Nyle Maxwell Supercenter in Austin, TX

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Nyle Maxwell Supercenter in Austin always maintains competitive new inventories of Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, Jeep, and quality Pre-Owned vehicles.  Staffed with experience sales representatives and top trained technicians, we are here to provide a fun, easy and valuable automotive shopping and service experience.  Stop by our dealership today at 13401 N FM 620 to see for yourself!

Nyle Maxwell Supercenter

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(888) 772-5635
Address:13401 Ranch Rd 620 N, Austin, TX, 78729
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Nyle Maxwell Supercenter

Kelsey A. | 2015-04-23

This review is purely based on the experience I had with the service department and does not reflect the other services the dealership offers.

I recently moved to North Austin from South Austin and was excited to be close to a Jeep dealership that I hoped would be much better than the experience I had with South Point Jeep (see other review) but unfortunately was quickly proven wrong.

I was driving my 2011 Jeep Patriot when it suddenly stalled in the middle of an intersection. Quite panicked, I called AAA to tow it (I have free towing within 7 miles). Fortunately, Nyle Maxwell was within 7 miles so I called and was assisted right away. The individual I spoke with was incredibly helpful and I thought this was already such a better experience than I had with South Point. This thought quickly changed when I was contacted by the service technician the next day. He blatantly told me my crankshaft had failed and it would be nearly $700 to fix. Understandably so, I was a bit shocked by the cost of the repair on a less than 4 year old car, not to mention, I am just 10,000 over my warranty...of course. I relayed this concern to the service technician to which he simply replied, "it's a man-made part and will fail at some point." I inquired more about exactly what this part did and let him know I was going to think about the repair and would call him back within the day. I decided to call the service manager, Marvin Hirschel, to discuss how I really didn't think something like this should happen on a less than 4 year old car that is very well taken care of. Honestly, I was looking for a little more validation for this dealership to stand behind their product. I called Marvin on Saturday morning and left a message. Right after, I called my service technician and explained that I had a call out to Marvin to discuss this issue more at length and thanked him for the help he had provided thus far. I didn't hear from Marvin until Monday. Mind you, I have no car at this point. After a few rounds a phone tag, I was finally able to answer a call from him that afternoon that started out something like this:

Me: "This is Kelsey."
Marvin: "This is Marvin from Nyle Maxwell."
Me: "Oh hi, how are you?"
Marvin: "Good."

It seems a little backward to me that I was the one asking someone in a customer service position how they were with no "how are you" back. The remainder of the conversation consisted of me inquiring more about this issue and him being so incredibly hostile in his responses. He sounded so taken back that a customer would actually reach out to him with an issue. I really would think good customer service would be one of the top qualifications of a service manager in a car dealership but Marvin seems to think otherwise. What a shame. He proceeded to lecture me about not purchasing an extended warranty and we left it at that.

I ended up getting some other work done at Covert Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, also in North Austin, and would HIGHLY recommend using their service department over Nyle Maxwell. In fact, Nyle Maxwell should really contact them for some tips on how to treat people who are shelling out nearly $700 of their hard earned money to fix their car.

Kevin M. | 2015-04-23

I was blocked from writing a similar review as I posted here on their Facebook page.

Class organization. I guess they want people to just see the happy talk on FB and hide the nightmare stories

Blythe A. | 2015-04-11

Trey Rhodes over there at Nyle Maxwell SuperCenter​ helped me out with trading my 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. He worked hard to make sure I got every single thing included in this car from having a sunroof cut into the car, to the 8.5 inch touch screen and navigation system. This is my second car from Nyles in 2 years. Maybe in 2 years we will go Limited instead of Laredo (wink wink). Thanks Nyles, and Thank you Trey. I appreciate all you do!

In the car market? Go see Trey and tell him Latasha sent you and make sure you give him LOTS of HUGS he lovesssss HUGS!!!!!
Latasha Alexander,

Matt W. | 2015-04-11

Awesome from start to finish. Very friendly and helped me get the Jeep I wanted. Even after the original Jeep had some damaged discovered prior to leaving they pulled another one and got it ready for quickly & offered free window tint for my extra troubles.

Joseph R. | 2015-04-05

Good sales department. Horrible service department. If your sale is based on service avoid these guys. I have tried these guys to fix my backup camara for months and they never call back.

Theron T. | 2015-04-03

We bought our car their last November and had a great experience. Then the first oil change came due. Today, I went to Maxwell intending to have them perform the service but they asked for $60! I used to buy this same service from Bob Moore Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Ram of Tulsa for $32 until we moved to Austin in 2013. .

David S. | 2015-03-20

Had an issue that was covered under my 3 year warranty. Called dealership and spoke with service for over 20 minutes. Was told I had to bring vehicle in at the middle of the week bc of the dealership running with a and I qoute  " skeleton crew on Saturdays" I work 40 plus hours and school during the week. So weekends are my only available times. Also told I would need to pay for rental while they inspect the vehicle which would take a few days. Being on a budget that is not possible. Basically ended conversation with Nykes Maxwell and called Covert Dodge. Have my vehicle and rental (furnished by the dealership) ready for me tomorrow. That took only a whole 10 minutes on the phone. Left message with service manager at Nyles of his loss of my business and unsatisfactory results from his dept. he gave excuses and could not have been the worse representative of that dealership.

David M. | 2015-03-20

I have been to this dealership 5 times for an oil change and have been told no 4 times. Makes me think twice about my next vehicle decision.

Earl P. | 2015-03-11

fast, thorough, friendly.

Jared L. | 2015-03-07

This place continually is just terrible. When I pull into the service drive and walk inside for service I typically get a bunch of blank stares. It's a struggle to get anyone to help you out and check out your vehicle. The prices are steep and I always feel like they're telling me that I need to do more to my vehicle than is necessary.

K R. | 2015-02-26

This review is based on my recent experience with the service team. My dad has been in the car industry for 40+ years so I am pretty lenient when it comes to dealing with folks in the industry. That said, the service team here definitely has some room for improvement, especially when it comes to communication. Proactive communication is a customer service basic in the auto service world. If you're going to expect us to trust you and drop a chunk of change on your repairs, show me that I can trust you to communicate with me as promised. I shouldn't have to chase you down to get a daily update on my car when we've passed the point when you said the job would be completed.

Only two other pet peeves about my experience here: 1) yes I am a girl but that doesn't mean that you can talk down to me. 2) Keep track of my keys!!! You should know where they are at all times.

They did try to remedy my experience by providing a rental car which was appreciated. But it didn't fix the poor communication the whole time. :(

W B R. | 2015-02-16

Paid $140 for my 2014 Ram Diesel. No updated mileage sticker, computer still says the oil has not been touched, and my washer fluid is low after 200 miles and no use. All signs point to no oil change but the service manager refused to look into it. Did I mention he thinks Cummins Turbo Diesel is pronounced "Cummings"?? Terrible service and obviously no education in their products.

Jen B. | 2015-02-01

Very professional folks here. They worked hard to take the stress out of car shopping.

Miguel C. | 2015-01-22

First let me mention I bought my car in 2011 but I have been coming to this dealer even before that.  The sales guys are awesome I purchased my car from Warren and he's extremely friendly.  BUT as far as the service department goes that's a whole different story.  I had small issues in the past but never brought them up such as your oil change will take 30 minutes and it takes at least 2 hours every time.  There was a factory recall on my car I took a day off to take it in.  I was quoted 3 hours so I asked to get an oil change as well I specifically specified full synthetic which is all I have ever put in my car.  It ended up taking 8 hours it felt like the longest day in my life I heard it's almost done at least 10 times then when I get my car they put regular oil in it.  The service guy Allen said he told the techs but "they just dropped the ball" It was already late and I was so exhausted and frustrated I just decided to come home.  The next day I get an email from Marvin the service manager asking for a survey.  I contacted him with my experience and I never got a reply... what's the point of asking for feedback if you are not going to use it?  I email again and finally get a reply.  I was expecting some shred of effort to try to keep me as a customer since I've been going for so long and actually was planning on buying another car there but all I got was "give us another try".  I seriously have never dealt with a manager who did not try at all to make my situation better.  I would always go here even though it is more expensive than any other oil change facility and they take longer than anywhere else but after this lack luster effort by Marvin and his service staff I will not.  DO YOURSELF A FAVOR DO NOT USE THE SERVICE DEPARTMENT HERE!!!!

