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Established in 1989.

We take great pride in welcoming you to Lexus of Austin. For a car dealership to be successful, the only factor that truly counts is customer satisfaction. In the car business, this occurs only when the dealership consistently honors commitments, provides quality customer care, and provides follow-up and excellent service after the sale. Lexus vehicles are widely recognized to be among the best in quality, reliability, luxury and value. We're committed to matching their standards to provide you with an excellent car buying experience. This responsibility is not taken lightly.
We thank you for considering Lexus of Austin. We look forward to serving you with the very best in Lexus Sales, Service and Parts in the Southwest. To us, your business is about more than making a sale - it's about making a lasting relationship.

Vicki Roberts Howard
& John Roberts in Memoriam

Lexus of Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 343-3400
Address:9910 Stonelake Blvd, Austin, TX, 78759
  • Monday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Lexus of Austin

Luis A. | 2015-04-07

3hrs waiting time for a car wash is unacceptable! I really like Lexus cars, and the service in general, but in terms of car wash there is a lot to improve.

april h. | 2015-02-20

I recently inherited a Lexus GS300 2000 w/76,000 miles. I brought it in to get it looked at & get a quote on recommended service for current milage. I have owned many makes & models of new & used cars & have a lot of experience w/service departments. In my opinion the service department is over priced. When I expressed my concern w/the prices I was quoted & their diagnostic automatic charge, the service advisor said "our mechanics don't work for free" this was all it took for me and I left. I don't know if t was because the car was older but I thought they didn't want my business. The advisor made no attempt to insure value for their pricey quotes.

A. N. | 2015-02-16

Pretty good experience shopping at Lexus of Austin. They have an awesome coffee bar (they have chai tea lattes!) and waiting area, and a pretty decent selection of new cars. The atmosphere is quite nice. We did wait for awhile to see a salesman, but we came on a busy day, and they did have magazines to look at while you were waiting (nice, new ones too... not the dirty wrinkly doctor's office magazines). The salesman was pleasant and not as "car salesman-y" as I'm used to. I didn't end up purchasing from them because they were trying to undervalue my trade by about $2000. I went back and forth with them about it for a little while, but eventually I just went to Mercedes, where they gave me a fair price right away. Still, I would recommend checking this place out if you're up for dealing with some questionable pricing.

Loren H. | 2015-01-26

I am so grateful for Dean Royal and the entire staff that assisted me (financial, administrative,etc) at Lexus of Austin. I considered several other cars- and visited several other dealerships at length- before my Lexus purchase. My experience buying my Lexus ct 200h was world-class and I feel I got a very good deal all around. Dean contacted me moments after I submitted an online inquiry. He set up a test drive,on my schedule,with a close colleague who was very accommodating. Over the next few days, as I was in contact with Dean regarding questions and additional visits with my spouse, he answered every question cheerfully, politely and effectively, without the pressure or insincerity car dealerships are often are known for. I am also very pleased at the value for my trade-in. Additionally, every visit to Lexus was efficient - they did not try and waste my time with long waiting periods or delays. I feel valued as a customer. Lexus makes an excellent car and the service at Lexus of Austin matches that excellence.
If you are considering a Lexus or a hybrid, I highly recommend reaching out to Dean.

Frankly T. | 2015-01-10

The dealership facility is beautiful, appealing, and spotless, but their pricing policy appears to be one of maximizing revenue.  That is, they may hope that you won't check around on prices or trade-in values.  Do business here if you must, but work them hard on pricing and the value of your trade-in or you'll be laying out thousands of extra dollars for nothing.

A P. | 2014-12-29

Amazing service from the moment I walked in the door till the moment I drove off the lot in my new car.  Caleb Alwin is amazing, extremely knowledgeable and just a delight to work with.  Lexus customer service is the reason I stay loyal and keep buying Lexus :)

Everett T. | 2014-12-19

Color me unimpressed with the Lexus of Austin service department.

I made an appointment and brought my car in for service 15 minutes ahead of schedule. I then had to wait an hour and forty five minutes. It's important to note that I was NOT waiting for them to repair it. I was dropping my car off, signing the paperwork, getting in a loaner and leaving. Under ideal circumstances, this could have taken less than 5 minutes.

Now I understand that I was not a paying customer (I brought it in for a few recall fixes) so I'm sure I got bumped to the back of the line. Still, the only reason it didn't take even longer was because I went to the front desk and complained...twice.

I had asked them to inspect the undercarriage, and instead they put me down for a 90,000 mile service. If I hadn't caught it on the paperwork, they would have charged me. Then, during the recall repairs, they broke my radiator. That part I'm not even upset about. I turn wrenches all the time, and I understand that stuff (especially brittle plastic) breaks occasionally.

On the upside, the waiting room is newly remodeled, wi-fi, free drinks, blah blah blah blah. But the almost two hour wait was ridiculous.

Sri S. | 2014-12-13

Here Service costs are unreasonable. If your car runs over 75k, I suggest you to take it to other places. They charge a lot of premium probably due to their high operating expenses. They do a 'okay' job.

Lorraine W. | 2014-11-03

Well, if you drive a Lexus, then you know...the car is awesome.

As far as the dealership, in my opinion and previous experience in car sales and overall sales in my career history, I strongly believe that you have to believe in what you sell or buy into. At Lexus of Austin, you buy the car and you get a relationship with it.

The people of Lexus of Austin, make the dealership what it is, an experience. I love Lexus vehicles, I have been fortunate to own four so far, but I truly think that when you bring your car in for service, whatever it may be for, you should be able to trust those who take your metal baby on four wheels, the one that keeps you and who ever travels with you, safe.  Security is what I feel in my Lexus, the way it handles, how it's made but deeper than that: when I go for a scheduled service or pop in with a random question, I am not going to get taken advantage of or leave upset about my experience. Plus, its a good way to catch a cup of coffee from the high end coffee shop/cafe; just when its that time of day you're craving caffeine.

I can tell you, Randy Hoff, whom is no ordinary salesman, he's ranked as one of the top ten best for all of Lexus. With that, he has brought several members of my family into the Lexus family and has gone above and beyond any car salesmen you could ever meet.  For over twenty years he's been solely in the Lexus industry with his background as a service manager. Take note that it's important if you want your salesperson to know specifics about whats under the hood and reliability.  

Buying into Lexus with Randy was flawless which is not usual when purchasing a car, I say that because he honored the price I worked out with him, he communicated with me throughout the process and was genuinely a pleasure, professional and knew his stuff. I make it a point to say hello when I have a few extra minutes because he is just a great guy.

The finance people are very nice as well, I believe it was Steve who went over everything so patiently as we wanted to be sure everything was in place, he made us feel like he had all the time in the world to just make sure we were buying into something with security and ease.

As for service, when you pull up, you are almost immediately greeted by one of many valet guys (Kenny is my favorite, he always makes me laugh), I have come to know a few and overtime it is a welcoming feeling to be greeted by people who know you and are happy to see you. They are always so helpful with transferring things from one car to the next when I get a loaner, which is always a nice, new shiny Lexus with plenty of gas in the tank. It may not sound like big deal but I've been a previous customer at a Volvo dealership in Austin and it was weird how every time I had a loaner it never had more than a quarter tank of gas. Who's got time for that?

My favorite service advisor is Clayton Lee, he is so sweet and honestly just a good guy. I can say that each time I can put my trust with him that when I bring in either of my Lexus' I know he will do whatever it takes to get those cars what they need and have me leave a happy customer. I think its also nice to just be able to talk to someone about your car concerns whether it be a scratch on a seat or with my bad luck, two hit and runs in two months, Clayton has been there to understand my frustrations and take the stress off by making sure my experience is smooth with communication throughout the way, organization and working with my schedule.

If you haven't been to this dealership yet, you haven't seen anything like it.  Stop in for complementary organic coffee, Italian sodas, juices, fresh cookies, muffins, snacks, fruits. Theres plenty of space to sit or even let you little ones play on the Mac's at their kid center or catch up with some emails in their private computer area.  On a side note, even the restrooms are spotless, upgraded and don't feel at all like a public restroom.

The gift shop is an exceptional touch, high end gifts that you can't find anywhere else, hand made seasonal items, baby items, beautiful authentic jewelry and purses, too much to list but you can definitely find something to your liking.

I must add, they have an LFX, its over $250,000 for this bad boy sport car, one of only a limited edition of I believe 500 ever made, displayed on their showroom floor, its a sweet ride that will make you wish you played the Lotto more or paid better attention in school.

The showroom is bright, open, beautifully designed and simplistic. All the right touches, the right people in place, an exceptional vehicle held to the highest standards, all to give you a feel that Lexus is a brand that is luxury and if you are fortunate to take one home, you know its a car you will happily own for many years to come.

Lexus of Austin gets my vote for awesomeness.

