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Welcome to Maxwell Ford, in Austin, Texas - Serving San Marcos, New Braunfels, Round Rock, and Georgetown
Ford is the best in Texas! You might know us as a popular Ford dealership in your area. We are... But, that's not all we are. We're your neighbors with a vested interest in keeping you safe and confident while you're on the road. That's why we choose to sell new Ford and used car models. It's also why we offer first-rate Ford service. Come for the cars, come back for the camaraderie.

Maxwell Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 916-2696
Address:5000 South IH 35, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Maxwell Ford

Charlotte W. | 2015-04-13

I bought a new Focus here in 2012 and I'm still so unhappy about the buying experience that my stomach drops when I drive by the dealership. It was my first car purchase and I went on my own; I later found out that it wasn't a normal car buying experience and it shouldn't have taken 6+ hours of price negotiations and left me feeling really ripped off rather than excited.

The two major issues I have coming away from the experience are:

1. I was promised a $500 discount for being a recent graduate and was told I didn't qualify after the car was already purchased.

The sales people had me pull up and print a copy of my diploma for these reasons and I signed a form for the refund. During the remainder of my price negotiations, this $500 was removed from the overall numbers we were talking about. Weeks later, after a check hadn't come in, I called and the office manager let me know that I didn't qualify because I had graduated about 6 months beyond the timeline. My car that I had already felt I purchased for too high a price just got $500 more expensive and no offer to provide this discount personally was offered.

2. I was given a different car with lesser features than the one I had purchased.

I chose a few upgraded features, like a touchscreen monitor and I was able to pick out the rims I liked. When my car (which they had found for me out of state as I wanted a manual rather than automatic) arrived a week and a half later, they had me go to my auto insurance site to change the VIN number because they had brought me an entirely different car. I was so excited that my car was finally here that I didn't make a stink about the fact that they had downgraded the car - this one had a different set of rims, still nice, but the lower model without the touchscreen.

I don't think that they had maliciously lied to me about this stuff, but they also didn't help me out at all and I think they knew that a young person wouldn't be likely to protest these issues. On top of a generally awful purchasing experience, getting ripped off weeks later took the fun out of my new car. I really wish I had left and gone to a different dealership as I would have saved me a significant amount of money.

My advice: don't let them buy your trade-in before you are comfortable with the offer you are being given. I think this is a tactic to make you feel uncomfortable about being able to just leave when things feel sketchy. Also, bring a friend to support you and don't be afraid to ask for additional written documentation of all of the fees and any discounts to come. These things really add up!

Heather J. | 2015-04-05

I bought a new 2015 Ford Mustang, from Christopher Saumers. The buying experience was great! I had no clue what I wanted when I went there, and to make matters worse, I didn't really want to get rid of my current car (but I needed to). Chris was super patient with me. I test drove 4 different vehicles. He was never pushy (I really hate high pressure sales people).

When we did start negotiating on the price of the car and the trade in, it was a pleasant experience. Once the price was settled on, the rest of the transaction, went very smoothly.

I would definitely recommend Chris Saumers and Maxwell Ford, to purchase a car.

Justin S. | 2015-03-24

I just purchased a pre owned Ford Focus Hatchback from these guys today and it was a great experience! My salesman was Chris Saumers and he couldn't have been more helpful with getting me the exact car I was looking for! He was very helpful with getting me through the paperwork and going over the car's features! Zach went over the paperwork with me to finish the transaction and was very helpful in going over my buying options and was understanding of what I needed to drive this car off the lot. Before stopping at Maxwell, I went to a different dealership on the motor mile. This other dealership tried to get into anything and get me out the door. Chris and Zach at Maxwell Ford made sure I was getting the car that I wanted and that I was happy. Even staff members who saw me walking around with my paperwork congratulated me on my purchase and were very friendly. These guys were awesome. I couldn't be happier with this process and the staff who helped me through it!

Michael M. | 2015-03-22

Sales guys are great but they cannot make up for the service department.  

After 2.5 years the battery went on our car.  The manufacturer's warranty is 3yrs on this model of battery.  (no mileage limitation).  The car has 30,200 miles on it and service department would not replace the battery.  They claim the warranty is on the car and is only covered for 30,000 miles.  

When I went to the auto parts store, the guy told me to take the battery back to where I bought it and get a new one.  He did not want to sell me a new one.

According to Maxwell Ford: The car warranty actually undermines the battery warranty.!

Sales guys could not believe it but that doesn't get me a new battery.

M. S. | 2015-02-20

We were on vacation with our 2 small children when we decided to get a new car. My car was too small. It was almost closing time so we were all in a hurry and my kids were getting into everything. We should have paid more attention to what was on our papers. The lady told us the best warranty was about $3000 and that's what we wanted because it came with key replacement, dent repair, free oil changes, and all kinds of other stuff... or so we thought. All that other stuff was extra money and she never told us. We just signed the papers. When all the papers arrived at our house by mail, we saw that our warranties all added up to $11,000!! On a $15,000 car!! Very deceitful people.

Katie A. | 2015-02-09

We had a great experience buying a used car from Mark G. We found the car we wanted online, which knocked about $2000 off the sticker price, so I highly recommend doing your research first. Everyone talked straight with us and we got a better deal financing through the dealership than we would have at our credit union. It was the most painless car purchase my husband and I have ever made.

Do your research, come in with terms and a budget, and you'll get what you want.

Sam F. | 2015-01-29

As of 1/26/15 the service center is undergoing a major renovation. The service center waiting room is a modular building. If I would have realized this I'd never had taken my truck here to be serviced.

Originally had booked a 7am appointment online. There was no indication there might be a delay or there was construction work going on. Took off work for the morning and arrived promptly shortly before 7am. Couldn't figure out where to get in line for service work because vehicles were parked everywhere haphazardly in the service area.

7am and still nothing. Myself and another customer stood there waiting for a service advisor. Finally 5-10 mins after 7am people start streaming out of one of the trailers parked on site and start moving vehicles out of the way. No hellos or greetings...

So with no signs or instruction available ..I decided to take the initiative once they had moved some of the vehicles out of the way and moved my truck under the temporary awning they had set up.

Finally a service advisor approached me and I told him what I wanted done. Simple oil change and tire rotation. He said no problem ..should be about 40 mins.

I was literally the first vehicle in line. I didn't leave there for over 2 hours!! I was on the road after 9am. It's tough to imagine an oil change taking 2 hours. What's the point of evening getting there at 7am if they can't take care of you in a reasonable amount of time ?

I especially find the up sales annoying. The service advisor tells me my air filter is dirty. I need a fuel induction cleaning, etc, etc, the fuel filter looks like the original. I change my air filter at home every 15k. The fuel filter is changed regularly as well.

Really no consistency in any of their service reports. I'm pretty sure a lot of it ends up getting pencil whipped.

I get the truck wash. No paper floor mats. And there's a big greasy oily fingerprint smudge on the drivers door.

No service advisor in sight to share my concerns with. And as this point I say..screw it. In tired of wasting my time with this place.

I really want to do business with a local ford dealership ..I really want to like this place. They make it very tough to do so.

This is just really a series of disappointments...but the first time I've felt compelled to write a review.

Do yourself a favor and drive a little further into town to Lief Johnson Ford. It's tougher to get to sometimes but the service there has always been exemplary. Not so much at Maxwell Ford. l'm tired of being disappointed from this place. Definitely would never buy a vehicle here. I don't care how fancy their service department looks after they get done remodeling. Customer service starts way before that.

Okay I'm done with my rant :)

Cary N. | 2015-01-22

Have to give a yelp out to my sales consultant Steven Jackson for all his patience and kindness. I may not have found a fit here car inventory wise, but the service was amazing. Thank you Steven!!!

Sergio T. | 2014-12-10

45 minutes I sat outside without any assistance. 45 minutes!! Insane! Saleswoman Emily said she was headed to a lot 5 min away to pick up a vehicle to test drive and guess what, she never came back. Insane.

Daniela H. | 2014-12-06

************REVIEW ABOUT SERVICE DEPARTMENT************************

HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The service, my rep and the time it took them to know nothing about my car was over a week! i spent 300 dollars on a rental, waiting for them to do a diagnostic (for $161) that amounted to nothing. I dropped my car off on Friday at 8am,and the rep told me that he would call me that day to tell me something. He NEVER called me and I had to call them on Monday to even see what was going on. We played phone tag, until I was so pissed that the secretary there tracked the guy down. (His name is Hector)).... Now I am generally a nice person, but after so many days of nothing, I am not so nice!

I didn't talk to anyone from that Monday until Wens and that was because I finally said I wanted an email at least to update me on what should be done. I didn't get my car back until Friday (and I got the car back, because they couldn't and wouldn't do anything to my car without i costing 1200+.. and this was for stuff that wasn't even apart of the original issue... hell one of the parts for the issue they talked about was and is 24.96 at Auto Zone and they wanted to charge me 990.00 for it with labor. F**ken rip off!!!!) and they didn't' do anything but replace a lock on my hood, because I told them too. They then supposedly ordered my parts, but when I went to pick up the car, they didn't include that in my invoice price.. AND it took them forever to gather the parts. PLUS I asked them to order door parts for me, and again they never communicated with me on that.

This was the cliff notes of the event too!

