Onion Creek Volkswagen in Austin, TX

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Onion Creek Volkswagen is a state of the art facility which opened in October 2013. We are dedicated toward delivering the best experience for all our customers who are seeking new and certified pre-owned vehicles.

Our customers experience unmatched service which includes complimentary car washes, complimentary alignment inspections, complimentary loaner cars, complimentary Starbucks coffee, concierge service and airport pick up and drop off.


Established in 2013.

Onion Creek Volkswagen is run by The Barnett Auto Group, which has been in business running dealerships for decades.

Onion Creek Volkswagen

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 592-3220
Address:10812 S Interstate 35, Austin, TX, 78748
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Onion Creek Volkswagen

Jacqueline H. | 2015-04-23

Don't buy a car here, they sell lemons!
Don't take your car to get serviced here, you will leave with more car problems.

I bought a brand new GTI in May of 2014, and after having the car for 3 months I had a major coolant leak. I had to keep on filling it with coolant so it wouldn't overheat. There shouldn't be a coolant leak with a brand new car! On top of it, I had taken it to the service department a week before telling them the coolant light went on and they said the coolant was just low and filled it up. The whole time I had a leak and all they did was fill it up instead of properly checking what was the cause of the coolant being low.

After that repair a month passed and then the check engine light went on! Remember this is a brand new car! When I went back to the service department they told me that when the mechanic made the repair to the coolant leak he made an error which affected another part of my vehicle. Had to have my car stay over night for repairs and they didn't even have a rental vehicle I could borrow for work. They have zero everything! Bad service! Lemon cars! They don't offer anything to you to try and make the situation tolerable! Worse buying and service experience ever!!!!!!!! DONT BUY A CAR HERE! DONT GET IT SERVICED HERE!

There have been many other bad experiences with service here that I don't want to get in to because I'm getting upset just thinking about it. Just know that I feel I'm always at the service department with a brand new car!!!!!!!! I shouldn't be having all these problems with a car that is not even a year old!! Ridiculous!!!!

Scott M. | 2015-04-22

The staff is super friendly, and they went out of their way to get me the CC I wanted. I wanted a black 2015 CC with black leather interior and a stick shift. They didn't have one in inventory, but got one from a dealership in Dallas. They gave me a loaner for a day, and I had my brand new car just like that! The sales process was no pressure, and I got a great deal. My salesperson Joeleen was super nice and friendly, and she went over all of the features of the CC and made sure I knew how everything in the car worked. Also, I got a follow up call about a week later, just to check to see if everything was OK. That was impressive. Again, highly recommend this dealership! You will not be disappointed!

Roxy K. | 2015-04-04

My boyfriend leases a VW and gets it serviced here, even though we live 30 minutes away. The service is great and it's always been a pleasant experience.

We follow them on Facebook and I entered the cruise giveaway contest and still can't believe I won! I can't say thank you enough for the cruise! We are so excited to have won this and can't wait to take a relaxing vacation.

Every one we've met was very helpful and nice, including the awesome barista who made my favorite iced coffee for me. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone!

John P. | 2015-03-28

I brought my 2014 Jetta in for its first service after 10,000 miles or one year of ownership. I had errands to run and I was told it would take about an hour and a half, so I left my car there. I received a call within an hour to let me know they found a small oil leak, but it was covered under warranty. They set me up with a loaner and I was able to pick up my car the next business day. The service department was very quick with their communication and work throughout the entire process. Everything about this experience was absolutely amazing!

Lisa W. | 2015-03-27

I purchased a 2012 Dodge Durango from the used lot at VW Volkswagen. That transaction went fairly well, though when I picked up my car, the gas was on empty and I was told it would be fueled up. I spent $30,000 on a used vehicle and was told they don't fill up the gas tanks on their used cars. If I had bought a Volkswagon, they could have filled it up for me. Um... No. I don't think so. I was told it would be fueled up and that's what I pushed to have done. Silly little thing to have to argue over, I know, but when you spend that kind of money, you shouldn't have to immediately spend $60 at the gas station!!!!

I purchased a very expensive extended service warranty. It immediately became handy when I had a screw in my tire just a month after buying the car and needed a brand new tire. It was replaced at Discount Tire immediately. But the issues I've had with this dealership have been when I've needed to get service to my vehicle. Now, I understand they mostly service VW's and my car is a Dodge. When I have to get an oil change, they have to order the parts in advance. Fine. I call ahead now and let them know I'll be coming. But when you pull up to their service bays, no one helps you!!!!!! They don't point you in the right direction. Nothing. They stand there chatting and staring at you so you feel like a total idiot. I was ignored for an entire hour the first time I went in for an oil change and then it took another hour and a half after that to complete the service. Today I learned you have to talk to a service rep located within the dealership if you want service. How I was supposed to know this, I have I idea. Coming here for service is a frustrating experience every single time!!!!!!

