Luxury Auto Works in Austin, TX

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Providing Dealer level service at a fraction of the cost.

The first true Dealer Alternative in Austin. We have created the first ever automotive service center that is focused on delivering the highest level of service at lower rates than the Dealership.

We have hired the top Factory Certified Technicians from the Austin dealerships, use the same parts as the Dealership, same diagnostics tools as the Dealership, but are able to save our customers money and charge less. Come checkout what we are doing!

Mercedes Benz - Lexus - BMW - Audi - Volkswagen - Land Rover - Porsche - Jaguar
Bentley - Lotus - Maserati - Rolls Royce - Aston Martin


Established in 2010.

We are a local Austin business that was started with two local entrepreneurs that wanted to create an alternative to customers only being able to take their Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus and Audi to the dealerships.

We are not some huge company with locations all over the USA, we started here in Austin, live here in Austin and are doing anything we can to grow and make sure every customer is completely satisfied. The only way we will make it in Austin is if we treat every single customer as the only one we have.

Since we have opened we have become the second largest independent service facility in the Austin area and are now working hard to grow even more with the help of our loyal customers.

Please come see what we are doing and support a local home grown Austin success story.

Thomas & Robert

Luxury Auto Works

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 222-8867
Address:8300 N Lamar Blvd #100, Austin, TX, 78753
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Luxury Auto Works

William H. | 2015-04-20

We are fortunate to have such a great shop here in town.

They can get the repair done promptly.  
They have loaners readily available.

The waiting area is clean, quiet and pleasant.  

I recommend this shop to everyone I know.

Felipe M. | 2015-04-13

I thought I'd call this place up to see if they would be able to do the 40,000 service. It turns out that they are more expensive than the dealer.

I was quoted $400 just for the DSG transmission fluid change, and another $350 for the 40,000 mile service. I asked why there was a separate charge for the transmission fluid change, and they said it's because the car doesn't require it. I told them that the manual states that it needs to be changed and that's when they said it would be over $700 just to get it done. I was quoted $600 from the VW dealerships here in Austin.

Looks like the new STEALERSHIP is Luxury Auto Works.

Frank D. | 2015-04-09

Every now and then there is a repair shop that is truly unique, does what they say they will do and when you walk out of there, you know that you have received the finest service that you can without having to worry about "did they fix it correctly".

I have found one such place at Luxury Auto Parts.

Thomas is one of the finest technicians I have ever used and a tremendous young man of character also.  

I recommend LAW's to anyone who wants there vehicle fixed and fixed RIGHT!!

Bob W. | 2015-03-28

I've taken both of my Mercedes to Thomas for years now. He and his team do great work by the book in a spotless shop. It feels like he's seen it all, so nothing on my cars remotely surprises him. Just last week we had a minor financial disagreement that he handily solved with creative thinking, so he's not just just a fair-weather mechanic. I highly recommend LAW to any Benz aficionado as the best in town.

Brooks G. | 2015-02-10

Updated review to 3 stars after Thomas called and apologized for the confusion and tried to work it out.  I haven't actually taken my car to get serviced here  but I am impressed by the customer service, despite the miscommunication in the initial experience. Original review is below.

This place advertises itself as an alternative to the Lotus dealer in google search ads but they are not actually able to deliver on this claim. They wasted an hour and a half of my time even after I called and asked if they could address my specific issue. They said they could, but when I drove all the way out there, they could not.

I called this place and told them that my Elise had a "check engine" light on, that I had read the error code and that my car had "forgotten" its VIN. This is a well known issue with the Elise ECU: if you don't keep the battery charged, it can lose the programming in the ECU that records the VIN.  This is error PO630.  I didn't plug in my battery tender correctly and my car sat for a few weeks and it erased the VIN.  The main symptom is that it may turn the temp display from fahrenheit to celsius or vice versa, because the VIN tells the ECU which country your car is in, - so it is not a major issue - but it may hide actual engine problems because the check engine light is always on and other engine errors won't have any indication, so it is best to get the VIN reprogrammed.  My car was still displaying the engine temp in fahrenheit so there is no "real" problem.  

