Longhorn Sport Imports in Austin, TX

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We specialize in late model imports (Hondas, Toyotas, Acuras and Lexus), cars, trucks and SUVs.

Longhorn Sport Imports

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 383-9994
Address:1334 W Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX, 78704
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 291-6982
Address:16409 Fm 1325, Austin, TX, 78728

Reviews on Longhorn Sport Imports

Jeff H. | 2015-02-09

I first went here to look for a late model Toyota since my other Toyota was toyotalled in a hit and run accident just before Christmas. I personally don't enjoy searching for new used cars and knew I didn't need a dealership for financing. I met AJ and he let me test drive a few SUVs, was professional and very matter of fact about his pricing. I appreciated that I didn't need to haggle. I also appreciated that he had been very responsive to my phone messages. I had searched online and knew basically what I had wanted and since he only deals in late model Honda/ Toyotas, he had a few for me to choose from. So, at this point I am pleased with everything. We work out the financing, he takes it to Firestone for inspection etc and few days later, the day after Christmas in fact, I go to pick it up. I only mention this last point because AJ was open on the day after Christmas which was nice but he also told me that it was his birthday as well. An honest man doing honest work on a day he should honestly take off.
I drive off the lot in a new car and think that was pretty painless. Three days later, my check engine light goes off and I'm thinking "no way, it was just inspected, what could this possibly be", "have I just bought a lemon?". I reach out to AJ who immediately tells me to take it to his mechanic at no charge to run the test to see the code his machine says. I take it to his mechanic and he says it reads this but he can't fix it and I'd have to take to the dealership. I'm starting not to have a good day. Any day that I have to waste at a dealership is not one of my good days. I spend 4 hours at the dealership and they tell me it's an O2 sensor, I spend $450 at the dealership and they tell me my brakes are dangerously low. I'm fuming at this point and in my sights is AJ. Not that I trust dealerships, but I felt taken my him and his sales shop.
I went home and wrote him an angry email asking about the sensor, asking about letting me leave his lot with dangerously low brakes and how I feel I'm owed some recompense.
And this is where, most reviews will say, this is why I took away a star for this and that, but this is actually why I am adding stars because of the way AJ handled the situation after. He wrote me back and explained that his mechanic's reading didn't say O2 sensor and that the dealership was likely not telling the truth. That's reasonable I thought and subsequently read about dealership scams with O2 sensors. But what about my dangerous brakes? AJ replied that he thought the dealership had exaggerated the level of the brakes issue and his inspection had indicated that they were not brand new and would need replacing down the road. He went on to explain that these brakes start to squeal once they are worn down to indicate that they need replacing and they hadn't gotten there yet.
I'm thinking now, damnit, I'm in a he said/she said confrontation with people who know more than me about cars and I don't know who to trust. But AJ went on to explain that he understood my frustration of just buying a car and seeing things happen and so that I don't walk away with a negative feeling about the purchase that he would send new brakes to his mechanic to put on the car at no cost to me. It indicated to me that he cares about his customer's experience in a way no dealership would.
So my overall experience is that his operation is honest, not glamorous (low overhead), designed for the right type of buyer (low mileage foreign cars, no financing needed), but his ability and desire to preserve that reputation now puts him high on my list of recommended used car sales people- a short list indeed.

Paula S. | 2014-09-18

A few weeks ago I left a negative review on yelp for this business. Well, it turns out there used to be an affiliated branch that really screwed my mom over a few years ago. AJ contacted me (my mom isn't on yelp so I was being her proxy) and explained that he is no longer in business with the folks who sold my mom a car under some false pretenses and with some shady tactics. AJ went to great lengths to right the wrong done, and proved himself to be an honest guy who keeps his word. I strongly recommend that people be cautious when purchasing a used car--there are lots of pitfalls--but in our case AJ went above and beyond for us. So much so that now my mom said she will certainly go to AJ the next time she is in the market for a vehicle.

Canisius R. | 2014-09-06

AJ is awesome!!! Bought a 2012 Sienna in excellent condition and at a very good price. He was very patient throughout the process and answered all of my questions. I went for test drive few times and he was always very courteous and helpful. Even after the sale, he checked to make sure everything was fine.

I am still in touch with him and ask him a lot of questions about cars and he always answers. I wanted to sell a car recently and messaged him, he walked me through the process even though he would not make a dime from this private sale. He walked me through things to look out for, how to get the payment, how to get the best deal, etc.

AJ is amazing and truly goes above and beyond. I can reach out to him for any car need and he is always there to help.

Jasvinder S. | 2014-08-05

Reliable person, Good cars at great prices!
In my circle, there has been many good experience working with AJ. Though the cars sold AS IS, he is there to listen and sort out any issues comes up with the car after the sale. He has list of all available cars on his website with detailed information and carfax reports. I definitely recommend him if you are looking for used car at great price with peace of mind.

