Leif Johnson Ford in Austin, TX

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Leif Johnson Ford is Austins Premiere Ford Center offering New and Certified Pre Owned Sales, Service, and Parts. Visit one of our many locations today or visit us online at www.Leifjohnsonford.com or www.Iwanttobuyused.com


Established in 1967.

Leif Johnson Ford has been in business for almost 60 years. We are a family owned and operated business that has 3 Ford franchise dealerships and 5 Pre-owned locations in and around Austin. We pride ourselves in offering a no hassle and family oriented atmosphere. Whether you purchase a vehicle from us or not, we want to ensure that you leave from our dealership feeling valued, comfortable and listened to.

Leif Johnson Ford

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 454-3711
Address:501 E Koenig Ln, Austin, TX, 78751
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Leif Johnson Ford

Mitchell G. | 2015-04-25

i drove all the way from arkansas to get a used 2007 tundra from them. steve clark gave me a great deal. should have done my research. i know why now. drove it a month and transmission went out! $6000. cannot say if they knew it was bad but got to give it a 1 star anyway.
do not but a 07 tundra from anyone! they had alot of tranny problems. alot going out at 30k miles. 1 went out at 500 miles!

Ida W. | 2015-04-24

My experience at Leif Johnson Ford was Amanzing!! Steve Clark and Ryan Fisher made the transition into my vehicle easy as picking up a pen and signing. I told Steve what I wanted and he made it happen. Thanks Steve and Ryan y'all guy's are the BOMB!!!!!

Bill D. | 2015-04-23

JoAnn Bustamante did a fantastic job and my 2015 Fusion is proof. This is my second purchase from Lief Johnson Ford and I am a happy owner.

Susan F. | 2015-03-04

Earlier this week I bought a Ford F-150 Platinum Edition pickup truck at Leif Johnson Ford.  We love the truck and could not have been happier with our salesperson, Jo Ann Bustamante, who responded to my phone call inquiring about this hard-to-find truck, and then walked the lot and actually found it.  My husband had sent an email inquiry earlier in the day inquiring for this specific truck, and another salesman got back to him via text and told him that they didn't have the truck we wanted, but that he would be happy to sell him a truck we didn't want.  No, thanks.  Later in the day I called the dealership, not knowing my husband had already inquired via email and been told they didn't have the specific truck we wanted.  Jo Ann found the truck, met with us, gave us all the information, arranged the financing, had everything PERFECTLY ready for us, and stayed until almost 10:00 (two hours past closing) to securely deliver the truck.  This morning she called to update us on the status of a bed cover and offhandedly mentioned that management had told her that she would have to split her hard-earned commission with the  salesman who had given my husband the wrong information.   I find this practice outrageous and blatantly discriminatory towards the very competent saleswoman who made the sale happen.  If we had not contacted Jo Ann, we would have had to special order the truck (which we would have done through a more convenient dealership), a process that takes approximately 12 weeks.  

I called the sales manager and discussed the issue with him because i thought surely there had been some misunderstanding that would cause them to give ANY compensation to a salesperson who, not only did nothing to secure the sale, but who gave poor information that almost COST them the sale.  As a customer, I  think my salesperson should be fairly compensated for her hard work - if not for her initiative and knowledge, we would not have the truck at all.  If not for Jo Ann, we would have special ordered the truck through Covert Ford, because they are only a few miles from our home and everything would have been easier about a transaction with them.  However, the sales manager gave me a big sales spiel about how he would review the practice, blah blah blah.  When I pushed him to notify me when he had reached a conclusion from this, he admitted that he didn't intend to do anything, and that he was comfortable with their practice of giving HALF of the commission to the salesMAN who had given us the wrong information.  Then he basically said he was done with me and hung up.  This is the Sales Manager?

It's unfortunate that this dealership ended our transaction on such an ugly note, but it's REALLY unfortunate that they seem to exercise gender-based discriminatory practices against their salespeople.  Regardless of how much I like my truck, I would never support this dealership or its owners with my business again. Stay away.

