Leif Johnson Superstore Central in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Leif Johnson Superstore Central in Austin, TX.

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Leif Johnson Superstore Central

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 706-6270
Address:501 E Koenig Ln, Austin, TX, 78751

Reviews on Leif Johnson Superstore Central

Alex M. | 2015-04-08

My husband and I recently bought a used 2013 Chevy Volt at this location with Michael. The process was long (took about 4 hours), but buying a car is a long process anyway, so we did not care. We were okay with it. The main thing that made this car buying great is that we did not only get a great deal, but we also did not get a lot of pressure. We did our research beforehand and we knew what we wanted at what price and we got what we wanted. It was a great experience and very stress-free.

David M. | 2015-02-10

So after receiving a call back from Lief Johnson Ford customer service manager Ruben.  He informs me that they do have lots of problems with scheduling auto appointments and my complaint isn't the first. He said they had lots of things they needed to work out So in other words while they work out these issues,  customers who are scheduling car services and have a busy schedule themselves and need their vehicles are just playing Russian Roulette with Lief Johnson's Ford service department when it come to scheduling appointments.
My advice to Ruben was to advise people who choose take make appointments that "they may or may not have an appointment when they bring their vehicles in to LJF" and see how that works out for them! Good luck folks!

Matt B. | 2014-10-27

This has been the worst car buying experience I have ever had. First they sold me a car with four scratched wheels. I pointed it out before finalizing the paperwork. They said they would yake care of it and not to worry. Three hours later paperwork was done and they said "nothing we can do about it" 2014 Ford Flex 11 miles cash deal and they wanted us to leave with badly scratched wheels. After that it has been loose bumper, fading paint, grinding window all within 30 days of purchase. My wife called the service department almost 20 times and gets put on hold and no one answers. Absolutely ridiculous experience. Avoid them!

Michael B. | 2014-09-13

What a nightmare!  

We purchased a used vehicle from LJ Superstore in July 2013 (Ford Escape) and paid for a 3 year warranty.  Over the past few weeks the vehicle has randomly stalled out while driving. The first 2 times we were able to just restart it and go on. This last time it would not restart.  We had it towed LJ Ford Central on Thursday afternoon and my wife was told she would be contacted the next day about the problem/repair.  The next day we had not received any contact so I called them at 4pm. Right from that point it was apparent these folks are inept. I called the main number and asked for John Ramirez, he was the service rep that promised a call back, the person that answered the call said she didn't know who he was and asked if I was sure I was calling the right location. After several minutes of round the merry-go-round of stupid I was transferred to the service department and eventually was connected to John Ramirez. At first he could not even locate our vehicle in their computer, then he says "oh here it is", then places me on hold for an eternity and then disconnects me.  I call back, go thru the same BS to get to John Ramirez and he tells me the car is ready to be picked up.  So I drive my wife there and drop her off to pick up her car. Then Ramirez tells her he made a mistake that he mixed up her car with someone else's and actually they had not even looked at her car.

This is all happening @ Friday rush hour in Austin during a torrential rain and I'm already miles away when she calls me to come back to pick her up.  I get on the phone w/ Ramirez and goes into this lengthy "explanation" of how busy he is, mistakes happen, he is sorry, yada=yada=yada! He also states they won't be able to even diagnose the problem till Monday OR Tuesday. When asked how he could rectify his mistake, I was told he couldn't do anything. I asked about a rental car which is included in our warranty, he stated that is only included for a "qualified" repair which he does not know if it is because they have not even looked at the car so we would have to pay for a rental.  At this point I am so livid I can't even speak, I just went there and rescued my wife.

The one and only reason I am giving a 2 star rating on this review is this. I called and spoke to Gordon, the sales director. After describing the entire situation he immediately offered to provide a rental car at no charge.

Liz M. | 2014-09-08

Never again!!  I found a car we wanted online and contacted Leif Johnson via the Internet sales link.  I was contacted by Steve Clark who said that although the car we wanted was at their Elgin location, he'd have it brought to the Koenig Ln. location.  He also sent me the link to apply for credit so he could have that ready, and we agreed to meet about 3:00pm.  We arrived at 3:00.  No car.  No credit approval ready.  He said they were working a deal on the car in Elgin right at that moment, but if it fell through then he'd get it transferred over.  But if not, he had over 600 cars that we could choose from.  He then started the song and dance about not having the credit approval ready, but to have a seat and give him 5 minutes.  I immediately began to feel uncomfortable.