Ashley C. | 2015-03-26

My vehicle was making a very loud humming sound and my window was not properly working.  Tim explained everything that was wrong and let me know what needed to be fixed asap and what could wait until my next oil change since there were several things wrong with my car.  Tim is always very pleasant and accommodating and I feel that the work done is honest and reliable.

David C. | 2015-02-25

I am sorry to give these folks an ugly review. We purchased a VW Tiguan back in June 2014 and felt that the transaction was well handled, really liked the car salesman and really like the auto. Unfortunately, I realized today that the maintenance contract that we paid $1100 for was mis-represented. I was told at time of sale that the maintenance contract covered all scheduled maintenance and instead all it covers is oil changes. This is way too much to prepay for oil changes and I have had the maintenance contract cancelled. We are stuck with an $118 charge for service that won't be covered to enable us to flush the contract plus a $50 adminstrative fee for the cancellation. Onion Creek VW has lost our business both for service and future auto purchases.

Alex H. | 2015-02-13

I came here to get my car's oil changed and an issue with my tire pressure fixed. Everyone was so lovely, especially Cat. Cat works at the coffee bar where you are provided with free coffee and conversation while you wait for your car. She is so friendly and makes the time you have to wait fly by. Such great service!!

Miles M. | 2015-02-05

Everybody at Onion Creek VW is great.  I just bought a car and the entire process was quick and simple.  David "Soul Man" was my sales associate and was very helpful through the entire process.  This was my first time buying a vehicle and I didn't imagine it would have been so easy.  Dorris was also very friendly while she toured me through the facility.  If you're looking for a new vehicle I recommend coming into Onion Creek VW.

Thomas S. | 2015-01-10

I've waited a while to calm down before writing this review.
First a little background....I recently retired from the military and we moved from Michigan back here to Central Texas.  We had a horrible experience with the VW service department up there and my wife mentioned that to the service guy and they talked about the specific situations that occurred and he said those things would never happen at Onion Creek.  That turned out to be an empty promise.
My wife took her VW Jetta in for her 100k service and everything seemed fine.  We took a trip to Corpus for a buddy of mine's advancement to CPO.  The car was sounding "off".  Like it was in S mode when it wasn't.  I checked the oil and noticed it was a little low so I topped it off and she drove it to work and back.  I checked the oil again and it was a quart low in less than 15 miles so she took it in to the dealership and told them what was happening.  Now, it had only been 1000 miles since that dealership had serviced the vehicle.  The supposedly checked everything out and didn't find anything wrong.  The performed another oil change during their "checking it out" and charged my wife for it even though the only thing they could come up wrong was that maybe it was topped off at the last service.  WTH!?!?  First of all, that doesn't explain the problem since I topped it off and they knew that and secondly why charge someone if you come up with that lame excuse?
Now to what really set me off.  Two days later my wife is driving North on I-35 through Austin when her car dies in the middle of traffic.  She managed to get to safety and I got her towed home.  I looked at the car and knew it was a blown turbo, but due to my disabilities from service I can't do much work and had to have someone else fix it to the tune of $2500.
Now, turbos get blown.  It happens, but there are signs and Onion Creek didn't see those signs, or, in my opinion, didn't actually listen to the customer and investigate what was wrong.  The difference between replacing a turbo going out and one blown is the same price, more or less, but it wouldn't have put my wife at risk.  That's the problem.....with automotive repairs and service we put our loved ones lives in the hands of those we use to perform those tasks.  As a combat veteran and member of the "World's Oldest Fraternal Organization", I know what trust and integrity are.  Unfortunately, Onion Creek VW's service center doesn't.  I encourage you to look around, think twice and question what they tell you.

Luis M. | 2014-12-31

I  bought a 2015 GTI from this dealership (my first new vehicle purchase), and found the salesman to be great. Nathan & the new girl(sits next to Nathan) were very helpful and friendly. Nathan explained almost every detail of the car and even stayed after hours to show me how to correctly drive manual. The experience here was a lot better than Charles Maund. Nothing wrong at Charles Maund, but Onion Creek explained the features of the car so well that I couldn't say no.

Why only 2 stars though?
      Well, the finance assistant was very impatient, and did not explain one piece of information to me. Most importantly, he lied to me! I told him I would hold off on the warranty and purchase one when it's about to expire. He insisted the warranty was a one time offer and I couldn't purchase one in the near future. Later on I found out I was misled, and for this I cannot recommend this location to friends or co-workers.