Danyel C. | 2015-01-22

We had an amazing experience with Leif Johnson. Adam our salesman responded very quickly when I scheduled a test drive and was very helpful. We had a couple of little issues with the car and the store manager Ben stepped up and remedied everything right away and was dedicated to making us happy customers. I am impressed at their dedication to making the customer happy.

Crystal A. | 2014-12-26

Got ripped off and lied to about what is wrong with my car. Will be taking my car somewhere else.

Daniel M. | 2014-12-16

Soi here is an update on my update...
I already mentioned that I received my pickup from Leif Johnson Ford and it still wouldn't tow because it was "repaired" improperly and it wouldn't allow my RV brakes to release. The day comes for me to trade my pickup (yes the one LJ Ford "repaired"), and I am driving it to the Dodge dealership and I notice that whenever I am idling the speedometer is jumping all over the place and the tow connector indicator light I have inside the truck is lit up like its towing (nothing in tow or hooked up). Not only that but the the low fuel light is on and the fuel gauge shows a quarter full. I just wonder how no one was able to catch these obvious malfunctions when this is what you all should have been looking for to begin with.
You're response to my review is as piss poor as your service. All I get from your response is the same form apology you send the vast majority of people here who have had the sad misfortune of being screwed around in ways I personally thought were not even possible or legal. And you never really take responsibility for the crap that is LJ Ford Service you just pass it to the body shop. YOU (LEIF JOHNSON SERVICE) ARE THE PEOPLE WHO HAD MY TRUCK FOR A WHOLE WEEK AND DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING!!! Did not even call me... Stop passing the buck and own your CRAP SERVICE!!! If I owned this business I would sell it just so my name would no longer be tied to it.
Your service department is an embarrassment to the business community who does provide product and service worthy of a good wage. But moreover you are a drain physically emotionally and financially to the very people who pay for your services and keep your doors open. Judging by the lack of service I received from your service department and the overall condition and cleanliness of your garage and the attitude of the service representatives you have, (not to mention the countless BAD reviews you have here), I wouldn't bet a plug nickel on your sorry excuse for a service department being open any time in the not to distant future.


Scott M. | 2014-11-22

This is a really piss poor dealership and one of the worst that I have encountered in my life. I went here for a simple state inspection and the service department was horrible. They had numerous delays and there was no clear update or expectation in when the process would be done.

In addition to that you could see that none of the employees cared about your experience. This service was so bad that I am starting to regret that I bought a Ford.

I would avoid this dealership's parts (in another building a few blocks away) and service department at all costs.

Artemis G. | 2014-11-16

tl;dr: Salesman tried to use hypnosis on me; they will try to sell you cars with mechanical problems and hope you don't notice; used car shoppers are treated to second-rate service; read the rest of the reviews or just note the overall rating.  This place has 'Sleaze' written all over it.

Should've checked the yelp reviews before going here; would've saved me several hours of my time.  Did you see the response to the late June 2014 review?  "We are willing to see if we can trade you out of your Jeep and possibly get you into something more reliable."  Right, because they're *doing this guy a favor* by trying to get more money out of him to replace a vehicle *he bought from them* that was unreliable.

My own experience was far less painful, because this place is obviously a bad operation if you know what to look for.

Main problem:  they will try to sell you used cars with known mechanical issues without telling you about them, and hoping you don't notice.  Of the vehicles I test drove, most had noticeable problems - things that should be *obvious* to a mechanic upon the dealership acquiring the car, and the salesperson offered in some cases to get them fixed - *after I pointed them out*.  My trust was completely destroyed by these incidents.  I'm sure they will respond with something like, "used cars always have issues."  No, not always (I eventually wound up purchasing one of these exceptions, with under 40k on it, from a different dealership), or at least not always mechanical issues, especially when they're that low mileage, and there is zero excuse for not fixing some of those things.  

With a private seller, I tell them I'm going to need an hour and a half with the car, and I go over it with a fine-toothed comb to find every tiny thing wrong with it.  Don't shop here unless you're mechanically inclined and prepared to do the same.  I expected better from a place with "Ford" in the name and low-mileage vehicles.

