Roger Beasley Mazda Central in Austin, TX

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Roger Beasley Mazda is an award winning dealership, established in business here in Central Texas since 1971.

We have revolutionized the automotive business by allowing you to value your trade in, get out the door pricing on the specific vehicle you are interested in as well as get your finance pre-qualified - all on-line. By allowing this to occur online prior to arriving at the dealership, the 3 to 4 hours it previously took to purchase a vehicle has been greatly reduced.

With hundreds of new Mazdas in stock, we are uniquely positioned to supply your new vehicle. We also have an extensive selection of used vehicles to choose from at all times.

Roger Beasley Mazda Central

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 459-4111
Address:6825 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78757
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 9:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Roger Beasley Mazda Central

Kathryn I. | 2015-04-24

Sales and service people have been FANTASTIC in dealing with me!  Last summer when driving  my brother's Mazda - a 2014 that he absolutely loved -  I damaged it by hanging a wheel on a curb driving home after visiting my brother in the hospital.  When I contacted Roger Beasley, they sent a tow for me and the car was towed to Roger Beasley Mazda Central on Burnet for repairs.  The service was polite, they kept me informed of progress, the work was very well done, and I had use of a loaner car. Pricing was fair, which was important to me since I was paying out-of-pocket rather than making an insurance claim. I am not from this area, so they certainly knew that it was unlikely that I would give them much, if any, additional business. i had shared that my brother was going into hospice care, so they knew he would not be giving additional business.  My conclusion: this is a CLASSY place with a well-trained, courteous staff.

I recently returned to Austin to work on my brother's estate and found that the license had expired on his Mazda several months earlier.  Since I am not yet appointed as estate administrator, I was advised not to drive the car. I called Roger Beasley Central to see if they could rent me a car. What a surprise: they arranged to let me borrow a car for the 12 days I am in Austin. Again, a CLASS ACT.

As for the cars:  I have now driven 3 Mazdas  from Roger Beasley Central - my late brother's plus 2 loaners. All are easy to drive and get great mileage.  My brother had driven his car in snow and mountains, and loved the way it handled. When I purchase my next car, I will consider a Mazda, and if I lived in the Austin area, I would definitely do business with Roger Beasley Mazda Central!


Ryan M. | 2015-04-13

The whole process from start to finish was way more enjoyable than I thought car buying could be, in the traditional sense.

My experience was cut and dry. I knew what I wanted and asked if they had it. They didn't try to move me into something I didn't want. They simply answered my questions and made the whole process worthwhile. Excellent work.

While I love the car I purchased, I'm looking forward to next time.

LA N. | 2015-04-11

Let me start by telling you that I typically LOATHE buying a car because the experience is so draining.  I loathe it so much that I practically drive my cars into the dirt!!  

Having said that, this was THE best experience I have EVER had!  Craig Allen helped me buy my new CX-5!!  He's very knowledgeable and not pushy!!!  No one was pushy!!!   I can't tell them enough how much I appreciate that they weren't pushy!!!

Thanks for making it as painless as possible!!  :)

Kavi K. | 2015-04-06

I made an appointment to test drive a new Mazda this past weekend and went in this past Saturday.

I had told Roger Beasley's internet specialist, Debbie, that I was interested in leasing but hadn't decided between the automatic and manual models yet. When I got to the dealership, Raymond was waiting for me and it was obvious that the staff had communicated with each other. I test drove both models, and Raymond had plenty of helpful comments about each one without pressuring me toward either. I was also nervous that they might try to pressure me into financing instead of leasing, but that didn't happen.

Every person I met at Roger Beasley was extremely helpful (Raymond, Rusty the manager, Aaron in finance and Manny in service) and totally willing to answer any questions I had since this was my first time buying a car on my own. I brought my husband with me to the appointment because I was worried about a high-pressure sales environment, but my experience was exactly the opposite. The only option I added on to the car was a navigation system, and that decision was based on Raymond's honest comments about it. No upselling on other options or more expensive trim packages.

The inventory here is great as well - they had the trim, color and interior I wanted, in a manual transmission, at the warehouse right down the road. This is a great dealership for a first-time buyer!

Zach R. | 2015-04-04

Had an excellent car buying experience at Roger Beasley Central.

I worked with Raymond, and he was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient as I explored several vehicle, year and pricing options. Also, I had a couple questions the day after my purchase and he even called me back on his day off to talk. He was great to work with!

Patrick H. | 2015-03-30

Edwin, RJ and everyone else I met and worked with Saturday were incredible. I initially contacted via email because I have mediocre credit and was wondering what my options were.

Every single email I got from RBM had the tag line "We want to EARN your business".

They made the process easy as it could be, helping me understand why each piece of the process mattered and what my options were. I never felt put in a position where "CHOOSE THIS" was dictated. I felt like I was in control of my decision, and they worked with me to come to my price, beating the rate my bank offered by half.

I got the car I wanted, with an amazing warranty (go weekend specials!) and for less than I budgeted for. I'm floored at how much they wanted to work with me to walk out happy. I would recommend Roger Beasley to anyone looking for a car.

Traww O. | 2015-03-21

One of the worst experiences I've ever had dealing with a dealership.!!They had a car advertised at a decent price, went to check it out . And let me tell you ! The car was in horrible condition , seat ripped , scratched , dents , worn tires , just everything wrong . The manager came out to speak with us after the test drive . Completely rude . Treated us like a waste of time ! Horrible horrible !! STAY AWAY!!!!!

Regina M. | 2015-03-16

I had a horrible experiences with this dealership. Normally I am not the type of person to complain but so many issues. I am leasing a car from this dealership. I walked in excited to have a new car after 8 years. The guy who sold me my car started harassing me and started asking me on dates by sending text to my phone. I had to go back to the dealership approximately three to four times because they kept messing up on my paperwork. The only good experience I had was with the general manager Rusty. Rusty addressed everything and made sure everything was fixed and resolved.

Debbie C. | 2015-03-06

After visiting numerous car dealerships in search of a car, I finally decided to buy a vehicle from Roger Beasley Mazda Central. I'm very happy with my decision!!  Purchasing a car can be a very stressful experience, but Adam and Raymond made it a very pleasant experience for me! They both are very professional, well-informed, friendly and a real pleasure to deal with!! I highly recommend Roger Beasley Mazda! Thanks guys, I love my car!!!! :))))

Estefania S. | 2015-03-03

I had a great experience at Roger Beasley Mazda. Craig Allen greeted me with a smile and proceeded to show me the Mazda 3. Even though he's a salesperson, I didn't feel like he was hovering over me the whole time just trying to make me buy the car. Instead, he was knowledgeable and helpful. When I decided on the car (after a great test drive), he did his best to accommodate my financial needs. After that, he was very efficient and set everything in motion for me to get the car on that same day. Overall I had a great experience. The rest of the staff (and the general manager Rusty) were also very pleasant. Great dealership!!

Clara H. | 2015-03-02

i just got a mazda 3 in feb and i love it! the salesman was super nice and let me test drive as many cars as i wanted. i felt like they were able to work with me to keep the costs low.   i walked into toyota and was totally brushed off. then i came to mazda and felt like i was taken care of! yay. def go to roger beasley if you want a mazda- largest inventory in austin.

Gigi L. | 2015-02-24

This review is regarding used car sales.

I saw a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring online and was contacted by Jake, an internet specialist on Thursday evening. We scheduled an appointment to test drive the car for Saturday afternoon.

When I showed up as planned, I learned that the car sold on Friday. This was a big disappointment as I made plans and assumed someone at the dealership was notified that I would be coming in for a test drive.

The sales staff was kind and apologized. They showed me another car, but it was not what I wanted. I contacted Jake to let him know of my experience. I appreciate that he tried to help me look for a similar car, but I had already purchased from another dealership.

If a car is sold before a scheduled appointment, it would be great customer service to notify any potential buyers before they come to the dealership.

Lesson learned: When searching for cars, ALWAYS call the dealership to make sure they still have the car in stock. The market moves quickly in Austin; I had two cars sell before I was able to test drive them.

Richard A. | 2015-01-26

Excellent, quick, straightforward service.  Got a good lease deal.

Beth S. | 2015-01-24

This review is to let other car buyers know what an AMAZING service team Roger Beasley Central has. Recently with the upgrade to Apple ios 8.0, like many people, my blue tooth was disabled. This WAS NOT MAZDA'S fault. This was totally an Apple issue.

I can't say enough good things about the Service team. They worked diligently to find a solution including working with the blue tooth manufacturer, Apple and my own system. This type of thorough service is what makes my family a "2 Mazda" from Roger Beasley Central family.

Know your in good hands here. I would like to especially mention Service Mgr. Evan Whitis, his leadership and professionalism has been a pleasure to work with.

Steve L. | 2015-01-22

We bought our car from a different location in May. They didn't give us the navigation card but said they would get it to us later and never did.  A few weeks ago we jumped the car and it cleared out the display and said a dealer had to reset it.  We took it to this location and they said it needed the navigation card, which we had never gotten.  Evan called the other location and they spent 2 days telling him they weren't going to give it to him, and he got his boss involved too.  Rather than push us off on the other location he came through and got it for us.  Manny even pushed us to the front of the line and put it right in (well it only took 5 minutes but still).  I really appreciate all they did for us.  I don't know what other people who have written reviews have experienced but that was our great experience.

Amy M. | 2015-01-02

Just had an awesome experience buying a car, Timothy Orr was an excellent salesman, honest straightforward and kind.
Thanks Tim and Roger Beasley.

Jason S. | 2014-12-15

Warning. If you do not buy a car from them they will run multiple inquiries on your report. I went in on 2 separate occasions about a year ago, within 1 week, only to not find the deal I wanted. I went to a different make all together. Low and behold, I have 6 HARD inquires posted to my credit. Big FOUL. Do not shop here. It will damage your credit.