I called this place because they were closer than the dealer (which is in Cedar Park) and informed them that my Elise had "forgotten" its VIN and I specifically asked if they had the Lotus computer / ecu tool to fix that.  The person answering the phone said "we can do everything the dealer can do except for some major body work" so I made an appointment. I wasted 45 minutes driving up to this place only to have the tech say he can't program the VIN back into the ECU, then I drove 45 minutes back down to downtown.  What a waste of time!

Hayden W. | 2014-12-12

It's extremely tough to find honesty in the auto repair business. There's a ton of shady mechanics out there that pretend to have your best interest in mind. This is especially the case if you have a luxury vehicle. As they say, "If you can afford to buy a luxury vehicle, you should be prepared to pay top dollar for repairs." I agree with only half of that statement. Just because you own a luxury vehicle, doesn't mean you deserve to get ripped off!   Luxury Auto Works (LAW) is by far one of the most professional businesses in all of Austin. From their service techs to their customer service, they have risen the bar in automotive repair standards. I must say, I am hard to please when it comes to quality customer service, but these guys are highly impressive in the level of excellent service they provide.   Their facility is pristine in every way possibly. The shop is always kept in clean, excellent condition and the customer lounge is far beyond what you'd expect in a common repair shop. It has a giant 70 inch TV, Starbucks coffee, water, soda and comfortable high end furniture of you to relax in while you wait. Honestly It looks almost like a high end coffee bar without the barista behind the counter.   You won't see a generic, greasy mechanic with a wad of tobacco in his mouth here. Instead you'll see a professional staff, who's specifically trained and certified to service your luxury vehicle.   I was fortunate to work work with Thomas, the owner and operator of facility. Thomas was outstanding in every aspect, advising me through the entire process of my repair. My dealership told me that I needed a brand new engine for my car, which would cost me over $9k! I was in no position to pay $9k for a new engine, so Thomas had my car towed to his facility to see what he could do. After inspecting the car with his technicians, he said he was able to repair the engine for about half of what the dealership wanted to charge me.   The engine needed extensive work, which would take several days to repair. Fortunately, LAW was able to loan me a vehicle during the repair process so I was able to continue my normal day to day commute to work. They loaned me a late 1990's gold Mercedes, which was rather nice!   In the end, I only spent half of what my dealership wanted to charge me. It's unfortunate that my warranty did not cover the repairs, but Thomas and his crew saved me quite a bit of money compared to what I would have had to spend for a new engine.   I will definitely return to LAW in the future! In my mind, it's LAW or nothing.

Ricardo S. | 2014-11-12

I can't thank Thomas enough for taking care of my car  issues , awesome experience going to this shop , facilities are just amazing feels like walking into an F1 headquarters, they have nothing but experts there, really clean shop and fair prices . not your average shop that's for sure , I will be coming back to luxury auto works whenever I have problems with my car , I hope not to soon lol .

Jason R. | 2014-09-25

This place knows what they're doing. After taking my car to a couple other places, there is no comparison. Thomas and his crew will bring you out to the bay and show you everything with your car. He  explained in detail what my Mercedes needed and how it needed to be done the right way. I highly recommend this place & will def be coming back for all of my service needs. THEY EVEN HAVE A LOANER CAR

Austin N. | 2014-08-22

3 different shops and $6000 later, Luxury Auto Works nailed a diagnostic issue for us! Even Jaguar of Austin couldn't properly diagnose my issue and actually returned my car to me with an additional warning light on! I will not be returning to Jaguar...ever, Luxury Auto Works has won my business.

Chris P. | 2014-08-14

Thomas and his crew did a great job, as always. The spotless garage shows their commitment to the details. Also, the fact that I can go out to the garage, watch them work and talk with them as they are working on my car makes my comfort level high.

Regrease O. | 2014-07-30

Very Nice clean shop.. You could eat off the floor.. Ole lady and I had our beamers serviced at a lot of the BMW specialist around town..  Terry Sayther , etc...  and this place is very fair pricing for BMW oil changes..  Will come back for sure.... Of course..  They are going to find additional things to fix!!  Speaking of, my brake pad light just came on...

Stephanie L. | 2014-07-12

The Luxury Auto Works staff is the most knowledgable group of technicians my husband and I have ever worked with. Not only are they highly skilled but this is one of the friendliest and fastest shops in Austin!! We've been taking our cars here for years and wouldn't begin to consider going anywhere else. You can rest assured you're in good hands here!!