Other signs this place is up to no good:

Salesman tried to use a cheesy pseudo-hypnotic technique on me.  There's good sales technique, then there's BS like this. As in, we're talking 'pick-up artist' crap that only the wet-behind-the-ears pickup guys use, it's that crappy.

Salesman very strongly suggested only the shortest of test drive routes.  You test-drive a used vehicle here, I strongly recommend you take that puppy up and down I-35 for a good solid 10 miles because who knows what they're hoping to hide from you.  Then go spend a good 20 minutes doing some driving at various sub-highway speeds.  No other salesman I dealt with at any other dealership said a thing about route length for test drives.

The facility is cramped and dingy.  They have a separate building for new vs used.  If you're buying new here, maybe it's a good experience, I dunno.  If you're buying used, be prepared to sit in a little waiting room like that of a 2-mechanic repair shop with a low ceiling + dark wood paneling / hospital paint, and to be escorted to and fro between the car you're currently looking at and a tiny cube farm in back.  

In the lobby is a sign with all of the 'guarantees' their certified used cars come with - but you have to look *really closely* to notice that this is only for their *certified* pre-owned vehicles.  In and of itself I wouldn't care about this, but it smacks a little too much of bait-and-switch when combined with all the other BS.

The car lot itself has weeds, bits of broken glass, and is likewise cramped.  A place that sells used cars can get away with stuff like this, IF they actually sell vehicles in good working order or tell you about faults beforehand.  Not so LJF.  The whole operation seems exactly like all of the used car lot stereotypes you know from movies and TV shows.

I had a way better experience with several the modern dealerships up in the Round Rock area just off I35.

The greeter in the building was nice, though.

I deliberately waited an unspecified amount of time before posting this review because I didn't want to be harassed over email or phone by the creepy salesman I dealt with.

Laura W. | 2014-11-10

Terrible service. Was treated as nothing more than dollar signs. Once I drove off in the new car I was nothing to them. Unless you are a potential buyer, don't expect anything from this dealership. Once you become a buyer it's all over.
The entire experience was full of lies. Lies about my trade in, the value, the intentions for it. All stories made up which turned out not to be true. Then when I realized I forgot my garage door opener in the trade in, I called 14 hours later (left around closing monday, called tuesday morn) to tell them to get my garage door opener out and save it for me. I was told this was done, but once I got there to pick it up, nobody knew where it was, and one guy even told me that someone probably threw it in the trash, like took it off my visor and threw it away, WTF?! Then he told me to buy a new one. So I have to pay for something they lost? And now they have a key to my house!
When I bought the car there was paint damage, and I needed to get window tint, so I set up an appointment for Friday to come in and have that done. On Friday, I was told I had to come in Monday instead, so I did. Came in Monday morning at 10am. The told me it would take 1-2 hours. I told them I need to leave by 12:30 so shouldn't be a problem. I wasn't able to leave until 1:40PM and they only tinted the windows and didn't even fix the paint. Almost 4 hours I was stuck there with my toddler and told to COME BACK for the paint to be fixed! I live 20 miles away, and I work. The whole time was there I had to ask several times to many different people to look into the garage door opener issue, had to ask several times about the status of my car getting completed. Most of the time I got "I'll look into it" then a while went by and I heard nothing so had to ask again. Other times I was told "20 more minutes", then 20 minutes later was told the same thing.
Overall Leif Johnson did not value me as a person, my money, my property, or my time. I was treated like an annoyance, and for someone who just spent 30k at their company, that is quite ridiculous. I will NEVER go back and will tell whoever I know to go elsewhere and avoid this place.