Alice K. | 2014-12-14

Shopping for cars can be super stressful (check out my review about Clay Cooley Nissan Dealership in South Austin) but Daniel was fantastic. We told him what car we were interested in, we got to take it for a drive, he answered all of our questions without being at all pushy, and they quickly offered us a very fair price for a trade-in.

Jeanice K. | 2014-10-24

This is a company who wants to do the right thing

Arvind G. | 2014-10-21

First of all, even 1 star is really high rating for this dealership.
I went this dealership to see Mazda CX-9 Touring. Looked at the car and then one of the managers came to see me with all sorts of numbers. I already had the price negotiated from another dealership from Dallas. Very frankly, I told the manager to not waste his and my time and gave him my numbers and said if you can match or beat the number, call me will buy the car as long as it works for my wife. The sales person called us in the evening saying - manager agreed to match the price but we need to buy the car today. I said, no way - we will not buy the car without properly test driving and making sure it works for us. Sales person said, that should be fine as long as we give him $500 deposit which will be non-refundable in case we back-out of the deal just because we got a lower price from somewhere else, but will be refundable if we back-out if car does not work for us. This $500 will lock the price for the car with similar options and trim. I agreed to the deal and gave him the card information. We also agreed for extended test drive in which we asked him to provide the car which we could buy with all the options and trim we wanted. Sales person arranged to that and gave us the car we could buy. We asked the sales person multiple times that if we like it, we can buy the same car at the price agreed? He said yes. We brought the car home. The deal was for 2014 Mazda CX-9, Touring with Tech Package and few other options. We drove the car few miles, kept it overnight in our garage. In the morning, I noticed the sticker in the window of the car showing 2015 instead of 2014. Sales person called us in the afternoon to check if we liked the car. I said, Yes, we like the car and will come and buy in the evening. During this discussion, I mentioned to sales person that car sticker is showing 2015 instead of 2014. He said, he is going to check and came back saying - oh by mistake he gave us 2015 car and there is $2500 on 2015 car as compared to what we agreed. I said, we don't want 2015, but 2014 at the rate agreed upon. He said - he has only one 2014 car available with dark interior which we told him in the starting that it was not our preference. We were fine with his mistake of giving us 2015 car instead of 2014 and said since we are very specific about the price, we will come and look into other available car with dark interior and if we like it will buy, otherwise move on. He said, he will be out and someone else will work with me when we go to dealership. When we reached dealership, we looked into the other car and kind of decided to buy that. We went inside the dealership and one other sales person brought a new face so called "Finance Director" to meet with us. Highly arrogant "Finance Director" started showing us numbers for 2015 CX-9. I said, don't show me these numbers, we already have the numbers and car preferences we want and we not going to spend single dime more on top of that for any other car. The Finance Director said - he cannot sell the 2015 car for the price we agreed. I said - I don't want 2015 car and why are you showing me 2015 car. He said, you don't like the other car so we cannot sell you that and cannot sell 2015 at our agreed upon price. I said, well - we not spending any more money and just want to get 2014 car. He said - in that case he won't sell any car to us and pointed us towards the door saying that door is that side. I was with my wife and two small kids at the dealership and this arrogant Finance Director started misbehaving and humiliating me showing door and shouting that he is not going to sell any car to us while walking back and showing us the door that it's right there. A place with person like this at a position like Finance Director, shouting, showing customer doors, humiliating in front of the dealership and family - you can imagine the quality of product and services it's going to provide. Don't believe it, well good luck then.
BBB complaint filed.

Doug S. | 2014-09-19

I really wanted to like Roger Beasley again. I'm so old I bought a car from them in the late 80's. Loved it and they were super laid back and great to deal with. Not so much nowadays. numerous disappointments.

1. DISCONNECTED FROM WEBSITE They've invested heavily in their site but are not ready to use it. I filled out a credit app. online the night before. I showed up at the dealership the next day and they know nothing about it and I have to fill it out again.(Wasted an hour+) Called 2 phone numbers post-purchase after being drummed aggressively for service, (see 4 below) one number posted  is a guys direct extension and VM with no company in the greeting. (where am i calling?) and the other number just rang and nobody answers!  This was 10 a.m. on a weekday.
2.SALES -  I went in to try and get their advertised car at the price they advertise. I know from experience this is a loss leader and they don't want to sell it. That's okay. Everybody does it. Waiting until the finance guy get's to the table after all has been negotiated and the color and options have been selected. (3 hours and a migraine later) and slip in a newer year model ON THE CONTRACT and try and nail me for an extra $4K is B.S. - Back to the drawing board!
3. I finally relent to the 2015 model and the guy hammers me for the extended warranty and the service contract and they start trying to schedule service the day you buy it!



Hugo A. | 2014-08-05

I bought a 2010 Volkswagen Routan in this dealer, I paid $11,000 dollars for this minivan, at 2 weeks of having bought it, I went with my family to Laredo Texas, and when we was arriving to Laredo Tx the transmission was broken. I call the dealer and talk to the seller, he said, he can't do anything because, the car don't had any warranty, then I speak to his supervisor. I call supervisor, and leave several message, I went to his office to talk to him, and he not attend me. I take two days to communicate with him, and with a bad attitude He said can't do anything to help me, I contacted the general manager of sales, was more friendly, but say the same they could not do anything for help me. I spent $ 225.00 dollars in towing and diagnostic, additional spend two nights in motels, pay $ 230.00 dollars in a car rented and I repaired the transmission cost me $2,600.00 dollars. I not trying they paid all expenses, just to help me, because I was spent all my savings buying the minivan. I bought three cars with this agency, but do not return to buy any more.

Siyu R. | 2014-07-31

I did take a while to buy my car. Comparing to the other dealers and cars, I finally decided to have a Mazda CX5. I love this car. And the specialist Raymond helped me a lot on my car. He is great. He spent a lot of time on looking for deal for me, and trying to get the lowest interest rate for me since I don't have job.

Karrie M. | 2014-06-18

We were there to buy a car.  Our sales guy Al was good until the end.  We noticed there were 2 different years on the car.  When we asked about that the sales rep looked in the glove box to verify the year. We decided to buy the car.  Once we were inside we were told the car was not $18,000 like the sticker on the window said,  They put the wrong tag on the car.  They said it was supposed to be on the car next to it.  I hope that was not true.  That one said it was $14,000.  If true then they made 2 mistakes for sure.  Once inside and filling out forms we were told they were going to do us a favor and instead of charging us $22,000 they would only charge us $20,000.  So now we are being charged $2,000 more than we had agreed on.  The paperwork was done.  We met with Sean and then we sent to Ann.  When we sat down with Ann she told us our payments would be in the $500 range.  Of course this was the first time any payment amount had been mentioned to us.  We said no.  I asked what interest rate was.  I was told 16%.  When I said no way and told them how much my other car's interest was with Car Max they decided to charge us that.  Of course we would need to put another $1,000.  This was terrible business.  After she went to talk to someone several times she never came up with what we wanted.  We then got up and left.  My concern is that they never talked to us about what price we wanted to pay.  They just assumed we wanted to pay over $500 a month.  They also did not seem to care that they had told us the wrong price on the car.  I did receive voice mails from both Al and Sean.  I did not return their calls.  I was too busy driving the car that Maxwell Ford gave me to drive for the weekend.  Needless to say I bought a car from Maxwell who did discuss what area we wanted our payments in.  Maxwell also matched the price of the car with one I found somewhere else.  Maxwell was much easier to deal with and I live north.  It was worth the crazy drive south in afternoon traffic on IH 35.

Be aware the price on the car may not be the price..........

Whitney W. | 2014-06-03

A few days ago, I had an appointment for my 60,000 mile maintenance. My husband and I dropped off the car and headed out. Long story short, there was a miscommunication in the price since I had a few other things done at the same time. Leaving the dealership, I wasn't mad, but I wasn't extremely happy either. It was just an "eh" feeling.

Instead of the dealership just letting me feel so-so about the experience, a manager got in contact with me and went over and beyond my expectations. I'm not joking when I say over and beyond. He could have just called and apologized and I would have felt better, but they really helped me out. I even brought my car back in today to get new rotors and brakes.

They started on time, finished in a timely fashion and were very helpful.

Sitting in the waiting area this time, while the work was being completed - I noticed the service guys coming in and constantly keeping the customers updated. They were showing them parts and why they needed to be replaced so the customer felt at ease and not scammed. This was the same for me - they showed me the rotors and another part that had to be replaced. I noticed they offer shuttles (rides to work, home etc).

I also noticed the casual work environment they have. The sales people can wear dark shorts with a white polo which I thought was neat and made me feel comfortable for some reason - like I am amung friends, not some Joe Blow in a suit trying to sell people cars.

What I'm getting at is, this dealership is a different kind of dealership. It's no pressure, no hassle and the people (even management) really care about the customers. I've honestly never been to a dealership that made me feel like I wanted to come back for all my car needs.

Also, their service prices don't seem to be super steep either like other dealerships. They seem to be right inline with chain shops such as oil changes and brake replacements.

Thank you to the guys who helped me out today. You're the reason a business is successful.

Meaghan G. | 2014-06-03

My husband got totally screwed by this dealership. He had found a Honda Fit he had his heart set on. We live in south Austin, so making the drive to Burnet, especially at rush hour, is quite a trek. My husband made arrangements with a salesman to come and check out the vehicle. My husband arrives to appointment only to find out the car is being serviced on. Trip was a waste of time. Salesman was nice enough to offer to bring the car to my husbands workplace the following day. My husband enjoyed the car and was prepared to purchase. Told the salesman he would come by at noon the next day to purchase and pick up. 10 o'clock next morning, salesman texts my husband to say another salesman sold the car that morning. Messed up! Utterly disappointed at the lack of communication and structure of this dealership! Beware and take your business elsewhere!