Jessica Y. | 2014-10-09

A huge plus for me was being able to schedule my appointment online, and they were able to accommodate when I wanted to come in early.  I brought in our SUV for regular maintenance and got a fun convertible as a loaner.   We had a blast cruising down 360 with the top down, wind in our hair, on a 80 degree warm night. (yup this is our fall weather!)   My experience at the dealership was great - service was super efficient.  I didn't mind the short wait as I was able to indulge in a freshly made chai tea latte and pastries ("yes, one of each please) from their Starbucks-like bar.    Did I mention free wifi?  Seems like a great place to hang out even when you don't need service....

Austin T. | 2014-10-07

This review is for our experience in the used car department. RK is the used car manager that has all the suave and sophistication of every other used car salesman and after the deal is done,no longer calls to the customers ,we have to call him and chase him around to actually finish the agreed to details. We were hoping to find more upscale interpersonal relations at Lexus of Austin, to our disappointment used car salesmen are just used car salesman. We like our car and we did the deal ,Lexus agreed to it and six weeks later still unresolved issues and no callbacks about the details. Go through your list RK and call back everybody you said you would.
Update- the salesman finally called the wife back and hand delivered her remote

James M. | 2014-09-11

Today I visited Lexus of Austin for my free 10K service on my 2013 GS 350 F Sport.  My advisor was Terry Witt.  I confirmed with Mr. Witt at the beginning of the transaction that the cabin air filter was included in the 10K service.  He agreed it was.  After waiting 2.5 hours for the service to be done the car and the invoice were brought out.  The invoice did not mention CABIN AIR FILTER.  I brought this to Mr. Witt's attention.  He immediately confirmed it was supposed to be included, and had a tech come out on the driveway and install the filter right away.  I am not blaming Mr. Witt.  I am extremely disappointed in the technician who worked on my vehicle.  What other issues were missed?  Why does this happen?  Doesn't the tech have a checklist to follow?  Aren't the techs at Lexus supposed to be the world's best?  I could have performed all the work in the 10K service myself in about 30 minutes.  I understand your dealership is overrun with the population growth in Austin, so I understand the 2.5 hour wait.  But all the "free" muffins and flat screens on the wall don't mean a thing when the job is not done right.

Tracy H. | 2014-09-03

We really like the new Lexus and the staff are great to work with.   The facility is very nice and if you have to wait for your car to be serviced, there are a lot worse places to spend your time

Mindy T. | 2014-08-25

I usually love going to Lexus to get my car serviced.  Everyone is always really nice and I love the coffee bar!  The baristas are so nice and they know everyone.  The wait is long, usually 2 hours for a car was and sometimes even longer for an oil change and car wash.  However, today was the worst.  Over the weekend I discovered some gum on the side of my car, not a lot, more like a thin spider web.  So I took it into Lexus today for the complimentary car wash.  I even pointed it out to the service guy who wrote up my ticket.  Got the car back in 30 minutes, now that's a first, it normally takes longer.  Went outside to find my car and there was still a big string of gum on the side of my car!!!   Because I didn't have time to sit and wait another 30 min. to an hour, I left.. very disappointed!  My husband recommended I go to Wash and Roll closer to our house in Cedar Park.  Fortunately those guys were quick and able to get most of the gum off.  The car washes used to be very good, but I've noticed the last 2 times I've been there, they've been very careless and sloppy.  :(

JD R. | 2014-08-17

My wife and I found a used truck on Autotrader from Lexus of Austin. We live in San Antonio and didn't want to drive to Austin to haggle the price there. We emailed the dealer and promptly received a reply from Dean Royal. We had an agreement within 15 minutes from the time we sent the first email. Drove up to Austin to pick the truck up and we had the best car buying experience at a dealer that we have ever had. Truck was incredibly clean. We could not have asked for anything more from Dean. He was always one step in front of us when we were going through the steps of purchase. Dean made us feel very comfortable. We talked to Matt Rutkowski when we prepared our papers. He was very helpful, informative and a pleasure to deal with.
Our whole experience with Lexus of Austin was incredible and we left the dealer feeling very pleased we chose to buy from them. Thank you Dean and Matt.

Rachel D. | 2014-08-16

Two stars for the nice service. No more because they never have enough loaner cars and a basic oil change takes a good 3 hours normally. Lexus cars are wonderful but with so many new owners the service department is overflowed and not worth the hassle. Think twice before buying a lexus if in Austin.

Shay H. | 2014-08-09

I bring my ES 350 to get serviced at Lexus of Austin.  Jamie has always given me exceptional service.  He is helpful at recommending what needs to be done and what can actually wait.  I also love the courtesy bar ...... it is like going to a coffee house.  The snacks are great too.  The waiting area is spacious and stocked with newspapers and magazines.  I've never had a bad experience here.  Thanks Jamie!

Ralph W. | 2014-08-07

I received most courteous and professional service at Austin Lexus from Jamie Kandziora. He actually went out of his to way to make certain every detail I requested had been taken care of on my car and thanked me for my business !  Excellent way to treat their customers. Ralph Wayne

Patti R. | 2014-07-31

I am extremely pleased with my dealings with Lexus of Austin.  Brian Erickson, my salesman, was professional, kind and knowledgeable. He was so laid back, he let us take a car for a long unaccompanied drive. After all, what harm could two old gals do. He was great and after negotiating a while he finally brought a good price and the deal was done.
Then we met Justin in finance. He was patient and reviewed all our options and redid them several times depending on our scenario. A fun guy, new to austin. Single and very cute. Go girls....
Finally Mary Martin walked us through set up. Talk about patience, right? So now we are settled in and learning the ropes.
This business excels in customer service. Having worked 35 years in customer service for a major airline, I know a thing or two about customer service.
Lexus of Austin, I'll be back. Thanks for everything.

Jeffrey M. | 2014-07-31

I had a great experience with the initial lease of a CT200h. At the end of my lease I started to receive a lot of phone calls and letters telling me that I could purchase or lease a Lexus at the end of my lease. I thought it over and decided to purchase the car I was leasing.

That is when all contact or help from the dealership stopped. Once I told Lexus of Austin that I wanted to purchase my leased car they told me I needed to deal directly with the Lexus leasing company in Iowa - which was separate and which they "don't have anything to do with". I was told I would have to look on my billing statements to find the contact information and that they "don't have that information". This was odd because they set me up with the Lexus financial lease in the first place. Also I have purchased a leased car in the past from BMW and BMW procedure is to have you bring the car in where they then assist with the purchase and make sure the title and sales taxes etc are taken care of.

Long story short after 8 weeks of phone calls and letters sent to a PO Box in Iowa where Le us financial is based  I got my title paperwork in the mail along with a letter from Lexus financial telling me that the next step was to take the car to the dealership to finish the process. When I called the dealer I was told I hadn't done things correctly because I had sent a check directly to Lexus financial. It didn't matter that I followed the procedure that the dealer and Lexus financial asked me to follow. I was told it was on me to go down to the DPS to deal with the title issues etc.

They then had the audacity to say they are committed to customer service and that I should come back in the future when I need a new car. They acknowledged that they had led me astray in how to best wind down the lease but didn't offer to help me once the problem was identified.

I still get to go wait at the DPS to do more paperwork - that is customer service?

In other words I got tooled around twice. Evidently once Lexus of Austin realized that I wasn't going to turn my lease into a new purchase or new lease my customer service stopped. I think I can get that level of service from a fly by night used car dealer.

I had a very easy and simple experience doing the same thing with BMW. I made a mistake going to Lexus. I will be going back to BMW in the future.

Lynn W. | 2014-07-30

I just signed up for a lease car at Lexus of Austin with John Jenkins. John's assistance in helping me find a wonderful car was above and beyond what I experienced with the other luxury model sales people at other dealers. I never felt pressured, he listened to me with great intent, and made me feel like I was THE most important person to him at all times.

If you're looking for a Lexus or pre-owned model in the Austin area, go see John Jenkins at Lexus of Austin. He's not  your "typical" car sales/leasing type of guy.

Kara B. | 2014-06-09

First of all, this Lexus dealership is beautiful. It's clean, the amenities are nice, and the people are friendly. This is a great place to buy a car.

However, I'm not wild about the service department. As a former Infiniti owner, where a loaner car is lined up and ready to drive as soon as you hit the parking lot, the time you wait here has been a HUGE adjustment. Each time I've been here they request a new copy of my license and insurance -- shouldn't they keep this on file? Additionally, I've waited 30 - 40 min each time just to get in the loaner car that I've already reserved. They have a wonderful seating area and a great coffee bar (complete with all kinds of free drinks and snacks), but that doesn't make up for so much lost time, in my opinion. I'd rather go without my free cappuccino and have a faster, more efficient experience.

Stephanie R. | 2014-05-22

I have never "liked" an automobile dealership before.  But Lexus dealership in Austin is different.  This is the first time that I purchased a Lexus and I have been so very grateful to them for all the support.  I pre-paid for my service and it was a good purchase.  Every few months, I schedule an appointment and get a lot of work done while I sit in their lobby drinking coffee, eating danishes and working on their free wifi.  The service at Lexus is excellent.  I have owned my Lexus for almost 4 years now and the old girl has nearly 70,000 miles, but I have never had one single problem with her.  Even if I did, I feel confident that this dealership would do the right thing and fix her for me.  But aside from the quality of the automobile and the excellent service provided by their mechanics, their lobby/waiting area is awesome!  They even have a small shop that you can browse and pick up last-minute gifts, if needed.  I actually feel like I am sitting in a Starbucks when I wait for my vehicle.  Also, they offer free car washes so Friday is a good time to go -- just be sure and schedule an appointment beforehand.  Thanks, Lexus of Austin.