Jo M. | 2014-11-01

I've been looking for a specific car, specific year, specific mileage.  I knew it was a longshot, but lo and behold., I found a listing for the car I've been wanting at this dealership, priced at a good $2K less than what appeared to be the average elsewhere.  I figured they were giving an actual price, whereas the others were probably cushioning  for the purpose of negotiation.  I called to inquire and scheduled an appointment for a test drive.  The salesperson told me they also had the car in black, which I preferred, but it was priced higher (right around the range of the others).  I told him that I did prefer black, but that the black one was out of my price range.  I scheduled a test drive and we agreed that I would look at both, and see where it led.

I left Round Rock on my lunch break, heading all the way to Austin for my 12:00 appointment.  At precisely 11:55, I received a text message from the salesperson which read "Unfortunately, the (car) we spoke about yesterday is selling right now."  How convenient.  Of course, this was the low-priced car.  While I realize that this is possible, the writing is on the wall- the classic bait and switch- and this exact same thing has happened to me before.  His text also said "Call me before heading my way."  This is FIVE MINUTES before the scheduled appointment!  The guy said he had been planning to drive me to the South store to show me the black car (priced higher, of course). I replied that I had driven all the way from Round Rock/ thanks anyway.  

Had I received the professional courtesy of a response or some attempt at an apology, I would consider the possibility that maybe the lower-priced vehicle really had magically sold (after being listed for 60 days) in the 2-3 hour period since the salesperson and I confirmed our appointment.  But no.

These guys advertise something too good to be true, and it is, and they have no reservations about inconveniencing you under that guise to get you in the door.  Too many similar reviews here to believe otherwise.

Chrystal W. | 2014-10-30

I found a car on-line and called to inquire about.  When the sales lady called back to find out if I could come look and test drive the next day I explained that I really wanted to come today. Although it was her day off, she came in for me and spend the better part of the afternoon working on my purchase.  She did so very graciously!  JoAnn Bustamante is a rockstar!!

Matt B. | 2014-10-27

This has been the worst car buying experience I have ever had. First they sold me a car with four scratched wheels. I pointed it out before finalizing the paperwork. They said they would yake care of it and not to worry. Three hours later paperwork was done and they said "nothing we can do about it" 2014 Ford Flex 11 miles cash deal and they wanted us to leave with badly scratched wheels. After that it has been loose bumper, fading paint, grinding window all within 30 days of purchase. My wife called the service department almost 20 times and gets put on hold and no one answers. Absolutely ridiculous experience. Avoid them!

Melissa C. | 2014-10-22

The guys at Leif Johnson Ford have always been good to my family.  We've bought 5 cars from them and have never had one complaint.  Last week we traded in our two older vehicles and the process really couldn't have been easier. Spencer and Gabe took great care of us and we're happy to refer our friends and family for the same great service.  Thanks!

Kristal T. | 2014-10-17

If I could give a lower star level, I would. Do not waste your time. Thank GOODNESS I bought the ESP plan, because not even a few months after I bought my car from Lief Johnson Superstore (183/Anderson Mill area), I started having transmission problems. However, it's been a double edge sword.. d@mned if I do, d@mned if I don't. I took the car into the shop on Koenig where they could not find a problem. THE TRANSMISSION WAS LEAKING. How could they not see that?!?

I found another dealership who fixed the problem... yay NYLE! However, the dealership and ESP were giving two different deductible amounts -- shady. When I would call the Superstore to get a copy of the contract - they would place me on hold, eventually hang up on me or say "No one is available"  this was the most common answer. I contacted the ESP who gave me all the information I needed.

I have now sold the car and requested a refund of the remaining ESP. I went straight through the ESP company for that request, because I knew going through the dealership would be a waste of time. Unfortunately, the dealership is who cuts the check. It's been 3 weeks and nothing. I called today and of course, no one is available but they'll call me right back.... never. I didn't even bother leaving my number this last time. I had the ESP people call and guess what... still, no one available. They apparently need managers with better time management skills because it doesn't matter the day or time of the call.

Find a dealership who has time for customer service after the sale. Because they obviously couldn't care less about you after they have their money.