Andrew G. | 2014-12-18

I just signed a lease on a 2015 Jetta at Charles Maund. I was trying to work with Onion Creek on a car with the exact same trim but they could not get close to the terms I got at Maund (their best quote had a 20% higher monthly payment!!!) I am not sure why they couldn't do better...

I think they tried their best to make a deal and were always friendly, but I would definitely suggest that a potential customer try Maund or Hewlett in Georgetown before accepting a quote from Onion Creek.

Denielle P. | 2014-12-13

Everyone here is so nice, best experience at a dealership! The manager was so kind to us and lady at the coffee shop was so friendly!

Amber G. | 2014-12-12

My boyfriend and I pulled in one day just to drive past and look at the beetles. A woman approached us and told us she would love to show us the beetle inventory.. She treated us like royalty even after telling her I had bad credit and probably couldn't get approved for a car. I ended up making a beetle purchase at another dealership only because of my situation but that hasn't stopped me from returning to this dealership! I LOVE IT! You have to ask for Doris! She is an incredible person and I promise she will make you laugh and your experience at Volkswagen perfect just like she did mine. I am so happy to bring my car here for service. Don't forget to stop by and get coffee from the sweet barista lady she is AWESOME and conversation with her will make your wait blow right by! I could go on and on about how enjoyable the atmosphere is. I love Onion Creek Volkswagen and everyone who works here :)

Nicholas G. | 2014-12-10

I took in my 2011 GTI and received excellent customer services. As soon as a drove in the rental car was already waiting for me and being that I went in for routine maintenance, Tim made it to where I was in and out quickly. This was great since I was visiting for the weekend from Midland. The Onion Creek VW Service department is always a great and make every visit amazing!

Sean D. | 2014-12-05

Just moved here from NM. Had my 80,000 service done.  Better price than what I was quoted in NM. Fast, professional and the shuttle service was great!  Also had to come back after I registered my car and needed a front license plate mount.  They installed for free.

Rhea H. | 2014-11-29

Back in September my car wouldn't start so I took it to Carmax to get a diagnosis. They couldn't figure out what was going on with it so they took it to Volkswagen. Volkswagen was stating that there was oil leaking into the starter so they repaired everything under the warranty. The very next day the engine light came on and the car was still shaking so they had a second diagnosis done (which for some odd reason isn't in the notes). They didn't find anything. Next day engine lightcomes on again. Surprise surprise. They performed a third diagnosis what they came up with was an old vacuum pump that needed repair. They said they contacted the extended warranty group and was told it wouldn't be covered. They gave me an estimate of about $350 out of pocket. I said I would need to wait since I couldn't afford that at the time. This morning my car started leaking oil so I called Volkswagen regarding the third diagnosis. I spoke to Sara who said it wasn't in the notes and apparently when they initially repaired the car the vacuum pump was part of what they repaired. Very strange!!!! To add on top of that I called the Warranty group and they are claiming that they NEVER received a request to cover the vacuum pump after the initial repair. WEIRD!!! I'm not sure who's lying but I would definitely like to get to the bottom of this and get my car repaired properly. Dropped it off this morning with them and of course the service manager Johnny just passes me off to someone else. They have no sense of urgency, no accountability and do not show any empathy to their customers.

Ni V. | 2014-11-25

Reading the other reviews is a bit dismaying and nothing like what I've experienced on a handful of service visits.  But I wasn't expecting to get in and out in 30 minutes.  For me, on one occasion they took the time to fix an annoyance without charging for it and provided a loaner.  Staff and baristas all seem very professional.  The best thing is that, unlike my previous VW, so far this car requires few trips to the service department, and has been as reliable as a Honda.

Casey M. | 2014-11-22

Jennifer in the service department took very good care of us.  They were honest, straight forward and conscientious of our budget.  I would recommend them.

Jose L. | 2014-11-15

I brought my 13' passat tdi for service and to get my a/c system completely replaced in addition to 30k scheduled maintenance and my service advisor Tim always uses all the resources available to him to make me feel as comfortable as possible and transition me to a loaner or shuttle service to and from and keeping me up to date with progress on repairs. I will continue to make this place my main repair shop for aslong as I own a VW.

Sydni A. | 2014-11-12

Jennifer was my service coordinator, and she is one of the most cold and off-putting people I have had to deal with in any business setting; and I'm not even from friendly, welcoming Austin. I'm from DC where I am used to tough 'typical east-coast' types. She seemed so disinterested in my vehicle problems, and thoroughly made me uncomfortable. She is a cold person, which really is telling of the energy and the experience I had with all of the staff - except the coffee servers who were the only highlight of this entire experience.

