. (Boo!) But Dolores went above and beyond to get it figured out. I was planning on paying the difference between what my maintenance plan would reimburse and what Roger Beasley charged for the same service, but she was able to negotiate it so that I only paid for the additional services I requested.

Everyone was very sweet and cordial to me, and Dolores stayed in touch with me the whole time.

My only complaint is that they had my car for a few days to get the basic maintenance done, but as I had one of their loaners (at no cost, of course), I didn't mind it.

Robert W. | 2010-09-13

I'm happy to be a part of the Roger Beasley Volvo family! The sales team doesn't pressure you and if you are lucky enough to have Shannon Petty help are already sold and you just don't know it yet :) She's a straight shooter and will be your personal consultant as well as help you find the financing you need. Service team is tenured and very good in handling my service needs. Joe Marquez and the rest of the team are always available and very prompt in responding to emails and phone calls. I've been servicing my vehicle the last 5 years (S40 and S60) and I've never had a scheduling or service concern.

Ranleigh H. | 2010-08-18

I am very sorry to have to write this review about my last service appointment at Roger Beasley Volvo Austin.  I have consistently bought my car back to the dealership for service over the life of my 2002 Volvo XC70.   This includes regular oil changes to major repair items, believing the dealership had trained personnel to correctly handle my car repairs.  However, this will be the FINAL time I will have my car serviced at Roger Beasley and DOES affect my decision to purchase a new car from Roger Beasley Volvo in the future.  Roger Beasley Volvo has lost a very loyal customer.

Any and all technical repairs done to my car over the years have been great.  I have no complaints.  But, the service managers have been very inconsistent at Roger Beasley.  I have experienced excellent to horrible service managers and the last appointment as was my absolute worst.   I will not return for service or purchase of a new car. I am done.

Chip P. | 2010-07-20

Worst service experience. EVER.  Brand new car with 600 miles on it was broken into and they were to replace the window, door frame and seat that were ripped from the broken glass. We took it in on June 18 and went out of town. They had the car for 3 weeks and it still was not fixed!!

They claimed it was the insurance company's fault, but we had approved the claim with both the insurance company and the dealership. Besides...why wouldn't we authorize the complete repair of a BRAND NEW CAR?!

When we picked up the car it still wasn't fixed and it was filthy. Now they want us to drive it back out there so they can take photos and finish fixing the car.

If I could drive it through the front door and throw the keys in their face, I totally would.

I was going to trade my Mercedes in and buy another Volvo there, but I will never go to that dealership again.

Don't buy a car here, don't take your Volvo for service there. Awful.

Gwen C. | 2010-05-21

This is the first and only review I will probably write about a place I did not actually get a chance to patronize. You see, Mr. Campbell and I were looking for a bigger car for the Campbell Clan. Yes, there are multiples of us and you have every right to be scared.

Mr. Campbell did some internet research and as luck had it he found a car we both loved. He set up a time to test drive it the next day first thing. I told him to buy it if is looked good to him. So, he had the money in hand and they sent him an email an hour before he was going to test drive the car. Some salesman named Drew had arranged the test drive.

Then the email Mr. Campbell received was from a salesperson saying we look forward to doing business with you, blah blah sunshine and sparkles. Then another email was sent by someone else (anyone reminded of the skit 'Who's on Third?', yet?) saying it was just sold. A simple call on the cell would have been easier but um.. Mr. C made is crystal clear he was basically going to buy this car tomorrow and ASKED the salesperson to call him to come in earlier if it looked like someone else was going to snap this car up first. So... big fail on the part of the salesperson.

I know it's a big dealership but Christ, no excuse to run things so half assed and amateur. It is not that hard to maintain contact with a prospective buyer who repeatedly said he wanted to see the car as soon as possible and made his intentions of buying it very clear. One hand needs to talk to the other especially at a dealership this size. Very poor representation of the dealership.

So, we still need a new car. We are getting one as soon a possible. It just will not be at this place due to the way this was handled. We did see some great cars on the website but if this is how they handle potential buyers showing strong interest then I would hate to see how a customer is dealt with once they have their money. No thanks.

Kayleigh G. | 2010-01-06

Absolutely useless.

They had my car for over a week regarding an ongoing issue with the Dolby Pro Logic premium sound system. It is NOT normal for your stereo volume to continually fluctuate from loud to nonexistent. Their solution? "Poor reception out of speakers in pro logic in some areas is normal. Customer can choose to turn off Prologic or set to 3 channel, *PG 165 OWNERS MANUAL*'"

Yeah, that's right....
Feature doesn't work? Disable it!
They have the car for a week, and this is the best they can come up with?