Kt S. | 2014-10-17

I purchased a 2008 Chevrolet Equinox from this location not even 6 months ago. Looking back, I should have turned tail and ran after we discovered dog food molding in the spare tire compartment. But the vehicle I was driving needed to be exchanged, and money was deducted from the price of the vehicle thanks to the stern looks and words of my boyfriend.

Not 3 months after buying the vehicle I needed to have all the tires changed. ("The tires have a lot of life left in them," said the man helping me when my boyfriend mentioned they didn't look so great) When I took the car in to Discount Tires, they informed me the tires were in critical condition and needed an immediate change. On their little color-coded gauge, all of my tires were in the red. I do not burn rubber or drive like an ass. They can't have been very safe when I purchased the car.

I went to the Service Department for my free oil change soon after this. The man actually doing the service for me was much more helpful and friendly than anybody behind the counter who was supposed to be greeting and checking me in. I did not feel comfortable while I was there; all the women working as cashiers ignored me or spoke with an air of impatience and bad attitude, and at least one of the men eyed me like a slab of meat. Disgusting and unprofessional.

In the past few months, I've noticed a fuel smell inside the cab and outside the car. I took the vehicle to a local shop who informed me that I was experiencing a leak in the fuel pump - extremely dangerous and a flaw in the design of the car. It's not quite a factory recall, but covered by GM *if* it falls within a special parameter. The local shop said, call your dealership and get it fixed for free! So I called Leif Johnson and scheduled an appointment with the same cranky lady that always answers the phone. This was two weeks ago. She gave me the earliest appointment, 7 am. She verified the type of vehicle and that it was a recall.

But after waking up at the crack of dawn to make it across town before Friday morning traffic began, I was informed by my technician that, oh, since it's a Chevrolet, there is nothing Ford can do about it. Troy, the technician that always helps me, was kind enough to give me directions to Henna Chevrolet and a business card "in case they give you trouble." The service I received at Henna Chevrolet blew Leif Johnson so far out of the water it is not even funny.

I wish I'd checked Yelp before I bothered going down there, or at least I wish I would have checked out other dealerships before settling on my current vehicle. Overall, the staff at Leif Johnson come across as rude, unprofessional, and ungrateful for your business (except Troy. You go Troy.) Stay away!

Mike S. | 2014-10-14

These guys called me about a vehicle I had for sale on Craigslist. We spoke about it and they offered me a little under what I was asking. I drove all the way out there (35 miles), and they started to beat me up with the line "oh, the front fender and hood have been repainted". Well, I checked the paint all over the car with a paint gauge when I bought it, and it had NO prior paintwork. I did not have any paintwork done while I owned it, so I know the manager was just beating me up for a lower price. I mentioned that I found it funny that my paint gauge indicated no paintwork and his did. He stuttered and stammered, went outside and finally came back in. He replied "I guess I need a new paint gauge". I then asked about the original offer they mentioned, and they said they could not honor it. I asked why, since the car was EXACTLY as described in my ad. He just said "I just can't pay that price".

So, these guys draw you in and try the old "your car has prior paintwork" trick. DON'T FALL FOR IT!  How many of you readers have had a dealer say your car had prior paintwork you were unaware of? Probably a lot. It's a lie and tactic that slimeballs like this use to pay you less for your vehicle.

Waste of time, and left there with a slimy feel. YUCK!

Cash E. | 2014-09-22

Buyer beware this is a sleezey dealer who will grab a buck where ever they can.. t ... no excuses the guy had worked there 15 years!

Brett A. | 2014-09-10

I took a 2010 Ford Escape here for service, on behalf of a friend who bought it here.   I didn't have any huge problems, but they surest seemed to do a lot of LITTLE things wrong - starting with the moment I pulled into the service drive.

First, no one greeted me when I pulled up.  (Don't service writers normally come out to the car?)  So I walked in, and nobody greeted me there either.  Eventually, someone looked up and offered to help. A minor annoyance, but no big deal.

I had an appointment, so we reviewed the 4 relatively simple items that were already on the list. and I gave him the best phone number to reach me. He indicated the vehicle would be done later that day.