Dave P. | 2014-06-23

The sales transaction was seamless and the after-sales support was terrific.  There were two issues that I should have noticed when I inspected the car, but didn't.  It was my responsibility.   Ajay went out of his way to get them addressed and to see that I had the very best Customer experience possible.  Very much recommend Ajay and Longhorn Sport Motors for quality used vehicles.

Yasir M. | 2014-06-19

I have had many excellent experiences with Longhorn Sports Imports & AJ over the years. First I bought a car myself and was genuinely pleased with it. Then, a friend of mine wrecked his car in 2010. It was declared a total loss by insurance and he needed a new car quickly. I referred him to AJ. He got a 2008 Corolla at a very reasonable price (lower than anything he could find from dealerships or private sellers). Both those cars are running well to this day.

After the last two positive experiences of course I turned to Longhorn Sports Imports when I needed a new car. I called AJ up and let him know what I wanted. He got me a 2012 Camry in just a few days. I have got to say I am impressed with the whole process. Got it inspected by a mechanic, no issues at all. Car was clean and detailed. I will update if any issues come up but I don't expect any after my last two experiences.

Selen C. | 2014-06-16

I bought a Toyota Corolla from this dealership in 2008. They gave me a CarFax report showing a clean car.

I have recently been in an accident and totaled the car. My insurance agency (AAA) was trying to figure out what to pay to me. They pulled the car's history. It seems that the car they sold me was claimed as "total loss" in Houston in 2007 and the damage was listed as "frame damage".

I strongly suggest that potential buyers should do their own homework regarding a car's history to avoid bad surprises later on.

**Edit** After this review, I got a message from the owner and also a call AT MY HOME. If the business owner is reading this, please note that I do not want any contact from you, and I will deem it harrassment if you try to get in touch with me again.

Sarah B. | 2014-05-24

The moment I laid my eyes on the gray civic's ad on craigslist, I knew it was mine. AJ went out of his way to make that happen. My experience of buying car can't get better than this. AJ agreed to take the car to our mechanic in Lakeway which is quite a ways from his location. If there ever comes a time that I want a new vehicle, I'll just go to AJ!!

David L. | 2014-05-18

This review took some time in the making.  We bought a Minivan from here about 5 years ago.  Clean CarFax, good condition.  Turns out we had issues left and right and we had to drop some money into it.  When we finally end up saying "enough is enough" and go to sell it, we find out is has a history of frame damage that now shows up on the CarFax.  I decide to vent my anger at the dealership with a scathing review.  

I was quickly contacted by the owner with questions about the problems.  As it turns out, the frame damage was added to the history after our purchase date, so there was no way to know about it at the time of sale.  Furthermore, the owner was unsettled about the work we'd put into it and wished we would have called him sooner.  While that may sound like lip service, he put his money where his mouth is and bought back the car from us at a much better price than any other dealer was willing to shell out as a trade in.  

When I originally bought the car, I assumed I was dealing with a used car salesman.  I now know when you buy a car here, you are dealing with a small business owner, and that is a much different, much more pleasant person to buy from.

Shawn B. | 2014-05-16

I wanted to wait a few months after purchasing this vehicle for my daughter before posting a review.  I found Long Horn Sports Imports October 2013 after exhausting my search for a vehicle for our high school daughter.  I had been diligently searching and spent countless hours pouring over Craig Lists, car ads on the internet and even going in person to check out cars.  We were looking for a Honda Civic with low mileage and not too old within a certain price range.  Most of the cars were either 1) over priced 2) not in good condition 3) too high mileage.  We thought we had found the perfect car for her at another dealer, in fact she fell in love wiht it.  However, when I paid to have it inspected, there were a couple mechanical repairs that needed to be done to it and the dealership was not willing to do the repair or lower the price so we could have them repaired.  After wasting time with them, we decided to walk away from the deal.  I am so glad I followed my instincts because that's when we met AJ.  I found a Honda Accord Coupe on line that looked in pristine condition, had good miles and the price was within our budget!  I thought this was too good to be true and there had to be a catch but decided to go look anyway.  When I pulled up to the lot, I was hesitant to pull in at first because I was thinking to myself "oh great here we go again".  The office was a tiny shed amidst cars parked bumper to bumper.  However, upon closer inspection, most of the cars were newer vehichles and in really good condition.  Then I spotted her, this silver Honda Accourd coupe with a sunroof and barely a scratch on her.  I couldn't believe it.  I was still thinking there had to be a catch or something wrong with her.  I had pulled up the car fax before meeting with AJ.  The only thing that worried me is the car had had 3 previous owners, however; all the maintenance had been done on the car from the first owner to the third owner.  After meeting with AJ, he handed me the keys and told me I could take it for a drive!  He was meeting with other clients and couldn't leave as he is a one man owner.  My son and I took it for a drive and was amazed at how she drove.  The interior of the car was also in pristine condition and we could see nothing wrong on the inside or outside.  AJ informed me he would have his mechanic do a thorough inspection on the car but after he noticed I was not comfortable with that, he offered to take the car to Honda and have it inspected for us.  We agreed that I would pay for the inspection.  The car came back with only a couple minor things that needed done.  AJ agreed to take care of these things for us.  There was one other thing that AJ was unwilling to address and we told our daughter since it was her car she would need to pay the repair.  Upon hearing this, AJ graciously offered to do it for her!  
Everything went smoothly from there.  AJ never pressured us into buying the car and he never misrepresented himself or the vehicle in anyway.  It was so refreshing to deal with no hype, pressure and no misrepresentaiton.  It is my opinion that AJ went above and beyond what he needed to do to make my daughter  and us satisfied with our purchase.  She has been drving the car for 7 months now and we haven't had one single issue.  Thank you AJ for selling us a good used car that will get her through college!  We will be back next year when our son is ready for his first car.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend AJ to anyone looking to buy a high quality used vehicle at a reasonable price!

