Leif Johnson Superstore North in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Leif Johnson Superstore North in Austin, TX.

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Leif Johnson Superstore North

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 335-1934
Address:12931 N Hwy 183, Austin, TX, 78750
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Leif Johnson Superstore North

Nat H. | 2015-04-20

This was by far the easiest car buying experience I've had.  I love my new explorer and received a great deal on it. I worked with Nicole and Oscar, both fantastic!

Andre P. | 2015-04-03

I just bought a 2014 Ford Focus today from Leif Johnson. The past week I have gone to a few different dealers as well as other dealers in the past. Pretty much every one screwed me around and told me whatever they thought I wanted to hear only to find the deal was anything but what I wanted. Finally I came here. It was one of the recommended dealers from my credit union. I met with Chris Yudin. I explained what I needed and my situation. Not only did he not BS me he told me straight up what I could and needed to do. Finally! After all the nonsense I went through previously I had some one help me and tell me the truth. That's all I wanted. Needless to say I got a car in my payment range and got out from my other car. Also the finance guy Ryan fisher was awesome. He explained everything perfectly. It was a great experience. I highly recommend this dealer as well as Chis and Ryan. Thank you!

Travis T. | 2015-03-27

I spent hours researching for a used SUV and not only did they have the best car but the best deal. From the first call Adam was extremely friendly and didn't give me the used car salesman vibe. He actually cared about what I was looking for and wanted to find our family the right vehicle not just get a sale. He got me the car from another stores inventory and drove it up to the North store just for me to look at, no sales pressure. I couldn't be happier with our new car. They beat the bank on financing and all around gave me a great experience.

Toddy B. | 2015-02-26

Between my wife and I we have bought 6 cars with Leif Johnson and have nothing but the best experiences which is why we have continued to support them over the years.  Ben Celis and his team of professionals are amazing, not pushy, very attentive, and honestly are the best in the business IMO.  Not only are they great with me but every person I refer to them has the same amazing experience!!  No "used car guy" stuff going on here as their just simply a delight to work with!!!

GO TEAM!!!    :)  Toddy and Kimmy!!

Jeremy G. | 2015-02-06

I had an amazing experience at Leif Johnson. Customer service is the number one priority, and it shows the way your treated. Every customer treated with the upmost respect and the staff will go out their way to make you happy.  Adam went well beyond the duty of a car salesman to help purchase my vehicle. I will definitely be back when it's time to buy another vehicle and I will definitely ask for Adam again.

Danyel C. | 2015-01-22

We had an amazing experience with Leif Johnson. Adam our salesman responded very quickly when I scheduled a test drive and was very helpful. We had a couple of little issues with the car and the store manager Ben stepped up and remedied everything right away and was dedicated to making us happy customers. I am impressed at their dedication to making the customer happy.

Vicki G. | 2014-08-08

I regret buying from them. Customer Service is not their thing for sure.. they have the " we dont care" or " not my problem" attitude ...   One star is enough.  I have to be bothered with regret buying from them forever.   terrible customer service... TERRIBLE

Russ Ann B. | 2014-07-09

I only give this place one star because it wouldn't let me post it any other way, otherwise it would be NO stars.. To make a very long story short, Ben told me that he could not t sell me a car without an extended warranty ( which was an additional $2,500 for me). This was a lie. He got to work  an hour late the day I purchased my car.. We ( me and all of his employees) all waited outside in the cold because he is the only one with a key. He told everyone his car wouldn't start!! How ironic, he was driving one off his own lot!!! I later found out that wasn't true either, he said he woke up
Late because he had went out the night before ( I over heard him yelling this to a lady at the front desk - who he was clearly a little too close to).. While getting me to sign the paperwork I thought I was at a bar .. He smelled like a brewery!! When he was closing all of my paperwork he casually skipped over the additional $2,500 he was charging me, I didn't notice this until I was reviewing my paperwork during the hour I waited to get my car to he cleaned ( I was told by him this had already been done when I spoke to him the day before).. I would have never bought a car here if it wasn't for the salesman  that helped me get the car I wanted.. Chris Reed couldn't apologize  enough for how I was treated.. He was great! Do not buy a car here!!