So I hate this dealership and I will never go back for work. They are only good for ordering parts and for 115 an hour, when other shops are about 86-89 dollars an hour.. this place is nothing but a headache. The total with parts and everything was 460+ dollars.. ugh!  DON'T GO HERE!!!!

John S. | 2014-12-05

I went to maxwell looking to buy a used car. The salesman didn't give me the time of day. He walked me to the type of car I wanted and he just stood there. Didn't talk to me didn't explain the vehicles. nothing. His customer service wasn't just bad. It was non existent

I don't know if he didn't take take me serious or just didn't care. Either way my experience was awful and they lost a sale. I went straight to Leif Johnson ford and proceeded to buy my car.

I wouldn't recommend maxwell to anyone. Drive the extra 15 minutes to Leif Johnson. It's more than worth it. Customer service is amazing and they are willing to make you a good deal.

Scott S. | 2014-12-04

I wish I could leave negative stars as this has been the worst car buying/ service experience of my life. I purchased a 2011 Ford F 150 about a month ago from Maxwell Ford. My sales experience was good and I was happy with the financing they got me approved through. It was after I left the dealership that my nightmare begins.

The day after purchasing the vehicle (when I got to drive it more than around the block) I began to notice a severe slip in the transmission. I also noticed the engines idle jumping up and down while the vehicle was in park. All things you do not want to see from your $25k + new truck. I immediately contacted my sales rep and he of course referred me to the service department. I brought the truck back down to be worked on and was informed that my warranty (issued through the bank that financed the truck) had not gone into effect yet and there was nothing they could do for me until that time. Essentially CERTIFIED USED means nothing at Maxwell Ford. Nobody was willing to take any accountability for the broken truck that was just sold to me as they wanted to pass the bill to Velocity Credit Union. As this was a safety issue I paid a friend whom is a mechanic out of my own pocket to service my truck nice new truck.

A couple weeks later I notice my turn signal on the passenger side door had gone out. A standard maintenance issue on any vehicle. Unfortunately this required a Ford dealership and I was foolish enough to bring my business back to Maxwell Ford (I know, I must enjoy the punishment). I called ahead and made an appointment to have my turn signal replaced. Now I am not a professional mechanic, but I am pretty sure this is a simple job. I was quoted a wait time of 2 hours. Not too sure why I made an appointment to wait a couple hours but I was already there so I wanted to get this taken care of. Over 3 hours go by and nothing from the service department. Finally having to get back to work I inquire as to how much longer my truck was going to be? There were STILL several cars in front of me. Lets just say I still do not have a turn signal.

I do want to include in my review that before I left the dealership the service manager did finally address the issues with me. He offered to take a look at the transmission and make sure everything is working correctly. Which is great, but at this point I am very hesitant to have Maxwell Ford work on my truck. If a turn signal takes 4-6 hours I can't imagine how long a transmission would take. My truck is an essential part of my business, and this has been a HUGE (and costly) inconvenience. It is a shame that it takes this much mistreatment of your customers before someone is willing to step in and finally do the right thing. You have lots of choices on where to buy a car, I would recommend finding a dealership that takes better care of its customers.

Sharrell W. | 2014-12-03

I have purchased my ford edge from maxwell.  Two weeks after I purchased my vehicle,  I went to cancel my extended warranty and gap coverage after I paid the vehicle off.   The paperwork was for JM&GROUP warranty.  I contacted the company and I was informed they could not locate a warranty with my contract number, social security etc.  I was referred back to the dealership where I left messages with the financial manager and Jemoa and as of today I still have not received a phone call.  It's past 8 weeks I still have no refund check or explanation.  People please beware of the financial department scams.  I paid off my car in enough time to receive a full refund. BEWARE!!

Erin R. | 2014-11-22

I had a really good experience here working with Jeff Lynch! I had been shopping online for cars and Maxwell Ford was the first stop on my list. Long story short, I ended up buying a great car and was really glad I worked with Jeff. He was down to earth, not pushy or typical "sales guy" personality. Genuinely friendly and helpful- he even gave me some great advice when I told him I would be driving out of state soon and after doing some research, he was right about everything he advised me on! The  space is clean and everyone there was very quick and helpful, even though it was Saturday and very busy, I was in and out in a few hours with a new car that I love. I would highly recommend asking for Jeff Lynch, you will be very glad you did!

Jonathan L. | 2014-11-14

Horrible pace, they do not return phone calls or do what they say they are going to do.  Still trying to get an extended warranty and gap insurance canceled. Stay away this place is full of liars and low life's.  I will update if they ever cancel my extended warranty and Gap insurance.  People dealt with some lady in finance named Djemma or something like that and Fernando business manager.

Alex M. | 2014-10-28

After receiving a recall notice from Ford, I called Maxwell Ford and asked if I could schedule an appointment to get my vehicle checked. When I gave the lady in the Service department my VIN, she informed me that there was no recall on my car. I thought that was strange but since (in my mind) the dealership had no reason to lie to me, I didn't think much of it. A few months later, I called the dealership where I had purchased my car (Heart of Texas Ford in Brady, Texas which has AWESOME staff and amazing service) and was told there were actually TWO recalls out on my car which the Brady dealership told me immediately came up when they searched my VIN. Since I don't live close to Brady, I called Maxwell Ford back to attempt to again schedule an appointment. After being transferred to the service department, I provided my VIN to the woman I spoke to and was AGAIN told that there was no recall and therefore, nothing I asked them to do would be covered under my warranty (which is still in effect, I might add). This was the complete opposite of the outcome of the conversation I had literally just had with the lady from Brady so I was not convinced that she was being truthful. The Maxwell Ford woman told me she would have to go get a manager to check and put me on hold. I hung up after deciding that I would rather try somewhere else. Maybe it was a computer system error but I still wasn't feeling great about it.

Anyway, I called another Ford dealership here in Austin and they also were able to pull up the recall notices and promptly scheduled me an appointment so I could bring it in. Makes you wonder...

Matthew W. | 2014-10-18

So, whenever I go to any of these places I look at the reviews and they are often a 1 or a 5.  I am going to call this a 4.  Also, whenever I see the reviews its often about the actual service department instead of the people that helped you buy a car.  This review will be about the People.

I didn't buy a car from them, but I did look at a car for my family who was going to be coming down and I was their first line of defence.

The Space:  The space was actually nice, no one offered me water or a donut or anything which is per usually, but I didn't need those things anyway.  It was clean and big.  They had space age monitors and interactive stuff which added the the appeal.  However, you walked what it looked like straight into command center, so as soon as you walk in, there are about 10 hungry eyes trained right on you which is a little uneasy.

The people:  The people said, "Yes, I can do that for you" or "No, that won't be possible."  "Come in next week and I can get you a better deal" or, "There is no way that I can do better than that."  It was simple and easy to talk with them.  They of course went out of their way to get things for me and talk to me about anything.  They were not pushy but they were firm about getting me a car. They also did not do the whole trick of "What are you looking to pay each month"  They just asked how much we were looking to pay, which is great.

All in all, a great place.

Matthew G. | 2014-10-09

I did some comparison shopping for a new car, first on the web and then in person at a couple of other dealerships.  When I met Jennifer Odom at Maxwell, I knew exactly what car I wanted and what I was prepared to pay.

She was extremely open and helpful, explaining every detail in their price and all of the "gotchas" that some other dealers try to throw in a the last minute. She also fought for the best trade-in price to make the deal possible.  She earned respect and trust.  I might have saved a couple hundred dollars at another dealer (or might not have), but drove away in a new car happy following a transparent, easy interaction with a great salesperson.

Shame on other dealers (or salespeople) for continuing bait-and-switch and/or high pressure sales tactics.  Won't work on those of us willing to get up and walk out!

Danielle W. | 2014-09-16

Short Story: They returned my car with a broken axle!

Long Story: I took my 2012 Ford Focus in for a recall issue involving a leaking clutch seal which was causing transmission issues. I brought the car in early Monday morning at which they tell me I need to leave my car for them to possibly look at it that week -- and they don't provide a loaner vehicle for the week they have my car just sitting there. I pick up the car Thursday evening. Friday I drive it to work and during the 10 mile drive home the alert pops-up on my dash for low tire pressure. This alert is pretty sensitive on my car and since it was raining really heavily I decided to check the tires on Saturday. Saturday morning I check the tires and they look totally fine. I get about 2 miles down the road on Slaughter and the front passenger tire completely gives out. We expect it's a flat because of the low tire pressure alert, but to our surprise the FRONT AXLE BROKE OFF turning the tire completely sideways and making it impossible to open the passenger door as well as causing body damage and creating a major traffic hazard!!

Maxwell Ford took my car in for a recall issue and returned it to me with an improperly reassembled axle that broke off in the middle of the driving on a busy road endangering my life and the life of others. Completely unacceptable and terribly shoddy workmanship. I call Maxwell and they give me the number for their preferred tow truck company and tell me they'll get this taken care of. I arrive at the dealership to hesitantly drop off my car and pick up the loaner vehicle they are now providing me and I ask to speak to the service manager. He comes out with a "let the master show you how it's done" bravado, looks at my tire/axle and simply states, "well, it's under warranty so we'll fix it."'d be fixing this no matter what, buddy. YOU BROKE IT! No apologies, no accepting of responsibility, no emotion.Had this axle broke on IH35 (or if someone was driving close behind my car on Slaughter when it broke) serious injury/death could have ensued and this manager is acting like it's not that big of a deal.

