Pavilion Lincoln-Mercury in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Pavilion Lincoln-Mercury in Austin, TX.

The following is provided current addresses and telephone numbers of all branches car dealer Pavilion Lincoln-Mercury, and using the card, you can easily locate it visually. Also on the page provides information on dealer Pavilion Lincoln-Mercury in other cities in the Texas.

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 258-7711
Address:13049 N Highway 183, Austin, TX, 78750

Reviews on Pavilion Lincoln-Mercury

Holly A. | 2008-01-17

Oh you sons o' bitches.  

This was a long ass time ago, but you peeps are not going to believe this bullshit.  

Check it out:  so I take my car here to get completely repainted (it was a place my insurance sent me to).  I arrive to pick up my car after it had been repainted and there were flecks of black adhesive stuck underneath the clear coat on one of the doors.  I pointed it out to the guy (I so wish I could remember his name) and he told me it was part of the repainted "look".  I promptly went to the other door and poof - no flecks of black adhesive.  So I asked him "why then is this door not like the other door if that's the case?"  The guy literally began screaming at me so loud that people car shopping were staring.  

I won the screaming match and the fucker repainted the door - like it or not BITCH.

Dolph M. | 2007-11-28

The sales bitch I dealt with, as I like to call her, still has me steaming mad, even 5 months after I last heard from her.

Basically, I wanted to buy a Mini Cooper, and this dealership had one on the lot I wanted to check out. Assuming it was in good condition, I was ready to buy it on the spot.

The Mini had been modified (to not be street legal), still had stickers on it from the previous owner, and had an error on the dashboard that Pavilion couldn't fix. I was really disappointed, to say the least.

What made me mad though, was that my sales bitch insisted that the car was completely stock.

Ignoring the blatantly obvious $2 stickers plastered on it... it even had a big ass Magnaflow truck exhaust bolted on the back, which made the entire car shake and vibrate, at any speed, any rpm. It had worn down racing tires (albeit, expensive ones). The car had obviously been raced to some extent, quite heavily, for about 8,000 miles and then traded in.

To further my concerns, the car was actually bought by Pavilion via auction from Florida, where rust is often a concern after salt water collects on metal and can't escape. The sales bitch denied it came from Florida. CarFax showed a different story.

It came to a point where I didn't want to buy the car immediately, but I still liked it, and figured I could go home, think about it, come back and have a look under the hood and see if anything was aftermarket, figure out how much it would take to put a stock exhaust on it, and repair other damages... etc, etc. I tried to explain that to the sales bitch, and she just friggin' flipped out.

She tore the keys away from me. Stormed off to her desk, where she plopped her dumb ass down and waved for me to follow her over there. She then showed me some fake numbers about how much the dealership was making from the sale, and complained to me about her commission. Obviously trying to buy me into a guilt trip. I'm not that gullible.

She then turned to scare tactics. She told me some other girl was going to buy the car by the end of the week. This was my only chance, she told me. The other girl was just taking her car to CarMax, she told me. I told her to give her fantasy customer my best wishes and to enjoy the car.

That Mini had sat on Pavilions lot for months according to CarFax. It wasn't going anywhere. I can see why.

After I called for my ride to come pick me up, the bitch went completely friggin' nuts. She told me I was never going to come back to buy the Mini (this time she was right.. but I mostly wasn't going back because of her bitch ass), and tried some more guilt-trip tactics. Screw her.

To top it off, ANOTHER bitch from Pavilion called me about 2 weeks later to ask about my purchasing experience, and to ask about my new car. I told them my purchasing experience was great, my new Nissan was pretty nice, and I'm glad I didn't do business with Pavilion.

( Please note that this review was written 100% from pasteurized 5 month old rage. )