The first visit, they ran some diagnostics and said there was nothing wrong with my car. Just from driving it, I knew that there were at least 5 faults in the alignment, oil/air, headlamps and tail lights. I should have read some reviews and gone elsewhere, but needless to say,  I brought it back a couple more times until they gave what seemed like an accurate diagnosis. I wasn't treated with any type of respect until my father came with me. The necessary service was done for too high of a price and with too little quality work to show.

After that, I had to wait on a part (tail light encasing) which I feel was installed incorrectly. That night, I found they had let me leave with the brake light out on the same side the encasing was installed. Instead of replacing it, they charged me for another service... and that's when I lost it.

I wouldn't wish my experience in this frigid, corporate hellhole on anyone. Such a headache.

R A. | 2014-10-13

Wow, the sales manager here is a complete jerk. "We do not discount this high-demand model. We never sell them below MSRP."

Manny H. | 2014-09-16

I was in the market to purchase an extended service warranty for my 2004 Touareg and it's taken over a month for someone to get back with me.  Today I was informed that the finanace manager is out due to a personal problem and no one has gotten back to me yet (AKA Trey or Rommel).  

I brought my car in for service on 9/13 (7am) and it was there all day just to find out at the end of the day (5pm) that they couldn't align my car because they were unable to get the rod loose.  Seriously....it took them 10 hours to diagnose that????  Furthermore the service provider told me they wanted to bring a warranty adjuster to make sure the work is covered???

DO NOT go here for service.  The service advisors will give you misinformation and are not trained for handling problems.

Erin W. | 2014-09-15

Why advertise complimentary car detailing then say it will take 'hours' to vacuum the upholstery? They have also sent out email marketing twice that showed EVERYONES email. And no loaner cars when getting work done but did offer a shuttle. They clearly lied about how long the detailing would take just so they wouldn't have to do it. This place is a joke.

Shawnasee R. | 2014-09-13

Let's start with the good stuff: The first-time I went in for a multi-point inspection, the service was great. The female representative made me feel comfortable and talked me through, in detail, what they found. The facilities are great, new, clean, etc. Because of this experience I went back...

Now the bad: I dropped my car off for an oil change on a Wednesday morning, before a business trip. I spoke with my representative about other issues I was facing, and took their courtesy shuttle to the airport...all good!

However, I didn't hear back from him until Thursday afternoon, where he quoted me $2,900 worth of repairs - I laughed! (That price didn't even include the oil change.)

There was an issue with my A/C - which he quoted $1,700. Since I had the entire system replaced 6 months after I bought the car brand new, I wasn't sure if it was still under warranty. Because of that, I needed to double check with the dealership where I bought it.  

When we got off the phone, he had his marching orders...do the oil change, work on the breaks, and I would call back if I found out anything about the A/C and my warranty.

Friday goes by...no call.

Saturday morning....no call.

Saturday afternoon, as soon as I get off my plane, I reached out to see if my car was ready, since I hadn't heard from him. When we finally spoke, he assured me my car was ready to go, and the breaks had been finished.

I go to pick my car up about an hour after we talked, and he informs me that there's been a miscommunication, and the breaks have NOT been completed, and he's "Sorry."

At this point it's been three and a half days, and my car still is not ready to go. I wish I would have seen the rest of these reviews prior to taking my car in. Clearly, this service department doesn't care about proper customer service!

Rob R. | 2014-09-13

Took my car into "Express Service" just to check tire pressure. They couldn't tell me when they would be able to do this 30 second service. They just said, "there are 6 cars ahead of you and it will take a while."

I also own two Mercedes. At the Mercedes dealership, they'd just send someone right out to check the pressure. That wouldn't put me ahead of anyone else - they'd just have someone available to do the quick little jobs.

I don't expect this dealership to act like a Mercedes dealer, but basic, sensible customer service would be nice.

Chris L. | 2014-08-20

Last month, I took my Tiguan in to Onion Creek VW for a recall regarding a fuse causing malfunctions with the model's exterior lighting.  I had known that my year model was being recalled, but had kind of put it off until two operating bulbs on opposing sides of the vehicle went out within a day of each other.  I bought my car at a dealership in San Antonio 18 months prior, and being the owner of a previous VW, I'd often been to Austin Veedub way out east many times over the years...but since Onion Creek was relatively new and the closest VW specialist to me, I thought why not?  Now I'll tell you why you shouldn't consider them if you're asking yourself a similar question.