Pug Lover P. | 2014-06-03

I've never been treated so horribly by a manager of a company. After days of excruciating haggling on an unreasonable price for a 2 year old car, I finally made another trip into the dealership- only to be lied to blatantly to my face by a manager, Ben. When I called him out on the lies (yes, multiple ones), he looked at me like a deer in the headlights and gave me more lies as answers. Finally I left the Godforsaken place, and was able to get a BRAND NEW version of the car (yes, NO miles on it- and it even had a better package installed) for only $1500 more. Suck it, Leif Johnson, and your too-high prices and lies. The only saving grace was a salesman named Chris who was so nice, patient, and actually wanted to work with me on a deal. He's the only reason why this place even gets one star.

MelAndAndrea C. | 2014-05-27

I had probably the best experience that I've ever had at a car dealership just last week. My wife and I were looking for a 2nd vehicle, and Jason Casey was more than helpful! He was professional, knowledgeable, and very personable. He bent over backwards to make sure we got the best price, lowest APR, and 0% down! I will definitely be recommending him to everyone! And also contacting him when we are ready for another vehicle!

Kelly P. | 2014-05-10

Jason was so helpful and went out of his way to get me a car at the price I wanted. I'm very stubborn and he was so patient. Even though I decided to wait and not purchase the car today, I highly recommend them. Customer service is alive and well, even for difficult customers like myself. Thanks Jason!

Rachelle C. | 2014-04-11

When I went to look for a car we drove into the lot, and didnt see anything we could afford until Jason came out to ask us what we were looking for. Two visits later I drove away with a 2013 car within my price range which I never thought could happen but I love my car and I went back to get my car detailed no problem. I would recommend going to Jason to get your car cash or financed. :]

Taylor J. | 2014-03-03

I had the pleasure of working with Jason Casey at the north superstore.  I came in wanting a truck in a specific price range.  After looking at a few, not being able to pull the trigger, and changing my mind three or four times, Jason was always very responsive.  I had him bring in two different trucks from other lots for me to take a look at, and he even brought one of them by my office for me to look at (the one I ended up getting).  After giving him details on where I had to be, price-wise, he was able to work it out with the finance manager to get me there, even with adding on an extended service plan.  He was not pushy; he was patient.  That's the reason I was surely going to give him my business, regardless of what I purchased.  On top of all of this, he is an Army Airborne veteran, so thanks to Jason for his service to me and for his service to our country!

Windy S. | 2014-02-10

I was apprehensive when I was on my way to the dealership. I had never been to a dealership before and you always hear bad things about them. That was not the case for this dealership. I was immediately greeted by Erik Smith with a big smile. I have terrible credit. Erik was very genuine and really worked hard for me to get approved for a car loan. He got me a better deal than I thought I would be approved for!!! If you need a car go here and ask for Erik!

Mark F. | 2014-02-01

As most of us usually think we certainly don't go to a car dealership looking for honesty.  I did find an Exception to this when I met Erik Smith. He will get you the best deal possible. He listens to your needs and gives very insightful suggestion.

  If you are looking for the best deal go see Erik at the Leif Johnson Superstore North. Call him to set up a good time to meet:  512-922-8671

Kim R. | 2014-01-31

If you are looking to buy a vehicle, then you've come to the right place.  Ben Celis at Leif Johnson Ford has sold our family now 5 vehicles over the last 10 years.  He's always helped us find the right vehicle, with the best financing and warranty.  Erik Smith on their sales team was just great.  Took amazing car of our new vehicle and made sure it was to perfection.  They walked us through our options and we couldn't be happier.  We have looked at other dealerships, vehicle options and there is just no comparison.  Best car buying experience ever.

Maggie B. | 2014-01-19

I spoke to a LOT of salespeople while looking for a small, reliable, used car with excellent gas mileage. Stephanie Hayes at the Leif Johnson Superstore North was the best salesperson I worked with, and ultimately found me the best deal.