Brittany S. | 2014-05-21

Stay away from the service department.  Took my car in for an alternator check (on the recommendation of multiple other service providers) on a Friday morning after making an appointment several days in advance.  I wanted to stay and wait, but had to attend graduation (silly me).  Was not contacted by their representative until late afternoon on Saturday, when I was then informed that they were not able to run any tests in the intervening day and a half because my battery would not hold an industrial charge.  They replaced the battery, and gave the original back to me at my request. After this, they ran the tests I asked for, not completing them quickly enough that I could pick up the car that day, and concluded I simply had a faulty battery and that was all.  Fine.  Picked up the car Monday and took the battery to Autozone where lo and behold, it held an industrial charge at 100% and did not deplete for the several hours I left it there and made them re-test it multiple times.  Since Roger Beasley had charged me $145 for the new battery, and a battery disposal fee (despite the fact that I took the battery back), I was suitably irritated.  Called both their representative and the general manager multiple times and left messages after being told they would speak to the person who serviced my car and get back to me.  Didn't hear back for three more days, upon which I was told they could not confirm anything was wrong with my car except the battery, would not refund or take the battery back, but would send me a coupon for a free oil change.  No thanks.

Cory B. | 2014-02-18

Absolutely awesome. The no-pressure sales environment and straightforwardness of the people who work in this dealership landed them not one sale, but two on the same day.

I was immediately impressed when I walked onto the dealership one Saturday, with zero chance of buying a car. First off, there were no vultures chain-smoking on the sidewalk, just waiting for a mark. In fact, one sales guy approached me to tell me that he was working with another couple, but if I had questions or needed help, there were plenty of people inside.

Wha? I could browse without being hounded?

Absolutely. Every time me or my wife visited Roger Beasley Mazda Central, we were left to shop in peace, but when we had questions or wanted to test out a vehicle, the sales staff was courteous, respectful and helpful.

When we showed up ready to buy a couple weeks later, the negotiation and signing the deal were straightforward. We believed we had a fair number, and there wasn't any dog & pony show. They made an offer, we countered, we agreed on a number that was fair to both sides.

But now that we had a deal, it was time for the finance guy, which usually makes the Inquisition feel like a sensual massage. I couldn't have been more wrong. Our finance rep was a joy to work with -- and didn't fiddle around trying to tie in a bunch of nonsense fees.

Wha? No LoJack or rustproofing scam? Nope.

We took delivery the next day, and everyone seemed happy that we were VERY happy with our two new Mazdas -- even the finance guy seemed excited to see us (partly because I forgot to sign one of the checks, but he was happy after that, too).

I highly recommend Roger Beasley Mazda Central if you are in the market for a car. Although we chose new, one of the two sales reps that helped us typically handled Used Cars. Both were knowledgeable, helpful and I believe interested in making a deal that left us happy, too.

Tara I. | 2014-01-20

I wish I had read the reviews written before I even bought my Mazda, normally bad reviews on sites like this are from complainers with no other legal recourse so I take bad reviews with a grain of salt but in this case THEY ARE ALL TRUE!

My car overheated and I towed it into the service center at Roger Beasley. The next day they told me I need a whole new engine!! The car is fairly new and only has 77,000 miles on it.
I researched the engines on the CX7 and found that there were several problems with other minor things but inconclusive information on the engine and the service manager told me that they've seen a lot of problems with that particualr model engine so much so that Mazda stopped making them.

They sent me a bid for $9000 to replace the engine.

I asked if they could put a different year or model engine in it bc I didn't want to pay $9000 to have the same problems down the road if in fact it was the engine. They said that the only engine they could put in there was the 08' engine but if I wanted to trade it in I could get $1000 for it. I asked what the powertrain warranty on a new engine was and they said it was 12 months, 30,000 miles. Why would I put an engine in my car with known problems AND pay $9000 for it to go out in a year and one day?! This was way over the top.

BTW I called an engine replacement shop for Jasper Engines and they said I COULD put a different year engine in my car in fact they had a 2011 CX7 engine with 44,000 miles on it for a fraction of the price mazda qouted me. So that's lie number one.

I was suspicious of this diagnosis so I towed it to an automotive shop and after running several tests on the car and found that it was just the thermostat and another part that goes to the thermostat and with labor it was going to cost me $525. That's a far cry from $9000 which is lie number two.

I don't appreciate them trying to sell me something so excessive as $9000 in repairs and then trying to get me to trade it in for $1000 (I would've been $14,000 upside down on it) when they would've fixed it for around $100 at cost and make over a $10,000 profit. I understand they want to make money but this is ridiculous.
I was lied to about what was really wrong with the car so they could make money.While they were nice about it and not rude or anything, it still makes them liars and swindlers.Regardless of the reason why they tried to cheat me, they should be ashamed of themselves!

Needless to say I will not be going back there and will tell everyone I know not to but a mazda.

I will NEVER buy a mazda EVER AGAIN!!! Back to HONDA it is!!

Mark G. | 2014-01-17

I originally discovered Roger Beasley Mazda when looking for service for my non-Mazda vehicle.  I found that their service department was reliable, personal and very honest. The service I have received from Beau, Matt, Evan and Kenneth over the years has been so excellent that I have now purchased two Mazda vehicles from Roger Beasley.  Mr. Beasley you sell a good car but your service department is what won me over in the first place.  Thank you service team.

David H. | 2014-01-15

Ask for Brandon T!!     He's great!!!!  Sold both my adult kids cars within a 4 day period. He is informative, very, very patient and willing to work with customers. Even my don't-like-car-salesmen husband likes him a lot.  We have now bought a total of 6 cars over the past 8(3 new, 3 used) from this dealership and won't go anywhere else.

L J. | 2014-01-14

I love these guys too! Buying a car is always a challenge for a single woman. Not here at Roger Beasley Central. I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process from choosing the right car for me, to getting the financing fairly in with a payment I could afford. They made it actually simple! Every person I dealt with I felt was honest, upfront and realistic. I have never had such a smooth and easy car purchase. I have brought my car back for servicing several times since I purchased it and the service department hasn't let me down either. They did what they said they would do in the time frame they told me they would do it. These guys get 5 stars in my book. For a car dealership, that's saying something. Check them out if you are looking to buy a car.

Natalie M. | 2014-01-07

Buying a car sucks. Car salesmen, trying to figure out how to pay for a vehicle, playing the game--it all sucks. I didn't feel pressured to buy anything during my first visit and they helped me find exactly what I wanted. When I really couldn't make up my mind they let me drive the vehicle around for a couple of hours and go to lunch with my parents to see if I really wanted it or not.

All and all I had a great experience.

Monique H. | 2013-12-23

I bought a pre-owned Mazda here and have been coming here for several years to service my car. The staff is always friendly. I recommend scheduling an appointment to get in faster. Sometimes you will have to wait more than expected but they have a nice waiting area with water/coffee and they can also drop you off/pick you up somewhere if you can't wait.

Emily P. | 2013-12-22

Love these guys!  My boyfriend and I were shopping for a used car -- o deplorable activity -- and came in to check out a used Mazda we saw on their site.  It had been sold that afternoon, but Tim helped us track down exactly what we were looking for at a great price.  It had been a trade-in to their Kyle dealership, and they transferred it in and let us drive it home the next night while we sorted through our options for financing. Ann was great to work with, but our credit union ended up offering us slightly better rates.

The mechanic we contacted to check out the car found some small service and maintenance issues, and the team was so cool about working with us to get everything taken care of before we brought our new-to-us car home.  They even gave us a 2013 Mazda 6 as a loaner - woohoo!

Everyone at Beasley turned an experience that can be hellish into a simple and enjoyable process - hats off for that.

Monique L. | 2013-12-16

Wish I could them than less than one star. This place sucks. My boyfriend went in to test drive a car and the sales lady insulted him and was incredibly rude. He walked out and needless to say, will end up buying a new car elsewhere.

David R. | 2013-12-05

Going to keep this review short and to the point.  STAY AWAY from the Service Department. Better yet, NO SERVICE Department.

The little time that I have dealt with them it has not been a pleasant experience. Before I purchased a CX9, I called them to get some background info on this specific model. I.e. are there any recalls? What type of maintenance is required? Oil changes, transmission issues, etc.

I should've known from that moment, when the service adviser didn't offer up any information, that this place lacked the personal touch in that area.  Without getting too much into details of they said/we said, all I can say is that My wife took the CX9 today for a follow up on a prepurchase service they performed inadequately on a replacement key. They have changed their story several times, from "you need a new transmitter, the key needs to be reprogrammed, we never promised to fix the main key only the back up.

And, In a very rude and demeaning manner the no-service manager told us that they are not going to fix it because "we are not going to loose money".  They do not care to offer a solution or provide any options to help solve the problem.

Oh yeah, and the original service advisor...Drew...he no longer works there. I wonder why he left?

Taking my business and full warranty to another shop.