Then, when I left, the service writer didn't give me any sort of receipt, nor his business card with a phone number.  No big deal, until I noticed at the end of the day that I had not received any phone call with status.

I called the next morning to check on it, and was asked for the name of my service writer.  (Well, he didn't give me a business card or a receipt, so I had no idea.) fortunately, it was easy to look up the vehicle based on the last name.  So the receptionist forwarded me to "John," but the phone rang and then rolled to a voicemail for someone NOT named John.  So I called back, and this time I was able to speak directly with John. he said they hadn't started on it, but he would check and call me back by noon.

1:45 PM, I still haven't heard back, so I call again.  This time he explains that they've been short handed the last 2 days, and that maybe it will be done today, but probably not.  (Fortunately I'm not in a hurry, so it's no big deal.  Just seems odd that I'm having to do all the work to find out that it's going to be delayed.)

They might be a good company, but looks to me like their service department could use a little bit of a shakeup.

Allison F. | 2014-08-25

After multiple attempts of trying to get parts ordered for my vehicle and having no success, I have resorted to writing a yelp review, as a last resort, to get some kind of response from Leif Johnson Ford.

Tomorrow will be exactly 1 month since I took my vehicle (which I purchased from Leif Johnson Ford) to the shop.  Over the last month I have been placed on hold for 10+ minutes multiple times and have been hung up on.  

I was originally told that all the parts needed to fix my car would be covered by my warranty; only to be told an hour later that only half the parts would be covered and that I would be responsible for paying for an hour and a half of labor when I bring my vehicle back to be fixed.

I never received a phone call letting me know that the parts had come in because they were never ordered.  When I talked to the parts department they informed me that all my record showed was me bringing my car in on July 26th, but it stated nothing about what was actually found wrong with my vehicle or the parts that would be needed in order to fix it.

After discovering this, I called asking to speak with the service manager in hopes of getting  this resolved; only to be transferred to his voicemail, where I left a message that was never returned.

Leif Johnson Ford, I don't understand how you can operate a business this way.  Your website states that you are, "staffed by a team of expert professionals" but your actions have shown otherwise.

Kearra P. | 2014-08-05

This dealership is horrible I purchased a car in within 2 weeks it broke down they wouldn't do anything for me I was without a car for 3 days they had no idea what was wrong with my car the only way they did right by me was purchasing the other car back from and putting me in a better car. Now I'm having issues as far as my warranty those they told me one thing and gave me something else all of their employees talk to you like you don't mean anything and lie to you about things that they had personally said. I would never buy a car from these people ever in life again it has been a horrible experience. The manager tried to talk to me like I was an idiot because I was a woman and I guess he assumed I didn't know what the hell I was talking about. Fair warning don't buy a car from Leif Johnson Ford they sell crap!

Charles W. | 2014-07-28

So, I told my wife that, having had dealings with them before,  I should know better than to deal with the Leif Johnson family of dealers.   I really liked a vehicle I found at the Superstore though, so I bought it.  I'll get to that on their review.   I received a phone call though, about two weeks after buying a vehicle from them, asking me to return to a Leif Johnson location to get my truck inspected so it could be  registered to me.   I don't know much about that, but I did have a recall that needed to be handled too, so I set an appointment for the inspection and the recall repair for today at 10:30.  The lady was very friendly and set the appointment for me.   She stated that it would be free and would be done that day.

I rented a car so I would have transportation for the rest of my day.   We arrived at 10:30, and there were quite a few cars in the service lanes.   Nothing big, just needed to wait my turn.  When the service writer came out to greet me, I told him that I was there for an inspection that the Superstore needed to get my vehicle registered, the recall fixed, and to get a code for the door locks.   He asked if I was staying.  I said no, that we'd leave it with him, and would talk to him later to get a time to pick it up later in the day.   As we were leaving, I told my wife that I guarantee, knowing the Leif Johnson dealers, that they would not even try the recall, and might tell us that they couldn't get to the inspection today.