I really appreciated her confident but not at all pushy demeanor and the way she listened to exactly what I wanted and didn't press anything on me that I didn't want. Stephanie mentioned that she's been doing this a long time, and with what sounded like nicer cars, and I believe her.

The only reason I'm giving my experience 4/5 stars instead of 5 is because I've barely had a chance to drive my car yet and Stephanie wound up (expertly) balancing 3 sets of customers one time I was there so I had to wait a while. However, that just seems like further proof that people want to work with this woman.

If you are a young woman buying her first car who wants to be treated with respect, I recommend Stephanie Hayes.

Terylyn S. | 2013-08-22

My husband and I went to check out cars in person that we saw online.  Upon arrival, we were greeted by a pleasant young african american salesman. We told him we were just looking and had no idea what we wanted yet.  He let us know he would be inside if we wanted to test drive any of the cars.  We started to look around and out of nowhere this John Malkovich looking guy approached us.  Again we told him we were in the beginning stages of the car searching process. He got us to test drive 2 cars, both of which were not exactly what I wanted.  He began to pressure us into buying the car.  I noticed he became irritated with me because I wasn't fully interested in either car.  He sighed and his body language changed.  He said, "Look, we have the largest used car selection in all of Central Texas.  I will find you something. Lets go inside and look on our website."  They only had 2 cars of the model we were looking into!  He then took out paper and started to write down similar alternative models. My husband took his smart phone and started to find me colors of the make/model since I didn't like the silver color ones they had on their lot.  My husband asked if I liked how it looked in pewter and showed me the picture on his smart phone. The salesman sarcastically said, "Oh!  Are you looking on other websites?"  My husband told him he was just showing me the colors.  Then my husband said, "I have a right to look at my phone and research."  I AGAIN reminded the salesman that I was in no hurry to buy a car and we were just researching our possibilities. My husband was still scrolling on his phone.  He turned to my husband and sarcastically said, "Do you want to share what you looking at?"  My husband had then noticed that a dealership across the street had the car we were looking for with over 20,000 less miles and $3,000 less.  The salesman sarcastically said, " Oh, so you think you know more than me?  I've sold more cars than you bought cars." He continued to sarcastically mock my husbands rebuttal with his "Oh, yeah, sure and uh-huhs." I thought this guy was joking, but he was very serious.  I began to feel uncomfortable. Then he tries to say, "I'm not trying to be rude or anything...."  I cut him off and told him he was being very rude.  He said, " Well, why dont you go across the street and go buy a car!"  My husband and I agreed it was time to go.  As we got up he tried to give us his business card!  Seriously?!!!!  He insulted us, he was easily annoyed by us, and just straight up rude and he still wanted to hand us his card?!!!  What a weirdo!  I told him to keep his cards cause we were never coming back, EVER!  I give it one star for the very nice salesman that initially greeted us.

tina m. | 2013-08-22

Didn't have the car I was looking for, but they were very easy to work with.   After looking at several other dealerships I was impressed with their attitude and helpfulness.

Nicole B. | 2013-05-29

My husband and I were looking for a car and this dealership was the 2nd we visited.  Chris was our salesman and after briefly telling him what we were looking for (price and size), he suggested a car for us... and it was perfect!  He listened to us and didn't point us to the priciest cars on the lot.  We were very happy with the service Chris provided - honest, helpful, and not pushy - and we couldn't be happier with our car.

Terrance J. | 2013-04-12

If you need a car or truck, go there, and ask for Kent, I got a much better deal than I probably deserved,
Dave is a wizard at finance, and pretty funny.
Just go there, don't expect free sodas and snacks, and that kinda mess, you will get personable people, that work for you, and get the job done, you will probably be surprised at the deal you get.

John H. | 2013-03-25

My overall experience was good. Two items did disappoint me. First, I felt a little misled in the advantages of using their financing. Second, if I'm going to spend $22,000 on a vehicle I think I ought to get more than one key. Particularly when I find I will be charged nearly $200 for a key and fob. Yes, I can find less expensive ways to do this on my own, but it seems like the dealer could provide at least two keys as part of the sale.