Sure enough, he came back saying the credit wasn't approved and started pressuring me about how much money we could put down.  I asked him why he didn't get the car transferred to his lot like he said he would, and he said he had been waiting on the credit approval.  At that point, I was done.  I told him we were leaving because he didn't do what he told me he would do.  He gave me a very sarcastic "good luck to you" as we walked out.  We then went to Capitol Chevrolet, where I bought a car a few months ago, and walked away with the car we wanted with no hassles and no shady, greasy, auto salesmen giving me the run around.  

Good luck to YOU, Leif Johnson Superstore.

Vicky F. | 2014-06-07

I went to purchase a vehicle and had been working with a salesperson for a couple of days and on the 3rd day were pushed us off on a different salesperson. They made an offer on a trade in without even driving it. We tried to negotiate a deal and they would not even discuss. We left and and texted another offer to our salesman about 15 minutes after we left. He responded " I wiil talk to my boss and let you know". It has been 2 weeks still no response back to this day. So we went that same day to another dealership and bought an even better car and a better deal. Horrible way to treat a custoner.

Scott S. | 2014-04-24

Only go here if you enjoy stereotypical car salesman games and LOTS of dishonesty. I can't tell you how many pitiful deceptions these guys tried to pull. They claimed I couldn't get my trade-in back because they had already sold it ... within less than 24 hours! Naturally when I showed up at the dealership they "found it" parked directly behind the building. I tried to buy three different cars from these guys, and every time they said, "take it home for the night and drive it" and the next day there was some unforeseen problem that was going to make the car more expensive. Finally when I decided to buy a car somewhere else, they stole the keys to my trade-in, saying "the key guy" wasn't in, for days.

It's an awful dealership. The sales staff is really rookie, dishonest, and lacks all integrity. I had a much better experience just going to another dealership.

Save yourself the trouble.

Randy W. | 2014-03-17

Best car buying experience ever!  I went in to look at trading my F-150 09.  Thinking of getting one a little newer.  Yoany Quintero was very patient and professional as a sales represenative.  I could not have asked for better service.  He was honest did not wait my time and was able to help in every way.  Thank you for the newer F 150.  I love the truck and the service!   Yoany will get referrals from me!

Korey P. | 2013-08-28

STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP!  This was by far the WORST car buying experience I have ever had to deal with.  The sales staff are cheesey, sleazy, overly pushy and will lie to try to sell you a car.  There were two specific cars I wanted to look at and was ready to purchase a car the same day.  I called in advance and was told by James Billington that both cars were available and would be there for me to see.

Upon arrival I was told that neither car was at that location.  I resisted my urge to leave then and there and walked towards the dealership.  As I approached the building, I was run down by an overly eager salesperson, Clarence King.  After 20 minutes of waiting I was told that one of the cars was at their 183 North Superstore (see my review for that location as well), but that they did not know where the second vehicle was and would not be able to tell me until the next day.

This salesperson, Clarnece King, then insisted that he drive me up to the north location.  I told him that I wanted to drive myself.  He then insisted that he ride with me in my vehicle to that location.  I declined and told him that I would go to that location on my own.  He then pleaded that he go with me and insisted that I needed to buy a car with him.  This is probably the most uncomfortable I have ever felt while shopping for a car.  There is no way I would EVER buy a car from this location and ESPECIALLY from either of these salespeople.

If you find a car you want to buy from this location, do yourself a favor and work with Chris up at the 183 Superstore.  While still not a perfect car buying experience, it is way better than dealing with the AWFUL people at Leif Johnson Superstore Central.

Jeremy P. | 2012-12-27

This is the worst car buying experience I've ever had, or ever could have imagined. They deceived us and treated us poorly from the time we handed them our money.

1. They delivered the car to us without detailing it first. Only after 3 attempts and complaints did they rectify the situation.

2. They promised us a second set of keys, but didn't deliver it until we complained on Yelp, then apologized for providing a "less than perfect experience". Note that it took several weeks to get the keys, and that we were lied to by their team several times while we were waiting for the keys.

3. The car we bought from them had 36,000 miles on it. The engine blew out at 38,000 miles - due to neglect, which any competent dealer would have detected when they procured the car.

4. We had to pay a $500 insurance deductible to replace the engine. We kindly asked them to make the situation right, by reimbursing us. They declined.

I really wish I would have done more due diligence on this company before doing business with them. Had I read a review like this, I would have saved myself weeks of frustration and hundreds of dollars.

I highly recommend looking at the real reviews on Yelp, Google, and other review sites before doing business with these guys.

allen k. | 2012-08-15

I can't say enough about how well I was treated by Eddie Gibler at the Central Koenig  Ln.  store on my recent car purchase.  He stayed late after closing on  Friday night then picked it up very professionally on Sat. morning.   The pricing was up-front and  fair and the trade-in was decent.  I will return to him for my next vehicle and recommend him to all.