Kristen W. | 2015-01-19

Awful. Terrible. Incompetent. I purchased my Jeep from Nyle Maxwell about 6 months ago and it's been nothing but problems from day one. First, someone in the dealership stole my drivers license (no joke).... Hasn't turned up 6 months later. The purchasing process was terrible - the car we ordered was weeks late and they tried to give us a terrible, dirty rental car. It was like pulling teeth to get them to issue a rental car that had the same features of the car we purchased (mind you this is after my license was stollen). I had to bring my car in for a recall a few months later (not the dealers fault) but communication during the appointment process is terrible. No one calls to let you know if the car is ready. I'm here today to have my transmission looked at (had an 8:30am appointment) and they tell me this morning that there is a chance they might not be able to get to my car today. I'm sorry, but what is the point of an APPOINTMENT?! In the very least, forewarn me when I book the appointment. To top it off, if they have to keep my Jeep for a few days to repair, I have to pay for a rental car if it exceeds one day. Why should I be penalized because you overbook your appointments?! And my car is still under warrantee... Get it together Nyle Maxwell.

Ziyu L. | 2014-12-26

I recently put a bad review here because I was not satisfied, but today, I give it 5 stars because the sales person, JD, took great care of us.  Management does indeed listen to their customers.  We left in a brand new 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan.  Keep up the great work.

Kelly H. | 2014-12-23

Russell (Internet Sales Manager) really listened to my needs-I mean he REALLY listened to what I needed to carry for my business, and that I still needed to carry everything while still being able to tote my kids and their friends around.  I NEVER thought that I would be back in a mini van-but it suited ALL my needs it is the BEST thing ever-I really think that had Russell just let me get the car that I went in thinking about I would not be happy-Thanks to him I absolutely LOVE my 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan (my very first brand new car)!  I love driving it-  Now onto Ken Clark-He worked hard for me and my husband to get us the best interest rate that he could and the payments that we could afford..without Ken and Russell I would still be in my 2009 Kia Optima shifting all my gear so that I can tote my kids.  I will never buy a car from another dealership-I can not say enough about the experience that I had with Russell and Ken having GREAT, wait.....EXCEPTIONAL customer service really makes all the difference in the world.

Kym M. | 2014-12-20

Nice place.   Nice salesman, not sure about business practices.  We saw online and called to confirm
Price, then put a deposit down.  We show up to pick up and pay for and they tell us there has been a mistake on pricing and raised the price 5k.    We came up a bit and they came down but it still wasn't the price we confirmed with online and on telephone so I've got mixed feelings at this point on the 'art of negotiations' we just went through  and actually I'm a little pissed.  I was sitting there thinking what a nice experience this episode of car buying was and then BOOM, I'm feeling all bait and switched.  Which annoys me.  They worked with us but my thoughts of buying another car from them next year are gone.  I understand a mistake being made, it happens, but we called to confirm that that was the price and were assured it was, for this exact car and now they say there is a mistake?!  Seriously?  20+ years of buying cars and I haven't seen this kind of thing in a while.    Bottom line is we did get a good deal - tho not the original deal we CONFIRMED before, ppl were nice, BUT I didn't appreciate the gamemanship. Maybe this is normal but it didn't happen last time we bought a car at roger beasley(Porsche) or the place in Dallas(bmw).

J B. | 2014-12-13

Worked with JD at Nyle Maxwell. Highly recommend him! He is very honest and super nice!

John S. | 2014-12-12

Bought an expensive battery here. It died a year later.

I called and told them I was bringing it in since it had a seven year warranty. I mentioned that I was unable to bring the entire vehicle as the battery wouldn't even take a jump.

I was told to come in and bring my receipt. When I got there I was told I needed to bring the entire vehicle so the battery could be tested.

That's the last penny you'll get of mine.  I have spent thousands and thousands here well aware I could go elsewhere for less.

Amy G. | 2014-12-09

We have been coming here as often as possible over the years, but my experience purchasing my first brand new car has been exceptional. Ashlee Kindhart is bright, organized and efficient. She knew every inch of the car for the test drive. We were left with zero questions.  Hubby will want a new Challenger before long and I hope we can come back to Ashlee. As an a aside, the service department is great too. They're quick, friendly and honest.  Thank y'all!!

Johanna F. | 2014-12-08

Had a wonderful experience!  Came for one car and ended up purchasing two in the same day!

Kimberly H. | 2014-12-03

I purchased a brand new jeep grand cherokee altitude addition here a couple weeks ago.  I never write reviews, but felt that I had to take the time to write about how great this dealership is!  Yes, I said a car dealership was GREAT! Buying a new car is never a pleasant experience (no matter how excited you are to get it) but these guys are all super cool and easy to talk to.  They are honest and do not pressure you into anything at all!  Rather, they listen to your wants and needs, and help you make the best informed decision possible.  They offered a competitive value on my trade (I shopped around first) and they work with many different banks to get you the best rate possible.  I can't say enough good things about Andrew DeOrian!  He was the sales rep I worked with and he was extremely helpful throughout the whole process.  You can tell they hire a certain type of person to keep their culture the way it is, and it really shows in their work.  Andrew did a fantastic job getting me into my dream car and when my friends or family are ready to get into new vehicles I will definitely be sending them Andrew's way.  Thanks guys!!

Staci B. | 2014-12-01

So far, I like this place.

I bought my car in Houston but have a built in service plan that doesn't cost anything when I need an oil change.

They are quick to come out, set up the service and get it done.

Very happy with the professional demeanor of the service crew and the inside has nice waiting areas.

An actual kids area with toys and a Disney channel. That's legit business right there.

Rachel C. | 2014-11-25

We were attempting to buy a vehicle long distance after finding the exact one we wanted on AutoTrader.  We called and gave the information to Christopher Taylor for financing and waited and waited and waited-this was on a Saturday. He promised to call back by the end of the day and nothing. Over the next couple of days,  I sent at least 7 emails to different people and never got a response. I work in an area with no cell reception but I told Chris in at least 2 emails that I can respond to emails only. Finally we called today and spoke to Chris and surprise! He sold the truck on the same Saturday we had been discussing it. I guess we didn't merit even a call back. He said he "thought we couldn't handle the payment". Which is funny since he never got back to us with a payment or any financing options whatsoever. What a joke! We were willing to spend the time and money to drive 6 hours to do business with them, but I'm grateful they saved us the hassle. Run don't walk as far and as fast away from this place as you can.

Kortney J. | 2014-11-23

My wife and I just bought our first jeep from this dealership and it was such a great experience. Paul was super easy to work with. He was very laid back and no high pressure. He also showed us many different vehicles to ensure we purchased the right vehicle. Paul's manager did honor their word on meeting or beating a competitors price with no haste. Once we went to finance Mason was also just as friendly and helpful.  We were in and out of there quick and went home knowing we got the right jeep. I highly recommend Nyle Maxwell for a great haste free car buying experience!! Thanks Paul and Mason!!!