Deanna C. | 2013-10-01

I can buy a house easier than a car--I HATE car shopping. But I did my research, down to a Mazda--not sure which one--and a Kia (see that review.) Not sure which sales experience was worse. Walked in door,not paying attention, and looked like a service area. Guy goes walking by, says "How are you." I stop him and ask if this is also sales. Standing there looking directly at me, I receive a full frontal view of him scratching his..privates. I know my mouth dropped open.
  He points to the sales area. Greeter is eating lunch. Calls for help. Seemed like a nice guy comes over, loaded w/cologne--I'm chemically sensitive and besides, if I'm buying a new car, I'd prefer to have that whole new car experience. I'm told everyone is going into a meeting. I go to "waiting area." No comfy chairs, just bar stool type at high round tables. 10,000 kinds of coffee, no sodas--water and popcorn. That's it.
   They send a woman out, in shorts and tennis shoes. Seems nice, no cologne. I hand her my list of what I want and she says, yeah, got one. I then mention, no black and no dark grey. She makes funny face, like I'd spoiled her afternoon. I tell her not buying today, can find the right car and wait for next shipment. She says she's due at a meeting and is getting an award but she can show me. I didn't say I was in a hurry.
 She comes back, walks me to the car. Opens the door and gestures for me to get in. Which was odd configuration for me. I twist and swivel and make it. She shows me how to turn on the car (my only car I've drive in 11 years is a Matrix--it doesn't have a push button starter. I'm still trying to get the positioning right, and she offers that the steering wheel will come forward. She stands there. I ask, are you going to show me anything? She says, what do you want to know! I'm looking at a screen on the dash assume trip thing. I'm looking at an almost blank dashboard, and the dials have "international" symbols. I can't find the A/C..oh, it has a tiny fan blade icon on it that I can see when I put my spectacles on and duck down. I sat back and she made some sneering comment, about "What's the matter now?" At that point, I said nothing.  Apparently that was all I needed to know. She walked away, not even bothering to shut the door. Can we get any more discourteous?
  She goes to meeting. I punch a few buttons and take off, having no idea how this car is different from mine. I was very didn't "fit" very well. But, I really! liked the way the car drove. I managed to find the radio on the gear shift. No idea how to change the tuning.
  Ok, so, I like the way it drives, but I need something bigger or different or something. She has told me when we got to whatever car it was--she didnt explain--this is the only! vehicle of a 2014 that she has. Or a discounted 2013. Really?!!!!  
  So I go back to the lot, park and take the key in. Get in my car and have backed out when she shows up. "Weren't you going to wait for me? " "Ah, you didn't say how long you would be gone, or that I was supposed to." Smile goes off her face. "Car's great, not very comfortable," I say. She said something, sneering,I was so shocked I didn't even retain it, something about, "Well, good luck, (and something else,) then turned and walked away.
   So it's a real good thing I didn't buy this car after seeing all the reviews of the shop operations. And I might have ended up with the scratching guy...maybe he was Roger Beasley.  
   Maybe I'll just buy a new house that's next to everything.

Eric N. | 2013-09-22

Yet another ridiculous experience from these incompetent fools. I was also stupid enough to purchase a fancy extended warranty which was supposed to provide a free replacement key and inspections. Very long story short, due to a mistake on THEIR part there was confusion about the timeline so my replacement key request was denied. I scheduled my inspection and when I arrived (from across town) was told they had no record of my appointment but that "it didn't matter anyway because our inspection machine isn't working."

To other potential customers:  look at the reviews. There is a reason why so many people hate this place. The complaints are remarkably similar which indicates there is a serious problem with how this place is managed.

Ellie H. | 2013-09-19

I bought my car at the Mazda South dealership on I-35 in 2010, and I have had it serviced at the Mazda dealership on N. Burnet road ever since. Both experiences have been abysmal.

First. I went in to buy a used Mazda 3 at the south dealership, and found pretty much what I was looking for. Yay, right? Nay. They didn't tell me that the car had been a rental car, in New Jersey, where it snows, a lot. When I requested the car history report, I found out this little tidbit myself. Not to be deterred, I completed the purchase process -- to then be told, after the deal was done, that the tires did not pass inspection. And that I would have to pay for all four new tires.

Also. I had been pressured (by this I mean I said no 4 times and they wouldn't let it go) to buy the extended warranty on the car and the VIP membership, which gives you some free oil changes and inspections in the future. So I've been taking the car into the north dealership to get those services done -- and every time I take it in for a simple oil change, they "strongly recommend" that I do some other very expensive procedure. Recently, when these procedures involved my tires and/or brakes, I had to take the car back to the dealership 3 separate times to have them remedy something they broke in the process of "fixing" the first thing. Finally, I took the car to another mechanic and had to pay $700 to get the problems that the dealership introduced to the car (that did not exist in the first place) fixed. I will NEVER, NEVER go back to either Mazda dealership in Austin.

liane t. | 2013-09-13

Bought my car here yesterday. No hassle, even though I did outside financing. They did not pressure me to go with their financing. They offered several add-ons of different sorts, I was able to say 'no' to all and there was no pushing. They worked easily with my credit union, no hassle there. I have a friend who did financing with them several months back, and she was able to fill out a form online and get a  great rate, so financing with them doesn't seem to be an issue, if you're interested.

My sales guy, Chris B, was awesome. Best car salesperson I've worked with, and I've worked with many. He was friendly, funny, and well-informed. No hard selling, no BS. Many times I run across salespeople who know less about the cars than I do, but Chris knew the details, and went over the basics of the car and even helped me connect my Bluetooth.

I was able to get the price down to the and Edmunds TMV quote. There were no crazy fees -- just the standard TTL, a low doc fee of $125, and an inventory fee of $50. No advertising fee or anything else.

Everyone I worked with -- from the financing guy to the service coordinator, was friendly and they all joked with each other. The dealership has a good waiting area with a tv, chairs, and popcorn.

I'm not giving 5 stars, because I had to double-check their math and make sure there were no add-ons. So make sure the math is right and make sure that if you don't want the Advantage program, which costs $399, it doesn't end up on your buyer's order. It's a default, so you want to make sure that if you don't want it, it goes away. These were easily handled.

I was concerned given the reviews, but I really had a hassle-free, awesome experience, as did my friend.

Daniel H. | 2013-07-27

Ok, this is NOT on my sales experience but solely the service experience.  The sales experience I would have given it 5 stars if I knew about Yelp back then, but unfortunately I did not.  That being said I loved the sales experience so much that I was convinced to get the service from them as well and bought their fancy Roger Beasley extended plan for another almost $2000.00  I was told that I was going to get 7 free synthetic oil changes, which I thought was cool, but if I would have known how much their service department completely blows, I would have just saved the damn money and done them myself.  Let me give you a little background....
    I became a certified technician almost 10 years ago, and have always taken care of my own vehicles.  Let's face it, I have always been able to take care of business for myself, but this was the first car that I wanted to have the complete care package from the dealer on which was a 2010 Mazda 3. I am letting you know this because including an alignment check, oil change, and tire check, it would take the average oil changing service about 25 min.  Using Bear or Hunter alignment equipment included upon that.  
    Roger Beasley's first fail is the estimated time they tell you.  They say about an hour, which most reasonable people think is about an hour or an hour, which by itself is completely unreasonable, but here it is, so you live with it.  So far every time I have come into the service shop for any estimated service timeframe, it has been a minimum of 50% longer than estimated by the service advisor.  If they think that lying to the customer upfront will give their customers a  better experience they are far from the truth.  There has not been a time since I have been there that I have not had to wait a serious amount of time.  At least over 50% longer.  It's funny cause as a matter of fact, everyone there had to wait at least over an hour to get their items serviced whether it be as simple as an oil change or wipers replaced.  It was sad.  
    The 2nd failure is they tried to charge me for the damn service.  My wife had left the room and I started getting stern with the service advisor but was upset but not yelling.  He tells me to stop yelling at him.  I advised the advisor that my wife was yelling at him and I am NOT my wife.  Then I started yelling at him to basically get his head out of his ass and fix this shit.   I shit you not, five min later they reprinted the paperwork, and on top of that kept me there for another 5-10 min while some service manager could sign off on the paperwork.  This experience was by far the worst experience I have ever had with a service department.
    Over the years I have worked as a master service technician at BMW, Mercedes, Ford, and a private trucking company called Dowdell / Diamond Sales and Service in Milpitas and I can state for an absolute fact that NONE of them ever took nearly the time that Mazda takes to change oil.  Seriously.  They can state all they want about all the things they check but all they come up with is an alignment page in color which shows your cars alignment as well as the oil change sticker.  Oh, and any estimate that they took to try and ring more money out of you.
    I am sure they will never read this as they seem to think that because they are a dealer that they are not liable for the absolute horrid customer service that they perform but their whole service department needs reorganization.  Roger Beasley does not consider the customers time as money and sanity for them.  Very sad cause I love Mazda's, and if Roger Beasley is considered one of the best Mazda dealers in the US, what does that say for Mazda?

Jenny A. | 2013-05-29

I have been to the service center at Roger Beasley twice.  The first time for an oil change and to have one of my tires looked at.  It was busy, so I waited patiently.  After two hours I inquired about my car.  They couldn't find it.  They could not physically locate my car, nor did they have any records it was checked in.  Finally they found it but it still took 2:30 more hours to complete the service.  In total, it took four and a half hours to change my oil and repair the hole from a nail in my tire.  I had an appointment.  It didn't help at all.

Recently I went back because I hate to write off a company based on what might have been a fluke.  Again I just needed an oil change.  I also had an appointment.  I was greeted by an attendant, told him my name, what I needed, and that I had an appointment.  I thought they were working on my car, but 30 minutes later another person came up to me to discuss what I needed done.  They hadn't even started the oil change.  45 minutes later my car was finally done (1:15 in total).  

They failed with the most basic of service requests.  I won't be back.

chris b. | 2013-04-10

epic fail

London S. | 2013-02-28

Yeah, I'm actually pretty glad I didn't end up buying my car here after reading everyone else's experience with the service department! I always get dealer service, so that would have been a huge blow to me.

However, I'm actually very disappointed in the sales representatives. I walked in with enough cash to buy the car I wanted out right. I saw the price on their web site inventory thing, came in with a check, and walked out empty handed. Why? The sales idiot wanted me to pay more than advertised. "Oh, we have this fee and that fee, and this and that needs to be done..." So, what is the point of having the price on the web site? Tax I get. I could add tax there. But if the price says $26,900 on the site then don't tell me that's before the $850 dealer motivation fee and $250 cleaning (of a new car?), a $95 finder's fee, $1800 in paperwork miscellaneous, and then the $500 transport fee for a car that's been on their lot for more than 2 years. Classic bait and switch. Or bait and raise price, whatever. But why a NEW car that had never been titled before was being sold as Pre-Owned was beyond me, until I thought about...

I actually suspect that the guy did not *want* to sell the car, because he'd been borrowing it from the dealership this whole time as a perk. When I test drove it, I saw kids' toys and jelly finger stains in the backseat from undoubtedly many trips to and from school and soccer games. Mud in the trunk. Scuffs on the side of the seat leather. The mileage was also significantly higher than was reported on their site (talking a couple thousand higher).