Kyle D. | 2014-06-11

I have a "Mercedes Fetish" having owned many MB. Generally I have gone to the dealership for service and I can honestly say that the MB dealer in Austin is the worst of the 5 dealerships I've dealt with over the years. I found Thomas and team at Luxury Auto Works and they are terrific. I've found Thomas to be very honest, suggesting a simple oil change on my diesel MB at 5K mile intervals instead of full blown service. My newest MB is under warranty and Thomas found a number of items that should have been caught by the dealership but weren't so I took it in to MB Georgetown (not great but a ton better than MB Austin) and they did the warranty repairs.

The service advisors are super nice and the facility sparkles. Go there with confidence.

Kyle D.

Matthew T. | 2014-05-15

Better than most!

Ive known Thomas before this shop was done, he has serviced my car at Mercedes where he use to work. Then he was out in small shop towards leander. Then now to this place. He has made it big in my opinion. A true great accomplishment!

Like all dealerships do they work off commission on what they can up sell on service. I truly believe they do this in fact.

I have never received a simple in and out. there is something that "goes wrong" or should i say something that comes up that isnt expected "upsell". I didnt like how the very first time I had him work on my car he just added on the bill without me knowing. So i paid the man.

Dont get me wrong thou, he is most defiantly cheaper than the dealership. I wouldn't say better thou. With the high end cars you pay the dealership more for a reason and that i would have to say the stealership has the upper hand on him.

Sadly thou I dont think I would come back to this shop ever again due to the past.

Guru S. | 2014-01-16

I have generally read good reviews about this place and decided to take my BMW for a brake fluid flush (which the dealership wanted to charge me $300+). They quoted $115 over the phone. But when I take my car in for service they quote me a $2000+ quote which included items that BMW doesn't recommend until the car hits 80K miles. BTW, my car has less than 40K miles.

They said my car needed a brake job as well and quoted $1300+. A few days later I took my car back to the dealership and had them check the brakes. They measured the pad depth and said I still had at least 4-5K miles depending on how I drive. So thanks for trying to steal my money in broad daylight. I will take my car back to the dealership or find a more honest place.

Irina S. | 2013-10-29

After reading through most of LAW reviews, I'm coming to a conclusion that it's a toss whether you'll get a good service here or not.

My experience? So far, so good.

One of two only caveats is that, like I usually expect with most auto service places (and this one delivered on the expectation and the stereotype), they 'found' about $5K worth of repairs in my car, even though I only brought it for break replacement. And, of course, all the 'needed' repairs sounded very urgent and "Your car is going to kill you if you don't replace every single one of these NOW" scary. How typical!.. I told them I'll keep their findings in mind. (MB of Georgetown didn't sweat me nearly this much.)

The second caveat is that it ended up costing about $200 more than the estimate. Not cool.

The things I did like is their friendly service specialist Danielle. Talking to her, I realized how rare it is to find someone who works in customer service, who actually understands the concept of being consistently friendly and polite to customers.

Continuing with the positive, I adore thoughtful details. I am willing to give a whole extra star for thoughtful details. And LAW earned it just by putting the receipt into a very hefty, quality, custom envelope, with their high-quality business card included. It might be weird, but it matters to me.  

So far, the car runs fine. No complaints. If I continue having no complaints, there probably won't be an update ;)

Lori A. | 2013-09-15

Ensure you read the 'filtered' reviews too........

I've finally found a place where I get good, HONEST service.

For instance.  I once took my car(C240) into the dealership and they told me my brakes needed to be replace......Over $600 later, new brakes.    Years later when I found Thomas, he told me that the car will tell me when I need new brakes and not to replace them before I'm told by the car or I'd just be wasting my $$$.  

Thomas is WAY less expensive than the Mercedes dealership in Austin and Georgetown.  (From my understanding, the mechanics at the dealership make their pay off of jobs they do, so they make things up.)

Thomas is always available whenever I need him.  I was out of town once and was able to call him(on a Sunday no less) and he talked to me about my issue, what it could possibly be and recommendations on what to do.

I had my air conditioning fixed and one of the seals didn't take, so he fixed it the next day within 2 hours under warranty with free rental car.  He stands behind his work and products and does the right thing.