I had known when I took my Tiguan back to the SA dealer for its 50,000 mile service a few months earlier that the battery was giving a moderate charge.  As I had no issues with the car starting or running any accessories, I opted to take no action at the time, as it still had plenty of juice and I'd rather get through a bit of another taxing Texan summer before replacing it.  I thought this might come up with going to Onion Creek, given the passage of time and continued decline of battery power, and that they'd likely perform a multipoint inspection when addressing the recall.  If it did, that's fine, they could replace it now.  If not, I can shortly thereafter.  Not a problem.

I arrived at Onion Creek bright and early for my scheduled appointment and took my bicycle as I often do when I take a car in so I can get some miles in while service is being performed.  I'm not the type to sit around, and apparently neither was the girl who greeted me, as she continuously interrupted me.  I told her I was here for my scheduled appointment for the recall and that I presumed the light bulbs being burned out were in relation to it and should likely not be a charge to replace.  If not, that's fine I couldn't imagine they would cost too much...to which she offered "oh no they're not bad, but we'll check your car for anything else that needs addressing."  ...even though I knew nothing did.  This wasn't a very promising sign for me, of both the mechanics' credibility and also the brand's quality itself as it insinuates "your car is a piece of junk and something is wrong with it."

Shortly after, I rolled out of the parking lot and headed out for a bit over 2 hours on the bike.  I felt my phone vibrate and stopped to check my voicemail from Onion Creek VW.  They were urging me to call pretty much ASAP.  I did so, and they identified the light bulbs were related to the recall and would be of no charge, and also (as I possibly guessed) the battery was now at a low charge, and also that I needed an alignment, and worse yet that my sway bar was worn and needed to be replaced.  This was all said before the gentleman immediately went into a spiel of what the sway bar is and how it functions, as if to cover the obvious that these were bogus things they were trying to squeeze money out me for.  

I have had no issues with steering or the car's handling in anyway, and also, uhh...the sway bar is steel.  I don't see that getting "worn" especially easily and much less needing to be *replaced* unless you've had a dramatic front-end collision that could possibly snap the bar.  Yes, the sway bar's bushings can wear and need replacing, but at only a little over 50k miles, I doubt that as well.  I told them to hold off on doing anything at this point and I'll pick up my car, as-is, when I rode back there.  And naturally as you'd guess, the car was not ready as it was being washed...but hey, that's a nice touch at least and they did do that one thing right apart from the recall.

The bottom line is avoid this place for repairs.  I can't speak on the quality of their sales department, but I wouldn't bring them my business there either based on their eagerness to try and perform repairs and sell replacement parts that aren't needed (and likely wouldn't have been replaced as it is).  They can try and offer you as great of coffee as they possibly can, but that's just a small consolation for the bitter taste this establishment will leave in your mouth otherwise.

Shannon A. | 2014-08-18

I came in here to test drive the new GTI. The salesman who helped me seemed to not even give a crap about anything I said, and gave me demeaning looks anytime I tried to express a concern or talk about pricing. I will not mention names, but the individual who helped me was also a little bit creepy. Not a good experience.

Dea E. | 2014-07-25

I am a new VW owner and there were problems with the purchase, VW care has arranged for me to have a detailing done, I may call another VW dealership as the service maanger has been rude to me twice already and I haven't even met him.
Something really off putting about him.

I think I will just avoid going there and try my luck w/ VW somewhere else, the Charles Maund people are nice but unfortunately they are having construction.

What is it about car dealerships and rude men? sheesh. Yes I have a bad feeling about this man, so yeah no thank you.

Johnny Crum is his name and his attitude sure is crummy, I am worried he will damage my car. My trust is low as it is.

Amy W. | 2014-07-14

Wowzers- Both Brad and Brett are no longer here- I went in for a flat tire issue. The new staff somehow "lost" some of the bells and whistles I was told I had purchased (road hazard, etc) before but were all too happy to tell me how much it would cost to repurchase. The service guys were nice. I called ahead, had a long conversation with the new sales mgr, and she assured me that the 1 hour drive there would be okay as she would "take care of me". NOPE! I got there, and walked away without the road hazard I was told I got at purchase, without the new tire my road hazard should have given me, and, unfortunately, a bad taste in my mouth. So sad- I MISS CHAD!!! Chad, if you are out there and work at a different dealership, call me, write me, smoke signal me- whatever. I miss you and need my VW guy back :(

Jeremy K. | 2014-07-07

Complete schisters. Purchased a diesel jetta and like most dealerships they were hugs and kisses.

The quality of a dealership is the service and assistance after the sale. Our service experience was lacking and follow up was even worse.