Jeff B. | 2014-02-10

I recently saw a listing for a car on craigslist under the "for sale by owner" category for a car that I was interested in so I called the number.  Come to find out it is actually a dealer (Longhorn Sports Imports).  First red flag.  When I ask about the car the guy tells me that it is a one owner vehicle in very good condition.  I decided to pull the carfax before driving all the way down south to look at it.  It turns out that the vehicle has been owned twice and the first one was a rental car company.  Two strikes and you are out for me.  If you are going to lie to me about the little things I can only assume that you regularly lie to your customers about the bigger things.  I don't trust this dealership and will never buy anything from them.

Kevin G. | 2014-02-09

Highlight - Very Good Car buying experience!!

I always prefer buying cars from private owners and was looking for a Toyota in Craigslist "by owner" section where almost all the cars that I called to inquire about were from longhorn Sport Imports. First, I was admittingly  pissed off and kept on flagging his ads for a few days (Sorry!)but then I could not find anything reasonable from a legit private owner, I planned to visit this dealership to browse the inventory. I made an appointment with AJ for 6:30pm (that's the only time we could make it after work although it was close to his closing time).  I had no intentions of buying, but my wife and I felt so comfortable talking with AJ  that we decided to come back the next day to get more serious. This was by far the best car buying experience I've had. His policy of getting buyer's inspection from mechanic of your own choice was a relief and we scheduled our mechanic (Auto PI) to come check the car for us. He gave the car two thumbs up with the exception of a couple of minor maintenance items. A.J replaced two tires and fixed a spot in the interior without jacking up the price of the car. Detailed car wash was also included in the price. The car was ready in a day and we picked it up after hours which he didn't have any problem with and he stayed late till 9:15p.m just to accommodate us.  I'll buy from him in the future with out a doubt.

Sam B. | 2014-02-07

I found this dealership through AutoTrader about 3 years ago when we bought our Acura MDX. We wanted to buy a Texas SUV for obvious reasons and searched online on sites like Ebay and Autotrader and found the perfect match in LSI's inventory. They were beating the prices of their competitors by thousands on comparable models. My husband called the dealer and shared his concerns about buying the car sight unseen and AJ was very helpful. He sent us detailed pictures and was very upfront about even the relatively minor issues. He even helped us in importing the car to Canada and transporting it to Grandfork, where we picked it up. The car we picked up was in Great Condition (Exactly what we saw in pictures and as AJ had described it). Its been 3 years and it still runs like a dream. We received the paperwork in Fedex days before so border clearance wasn't a problem at all. A couple of months ago, we bought our second car from LSI. This time it was a 2011 Rav4 4WD in pristine condition again. The service, the quality of his cars, the prices and his honesty is hands down unbeatable. We are very happy and would recommend him to anyone.