Crisp W. | 2014-04-29

Helen, K is exceptional. I used to buy my Lexus of Austin from Orange County because they have better price, no pressure and just one phone call away. Helen provides all that plus more. I am recommendating my friends to buy from Austin, TX now. Excellent job to win over a local customer. Thanks

Armando Z. | 2014-04-15

Love my new is250 F Sport! I was provided with a stress-free process from start to finish. Nicco Azari and Elise Timillar are the best at what they do! Nicco will work with the finance department to get as close as possible to your bottom line. Can't say enough about the awesome customer service I received. Thanks again!

Jim H. | 2014-03-15

Bought used 2006 RX330 from Jay Lord - great experience!  Will go back and replace Chevy Suburban's soon!

Heather S. | 2014-03-14

I guess you just have to expect to get a little shafted when you buy a new car. I had high hopes that dealing with Lexus would be different...but Lexus of Austin lived down to my expectations unfortunately.

Summary: we were let down at every instance.

I'm going to detail every small thing that went wrong, in case you want to know what to expect when working with this dealership. If you're like me, a bunch of small things add up to a big, bad impression.

My husband & I look young for our age, so when we went into the dealership to seriously evaluate the new IS last Saturday, we expected to be viewed with some skepticism. When we asked about a very specific model with a specific interior and exterior color (having done our research), we were told that it couldn't be brought up from the storage lot that day to be test-driven (even though it was a full 2 hours before closing). Our salesperson asked if we'd come back Monday evening to drive the car. Whatever, we agreed. We felt like it was a test to see if we really were serious...we were okay with test-driving any model IS but that was never presented as an option. We came back on Monday, the car was on the lot and we decided to buy it.

When it came to negotiating, we got it to a price we were comfortable with - then the service department shorted us big time on our trade-in. We put up a fight, had proof of its value and in the end were sort of okay with how the negotiation ended. We got them to throw in some extras, like window tinting, to make up for the difference.

We filled out forms detailing our favorite radio stations, etc so the service team could pre-program them when the car was detailed later in the week (more on this in a bit).

We came back on Friday for the tinting, and the promised detailing and "delivery" - where they show you how to change settings, etc. We were surprised at the FULL waiting room of people and the length of time it took to get a loaner vehicle - 40-45 minutes. I thought we'd been in and out in 5 (no one told us to expect any kind of wait).

Then we learned that the tinting we had discussed (3M Crystalline) was not in fact available to get - something our salesperson straight up lied to us about on Monday night. The service team was all "but we told him we don't offer that...." but our salesperson played dumb and in the end we said fine, whatever 3M ceramic tinting you offer, we'll take it. After all, it was free to us, but we stressed during the car buying process that we wanted the 3M Crystalline tinting & everyone acted like that wouldn't be a problem. We were promised "3M tinting" repeatedly with no indication that the specific kind we wanted wasn't available.

Fine, whatever. Then we get a call later in the day saying the car was delayed and wouldn't be available until 3 hours after the initial promised time. Again, whatever - we can be flexible. We arrive and no one in the service department greets us, explains how to return the loaner, how to pick up our car - nothing. We have to wander around the dealership asking people how we get our car back.

Finally we get the car and the gas tank isn't filled up as promised. The car isn't detailed - the inside is as dusty as when we test-drove it. Shiny spots on the leather dash that we requested to be buffed out haven't been touched. There is no one around to give us paperwork about the tinting - how to care for it, when to expect the bubbles to subside, what kind of warranty is has - nothing. Service has left for the day & that was that. We were told to come back AGAIN on Monday to pick it up.

Someone takes the car to fill it up with gas & we're left waiting for another 20 minutes. We get in the car only to find out that nothing has been customized to what we wrote down during the buying process (radio stations, destinations on the nav, nothing).

Worst part was when we found out they never paid off our trade-in, and we had to make 2 additional payments for a car we no longer owned. They paid off the wrong account. How does that happen??

I love our new car, but we shouldn't have had to go through so many annoyances to get it.

Michael Q. | 2014-03-11

I come here to get my service done on my IS 250 and every time I come here it's about the same.

I always get quality service on my vehicle with the oil changes and a free car wash but the it always takes so freaking long!!! 2 hours for an oil change an a car wash?? I know they check fluids and everything else but really 2 hours??

You can always get great snacks at the courtesy bar. It's like a little Starbucks in here and everything is FREE!!!!!

The service dept is really clean and well kept and plenty of comfortable seating for you with wifi.

The thing I don't like is that even when you set an appointment it takes two hours for an oil change and a wash, other things take longer. But you don't get a loaner car unless it's a major repair......

And prices for parts are really expensive, I got quote for a new car battery for 199 plus labor so easily 250 dollars quoted a battery at autozone 115.

I come for the oil change and might as well get my car wash with free goodies other things go else where

Jaq T. | 2014-03-10

Not a bad dealership and nothing outstanding either. I moved from Seattle, where the Lexus dealership was top notch and the dealership was a great place to drop off the car, work and maybe even play some simulator golf driving range. So I maybe a little biased. I lease a IS F the sales went smoothly in a day and drove out with my car. Not pushy or any foul play was involved. That is always nice!

Maura T. | 2014-01-30

I recommend Jon Fitzpatrick in the pre-owned department. Throw out your preconceived ideas of what a "car salesman" is like. Jon is just a really nice guy. I found him to be reliable, honest, and genuine. I would definitely go back to him for my next car.

Abel H. | 2013-12-11

Did oil change for $60. I would say it is a good price for dealership. I wanted them to change the whole nav system but they only put their own systems that cost about twice the one I am getting from my warranty so I have to find another shop to do this. Waiting room is great and always wait is very short and your loaner car is ready to go.

David R. | 2013-12-05

TWO THUMBS UP to Jay over at the preowned department of Lexus at Austin. Purchased an SUV from him a couple of weeks ago and he made the process simple and transparent.  I was looking for a vehicle for my wife.

My first visit was alone, on a Thursday after work, stopped by to see the inventory.  Saw the vehicle I liked and told him my wife would stop by over the weekend to look at it. I couldn't go because I was working. Yeah, I can't believe either that I sent my wife along to a car dealership, but when it feels right you just have to go with the flow.

My wife also like the SUV, so I spoke with Jay over the phone, sealed the deal and that was it!  Monday came around and everything came out just as planned.  What really impressed me most was the service after the sale. I had to follow up with a couple of questions and Jay was always quick to answer and/or return calls.

My next car will be with Jay, ask for him, at the preowned car lot at Lexus of Austin.

Kaolhi L. | 2013-11-15

If you're looking to buy a Lexis then Lexus of Austin is the only dealership you need to go to. Jon Fitzpatrick is one great sales guy. They're able to work with us in terms of pricing, getting the car serviced up to date standards, detailed, and financing. Jon also gave us a $25 giftcard to eat at Zed's. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Cris B. | 2013-11-08

These guys are AWESOME!  I have been scared for years to send my wife alone to the dealership for repairs; especially out of warranty!  Every time they have proven to be as frugal with my money as I am!  Russell was our service adviser this time and he communicated regularly and clearly!  We didn't even purchase our car from them originally; but we will certainly consider them first on our next purchase!  Thanks Lexus of Austin for establishing "old fashioned" trust with your customers!

rick s. | 2013-11-04

The used car department of Lexus of Austin is as good as it gets.
This is the ONLY place I would send my wife alone to buy a used car.
That is the the best reference I can articulate.

I am on my fourth used car from them and have found them to be honest, have very good pricing and super helpful in finding the car you want.  RK is the a manager and personally ensures the deals are handled professionally with no BS used car dealers are known for.

Every one of the cars I bought from them were trade ins that they sold and serviced.  The detail and maintenance work that they do to their cars would cost over $800 if done through the service dept so keep this in mind when shopping on Craig's list.

Jennifer H. | 2013-09-13

I had wonderful service at Lexus in Grapevine TX. If i were going to be detained more than an hour they always offered a loaner.
I detest going to the Lexus dealer in Austin. I am in the market for a new car but due to the service I have received, from Austin Lexus, I am trying to find a different make (if I were still in Dallas then I would buy another Lexus - with no hesitation).

Clare B. | 2013-09-09

I live in Houston but found a car at this dealership online that I fell in love with.  This will be my 4th Lexus to purchase so I have experience with other dealerships to compare.  I can say with great certainty I had a wonderful and flawless car buying experience at Lexus of Austin.  I called on a Thursday and spoke with Dean Royal (highly recommend!!)  I gave him all my information over the phone including my trade in.  We went over some numbers, I was happy with the results so I drove to Austin 2 days later to buy the car.  I was a little nervous of the old bait and switch.  You know, saying one thing on the phone and coming in only to have all the numbers change.  Well, not one number changed.  Everything was exaclty as discussed over the phone.  The trade in offer in my opinion was very fair and was pretty dead on with KBB and NADA.  They dont have ridiculous dealer fees which I appreciated.  The car I purchased was also exactly as described online, no hidden surprises.  It was by far the easiest I have ever purchased a car.  I again have to stress to see Dean Royal.  He was the most professional and honest  I have ever dealt with.  