Then they had the nerve to comment publicly on Facebook that the CV shafts essentially spontaneously failed and it has nothing to do with the work they did for the recall. I even spoke with a service manager of another Ford dealership (one that actually provides loaner vehicles when you come in for recall issues) and he without hesitance said that this was clearly an egregious error on behalf of the Maxwell Ford mechanics. AND after a handful of people commented on my original post Maxwell Ford DELETED it.

They were supposed to call me yesterday to discuss the car, but nope. Haven't heard from them. Terrible customer service, terrible workmanship, terrible accountability, terrible service center.

Jason F. | 2014-09-15

Two weeks ago my overall review would have been 2-3 stars, the week I bought the car my review would have been 4-5 stars even though the dealership still owed me some items. Now my review is at 1-star. When I purchased my new truck I was told that they did not have access to the owner's manual and spare key because it was late on Friday and their employee who manages it was not in. They said they would mail it to me on Monday, as I don't live near South Austin. I had not received it by Friday of the following week so I called Bryson (my sales associate) and was informed that he forgot to mail it, he said he would put it in the mail . I told him not to worry about it, that I would drive down to get it on Saturday as I needed my spare key and the door code from the owner's manual. I also asked him to secure some Army patches I left in my trade-in. On Saturday I drove 45 minutes to Maxwell Ford and when he came out with the spare key it did not fit the vehicle. They did not have my owner's manual with my door code either. I then asked him about the Army patches. He said he had them and went to go get them. After about 20 minutes he returned and stated he had not been able to get my patches because the trade in was in service. We agreed that he would come pick up my truck on Wednesday of that week, get 2 keys programmed for it, get me the door code, and give me my patches. He showed up Wednesday as promised (however very late) and picked up my truck and kept it over night, leaving me with a loaner truck. He switched out the truck the next day and left my keys with one of my co-workers. He hadn't left the door code or the patches so I called him and he said he would mail it to me. I said not to worry because I left a car seat in the backseat of the loaner, which was on me, so I was going to swing by to get the car seat and would grab the code and patches from him at that time. When I went in to get the car seat he brought it right out but said he was not able to get the patches before the truck went to auction. He then said he needed to get the code for the door from the Techs. After about 30 minutes he came back and said he couldn't find it but would text me the code. 1 week later he still had not sent it via text. When I called him he said that I would need to bring the truck in to get the code. I told him this was unacceptable. When I called down I called the dealership and asked to speak with a Manager. I was transferred to Ed. When I explained the situation to Ed he said this was unacceptable and he would have a serious talk with Bryson as well as scheduled 09SEP14 to pick up my truck from work and take care of the issue. He asked what else he could do to make this right. I stated that all I wanted was the door code so I could use that feature of my vehicle. He said ok and that he would top off my truck and give it a clean and wash. I said that was fine. Nobody calls or shows up to my work on the 9th so I call Ed and he says he was going to call Bryson and that Bryson would be coming to get my truck. I have not heard from either person since the 9th. I left a message on Eds voicemail later that week and have not received a return call. I can't find a POC online to speak with a senior manager from the Maxwell Ford on this issue and think that if I call that I am just going to get the run around. I may just need to drive back to the dealership. I don't want anything special just what came with my purchase and not to be lied to and misled.

Andy C. | 2014-09-02

This dealership's repair shop has terrible customer service, horribly unorganized staff with no idea how to manage time or workload, and poorly crafted lies about having a "skeleton crew" when they're just pathetically behind (this has happened multiple times over weekends and weekdays - same excuse every time).

They take forever to get to your car (3-4 days in most cases) and when you finally call to check in (they never call you to tell you it's ready), the paperwork is NEVER ready when you get there, forcing you to wait in the lounge for unspecified lengths of time until the single worker that looked at your car is back at his "desk". Pathetically run and overall a huge waste of time and money.

Jason H. | 2014-08-28

I've seen and read a lot of these reviews, and I have to say that my experience at Maxwell Ford could not have been any better. I went to check out a used truck they had online that seemed to fit what I was looking for. I decided it wasn't exactly what I wanted, but I was able to find one I liked that had just been traded in.

Chris Saumers was the salesperson who was helping me. He was very accommodating, and quickly set me up for a test drive.  Chris answered all the questions I had, and never made me feel pressured to make a decision. I made an offer on an F-150, and Chris promptly went to the desk with the offer. After some short back and forth, my offer was accepted, and the deal was done!

I waited about 15-20 minutes for Financing to call me in. Again, no pressure was applied to purchase any extras I didn't want, and we were able to arrive at a payment I felt great about.

Since the truck I bought was a new trade-in, Chris told me they would run it through Make Ready and get it cleaned up and ready to go. I agreed to pick it up the next day so they could do a thorough job without rushing. Chris had it ready for me the next day and made sure I felt great about the way it looked before I drove away.

Sometimes, people are quick to post a negative review, and far too few ever have anything good to say. I wanted to thank Chris, and make sure everyone knows that the Great service I received was appreciated, and that Maxwell can plan on seeing me again in the future. Kudos!

lisa l. | 2014-08-27

2.5 days they've had our car and haven't even started working on it.  They never called about the delay and will provide no timeframe.  Previously, the scheduler told me that I could not check if they had a minor part in stock, saying I would have to bring the vehicle in before they assess which part it was, order the part, and then I would have to come back for the 5 minute installation..  I finally got him to get me to the service department where I gave them the  number from the internet.  They had the part in stock probably from the last time I tried to get this item serviced.  Parts rep told me he would call to schedule appt when the part came in.  He never did.
Prior to this, I never received a callback from the service or parts department when I tried to set an appointment.
Prior to this, we had the most unbelievably bad sales experience on this vehicle.
We have had no positive interactions with this relic of everything wrong with the American auto industry.

Eddie G. | 2014-08-12

I'm a little disappointed with the device I received today.  Usually there is a pleasant lady, I think her name is Maria but I haven't been here in a while so I'm not sure if she still works here, but today I was approached by another guy named Josh.  Not a good time, he looked like he didn't want to be thereand was rude when I told him that ask I wanted was an oil change.  To make things worst he got aggravated with me for not providing an email address, not sure why that was needed so badly for an oil change.  The service today was really slow, there was one car ahead of me and for some reason I had to wait for almost two hours...I have had more cars in line and waited less.
Another disfigurement was that Ford discontinued their rewards program without notice...lost about $80.00 in credit...not cool.
On the plus side, I'm glad that someone else came out to talk to me about my vehicle, much more friendly and easy to talk to, thanks Hector.
A new thing that Maxwell is doing now is that when they come to talk to you about your vehicle, they being out a very detailed"action plan" of things that need to be fixed, will need to be fixed soon, and stuff that is good to go.
Truck wasn't washed when it was returned...had to wait longer.
Maybe next time it will be good from the start.

Jeremy W. | 2014-07-16

Just beginning shopping for a new car. Focus ST is on the list. Went to the dealer, lots of salespeople wandering around, many with customers, many checking their phones or enjoying a nice cup of coffee. It was pleasant. We walked around in front looking at new cars, trying a few door handles. Sat in one. We were there for 15 minutes completely invisible to all of the staff. Finally I approached someone in a blue shirt and asked if there were any salespeople available. He was surprised, he in fact was a salesman... It was ridiculous. We enjoyed the car, the dealer experience left a lot to be desired!

Michael H. | 2014-07-15

A few months ago, my newish Volkswagen had one more breakdown and I decided to hit up the local dealerships to see if there were any good trade in offers out there. New car buying is always a difficult experience and I don't think too many people have good things to say about the process.

Going in well-prepared seems to be the key. Do your research and know what it is you are looking for. If you bank with University Federal Credit Union (or even if you don't), go their website and download their advice for buying a new car (Wheels 101).  I'd also recommend having your financing in order before visiting any dealership. Your own bank/ credit union will usually give you the best deal and it really gives you a huge leg up when dealing with the salesman.

When I visited the dealership, I wanted to look at the Ford Focus and Fiesta. I particularly wanted one with a good manual transmission and decent package. Both vehicles were reasonably impressive. I normally only drive German cars, but for the price I was mostly happy with what I saw.

The primary problem that I had was simply that Ford (like most dealers) insist on selling your ridiculously tiny tires with any car that comes with anything more than the basic package. As an automotive journalist who currently owns a car with tiny tires, I can tell you that they are a nightmare. Every little thing causes them to go flat and the ride is bad. If you can live with a base model Ford, I would say to go ahead and get one. If you want to customize a new car to YOUR preferences instead of a predetermined package, you are probably going to be out of luck anywhere you go. This just seems to be the way that car dealers work now.

Unfortunately, since I just can't bear to drive another car with skinny tires and didn't want just the base model, I had to drive away in my old car.

That said, the process was pretty painless. The salesman helped the best that he could and didn't use any harsh or misleading tactics on me. He was genuinely friendly and if he could have found me the car I wanted I would have gladly bought from him. It may just be that I've bought enough cars not to be easily taken in but I would likely go back here if I did find a Ford that I wanted to buy. Clearly, I didn't go all the way through the process though so I can't say for certain what it would be like to finish a sale.