He is always upfront and honest with me on things that should be fixed and things that can hold off being fixed.  

Thomas runs an HONEST business that is hard to find sometimes nowadays.  I would never take my car anywhere else!!!

Chet M. | 2013-09-13

I have taken our Lexus to Luxury Auto Works for service for the past year. Overall Thomas and team do a good job at a lower price than the dealer. I appreciate them offering loaner vehicles and while these newer vehicles that a dealer can offer, the loaners are always in excellent condition.

Positive Experiences:
- Our car was having an intermittent problem in that every so often all the warning lights (check engine, brake, cruise, etc) would come on and stay on. Only way around this was to pull over, shut-off the engine and restart the car.  We had reported this issue to the dealer but they were unable to find anything wrong. During routine maintenance at Luxury Auto Works I got a call to report an issue that could lead to unusual behavior of the warning lights. Luxury Auto Works found this problem  even though I hadn't mentioned the issue to them. Upon my confirmation they were able to make the necessary repairs to fix the problem.
- Luxury Auto Works did the 90K service which included replacement of the water pump, earlier this year. Recently I took the car to the dealer for a repair that Lexus had agreed to pay for. During this repair the dealer reported that the water pump was leaking and therefore needed replacement. When I informed them that it was recently replaced as part of the 90K service, the dealer suggested that I take it back to Luxury Auto Works. I called Luxury Auto Works to report the issue and with-in an hour Thomas called back to inquire about the problem. He asked that I schedule an appointment which would enable him to check the car and assured me that if there was indeed a leak, he would repair it at no cost since I was within the warranty period. During the service, Thomas pressure tested the cooling system to make sure that there was no leak. Apparently the dealer had seen deposits from a coolant leak spray pattern that must have occurred prior to the 90K service and concluded that the water pump was leaking.

Areas for improvement:
- As mentioned in one of the other reviews I too have had instances when I called after hours to make an appointment, left a message but never heard back.
- An online system that allows customers to schedule service would be very helpful.

Kendall H. | 2013-08-16

It has been a few weeks since I took my Porsche in for service at Luxury Auto Works and my car is still performing fantastic and drives as if brand new.  I was very happy to receive a "Thank You" card from the staff at LAW, as well as a gift card to Starbucks, which I thought was a very classy touch from a very classy automobile repair facility that goes above and beyond to take care of it's customers.  It is so great to see a company that actually values their customers and lets them know it!  Thank you LAW!

Amanda L. | 2013-07-31

Thomas and his excellent team at Luxury Auto Works know a thing or two about foreign cars and customer service. They also know a thing or two about integrity, which makes LAW an unbeatable choice for your favorite vehicle.

I moved here from a small town in the North and expected nothing but problems when it came to servicing my beloved VW Beetle. And boy, did I ever get them.  The Maund Dealership was filled with VW specialists, alright, but their staff was snippy and they paid little mind to their customers. During 14 months of patronage, I was never once offered a loaner car, and they were comically stingy with rides.  This meant I'd have to dedicate half, if not a whole, workday, hanging out on pins and needles in their maudlin waiting room, watching daytime TV. And inevitably, for me, the solo woman at the autoshop, there were always hidden repairs, which I'd have to aggressively decline despite their various intimidation techniques.   One day, the check-engine light came on in my car and I'd had enough. So I decided to look elsewhere.

The first time I came to LAW, I'd called around 6.20 pm to ask if I could drop off my car to be looked at the next day.  Thomas answered the phone and said they normally close at 6.30 pm, but that he'd be happy to wait.  By the time I got there, it was well after-hours, but he was waiting for me with a friendly handshake and keys to a loaner car.  The next day he called to explain the problem to me in simple terms. Then I received a friendly call and email from their receptionist, Danielle, with a timeline for the work.  By the end of the day, I had my car back, freshly-washed, and had suffered no emotional trauma.  Amazing.

Since then, I've been back a few times for various things: a 60K check-up, a timing belt, a let's-get-ready-to-drive-this-baby-cross-country lookover, and every time the service is consistently outstanding. Every time I am greeted and treated with respect, every time I am offered a loaner vehicle, every time I am called and emailed to have the problem explained to me in plain English, every time my car is nicely washed and every time I leave a happy customer.  