I want to add the waiting area in this dealership is awesome!  Again, coming from Houston, it doesnt even compare to any that I have visited (which is about 3)  They have a really nice complimentary coffee bar with pastries, coffees, lattes, snacks..... its a really nice touch.

Although I live in Houston, I would serioulsly consider driving back here to trade in my next car.  Thats how much I preferred it over the Houston Lexus dealerships I frequent.

Sheryl W. | 2013-09-09

I used to love my Lexus, but this dealership is making me quickly fall out of love.  I would have never considered getting my car serviced somewhere other than Lexus until I came here.  I've happily owned my car for several years and never had an issue with it. After my first service at this dealership, my mileage mysteriously dropped by ~25%.  They couldn't explain this issue, though it mysteriously corrected itself after the next service.  Within 2 weeks of being in for my most recent service, I have a tire pressure light on (I guess they didn't bother to air up the tires even though I specifically asked), and I need to replace a wiper blade.  I guess that wasn't checked either.  Now I wonder if they actually changed my oil.  After waiting for a 2 hour service, and paying $140, I'm not sure for what, Lexus of Austin has made me start to think about buying another car that isn't a Lexus.  Bummer.

Charles J. | 2013-08-17

Ross worked with me for months, answering questions and addressing concerns. We worked together around my schedule to do test drives. He was always accommodating and helpful. Thanks Ross.

Michael K. | 2013-08-05

Came in looking to purchase the 2014 Lexus IS 350. We were given a salesman who had been on the job for 2 days, and had ZERO knowledge of the vehicle. If I am going to start working at Lexus, I would at least look up basic facts on the cars such as PRICE or ENGINE SIZE. This guy had no clue. We test drove the IS 250 first, and found it not powerful enough. We went back to the dealership and asked to test drive the IS 350. The salesman walked around for 20 minutes, trying to locate an IS 350 for us to drive. We then asked the new car sales manager to help us, and he went to the back with the salesman.

The salesman came out and said he couldn't locate an IS 350 for us to test drive. He said, "Maybe you guys can go grab some food across the street and come back in an hour?". I expect much more from a Lexus dealership.

Al V. | 2013-07-26

My wife and I had been in the market for a new car and had decided on a 2014  Lexus IS350. We shopped in our home area of Dallas, TX and found the car we wanted but learned that the dealer would not negotiate much on our trade in allowance and/or sale price. They figured since the new model year had just hit the market that they did not need to budge much on the price.

At this point my wife had put out feelers to the dealerships in Austin and San Antonio. We figured if the right deal came along, we wouldn't mind traveling a bit to make it happen.

Along comes Jon Farley of Lexus of Austin. Jon contacted us and made it his goal to get us a deal that we'd be happy with. He was in touch with us throughout the day even as we sat in the local Lexus dealership. He called us on Monday evening with his best offer and to our surprise it was exactly what we were looking for. We told him that we could be there in the morning to finalize the deal.

The next morning, Jon greeted us with a smile and offered us complimentary refreshments. We sat at his desk and looked over the final numbers for the car deal. It was exactly as he had quoted over the phone to us. No switcheroos, no BS. We could hardly believe it.

Then it was time to sign our paperwork with the finance department. Amanda Pope couldn't have been nicer. We had our financing pre-approved through our credit union and expected to be pressured into applying for financing through Lexus. Nope. They completely understood that we were comfortable with our arrangement. Amanda offered an array of add-on warranties but we decided to decline them with the possibility of purchasing them at a later time.  Again, no pressure.

Then came time for delivery. Jordan Oubre took us through our new car and showed us how to operate the new and exciting features. She was patient and knowledgeable and took time out of her busy day to make sure we were comfortable with our new purchase.

I can definitely say that this has been the best car buying experience that both my wife and I have ever had. If you are ever in the market for a new or pre-owned Lexus, Lexus of Austin is my recommendation.

Amy H. | 2013-06-20

Thank you JOE WARD! I went to drive an RX today and had the best expierence. I left my old Benz in the DUST for my new Lexus RX. The overall expierence was awesome. Everyone was super nice and made me feel comfortable. I even took my conference calls from there today! I highly recommend this place. Go see Joe!

Darrin R. | 2013-06-04

Great experience every time I'm here. Other businesses need to follow suit. My service adviser is the best.

Nicole S. | 2013-06-03

Paul in sales and Jordan in delivery helped me purchase my new RX 350. Everything was quick and smooth. Great experience.

Mike R. | 2013-05-16

The Lexus dealer here in Austin are douche bags and have shady people and practices. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THEM!! (Unless you like being taken advantage of).  We went in for an advertised lease special and the offer on the car was nowhere near this price ($200 higher than the special).  We kept having to remind them multiple times we were there for the special advertisement and they kept coming back little by little with price breaks but still ended up nowhere close to the price of the special.  They were shorting us big time on our trade in value (5k less than it's worth) and then tried to put us in a demo unit that had scratches on it and had a sticker on the key FOB that said "Smells bad".  The sales guy tried to mislead us by saying he had the car there with the widows down for us ready to be inspected...said nothing about the bad smell and they were stupid enough to leave the "smells bad" sticker on the keys.  They also denied many times that this was a demo car and refused to discount it more or even refer to it as a "used" car when it had over 1000 miles on it.  They kept trying to tell us that this is "the" car they use for test drives.  It had permanent dealer plates on the car and I suppose they are arrogant enough to forget we were just there the day before and test drove a different unit.   You really should not be doing business with them as they clearly do not have the customers best interest in mind.

Pradeep V. | 2013-05-07

I bought a ES300h hybrid in nov 2012 - the car has weird and scary braking - asked the dealership and after looking at it and checking it- told me that it is some new braking system that just feels different and will get used to it. My family feels so unsafe and feels that they are gonna get into an accident all the time - when I shared this with the dealership, they started talking about selling me a new car instead of exchanging this car for a non hybrid - I must highlight that the folks I dealt with were very courteous but basically told me that after talking to their GM, that they can do nothing to help . I would never buy a Lexus again ....

Timothy W H. | 2013-04-25

David Picow in Sales and Jordan in new car pickup are outstanding
This is one company that has superior service as well as superior product
Lexus and their crew are amazing that is the reason I switched to Lexus

Jim A. | 2013-04-10

Took my car in for some recall service work.  I am in the market for a new car soon in the 50K range.  I was going to consider other brands but the service dept and facility here made a very strong arguement for me to stay with Lexus..  Highly recommended!

Aga W. | 2013-04-02

It's been over a month since I went in for service. I left ticked off enough that I didn't want to write a review.
I don't remember when they stopped offering free service, but now the place is getting all about extra fees and squeezing more $ out of you. The map update for navigation is now over $300, and the free espresso in their fancy new lobby does not make up for that and the nickel-and-diming that has crept in.
IS250 is 2 years and 30K mi old. Completely ate up front tires and the lame explanation is "the suspension put pressure on the front tires". I got over that, then they made me sit there for hours, rather than just offering me a loaner to get out. 4 hours of my life later I got the full retail price bill for tires, inspection and a warm hand shake.
After I complained, and expressed my frustration, I got a free detail on my car, that I can only use on weekdays. Hmmm.

Jason E. | 2013-02-11

I purchased a car many years a go from Lexus of Austin, but what really keeps me coming back (and buying Lexus) is the service department.  I work with Alex Westhead on my service and he's very friendly, prompt, and walks me through the service needed and any issues that arise.  I've shopped Audi and BMW recently as I look at another new car, but service reports on Yelp and make me want to head back to Lexus!

Courtney D. | 2013-02-11

Definitely miss Tommy C.  but I can't complain too much!

Marsha I. | 2012-12-22

I defiinitely give this dealership 5 stars (more if I could). We walked in last week just "to look".  My Lexus was 10 years old and my husband thought it was time for a new car.  I really liked my Lexus and  it had never given me any problems in 10 years so I was happy with it.  Daryl Do Carmo came up to us while we were browsing and was very  pleasant and attentive.  He told us all about each of the models (which have made alot of changes in 10 years)!  He was very enthusiastic and very knowledgable and not pushy at all. We ended up taking the brand new ES300h Hybrid for a test drive.  We could feel his enthusiasm for the car and he explained everything so well to us.  I am very particular and wanted only the perfect color combination (for me). They didn't have any in stock which was fine as I was not in a hurry.  He emailed me yesterday that my colors had just come in that day. Meanwhile we had checked other Lexus dealerships in Texas and beyond for pricing. I can assure you that Daryl had given us a better price than any other dealership. We had done our homework.  They close at 7 pm and we could not get there until 6:45.  We drove out of there at 8:45 with our beautiful new Lexus Hybrid.  A lot  of people had to stay late to accommodate us since we came so late. No one at the dealership seemed to mind that they were staying late. They were all very thorough and attentive to our needs. When someone was showing us all the new technology on the car , I told Daryl that he should go on home.  Of course, he was the last to leave wanting to make sure that we had no additional questions.  Daryl truly made our car shopping a pleasurable experience and a knowledgeable one. I LOVE my new car and feel like I already am familiar with all the new technology on it.
Thank you so much. You have 2 extremely satisfied customers.