Gary G. | 2013-03-09

Had a great buying experience with This location.  I found my truck on iwanttobuyused.com basically new and at a crazy low price.  Worked with Brent Briwa at Lief Johnson on the deal.  Super nice folks there and you do not have that high pressure environment.  I research major purchases to death and have to say the price I got was a steal.  Try these guys out and save time and cash.

annette b. | 2012-01-11

I found Leif Johnson Superstore through USAA car buying program. I was a bit concerned going to such a small lot- dont let the looks of it fool you. Requested an email response for a vehicle and was contacted by Andre within 5 minutes -he was very professional and helpful.  They even pitched in to move my crap from my trade in to my new car.
The staff made this car buying experience very easy. Both of the managers - Chris' were great and friendly.
The only complaint would be that they did not clean the car very well for me to take home and the mechanic didnt take care of a part they way he should have.

Irish P. | 2012-01-10

Let me Start with Yippie Ki Yah i got a NEW (to me) CAR !!!!  

HUGE Thanks goes out to James, General Sales Manager. He sent me in the Right direction I spoke with him and told him I DIDNT like Pushy Car Sales Men but wanted a New Used Car !!! Told him my Budget and he sent me to the Superstore on 183 and hooked me up with Mike Frits, Used Car Manager and let me say AMAZING !!!! Didnt PUSH me and let me decide what was good for me. I was VERY undecided on what type of car I wanted and he just let me drive a few, I was worried about buying used because of possibly getting a bad car that would have to be fixed more than i wanted. I was Impressed that they do a overhaul look at the Trade In's they take in. I was unsure about getting a Big payment, since I was coming from NO payment at all. I was FIRM on what I could and couldnt do and he just lead me in the direction he thought was the best fit for me and my budget. I was wishy washy (as most women..lol) he called my and told me he may have found a car that would fit all my needs BUT it was PURPLE, yes people PURPLE, so I went to see it, drove it and fell in LOVE !!!!

Here came the Scary part to me, getting FINANCING, Im not the Perfect Bill Payer but Im trying to get better so I was Nervous on what my Credit looked like BUT again I was AMAZED that he was able to get me the Payment I wanted and a Decent Interest Rate but since Im a BRAT I wanted something alittle better and he went back to the Drawing Board and Came back with a LOWER Payment and LOWER Interest Rate sooooo after a few days and a few cars later, i decided on a 2007 PURPLE Madaz 3i ~~~ named SUGAR PLUM !!!!

Ps.. After I bought the Car I wanted Tint for my windows and He HOOKED me Up with MOTHER's Tint and I got a GREAT DEAL on that too.

I can HONESTLY say I'm a HAPPY CAMPER !!!!
Thanks James, Mike, Ben & ALL the Staff at Lief Johnson Ford for ALL your Hard Work and NOT being PUSHY.

Jimmie Jean !!!!

Brent K. | 2011-05-20

I just bought a used truck from  Leif Johnson Superstore and it couldn't have been a better experience.  The salesman, AJ Joseph was very personable and did everything in his power to make sure I was comfortable with the transaction.  Mr. Leif Johnson was the man who actually closed the deal, talk about personal service!  I would highly recommend both AJ and the Leif Johnson Superstore to anyone interested in buy a used vehicle.

Christopher J. | 2011-02-23

We did not plan on buying a car. We walked in, just to see what they had. We started with price, they showed us exactly what was in the line up. No pressure, told us the goods and bads, explained the features and keep showing us cars.

The buying experience was simple, we even used their computers to look up the loan value the bank would give on the cars, used NADA, KBB and we even called another dealer while sitting there to compare prices on similar cars.

No rush, no pressure. In fact, we ended buying one Fusion and up trading our Caravan into a used Sienna.

AJ was a great sales person. Honest and sincere. He had integrity, you can't fake that.

He knew that we needed time and did not even flinch when we wanted to look elsewhere. What was amazing is that he never broke a sweat or left us waiting too long during the final papers - even as he was selling/negotiating with 3 customers at a time.