He tried to get me into a different car, but it was in a storage lot somewhere off Burnet north of 183 so he had to drive me to see it, and I could have sworn I was about to die in his personal car with him at the wheel. He answered the phone with one hand while holding coffee in the other, then put the phone in the crook of his shoulder and attempted to write down what the caller was telling him with a notepad balanced on the steering wheel, while speeding through stop lights and without putting his coffee down. He probably still has some of my claw marks on his headliner from where I was trying not to die.

The car he took me to was very, very not worth the price and was not at all what I was looking for. (I came in to pay cash for a coupe and he shows me what's practically a minivan for $4k more...wth?)

I tried to ask the guy why he wouldn't honor the price on the site, and he actually said to me, "I get paid whether you buy this car or not." I will never forget those words, and I will never respect this dealership for employing someone with that attitude. I think even Wendy's would fire you if you acted like that. If by some unfortunate lightning bolt of fate you are required to purchase a car from here, don't do it through their "Pre-Owned Internet Sales" dude. He can't drive a manual and is, quite honestly, a schmuck.

They do have a fantastically huge selection of the newer cars and a very clean showroom, so here's an extra star for that. Their porter, Armando, was actually pretty friendly, too.

I came back to talk to the a different salesperson to try and get my favorite car, but they said it was policy that I had to do it through the jerk. I used to be a MAJOR Mazda fan, but knowing these guys are out there really cools my heels about driving one of their cars. Roger Beasley; Not even once.

amanda b. | 2012-11-19

I have never once had a positive experience with this dealership and my last one was no exception. This is why I will not buy a Mazda again, nor will I recommend my friends least, not in Austin. They are rude and charge multiple times more than the place I take my car now for better service and work. They never once have gotten my car to me when they originally said it would be ready, and twice they tried to tell me it would take multiple days AFTER I dropped the car off. No thanks.

Ricardo G. | 2012-08-17

In my life time, I've been to a lot of car dealers areas but they really did a good job on focusing on the customer. Which made you comfortable. The look, the people and the service is good. Great job!

Bill G. | 2012-08-11

I own a 1st Gen Miata. It needs a lot of TLC due to being 22 yrs old now. After all these years, parts are just now starting to go kaput. I used to work on my cars myself or with the help of my father or brother-in-law for major work. Now days, I just don't want to mess with it.

Hello, Roger Beasley Mazda! I've been buying parts here since I had my first Mazda RX-7 in 1990. They always have the parts, the solution, the expertise and knowledge you'll need for great car care. That is, if you care about your car. Most people these days have never even opened the hood of their car to see what's under there.

Fact: If you take care of your car, it will take care of you. If you wait for lights to come on to tell you somethings wrong, it's probably too late.

I'm OCD. So, I'm always paying attention to my dashboard and gages. I also think a bunch when I drive so I hear those little knocks and pings. And when I do, I go to Roger Beasley Mazda. I just picked up my Miata from having a lot of maintenance done, and it's running like a rocket. Now I also had the convenience of being able to leave it there for a few days to get the parts my car needed. Remember, it's old.

I owe many thanks to the parts dept, the mechanics and service writers at RBM, Burnet Rd location. Highly recommended. A+ service always.

Sarah S. | 2012-05-19

WORST customer service EVER. Not only did it take them 15 minutes just to take my car (even though I had an appointment) it took them 2 & 1/2 hours to do an oil change and state inspection. SERIOUSLY. 2 & 1/2 HOURS. Ridiculous. Every time I asked about my car (bc they won't tell you anything unless you go ask) they said "just a bit longer." Ridiculous. I will not be back.

Faith F. | 2012-05-17

This review is for their Service Department - TERRIBLE service.

I took my vehicle that I had purchased there in for an oil change b/c I had a coupon. Long story short, when I picked it up the check engine light had come on sometime between me dropping it off for service and picking it up. I asked them to fix it b/c it wasn't like that when I took it there...

Unbeknownst to me, they dropped my vehicle off at the VW dealership across the street and had a $100 diagnostic test run on it without me knowing. When I tried to pick up my vehicle from Roger Beasley Mazda they made me go to VW myself to go and get and I was forced to pay the $100 myself!!!

I even brought this up to Bill McCrary II, the service manager, who I thought would then be helpful and fix the situation. He had me scan and email all my receipts over to him and he assured me he would "take care of it." This was last October! I've since followed up with him in January and again this month (May) with no luck.

My question to you Roger Beasley Mazda - When WILL you take care of this for me? You had an opportunity to gain me back as a customer, but your customer service is so poor! When will this be resolved?

Katie L. | 2012-04-27

Today my car broke down twice but luckily the first time it happened in the dealerships parking lot. They have great service. I was debating whether I want to pay the money to fix or not but they still took a look at it and gave me a diagnsose for free! They have very friendly staff and very helpful!

Jennifer Y. | 2012-04-06

The sales person was wearing shorts and tennis shoes.  It was a bad experience over all for my friend and I.  And I was not even shopping for a car, she was.  He was rude, the vibe of the dealership was not friendly, and my friend and I just felt uncomfortable and unsatisfied from the information the salesperson was giving us about the car she was looking at.  She pointed at a screen in the middle of the front dash and asked "what is that called exactly?" and the man says "what, that screen?" and she replies "yes" and he says "i don't, the middle screen thing i guess" and then scoffs at her.  Ugh~  how unpleasant

Andrew C. | 2012-02-02

I came to Roger Beasley Mazda looking to buy a used car.  I had a few cars in mind and came in to take a look.  Initially the salesman, Ralph, was very pleasant and informative, however, he could not tell me much information on any of the cars he had shown me.  Of all of the cars he showed me, none were priced accordingly for their value.  Several days earlier I brought my car in to the Mitsubishi dealership in Killeen to get a ballpack figure of what I could be looking at for trade in value.  They quoted me 4000-4500.  Roger Beasley Mazda quoted me 2500.  After I pointed out to the salesman that this was far less than I was quoted by another dealership he backpeddled and said something to the degree of "Hey don't get mad at me I'm only giving the message."  After explaining to him that the offer was unacceptable and that they'd need to do better he simply walked off.  Several minutes he came back with my car keys and without a word walked off again.  Thankfully I was able to find what I was looking for at another dealership.  Avoid this place.

Dave T. | 2012-01-19

A guy calls the car dealership to schedule regular maintenance on his sensible, economical car.  He says, "there's an outstanding recall, I need an oil change, and it looks like the power steering fluid is leaking."  The technician asks "is this a 5,000 mile service?" Oil changes are recommended every 5,000 or 7,500 miles for this vehicle.  The guys says "yes."  The tech then asks how many miles the car has.  "50,000.  It's no longer under warranty."  She says "we can still look at it.  The power train warranty may cover it.  If it's not under warranty, it will cost $105 to take a look."  He says, "I'll fix it myself, then."

After arriving at the dealership, the tech takes the keys from the guy, and says it will take about an hour to an hour an a half.  While at the dealership, the guy checks online to see if there are any specials.  There's a buy-one get-one-free oil change special that expires in March.  It's of little use because it will expire before the second one can be used.  According to the coupon, it would have saved the guy $26.00.

After seeing Rick Perry drop out of the presidential race on a dealership TV with broken reception, and bored, the guy wanders around to check out the new cars.  Since there are nothing but Mazdas, the guy is still bored, though intrigued by the increased fuel efficiency of his model.   He then stumbles upon the inspirational quote of the day, something by Bill Bradley about treating people with respect and conducting one's self honestly.  

The tech stops by and tries to upsell a couple of recommended services, which the guy declines.  She says it will take 10 to 15 more minutes before the car is ready.  He waits patiently, and after about 15 minutes, she calls his name.

She has him sign a statement showing that the recall work was done, presumably so the dealer will be reimbursed by the manufacturer for their time and expenses.  She then says that they cleaned the power steering fluid from the hose free of charge, that they didn't find anything wrong, but to keep an eye on it.  She said it probably spilled when they replaced a part from a previous recall.

Then she told the guy that the service would cost $77 and change.  The guy was taken aback.  He said "for an oil change?" She said "That's for the 5,000 mile service.  We rotated the tires, topped off the fluids, inspected the car for problems."  He said, "I asked for an oil change."  She said, "you asked for the 5,000 service."  He said, "no, you called it a $5,000 mile service.  I don't even need my tires rotated.  I get that done free where I bought the tires."  She said, "no problem.  I'll take that off."  She typed in a few codes, as if she's done this hundreds of times, and ended up charging $38.31 for the service.

What's the moral of the story?
Don't buy your next car from Roger Beasley.  It's amazing how a "$26" oil change can influence a $26,000 purchasing decision.

Jeffrey F. | 2012-01-10

This review is of the sales department, not the service department.  

I purchased a new car from this dealership in the summer of 2009 and it was, hands down, the worst experience I have ever had buying a car.  In the end, I think I got a good deal, but it was hell getting there.  The main problem was the salesman, James Brewer, and his non-stop talking, all of which was complete b.s.  He used every sleazy sales trick in the book with lots of back and forth visits to the back office.  He refused repeatedly to just talk straight about the sale price and financing APR.  Instead, he was completely focused on how much I wanted to pay each month so he could figure out a way to squeeze the dollars out.  I have never had my intelligence so thoroughly insulted as by this guy's sales style.  I would never ever consider buying a vehicle from these folks.

Mechelle L. | 2011-12-31

The employee I worked with (Diane) was patient with my many questions and concerns. After just one oil change (and a part for the blinker) my Mazda is running so much better! I had been going to a place with a teacher discount and I suspect the discount may have been not really doing the oil change and charging too much.   The price is affordable at RB and I regret I tried another place.

Jaye P. | 2011-11-19

Update - Nothing against the auto salesperson I used at Mazda, who I previously had given 5 stars to when we bought our car.  

But the service department has been HORRIBLE.  