Nita L. | 2014-11-22

Just bought a jeep here and came home with a happy face ! Before we get this car. we went so many places, but we ended up coming back here because Paul was good, helpful, and patient. He took the time to work with us to find the jeep we liked. I want to say thank you and thumbs up to everyone at the Super Center for being friendly and helpful!! Thank you ( Aloha mahalo )

Bryce B. | 2014-11-22

Just bought a Jeep here and have been here previously to service our Durango. I'd gives the service dept 4 stars and sales 2 stars. The sales dept. Is below average in my view in terms of customer relations and knowledge of the vehicles they are selling. Our salesman couldn't answer some very basic questions about vehicle features without going to his manager. They will try to wear you down, so if you are serious about buying, go after a full meal and plan to spend the entire day. Insist on seeing the interest rates, repayment term, etc offered prior to meeting with the guy that completes the closing docs. We had a very hard time getting clear information on all the central terms. They prefer the customer to not have full information until the very end to get you more fully committed. They may offer gap ins coverage in exchange for a lower interest rate. I would push for the lower interest rate and still refuse gap coverage. But, If you agree to the ins you can also cancel the coverage after purchase but still retain the lower interest rate. Gap coverage can be purchased from a regular ins. Agent for 1/3 the price if you want it. In sum, I just felt the sales staff was a little underhanded and sneaky compared to other dealerships I have dealt with in terms of full disclosure of purchase terms.  The sales dept just seemed more concerned about the sale than treating their customer fairly, compared to other sales departments I've bought vehicles from.

Regarding the service department, I have a much more favorable view. Staff here are very professional and responsive to any questions I have had. They provide shuttle service for when you need to leave your vehicle. If you wait, they do have a very nice waiting area. The service dept seems very customer orientated.

Malicia T. | 2014-11-20

Ashlee Kindhart was awesome and helpful!! Made the purchase hassle free and easy! She asked the perfect questions and wasn't super pushy!  Gave me exactly what I wanted and paid a fair price for my trade in.

Isabel M. | 2014-11-15

I'd been in search of a new car for about two weeks....this dealership had the best deal by far and had the jeep I wanted (she's a beauty).Israel Lopez was our salesperson and he was great was in it for our best interest...not pushy at all!Over all everyone was awesome!. I would diffently recommend Nyle Maxwell SuperCenter to anyone in search of a car at a great price !

Brian G. | 2014-11-01

This review is for their service department which is totally the opposite of their sales department.  To be honest, I couldn't stand their sales department - it was everything classically cliché about what people hate about car sales people.  The sales people had to do the "let me ask my manager bull-s**t" for everything, and it took forever and insulted my intelligence.  But, their Service Department is great!   Nice people, fast service, good waiting room, etc.  I have nothing but great things to say about their service department.  I actually bought my car from another Jeep dealership which empowered their salespeople to make the deals without having to "ask my manager" about everything, but I get mine serviced here because it's the best Jeep service shop in Austin.

Tam S. | 2014-11-01

They are crooks.  Do not believe a word they say as they will deny everything and keep your money. We just lost a $500 "refundable" deposit. They could care less about customer service so save your money and go to Georgetown or Lampasas.

LaVina D. | 2014-10-30

I drove 2 hours to go to this dealership which seemed to have a great deal on a nice Jeep Compass. The salesman, who managed my purchase - good price with a great interest rate at 1.9% using their financing - was alright. Everything was going fine, as we waited...and waited...and waited for 2 hours for the finance guy to confirm. Wow. They couldn't give me the interest rate, instead I got almost 10% - on a NEW car!! Who gets that honestly?! A cousin came from overseas, no credit. And got 6%. 10%?! Not only that, if I wanted a better rate, I'd have to give up the rebate and get this, mind blowing 7%! If I add a co signer with EXCELLENT credit, maybe 6%! Not only was I going to be paying over the original asking price, but another couple grand on top because of this insane interest! After the driving, making a deal, and waiting - nothing. What's even worst is no one called me back - which I don't mind not happening because it wouldn't have changed my mind - but it proves they cared less about me.

Aracelli A. | 2014-10-28

Upon purchasing my first brand new vehicle, I did a lot of research into price, type and dealerships. By looking at reviews and price, I decided Nyle Maxwell was my place to go. I called and spoke with several people on a vehicle I was interested in. I tried and tried to purchase it online to get the online price but kept being told "Yes that is your price just come on in and we can close it out" I drive two hours from San Antonio thru Austins horrible traffic and finally reach my destination. My sales person (Chris Taylor),sent me outside alone to look at my potential buy AND made me wait about 30 mins outside wondering where he was. He did the usual bull of "negotiating" back and forth, which was frustrating since I was told a certain price and the price they were trying to sell it to me was about 4k ABOVE what I had been told. For 4k, I could've saved myself the effort and not driven to austin, in which I told my sales person and he basically told me "well why don't you go find one in San Antonio, there's a reason you came here" wow... The whole experience was frustrating and I specifically remember my sales person saying "this is the 5th car I've sold today" which totally matched his uninterested demeanor towards us. I wish I could say my first car buying experience was great but it wasn't, I felt more taken advantage of especially BC I did end up buying a vehicle. Our finance guy was great, super nice and helpful in trying to get us the best deal possible. I bought my 2014 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited in July, now October, I called 2 weeks ago to get a front license plate holder since I never received one, spoke to Chris himself and have yet to receive it. Not going to bother trying since apparently he got what he wanted when I walked out the door.
If it wasn't for my beautiful jeep which I love, I probably would be even more dissatisfied. Great car, horrible service/experience.

LL S. | 2014-10-22

I absolutely loved this dealership.... that was before my deal was done. Once the deal was completed, it was like I was chopped liver to them (more specifically... our sales person). I still speak highly of your service team and a few others (the ONLY reason I gave two stars) but cannot say the same for that individual.

Maybe if they would turn around and put themselves in the customers shoes, they'd think differently... you'd think they're human too, they should know, right? And if you need your commission that bad that you have no respect for your customer, you should find a job where you don't need commission to pay your bills.

It's so sad that this company employs people that are capable of treating others with absolutely no respect. (Again, not referring to all employees since you do have some very respectful, honest and helpful people there)

VERY disappointed in the service I received.

Samantha M. | 2014-10-18

I came into the dealership thinking I knew what I wanted but after taking a look at the lot with my sales person and a few test drives later, I came to the conclusion of my purchase. Tony was such a great help, just forgot about the long wait  bc of the sale going on.

Michael L. | 2014-10-18

My purchase here was very pleasant, they made a very easy buying experience. My next vehicle will be purchased here for sure.

Reed H. | 2014-10-13

Great service, great salesman! Carl Sirgo was a pleasure to deal with. Its great to find a no nonsense, professional dealership here in Austin. I will definitely be back!

Kaleb R. | 2014-09-29

I give them one star due to the fact I signed on a vehicle Friday and was informed this morning that the vehicle I purchased was sold on Saturday! Very disappointed with many things about this dealership! It is safe to say I have taken my business elsewhere. One thing is safe to say "stay local and help small town economies thrive." I have found a small town dealership and have received much more help than this location this dealership is very eager to get me what I want!

Jennifer R. | 2014-09-28

If I could  give this  center - 10 stars I would..  I applied and  while  my credit is average with  some  dings and  hardly any recent revolving credit I continued to wait to hear from my sales rep Steven C. .. Let me tell you.. Sales reps are known to hound  you.. They  want  that  deal.. In my case while  I was approved.. The sales  rep must have deemed me unworthy.. I Had to contact  him to get answers instead of the other way around.. Told me I was approved for a 10-15k  vehicle and would have to put 1g down.. Then he never contacted me again.. Since I was upset about this experience thus far.. I went somewhere else..