So, we get a call this afternoon that it will be done at 5:00.  I asked when they closed and was told 7:00.  We gave them a little extra time, arriving at 6:00.  The service writer greeted us by stating that they couldn't get to the inspection today, and could I leave it another day.   I had rented a car just for this and needed the vehicle tomorrow, so we said no, we needed it back.   He disappeared for about 10 minutes, came back, and said it would be done in about 20 minutes.   I thought maybe they really were done.   Wrong!   Thev inspection they needed was a state inspection.   They hadn't even started it after seven hours.  They got it done, and asked how we wanted to pay.   I said it should be covered by the Superstore and the recall.   The service writer agreed and sent us to the cashier where we got our paperwork.   We were told we needed to take the paintwork back to the Superstore so they could get it registered.   I figured if that was the worst, I was probably going to be okay.   When we got out to the vehicle, they didn't even bother looking at the recall!   Long story short, I had a 10:30 appointment to get a state inspection that took 8 HOURS.  When we asked the service writer, he said ir wasn't on the original workorder.  I asked for him to show me the hand written form checking us in.   He did, so I pointed on it where the original guy had written "RECALL" on it.  He agreed they hadn't addressed it but said there was nothing he could do about it.    My wife told me, "you said they would do that."  They did.  

I figure you spend tens of thousands of dollars at a place, you might get decent service.   Maybe at least honest.  But I should have known better when dealing with the LJ family of dealerships.  They can't make me feel much better about this whole car buying experience.  I have felt 2nd rate, not appreciated, and now just disregarded.   I'll get it fixed somewhere, as I guess this dealership isn't going to help.  I won't shop there again, and I highly suggest you stay away too.

Marcus R. | 2014-07-24

I have enjoyed getting my vehicles serviced here since I moved to the Austin area. I used to own a couple of Superduty's and I will say when I got the new 2011 model they never over charged me for an oil change like most dealerships around the area do. Now that I have a Ford Edge I will say my vehicle service is even cheaper than before all though I still miss having my beast of a truck. They have always taken care of my needs here promptly and friendly. They never hassled me about my services. I will say though sometimes they have a long wait no matter when you bring your vehicle. So now I have learned to just come in after work and wait an hour.

Like I said if you own a diesel truck this is the place to go get your vehicle serviced. I appreciate how they always have there staff outside ready to service you in the morning. Because they understand we all jobs to attend to. They get your vehicle in promptly.

Isabel H. | 2014-07-18

So i went in on Tuesday to inquire about a truck  and left a deposit of 500 dollars that they charged to my debit card so that they can hold the vehicle til I got everything straightened out with my credit union. The next day after talking to my loan officer I decided to put looking for a vehicle on hold, so I text Leo to please refund me the 500 and I seem to be getting the run around. Earlier when i text him to ask about it his response was "standby should be going through now" . It's 3:34 pm and still nothing. Once I resume my car hunt I will definitely not be going here..

Amy L. | 2014-07-01

I purchased a 2013 Fiesta in Aug 2013 from Leif Johnson Ford a pleasant experience. My car was recently totaled in an auto accident so I'm shopping for a new vehicle.  I looked at a 2014 Focus advertised for $15 K online.  I drove to Leif Johnson to see the car, I told the salesman that I'm not able to purchase a car today but would like to look at the Focus advertised online for $15K with rebates. I looked at car, test drove car, definitely larger than Fiesta. Salesman asks me to fill out an credit app. I stressed again that im not buying a car, that im waiting for insurance to settle & pay off Fiesta. I told him 3 times that my creditor (Ford Motor Credit) would not approve a loan until settlement.  No brainer. But was hassled and hassled so I caved & filled out Ford credit app. Salesman tells me that Ford Credit will not approve $22K loan because my insurance hasn't settled....no crap buddy. I asked how $15K became $22k. Salesman told me extended warranty was$2250, gap $899  Window tint $ 299. I told him no way the math adds up. He told me that the math in my head does not exist.  I told him I'm NOT buying that car, and left. Four days later the salesman calls me & asks if I'm still gonna buy that Focus. I told him NO NO 3 more times on phone & hung up on him when he then asks so your not going to buy the car. I dont recommend buying from Leif Johnson total bait & switch.