The icing on the cake is that when they attempted to return the car, a message was flashing on the dash, it reads:  'PASSENGER AIRBAG DISABLED SERVICE URGENT'. Sorry, I'm not taking the car back until that one is fixed. The best part is that an employee drove the car across town with it displaying that message.

Can't wait to ditch this car and Roger Beasley Volvo.

Missy B. | 2009-09-24

I have an older Volvo with its share of problems. While it is a great brand of car, it is expensive to repair and maintain. Because of the age of my car and that it requires specific parts, I need to take it to a dealership where the parts are on hand and they have experience with the wide range of issues Volvos experience.

I am amazed at how accurate and knowledgeable my service manager Megan is. I had a funny noise coming from my car for years, but no mechanic heard it. Not one could locate it or determine what it could be. One day the sound started, I called her and she said I should swing by so she could listen. She heard it and knew immediately what needed to be fixed. When I have had problems with my car, she is willing to first find an inexpensive solution, and even tell me that we could wait to do the work, or pair this work with that work so that the labor would be less than doing the two jobs separate. Most importantly, she will explain what needs to be fixed and why. This is true for each of the service managers who have assisted me. Whether my visit is expected or unexpected, they are available, helpful, and considerate.

Another reason I take my car to a dealership is that they provide a loaner until my car is fixed. If I am able to make an appointment and tell them at the time that I need a loaner, then I am set. However, I have had to arrive at the dealership unexpectedly and a loaner isn't always available, but that is rare. I take my car in about 3-4 times a year and the majority of the time there is a loaner available.

Tara H. | 2009-09-04

Another burned out headlamp - this time the bulb lasted four months.
Also, the cigarette lighters aren't working. I've been waiting about fifty minutes, but to be honest, I didn't have an appointment. The good news is that their WiFi rocks.

That is all.

Cody R. | 2009-07-15

You would think by upgrading to a "Luxury" vehicle it would come with Luxury service...

You will not find that at Roger Beasley Volvo.

1. Why have I had to take my car into the shop 5 times since I've bought it? Certified pre-owned. However many point inspection they do on the car should have caught every issue I've taken it in for. So, I know now their pre-owned department isn't doing a thorough check on the cars they sell.

2. One of the selling points of the Volvo was I would ALWAYS have a loaner available. That was a flat out lie. You will have a loaner available if you wait to bring your car in until their is a loaner to give you. They seem to always be out... which says a little something about the quality of their used cars.

3. In what world does it take over three days to fix a blown out speaker? In Roger Beasley World.

This is not a bad review against Volvo... this is for this particular dealer. We love the car.... but our experiences with Roger Beasley have been terrible.

Buy your Volvo from somewhere else. Don't take your Volvo here for service.... next time I'm taking our car somewhere else.

Michelle V. | 2009-06-21

If you are in the market for a new or used Volvo, I highly recommend Shannon Petty at Roger Beasley Volvo in Austin.  She brings the car-buying experience to another level.  Working with Shannon is like going to Neiman Marcus without any pretension, and without any bull.  She is honest, thorough and she talks straight.  I had no idea that such classy ladies sold cars.  She got us what I consider to be a great deal.  I should know after a few months of driving the car if it really is true, but I have a feeling she gets behind the Volvo brand because she really believes in the quality of the product.  A+ experience!

Jennifer H. | 2009-02-07

This review is strictly for the parts desk person that tried to help me find the right screws for the front license plate frame that I bought from them.  My car didn't ever have a front plate (aren't required in FL) so I needed the right bracket for the TX plates.  Roger Beasley had the right bracket (Made in Sweden no less!), but the bracket didn't come with screws.

The helpful parts guy tried to rummage up some screws that would fit - tried about three different screws, but no luck.  I went to Lowe's to figure out the threading for myself.  He was very helpful in trying to make sure I wasn't going to get pulled over for not having a front plate.  I'd go back there to just get parts.  Other than that, I'd never pay dealer prices for ANYTHING.

Larry M. | 2007-03-30

Tricky to get into, with limited signage RIGHT OFF 290 and I-35, and next to impossible to find the back entrance if you miss it (before Fran's Hamburgers).

Have no idea what the difference in price would be from a dealership and someone who specializes in Volvos, BUT they do take pride in their service.

Shuttle service is always working to pick you up and drop you somewhere, I've had garbage in my trunk I had forgotten to take care of, and they took care of it without protest, and if the car's in the shop long enough, I've scored 'demos' much nicer than mine for the duration.

So when they execute a quick turnaround, it's kind of a bummer.

Far superior to other Volvo dealerships in other cities. Solid service.


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