I have been waiting for the promotional gas card and have had poor follow up from the dealership. Josh the sales manager is a joke. He says he will follow up and get back to me and never does.A real shame, because his lack of commitment ruins the dealerships reputation.

Took my car in for service at Hewlett VW and their attention to detail was excellent. I would recommend Hewlett VW can't be worse than onion creek

Phil L. | 2014-06-25

So glad there's another VW dealer in Austin that's easier to work with for service.  I took my car in and was pleasantly surprised by:

*Walk-in service - I called and got same-day service on a Saturday!
*VW Loaners
*Free canned sodas, bottled water or Starbucks coffee while you wait

The people were overall nice and made it a good experience.

Ryan R. | 2014-06-07

Nice facility and close by, however the service department leaves a lot to be desired.  A wait time of 30 mins actually means 2 hours... Good thing I wasn't getting anything more done than one tire put on - Even more frustrating knowing that I'm paying a couple hundred dollars for this.  Can't imagine how long a warranty service would take.  
I'm glad I didn't purchase my car here and will certainly not be back for anything else.

Meghann H. | 2014-06-06

If you are at OCVW, you have to request Jonathan Sosa as your Sales Associate. He is not pushy, listens to what you want, and is on your side. I have never had an easier car buying experience.

I just leased a 2014 Tiguan and Jonathan stayed almost two hours past closing to wrap up the deal with me. His friendly personality and easy going attitude is what gained and will keep my business.

Thanks Jonathan!

Bruce L. | 2014-05-07

I was very please when I found out that a VW dealership was opening in south Austin. This dealership is about a mile from my home. I bought my VW  in Georgetown and have been making that trip for all scheduled maintenance.
However, I am highly suspect of the service practices at Onion Creek VW. I went in for an oil change and state inspection. While I was waiting I was informed I needed a new headlight bulb and an alignment. The tires were new and a balance/alignment was done only a month or so prior. When I questioned further about the bulb, the person got nervous and said she got me confused with someone else. Hmm...intersting.
When it was all done they overcharged me for the state inspection. Really! This fee is set by the state. Gasoline engines get charged for emissions testing but diesels are exempt in this county. VW is the biggest seller of diesel passenger cars, they should know this like their mother's name.
I was offered a coupon for my next oil change but I think I'll drive to Georgetown where I KNOW I will be treated with respect.
On the other hand, as others have said, it is a pretty facility and has a nice coffee bar.

Jerry A. | 2014-05-05

I have never met a salesman that worked so hard to earn my business or a dealership that works so hard to please its customers.

Heather C. | 2014-04-30

Unsafe practices seek service elsewhere, somewhere where they care about you driving off their lot with working brakes, and not possibly dying the first time you need to brake. DEADLY! Not a place that will send you from their store without working brakes, when you took your vehicle in with working brakes.  I agree with the other review DO NOT take your vehicle here. I Took my vehicle in for a simple oil pan replacement. It was only supposed to take 1.5hours it took 4 days. When I went to pick up my vehicle they had lost the keys to my car! Seriously what dealership loses keys to a vehicle? Second, whichever mechanic drove my standard vehicle parked it on an incline and did not set the parking break! So when I went to get into my vehicle is started rolling backwards toward another car on the lot. Scary! Third I was not notified that while they were working on my vehicle my check engine light turned on. They did not ensure my safety by allowing me to drive off of their lot with the check engine light on. When I forced them to run a enging test to determine the problem, it was caused by the anti lock break system being broken(huge safety issue). I can't believe they didn't notify me of this. I received a call stating that my vehicle was ready, however it was not upon arriving at the dealership I had to wait another 2hours. They had my vehicle for 4 days, and still kept me waiting. There were about 5-7 other things they did wrong, I will keep it short though. Overall dissatisfied and I will be sharing this experience with friends and family and other vw owners. Do not take your vehicle here, it is not worth the risk.. The shop is beautiful and clean, however the service and attention to detail and safety is not there. I regret not taking my vehicle to the place I had it serviced at last I think it was called vdub.

R R. | 2014-04-23

I would not have given Onion Creek VW a star if it were not mandatory. That should speak volumes itself.