Iris G. | 2013-11-25

Found LSI when I was looking for a used Prius on Craigslist. AJ the owner answered the phone and was very upfront about the fact that he was a dealer. But the pricing was right, better than most privately sold Prius'es. No sales pressure at all, and AJ gave me the car key and let me go on a spin by myself. He also gave me the out-the-door pricing without me having to pester him about it. The extra cost that was not related to taxes etc was as low as I have ever seen. He really budgets tightly.
The next day I called him about scheduling an inspection with PI and the car checked out pretty good. AJ fixed all issues even the ones he was not sure could be fixed. For the broken car lock we negotiated a back-up plan to have the dealer fix it if he could not and split the cost, since such a large repair seemed to go over his budget and it was important for me to have a back-up solution if the remote went out. But his locksmith solved the problem dealer-free and so no extra cost for me at all.
Used car sales and purchase is tricky business and hidden problems and issues can come up unexpectedly. While nobody can always promise a perfect car, the one AJ delivered in the end came pretty close. And even after we sealed the deal and the sales was completed AJ still felt responsible when it appeared a change in air filter had been overlooked. I had not expected him to do that, just asked for informational purposes.  We had to rush the sales a bit because because my rental car ran out of insurance-approved time. But AJ diligently followed through on all lose ends after the sale was complete and I did not feel that the service was any less because he had the check already in his pocked.
I highly recommend doing business with Longhorn Sports Import. AJ the owner seems a very honest guy and he worked hard to give me the best service not only during, but also after the sale. He works very hard and delivered and over-deliver a great car. Amazing because he seems to run his store pretty much by himself. So this actually turned out a better deal than if I had bought from a private person, also because included in the price were fixing all the many little issues that usually add up to a several hundred dollar bill at the first trip to your own mechanic and / or also cost you time to track down (like the missing car manual AJ found and delivered for me in excellent condition with leather pouch)
Three weeks after the sale the car sill seems as good as it checked out, no hidden issues so far. Happy car owner after pleasant purchasing experience.

Zenith Z. | 2013-08-25

One of the worst buying experience: Before I went there, I called them if I can take cars to my mechanics for a pre-purchase check, they simply said YES. Then I made an appointment with one auto mechanic and then borrowed car from friend and drove to this dealership. I found one favored car, and then they refused to let me drive it out for mechanic check. They said because they can't trust me. I'm kind of shocked... I asked before I came here, right? They said they can only drive it to mechanics by themselves. I think that's fine. But then they said I have to make an appointment with them first because they don't have enough hands here. It became ridiculous already.. I said can we do it now, because i called you first and i already made an appointment with mechanics. They said no....they don't have time at this moment.... Never see such ridiculous and rude dealers before, never recommend to anybody

Greg B. | 2013-05-30

After a terrible, classic "used car sales" experience at a bigtime dealer, I saw an ad on Craigslist for a very nicely priced used Toyota. When I called, it was AJ, a dealer, but the price was priced appropriately for "private sales" per Kelley Blue Book. The VIN number and a free carfax was available on his website, and all pointed to a well-priced vehicle.
Drove up from San Antonio due to a gut feeling after work, and I'm glad I did. He does not haggle--stating that the prices are very fair--and I agree, and am glad for it. He has a system whereby he will agree in advance to abide by an inspection from Firestone, or the buyer can pay for an inspection by Lemonbusters or their own mechanic. Since his cars are all fairly late models, and have carfaxes--I think it's pretty safe to go with the first, but the wise and monied will pick the latter.
At any rate, it's a very low pressure, pleasant, straightforward setup, and I'll come back next time. If anything in the process or follow up changes my mind, I'll report back.

Ruth W. | 2013-02-09

My sister bought my niece a van there. Another satisfied customer. Thanks Longhorn, I was worried about that piece 'o **** that my niece was driving her darling babies around in. Now I can rest easy that they will be in a safe, reliable vehicle. Great cars at good prices....can't go wrong.

Rathna R. | 2012-11-20

Service Industry is all about people & getting them what they want. Longhorn sports import has it all. AJ is technical v.smart knows what people are looking for, he is v.conscious about time, I have v.little patience when it comes to buying. AJ can work with me he can work with anybody. Best of all his prices are v.good.He walked me through the paper work flawlessly & efficently, got us what car we want .We were out of the door. Especial with two boys constantly advicing me all the time he made it very easy on our family. I will recommend anyboy who want service, price & the product to AJ any day. Happy customer over & over.

Justin T. | 2012-10-24

AJ is very easy to do business with. He is straight forward with his customers with no BS. After you buy a car from AJ the relationship doesn't just end there. He's offered to help me with aftermarket parts at discounted rates, and also offered to help me get bodywork on my other car that he didn't even sell me.

Thanks again AJ!

Tammy B. | 2012-09-13

I bought a car recently and I really like the service this dealership gave me. My first experience of buying a car from private owner was a nightmare when someone sold me their junk by saying that It was their mother's car who just died...This time, I was super careful about whom I am buying a car from so I preffered AJ reffered by my friend. He was very attentive and straight to the point, no gimmicks which I really appreciate. The process was very easy and fast. I will be referring him to my relatives and family.

Hitesh C. | 2012-08-02

Any consumer business is all about people...and LSI is all about AJ and the service he provides. My association with AJ goes back to 2009 and it's been an ongoing relationship. I know 3 people who've bought cars from him, including me, and we're all very happy. I think a lot of you have described the sale process...I found it to be quite transparent and fair; I like the way AJ does business. But AJ's service doesn't end once you drive the car off his lot. He's helped me get discounted rates on tire changes, servicing, shipping my car cross-country, the list goes on! I'd recommend AJ and LSI as your used car destination...you will NOT be disappointed!