We've taken the car there 3 times to get a small crack in the windshield fixed.  Each time, they come up with some excuse, well AFTER we already dropped it off and left, why they can't fix it.  Today, we dropped it off and all looked good, but just got a call that it won't be done today and can we pick the car up tomorrow.  All this for a small windshield crack that they repeatedly say would be an easy day fix.  

They have not apologized, offered any compensation, or seemed the least bit sensitive to the fact that we have now gone up there FOUR times for no reason, wasting our time and making us get up quite early for the drop-off, change work schedules, and so forth.

Tiffany S. | 2011-10-21

I was surprised and happy with how smoothly the entire sales process went when I was buying a new Mazda3 here back in July.

I did all of my haggling via email with Matt Phillips, the internet sales guy. I highly recommend this approach if you're buying a new car- it allows you to be in conversations with more than one dealer at a time, show them the offers other dealers are giving you, and have them outbidding each other for your business- all while you're doing other stuff and answering their emails at your leisure. No sitting in dealerships for hours while the sales guy goes back and forth with his manager! Matt and I worked through the haggling and arrived at our final price using this method. (Another advantage is that you have the final price and financing method agreed to in writing, which you can take with you when you go in to sign the papers). Matt was forthright and honest during the entire process, with no tricks and minimal hassle.

When we had a deal, I went into the dealership and found that everything was ready to go- all the paperwork was ready, and the car in the color I wanted was ready and waiting for me. I was pleasantly surprised again- after doing my car dealership tricks research online, I was sure there would be a "gotcha" somewhere, that the dealer would try to squeeze a few pennies out of me somewhere without me knowing- but no, all papers were in order and what we had agreed to, without ANY ridiculous fees not already government mandated (no advertising, prep, pinstripes, Scotchgard, VIN etching-- no extraneous fees!).

I signed the papers and spoke with the financing lady (no financing run-around, I got the 0% interest rate advertised). She did try to sell me a few extended warranty things that I didn't need, but she did not overly pressure me and I did not feel uncomfortable during the process. After less than an hour at the dealership I had my keys!

One of the service managers explained the features of my new car before I drove away with a free tank of gas, and Matt even set up the Bluetooth connection to my iPhone for me! Overall a great place to do business, and I have not regretted it for a minute. I'd recommend everyone I know to Roger Beasley Mazda Central.

Bea B. | 2011-08-31

They are absolute crooks... every time I take my NEW Mazda there for even an oil change, something "breaks". It's ALWAYS my fault and they treat me like I am trying to pull a fast one on them when I expect them to repair damage they caused or further exacerbated. They are horrible con artists and they will intentionally mess up your vehicle in order to force you into a repair. I am always treated with respect by Nate but I can see the guilt in his eyes, he's a salesman, and at the end of the day his job is not just customer  service it's quotas. Twice now they have tried to make me pay for something that the mechanics damaged or made worse and on top of that, tried to suggest these damages were my fault. Quite frankly,  I have had enough! I know they discriminate against me because they think I am some dumb blonde bimbo, well guess what guys... I know when I am being swindled and this bimbo does her homework. It's 2011 not 1954.. I know about cars and how to look out for bottom feeding crooks that try and take advantage of who they think are uninformed customers.  I know how to look up parts and labor estimates.. I know when you are making up repairs that aren't necessary.. I can change my own spark plugs, air filter and tires. And if it weren't a pain in my butt I would change my own oil too. I will spend as much time and energy as it takes to keep my friends, family and acquaintances AWAY from Roger Beasley Central for as long as I can. SHAME on you. SHAME!!!

Matt S. | 2011-07-23

i bought a MazdaSpeed6 from a guy in San Antonio and i took it for service here for the first time a month back.  I was very pleased by the whole experience and that is saying a lot from a car dealership :)
They have WIFI and free coffee while you wait! Also, breakfast foods.. AND, most importantly, they don't try to rip you off with unneeded repairs which is actually more useful than the coffee and the WIFI.  Seriously, take your care here, these guys are OK.

Clark J. | 2011-06-06

Honest people who love their product.  My salesperson, Isaac, was very friendly and open about the pros and cons of every car.  Treated me with respect and clearly likes the cars he sells.  The price they offered me right from the start was exactly what the consumer sites said was the going rate in this region of the country.  No haggling was necessary.  Add in the bonuses and current deals, plus zero financing and it was an instant win!  I've purchased cars their twice and each time was a pleasure.

Daniel M. | 2011-06-01

I purchased a Mazda5 about a year ago. The belt on the A/C broke during a family road trip, so we brought it down to have it repaired, as well as take care of a recall on the car. I found their service department to be very knowledgeable, and professional. My service adviser, Evan, was particularly helpful.

Even though this dealership is slightly far from my house, I would readily take my car here to be serviced.

L L. | 2011-05-25

Our experience with Roger Beasley Mazda was so good that my husband wrote a letter to Mr. Beasley to thank and recognize our sales person (Mark) and the rest of the staff at the dealership.

Thanks to Mark, we were treated like the educated adult shoppers that we are. That's a refreshing experience at a car dealership.

We experienced no games, no hassle, and no run-around (unlike what we experienced at another brand just down the road).

We were given a fair price along with every bonus/incentive conceivable. (ditto)

Mark treated us like the best customers he'd ever had.

The finance director handled our transactions quickly. While he offered the other services available through Mazda, he was not pushy about any of them.

We've been "fans" of Mazda for a while. We are now finally owners and are thrilled with the purchase, the price paid, the product, the service, and the whole experience.


Stefan A. | 2011-03-14

this is a review of Roger Beasley Georgetown.

I recently purchased a used Scion from the Georgetown dealership. My sales consultant was Josh Oakden. The sales experience was nothing stellar, but not awful. While I was grateful they worked with my employment situation (working for a start-up, no real proof of employment was available) I feel that was more graciousness on the part of the bank than the dealership. Also, the financing guy I spoke with was great, name is Jerry (sorry Jerry, I don't know how to spell your last name). I also asked for confirmation that all the specs and features listed online were accurate, which I was told was true. However, when I looked into it, there were no power seats, which the website had listed. While I don't mind that so much, that should have been a warning to me. The car was still in excellent shape though, and a pretty good deal, so I took it. When he handed me the keys was when I discovered that the Keyless Entry listed was also false. (I'm a first time buyer, give me a break.) Whatever. My real problem with this dealership was the follow-up after the sale. The stereo was missing the volume/control knob, which I was told had been ordered for me at no charge. Also, I had requested a part pulled from my trade in that I wanted to keep. Josh told me on the phone told that my order had been placed. A week passed, and no word from anyone. I called to see what was happening, and proceeded into a telephone runaround getting nowhere but voicemail inboxes for people I didn't even ask for. Also was disconnected twice while attempting to call back. Finally, I got a hold of the service manager, Sid Misle, who is the only good thing about this whole process. He told me that no orders had been placed for me, or even mentioned. Josh Oakden FAIL. Sid promptly arranged for a neighboring Toyota dealership to handle my part order, and is currently working on the trade-in work I requested. However, I have STILL not heard anything from Mr. Oakden despite the voicemails I have left him on both cell and work phones. Good to know how salesmen conduct business over there. So this is how I conduct business. Overall, not bad, but go buy a car somewhere else. You can DEFINITELY do better.

Alex M. | 2011-02-12

This is a review of the service department.

I'd love to come out swinging and completely destroy this place, but I can't quite do that because after all it's a dealership service department, and in that context, it's not so bad.  What I mean by this is that you expect to talk to a smarmy guy in a polo shirt instead of an actual mechanic, and you expect to pay way more than you'd ever pay an independent mechanic.  Even so, they're not getting more than two stars.

I had my wife drop her Mazda5 off for an oil change and to have a TSB performed.  A TSB is a "Technical Service Bulletin" which a manufacturer sends out to dealerships to let the mechanics know of common issues with a car and to tell them the approved fix that the factory engineers have come up with.  If you're having a problem with your car, you can google around and look at these things without too much trouble.  In this case, I found a TSB that directly addressed the problem she was having, so I printed it out and told her to give it to the dude with instructions to perform the service listed on it (pretty much a throttle-body cleaning).

The smarmy polo shirt non-mechanic waved it off with something to the effect of "oh, we know about those things" when she presented it to him, and fortunately she wrote his name down on the thing.  Ruh-roh.

She got a ride to work from a friend, and they called up and told her that to fix the problem and do the scheduled maintenance would be about $300.  She freaked, called me, and I told her to tell them to not do the work, since really I could clean up the throttle body with a rag, a screwdriver, an hour, and a $3 can of solvent.  OK, cut to picking the car up and being presented with a $300 bill.  Turns out that when she refused the service they tacked on a $100+ "diagnostic charge" - even though we never requested diagnosis.  (Never mind the astronomical cost of the other mundane services they performed)  She was crying when she got home.

Many arguments with the service department later, the best I was able to do was to get them to perform the work stated in the TSB.  Even at this point they wouldn't acknowledge hat they had behaved in any even mildly inappropriate manner - their attitude throughout was "well, since you're such an unreasonable schmuck, we'll do this, with our eyes rolled, to placate you".

Further, they didn't quite do the whole job - the TSB called for removing the throttle body and cleaning both sides, so I put daubs of wite-out on the screws and hoses so I could go all Columbo on the parts when I got it back.  Sure enough they only cleaned it from the "easy side" - which any indy mechanic would do for about $40.  I didn't even engage them on this point since it would just drive up my blood pressure and not go anywhere.

Suffice it to say we're not going back there unless we need something painfully mazda-specific, like something having to do with the car's engine-control computer.

If you're looking for a dealership service department, there's really nothing out of the ordinary here.  But if you're willing to speak to someone greasy and forgo the really nice waiting area in return for not being shaken upside down like a piggy bank, I'd really advise you to hop around on yelp for a while to find one of the many excellent independent shops around here to go to.  You will save a lot of money, and if you chat with the mechanics, you might even learn a little bit about your car in the process.