The next day I went to dream cars.. They are still working on my deal.. But the customer service is superior.. They had me take home a 2013 MID SIZE suv.. Low miles and for 18k.. 0 down! for the whole weekend as they get with the lender to work out minor details.. Now while I don't expect this type of red carpet experience everytime ,   I do expect someone to contact me and at least act like they want my business.

gretchen l. | 2014-09-12

We were very pleased with our purchase.  My husband will travel in a 400 mile radius from Austin to buy a vehicle  (which we do every two years).  They had the best prices and deals and gave us what we needed on our trade in.  They definitely worked hard for our business and it showed.  We will check with them first in the future when we need another car.  And, they have a HUGE selection of cars!  This place is booming.

Leigh M. | 2014-09-10

The dealership contacted me after i posted this review and sent me my floormats. I am happy that they value their customers opinions.

Leslie W. | 2014-08-27

After reading all this bad reviews about their service deparment i dont think ill b coming back  i had a simillar situacion and i though i was the only one i never said anything but i guess by leavin a review will help  people not to come to this dealer u will get nothing but bad services from start to end never coming back

Mike P. | 2014-08-27

Stay way away from this place if buying a vehicle or a horse. These guys sold me a vehicle with messed up emission problems, which is illegal in the state of TX, FYI... and they knew about it. Im now seeking legal help.

Jiji C. | 2014-08-07

Quick service, Nick was very professional and even remembered my name!

Katie T. | 2014-08-02

Yes my first experience was not excellent but the second time around, with an entirely different group of people, was a pleasant experience. Chad was my service provider and he was nothing but attentive and helpful. He answered all my questions and was very friendly while doing so. Katie was a great help getting things sorted out between the company and myself. They need more chads, Katie's and the front desk cashiers (all of them are so helpful and friendly). Thanks for taking care of me the second time around.

Jeff D. | 2014-07-14

This is the second vehicle I have purchased from Nyle Maxwell.  Both times it was a very good purchasing experience.  I highly recommend Nyle Maxwell.

Good job guys.

Alan B. | 2014-07-01

The Good:
Marc Smith was easy and professional to work with. He answered any question I had and I never felt pressured. He honored the internet discounted sale price when I decided to purchase my 2014 Jeep Wrangler. I had seen other positive reviews of Marc on the internet so I was relieved when he responded to my internet inquiry.

The Bad:
I have much lower opinion of the trade-in appraisal team. Initially offered me approximately $3000 less than Carmax on the same day for my trade-in.  Nyle Maxwell would not match the Carmax offer. Make sure to do your homework before you walk through the doors. It is unfortunate that the trade came in so low because it set the tone for the rest of my experience at Nyle Maxwell.

Rick K. | 2014-06-25

This dealership is really poor when it comes to customer service. I purchased a 2014 Wrangler and have had nothing but problems attempting to get a couple of issues solved with the vehicle. The salesman I've been working with (Steven Carrizales) has been outright rude. I'll do my best to make sure nobody I know ever gives these people a dime...they need to learn this isn't how you do business.

Ajay R. | 2014-06-24

Traded the car I purchased from Nyle on March 27th,  received my warranty refund check June 24th after two attempts to apply for it.  Katie K. was helpful in this regard - professional, apologetic and courteous;  the only one at Nyle that treated me that way.  Let the record stand that upon trade in,  I was offered 8000 by Nyle for the trade (insulting) and BMW Austin gave me 22000 that same afternoon.

Bumped one star due to Nyle's great PR work;  its clear she has a brighter future than many of her coworkers.

Ryan B. | 2014-06-19

This review is regarding the service department.

I arrived to try and get my car inspected for my 5 year powertrain warranty. My jeep is in pretty good shape so I didn't really expect any issues to pop up.

I arrived at the service department right as it opened at 7:00 AM. There were 4 cars ahead of me and figured I might have a chance at getting this done quickly.

Initially it looked like I might be unable to get a spot for service until 2 or 3PM despite arriving at 7:00 AM. Chad took the extra time and put in the extra effort to walk back to the service area to talk to the mechanics to see what the schedule looked like. He was able to get me a spot immediately for the inspection. From time to dropping off the car to leaving, it was only about and hour and 40 minutes. The service was great and everyone was really friendly.

The waiting area had plenty of comfy chairs. There were also Shipley donuts waiting and some hot coffee.

candice c. | 2014-06-12

I saw these reviews, but I went to this dealership bc of the prices on their cars in autotrader. I figured it was worth the hassle to save a few thousand. Let me start by saying this could not be more wrong.
They claim to be the best dealership in Austin, or I'm sorry, in Texas. Really? So by you scamming your customers and promising certain prices to get business, only to find out I didn't get that rebate bc of this reason or that....
I just bought a car at the Mercedes dealership, and know the ins and outs of purchasing a car, and how you should be treated. This place will do anything and everything they can to get more money out of you.
The only reason I even bought the car from this place is bc it was my daughters bday the next day, and I was so exhausted by the end of this that I just wanted the deal done. I guess that's their whole gimmick.
Run as far away from this place as you possibly can. The prices are not what they claim.  
I will add, in the end I did get the price that I was promised, but only after I received glares and rude comments from the finance manager. Great job guys.

Rosie S. | 2014-06-08

I was here for a simple oil change A simple oil change and they did manage to screw it up left my oil filter loose and leaking all over the place not mentioning my car under the hood is a mess oil spill on all over my engine truly a horrible job never coming back and totally would not recommend

Ashley Y. | 2014-06-05

WORST DEALERSHIP EVER.   Looking for a jeep?  Go anywhere but here.  They will shake your hand, guarantee they can get you the jeep, take your $500 deposit no problem.  Then you call to follow up and turns out they didn't get the jeep they said they could.  And your $500 deposit???  Oh you will have to call 2x daily and text with your sales rep for days before they actually get around to returning the money they so easily took.   This place has been nothing but a nightmare.

Sandra Q. | 2014-05-27

Salesperson (Gary) willingness to work with us and get us the best deal possible, and someone was always available via phone to answer questions and assist us.

Steve R. | 2014-05-05

Big Improvement!

Fair is Fair. I am absolutely thrilled to be writing a pretty positive review for Nyle Maxwell's service department, because I have been very vocal about many disappointments from them in the past.

It's no secret from many of the past reviews that Maxwell has been letting down a lot of customers when in comes to their service department.  Having purchased multiple vehicles from their family of stores, I can definitely attest to suffering similar experiences before.

This time, I'm happy to report a much better experience (not quite perfect, but a real improvement).

Better communication. Better timeliness. Better diagnostics.

They even washed my Jeep and had it looking brand new when I picked it up, which is something they've never done before.

Hopefully this is a sign of great things to come.  Way to go Nyle Maxwell!  Nothing pleases me more than being able to finally right something good about you guys.  I'm hopeful that this trend continues.

Anastasios D. | 2014-03-31

I recently bought my new Jeep Cherokee.
I got the best trade in price for my Smart car. The best price I could find in the market for my new car. This dealership rocks...Thank you

Sandi K. | 2014-03-29

If you are taking your car to the service center, ask for Chad Powers! I had a frustrating problem with my car and this guy was so nice and helpful. The first person I had was ok.. But Chad stepped in and made my experience 1000x better. His kind and caring attitude is very appreciated!

Candy B. | 2014-02-25

Wow, this place has gone down hill in the past couple of years. I cannot decide if the service department routinely says there's nothing wrong so they don't have to pay for a repair or if they are just idiots.