The one annoyance that I have experienced since then though is the barrage of texts and phone calls. I've had to block several of their numbers from my phone because they keep texting me with "special offers". I'm not sure why they think that is acceptable. You wouldn't give me the car I wanted, so our transaction is over. Stop calling me and stop texting me. You lost the sale and it isn't coming back by annoying me. What do they think they are gaining by constantly harassing me? That alone is costing them one full star here. The lack of options for getting a car equipped the way I want instead of the way Ford wants is costing them the other.

Other than that though, if I had a friend in Austin looking to buy a Ford I would send them to this dealership.

Eric W. | 2014-07-04

Called service late on day and Mike picked up, told me to bring in my 1998 Lincoln mark VIII (my baby) in the next day, drove it in at 11:00am, and dropped it off with Tim in the service area, had the car diagnosed, repaired and washed by 5:30pm that same day. I now know I can trust these guys.

the repair was a failed coil plug, and the bill was fair.

You guys just earned a life long customer. Thanks.

Bianca C. | 2014-06-27

One of the worst car buying experiences I've ever had. After calling in and speaking with a salesman named Bryson, who assured us that our 45 minute drive there would be worth it, we were left to wander through a sea of F-150's virtually unattended. Bryson would grab keys to one truck only to return and instantly quote us a price that was out of our budget. He kept saying "the best I can do is 'this' and there's no way I can get any lower." No value was built and he never even offered to let us drive a vehicle, let alone investigate to find out what we wanted or needed. We came prepared to purchase and left feeling unappreciated and VERY disappointed. Perhaps Maxwell Ford could save money and replace their "salesmen" with price quoting robots instead? Just a thought.

John B. | 2014-06-09

Based on my personal experience I cannot recommend Maxwell Ford for the purchase of a new vehicle.  I was referred to them by Costco, and when things went south I told Costco about it. Costco contacted Maxwell, and this is an excerpt from a brief e-mail exchange with "Lead Manager ."  The individual I worked with shall be known as "Salesman".


I contacted Costco for a referral, and they sent a list of Maxwell Ford representatives I should expect to hear from.  (Salesman) was not one of those names, but since it was the correct dealership I disregarded the inconsistency.  My wife and I had already identified 10 vehicles in either the Dallas or Houston areas that were a perfect fit, but we were looking for a local dealership to work with.  I contacted (Salesman), told him what we were looking for, but did not give him VIN numbers or dealer stock IDs; I figured Maxwell Auto Group would have their own inventory/resources.  We met with (Salesman) on May 13th, and he said several times how hard it was to find any of the Explorer Limited in "Dark Side" color, and that he was only able to find two in the State.  I knew this to be false since we already had a list of vehicles, but since he said he had found vehicles I didn't think it was necessary to discuss what we found.  While he was looking at things on his computer I requested to review the Costco price sheet.  His comment was "I'll get you a better deal than that."  I was doubtful, but I was going to wait until he presented his better deal before insisting to see the price sheet to actually compare with his "better deal".  When he had a quote ready for us I again asked for the price sheet, and he insisted that this was a better deal.  At that point my suspicions were increased that he was trying to deal unfairly with us.  After speaking to him we agreed to transfer the vehicle, and we had a deadline of Friday the 16th.  I was planning on waiting until the vehicle arrived, and asking a final time to see the price sheet, and if it wasn't immediately produced I was going to ask to speak to Bill Scott.  (Salesman) called Tuesday evening and said they wouldn't be able to get the vehicle he quoted to us, but had three others he was looking at.  Credibility continues to decline, because where he could initially only find two, he now had an additional three.  I asked him to give me the details (packages, prices, etc), and during that conversation he mentioned that one of them was at Autonation Katy.  To be clear - this is one we had already identified, and in fact Autonation Katy had THREE Explorer Limited in Dark Side color, but he only mentioned one.  Over the next five days he was unable to get a vehicle.

On Sunday May 18th I contacted Autonation Katy, and confirmed the vehicle was available.  At that time, because of my almost complete distrust in (Salesman's) ability to be forthcoming in his dealings, and because of the dealership's inability to obtain a vehicle, we purchased the vehicle from Autonation Katy on May 20th.  If it is your dealership's policy to be honest and upfront with Costco pricing then (Salesman) needs to be reprimanded, because after multiple attempts he refused to provide the pricing.  Through my research on Edmund's, TrueCar, Consumer Reports, and Costco I knew the approximate price for the vehicle, and (Salesman) was absolutely not giving me the price he should have.  He was thousands of dollars over where he should have been.  I did get the price I should have when I went to Autonation Katy.

Your industry has a difficult reputation to overcome, and (Salesman) was the personification of a  "dishonest car salesman" for me, and did no benefit to your dealership.  There is absolutely no way that I would consider purchasing a vehicle from Maxwell Ford in the future, and I will communicate this experience with my friends.

Ziyu L. | 2014-05-26

Because of their deceitfulness, I bought my truck from another dealer.

E. L. | 2014-04-19

I have had it with this dealer's service department. I've had years worth of issues with them, but this morning was the last straw. Here were the highlights:

--Made to wait 20 minutes while no fewer than 6 employees stood around doing nothing
--Egregious upsell attempt to avoid honoring a coupon printed directly from the dealership website
--Despite confirming I would be taking advantage of their shuttle service when I made the appointment, refusal to have anyone drive me home, to provide loaner car, or to promise to try to get the simple service done promptly. This is AFTER I explained to the guy that I couldn't sit there all day because I had to get home to my wife, who is 35 weeks pregnant with twins. The best he could come up with was that he was operating on a "skeleton crew" (see above re: no fewer than 6 employees standing around; what does a "service porter" do that he can't take 10 minutes to drive home a customer who has just agreed to the upsell??) and that "Hertz right there will rent you a car for $30."

The service writer didn't even attempt to stop me when I said, "I think I'll just take it somewhere else."  So I will.

Jon W. | 2014-02-25

First off, Matt our sales guy was great, very nice and that's the only reason this place gets a star from me.  As for the finance manager, he's insulting and cocky and is why I'm assuming this place only has 2 stars...they're lucky to get any to be honest.   If you're looking for a Ford, go else where.  You'll get a better trade offer and a better deal on a new car.   You would think a returning customer (within a month) would have been offered a better deal but that's not the case.  Our first trade in they gave us crap for a well used car but are now trying to sell it for $7000 more than they gave us and their description of it is ridiculous.  Who ever the guy is in charge of this is a scam artist and has the perfect reputation for a "used car salesman".  Also, even though you bring you own financing they run your credit after you refuse their financing then decide to try and discuss it in front of the whole place.  I will never return to Maxwell Ford nor would I recommend them to anyone I know.

Angela H. | 2014-02-19

Service department only, I've not bought a car here. Communication is nonexistent, you cannot speak to anyone on the phone no matter when you call. If you call the call center ( main line), they can't answer questions and cannot get anyone in the phone either. Messages left on vm are not returned. Manager offers excuses with no apology (I had to drive over there to talk to someone about the issue with my car, after leaving two messages which were not returned and calling the service number repeatedly with no answer). The actual work done seems ok, but it's such a pain to try to talk to anyone, I can't rate higher than 2 stars. Apparently they have very high turnover, which usually means poor leadership. They need a Customer Experience expert.

Renita W. | 2013-12-11

Very disappointed in Maxwell Ford Service Center which is more like a street peddler than an honest service center. Monday, I called Maxwell Ford Service Center RE: having my oil changed and tires rotated. In the call, I asked if I need an appointment. Was told that I do not need one, especially if I get there before 9 am. Was told if I arrive by 9 am, it would take at least an hour to an hour and a half. Today, I arrived at 9 am. I was told it might be at least an hour and a half which I was OK with. While I was still in the drive lane, I noticed a guy picking at my windshield. Thought he was picking off dead bugs or something which I thought that was kind of strange. Anyway, I get out of the car and the technician tells me I have small rock cracks in my windshield which I can't even see. The technician said "We can fix that and it won't cost you a cent. We will collect from your insurance company". He then told me how bad it is to have a rock ding your windshield. He took my insurance information and I went inside to the customer lounge but then I decided I do not want to make a claim on my insurance company for something I can't even see so I told the guy I changed my mind. After sitting in the customer service lounge for more than two hours, I stepped outside and asked a technician if they have had a chance to get to my car yet and was told "No, we haven't even started on it yet. You didn't have an appointment and if you wanted it to be finished earlier, you should have made an appointment" This is not what I was told when I called Monday to ask if I need to make an appointment. Honestly, I think they didn't get to my car because I didn't let them make unnecessary repairs to my windshield and charge my insurance company. This in my opinion is very dishonest. It is like having unwanted solicitors hard selling an unwanted service or sale. Maxwell Ford Service Center is nothing more than a street peddler and I'm betting they get a commission on whoever is repairing windshields there.

David S. | 2013-10-30

I got a fair deal for my 2014 Mustang GT500 and trade in. I was promised a better deal by another dealership in the area (LJ Ford) but right before I got to the dealership, they told me the car I was looking at was sold (o rly?). These cars don't move that fast and they're pretty expensive for a Mustang. Anyway the salesperson, Tyler West took care of me. He went above and beyond by talking with his manager and got me a loaner so I didn't have to drive back to the dealership and wait during M-F before 3PM to get my car tinted and get LoJack installed. He even delivered the vehicle to my work place to swap vehicles. Overall I was impressed by the service. Also they got me additional financing at a slightly better interest rate than USAA to make the deal work.