I understand, though, that not everyone wants that and plenty of folks are willing to pay for the shuttle service and the nice couch and the "I don't want to know about it just make the damned thing work", so I'm not giving this place a one-star.  But, I will plead with you, please, consider going elsewhere.

Alex C. | 2010-12-16

So I'm writing about the service department.  I worked with Michael to get my fried ignition system replaced in my 12 year old Protege (don't be hatin' on Lisa - she's smarter than you), and he was OUTSTANDING.

I was provided a ride home, and offered a pickup, even though I live down at Mopac and Ben White.  The service was prompt and professional, and completed quickly.  I brought the car in at 8am and it was completed by 4pm the same day - on a FRIDAY no less.  The charges were significantly less than I expected (though still a premium compared to smaller shops).  The work recommended resolved the problem with my car and increased my mileage by about 15% (yeah, I know, it's only 'cuz I was getting sub-par mileage before).

While I was waiting there was a comfortable couch and a nice TV to watch.  I wasn't pressured by a sales guy while I waited, either.

My only complaint?  The coffee that comes out of that machine doesn't deserve the name.  Highly recommended!

C L. | 2010-11-08

I have a 2010 Mazda 3 that I bought in Sept 2009. Part of my purchase was the Gas n Go program that covers all maintenance for 3 years. I've had the car serviced twice now and so far, everything has been great. It's easy to get an appointment to bring the car in. When I arrive, I simply hand them my keys and walk into their wifi-enabled, comfortable lounge with free coffee. While I'm waiting, I can actually get things done!

They take care of all the service including oil change, checking the brakes and tires and topping off fluids, rotating the tires, etc. while I wait. All of this is complete in about an hour and then I just sign for it and I'm done. They also put a sticker reminder on the car windshield for the next service appointment.

I love it - it's quick, convenient and everyone there is friendly and helpful. I would highly recommend this location.

Bryan O. | 2010-11-07

This is a review of the service department.

My Mazda 3 was refusing to start (the engine wasn't even turning over) and it was clearly not a battery issue - the headlights didn't so much as flicker when I turned the key and jumping it had no effect. I had it towed in and received a call the next day from a fellow named Tim telling me that it was "100% for sure the battery." I was skeptical for the reasons stated above, but I said "OK, sure, try putting a new battery in." A few hours later, Tim called back and conceded that it might have been the starter and not the battery after all.

Here's where things get good (heavy sarcasm.) I tell Tim to go ahead and replace the starter, but to put the old battery back in. No need to replace a good battery, right? "Oh no no no, that battery is shot, man. Plus, it wasn't even the right battery for that car... the amperage was too low." The car had been in my dad's possession for the past few years while I was in school and I didn't know what work had been done on it, so I deferred to him. It turned out that the battery had never been replaced.

Yep. That's right. The battery that Tim insisted was not right for the car was the stock battery that was in the car when I bought it.

I'm not certain whether he (or one of his mechanics) is a liar or just incompetent, but either way I am never taking my car back there.

Also, I'm hesitant to mention this, but all non-penny change in my dash tray disappeared. I hesitate because this could've been the tow truck driver, but I doubt it.

a w. | 2010-10-25

Save yourself a lot of grief and go somewhere else!

I have had to take my Mazda 3 in twice in the past month and both times I was less than satisfied with the experience.

The first time I went was to get my oil changed. I had a coupon for a 9.95 oil change. When I gave them my coupon when I checked out, I was lectured that I should have given it to them from the beginning and I better take a seat because they were going to have to recalculate my ticket - even though the price was on the coupon! 10 minutes later I was still waiting to pay while the guy had wandered outside to look at someone else's car. Finally I had to find someone else to pay. They don't even vacuum or wash your windows either.

The second time, my car stopped shifting out of park. Before I had it towed there, I called to see if it would be covered under my warranty. After several phone calls and hang ups on their end, I had to threaten to take my business elsewhere to get someone to answer my question. Turns out, the answer they gave me was a lie - they went so far as to give me someone else's warranty contract number, something I didn't find out until after I had my car towed there.

In conclusion, these people are shady, only want your money, and don't even bother to smile while they screw you.

steve g. | 2010-08-24

I would give these folks a 0 if possible.

I purchased my car from them and I always used their service department. Each time I have gone the service has been getting progressively worse and more expensive. Last year my check engine light came on. It took three trips for them to attempt to fix it. Each time, within 24 hours the light would come back on. Of course they would need to keep it all day so I just drove with it on until my next oil change.

Yesterday I took it back for the oil change and to fix the light. They said they can fix the light but added on $1,200.00 more in repairs. I am surprising myself by trusting them one more time. Now they have had the car for two days and are telling me it will take longer than usual to get the parts in. I inquired about a loaner car which they do not have but offered to assist finding a rental car. thanks I can do that.

Now my car is in limbo. I have no way of keeping my appointments. I'm taking the bus as needed. So important to buying a new car is the quality of the service department. These folks will not back you up. Don't buy a car here. Do not take it here to be serviced.

My girlfriend goes to First Texas Honda. They have always treated her fairly. I should of gone to them this time. Do not make the same mistake as I did. Stay away!!

Erin K. | 2010-08-08

I never really had any problems with this Mazda's service shop until my last service appointment. Before this last time they were not very attentive and generally brushed me off as a little girl but they were prompt.

The only redeeming quality of this shop, the speed, was absolutely gone the last time I brought my car in. I was moving and I needed my car serviced before my 4 hour drive home, so I woke up at 6:15 to get there at 7 AM so I could have my car back as soon as possible. When I pulled up an agent came up and checked me in, told me they'd call when they were done, and my brother drove me home.

... 3 hours later I was still without a car and felt it was long enough to wait. I called twice before even speaking to anyone, I left voicemails both times, and finally was told my agent was out and would call me back. I called 2 more times before hearing back, each time being told the agents were busy and couldn't speak with me. I would've gone to get my car and forget the service but my brother was at class and couldn't drive me. At 12:45 PM someone finally called me and told me they forgot to service my car. Since another agent had checked me in, they didn't turn my ticket in and my car hadn't even been serviced yet, almost 6 hours after I brought it in. The agent assured me that AFTER LUNCH they would service my car.

At 4 PM my car was done. I ended up leaving a day later because I waited for my car, since I knew it absolutely needed serviced and after waiting 6 hours I was stuck anyways. I got there and was offered no apology but instead was shown the printer in the office where my ticket printed out and fell off, being "lost in the shuffle". For 9 hours. I was offered no discount or explanation for why it took so long even after they found my ticket to get my car back to me.

I will never bring my car here again.

Anh P. | 2010-06-23

My good ole Mazda 3 used to go here all the time.

I'm gonna review their service dept and the sales dept.

Service: As with any service dept, I believe the service you get depends on the rep you get -- it shouldn't be this way, but experience tells me it is. Well I got referred here to a guy named Matt Czarnocki (or something like that). I hope he still works there, but he is a nice guy that helped me out each time I had to take my car in. I also hit a random crate on an exit on 183 once (right when std time started so if it had been 1 day earlier I would have seen it b/c it would have still been daylight!) and took it here for repair. They did a very good job of repair and paint matched very well. Matt took very good care of my car and took care of all my issues well. I stopped going here b/c I moved to another part of Austin.

Sales: I give this place a 1. A freaking 1. So 5 for service, 1 for sales = 3. I did not buy my Mazda here, but nevertheless was interested in perhaps trading to a Mazdaspeed 3. I like power. I like fast cars -- although now I realize with an AWD car and rental cars w/FWD and turbo'ed engines -- that I prob would not have like Mazdaspeed due to oversteer. Anyhow, I guess I'll never know b/c I wanted to test drive the Mazdaspeed and the sales man says to me "Nope. No one can drive this car. People buy it on the spot." Yeah, he refused to let me drive it! Then he proceeds to question me about my car, asking me if I owned my car and if I paid for it!!! WTF!!! Nice going Mazda salesman. Ooops, guess I bought a sweet AWD Audi instead.

Heather C. | 2010-01-07

I bought my Protege over 6 years ago at Roger Beasley Mazda Central.  My experience the day we bought the car was swift and pleasant...fortunately they have a great service department.  

Lets face it, car repair issues are never awesome.  They're heinous- expensive and time consuming.  Matt Czarnocki is my service advisor there.  I think he has a tough job, and is great at it.  He's always super polite and helpful.  

Its nice to feel good about where you're leaving your car for repairs.

Blue T. | 2009-12-08

We had a horrible experience trying to buy a Mazda 6 here. We used their website to find a new Mazda 6, printed out the info on it and took it in. When we got there the salesman told us that the car was not actually new, but was a demo car. For this "demo" car he wanted almost the same price as a new car.

We explained that we wanted to buy a new car not a used car, this is the funny part. He actually argued with us that this was not a used car, even though his manager had been driving it for 4 months. He kept saying it was a "demo" car. My wife asked how it wasn't a used car when someone had been driving it around for 4 months and he started to explain to her in a very disrespectful and condescending tone what his definition of a used car was... needless to say I didn't let him finish. Lucky for him my wife ushered me out of there quickly.

We took our business down to Mazda South and had a GREAT experience, later that day we went home in a new Mazda 6.

Brandye P. | 2009-10-25

So far so good! I am going to FINALLY buy a new car. I have been to RB 4 times to test drive (I'm an indecicive woman) Kevin is always so helpful. He has the car running & ready for me & then when I pull up he's got the next one running w/AC on. He has never put pressure on me as he know's I'll be back. He's been sooooo patient. I WILL buy myself the Mazda 3 hatchback 2.5L from RB & Kevin. Since I've been there so many times & each time a pleasure that's where the 5 stars come in. If my opinion changes, I'll let ya know.

Chris M. | 2009-07-13

I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would have a 5-star experience @ a car dealership, but we had a very good new-car-buying experience @ Beasley Mazda thanks to the hard work and perseverance of a Sales Consultant named Isaac Gray.