In early 2013, I took my warranty-covered minivan in because the airbag kept going off and dinging. They couldn't find anything. It kept doing it, so I got worried that perhaps the airbag would go off while driving, they couldn't find anything again. I told them to keep it, that I didn't want it if they couldn't figure it out. When asked what they should do with it, I told them it wasn't my problem. Amazingly enough, the next day someone had figured out what was wrong (a bad sensor) and it was fixed. While there, I mentioned that the engine seemed to be idling rough and something just wasn't right with it. They didn't find anything.

Later in 2013, I brought it in again because it was idling even rougher and making a "thunk" sound when going into gear. Again, I was told there was nothing wrong.

While driving down the freeway last week, the van started idling rough, thunking and not wanting to accelerate well. Because I was over the 3 year warranty, I took it to Lamb's (Dirk and Jason are amazing and they never rip you off). Within a few short hours, they told me that a cylinder was bad and that it was covered by the powertrain warranty and I had to go to Dodge and that, yes, the previous problems were the same thing. Thank you and here's a $100 diagnostic fee.

So, off I went to Nyle Maxwell. These people are the most incompetent people on the planet. After spending three hours working with them and the extended warranty people to find out WHO was going to be covering my rental car, I gave up, sent off a fax to both and told them to handle it. It appears it has been. Not my problem though.

The kicker is that they refuse to reimburse me the diagnostic fee. Really? How it is my fault that a SERVICE CENTER that deals in THIS PARTICULAR MAKE OF VEHICLE couldn't find the problem TWICE previously? Why did I have to take my vehicle down to another shop to have them find the issue? Why should I eat a diagnostic fee for something that was previous issue that Dodge failed to diagnose properly? Do they not have the same fancy machines that my friendly neighborhood mechanic have?

I own a business. If I failed to give responsible care to my clients, I would be out of a job. If I failed to fix a problem, TWICE, I would be out of a job. I really want to mail them a bill for my time dealing with my own customer service at this point. It's reached a point of ridiculousness.

At this point, if I never have to see these people again, it will be too soon. I just want my van back and I hope I have no further warranty issues with it. I LOVE my Dodge Grand Caravan. Seriously, it's a great car. Unfortunately, it comes with having to deal with these fools.

Go somewhere else, if you have the chance. It's not worth it.

Ray C. | 2014-02-17

Well...I did finally get my custom ordered vehicle, but their obvious attempts to appease me were disappointing...largely because it was all focused upon the customer service survey that I would be receiving.  Note...this was not related to the actual experience I had overall, it was merely an attempt at mitigation to a possible negative survey being submitted.

Items of note...they pulled a fast one on me in that the $3500 rebate I should have been offered was rather quietly added to my contract as a component of the down payment, but the treatment of the rebate portion directed it to dealership...effectively adding $3500 to Nyle Maxwell's bottom line.  It was completely avoided in the conversation I had with their finance manager.  I didn't say anything about this as I wanted to see how far they would go with this rebate shuffle and second, I had stated what I was willing to pay for the vehicle and that is what happened...but I should have been offered the rebate or had it applied to offset sales tax and registration.

Second item...when I indicated I wanted the paint/interior protection, instead of telling me the price and asking me if I wanted to pay for it now or roll it into my financing...the finance manager made the choice for me and now I'll be paying interest on $400 for 5.5 years even though I would have preferred to have just paid for it. (Update:  I inquired about this and was told that they ALWAYS roll these service add-ons into the total for financing.  He also conceded that it could have been handled differently, but it was allegedly "too late" to modify the contract.)

They also seem to think customers time is a commodity that is at their full disposal.  Overall, this location is very inefficient in its processes and communications and they are completely indifferent to how much of the customers time they consume.  Bottomline, I would not buy another vehicle from this dealership.  Their ethics and lack of professionalism as demonstrated in communications, broken processes and financial/contractual ploys clearly demonstrate that they do not intend to deal with customers in a fair, honorable manner.

I'm not sure if there's a better Dodge dealership in the area, but this one reminded me of why I have repeatedly voiced that online, direct sales of vehicles is overdue.  The dealerships have not evolved with the times and are still utilizing very old tactics to squeeze their victims...I mean customers...for everything they can.

Raleigh B. | 2014-01-31

No attention to detail. Rotate tires, forgot to change tire pressures. Idiot lights came on for the drive home. Oil change, they forgot to reset the oil change light several times.
In the last 4 service visits I have had to return to have it done right 4 times.
The wait times are long and the rental car service is staffed by a skeleton crew. Good luck getting anything other than a Sanford & Son loaner/rental. This place has me wishing I'd bought a Ford. Oh and let's not forget the 750$ dead battery trip. . .
I have been a loyal Dodge fan for 15 years. Owned 3 and never considered anything else for myself. Nyles Maxwell single handedly ruined me on Dodge. I will never own another.

Christian B. | 2014-01-22

Let me preface this review by saying I really don't like car dealerships. To the point where it'd been over 8 years since I stepped foot into a dealership. Unfortunately, my beloved (and paid off) car died on me and the cost of repairs were more than the car was worth. So, off to the dealership I went.

Initially, I looked at a one vehicle, but ruled it out for a number of reasons. I worked with Lee and he didn't seem particularly interested in selling me the car. When we went for the test drive, he was nearly silent and didn't point out any features. Very strange for a sales person, you know? I would have expected him to at least suggest another car if he sensed that one wasn't right for me.

A week or so later, I found a used Hyundai Santa Fe with low mileage and began working with Lee to complete the sale. (Note that  *I* found the car on their website; Lee wasn't even aware that it was there.) Anyway, of course, there was the "let me check with my manager" run around which is what I particularly despise about purchasing a car. I hate the sentiment that they're doing you some big favor when it's a standard protocol. The finance process went ok, except that the finance guy was a little pushy in offering the wrap around coverage. I went ahead and purchased it because I really don't like surprises and I've had generally good experiences with wrap around warranties.

A few days after purchasing, the check engine light came on.  I immediately called Lee and he assured me that I could bring it in to the dealership.  Since it was Saturday evening and the service department was closed, I had to wait until Monday to bring it. Well, when it came time to bring it to the dealership, the light had turned itself off. As of today, it hasn't come back on. The whole thing made me question just how thorough their inspection was; it's too much of a coincidence that the light came on days after my purchase.

A month after purchasing the car, I had to take it back to the dealership because the right blinker was flashing very quickly. All the light bulbs were working, so I didn't understand what was happening. Long story short, there was a wiring issue. The repair was covered by my warranty. However, the wiring issue had caused the headlight housing to melt on the left driver's side, so the light would still blink quickly in spite of the repair. Headlights aren't covered under the warranty. Chad, the service advisor, then informed me that a new headlight would cost me $600. You read that correctly, $600 for a headlight on a Hyundai Santa Fe.

I know that dealerships charge exorbitant prices, but $600 is excessive. A quick Google search proved that I could find a brand new, high quality headlight for at least half the price. Seeing as I'd just bought the vehicle a month ago, you'd think the dealership would at least work with me on a lower price. No dice. I didn't expect a free replacement, but $600 is ridiculous. And, honestly, I found it strange that I went in to have the right headlight fixed but left with a malfunctioning left headlight. It all seemed too shady.

Lastly, when I went to check out, the cashier made a mistake and overcharged me. I had to point out the overage and when Chad explained to her that part of the work would be paid for by the warranty, she acted as if refunding me was a major inconvenience. I wasn't sure if she was frustrated with Chad for not being more clear or with me for not telling her sooner. Either way, her response was inappropriate.

Before I left, Chad assured me that if I just had the headlight replaced, my problem would be resolved. I even had him write down the part number.  I used that number to do a search on the internet, found a new OEM headlight assembly on Ebay (for MUCH less than $600), had it installed and the turn signal STILL isn't working properly. At this point, I'm at a loss for words, just thankful that I dodged a bullet by not paying $600. I definitely do not recommend bringing your car for service.