There are two reasons that they didn't get the full five stars: 1. Even at sticker they would make $5.5K+ on the deal. They responded to my USAA auto purchase which basically asked, "Can you meet the deal price of $300 over MSRP?" If they didn't mean to do that, they shouldn't have contacted me. I paid $1.1K+2x normal tinting price($399) over that but that's below what most dealers are getting for this semi-rare car so that's why I said it was a fair deal. 2. They use negotiation tactics of high balling MSRP + low balling trade in and multiple offers back and forth. If you don't want to play games, then this dealership isn't for you. If you go in there with a deal you have in mind, stick to your guns and leave if they won't give you the deal that you want. There's 5 big Ford dealerships within 30 miles of each other. They're always competing with one another.

Even with these problems, I may still purchase a new 2014 Rogue from Maxwell Round Rock Nissan (my company has a 2% over invoice there) or perhaps an Escape from this dealership. Obviously the numbers are going to be done before I drive down there this time around since I don't have a trade in.  All in all great service by Tyler West, average to above average buying experience (I've bought over 20 new vehicles so far but I have bought multiple vehicles from the same dealership or ones that have been owned by the same franchise based on how I felt the deal went).

Stephanie-Ben G. | 2013-10-29

Jeff Lynch was great! He took great care of us while I was buying a car. He even let me take the car home and drive it for a day and bring it back a day later. He also gave me tons of helpful information the whole way through! On top of that, he was very nice the whole time my fiancé and I were there. He answered every question he could and he was never pushy. I highly recommend him if you ever stop by Maxwell to look/buy a vehicle!

Christine W. | 2013-10-03

I have continued to have a good experience at the service department at Maxwell Ford with only a few process issues that I found out are being addressed with a new and very experienced customer service manager just 30 days into joining Maxwell Ford. So if you like to get your service completed at a dealership, like I do, it may be worth another try.

LaWanna F. | 2013-09-27

To my chagrin, this is an update to my review in July.  How is it that we are well into September and we are still dealing with this place and the tint situation?  So we went to the dealership some time in August  to pick up our car that now had its 3rd tint job.  I let my husband and Leo, the sales manager, look it over.  Then they came and got me.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  The passenger window had the same exact scratches it had on it before.  I thought I was being punked!!! What angered me even more is that Leo mentioned my review from July and told me how much it hurt his feelings.  Look, I know we have been seeing quite a lot of each other, but we are not in that type of relationship where your feelings matter.  What about the customer's feelings.  What about my time and the inconvenience of it all. The icing on the cake was that Leo said he could not see the imperfections that were very visible.  I took him the each window and showed him exactly what we were talking about.  He looked from this angle and then that angle...said he did not see what I was talking about.  Come on out Ashton!!!  I continued to try to make my point and Leo suggested that we take the car home and if we saw imperfections after a week, then bring it back and they would cut us a check so we could get it removed and tinted (a 4th time) at a place of our choosing.  As soon as I said yes, the light shone just right and Leo was able to see the problem areas I had pointed out.  He told me that he had never seen a perfect tint job.  It made me feel like I was being unreasonable, but I'll be darned if I pay money for something and you only have to get it a little right!  Any who, we took it home and waited at least 3 weeks before bringing it back.  Leo told my husband that they would remove the tint, cut us a check and we could get it tinted at the place of our choice.  Some time later, my husband called the Christian, the salesman, to make an appointment to get the tint removed and Christian said we needed to call the tint shop.  My husband called the tint shop and the new manager tried to sway his decision.  He said that he had been tinting over 20 years and would do our tint himself just to make sure it was done right.  Excuse me, shouldn't that have been the goal all along.  Oh well, he is new and he will learn how they do things around there soon.  Fast forward to 9/23, my husband gets the tint taken off.  On 9/24, he gets the tint done at the place we chose.  If you have been following closely, you will realize that there is a piece missing to this puzzle.  WE HAVE NO CHECK!!!!!  Where is our money?  We will get it at some point, but I can tell you is not a priority for Maxwell Ford.  I have read the reviews for this place and wonder how it is that no one is doing anything about the customer service...oh, they are serving up something, but it is not customer service.

Richard M. | 2013-08-07

The service department here is extremely poor, the work inept and the employees RUDE. If you want good service and a good truck buy a Tundra. Wish I would have kept mine.

Kristy P. | 2013-04-11

This is for the service dept & Mario Fuentes. I'm a loyal Ford customer since 1998. Mario has been my service contact since 2005 & ALWAYS goes above & beyond for his customers. I needed a new A/C condenser & he & the service team consistently exceed my expectations. Thank you very much to you & your team Mario!

Ahmad A. | 2013-03-29

I want to write this review for my great Ford service company. I have been a customer in this company from Jun 2010 until now. I own a Ford Fusion 2007, and I have been bringing my car for all the regular services, started from tires flatted until major maintenance. Shaun Powell, the guy at the maintainers service department, was the only reason that keeps me bringing my car. Although, In 2011, i moved to live in San Antonio,which is one hour and half away from Austin,  I still binging my car to Maxwell.

Shaun Powell is making my services fabulous. I usually call him to schedule an appointment, and when i came, he started taking care of  my car so fast. If I have major maintenance, he helped me renting a car or giving me a ride to my university and back to Maxwell. He helped me avoid extra charges by recommending  the most importnat services and finding a coupon that will lower my bill. Moreover, i had an accident last month, and I called him immediately after the accident. He answered my call in a great way that helped me deal with my critical situation.

I will still bringing my car to shaun, because he is the one who makes my life easy.

Ron U. | 2013-03-18

This review is for the service department.  I bought a Ford Edge and needed a new cargo cover and the factory key code to the vehicle.
I called on Friday and was told the order would be in on Monday and it was. I asked about the key code and was pointed to a tech in the service lane. He walked out 300 feet to my vehicle in service lane and hooks up his little computer and in no time hands me a card with the default charge.
I'll keep updating this review as I progress.

Tarah F. | 2013-03-17

Had an awesome experience buying my first new car here! Matt Maurer was who helped me find the perfect car for me. He was able to work with my budget, wasn't pushy, and listened to exactly what I was wanting. I have had so many terrible experiences buying cars, so I wasn't exactly looking forward to the process- but Matt made the process seem as seamless as it could be! I would recommend any of my friends, family and fellow yelpers to go see him and Maxwell Ford- it really doesn't get any better!

Nikita D. | 2013-03-15

we got our Ford Fusion today at maxwell ford ltd. and we really love it if your looking for a right sales person to assist you look for CASEY his the right man to deal with....

B I. | 2013-01-16

I purchased my 2013 Explorer in June 2012.  It has been in the shop 5 times, but only 3 on record.  Why? Because I wrote a bad survey after their third failed attempt at repairing my NEW vehicle.  The last two visits, they didn't record the visit so I wouldn't get another survey to express my concern that yet again they have failed to fix my vehicle.  Now they refuse to see my vehicle.  I've had to contact Ford directly and they are trying to locate another dealership or me.  

This is the only place I know of who tells you how to fill out the surveys, and if its not o their liking, they drop you as a customer.  

Stay away from Maxwell Ford, they will lure you in, take your money, and leave you high and dry!!!

Becktastic L. | 2012-12-31

Just bought a new 2013 Ford Fusion on Thursday. My Husband and I shopped around to almost every Ford dealership in Austin. David called us from Maxwell Ford offered us the best price we could find. Other dealerships, of course, agreed to match it but we went to David first because he initally offered it. When we arrived he had the car pulled out and ready to show.

Not only did he give us zero issues with honoring that price in person he also went to bat for us and up graded the trade in offer to match the ones we received previously. He also gave us a window tint with the offer.

The time it takes to purchase a car in general is crazy, but David kept us informed through the entire four hour process.

I haven't received the window tint but will update the review if anything crazy happens. I am very happy we decided to get the coverage for stains. My Husband has already spilled food in the car. :(

Sean L. | 2012-12-19

Follow up:

After sending this review to the service manager of Maxwell Ford, I received a phone call letting me know my part was in and finally available.

So I brought my car in for the fourth time to fix a relatively simple issue. After leaving the service department it was discovered that they had replaced the WRONG SEATBELT.. My passenger seat belt is still not functioning properly and is a huge safety hazard.

I will never return to this dealership again and will warn anyone from doing business at Maxwell Ford.

C S. | 2012-11-27

RUN as far away from this place as you can.  This is the type of place that gives car salesmen a bad name.  We were quoted a price on a new Ford Edge.  My husband received a quote via e-mail and spent hours with them test driving the car and talking about the price.  They verbally agreed to their written offer.  I took half a day off of work and went to drive the car.  They tried to talk me into taking it home for the weekend which is a tactic used by them to pull you in.  I decided I wanted the car and when I tried to leave a deposit guess what ?  They refused to honor the agreement and were going to charge us thousands of dollars more for the car.  They REFUSED to stand by their offer.  This is illegal in the State of Texas.  We were very interested in buying an American car and supporting the American auto industry.  We registered a complaint with the Attorney General of Texas.  Save yourself a lot of time and headache and look elsewhere for a car.