JoseLuis F. | 2012-06-25

I have been shopping for a second car and stumbled upon this used car lot while trying to take a short cut into town.  A quick glance at the cars on the lot caught my interest, being a Honda and Toyota fan.  My girlfriend and I park and exited our vehicle to view the inventory of cars.  Two of them in particular caught our attention, thus focusing much of our inspection to these to cars.  I really appreciate it when dealerships new or used allow me a degree of liberty to walk a lot before sending out the troops to secure the beach so to speak, but after 45 minutes we looked at one another and questioned if the location was open because no one was in sight besides ourselves.  Being patient and understanding folks we remained on the lot carefully inspecting every detail of the car we liked.  It was then that I told my girlfriend let me check and see if someone is here?  I walked to the office and knocked before entering because I did not want to disturb or interrupt something I was not aware of, it was then I heard a voice say, come in.  As I am saying hello, the sales representative says in a rather odd tone "Shut the door you are letting all the cool air out!"  I was in the process of stepping into his trailer office, not to mention my girlfriend was a few steps behind me and I am certainly not going to be as rude to her as this person was to me.  My girlfriend and I standing before him asked him if we could take a look at Toyota corolla on the lot and take it for a test drive and his answer was puzzling to us. He stated, "I don't have the keys to the cars on the lot."  Looking at him he did not look at ease at all.  His desk was clutter with paperwork and it was hot in this trailer, so, we chalked it up as he was having a bad day.  We took his response and general disposition as our "cue" to leave.  We said we would return on another day but never did return to do business.  We feel that in business if you don't treat your consumers well, there is always someone else that will.  We feel that everyone should be treated with dignity and respect all the time as fellow brothers and sisters whether the relationship is personal or business.

Jamie W. | 2012-05-05

Once again, AJ comes through! Bought my Toyota Sienna from him to drive my two babies around, and have had zero problems with the way it runs. Safe and smooth!  Two times since I purchased it I've needed minor repairs- a glitch in the auto door and a busted side mirror (driver error!) AJ is across town from me, so both times I first checked around in my neck of the woods for repairs. I got quoted every ridiculous markup and upsell you can imagine- until I called AJ. Both times, he just fixed the problem. Period. No add-ons, no patter, no BS. From now on, he's my first call for any car issue- and I wouldn't dream of buying a car from anyone else. This guy stands behind his product like no other!

Chui O. | 2012-03-24

We had a great experience with AJ in getting our 2009 Toyota corolla about 2 months ago and the car is still running great. We started out looking at what the dealers had and finally gave up when the stuff at the dealers were lacking in quality for our budget.

So we started searching on Craigslist for sale by owners. Like Nathan, we soon figured out that AJ was a dealer (incidentally there were several other ads by other dealers in the by-owners list too). There really wasn't much choice from real owners hence we decided to give these 'dealers' a shot.

Based on the criaglist search, we checked out these dealers and were about to give up on them. Until we got to Longhorn. The place was packed with Toyatas and Hondas and the quality was a lot better than what we had seen.  First impression of AJ was that he seemed nice, friendly and sincere and was not pushy at all.

We found one that we like at Longhorn and arranged for AutoPI to check it out. AJ made good all the stuff highlighted by AutoPI (new tyres, brake pads, etc) within two days as we needed the car pretty urgently. He also helped to settle all the paperwork and state inspection etc so we were able to just take the car and drive it!

We needed a duplicate key for the car so we dropped by at AJ's recently (2 months after we bought the car). AJ called up his locksmith and within 10minutes, we had a working duplicate key provided to us at no cost. That was really awesome after-sales service!

Hence, I definitely recommend anyone looking for used Toyotas or Hondas to look for AJ at Longhorn Imports. This guy works really hard and provides excellent service during sales and after-sales.

Bradley P. | 2012-03-08

I generally like to buy cars that are a couple of years old with low miles, let someone else eat the depreciation, etc.  I've found that often the best deals are from private sellers on CraigList or AutoTrader.  Some of the used car lots I've visited seemed to have sketchy vehicles and 100% of them were overpricing their cars.  But then i lucked out and read some good reviews of Longhorn Sport Imports.  I found my Honda Accord at LSI for a KILLER deal, clean title and had low miles and a factory warranty still in effect. I'm a real estate agent and all that driving means I'm really hard on cars --- but it drives just as great one year later.  There are used car dealers and then there's AJ.

Justin P. | 2012-02-21

We bought our 2007 Toyota Sienna From A.J. at Longhorn about six months ago and I have been meaning to post on Yelp for a while but am only just getting around to it (sorry A.J.). I actually just signed up on Yelp so I could post this review. I'm giving Longhorn 4 stars because our overall experience working with AJ was positive, and I feel we got a great deal on our van.