Grace N. | 2012-12-12

I just got a used IS250 at Lexus of Austin.
I started car shopping 3months ago, in the beginning, I wanted to buy CT200, but after I took test drive, I changed my mind, couldn't make decision for a while. Salesman George called me serval times to check on me, and tried to find a suitable car for me. Last friday, George called me again, told me they have crazy sale, then I went to their place on Sat late afternoon, George was busy,  so Jay helped me. I found one dream car with has all functions I wanted, but the price is a little higher than my budget. Jay helped to work on the price, eventually I got this car in a reasonable price. Jay told me they provide free car wash if I can go there before 2:00pm.
I parked my car under a tree, only one day, there are lots of birds droppings on my car, and i also have some questions about operating this car, so today I went to Lexus of Austin, Jay explained to me patiently, and washed the car for me, and helped me to order tinting glass in a very good price. He is the best salesman I have ever never met, so is George. Truly love this dealer, and very happy to be a member of Lexus family!

Martin G. | 2012-11-18

Lexus of Austin was amazing to deal with. We previously had a BMW, which had been a good car.  My partner and I shopped around, looking at Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo.  We even stopped by Honda and Porsche, for some different perspectives.  Our salesperson at Lexus of Austin, Tony Gage, gave us, by far, the best purchasing experience of any of the other people that we worked with.  He stayed past closing when we needed it and followed up politely without being overbearing.  We called Tony to stop by and drive the Lexus again and he told us that Lexus of Austin would make us a great deal to win our business.   When it came time to make the deal, he went to bat for us to make sure he would remain true to his word.  After the sale, Lexus of Austin has been great to work with.  We would strongly recommend Tony and Lexus of Austin to anyone looking for a great car buying experience.

Ian L. | 2012-11-14

I bought my 2008 IS250 from Lexus of Austin new. After driving the typical family vehicles (minivans, station wagons) for 20 yrs, this is my first car bought for ME!

I love it! I also love the service and attention I get from the dealership. My service advisor, Kyle D., has been great. In a world where even your  Doctor probably wont remember you from one visit to the next, it is very pleasant to have people at the dealer remember you from one visit to another.
I live 30 miles out of town, so the free rental loaner is a great deal for me!
Cannot recommend these guys enough!

Tracy B. | 2012-10-20

As you can see from my previous review, I switched from 20 years of BMW driving to a Lexus as I was tired of constantly traveling to the BMW service department for issues. I wanted a reliable car that basically only needed regular maintenance and that was it. Which is why after much research, I chose a Lexus.

Here we are a year later and I'm looking at my Lexus sitting dead in my driveway. Interestingly, I took it on Thursday for it's 15,000 mile check up, which unlike BMW, I was charged for. So I paid $119 for some Otis Spunkmeyer cookies and a pumpkin latte. Friday morning on the way to the office my car would not start. I called the service department and they said it sounded like the battery and since it was chilly the night before that could have done it after all the heat we've had. ???

So the hubs charges the car and I'm on my way. I drive it to the office, it starts up fine for my next appointment, but when I get back at my next location (A dark parking garage downtown) it's DEAD!!! REALLY??? So I had to call their road side service to come to the rescue and cancel my next meeting. Granted, the guy was really nice, but what a total bummer to have to now drive all the way back on Monday to get a new battery. The service department told me it was likely due to the heat we've had these past two summers. I'm sorry, but my car is only a year old and has 15,000 miles on it- my BMW never needed a new battery after a brutal summer. It seems to me that something went awry during my inspection that killed my battery cell. Regardless at this point I'm looking forward to switching back to BMW where frequent trips for repairs are expected but inspections are complimentary.

Dennis B. | 2012-10-16

I bought my new Lexus at Lexus of Austin, and buying several in Houston.  I should have gone back to Houston.  The facilities in Austin are first class, they talk a perfect service policy but their walk did not match their talk.  I buying luxury cars, my main focus is on service and attitude toward customer care.  I must give them a failing grade in customer service compared to the Lexus deal in Houston and our Mercedes dealer.  Sad, I was really hoping they would be what they advertise, and I originally wrote a positive review

Robert N. | 2012-10-01

I see that Lexus of Austin has quite a number of high reviews. I want to offer a counterpoint based on my very recent experience.

First I want to say, that my wife and I enjoyed our IS250. It has always been solid and reliable. Our intent was to purchase another Lexus, though we were considering alternatives.

So it goes like this: We bring our 2010 Lexus to the dealership and meet with RK Johnston. He appraises the car and throws out a number. It is low. In fact, I have never had such a lowball offer: ever. This is not a shocker, as we are buying a car and the process is loaded with game playing. I tell him that I have an offer from Car Max at $3500 higher. Dated today. He rolls his eyes and proceeds to tell me that car max and KBB and Edmund's are all "irrelevant" (Note to the audience, I saw Mr. Johnston look at one of these irrelevant sources on his smart phone, hmm.) He has to "buy them right" or they would go out of business. Please know, that I have purchased a vehicle almost every year for the last two decades, so I'm pretty familiar with the process. I have a car obsession. I always get a number close to trade in book on Edmund's or KBB: so I kindly disagree to his assessment of relevance. I ask this same gentlemen about the lease process (turning it in) and he proceeds to tell me that he doesn't know the specifics. (note to audience: when I called the dealership later the same day, regarding turning in my lease, they routed me right to his voicemail.Seriously dude?)

The reason I post this is that honesty is a good policy, and it is obvious that it isn't the policy at Lexus of Austin. Lexus of Austin, had they operated with any integrity would have purchased the vehicle, not lied, and sold us a replacement.  
I have routinely seen the same car in Dallas and Houston for thousands less. Do the math: if a Lexus or Mercedes is $4,300 less in Dallas, maybe the drive can be justified. Let's see, $4,300 divided by 7 hours back and forth equals over $600 bucks per hour.....yep I drove to Dallas. It's a bummer: I like to shop local.

On the local level: Henna Chevrolet purchased the car, no hassle for $4,000 higher than Lexus. I ask you fellow car buyers: does it make sense that a Chevy dealer is more honest and pays more for a Lexus than a Lexus dealer? Strange, but true! So if the local guy is charging me more on the retail end and stealing the cars on the trade in side isn't the spread actually closer to $8,000. The answer is yes. Wow.

Note to Lexus of North America: your dealers actions reflect directly on your company and my wife is now driving a Mercedes. If your dealer does not operate with integrity, than you, owner of the brand, lose. The shady dealer will continue selling cars at inflated prices to uninformed Austinites.

Fellow Austinites, cast a wider net, it just may save you thousands. Think about the double whammy here: buy low and sell high....poor consumer. A deal, especially for costly purchases, such as automobiles should have some semblance of honesty and fairness.

Sorry about the rant, but I just can't stand the deceptive nature of what occurred. It just isn't right.

Stacey K. | 2012-07-26

Eh... this dealership is good and bad.

I'm having a hard time parting ways with my older lexus sedan (I love it) but visits to this dealership sometimes leave a bad taste in my mouth.  

First off, I know I don't have the sleekest, newest lexus.  I get it.  But, I should not -ever- be treated as a second-class citizen because of it when visiting a dealership. They need to reassess their "holier than thou" attitude, it is definitely not appreciated.

The service is usually very prompt (but probably only because they want their loaner car back) and the customer service guys that relay information from the mechanics to you are very friendly.  I had Neil take care of me on my last visit and he was awesome.  However, I have had too many run-ins with folks at the front desk and elsewhere (why are there so many people walking around all the time that seem to do nothing?) that just make me feel out of place and awkward.  

Also, the last time I was there, the mechanic pointed out that the casing on my key was cracked and that I could get it replaced for about 8 or 9 bucks.  I waited for 15 or so minutes at the parts desk for some really snooty girl to tell me that it's actually 70 bucks.  When I told her that I didn't want to pay that and I would just live with a cracked key casing, she sighed, gave me a "why are you wasting my time" look, flashed me a fake smile, and just waved me away... the whole exchange was just rude (and she did not offer an apology for the price quote discrepancy).  

I probably won't be looking into getting a lexus when I'm shopping for a new vehicle in the next year.

Marcus T. | 2012-07-11

Initially, I have to admit that I am a BMW guy.  I love the German quality and engineering.  However, in 2008 when I was waiting for my new M5 to come in, I was in for service with BMW of Austin 5 times on the same issue!

This got me to drive over to Lexus to see what they have ...