Chris was also great. Handled all the repairs, scheduling, financials. Just smiled and made things easy. Was also honest at what our used car was really worth and made it a point to sell a car, not achieve excessive profit off a car.

There are many ways to buy cars and just as many people you can buy them from. The Leif Johnson Superstore North team are were very transparent. Pulled the CarFax without asking and other small details.

Obviously, we bought used vehicles and had a few little issues after, all resolved quickly or they clearly explained where their responsibilities ended. Integrity again.

If I could think of one thing they could do better, I'd have to spend time thinking. Then I would just be nit picking. Ask for AJ or Chris and tell them I sent you.

Sarah G. | 2010-12-20

As far as car dealers go, this one didn't stalk me for DAYS afterwards and didn't seem as sleazy as some of the others, Craig did alright by me.

I DID do my research before I went, I knew what fair market price was for a Mazda with the year and mileage included. So do that, and always negotiate. If they say they are no-haggle, it just means that you can't argue fair price.

Car dealers are trying to make a buck just like everyone else, don't put them out of business completely, but know what you want and what is fair to pay for that. You can have a great experience if you do these things and always act like a man on a first date--try to get a little more without being rude.

Daniel M. | 2010-04-02

One day, my wife and I decided that it was time to get a second vehicle, since there's nothing better than stuffing two adults and two children (with car seats) into an Altima. She did quite a bit of research while I supervised, and we eventually created a list of a few cars we were interested in. After looking online, we found one of them at this location. I email one of their salesmen (I really wish I remembered his name) and set up a test drive. The car was pretty lame, and not nearly large enough for our rapidly growing family. I then noticed a Mazda 5 on the lot. I test drove it, and really enjoyed how well it handled. It was also still under warranty, which was a great bonus. I told them I was interested, but that we needed to get the kids lunch, and then we'd talk it over.

I went home and looked up the price online. I then called the dealership to confirm the price, and let them know that I was interested. The price they quoted me was more than the online price. I let them know, and they immediately dropped the price to match what was shown online. After some back and forth negotiating with their sales manager, Ian, we settled on a price that I was comfortable with. The price was below blue book value, and included tax and title. Score!

I was very happy with my experience at this dealership, and I would purchase another vehicle from them.

nick h. | 2009-06-14

Liars, Scam artists and disingenuous treatment.

I was car shopping for my mother and we found a nice car here for her. On our second visit here after checking other locations these sleazy sharks must have smelled blood in the water cause they started pulling all kinds of tactics on us.

Now let me say that our salesperson Gary was pretty fair and i actually think he was embarrassed how we were treated by the manager whose name was Jeff. After we had made our decision to purchase the vehicle we were in the sales office discussing price etc. The salesperson got up and went to talk to the manager. Upon coming back about 2 min later Jeff mysteriously pops in and says he needs the keys to the car we are discussing to give it to a customer who wanted to test drive, it. I told him we are discussing the terms of sale and are in the middle of buying it. He said if we had not written a check yet he still needs to take the keys. After telling him how offensive it was that he was trying this trick he left. I immediately got up and watched him walk over to his own desk and sat down. NO mysterious customer. I walked outside and there was NOBODY in the lot at all. So where was this customer Jeff...you are a liar. I kept watching Jeff the manager and he never had any customers while we were there.

So Jeff the manager was lying and trying to trick us into thinking somebody else was wanting that car...theoretically pushing us to buy it, which we were already in the process of doing. If it was me, i would have got up and left but my mother wanted and needed a car so we pressed ahead...without Jeff's help.

And to top the whole experience off someone had written a racial slur on the salesperson's Desktop calendar which i had to cover up i was so offended. After we were done i showed it to the guy who immediately scratched it out.

Then i had to call them 4 times to find out what happened to the license plate/reg which was supposed to have taken 10 days. They never called us back ever. They admitted that they fouled up and had to resubmit the whole deal. Of course if i had not had to bother them they would have just let the temp tag expire. So 3 weeks later and we still have no license plate or registration...

So, I'll never ever go back here due to the unethical, sleazy way the manager Jeff treated us.