One of the things that was really important to us -- aside from getting a great deal -- was making sure we didn't walk away with a van that needed a bunch of work. AJ said we could take the van to our own mechanic, and that he would fix all needed repairs, within reason, which he did. -- A word of advice to people buying cars is to get them checked out by their own mechanic and do not blindly trust a Carfax report. The Carfax report on our van said it had never been in a wreck, but upon close inspection by a mechanic of our choosing, we found out the van had been in an accident and some repairs still needed to be made. AJ agreed to have the recommended repairs completed by our mechanic at no cost to us. One result of the accident was that the airbag light was on, which our mechanic said he could not fix. After bringing the van to Champion Toyota and getting an estimate to replace the passenger-side front airbag, AJ gave us the option of splitting the cost with us to have the airbag replaced at the dealership, or he would pay the full cost himself to have an aftermarket airbag installed by his own mechanic. We opted to have the dealership put in an OEM bag and split the cost, which we felt was fair.

The whole process of going through the repairs -- between taking the car to our mechanic, then to the dealership  -- took a lot longer than we expected, but AJ gave us a nice loaner van for the entire time, which was a huge help to us. After the repairs, the van was in great condition, and AJ had it completely detailed for us on the day we picked it up. We walked away from the deal feeling good about AJ and the deal we got on our van, and six months later we feel the same way. I will definitely go back to AJ next time we're in the market, and I feel good good recommending him to others.

Nathan D. | 2012-02-14

I drove out to his dealership one rainy Friday afternoon and we spoke at length about what he's doing and why. He buys wholesale, fixes any glaring issues, encourages buyers to get their own mechanic to check, and if any issues are found from that check he fixes those, too for no additional charge, I'm told.

In many ways, A.J. is exactly the type of car dealer that I would choose to do business with. He deals in exclusively Hondas and Toyotas, which are the brands that I'd prefer to be in because of their maintenance records. He doesn't finance. Low overhead, good cars, good price, no pressure.

So why the one-star review? It's a long story.

It starts with how I discovered A.J. on craigslist. I shop by-owner because I don't need dealer financing and I'm willing to do a little leg work and take on more risk to save the overhead of a dealer. My "by-owner" Civic search turned up a list, and I went down the list calling numbers. One of those numbers was Longhorn Sport Imports.

I let him know he'd posted by owner instead of by dealer, and chatted with him about the car a bit. His side of town is a long drive for me, and the deal wasn't that great, and I wasn't interested in a dealer anyway hence the by-owner search.

Then I call a different number on the list, and again, I get the same place. I do a different private-party search the next week, for a minivan. I call him two more times, and begin to notice his numbers in many other ads. His ad policy was to spam the by-owner section of Craigslist. Not cool.

If it was a mistake in posting, I'd have no problem writing it off, but seeing that he was a dealer courting private-party searchers in craigslist ads, I felt he wasn't being honest. I posted a Yelp review saying as much.

From that Yelp review, we had a conversation. We went back and forth, with me explaining why I believe it really is spamming and deception to do that even if he is being honest about his dealer-ness once he gets a call. From that conversation two things happened.

First, the awesome thing: He quit posting by owner on Craigslist! As of this review, his craigslist ads are legit dealer ads (and from what I understand, he is giving up a LOT of phone responses for this.) That is awesome, dude. Big bump up in my sight.

Second, and finally the reason that this is still one-star and "Methinks not." The same day he starts posting by dealer and not by owner on craigslist, and without even waiting to see if my Yelp review gets updated, he sends me a new message through Yelp.

He says that he's consulted with a lawyer and believes my Yelp comment is "actionable." He posts an address he has for me (probably from the Internet) and asks me to confirm for "IF and WHEN" he needs to file a legal claim against me for the damages my review is causing. He asks for my employer's information too, noting that if the post or edits were made from work, that he's going to serve them notice of potential liability as well. He even mentions a former employer by name. (I don't think my current employer is publicly available or he'd probably mention them as well.)

This is where I call a lawyer. It takes a while to get him on the phone, and in the mean time A.J. and I have a polite back-and-forth on Yelp where I let him know that I noticed his ad changed and plan to update, but I want some legal advice first. A.J. says I don't need a lawyer to take down my review. Thanks for that advice AJ, but you're the one who brought up legal action! If lawyers are involved I'm checking with a lawyer before I do anything, period.

I contact a lawyer, tell him about the story and forward the part of AJ's message regarding legal action. He checks my review, and gives me a pretty clear response: It's perfectly legal for me to post true facts and honest opinions on a review site, and that's what I've done.

Comforted with my first consultation (a 2nd lawyer has since backed that up) and hoping to ease things, I went down to visit A.J. in person at his dealership. We sat down and spoke at length about his business, his ad policy, my review, and briefly about legal remedies. I have a lot more info about him than his craigslist ads--which he CHANGED! AWESOME!--and I'm updating my review with that info.