Keri N. | 2014-01-17

Do not buy a car here. Their "Forever Warranty" doesn't cover anything, so they sell you vehicles with substandard parts installed and three months later you are in their service center. Only they charge you $100 to look under the hood and tell you that the problem is something that is not covered under the warrenty. And the "warranty" is null and void if you have the oil changed anywhere else. So they charge you through the nose for an oil change.

Judy R. | 2014-01-07

I HATE that this is the only place to get my 2013 Fiat's Oil change with out paying extra (an arm and a leg)! Living in Buda, I had a choice of San Antonio or Austin for Fiat Oil changes. I must say the dealership is clean, comfortable, friendly, offers free coffee  more than "1" TV for customer's viewing. "DREW" was on the spot efficient and friendly. I will give him a straight "10" when the review comes to me. They offer an EXPRESS OIL change without needing an appointment. Could we get you to move a little closer to downtown Austin?

Katie C. | 2013-12-04

I will start with the positive. The people at the service center are very nice.

Here is where my negative review comes from. I have a 2008 Jeep Compass, which I love and which was having some issues that I thought were probably transmission related. I took my car to the service center here and told them what was wrong and that I was pretty sure it was transmission related. They looked at it for a couple hours and came out and told me that it was not transmission, but I needed a new catalytic converter and I was looking at about $700-$800 for parts and labor. I decided to think on it and do some research. I researched the issue I was having and took it to a few other mechanics and no one else could find anything wrong with the catalytic converter, but they all thought it was transmission related and that changing the transmission fluid should fix it. So I took my car back to this service center and told them what I had found, and that I would like to change the transmission fluid and I said that since my car has a lifetime power train warranty on it, I would prefer to have any transmission related work done with a dealership so if I ever did need to have work done under the warranty I would be less likely to be denied under the terms of the warranty.

This is what they said: "If the catalytic converter has been fixed we'll be happy to look and see what else might be going on, but your car was running an error code for the catalytic converter so we need to fix that first". And they wanted to charge me again to run any other diagnostics on my car.

So, I took it to the Mac Haik Jeep dealership in Georgetown where they were happy to charge me nothing to look at my car, told me there were no catalytic converter error codes that they found, and happily took my money to change the transmission fluid. My car is running great now, like a new car,  and I kept the $700-$800 Nyle Maxwell would have liked to charge me to fix something that was not wrong. The drive to Georgetown was a little longer, but absolutely worth it to me and I will pick that dealership over this one for all future maintenance, service, and, when the time comes, new jeep sales.

James I. | 2013-11-20

This is by far the worst dealership and service department I have ever encountered. Since the majority of this will not be read, I started with the summary...now, down to the nuts and bolts.
I buy a $60,000.00 truck every 2 to 3 years and for the last 6 trucks its been a Dodge. Love the truck...not a fan of Nyle Maxwell. I took my 2010 in for a few minor repairs; key's not working, seat heaters inoperable, passenger side rear brakes smoking when pulling a trailer. Easy enough right? Not a chance! 3 trips and a month later passenger side rear brakes still smoke and after taking 3 cracks at the seat heaters...they still aren't working. First they replaced the module and said the seat heaters were fixed...when I picked it up (3 days later) and checked all the items, seat heaters still inop. They said to bring it back the next day and I could wait while they make the simple repairs and I would be out after a few hours....NOT A CHANCE! At the end of the day they still hadn't completed anything and asked me to bring it back. So I scheduled an appointment to drop it off on a Friday at 7:30 a.m. and was told it might be in a day or two. By close of business Friday they still hadn't fixed the seats and claimed after a month of driving I still had some fluids on the brakes but never bothered to break the wheels down to see if there were any other problems. I know just enough to say if the disks are discolored the problem is bigger than "fluid on the breaks". But I digress... 4 days later they call me to say they have fixed the seat heaters and the rear brakes were still only fluids but they planned on looking at it closer later that day. I told them I was finished with their half assed attempts at repairs and to put it back together as I would be coming after it. When I arrived an checked the seat heaters, they worked except the switches that light up to let you know they are on and whether they are on high or low....DIDN'T WORK!!! They asked me to bring it back...I took it to another dealer and after telling them my story they jumped at the chance to make them look incompetent (as if they needed any help). The disk is discolored and they want me to bring it back....

Ben J. | 2013-11-20

Went here to buy a new Ram.

I chose this dealership because I liked how transparent their website was.
MSRPs, internet price, and vehicle sticker are easy to find.  The internet
sales manager, Mr Tortorice was a joy to work with.  This is the 3rd new vehicle
I've ever bought and overall, I had a great buying experience.  I'm a very cautious
buyer and I just wait to see how a dealership is going to con me.  The only
issue I had was the finance guy was kind of push about getting me to sign
up for extra warranties (which I declined.)  I would have given the place 5 stars
if my first No would have been sufficient.

When Mr Tortorice sensed I might be settling on a truck that wasn't quite
right for me, he encouraged me to wait till will found the right one.  Totally
shocking!  Most sales folks will jump on whatever they think you might

Bruce S. | 2013-11-01

We bought a new Dodge from Nyle Maxwell.  We brought it in for repair after only a few weeks (it still had the temporary tags).  It took them 44 days to complete the repair.  I heard every possible excuse.  They kept changing the estimated completion date -- most times the day it was due to be completed.  The service personnel in-charge changed several times during this period.  No one took responsibility. They still required we pay full price for the repairs.  I highly recommend you avoid this dealer.

Mulan S. | 2013-10-22

The attitude of the sales-woman who tried to force a car on me is extremely upsetting. I came in looking for a specific Jeep, however she informed me that it was out as a loner vehicle, but she could have it back in a week. I asked her if it had power windows (who wants windows that you have to mannually roll up in Texas??!!), and she replied that it did not have them. I told her I am not interested at all if it does not have power windows. She insisted and tried to sell me on the "pretty wheels" it had. Thanks but no thanks, I think the power windows are more important than pretty wheels. So we moved on to looking for other options. I informed her that I did not want a silver car, and she said she would go speak to her manager and see what they could come up with. 10 minutes later, she came back telling me that she could have a SILVER Jeep in for me the next day. Really lady? We ended up leaving upset, and without a car. I will forever take my business elsewhere.

J M. | 2013-09-20

This review is  for the service department only:
I called to get an estimate on installing a spare in my new fiat. I left a message 2 days in a row for the fiat service 'specialist' on the third day, I called and left a message for the service manger. No calls were returned. I happened to be up north and stopped by in person, and went to the service area. After waiting for about 10 minutes with people/mechanics and advisors milling about, someone asked if they could help me. I Then explained the event timeline. After some excuses about not understanding the phone number on the recording, the service manager then proceeded to give me a quote including 1 1/2 hours labor for a job that fiat lists as 1/2 hour. With the part, the cost is 2X of getting the part from another dealer and having it installed.
I am so glad I did not buy from them, and I'll be going elsewhere for service.

Lisa W. | 2013-09-06

Jack Matthews needs therapy and a new career.  This man has issues!!!  I would hate to see how he treats his family???  Just saying.

My first and last experience with this service department.  I have my New car in of only 300 miles from Fiat and I am Very disappointed in the attitude and arrogance of the Manager.  I am returning my New car and getting a refund, under the LEMON LAW and Of course I had to hire an attorney.  This has been Great Fun!!

Good Luck To All out there.

Daniel F. | 2013-08-29

I have been using Nyle Maxwell for years as I am a huge Chrysler fanatic. They have always treated me with respect and fairness. I will continue to use them for years to come. Their Service Department is outstanding and always willing to help. Thanks for such a great experience guys!