Roxy C. | 2012-09-30

There are better Ford dealerships in town. Stay away from this place. Their sales people have a really bad attitude. Very unprofessional.

Kara M. | 2012-09-11

Worst customer service. Lost my car keys and called to find out if they could help me. Very specific that I drove a 1999 Contour, and Service Agent replied 'No problem'.

Arrived at the Ford Service Station car in tow, and the attendant said they would not be able to help me since my car was over 10 years old.  Ford  apologized, but wouldn't research who I spoke to an hour earlier, or offer compensation for tow due to misinformation they gave me.

I now see that they have horrible reviews on Yelp as well, so I doubt I'll be getting reimbursed for my towing bill. Agh!

Morgan B. | 2012-09-05

I purchased a used 2010 Ford Flex that was the courtesy service vehicle from Maxwell Ford. I am very pleased with my purchase, and although I had a small hiccup in getting the salesman to honor his promise about fixing the seat after signing the purchasing agreement, the general manager Mr. Steve Cargo took care of my issue with professionalism and ease once brought to his attention. I would recommend Maxwell Ford to another customer in the market for a Ford, and give only three stars because of the salesman inability to deliver initially on his word.

Jason K. | 2012-09-02

Can't speak to new cars, but in the pre owned market these guys are unique. I used to sell cars, and I know a few things about the industry. Not only are their prices fair, but they spend real money fixing their used vehicles before they sell them. I just bought a BMW for 10k, and they spent $1700 fixing it before they sold it, and not in their own shop. They sent it to a certified repair shop (in this case Leonard's Garage), and insisted I call to check.  No one else spends money fixing pre owned unless they have to. These guys do it on all of their non-Ford pre-owned vehicles (the Fords the fix themselves of course), whether 5-10k or 30-40k. Trustworthy.

Dan P. | 2012-08-20

I bought my new 2012  Mustang from Maxwell. The purchasing experience was ok. Since this is my first new car I thought I'd try getting it serviced at the dealer, thinking it might get better service at the dealer I bought from. but after 2 service calls and a third attempt at getting service I can say  Maxwell Service is not the way to go.

First, I bothered to go through the steps of calling and making an appointment. Turns out this is a big waste of time and somewhat misleading step. The appointment time is only for your time to meet with the service advisor. It has zero to do with getting the car serviced. Appointment or not they perform service on a first come first serve basis.

Second, even with an appointment the service advisors don't seem to have a clue who I am or that I'm coming. So I have to start from scratch. Not a big deal, but annoying when I've gone through the trouble of calling to set up the service.

Third, it takes way too long to service the car. My last service was a simple oil change, with an AC filter change and an air filter change. It took almos 3 hours. When I sent a complaint via email the next day I never heard back.

I tried one more time today, but when I showed up again they didn't have a clue I was coming, the service advisor I was to see wasn't working, and it was going to take at least 2 hours for my car to be serviced.

When I called to complain they wouldn't put me through to the service manager and the service advisor I spoke with pretty much didn't give a crap.

I would NOT recommond Maxwell Ford for service.

David B. | 2012-07-10

I just recently bought a new car here during the weekend. I found the car on I sent for a price inquiry I got a great no hassle low price right away sent to me by email followed by a phone call from Donald (Internet department) we spoke for a moment I told him about my trade and let him know that I would come by if numbers were right. I told him I would have to travel about 3 hours to dealership he told me that it wouldn't be a problem but let me know he would be leaving and let me finish the deal with Jemma the other Internet salesperson she was great everything was finished in no time her demos where thorough and had finished setting everything up with me really quickly. Thanks for making my new car buying experience one of the easiest.

Judy H. | 2012-07-06

I took my Ford van to Maxwell Ford today for an oil change and tire rotation.  They told me that I needed new ball joints, front end alignment and rear brakes to the tune of approximately $1600.   Since they always try to sell me work that I don't need, I told them I would take the car to the mechanic that I always use and ask him to check out the car.  Bottom line is my mechanic checked out the car and I don't need new ball joints, alignment or brakes.   This place is a rip off.

Courtney M. | 2012-06-10

I dig it.

Maxwell Ford has been my go-to oil change place ever since I bought my Ford Edge a couple years ago. I'm not usually a "go to the dealer to get my oil changed" kind of person, but when Wal-Mart took 2 hours to tell me that they didn't even carry the kind of filter I needed for my car I turned into one.

And now I get these fancy emails once a month that give me a $24.95 oil change/300 point inspection (or something like that)/AND CAR WASH. BOOM. Sold.

Add in that they have wifi that always works so I can get some work done while I wait (less I bring my laptop, I'm "that" person) and I'm a happy camper.

Scott L. | 2012-05-21

I'm not expecting the world, but I am expecting a staff that genuinely is interested in its product and wants to sell me its product.

Was in the market for a new car, after a little research wanted to see a Ford Edge. Went to the nearest Ford dealer with pre-approved financing in hand. Was ready to buy a car.

Instead, after meandering the lot looking at inventory for more than 10 minutes, went inside to try and find someone. The front desk had a person at it (either checking email or Facebook, not sure which). At no point did this person ask if I needed help. Finally approached him a second time. He said to wait while he found someone to help me. A guy comes out fails to introduce himself, took us out to the lot and gave us a very confused reading of what it said on the sticker. Even though we expressed in interest in test driving a car, he seemed surprised that we would want to. Leaves us outside while he "goes to look for the keys" and returns later with a key. At no point on the excruciating drive did he try to sell us on features or seem to care whether we bought a car or not. Return to the lot, and then he leads us inside. To say unfriendly would be an understatement.

Once inside he leads us to a cubicle and still hasn't offered a whole lot in terms of what benefit there is to buying a car. I've heard of no-hassle, but I thought that meant something else, not that the people attempting to sell a car couldn't be hassled to try and sell you on why the car is any good.

At that point, we were ready to leave. He solicited contact info and then we left.

One would think being a salesperson would involve attempting to sell you something, but this place definitely couldn't be bothered.

A shame, really, because I'm now deciding to pass up giving him my money.

Kathleen A. | 2012-05-15

I made a VERY big mistake when I purchased a used car from Maxwell Ford.  I had the car literally 2 months and the "check engine" light went on.  I took it to the service department at Maxwell Ford and they basically told me to get lost and come back some other time.  We had all our luggage in the car; we were on our way for a 4 day weekend.  I asked them for a loner car while they fixed my car and they looked at me like I was crazy.  I took the car to LEIF JOHNSON FORD and they took the car for repairs and gave me a loner car all in the space of 15 minutes.  I just found out that the 35,000 mile check up/maintenance was NEVER done (I bought the car with 40,000 miles on it).  So now it is going to cost me more money to get the car up to speed.  I have called the manager at Maxwell Ford and he blows me off.  

allison w. | 2012-03-31

I rarely feel compelled to write reviews, but Maxwell Ford (SERVICE DEPT) is so bad I have to say something.  I'm completely with Stacey below, and have the same service rep.  My truck died on Mopac at 7:20 in the morning and no, I was not the cause of last Monday's horrible traffic since I managed to get off at Barton Skyway and into a parking lot within 10 minutes of it overheating.   Called roadside assistance (FORD roadside assistance) and while they were very very nice, they kept sending wreckers who couldn't find the truck (parked at Barton Skyway and Mopac, this was NOT an esoteric location).  Since I had to be in court WORKING all day I couldn't be at the phone or with the vehicle constantly.  We finally got it towed by 7PM when they dispatched the FOURTH wrecker who must have either had a brain or GPS or both, and they of course can only tow it to the nearest Ford Dealer which was (ugh, god help me, no) Maxwell.

Unfortunately this is not my first rodeo with them, and I am sorry to say there has been zero improvement over the past 2 years.  The last time my truck was there, the battery had died and they replaced it but forgot to connect the cables properly (????? you have GOT to be kidding me).  Now, you can say, should the idiot chick owner have been able to re-connect her own cables?  YES, but that is NOT the point.  The point is that if I have to miss a day of work and pay money for my battery to be replaced, you'd think the BRAIN TRUSTS over there at Ford who are actually supposed to fix cars for a LIVING would connect the battery cables correctly.  Or apologize for being so inattentive to their JOBS that they missed that small detail which caused the battery to die again the next day with ANOTHER trip to.......Maxwell Ford.  

My truck is currently a prisoner over there.  They want to do a brake job in addition to whatever caused the overheating and god help me I do NOT want my kid to have ti file a wrongful death suit against them when they *****up the brakes and I die.  It has taken 4 days for Sue to understand that the man calling her is NOT my father but my husband, that we have NOT authorized the work, and that some portion of the work should be covered under warranty (we are still debating that as well as the status of paying for my rental car).  I have NEVER had to deal with people who are so inept, inconsiderate, deceptive, disorganized and unprofessional.  

Next time I will pay for the tow myself and take it to Corey at Brake Specialists down the road from us on 290.  Which reminds me I need to write a review for them that is the exact opposite of the review for these clowns.  If you live West towards Dripping you can't go wrong with Corey.  AND he doesn't lie.  Wow, what a concept.