What I found was a car that could run with the M3, but for the price of a higher end 3-series.  I ended up getting the Lexus ISF from Lexus of Austin and have never been happier.  The ISF is BY FAR my favorite car that I have ever owned.  The massive engine and handling is to die for ... but what really surprised me was the ride and user experience.  I have owed and loved this car ever since.  I typically change out cars every three years, but can't imagine getting rid of my ISF.

Just recently, I needed to replace my break pads and rotars ... such is life when you own such an amazing car.  Anyway, I "shopped" the Lexus Parts department against after market competition and took this back to the Lexus service department.  The pretty much matched what I found.

The reason I recommend Lexus is simple.  Lexus of Austin's service department.  They probably sell more cars that Lexus Sales ... they ROCK.  

I would STRONGLY recommend Lexus of Austin to anyone who will listen.  I love my car and think the world of the service team within Lexus of Austin.

Simply put ... don't look anywhere else.

Robert F. | 2012-06-27

My wife and I both enjoy working with Lexus of Austin.  Great customer service and treat you right.  Kyle, our service manager, always treats us fairly and with respect.  Their new lounge area rocks and love the options of the loaner cars as we are on the go.  I definitely recommend Lexus without a doubt.

Paul D. | 2012-05-22

Took in my vehicle I for a regular service and investigate a door lock problem. It turned out the driver side door lock mechanism needed to be replaced. Even though I was offered a loaner car I wanted to stay and experience hanging out at the waiting area. They have a very nice sitting area, juice and coffee bar with a selection of food items (all complementary), newspaper, and wifi access.  A small boutique shop is also next to it too.

I had my iPad with me but had to have them reboot the wifi router to get it working. After that I was able to access the net and spend time catching up on my stuff. I drank good coffee and ate some pastries and cookies knowing I would have to wait about two hours. My service rep came by twice to let me know how things were going with my car and needed to replace the lock mechanism.

I also wondered into the showroom and spotted the new LF-A.  A salesperson came over to me and tried to sell me a vehicle but he was not too pushy and explained me what the new cars have that my 10 year old Lexus does not. I returned back to the waiting area and soon my car was ready which did take 2 hours.

My service rep again explained what they did and walked me to my car.  He even let me know about the life expectancy of my brakes and tires. Unlike last time where they were not allowed to wash cars - city drought stage 2 ordinance - my car was exceptionally cleaned. Like always my car drove better before bringing it in, for I always that they tune it up or something to keep it running great. Anyway another excellent experience at this dealership and will be back for the next service checkup.

Eric S. | 2012-04-16

So, I brought in my Lexus IS250 because of a rattle in the transmission (and a couple of other things). Easy enough. They provide me with a nice loaner car and in general couldn't have been nicer. I am thinking that this is going to be great.

They call me every day at the end of the each day to tell me about the progress. It takes 3 days to complete the diagnosis and repair (moving some insulation?). I come in Friday afternoon to pick up the car. After waiting about 15 minutes they bring me my keys. I go to the car and try to put the car into first gear and I am unable to. The shifter doesn't move into first gear! If I play around, I can see that I can get it into gear, but not like it is supposed to. I am not sure how this got past their inspection program. I mean, moving into first gear is pretty fundamental. But at this point, I am okay as I just want it fixed.

So I go back inside to Jim and tell him that it is not working right. He comes out and looks at it and says that he will  take it back to the mechanics. After 40 minutes later they bring the car back around and give me the keys. They told me that the problem was the reverse lock-out mechanism that wasn't correctly aligned. I get into the car to drive away when.. you guessed it, I cannot shift into first gear still. Actually first gear is a bit easier than before, but second gear doesn't go in at all. Now I am pretty mad. They took it back for this exact problem and they said it was fixed but it wasn't.

So, I go back inside to Jim and tell him that it is still not working. He gives me a look of disbelief. He goes into my car and starts to move the gears and tells me that I am making it up and that he can shift it into gears. I just need to be more careful with my shifting. I tell him that it USED to work my moving the lever all the way to the left and it would easily shift up into first or down into second. Now if you move the lever all the way left it doesn't do that. He again told me that he can do it with two fingers and I should stop complaining. I am pretty livid with the sales representative telling me that I should live with their incompetent mechanics and be happy that I have my car. I convince him to bring one of the service mechanics to look at it. The mechanic was nice and enters the car and moves the lever and says "that doesn't feel right". He asks me to turn on the car and as he shifts into first gear, the reverse camera turns on. He laughs and says "that shouldn't do that". Apparently "first"gear was really reverse. You guessed it, they still didn't have the reverse lockout aligned correctly and Jim was telling me to just drive away.

He then told me that they couldn't fix it and gave me back the loaner for the weekend.

I got the car back on Monday and it works - but no apology. Jim never came to see me. A manager didn't come to see me. I filled out the survey and asked them to call. No manager called me. I looked at my gear box from the passenger side and believe it or not, they didn't get it seated correctly so I still have to take it back in. I was waiting for someone to call, but as they have been unprofessional from the beginning, I don't think this is going to happen any time soon. I really don't want to deal with them and hope they can fix this quickly so I never have to again.

I was expecting great service and a smooth repair process, but this has been terrible.

Marie C. | 2012-04-13

The team at Lexus always does an amazing job, and the fine touches at the customer lounge (including cucumber water) is down right fantastic!

This time I added a much needed car detailing to my 2 year old SUV and it's now restored, clean, fresh, and looks brand spankin' new. Thank you Lexus!

Lisa M. | 2012-04-07

Wow.  I had an Infiniti before this and thought that was great.  This is an alternate dimension. Wifi, espresso and snacks, newspapers, online scheduling, loaners, comfortable waiting area, etc.... I thought the car itself was luxurious and a great purchase, this just makes it nicer.  Good service.

Leslee V. | 2012-03-22

Lexus of Austin is first class 5 stars all the way. I would give them 10 if I could. Their service department and customer service is probably the best I've ever experienced anywhere. I know what you're thinking, "of course it's top notch, it's Lexus. I can't afford a Lexus." Maybe you think you can't. Or maybe you can't buy/lease brand new or a certified used car from the dealership.You can buy used from owner, you can even find some under 10 grand! And here's the kicker, Lexus will treat you just like any other customer. They will treat you like you purchased from them. So even if you bought from someone else or even if your Lexus came from another dealership, they will still treat you like family. Paul C. is always my service rep and he totally rocks. We've purchased all of cars through Steve J. and he has never acted like some high pressure douche. They've recently remodeled too and added a coffee bar with lots of snacks, and they're complimentary. I've been telling my unhappy BMW Audi owning friends who are treated like a steaming pile of poop from their dealership to switch to Japan! Plus they always have problems. Pssh. If only they'd listen.
And BTW Lexus of Austin, the Lexus Las Vegas does not treat their customers like you guys. I've encouraged my sister to write a review and to write to Lexus because Lexus prides themselves on their customer service. That's too bad, they could learn a thing or two from Austin.

Rawhide W. | 2012-01-20

Not typical for a car dealership to be the best in town......but to my surprise...they are AMAZING!!

Exceptional service and quality. The best dealership I've ever patronized.
This is the model for all auto dealers to follow.

Keep up the good work......

Larry R. | 2012-01-12

Bobby Davis is the king of service.  Lexus of Austin & Bobby compliment one another perfectly.  Anyone who doesn't get to experience the luxuries afforded by the lounge, the cafe, the built-in full service business desks (phone, lamp, internet!), even the bathrooms are 5-star hotel quality, doesn't know what they're missing.  Absolutely everyone you come in contact with in the dealership is well mannered and polite.

I've assembled myriad car engines, from the bare block up, in my spare time, but I enjoy letting LOA change my oil, etc. I'm substantially more productive when I'm there, and if they're backlogged, they will give me a new Lexus to drive until my car is ready.

Seriously, my only complaint is that I live in deep S. Austin, and they're in the Arboretum.

Vanessa B. | 2011-12-17

This review is 100% biased, due to the fact that I've only been here on behalf of a client, so I'm spending someone else's money, but I love me some Lexus of Austin! I only deal with the service department so I can't speak to the sales side of things, but this is how a car dealership should be. The waiting room is unreal; complementary coffee bar (with muffins!), luxury gift shop, computer station with MacBook Airs set up for the kiddies, comfy seating and a raging fire scene on the flat screen TV. (Which, if you've ever been to any other waiting room in America, blaring Jerry Springer, is a blessed relief.)
Every interaction I've ever had with any employee has been professional, courteous, and sincere, which means they're all well treated, or fabulous actors. If I had the means, I would most definitely shop here. maybe for my next car...

Megan C. | 2011-10-28

Wow!  The new renovations are amazing!  Great job, Lexus of Austin.  I have been a customer for 6 years and I have never had such great customer service.

Farzad S. | 2011-10-23

We bought my daughter's first car (a nice sporty Honda Prelude) and my wife's GS300 here... And now we bring my wife's IS here for maintenance and repair. The service is exceptional... Our service advisor, Jim Thomas, has gone out of his way to take care of things for us and save us money. The service lounge is very nice and the accommodations are great... We have not experienced anything close in other dealerships that we have bought from in the past; Mercedes, BMW, Acura, etc... A true world-class model for others to follow... Lexus may be an expensive brand, but the Cost of Ownership is hard to beat with the service quality, product reliability, and long-term residual value.