I tagged along w/ my friend for support, she was looking to test drive a 2009 Mazda Tribute V6 Grand Touring (i.e. Ford Escape w/ bells + whistles).  She had been shopping around for a while and had narrowed her choices down to a '09 Toyota Rav 4 or '09 Honda CRV, so we expected Mazda to be a distant 3rd.  Isaac came out to greet us in the 105 degree weather as we were strategizing over the research papers on vehicle comparison from .

Isaac could not find the exact model in stock (it's apparently popular), so in usual car salesman fashion he brings out a different model - an '09 Tribute Hybrid Grand Touring FWD (which was a Corporate Vehicle) w/ 5K miles on it and told us to take it for a spin.  The drive around town went extremely well, it had very good acceleration and punch for a 4cylinder, leather seats, Sirius radio, and gets 32 mpg!  But there was one drawback - it was light blue.  "I don't like this color, I'll never buy a light blue car" she said.   Well - so we thought - but I guess you should never say never...right?

Isaac let's us know he's highly motivated to sell this SUV to her - - he admits that he's one car away from his bonus and today was his last chance, so he plans to give us a "crazy deal".  We both started to feel bad for him, after all, it was 1hr until closing and she had no inclinations on making an impulse buy.  Nevertheless we decided to hear him out and started to engage in that game called "negotiation".  

He speaks to his manager and comes out with a slew of calculations.  What's going against him is that this Hybrid SUV is not eligible for the "Cash For Clunkers" Government Program or any cash-back incentives offered on new vehicles as well - - and it's light blue.  

So we spend nearly 4 hrs there, including 2 hrs after closing time, and even though it was a back and forth game on pricing, Isaac was very straight-forward and upfront, and did his best to meet her needs.  I was direct with him and he took it well, and in the end he agreed to an offer that she just couldn't refuse - especially on a 32mpg Hybrid SUV.  We were a bit shocked since we never anticipated this visit would result in a brand new purchase...I mean, after all, someone did say she would never buy a light blue car.

Dealing with Isaac was what made this a pleasant experience.  He wasn't mentally draining, was very talkative, friendly, ethical and honest.  Car buying is a game - they want to make the most while you want to pay the least, and even though he couldn't show all of his cards, it was probably the best new car buying experiences I've ever had.  So if you're in the market for a Mazda, and you want to deal with a salesman who's got good intentions, I'd say your best bet is to see Isaac Gray @ Beasley Mazda.  Seriously - he's Zoom-Zoom in a good way.

Jeffery C. | 2009-06-20

I work at an automotive repair shop and tried to order parts for Mazdas in the past with no success.   Once, they told me that a piece to repair a customer's truck was going to cost $8, so I told the customer how much it costs and wait for the part.  After a couple of days, I called to check in on the part.  They then informed me that they don't sell that part separately  and that I was going to have to buy this whole assembly and it was going to cost over $200.  I gave my customer the bad news and they inquired where I was getting my part from.  I told them and they insisted that I get the part from somewhere else and that they, the customer, would drive to Houston or Dallas to get the part to avoid giving any money to that dealership because they had been treated so poorly in the past.

Wow.  Luckily for the customer I found the part in New Braunfels.  I have a feeling that we won't be doing too much business with them in the future.

Roel C. | 2009-06-09

Do not buy a used car from Roger Beasley Mazda.

After having an average purchase experience with Roger Beasley Audi in 2002, I went to Roger Beasley Mazda to test drive a used Miata in 2009.  The salesman mentioned that the Miata had been in Roger Beasley's possession for an extended period.  He stated that the car spent the time waiting on some mechanic attention before the car could be put on their lot.

I test drove the car and found a few minor issues with the radio, door locks and accessories.  For the most part the car appeared to be in acceptable shape, and I offered to buy it pending an inspection by my mechanic.

I picked up the car and took it to the mechanic the following afternoon.  The mechanic noted that the car had a new oil pan, had an improperly replaced clutch, incorrect bolts on the transmission bell housing, coolant leaks, a missing engine underbody splash shield, disconnected windshield washer hoses, worn hardtop latches, and had a complete repaint of the engine compartment and front end.  The trunk latch was also rusted and the car showed evidence of past water in the trunk.  The mechanic's advice was to run, not walk away from the car.  It was pieced together and not put back together competently.

I took the car back to the dealership where the salesman asked what the mechanic thought of the car.  After telling him about my mechanic's feedback, the salesman said that the car had a blown engine when they originally took possession.  The salesman made no mention of the paint work and possible flood issues that Roger Beasley's mechanics addressed haphazardly and incorrectly.

I understand that buyers should always be cautious when buying a used car, however the lack of disclosure by the dealership was inexcusable.  This is behavior you expect out of a low rent used car dealer in a bad part of town.  Sad to say that Roger Beasley is as bush league and slimy as the worst of the used car lots.

I would avoid them at all costs.

allison j. | 2009-02-16

I hate to be the one to change the downward spiral of reviews that I've seen this far but...I've had nothing but great service with a smile here. I understand about car salesmen and how slimy they can be, especially with their bottom line, but you've just got to be firm! And it doesn't hurt to be nice to them occasionally. They are people too.
So go here, talk to Speight Jenkins, tell him I sent you and to hold the bull poop, and you'll be in good hands.

Haley-Anne H. | 2008-10-15

I've been really pleased in all my dealing with this Roger Beasley Mazda. I've never had a problem with the service and have really gotten MORE help and service than I expected. I have a Mazda 5 and its had an irritating but not dangerous or damaging problem caused by a design flaw that causes the suspension to squeak in certain conditions. Its a known issue with this model and Mazda is supposedly engineering a replacement part to fix it since it keeps coming back after a few months.  Each time I've called about the problem, they have scheduled me quickly taken the car in and fixed it the same day all at no charge to me. They've also be extremely pleasant.
This last time, the problem was almost completely resolved except for under a rare set of circumstances. I called them to see if they could get it that last little bit fixed. They kept the car for 5 days and gave me a loaner car to drive in the mean time.  

I've had nothing but good dealings with them especially for a problem that is not their fault (I didn't even buy the car from them) and that most dealers would have shrugged and done nothing about.  They've been prompt, communicative and helpful. They've also been pretty forthcoming in explaining the problem to me. I'm not a car expert but I'm not an idiot either and they didn't treat me like I was either one of the those things. (I hate to say it, but the best way to explain it - "i didn't get treated like a girl")

Altho I'm not 100% thrilled with the car because of this design flaw and its less than stellar air conditioner, I am very pleased with this dealership. The Mazda 5 is still one of the better cars I've owned and other than the problems I mentioned, I have had no other problems with it and it fun to drive but still very useful for my suburban mom life. I would strongly consider buying a mazda again knowing that I can get good service.

Bijoy G. | 2008-06-03

10/2014: and the superb experience continues! Moe and the service team worked diligently to resolve a number of issues and coordinated with my GEICO claims adjuster. The steed is happily prancing about town in tip top condition. Thank you Team RBM - keep up the great work!

2013: Just took the Miata in and had TERRIFIC service yet again!

6/3/08: I am a longtime Mazda owner since 1995 (Protege, '96 and '97 miatas) and had stopped going to RB Mazda due to lower service quality. However, last year and again in March of this year, I returned and was absolutely delighted. In March, I had a persistent "check engine light" issue. Each time the RB team thought they had it licked, it returned. They kept working the problem, even having to consult Mazda corporate engineers. Total professionalism, courteousness and diligence!

Bill K. | 2007-10-29

So Josh's mom has talked me into going to help her buy a new van since I used to work in the banking industry. I ran the numbers and know basically she can get her new van at $350 a month for a 2006 Mazda MPV LX since they have tons of rebates. She had me call one dealer in North Austin. I spoke to the internet manager who was very nice and friendly. I told him I would have my 8 year old son with me, so if he needed anything he would need to get that so everything would be ready when we rolled in today. I call the guy today and he is at lunch. We fight 5 0'clock traffic to get up there. He calls me and he is back from lunch and tells me to come out. We roll into the dealership and he tells me they have this demo 2006 Mazda LX with DVD player and he can get me out the door for $350 a month. We go back into the showroom and he goes to talk to his manager twice. He tells me he can get $390. I told him basically that we would do $365 tops. I told him to meet me in the middle and give me more money for my trade. For every $1000 dollars its an extra $20 payment. I tell him to put $2000 somewhere so we can leave. He proceeds to tell me that all the paperwork is locked in his boss' office and he would have to call me on Monday so we can work the deal.

First of all, I am amazed that this dude would even consider me coming back on a Monday even after telling him that I was bringing my 8 year old son and I did not want a long, drawn out car purchasing process because Josh would not go for that. Secondly, he told me at first that the demo had more room to play with numbers and would work out for Josh's mom. He then tells me that perhaps another model might be better. Another model? Didnt you tell me on the phone that everything was ready to go? Why make me come back to go through MORE hassles? I left pissed off and went over to the other Mazda dealer in South Austin, thinking that they would work out a deal for me. I walk in and was told that all salesmen had gone home. I told the lady, "Most car sales are done when a dealership is closing." I then spoke to the Internet Manager. I explain my situation to him. He tells me that their deal is a better deal than the other Mazda place was offering and show it to me on paper. The one dealer had an SV model and they offer an LX model. Josh's mom picks out a color and they get to working the deal. I started playing dealers against each other when I told them the one dealer was offering me $1500 more than they were offering me. This guy would not budge. They wanted to offer her $420 a month. I was amazed that they did not want to budge on their price. I had thought that it being the end of the month that they would give me some sort of break, especially since they are not going to be offering that model any more since they are going to the CX7 and CX9. He suggested I go over to Carmax and see if they will give me more for my trade and then bring that over to them so they could work something out with that. I told him I was NOT going to goto Carmax. He could either earn my business or I will wait for the first bone head to call me on Monday.

It would be nice to be able to walk in to a place and have them give you a fair price without trying to poke your eyes out. I thought I was avoiding all that by contacting the dealer first, providing him my information and then going into the dealer a few days later. Skip this place, it is a total waste of time.