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Phone(s):(877) 586-5692
Address:111 W 6th St, Austin, TX, 78701

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Sara C. | 2015-04-24

My car had been sitting in the driveway for months. While drivable, it was in need of significant repairs. I thought about selling it via Craigslist, but didn't want to deal with haggling or repair estimates. I thought about using it as a down payment on a new car, but I didn't need one. Every time I looked at my car, I got madder and madder. Finally, I found Peddle online, as well as a few similar companies. Peddle came back with a bid that I was happy with -- I'm sure a private sale would've resulted in more money, but the hassle was not worth it to me. Everyone I dealt with was pleasant and the process was very easy.  I uploaded pictures, had the title notarized and a few days later someone showed up and hauled that thing away. Unfortunately, the notary made an error when notarizing the title, but, even then, the folks at Peddle were helpful in walking me through the process.

Craig H. | 2015-04-24

Total scam. Don't waste your time. Their "offer" is a smokescreen to come back with a ridiculouos offer later. You can do much, much better on your own.

Shannon A. | 2014-10-23

We've been trying for a week to get someone to pick up a car that Peddle put an offer on.  We've had two appointments made where the tow driver never showed up.  This is apparently because Peddle scheduled the appointment without checking with the tow company to see that they don't do tows on the weekends of after 5pm.  We scheduled a third attempt for today only to find out whoever scheduled it isn't able to schedule appointments for the tow truck company that Peddle has contracted with.  

Every single time we talk to someone, we get a different story.  It seems like no one knows what's going on.  Meanwhile, we've wasted a week trying to get this car picked up and have no idea when it will actually happen.  

Why is Peddle scheduling appointments without first checking with the tow company and the tow driver assigned to pick up the car?  Why are we getting the runaround when all we want is for Peddle to pick up the car?

John J. | 2014-10-22

Just got $260 for my 14 year old van with over 200,000 miles.  Just wanted it off my property. was easy, quick & I got my money the same day!   I would recommend to anyone just wanting to junk a car.

Jeff B. | 2014-10-14

I was having a hard time getting someone to come haul my old 89 Benz away. I stripped off a few parts under the hood, inside and outside so it wasn't worth much. I found Peddle in a Google search and filled out a few quick questions. They came back with a $240 offer which I snapped up quicker than a cat on a mouse! The next day the tow truck arrived and hauled it away. That was really easy!

Lisa H. | 2014-09-29

I loved my experience! I put in my car's info, got an offer, accepted it and right away I got a text from Peddle asking what date and times work for me. I said "today" and within an hour, I got a call from the local salvage company, and then about an hour after that the driver called and was here about 30 minutes later. The whole process  once he arrived took about 10 minutes. Of course I had a free and clear title, so that helped I'm sure. I was so happy to get that car out of my parking lot and put some much needed money in my pocket!!  I might have been able to get more money elsewhere, but the ease and convenience was worth it. Clark was so professional and friendly. I would definitely use this company again if my Malibu ever conks out!!! :)

Joel F. | 2014-09-04

I was disappointed with this service. I accepted the offer online for my car. Simple enough. Within 24 hours, I received a call from the local U-Pull-N-Pay service that Peddle apparently selected to pick up my car. Apparently they only work with U Pull N Pay? If so, not a good idea because there isn't a local U-Pull-N-Pay in every city. The person at the junk yard service complained at the fact that I was about forty-five minutes to an hour drive from them. I told her I knew that and was surprised myself that Peddle would select a junk yard service that far out (before I realized they only work through U Pull N Pay). She asked me if I wanted to call around for a closer place so I took her advice and just called the local junk yard service which is what I should have done in the first place. When I did, the local junk yard offered me more for my car than I got through Peddle so it's apparent to me that Peddle doesn't necessarily have a clear and easy method for handling this process. I should not have to have the junk yard service of Peddle's choice reason me out of the offer. I don't blame the person at U Pull N Pay because she was right - there's no reason why I should have a junk yard service come out so far when there are closer ones around. I just wish I had known that beforehand to save me the hassle of finding out. A service like this is only good if you have a local U Pull N Pay close within reasonable distance.

Also, to be clear, I live in Florida, not Texas but this business operates out of Florida so this is not a review of the one in Austin, TX.

Bernadette V. | 2014-07-19

I got a quote through Peddle to junk my 1998 Accord. They asked a series of questions concerning the condition of the vehicle and because mine had a few dents and was not drivable (transmission was shot) they knocked $60 off of  a potential $300 quote. Then they asked if I had the title, which I did not. This knocked another $30 off, bringing the potential purchase amount to $210. Considering my car's value lied in its scrap weight ,and my state allows cars to be junked without a title, I was disgusted that they appeared to be looking for any excuse to devalue it. The instant quote was what had me originally interested, but I figured I would perform my due diligence and call around. The first local company I contacted offered $350 with no questions regarding the car's condition and no concerns regarding the lack of title provided I had the current registration and ID (which I did).

In short, Peddle is a middle-man service that charges unnecessary "stupid tax", as my mother would say. Call around and go with someone local. Your wallet will thank you.