Just recently, I had a harrowing experience where my car broke down on the highway and needed to be towed late at night. Knowing I'd have to walk home, I had AAA recommend a shop that was close to my home so it wouldn't be too far of a walk. Not only was the shop sketchy, but the owner sabotaged my timing belt by dropping a bolt into the case, causing it to shred. The next day, I had the car towed to LAW where the belt had originally been installed, and Thomas opened it up to find the damage.  Not only did he repair that and the actual problem (a dead battery), but he worked with me so that I would be able to afford the repair costs.  
I used to take my car to LAW for just big repairs, but I am so happy with the personable staff and consistently stellar service that I'll be back for oil changes, new wipers, windshield cracks, etc.  

Until my experience with LAW, I DREADED having my car serviced. More than the gym, the dentist, or the gynecologist.  But since I've enjoyed the unbeatable service you get at LAW, my autoshop dread, like my check-engine light, shredded timing belt and dead battery, is just a thing of the past.

Tim H. | 2013-07-19

Because I drive an older BMW with over 170,000 miles, I have had to bring my car in for repairs a lot over the past couple years. I was taking it to the dealership, but got tired of the hassle of scheduling service appointments well in advance (to get a loaner car) and the cost of having work done at the dealership. I went to Luxury Auto Works because it is a lot closer to me than the dealership and it has great reviews on Google.

I have been to Luxury Auto Works a few times now, and every time I was able to schedule an appointment for later in the day (after work), drop my car off, get a loaner car, and have my car back the next day. They are very quick when you are in the office and don't waste any of your time.

While Luxury Auto Works is cheaper than going to the dealership, it can still be pretty costly. However, Thomas was very helpful in prioritizing what needed to be done so that I could have my car working properly without spending more than I wanted to. Also, they do not charge you for diagnosing your vehicle. I brought my car into the dealership with a problem they could not reproduce and had to pay around $160 when they didn't do anything at all.

I have never had a problem with any of the work that Luxury Auto Works has done on my car. Everyone there is very professional and they do a great job of helping you understand what needs to be fixed. I like that they'll bring you into the garage so that you can see what is causing problems in your car.

Thomas and everyone else at Luxury Auto Works do a great job and I would recommend them to anyone with a make that they work on for a much better experience than going to a dealership.

R G. | 2013-07-11

Giving Luxury Auto even a two-star review is a challenge, because I seriously question this business's ethics. My husband took his car in for routine maintenance because Luxury Auto was advertising a discount. We had never used them before, but we knew some non-routine work was probably needed and saving money is good, right?

The estimate that we received was not only more costly than having the work done at the dealership, it included line items for completely unnecessary work - replacing non-existent filters, cleaning out lines that don't exist in our model VW, and flushing out things that were just flushed. Giving Luxury Auto a HUGE benefit of doubt, perhaps they've never worked on our car before? I really hope that's the case, and that they weren't intentionally trying to overcharge us.

Needless to say, we took our car elsewhere, and declined to have Luxury Auto do the work. They did, however, find time to put a "Luxury Autoworks" license plate holder on the car before we picked it up. We took it off.

Jeff B. | 2013-03-18

Thomas and his team at Luxury Auto Works have saved me big time twice now and I couldn't be any more grateful.

I used to take my 2001 Audi S4 to the dealership in Madison, Wisconsin for 6 years. They did a huge repair before moving to Austin. They messed it up, and my brakes went out on the way down. I was planning on going to the dealership here for the repair, and they messed up the scheduled time.

Somehow, that next day, I had a business card left on my windshield at work for Luxury Auto Works with Thomas's name on it. I'm pretty wary of things like that. But my brakes were getting worse and worse. So I called him, and he answered directly. When I got the car in, they got my unit raised, and even showed me under the car what was going on. They got me taken care of extremely quick and answered all my questions. I'm a technology technician but know nothing about cars. He even helped me with advice with my dispute towards the dealer in Wisconsin.

I kept going back for my repairs for the past two years I've lived here without issue.