Not only was a former customer but also a former EMPLOYEE here. When I was working for OCVW I had my car serviced to fix a starter problem. What better way to fix a repair on my car than with my trusty employer, right? WRONG.  While this dealership claims to have "Volkswagen certified and trained technicians using the most advanced diagnostic systems available" I can be the one to say that is completely untrue. Not only did PAUL VIERNES--who was the technician that performed the work I had done on my starter, completely damage the wire harness going to the knock sensor during the installation (of the new starter). He did not inform me of this at all, he only said he hit a bolt which he claimed he had fixed. With the comfort of knowing that he fixed the problem, I went to go pick up my car. It did not take long for my car to have an engine light on again, but this time I took my Honda accord to an actual Honda dealership (being that I no longer worked at OCVW) to find out that Paul Viernes only attempted to conceal all of the damage that he caused with a blue wire connector that did NOT work. After having to pay a very large bill at the Honda dealership for the work that Paul Viernes caused, I went back to OCVW with my invoice in hand to show my service advisor Tamir Mohamed  what was recently discovered. He took a copy of the invoice and gave it to the service manager who was going to show the general manager. They said they would get back to me once the GM saw the invoices. A day passes...nothing. I decide to finally call today (04/23/2014) and talk to the service manager (who was not the service manager at the time I worked there) and he said that I knew about the problems while they were performed and that they refuse to participate in any refunds. I only ever knew about the bolt that they told me about--never the fact that Paul tried to CONCEAL the problem with a defective wire or the fact that he knocked the sensor during the installation. Oh, and wait for it, it gets worse... he also said that Paul, "OUT OF THE GOODNESS OF HIS HEART" did not properly inform me about it because he wanted to help me save money--claiming that was what I was worried about, when the pricing was NEVER discussed. He didn't even mention the damage caused on the invoice.  So his logic is.. help me save money by avoiding telling me but in turn make me have to repair my whole car due to his mistakes? EXTREMELY unprofessional. That does not even make ANY sense. I am super disappointed in this business and would never recommend anyone to go here to have any form of maintenance done.  Not only was I a CUSTOMER but also an EMPLOYEE. So please everyone, if Onion Creek Volkswagen will not even treat their own employee's with respect, what makes you think  that a regular customer will. I strongly suggest to take the extra drive to Charles Maund Volkswagen instead of here. Save yourself the stress. This is a business that does not take care of their own responsibility .

Reagan L. | 2014-04-19

Wentta getta Jetta.

The experience was fantastic. Emailed with Chad one day, bought a car from him the next.

He was great. Trustworthy, responsive, fair, transparent and very nice!

Love the car. Thanks!

Amber C. | 2014-04-19

After a terrible, nearly horrific experience dealing with Charles Maund Toyota, Onion Creek VW was a breath of fresh air. Not only do the vehicles feel like an upgrade in both safety and features, but the dealership feels like walking into the apple store for automobiles.

We recently purchased a 30th anniversary edition Jetta GLI, our first VW, and our first experience with Onion Creek. We worked with Stephen Fox, a down-to-earth sales rep who was relatable, knowledgable, and not pushy in the way the other dealership reps we visited had been. He personally owned the vehicle we test drove, and spoke to it well. We didn't ask a question he couldn't provide a thorough answer to.

Nonetheless, a new car was a big purchase, and when we left to talk it over during dinner, he readily answered the phone and helped us with financing questions.Since we've purchased the car, he's offered to answer any questions we have about features (like how to activate Car Net or Satellite radio presets) and both recognized and greeted us this weekend when we picked up our plates.

I was so impressed with both the GLI we purchased with Stephen my experience with Onion Creek that I recently test drove a Tiguan and will go back to this dealership when we are ready to replace our 2nd vehicle without hesitation. I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that there is an onsite cafe with starbucks style beverages and a barista on staff. That makes waiting during service nicer...not that the maintenance staff will make you wait too long.

Its obvious based on the appearance of the dealership and the cars that the folks behind VW and Onion Creek care about the quality of their products. It may be a slight drive south, but it is well worth it.

Shannon L. | 2014-03-21

Great used car purchase experience!  Honest salesman, prompt replies, no haggling/arguing over price.  They made a reasonable offer, and thoroughly inspected/serviced my used vehicle for purchase.

Charlie P. | 2014-03-10

My 14th car and very 1st EVER brand new one!  After running the numbers and perks going VW new was a no brainer. OC VW and Chad gave 1st class white glove to your door service.  Couldn't have asked for a better experience...especially in light of all the dealer cliches you hear about. They were the first to call me back, most honest and in the end best deal in all of Austin...despite the others fighting tooth and nail for the biz. Their facility is the slickest shop you've ever seen. Make the call, email, and drive to see what they can do for you. They even delivered my car to my door in North Austin - during rush hour - during SXSW!  Ask for Chad Miller. He won't disappoint.