IF you have a choice GO ELSEWHERE.  If you don't have a choice, steel yourself.

Shane W. | 2012-02-29

Nice place! Clean amenities! Good service!

Steve W. | 2012-02-21

Thinking about buying a new car, perhaps a Ford but not sure and  I'm just beginning to compare different models.  So I stop by Maxwell today and am greeted in the parking lot by a sales guy (not mentioning names).  After introductions, the questions begin at which point I inform the sales guy that I'm just starting to look at cars and that it was not likely that I'd be making a purchase immediately.  It seemed pretty clear to me why I'm not buying soon, but still I was asked to explain why.  At this point I think that this sales guy is a bit of a jerk, and I'm beginning to remember why I hate shopping for new cars.  At any rate, after the inquisition, I was led to the particular models of interest, and presented an oral dog and pony show about features, benefits and why I can't live without them. Great, but I can read about that stuff in the brochure; what I really wanted was to get a feel for how the thing drives.   The sales guy didn't even offer to unlock the door so I could at least get to experience that new car smell!  Soooo, I won't be buying from Maxwell Ford.  By the way sales guy from Maxwell, I got that test drive at a competitive dealership and I loved the car.  If I end up buying a new Ford, that is most likely who I will buy from.

Stacey M. | 2011-12-16

Deception turns me away from a business quicker than you can say "De."  And I don't want to assume the worst, but after my experience and reading other reviews, it does seem like this is going on there.  I'm just saying, if it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck...

Unfortunately, I've had a few bad experiences at this place.  Sue has been the only rep I've dealt with, and I wish I could say more good things.  She is nice.  But she is also at times unprofessional, inefficient, and disorganized.   This costs you time and money.  She's told me to bring my car in, and they have had it for almost two whole days before she has called me about the diagnosis.  She also insisted I let them keep my car for an extra day while she was out, so that she could return and help me.  She claimed that whoever was handling the cars in her absence wouldn't be able to get things done as she would.  She randomly told me how honest and trustworthy she is, and then I soon found out my car desperately needed a few hundred dollars worth of work or it will overheat in the "next three to four weeks."  Well, it's been over three months now, and I have not had any problems.  (This diagnosis surprised me anyway, since my car is in pretty good shape.)  So, I'm guessing someone was BSing me.  And I'm not sure whether it was her or the technicians in the back who provided this diagnosis.  But since my previous experiences have not been much better, it doesn't matter.

I think the dealership is possibly making enough money off of other customers, because no one responded to the online complaint I submitted months before writing this review.  So, I really do think I'm better off taking my business elsewhere.

Jaime K. | 2011-12-05

I purchased a certified pre-owned vehicle from Maxwell Ford this weekend and I have nothing but positive feedback to offer about my experience. I drove up from San Marcos and spent six hours on a Saturday in the rain checking out several vehicles and ultimately purchasing the one that fit my needs and my budget.

Never once did I feel pressured or overwhelmed. And the times when I did start to feel like too much information was being presented, I asked for clarification and my questions were answered clearly and thoroughly.

I worked with a salesman named Charles and financing director James who were both patient and plain-spoken.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle that Maxwell Ford can provide.

Kimberly B. | 2011-10-20

I bought a used car from Maxwell Ford in the end of 2008. It was a certified pre-owned with less than 18,000 miles on it. Within 2 weeks I was rear ended in an accident. I had the vehicle towed closer to my home to be fixed. They stated there was previous damage and it would not be covered by insurance. I called Maxwell Ford and wanted another vehicle or my money back since the car was CERTIFIED! They said they would only fix the damage that insurance wouldn't pay for. I had paid for an extended warranty too during the purchase. Now it's 2011 and I have traded in the vehicle for a new one. When you trade in a car prior to 100,000 miles and prior to the time bought on the warranty, usually you get a portion of money back of the warranty that was not used. I went to Maxwell Ford and they gave me the run around saying the extended warranty was so old they couldn't find the paperwork. Also they said they sell so many of the warranties it is difficult to find and nobody is going to look for the paperwork from 2008 that is in some box in HOUSTON. That is where their paperwork goes to be filed at Group One Ford. They stated they do not put the paper into a computer file because it would take too long and it was not conveinient. I have been calling and asking to speak to anyone who would listen. I got 1 sales person to try to help but he got shut down. The admin tried to help but the Director of FinanceDavid Peneda just would not return phone calls or meet me in person. I would have to say Group One Ford or as the people still see the signs say, Maxwell Ford, is not customer friendly nor do they care about the customer experience. They suck!  PEOPLE DO NOT BUY A CERTIFIED PRE-OWNED OR AN EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!!

Lorin B. | 2011-10-03

I am super mad at these people. Less than 30 days after I bought a very new used car with LESS than 33,000 miles on it the engine light comes on. I give them a call and he tells me to call dodge. I SPENT over 26,000 on this darn truck and I WONT EVER go back to them. "They should have said, bring it on it, we will take a look at it and get it right" But no, I was sent away. Shame, shame on them for terrible customer service.

Amanda Rose M. | 2011-10-02

In terms of shopping (i.e., NOT service dept), this dealership gave us a great experience. In and out but James gave us info on the Fiesta we were interested in before test driving it. He even talked us into test driving the slightly larger focus. No wasted time, no unnecessary haggling over a car we weren't ready to buy. I love sales reps that are confident enough with their products they encourage you to check out the competition instead of pressuring you to buy.

Lindsay D. | 2011-09-26

Avoid this Ford Dealership for at least 6 months or until the service department can get their $#*t together.

This place has a new service guy (again, not Kyle anymore now it's yet another person in less than a few months for example so there is high turnover rate) and this new guy is full of it.

He kept both my and my husbands cars for over a week, only to give them back to us still not fixed correctly (and even replaced incorrect parts, told us wrong problems, etc).

I wish I was kidding about this!!!

We had both purchased Fords there awhile back and even our salesman had left only one month after we got our cars. We were told he quit.  When he was trying to sell us a car, he was treated very stupidly by a manager who thinks he is still in the Marines.

Something is up with this place.  They also rode our cars around for many miles and used up both of our tanks of gas when we put them into the shop (I had written down our mileages when we dropped them off and I suggest you do the same if you go here).

Seriously, AVOID.  

I expected better of this place.  Oh and let me not forget that the b holes that work there STOLE about $4 worth of change from my husband's car that was in his cup holder.  It may not seem like a big deal and it could have been worse, but we have NEVER had to worry about change being stolen out of our cars by Ford Servicemen.


Dani F. | 2011-08-13

ALWAYS A 2 HOUR WAIT on Saturdays..

Not cool. Needless to say I can not actually review the services department because they want me to wait 2 hours for an oil change.

My advice, since your already south, head over to Lube Pit Stop on South Lamar... Quick and easy service!!!

Mike S. | 2011-06-23


I bought a new (not used) 2011 truck in good faith, sight unseen. My Maxwell experience was undeniably AWFUL after it arrived...I do have pictures that can't be linked per yelp policy.

Unfortunately, I noticed after my purchase that Maxwell's complaints have more than doubled in the last 12 months according to the Better Business Bureau, which states:

"10 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years, 6 closed in last 12 months."

But I wonder how many people give up fighting Maxwell to forget about getting burned. (Remember;  Businesses are *supposed* to be respectful and do what they can do help customers)  I called Ford's corporate headquarters and their contact representatives have only repeated the lines of Maxwell's Service Manager;  Jim Ramsey, one of the people who was being untruthful in the first place...Maxwell's ignored me out of the picture and I've still got the hoops to try and convince somebody this isn't right. At this point, I think the higher ups will have to step in, but I don't know if they will.  

The truck is EXTREMELY rusted underneath and the paint was covered in dirt, pollen, and hardened bird droppings that were there for at least 5 months. Of course, the tree sap is still there and will only come off with a harsh abrasive.  Hunter, my salesman, said even if I could swap with a cheaper gray truck on their lot, he wouldn't allow me its lower price and the shipping charge of the blue truck would still be applied to me. I used my entire savings for this truck planning on using it the rest of my life. But even if I had to sell it, who would buy it with a such a deeply corroded undercarriage ?

Maxwell did not get me the truck in the condition I paid for. They weren't nice to me after the sell, though I was sincerely polite the whole time. The Sales Manager claimed that I missed a Saturday appointment. However, there was no formal appointment made on my end as he stated I could come in anytime after 2pm . When I couldn't contact him by apparent dropped calls to inform him I couldn't come in due to health issues, I talked to the Assistant Manager who rudely stated I significantly inconvenienced the Sales Manger. I felt they were creating reasons to intimidate and brush me off and it was frankly beginning to happen.

On different days, I asked 3 times to speak to the General Manager and they refused to let me do so. I eventually found the General Manager's email, but he never replied to me.  Their Service Manager made what I believe were clearly false claims, the first being that these trucks are not undercoated. This obvious untruth set the tone for the rest of his discussion. The Service Manager also refused to let me see their inspector who was supposed to decide if my truck had a problem. I found this questionable and wondered if I'd be wasting my time especially with my health issues making travel temporarily difficult. He was supposed to contact the inspector last month and call me back, but he never did.

There were numerous deceptions I heard at Maxwell and my fearful impressions began when I overheard a too audible argument among staff, complete with curse words near the coffee area. My guts were right. I wouldn't take the chance or you may be the next person they take advantage of in some way.