Colleen R. | 2013-07-13

This is the shadiest car dealership ever!!  I spent a week to make contact with someone, and they have some stupid automated email generator that emails you, but you don't know it's not really a person until they tell you.  I ended up working with Johnnie and Carlos, and we came to an agreement after many excruciating hours sitting in there showroom while they do the "let me ask my manager" b.s., but since it was 10 p.m. and two hours past closing, I asked to sleep on it.  I called Johnnie the next morning to tell her I would be in to sign the papers and buy the vehicle.  When I got in there and sat down to sign the contract, the terms were different than what we agreed on, and I was told that they didn't have the room to keep their end of the deal, basically.  I got up and left.  I say stay away from these people!!  They were willing to lie about my employment (I was unemployed and trying to finance in my husband's name) but they found a lender who would not verify employment.  AVOID THIS DEALERSHIP AT ALL COSTS!  There are plenty of good people out there who would love to sell you a vehicle without lying to you or about you.

Shasta C. | 2013-07-09

The service department was very helpful, they communicated well and I had my car back the next day. Will defiantly use them again

Andrew H. | 2013-05-29

if i could give 0 stars i would.   i went to nyle maxwell cdj to get a body panel repaired on my 2012 ram pick up due to being improperly installed. I worked with a service adviser Eric (total slap dick) does not care about his customers, i had to call him and track down the status of my claim/ vehicle up to the point the service manager got involved then it seemed to wake him up. Nevertheless today was my 6th visit and it is still not properly repaired.  during this process i attempted to contact the general manager to express my frustration and lack of professionalism in his dealership, it took 3 phone calls before i received a call back from the service manager (jack). no only was the buck passed down to an employee it still was not fixed properly after dealing with the service manager.  

visit 1 . present dealer with issue.  pictures taken of damage
2 weeks+ later
visit 2  take more pictures as they got lost
visit 3 drop truck off for repair
visit 4 pick up truck only half repaired as off site painter cannot fix it
visit 5 return truck to have repairs finished (sent home without dropping truck off as the painters are not available)

at this time dealer picked up truck at my house due to high level of frustration

visit 6 pick up the truck paint not repaired properly (looks worse than received)

at this point they are ordering a replacement panel rather than trying to slap stucco and touch up paint on it.

as a side note... I spoke with this dealer when looking to purchase my truck, their sales staff was incompetent and the gentleman i initially attempted to speak with hardly spoke English.  furthermore he offered me $1000 on my trade in which i got $4000 for at Benny Boyd in Bastrop where i ultimately purchased my truck.  If you are looking to buy or get service on a Chrysler Dodge or Jeep avoid Nyle Maxwell.

Nick S. | 2013-04-05

If you like the idea of buying a used car and spending $1100 to fix it in the FIRST WEEK, this is your place.

Obviously they were given a chance to fix the problem, since this happened in the first 150 miles, but no luck. They only check the basics, and apparently the drive shaft  is not included in that.

Run, run, run.

Adrienne C. | 2013-03-27

Waiting.... ..... .... OMG evvverytime I go here I wait forrreeevvver. I'm talking about the service center...

I've had mixed experiences... one time I went into get my steering wheel fixed because the main center piece kept popping out. My car was returned to me with the steering wheel covered in blue glue..(why blue?).  I had to bring it back and have it re-done, which was quite a process, because no one would take credit for the glue. Annyway have to say they did end up fixing it which was nice but they put a new steering wheel on that was scratched at the bottom. The car was only 2 months old / brand new so this bugged me, but at least it wasn't blue glue so I just gave up.

I think they could benefit with better communication with the service staff and the customer. I feel like no one ever explains anything to me. I pull up, have to find someone to take my car. Then I sit and wait forever ( make sure you charge your phone before you go or bring an activity). Then my name gets called over the loudspeaker, I pay. And go find my car outside. It's just a strange service set up thats all.

Also if you call in they are super unfriendly on the phone :(  I hate when I am more polite then the person who is in the position of customer service....

J M. | 2013-03-01

Picked up a '10 wrangler here last week. I've been looking for a while at other dealers, carmax, etc. I actually went to Nyle Maxwell to look at a different wrangler I saw online but it had already sold, was a little bummed. But I still ended up with a very low mile wrangler that I'm happy with. I guess what I liked most about this place is the lifetime warranty on the engine and transmission. I worked with Gary and Warren. Both were very helpful and polite, no pressure or gimmicks. I think it was helpful knowing what I wanted before going in, had a budget, and stuck to it. I'll definitely go back when my wife is ready for a new car.

Walker P. | 2013-01-17

I bought a 6 year old used car from Nyle Maxwell just before the summer of 2012, so I've had it less than a year. It was a high mileage car, and I bought it because my SUV got terrible gas mileage and I was about to start a new job which would require me to drive an additional 200 miles per week. I should've known better, because everyone I told how much I paid for the car was shocked, but it appeared to be in nice condition, had one owner who drove it as a commuter vehicle and appeared to take care of it. I figured it was worth the extra money.

Now keep in mind that any kind of extended warranty that might be offered on their used cars did NOT apply to my purchase because of the mileage (we're talking around 180k). However, what I've found in the relatively short time that I've owned the car is that Nyle Maxwell hardly did any kind of real inspection for problems --both potential and present -- or they knew about them and failed to tell me.

Look, at the end of the day, the industry says it's ok to be sleazy and not mention problems if the buyer doesn't notice that. While it may be fine for them, it's certainly not for me. Had they come clean and priced the vehicle accordingly, I would still have likely purchased it and dealt with the repairs, knowing full well what I was getting into.

Nyle Maxwell, you lost my business for life. I'll make sure everyone I know steers clear as well.

Keyla R. | 2012-12-06

We recently took our car in to have a warranty issue with our car looked at and while we were here we decided to take advantage of their tire rotation and oil change special.

The work was done and they were very nice, but there are a couple of areas where they can improve.

The first was that we were supposed to get a call letting us know when the car was ready, but after the had had the car overnight twice, we decided to call and see if they were waiting on a part or what. It turns out they just forgot to call us.

The second is a small matter, but other dealerships I have been to usually wash your cash for you before they return it to you as a courtesy when they have kept it overnight. Here, they kept our car for two nights and didn't wash it before returning it, which would have gone a long way towards making us feel better about the fact that they kept it longer than needed because they didn't call us.

Better communication would probably have earned them that last star. The service was probably timely, but since we had no way of knowing it was completed, it seemed untimely to us.

Carolyn V. | 2012-10-07

DISCLAIMER: this review is for the service department only.

The Good:
 :: it's a pretty new facility and very clean, big, easy to find
 :: people were nice enough
 :: they didn't fight me when i asked for a rental since i needed a car and they had already had my car in 3 times for the same problem for a week each time. smart.

The Bad:
 :: communication was awful from the staff. awful. awful awful awful. perhaps this should fall into the ugly bucket??? i had to call back alllll the time to get status on my jeep repair. the guy returned my calls but the fact that i had to play chase to get a car status every freaking time drove me nuts.
  :: it's faaaaaaaaaaaaar away if you live central and don't want to go to the Southpoint dealer, which is understandable b/c that one is garbage
 :: the waiting area is tiny
 :: they have wireless but you had to chase someone down who actually knew the wifi passcode

The Ugly:
 :: it took them not once, not twice, but THREE times to fix the issue of my jeep leaking. each time they had it "repaired", i would get into my jeep and find it completely drenched with water all over the door panels. i'd have to bring them out to show them. the person bringing my car around HAD TO HAVE SEEN THE RAIN ALL OVER THE CAR DOOR PANELS. there is no way he couldn't have seen it, not to mention the CAR SEATS WERE DRENCHED. you don't sit in a wet seat and not know it's soaked and your ass is suddenly a lot wetter than it was seconds ago.
 :: i had to tell them about the service bulletins and to look for them. why am i doing their jobs for them???? the service bulletins were what ended up fixing the issue with the soft top leaks. why didn't they get that the first time i took it in? or even the second time? it's called someone didn't give a shit.