I sympathize with A.J. because like I said before, he is trying to keep his margin low, and his reputation high, and it's hard to get eyeballs and phone calls without spamming the "by owner" section. He's losing business by not posting there, and I get the impression he really wants to do so, but he also cares enough about his reputation to stop based on a yelp review. If it were just for that, and with that change he would be A-OK in my book, or better.

But trying to silence honest criticism with legal action is really not cool. I can't recommend anyone who even brings that up. I can't not not-recommend him, as much as I hate to do so.

Adam C. | 2011-08-26

I'm by nature hesitant to make large purchases where I have to deal with sales people who can be pushy and make you feel rushed. Buying a car from a dealer certainly falls in this category. I am also not likely to post a review on Yelp since I'm generally too busy and don't take the time to do so. In this case I feel inspired and somewhat ethically obliged after my awesome experience with A.J. at Longhorn Sports Imports to write my first Yelp post. I see here that I am not alone in my experience.

My wife and I've been looking for a car for over two months and frankly at the end of our rope with the hunt for a reasonable deal. Finally we came across a Craig's List posting that we couldn't pass on (below Blue Book) and I called A.J. From this point on my search was effectively over and I felt good about just about everything that followed. Below is a simplified point by point sequential accounting of my experience.

1) I visited the lot on a hot afternoon, not in the best mood to buy a car. I certainly went in doubtful that I'd walk away happy. I met A.J. and told him I wanted to test drive the C.L. posted car. I got no pushy sales tactics, just the key. I drove the car for a few minutes to convince myself that the car was reasonable and then went to talk with him.
2) Apparently there was an error in the C.L add. An assistant had posted it $500 below his intended asking price. I became a little skeptical at this point - thinking it might be a ploy of some sort. After some research, he figured out what had happened, explained it and he agreed to honor the C.L price. $500 below his intended asking price and well below Blue Book.
3) Then next morning, after meeting with my wife, I drove to his lot and agreed to buy the car pending an inspection - I gave him a $500 deposit. I paid for the inspection and A.J. drove it over, saving me the time.
4) There were a number of minor problems with the car and he agreed to fix them all including break problems that he had fixed at a local Honda Dealership. It was not cheap. It took a while, since there were problems with the diagnosis and he ended up paying for unnecessary work. He called me when it was done.
6) I picked it up. It wasn't cleaned and detailed when I first test drove it, but now it was and it looked great (better than when I agreed to buy it). The replaced parts were in the back of the car and he had receipts for all new parts and work done. He gave me two programed keys (one he just bought new).  I was very impressed.
7) Slight snafu when I got home. I realized that there was no inspection sticker as he said it would. I called A.J. and apparently the repair shop he used thought he wanted a used car inspection not a state inspection. The next day he picked the car up at my house and took care of it and registration to boot.

I hope I'm not jumping the gun by posting this after only having the car for only 3 days. If I have major problems I'll post again. I really am not sure if he made money on this deal and I can only hope by posting here that I drive some business to him. I have no significant complaints about A.J. and honestly feel that he is the best car dealer I have ever dealt with. He seems a little over-worked perhaps; always getting calls on his cell phone, always a bit in a rush, and some things listed above took longer than ideal. He was looking for a new runner at the time of my purchase. His one-room windowless car lot shack could stand some improvement, but I guess that's how he keeps prices down.

Next time I buy a car I will go straight to A.J. and skip the hassle.

Iftikhar K. | 2011-07-27

I know the owner of Longhorn Sports Imports, but even I was thrilled with how the process went in buying my Toyota.  I had visited many other dealers and in most cases left with a bad taste in my mouth due to the pushy sales experience.  AJ patiently sent me a few examples of cars that I should consider, and then gave me the keys to test drive.  The price he gave me was more then reasonable, and so we didn't negotiate.  

When I came back a couple days later to pick up the car, he walked me through all the paperwork, pointing out that he had the local repair shop fix some minor issues with car.  Most other places would have sold as is.  

I was driving out with my new car within 30 minutes.

1 week later, i love my car and I'm really glad I bought from Longhorn Sport Imports.

Garreth W. | 2011-06-20

I hate used car sales. Really loathe and detest everything about it. Sure, I love to haggle, though I can't always spare the time to play the game.

Not required here. Ajay is a gentleman. He spoke to me on my level - I wanted to talk depreciation curves and he obliged. His system of buying an option on a car (pending inspection by a 3rd party) really appealed, and he agreed to have my car driven to my mechanic as well.

I was happy with the price, service and advice I got here, and remember, I normally hate the process. He even spotted an area of the car that hadn't been cleaned well by his prep crew and had it taken care of.

Great pricing on used Honda and Tototas.