Sue C. | 2014-04-01

This company used to be called "Junk my car dot com" and then moved to Austin, TX and re-branded to the Pedal name. The online portion of obtaining a bid on your vehicle is indeed fast and easy. However, the rest of process took nearly a week and lots of confusion over who was actually buying and towing away my vehicle.

So is it Pedal, or U Pull N Pay, or Priority Towing that handles the logistics?  Yes, I knew that the pick up of the vehicle would be handled by a local agent. I started the process on a Weds and stayed home for more than 48 hours waiting for their call and assignment to the local agent (the web site indicated that I would hear from them within 24 hours). On Saturday morning I finally had to run some errands and of course that was when Pedal finally called and left a message on my machine. They asked of U Pull N Pay had called to set up an appointment to pick up my vehicle and I said "no." They said that it would probably be Monday then since we were now into the weekend. So I went out and ran more errands. Surprise--Priority Towing called while I was out and said that they would be picking the vehicle up on behalf of U Pay N Pay.  I called Priority towing back and of course they were now out of the office until Monday.

On Monday I called Priority Towing again and set up an appointment for the next morning to pick up the vehicle. They told me to fill in U Pull N Pay as the buyer, but never told me to have the title notarized. When Priority Towing shows up on Tuesday they then tell me to notarize it, so I rush to my credit union, get it notarized and rush back so that the tow driver could get going. Interestingly, the dispatcher claimed that she had told me to have it notarized (she hadn't).

I have another vehicle I need to have towed and I will not use . Way too much drama, way too poor communication and way too much confusion.

Kai L. | 2013-12-30

Do you have an old car that you want to get rid of?

Are you spanked and sore of Craigslist--putting up ads, getting tons of calls and texts (most of which are not from serious buyers) and having a bunch of low-ballers tell you, "I'm on my way over!" and you're sitting on your porch, wasting a whole Saturday waiting for a flake who never shows up?

Do you like getting tied to the bedpost and being whipped with a feather boa by a married woman from Denmark while her husband films you on his Ipad?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I like you and you should take pictures or post the Redtube link.

Or, just cut your losses and get rid of your car using .

First off, I only recommend using if your car is a piece of sh*t older model that you KNOW isn't worth much anyway. Reason being, is that Peddle offers well below Kelly Blue Book values for cars of certain years and manufacturers. For example, if you have, say, a 2005 Toyota Corolla in decent running condition, it's not a good idea to sell it on Peddle because they will offer you maybe $1,000 for it when you can get five times as much (or more) if you're willing to invest your time playing the Craiglist ad, late night booty call game. appeals mostly to the "junk car" set, in my view. So, unless your newer-model car has serious engine problems or other issues that affect its value on the private market, try selling it yourself. It may take several days (even weeks), but you'll be glad when you have five or six grand in your hand later, instead of a paltry $800 now.

BUT--if your car is a piece of junk and it's just occupying valuable hoarder space in your garage, is an excellent option.

Everything is taken care of online or on the phone, and in some cases your car can be picked up the very same day or the next day, depending on the schedule you and the sales/buying representative work out.

You WILL be offered an extremely low amount of cash. Don't be a dumbass and say "yes" right away. Just ask them if they can raise their offer by an amount you deem reasonable. You and the associate will politely go back and forth until you reach a compromise. Yes, you will still be offered a low amount, but not as low as before.

In my own case, I've used twice (I tend to have one or two nice, classic cars for weekends, and the rest of the time I drive one beater after another until the wheels fall off), and both times I was pleased with the speed of their service.

For one of my cars, whose engine was starting to conk out, I was offered $225. I haggled a little and got them to raise it to $300. A mechanic friend had looked at my car earlier, and estimated that I could probably only get $400, $500 tops for it on the private market, and that's only if I found a real pigeon.

So, cutting my losses, saving time and going with was a reasonable choice for me.

On the day your car is picked up, you simply meet the tow-truck man, who gives your car a quick once-over to make sure you didn't grossly misrepresent it to the buying associate over the phone/internet, then he gives you an already-written check for the amount you agreed-on with .

Don't worry, the check [likely] won't bounce.

If you object to checks, you can specify to your buying associate that you insist on actual, cash money at pick-up, and that can be arranged.

You do not need to deal with the DMV since will handle all that for you, though it's prudent to go to anyway fill out the online form to confirm that you did sell your car and that it's no longer your responsibility.

Don't forget to save money and delete that car from your insurance policy.

All in all, is perfect for those with a junk car and little or no time to schlep around on Craigslist making ads and dealing with flakes and tire kickers.

Will you lose money? Yes. But if you're dealing with a crap car anyway and just want it gone, is a fine middle ground between donating it to charity and wasting your time making classified advertisements.

If you have a newer car that is actually worth a lot of money, though, stay far, FAR away from this company, because you will take a major financial hit.

Also, make sure you use protection, and don't let her use a leather belt because that leaves a mark, and that would mean you'd have a lot of explaining to do whenever you take off your shirt, Lucy.