Carey L. | 2011-05-30

This review is for the Service / Parts Department.

i rented a Ford Fiesta from Hertz at the Maxwell Ford location while I was in town visiting. On my way back from Kerrville one night, I hit a deer causing the mud flap to come unsnapped and a small, plastic grill piece on the fender to break. The deer, unfortunately, wasn't so lucky.

Before returning the car to Hertz, I stopped in at the Service and Parts Department where I was assisted by Kyle Chaddick, Service Manager. What made this experience great was how much Kyle assisted me along the way. He walked with me over to the Parts Department. The gentleman in the Parts Department was also very nice. Kyle and him kept suggesting ways to fix the car with as little cost as possible. Ultimately, I purchased the broken part and the Service Department installed it for me the next day at minimal costs. Since I had to return the car to Hertz that day, Kyle worked with the Hertz manager to ensure the car was fixed properly and called me the next day to follow up.

Living in San Francisco now, i can tell you that people are friendlier in Texas. Everyone was very helpful and nice which made my experience comforting and relaxing.

Michael H. | 2011-05-16

Avoid the service dept. A complete collection of goofballs will start guessing at diagnosis while billing you for the parts and labor. Be prepared to take your car back at least 5 times.  Amazing how well they can lie with a straight face.

Andrew H. | 2011-01-14

Note to Maxwell Ford Service Dept: Replacing a perfectly good compressor clutch will not fix an A/C coolant leak. I am no gear-head, but even I knew that your diagnosis did not sound right. So, there was no need to get snotty when I took my vehicle to get a second opinion.

scott d. | 2010-11-24

What a bunch of crap this place is.  My engine light came on so I called them to make an appointment. They stressed to me the importance of getting there early so they can get to it quickly. I had my car there at 8am, and he said they would get to it soon and once it was in, they would be able to run the diagnostic test in like 10 minutes and that they would call me as soon as they knew what was up. Now I drove about a half an hour to get to this place so I decided to stay local while my car was being looked at. But then, 4 and half hours go by and no call. So I called and they told me my car was next in line and they would know within the next hour for sure and would call me back right away. 2 hours later STILL no call, I called again. They explained to me that they STILL have not even looked at my car. But that he was going to see if he could possibly get them to look at it soon. I got off the phone and waited about another half hour with no call back. So I called AGAIN and this time I told him I was coming to get my car because it had been over 6 hours of wait time on a ten minute test and if there was something wrong with my car then they may not even be able to finish it now that more than half the day was already gone at this pace.  So this finally inspired him to have his guys look at my car. Tests came back inconclusive so he proceeded to try and sell me on a list of standard maintenance services that I promptly declined.
This is the WORST service I think I have ever received from a Ford dealer.

anne marie j. | 2010-09-05

This review is for their collision center.

My husband and I were in looking at the Ford Edge. Next day I was in a three car accident (not my fault). My salesguy from Maxwell had emailed me as a follow up so I told him what had happened and asked for shop recommendations. Of course, he said the dealership shop. They came and picked it up and went to work. At first, everything was great. They said it would take a couple of weeks and they dealt with my insurance adjuster. Wait for it...problems. The parts were delayed. The paint shop was delayed. They couldn't get the alignment right. There was a "God awful noise" they couldn't figure out. They sent it to another dealership to look at it and then another. I HAD a full tank of gas when they had it but when you drive to North Austin and Georgetown that tends to empty it quick.
I came to pick it up and I had never been so pissed in my life! The headlight was sticking out about a 1/4 inch, the hood wasn't lined up, and the fender was also sticking out.They had the nerve to tell me that it was all due to aftermarket parts and there wasn't anything they could do about it. Their customer service manager admitted that it looked like SH*T...her words, not mine... and that if I wanted a better job to speak to my insurance company. My convertible top still wasn't working right (mind you it wasn't part of the accident). They had done something to it during the front end repairs and had sent it away to be fixed somewhere else. I drove it away furious. I got onto 35 and it pulled horribly to the right. I exited and called the front desk. I informed them that if a manager wasn't there to meet me then they would have a scene straight off Broadway. They got me into a rental car and three weeks later all the aftermarket parts they couldn't manage to work with were replaced with factory parts. The headlight filled with water the next time it rained and they replaced that too.
The three week job turned into about ten weeks of misery. No apology from anyone. No follow up service. AND no one bothered to put gas back in my tank.
Not only will I NEVER go back for service, I will tell anyone who will listen that Maxwell Ford cares nothing about their customers, provide horrible customer service, produce terrible work, and what work they manage to get out the door they refuse to stand behind.

Beware and stay away!!

Alex A. | 2010-09-02

Generally OK. Here's an anecdote. Went in for some obscure parts, which they ordered. Then decided to buy a replacement fuel filter on the spot. Price was $30 for an item that's $21 on Amazon... the counter guy caught me price-checking on my phone and offered to discount it down to $18, which I thought was great. So he brings it out and I noticed the box was a little scuffed so I pulled the fuel filter and sure enough, it was used. So he swapped it for a new one. As I was leaving with a solid grip on the new filter, he decided that it would be a good time to mention that $18 was the "used price", hoping that I wouldn't notice that they were trying to pass off a tainted part on the previous box.

Suck it!

Judy R. | 2010-07-23

This was the second time I had repairs done at Maxwell Ford and my experience keeps getting better and better. My car's first visit was to replaced a recalled part and my second was to replace a leaking axle.

Tim King was my associate and he has been so great, that I'll be paying him a third visit soon to replace all of my tires and align my car.

He is very respectful, courteous and above all and most importantly, very honest. He made it a point to be straight forward with me and also to make sure I got the biggest bang for my buck in all of my repairs and tires. He was very thorough as well and made me feel like he would make it as easy for me as possible.

Maxwell also offered a shuttle to drop me off at work and every face I encountered was a friendly one and everyone buzzed with activity making sure customers waited the least amount as possible.

Neal B. | 2010-02-12


10 years ago, I had my truck serviced 3 times for a leaky windshield and a bad air bag sensor.  My truck was under warranty and I went through the same warranty service 3 times and they still did not fix my problems.  Eventually my warranty ran out and they would not work on my truck a 4th time.  Even though my problem was an pre-existing condition (that they worked on 3 times without fixing), I was out of luck.

2 years ago, I needed some basic work done on my truck.  I figured I'd give the dealership a try again (surely things must have improved in a decade) to replace some bulbs behind my dash and update and reset the PCM.  They called me up, went to get my truck, and they did not change all the bulbs behind the dash.  So, I left my truck behind for another shot at them getting it right.  I went back the next day and they said that they changed all the bulbs and there was nothing more they could do.  If that was the case, why is it that only half of my dashboard is lit up at night when the lights are on?  On top of that, all I needed was the PCM reset and updated.  Instead, the dealership replaced my coil pack, when I specifically told them that I replaced the coil pack just last week in trying to fix the problem myself.  They said that once something electrical is installed, they cannot take it back.  I was furious.

In 2009, I looked up Maxwell Ford in the local ABJ.  It turns out that dealership has the lowest sales/employee ratio out of any dealership in town.  There must be a reason for that, don't you think Maxwell Ford?  At least they know how to "se habla espanol".

Jessica F. | 2010-01-26

Now I have a little more of a reason to hate this place.  My car has been towed-Count it!-twice since I bought it in May.  Twice!  It has been in the shop three times.  My mechanic and roadside assistance are on speed dial.  They sold me a lemon and I am screwed b/c I didn't buy the warranty.  They knew that my car was a piece of crap yet still sold it anyway.  

Woe to me for not doing the research but c'mon I cannot take all the blame for it.

John W. | 2009-12-15

After losing my car in the San Antonio flash floods in October 2009, I was forced to use my hunting vehicle for my primary mode of transportation.

On a whim, I stopped by the Maxwell Ford South dealership and Jemma was extremely helpful. Understanding my plight (my previous car was paid for), concerns and wishes, I found the right pre-owned vehicle at a price I wanted to afford.

In the course of one hour, I found the right vehicle at the right price with the right terms done without any 'strong-arm' tactics.

I'm extremely happy with my purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, Jemma's professionalism, follow-up and demeanor. I will gladly recommend Maxwell Ford South and Jemma to my friends and co-workers.

Martha R. | 2009-06-08

I had a great experience at Maxwell Ford due to Ike Haines, my sales guy, who was helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.  The deal I got was fair and I'm very pleased with the service so far.  As a ' single woman' I'm always concerned about doing car things on my own but I felt things were done honestly and openly; I'd highly recommend Ike and this company.

Sharon C. | 2008-11-18

It turns out they sold my girlfriend a car that had been in a prior accident.  And now that something FROM that accident is acting up along with something else, neither the warranty nor the insurance will cover the repair.  Leaving my girlfriend paying $1000.  

During the process of buying the car, my girlfriend and the salesman pored over the car details for hours and she was assured that the car was in fine condition.

Now they tell her "Well, we do a 30 point inspection and if we didn't catch it, it didn't exist."  

My question?  How can an insurance adjuster take a look and say "That headlight was replaced, the hood had work done, and the airbox was damaged from a collision" but the inspection misses it?

That is shady, Maxwell Ford.  Shame on you.