Roy F. | 2011-06-19

GREAT PRICE - GREAT EXPERIENCE - GREAT CAR. You can TRUST AJ of LONGHORN. I hate buying cars, until I met AJ of Longhorn Sport Imports. He was straightforward, honest, and applied zero pressure nor did he try any sales technique. The guy knows his business. Once I checked out all of his competitors, I realized AJ had the best deal. He let me check out the car with my mechanic and fixed everything before I put a penny down. Trust is rare these days. Service? He picked me up from my home in north Austin when I purchased the car. He works long hours so it is convenient for you and he REALLY CARES about YOUR experience. So uncommon these days with these other car salesman looking to get you to buy a car at any cost. This review I just read from Nien N, he must be wound up tight because AJ is very friendly and accommodating. RUN, don't walk to get your next car from AJ.

Amy A. | 2011-04-10

I bought a 2006 Toyota Corolla from AJ in 2008, and I'm still very pleased with it.  I haven't had to do any major repairs on it yet, it's in very good shape, and I get much better mileage than I did with my old Ford Taurus.

When I was looking for a car, I was looking for a quality used car.
I looked all over autotrader.com , Craigslist, eBay, Carmax, local lots...you name it.  

I found about AJ and Longhorn Sport (no 's') Imports through Autotrader.  He had some of the most reasonable prices in the color, make and model I wanted, so I went to check him out.

As a female first-time used car buyer (my dad bought my first car for me), I already had a chip on my shoulder about people trying to take advantage of me.  Arriving at LSI did not initially inspire any confidence.  

They have two dealers on one gravel lot, a selection limited by the size of that lot, and a trailer for each office.  It looks like it could be a fly-by-night operation, if it wanted to.
I half expected some slick, sleazy, bleach-toothed a-hole to come out and ask me 'What's it gonna take to get you in this car, little lady?  Best price in town.  I'll even throw in a coupla oil changes and some new floor mats for free,' then leave with my down payment, never to be seen again.

Thankfully, this was not at all my experience. AJ was awesome.

He specializes mostly in Hondas, Toyotas, and the like (thus the 'Imports'), and apparently, gets a lot of them at auctions, where they have to certify that they haven't previously been in floods, totaled, or other bothersome car histories.  
(He provides you with the Carmax report, too.)

Though he had already sold the car I had looked at online, he had some others that were very similar.  They were used, but low mileage and in good shape.  Some even still had some warranty remaining.

I was really impressed when it came time to test drive.  

At Carmax, my 'test drive' consisted of one of their salesmen tagging along, telling me exactly where to drive, and limiting my route to city streets only.  Seeing how it performed at higher speeds on a highway or freeway?  Not an option.

At LSI, AJ handed me the keys.  
(Me) 'What, you're not coming along?'
(AJ, laughing) 'Why?  You're not going to steal it from me, are you?'
(Me, flabbergasted and pleased) 'Well, no, of course not.'

So I got my big-girl, honest-to-goodness real life test drive, all by myself, down Hwy. 290/71 and back.  And it was exactly what I needed to feel good about that car.

I got a car with a warranty, a keyless remote, and yes, new floor mats.  I got a fair blue book trade-in for my old, beat up Ford Taurus.  (He even helped take a picture of me by it, so I could remember my first car.)  
He took care of all the paperwork, and got me copies of everything he could.  All for a price that I felt good about.

I put part down, then paid the rest when it was ready.
Though my Corolla was dusty when I test drove it, it was shiny clean when I picked it up.  

When I got it thoroughly inspected by Auto P.I. the next day, there were no major concerns.  The inspector asked where I had purchased it, and I told him.  'Oh yeah, that's AJ.  He's a good guy.'
After my experience, I couldn't agree more.

Mina J. | 2010-09-20

Don't buy from this guy... he sold me a wrecked car and LIED about it!!!I bought a car from him in 2008 and it had extensive rear damage, the car was wrecked and he gave me a so called "clean" carfax report. I paid about $1000 less than other retailers but the car had over $5000 in repairs. The damage was all hidden and took me a couple months to find out about it. I went through a lawyer to try and get this car replaced by AJ and he is corrupt and covers his ass in paperwork well. He got me to sign a "as is" paper... needless to say there isn't much I can do but oh well at least people should know what a con artist he is. I wouldn't be surprised if he wrote all these reviews about himself! He's nice until he takes your money and scams you with a **** car then all of a sudden he told my lawyer, "I would rather pay my lawyer $5000 to defend me than give a penny to her!" Says a lot about his character, it is people like him that give used car dealers a BAD Name!!! He has no conscience and willingly ripped off an 18 year old college girl that knew nothing about cars. What a jerk!!

Emily D. | 2010-07-09

I am so pleased with my new car.  AJ is a straightforward person and much more helpful that other sales people in the same industry.  No oversell, straightforward pricing, and good quality.  Low pressure environment and good selection even though the inventory is low.