Recently I had another big repair that was needed. Dreadfully expensive to the point I was considering selling the car. Thomas helped me out. When I picked up the car, it was a rainy Friday and everyone already left for the weekend and as I drove the car in the lot it was making a strange squeaking noise. I emailed Thomas to request keeping the (Lexus, nonetheless) loaner car over the weekend and have them take another final look at my car that Monday morning. He said that was fine. Of course Sunday evening, on 183 in crazy traffic, the tire popped. I was stuck on 183 and couldn't get a tow-person to get me off the highway (I couldn't replace the tire on the side of the highway without certain death, either). I called Thomas, he helped get me towed out of there quick, at no charge. Of course on Monday, it was just the rain causing the squeak and I caused them another repair on their loaner car. The entire team took it in friendly stride, and was very considerate (again) throughout the process. This has never changed in my 2 years of dealing with them and I hope it never will. I have little reason to think that it will.

Luxury Auto Works takes care of every type of car, not just older German cars like mine that break down all the time. Go to them, trust them, and have no worries that you'll be taken care of. Support your local businesses, dealer be damned. Thank you.

Norman N. | 2013-03-07

Been going to Thomas for years and he's the only person I trust with my car.  I highly recommend you check out Luxury Auto Works.  His facility is unusually clean and organized, he's at the top of his game!

Ashley L. | 2013-02-27

You know what would be cool? Calling somebody back when she's needing an appointment for multiple things. I had spoken to a receptionist but never received a call back.

Tina B. | 2012-11-12

Decided to take my 2006 VW Rabbit in for service after one of their technicans persistently kept tagging my car with his business card. LAW was able to diagnose some repair issues and was willing to develop a service plan for me to keep my car running like a champ at 108k+ miles.  Pricing was fair.  Got my car back on the same day, washed and vacuumed out too.  I'll be a repeat customer for sure.

Michael M. | 2012-10-25

These guys do great work and they demonstrate that they appreciate your business, unlike every other Mercedes service shop I've been to in Austin in the past 12 years. Very nice new shop on N Lamar & 183 so it's very convenient to major roads. Very professional staff. This is the type of high quality service someone expects for a high end automobile.

This is the best high end auto shop in the Austin area.

Cynthia M. | 2012-09-12

Their Service Consultant is very nice, helpful, and knowledgeable.  They will give you a fast quote and it's always a better price than the dealerships.

I wouldn't take a "regular" vehicle here, but for luxury and high-line cars, there's no better service and price in Austin.

Thomas really knows his stuff and takes time out of his heck tick day to explain the problems, not just tell you what needs to be done.  

Ultimately, getting your car worked on is always a headache and you really want to be able to trust the person responsible for making sure your car runs right and safe.  I really trust this place and would definitely recommend it to anyone with higher-end vehicle.  I might even use them when I decide to buy another BMW!

Heather D. | 2012-06-12

This place is great. They have great customer service and do excellent repair work.

Lars F. | 2012-05-30

Just brought our Passat Wagon over to Luxury on the recommendation of a good friend. This is a first class operation. They have an old school approach to customer service. No bull, and a passion for doing it right. It is clear these guys have integrity and experience. Nice to see someone doing it right! Especially in the often difficult world of navigating the shops without any integrity or honesty... Refreshing! They went the extra mile to make it right and over delivered... when was the last time that happened at a shop, or for that matter, anywhere.
Strong Recommend, and that doesn't happen very often anymore.
These guys are keepers!

Danielle M. | 2012-05-23

As a single gal in Austin, it is very difficult to trust a lot of mechanics in this town. I was lucky enough to find Thomas and the folks at Luxury Auto Works. They are open, honest, and fair. Thomas never tries to sell me services that I do not actually need. He has helped keep my 2000 Land Rover Discovery in top shape. When driving a car that you love, it is such a relief to find a mechanic with an honest nature and a love for luxury vehicles. I would highly recommend Luxury Auto Works to all the other single gals out there looking for a mechanic they can trust!

Eric B. | 2012-03-28

I do not trust a lot of people with my car. Thomas is on that very short list because he is a perfectionist who enjoys working on cars. Thomas has kept my Aston Martin running smooth at the Aston dealer, and now at his own shop.

Mario B. | 2011-09-20

When I bought my car I made sure that Thomas at Luxury Auto Works would do all the work on it.he even inspected the car before I bought it. I trust his judgement and his integrity. His shop is spotless and his work reflects that. By far the best mechanic referral I have ever gotten! His prices are extremely fair and workmanship is tops