Would I go back? No thanks. I don't have spare time to go back 20 miles 50 times to get the same issue addressed. Now that there's a better Jeep dealer close to me, there's absolutely no reason for me to go to this location for service.

This place is OUT.

Scott L. | 2012-06-12

After looking at several Jeep dealers in town, I set out to use the Internet sales team (c'mon it's 2012, let's all have a decent online presence) route. It was 9 p.m. on a weekday. I sent out the specs I was looking for to three dealers, not expecting to hear anything back until the next morning. Not even five minutes later, Russell at Nyle Maxwell had sent me a sticker and called to confirm I had received the sticker. They had the 2012 Grand Cherokee available and could have it brought in from another partner.

Did the paperwork the next day, walked out with a loaner Jeep (with only 3 miles on it) for the night while the vehicle was being brought in, detailed and readied. Picked up the next day.

Even better, Russell took the time to show all the "hidden" features of the Jeep, was a joy to do business with and made me a hell of a deal for it and my trade ($500 less than Blue Book). Russell's knowledge of the industry (he started as a mechanic and worked his way into his current role) was a delight. Amazing service and not once did I feel like I was in the horror story one expects when you walk onto a lot.

Also mad props to Kenneth for being friendly while working up the finance paperwork.

Yes, I'd recommend Nyle Maxwell. They rocked.

And btw, the other dealerships lost out on my business. I've yet to hear from them at all.

Sarah F. | 2012-05-06

I had my eye on either a challenger or camaro two years ago and decided to check out a challenger since me and my husband lived close by. We parked and got out and they had one displayed at the entrance and gawked for about 7 minutes when a salesman came out to check on us. We told him that we were interested in an RT. He said he doesn't have one and before we could even ask to see the inside he trotted his way back in. My husband was pissed at that point and immediately left. Seeing from other reviews I would probably recommend finding another dodge location because apparently if they can't sell you a car then and there, they don't give you the light of day.

FYI eventually went with a camaro. Sry guys...

Jared A. | 2012-01-02

They should be banned from using the words "service" or "express" to describe their "service" department. They have successfully failed on three separate occasions to even remotely meet my expectations in terms of service, quality, customer satisfaction, speed, and sadly, competence.

I purchase the new grand Cherokee, which I understood would have its 1st year model issues. Shouldn't be a problem, I thought. The first time I brought it in with about 5 items that needed addressing, they fixed one of them, claimed to not be able to identify two, and completely neglected to look into the other two. They had to special order a hitch part which meant me bringing it back in, so they can fix things next time...

I'm confident that had I not called in every two weeks, next time would've never happened. The agent didn't keep me informed on when the part would arrive. I don't even think they ordered the part until I called back in two weeks later.

Well, the day finally came when I could bring the car in, and low and behold, there was another item that needed addressing. Midday, I received a call and they informed me their sister dealer an hour across town had improperly installed the hitch electrical harness. Their suggested solution was to take the jeep across to them so they could fix it. I'm not sure what crap school of automotive tech and customer service these guys went to, but it's unbelievable how bad they are in all regards. After speaking with the manager, they agreed to perform the necessary work at their dealership, which in my mind had already consumed more than their allotted share of time.

So final attempt with these guys... an express oil change. I brought the car in at 2pm on a Monday, dropped it off with the agent for an express oil change, and patiently waited. 40 minutes later, I checked in to learn the car had not moved from where I dropped it off. The agent went back to the garage to check on the hold up only to come back with a lame excuse, but a promise of 15 minutes more and it'd be done. Well, 40 minutes later I'm writing this review and finally walking out the door.

If you are a jeep/dodge/Chrysler/fiat owner, plan on avoiding Nyle Maxwell's garage at all costs. I was more than generous ad patient with them, and they failed and failed and failed.

Susan E. | 2011-11-01

Great car dealership! Juan B. helped me find the car I needed at the right price-Very fair deal-He was very helpful, friendly, quick, and efficient!

Sam in financing was also very helpful in pointing out all the wonderful features on the car having been a previous owner of the car type I purchased-

For the most part, everyone worked as a team to give me the best deal and as a single woman can be an intimidating experience in buying a new car, but this dealership will assure a smooth and worry free transaction!

Julie A. | 2011-05-22

This place is great.  Friendly.  As fast as they possibly can be - I went on a Saturday.  It took a fair amount of time, but hey, that's the way it goes.  They didn't try to sell me anything, which I appreciated.  Check them out!

Jonathan L. | 2011-05-03

Poor experience trying to buy used car.  The car I was interested in had the mileage wrong on the internet (when I took for test drive was a full 50% higher than shown).  Was unable to get a CARFAX.  Also cars that are not available listed on their website.  Not sure what is going on - bait and switch?  just "errors"?  website not updated in a timely way?  anyway waste of time.....

Amanda S. | 2011-03-04

Wait! I bought a "new to me car"? That was Soooo Painless!! Yippeeeeee!
I am surprised to see that there are anything but good reviews. I recently purchased a vehicle from Maxwell and have had super duper customer service. I originally worked with Johnnie Vance but do to circumstances beyond our control ended up working with Cathy Townsend. I was surprised by the easy going attitude Cathy had. Like we were old friends walking around the lot chit-chatting. Didn't feel like I was buying a car AT ALL!
Every single one of my phone calls were returned the SAME day. I have had service on my vehicle and again....NOTHING but good customer service.
I will recommend this dealership to anyone and everyone! and hey if u buy a car from Cathy or Johnnie make sure u tell them Amanda Scott sent u ;)

Nathan I. | 2009-10-29

Who knew that when I traded in my BMW for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, I would be losing so much more. Don't get me wrong, I love this Jeep, but I was unprepared for the difference in the waiting areas. It's a loss I still mourn today.

At BMW, you are treated to a mini-Starbucks with assorted flavorings and a staff, along with fresh cookies, bottled water or juice, soft drinks and fruit. At Maxwell Dodge, ya got stale pot of coffee on a burner by the bathroom. That you have to pour yourself. It's almost savage.

At BMW, you can choose from several flat screen TVs, and most waiting customers are content to watch the news. At Maxwell Dodge, you have lots of tiny TVs tuned into ESPN. And the guy with the trucker hat in the lounge with you doesn't look like the type that would appreciate you changing it to Tyra.

At BMW, you can select from public or private computer stations surrounding an elaborate aquarium. At Maxwell, you need to have the foresight to bring your laptop. Otherwise, activities include staring at the wall, staring outside, aimlessly walking around, or smoking on the bench outside.

At BMW, the bathrooms are gilded and unlike anything I've seen outside of a Four Seasons. In addition to European-style stalls that afford one complete privacy, you also dry your hands on real towels and can stop to smell the fresh flowers. At Maxwell, stalls have gaps you could drive a truck through.

At BMW, you can browse an entire showroom of accessories and gear, including clothing, watches, shoes, and toys. At Maxwell, you have to special order even a sunshade from two scowling, unfriendly young guys in the back.

At BMW, after any service call, a car wash is complementary. At Maxwell, don't even ask. They looked at me like I was from another planet.

At BMW, if they say your car will take an extra hour or so, that's A-OK! You can sit in an air conditioned private movie theatre with reclining leather seats, or help yourself to the secluded massage area, complete with relaxing massage chair, Zen water fountain, and a big screen flashing calming images of rainforests and beaches. At Maxwell...are you kidding me?

Well, you get the picture. So stressful.