Robin W. | 2014-03-07

The best car buying experience ever!  Shawn and Carlos were extremely helpful and made things as smooth as possible.  There was nothing in our price rang on the lot so they  found us one and had it shipped from New York.  While we were waiting for the car they put us in a loaner.  They went above and beyond excellent customer service.  Look forward to our next visit to our local VW dealership.

denise l. | 2014-02-25

Great dealership! Thank goodness I don't have to go to the dreaded Maund anymore. Here at Onion Creek they are friendly and fast! I got my 20k service done on my beetle and I was in and out within 45 minutes, including the car wash!
Not only was the service great but they have a full espresso bar, complementary! A comfy waiting room, free wifi and the show room has several classic VWs to look at.
Everyone in the Austin area should bring their VW here.

Erika M. | 2014-01-15

In searching for a car, we didn't really have VW in mind- just happened to be driving by one day. So glad we did! Caleb greeted us and helped us throughout the whole process of finding the perfect car. He was super helpful and able to answer all my questions. Plus, he never complained about all the test drives I took!  We were comparing several other cars at other dealerships, but there was something special about the VW CC that I couldn't pass up...Caleb followed up via phone after our first visit, which was more than we could say for the other dealerships/salespeople. He was very attentive and not pushy- very welcoming and helpful. (He also drove all the way to and from San Antonio to get my perfect car in the perfect color bc they didn't have it at Onion Creek...!!) Love the dealership and the people- great environment! So glad we stopped in :)

Laura M. | 2013-12-26

My husband and I were having a hard time looking for cars. We are very cautious and because our car had been recently totaled, we were short on cash. Immediately after walking in, we were greeted, the people were friendly and there was a peaceful (not over bearing or skeevy) atmosphere. Without an appointment we were able to meet with a salesman (Arthur was our salesman and I highly recommend him) who showed us the cars we had been looking at.

Arthur was very honest and down to earth, not an aggressive "salesman" type. Because he was new, they did send a "salesman" type (which I understand) but wasnt the reason we bought a car. Arthur was the one who was genuine and wasnt giving us any "industry talk". He showed us the car fax and was very patient. In the end, we got a car that I was comfortable with at an excellent price.


Seriously, he was brand new and was just sweet and honest. If you dont want to deal with a salesman but want the trustworthiness of a dealership, go here and ask for Arthur.

Lost O. | 2013-12-23

I went shopping at all the local VW dealers and found that the staff and the workspace is top notch at Onion Creek.  The environment was modern, yet inviting with a cool coffee bar.  Expresso with that GTI?  You bet!   The staff is super friendly.  We were acknowledged and greeted by lots of smiling faces.  Our guy Caleb, was professional, knowledgeable and passionate.  It was a pleasure doing business with him and the folks at Onion Creek VW.  I would recommend this place to all purchasing a VW.  Vielen Dank!

Stacy S. | 2013-12-22

After being on the road working for the last 5 years, driving rental cars, always in different cities, I find myself working in Houston, TX and accepting a contract that did not provide for transportation.  In search of a vehicle and a bit apprehensive about purchasing said vehicle from a dealership unknown to me, I found Onion Creek VW.  Upon entering the dealership, all my anxieties were soon melted away by the very friendly and knowledgable sales staff.  The showroom is one of the swankiest showrooms I've everybeen in, almost zen like.  The sales manager, while extremely busy making the place run like a well oiled machine, attended to every question and concern I had as if we were long lost friends.  The long and the short of it, I am now the proud owner of a brand spanking new VW and I can't imagine that I will ever go to any other dealership in the future.  If you are in the need of transportation, make your first (and only) stop be Onion Creek Volkswagon on I-35 south in Austin, TX.

Silas R. | 2013-12-12

I went in with a broken valve stem on one of my tires.  I wasn't really sure what to expect, and was a little worried that I would be overcharged.  They were extremely helpful and upfront about what needed to be repaired, and how much it would cost.  I had done some research online, and their prices were about what I expected.  The entire place is very clean and professional looking, and the waiting room looks in through a big window where you can see them working on your car.

Every service comes with a free inspection, where they check all the major systems and give you a report on what might need to be repaired, either immediately or in the near future.  The mechanic who worked on my car came out and went over the report with me, and didn't try to pressure me in to doing any additional work on the car.  He pointed out several issues that I was already aware of, and he didn't try and overplay them as worse off than they really were.

At no point did I feel like I was being rushed along, overcharged, or treated unfairly.  They also ran my car through a car wash before it was returned to me.  Overall I was really impressed!

Desiree S. | 2013-11-13

When I first walked into the door I was greeted right away...I came to VW without an appointment and they were very accommodating! Service here is 100 times better than up north ! Sorry Charles Maund

Side note - they have an awesome barista free drinks !!! Don't forget to tip :)  

great customer service
Thank you