San T. | 2011-08-19

Bought a used 1998 ES 300 in 2007. Robert was the salesman and it was an easy and comfortable experience. He was patient while we test drove 3 different cars.

There was a little of the holier-than-thou attitude at the dealership itself but that is to be expected at a Lexus dealership.

Kenneth R. | 2011-06-27

I was recommended to Tammy in parts. I've never met her but over the phone she is very helpful. Once I arrived and there was no Tammy around, this is where I had a wrong order. I asked for a certain engine part, in quantity of 2. It is common knowledge that this is a rare part to replace and what I meant by 2 is I needed one for the left side, one for the right side - totally different part numbers for each. Anyway I give them to the mechanic and he lets me know that I have 2 right side parts. Anyway the return went smooth, other than the extra downtime/gas spent, and I was lucky my mechanic found out early as if I was working on my car and 5 hours into this large maintenance job on a Sunday, this mistake would of costed me way more.

Brooke R. | 2011-05-28

We had done our research on new-to-us cars to replace our well-loved Camry, and wanted to visit a specific non-Lexus car at this dealership.  Chris walked up to us first and allowed us to take a test drive no problem.  We liked the car but there were several issues, both cosmetic and non-cosmetic, that hadn't been mentioned in the online ad (surprise, surprise).  We wanted to negotiate the price down because of these issues, but the salesman, Jay (who took over for Chris, who had an appointment), refused to entertain offers.  He then mentioned that he could tell we were looking for "budget" cars and brought out a much-older Lexus for us to try -- it wasn't at all what we were looking for, and when we said that it was too much like our old car, he actually laughed at us.  No stars to Jay for refusing to negotiate, for laughing at us, and for providing poor service because we were so-called "budget" customers.  Chris, while he was around, was fine, so he gets the two stars.  

In the end, we found the same model car, in better condition, at another luxury dealer in Austin, and were willing to spend more to do business with them because of their superior customer service.

Meli E. | 2011-05-17

Great customer service.  Even has 2 massage chairs. Ahh!  Relaxing while vehicle is being serviced

Eric B. | 2011-05-07

My wife's Lexus was shaking at 38k miles.I had the rotors turned and purchashed new tires but was still having issues.

I expect a certain level of service when taking a Lexus in.  When I first heard they were going to charge me to look into why my Lexus was shaking under warranty, I was closing the door to leave. Lincoln never charged us to get things looked at under warranty....i felt nickel and dimed.......... until Kyle Dern offered to get it looked into for free.

He was very helpful, and even recognized that we needed our annual state inspection to be completed.

The lounge is nice, but I was really impressed with how far Kyle went to help us. Because of him we will continue to get our car serviced at Lexus moving forward.

Austin G. | 2011-04-11

I had one the best car buying experiences EVER at Lexus of Austin. No BS. The salesman was very straight forward.

My experiences with the service department have been just as pleasant. They have allowed me to take a loaner car to run errands while my car was in for an oil change.

Andrea H. | 2011-03-03

I like this place. I come here for all my maintenance and always treated with 5 stars.  There is complimentary drinks and snacks while you wait. They even wash your car, even when I just get an oil change.  You get your own personal service advisor, and I always have the same one each time I go.

Everyone that walks by you always asks if everything is ok and can I get you anything, so glad I own a Lexus, definitely great service!

Christine A. | 2010-12-22

My old girl is fast approaching 90,000 miles and exhibiting some aches and pains, so I took her in to the Lexus Dealer to have her diagnosed...

Wait. What did you say?  Leave my 12 year old Lexus and take your 2010 4-door IS "Starfire" tinted beauty with heated seats and satellite radio for several days?  Twist my arm.  

First, I will help myself to some Starbucks coffee and use the frother.  Just a minute, there are muffins, energy bars and fruit.  How thoughtful of you.

Oh look, a flat screen television or two.  And a massage chair?  Oh stop.  You are spoiling me.  

And, finally, before I drive off into the sunset in that sweet little loaner, I will happily pee in your snazzy ambient lit bathroom, with automatic soap dispenser and hand cream, while jazz is playing.

Asima F. | 2010-09-25

Great service.  And a great idea of a lunch voucher!!!  Saved them the trouble and cost of a rental, and I got a nice lunch while I waited!!  Very creative!

Ha Na C. | 2010-08-13

I'm sure exceptional service is just one of the perks of owning a luxury vehicle, Lexus to be specific. However, today Lexus of Austin exceeded my expectations when it came to customer service. I went in to have both of my keys replaced and definitely expecting to have to pay. Not only were they extremely helpful, courteous and fast, but they also replaced my keys at no charge. I was even using after market key shells. It usually costs around $65 per key to replace if you have your transmitter, which I did.  It may not have cost Lexus much to replace mine for free, but it certainly left a great impact on me as a consumer. I'd also like to mention they have one of the nicest lounge areas for customers to wait. It is fully stocked with beverages, snacks, flat screen television,  comfortable seating and even a massage chair. I guess the saying is do get what you pay for. I wish I didn't lose the associates card that worked with me. She definitely deserves some recognition. I can describe her at best : Caucasion, short grayish-blonde hair, tall, mid-50s and lovely as can be!

Mark T. | 2010-06-24

I've been a customer of Lexus of Austin since 2004 and I have been extremely happy with them.
I am on my third Lexus and the service cannot be beat!
I call my Service Advisor and he knows instantly who I am and what car I am currently driving.
They have a very nice waiting room with food and drinks, massage chairs, a "quiet" room and you leave with a clean loaner car with a toll tag, and a full tank of gas.
I have been contemplating buying a Mercedes S 550, but I waver because my next door neighbor has two new Mercedes and I am leary of their service department.
I think that I would rather buy a LS 460 and have EXCELLENT service than buy a Mercedes S 550 and deal with crappy service.

Natalie Y. | 2010-03-09

They only get 4 stars because of the used sales team at the Austin location.  I pulled up in a saturn vue and was certainly not taken seriously.  Well, you have to join the lexus family at some point right.  They totally blew us off and after even a few visits to the dealership, I had to ask myself "do they want to sell me a car or what?"  So, we had a fabulous buying experience at North Park Lexus of San Antonio, that's another review to come...

As for service, they ar fantastic.  I never have trouble getting a loaner.  They always have the lounge well stocked with food and goodies.  When I pull in in the morning and see all the cars, I always wonder how the heck they get the cars done... but somehow they do.  And the service reps are courteous and professional.  They called me to let me know they are working on my car and everything was looking great, just to have an enjoyable night and enjoying driving the loaner vehicle.  

As for my car, a 400 H---I love it.  I think I may be a Lexus owner from here on out.  And I"m only 28, so I have alot of driving left to do in my lifetiime!

Martha A. | 2010-03-03

Let me start with I wish I could give this place a SINGLE f'ing star, but I won't. Please read on. On the day I was car shopping, in my Honda Accord, in presentable business clothes ON MY WAY HOME FROM WORK I get out a walk around the dealership, checking out some new rides. I am there for over 30 minutes without ANYONE asking me if I needed help. Fine, perhaps they are going for not finally I get a dude to help me and here is how it goes. (this is the cliff notes version)
ME: "I am looking for an IS350" (this was in 2007 when they had just come out and not many dealers had one)
SALES DOUCHEBAG: "We don't have any on the lot, those cars are brand new and mostly special ordered young lady."
ME: "Really? Could I look at a 250 then to understand what the interior looks like?"
SALES DOUCHEBAG: "Sure, let me bring one around and you can even test drive it."
ME- OOOH AAAAH, really!?? Ass. "Okay, I'll wait here."
SALES DOUCHEBAG during actual test drive: "So, this is just Austin and there is so much traffic...are you sure you need the 350? Why not just get the 250? Does a woman really need all that horsepower?"
ME- is this really happening in 2007? "No, I guess I don't need a 350, but I WANT one."
SALES DOUCHEBAG: "well we're the number 1 Lexus dealership in central Texas, so I can make a deal with you on either a 250 or a 350."

REALLY DUDE?!? Really? I thought the #1 dealership in Central Texas would be in, um, Temple, wait, Waco, wait, Llano or Lockhart...NO SHIT. Austin is the largest city around here and there is ONLY 1 Lexus dealer within like 200 miles. So then I drove to Houston that weekend and bought my car from a SUPER nice lady at Westside Lexus. They had my baby in red and everything.

Now, I have to get it serviced here, since this is where I currently reside, so I go to the service department. No chip on my shoulder, just cautious. Most of the service guys were pushy, treated me like I was 12 and didn't speak English and they often washed my car with their ass. To put it bluntly. It was all half-ass done, smears all over the inside windows and leather...ah.

Anyway, finally  I found Tommy. He's the service rep I always deal with and if I could give him 6 stars I would.
a) he calls me when there is any recall or any issue with my car
b) he always has a rental for me if I need it. no excuses with you're only spending this or that. no excuses.
c) not pushy ever. doesn't treat me like I am 12 or I that I don't speak English and I can ask all the Q's I want.
d) he makes sure my car is washed and clean, not like someone rubbed their butt in some soap and smeared it all over the side.

So there is my extensive, mixed review. I wish someone at Lexus would read this.

TOM H. | 2009-12-24

I just bought out my lease on a 2007 Lexus GS 350.  
The overall experience with sales and service was excellent.  The are a great example of what you expect from a luxury auto dealership.

Tracy J. | 2009-10-31

I bought a used non-Certified Used Lexus there and it was kind of a lemon. The battery died on me right away and there were signs of engine problems.

It took a lot of strongly-phrased letters to upper management to get them to straighten things out. After, I think, several weeks of getting on their cases, they took the car I had purchased back, I was given a loaner car and a credit to buy another Lexus. I made darn sure that my next one was Certified Used. I ended up traveling to Fort Worth Lexus to get it (I love it!).

So in the department of doing the right thing by their customers, I'd give them maybe a 2.

As far as repairs, I haven't done many ('cause Lexus's rule, of course). However, I do take full advantage of their free car washes and recently had my 60,000 mile maintenance done there.

Gosh, being in their guest lounge is like going to a SPA! Free snacks and drinks, big screen TVs, leather couches, a business center with two computers and wireless internet, and two MASSAGE CHAIRS. The service folks are really nice and professional.

In the Service Department, Paul there is my buddy and he is the nicest, coolest guy. He'll hook you up with great service and will not oversell you on maintenance.

The people who do the car washes tend to leave the floor papers and a few smudges inside the car, not something you'd expect at a high-end dealership. But not a big deal.

So there's good and bad there. Now that I've purchased my car, I love going to get it washed or serviced, chatting with Paul, and relaxing at the Lexus of Austin Spa.

Lara G. | 2009-08-26

LOVE this place.  Didn't buy my car there (I moved to Austin shortly after purchasing the car out of state), but have always brought it here for service and routine maintenance.  I never have a problem getting a timely appointment.  I never have trouble getting a "loaner" car to use for the day while they're working on mine.  The customer service lounge (for while they're getting the loaner ready, or you may wait there while they fix your car, if you choose) is very comfortable, with free snacks, drinks, newspapers and wifi.  Michael Capps is my service advisor (they make sure that you always work with the same person, so they know who you are when you come back) and he is professional, efficient and knowledgeable.  He always says that he'll call me if the service costs more than his estimate, but it never has.  My car is getting older, so I will DEFINITELY buy my next car here.

Candace S. | 2009-06-12

I have an RX400h. I didnt buy it here, but well, I live here and this is where my car will get serviced. I came here for the first time last weekend for just a routine oil change. I didnt make an appointment, but since I was also due for a 70k check up, ok, I'll get that done while I'm at it and I'll just wait.

While waiting in the service room, the service tech came to tell me that there was actually a recall on the powersteering on my car...oi! I never got notified, but they said they would get me a loaner and it'd be ready by Tuesday. Well, as long as I had some sort of transportation, I'd be ok with leaving my car here.

I got to drive around a 2008 ES350 which already had a toll tag which was nice--I wouldnt have to change my commute downtown to get to work. On Monday, I recieved a call saying that there was a coolant leak from the transmission--oh no. I started seeing dollar bills fly out the window until the service tech mentioned that even though technically I was over the powertrain warranty by 2k, they would still cover it. I was floored because they totally didnt have to do that for me, but they did.

So, I got to drive the nice loaner for an extra 2 days before returning it back to the dealership. I picked up my car and discovered that they had filled my tank up for me! It was nearing empty when I dropped it off so I was very impressed. My car was also washed and vacuumed which was nice since a friend and I spent a weekend with my dogs at the beach so there was definitely sand up in there.

I have nothing, but good things to say about this Lexus dealership and if this is the norm, well then heck, I'll buy Lexuses forever!

Kimberly K. | 2008-02-03

A Public Letter from My Car to Yours, screeched while traveling south on 360 past the Lexus dealership on the right:
FUCK!!! You have got to be KIDDING me? Entitled steroid 6 cylinder tiny engine A-hole! Do NOT swerve into my lane, into me! I do NOT appreciate your public display of affection and I do NOT want your ugly, cold gray paint tattooing the entire left side of my warm champagne!  I may be a petite, feminine beauty, but do NOT underestimate my 8 cylinders of pure, raw power that will make you look like an Asian granny on a Sunday drive!

A Public Letter from Me to You:
I see you have a gun in that rack in your back window. My lane is your lane, my friend.

A Public Letter from my (15 year old) Sassy Lexus Sedan to the Lexus dealership:
Snooty assholes!!! The last time we came to you for a check-up was the LAST time! You did not bathe me and pamper me like everyone touts  - WHAT, am I too OLD? Not fucking sleek and SEXY enough for you? You did not even fix my symptoms and I overheard Kimberly talking on her cell with another Dr. - Don's Automotive- and he fixed me fine for half the cost and none of the attitude.  Alienating a-holes!!

A Public Letter from Me to the Lexus Dealership:
I see you have some beautiful, new Lexii in your lot. I may need to visit with you soon, my friend.

Angela R. | 2007-11-01

I did not buy Lola, my RX350, from the great people at Lexus of Austin but since I reside in this wonderful city, I take my vehicle in for the proper maintenance and the greatest thing ever... the free car washes. I too abuse this perk and I am always afraid they are going to turn me away, claiming I have used up my free car wash vouchers... as if the keep count or something! But every time I arrive, there is someone to welcome you and quote you a wait time, direct you to the lounge, and assure you if there is anything else, they are there to assist you.  The wait is never as long as they say and even if it was, I never noticed because I'm laid back in a massage chair, surfing on the free WiFi connection. O! and don't forget the goodies they provide, yummy beverages and baked goods. I somewhat look forward to my relaxing mornings at the Lexus dealership... O how sad. ;0

laurie c. | 2007-10-26

so I'm almost embarrassed to admit how often I go for my 'free' car washes....but even though I bought my lexus elsewhere, they still treat me very well and wash that car very often! I like my service guy and especially appreciate the manager because you can tell that man knows good customer service. I have only given 4 stars since Lexus of Austin 1) doesn't price match and 2) there are much plusher customer lounges than Austin's

Michelle C. | 2007-09-06

I should probably give this place five stars based on the number of times I've called or e-mailed the sales guy I worked with.  On the other hand, if I'm going to drop some serious dough on a car, I think it sort of entitles me to ask a few questions, no?

So, I bought my first new car EVER from this dealership.  Ever.  I drove my last car, a Saab, for 10 years (and it was three years old when I bought it), so I was ready for an upgrade.  I wanted to buy used, but Lexuses (Lexi?) hold their value so well that I wasn't going to save much that way - and besides, I couldn't find the color combination I wanted in a used vehicle, despite practically daily, nationwide searches on both the Lexus website and Craigslists all over the country.  And it's all about the color, isn't it?  Thus began my process of buying a new car here.

The first time I appeared at this dealership, I was in weekend-grungy mode, and I am almost positive that nobody there (including the sales guy I eventually bought my car from) thought I was a serious customer.  I hate that.  We live in Austin, which is seemingly teeming with rich slackers.  I can't count myself amongst that group, unfortunately, but it annoys me when retailers write me off because I'm not dressed to the nines.  

Overall, the experience was good.  My sales guy wasn't consistent with e-mail, but he did answer most of my questions, and to be fair, he also spent over an hour with me the day I got my car, showing me how to work all of its many complicated gadgets.  The sales manager came out and shook my hand when the process was over.  The finance guy was really nice, too.

What more did I expect for my money?  I'm not really sure.  A foot rub, maybe?  Although after writing that, I realized they actually have that, too - two swanky massage chairs in the waiting room for the service department.  Huh.  I hope this doesn't mean I am turning into the dreaded "high maintenance chick."

One thing that I found somewhat annoying is that all the Lexus dealerships in Texas are more or less in cahoots and won't actively bid against one another if they know you don't live in their geographical area (although I can vouch for the fact that their automated e-mail generators work very well and if you generate an Internet inquiry, they'll keep e-mailing you even after they've told you they can't help you out).  This is the only Lexus dealership in Austin, so I had to get creative to find negotiating leverage.  Fortunately, I'm a creative person when it comes to negotiating (thanks to a lifetime of going to garage sales), so it worked out in the end.

Bottom line, though:  these cars sell themselves.  They are fabulous, and I absolutely love mine.  Lexus is owned by Toyota, so they're reliable and well-made, too.  So while this dealership may not be perfect, it's not bad at all, and the product is truly outstanding.

A M. | 2007-08-18

They are very nice, respectful and have to date never given me a problem. They are expensive but I have been treated like a human being. They are also a very diverse automotive business so don't feel scared to go to them (a plus for women). Repairs are excellent.

update: bought a car from them. excellent service. very professional and they know how to do business. no beating around the bush. You want a creampuff, you have to come here. they also have the nicest lot of cars. Their Pre-owned car lot looks like a lot of new cars. I will return for my next car.