Shawn D. | 2014-06-27

Worst service experience ever. Called service department on Thursday morning regarding my 2011 Ford F-150 that is having an issue with the brake controller system when towing a trailer. Was put on hold for five minutes waiting for a service adviser. Hung up and had to call back a few minutes later...was transferred again to a service adviser. He literally said "yes, familiar with this issue...it's an easy fix that only takes a few minutes, but I'm so backed up right now, I'm not sure when we could get you in"...to which I responded "are you telling me I should go to another dealer"..."yes, I would". Unbelievable. Called Covert Ford on 183 and took it there the next morning.

Jim W. | 2014-06-18

I purchased my wife's 2007 Ford Explorer Eddie Bauer from Leif Johnson new in September 2007. At point of sale, I purchased the 60,000 mile extended warranty as well as the maintenance package. We have had issues with this vehicle since we purchased it and it still remains unresolved. Since we purchased this vehicle in 2007, we've had to replace the battery 4 times (2008, 2010, 2012, 2014). So, including the battery that was in the vehicle at the time of purchase, we are now on our 5th battery and the car is not yet 7 years old. It has died with my wife and kids in the car and left them stranded on more than one occasion and we don't consider this car as reliable. Each time, we took the vehicle in for service but each time, no root cause was ever identified and the service department just continued to replace the battery. We have continued to experience the same problem and the car continues to drain batteries. I just purchased the most recent battery in April 2014 and the car died again tonight (new battery is 2 months old). We have experienced this same issue since we purchased the vehicle in 2007 and no resolution was ever found by the service department. I'm extremely disappointed that we've been left on our own to deal with this defect that we've experienced since purchasing the vehicle. I have a 15 year old Jeep Cherokee that has had fewer batteries than this 7 year old Ford Explorer. At this point, I am going to take the car to a non-Ford mechanic to resolve the issue and sell the vehicle. It's a shame that I purchased the 60,000 mile extended warranty and nobody in Ford's service department could help resolve the issue for 5 years. This will be the last Ford that I ever purchase. By the way, this is the THIRD Ford Explorer that my wife has owned and the only one that has ever experienced this issue. If you would like to do the right thing and help us resolve this issue, I'm open to discussion. All we want is for a resolution to this issue.  512-751-1456

Emily m. | 2014-06-11

I think enough people have wasted their time reviewing this place so I'll put it simply: don't even bother.

Ross L. | 2014-06-04

My review is a 1 star for the service department or the shady aspect of the dealership itself. I'm not sure who to blame but you can read my story and draw your own conclusions. Keep in mind this was my first car buying experience, so I was a bit naive. Regardless, I feel like the entire situation is garbage.

I purchased a 2005 Jeep Wrangler in November of 2012. Since this time, I have had to take the vehicle in for repairs a total of 7 times, 5 of which were to the service department located at the dealership. I purchased a warranty through Ford, limiting my deductible to $100 for covered issues.

My thermostat broke  2-3 times and caused a check engine light, which I took in   (paying $100 each time). Eventually, the mechanic determined I had major radiator issues and after taking it to a Jeep dealership, fixed this problem. After pulling teeth, I managed to get the deductible waived this ONE time. And before I forget, it took them over 2 weeks to fix my vehicle (the final time, during the radiator replacement), and not once was I offered a rental car or even so much as a "sorry for the delay" from anyone.

This does not include me taking it in to get my clutch switch replaced or the multiple power issues I'm having with the vehicle. My door lock broke prior to one of the inspections. Without asking, the mechanics took apart my door (to tell me my lock was broken?) and then attempted to charge me because it wasn't covered. Most recently, I was charged a $120 diagnostic fee because I decided not to get my spark plug wires replaced (not covered by warranty and the service guys attempted to charge me an additonal $200).

This is my biggest overall issue: If you are doing diagnostics on a vehicle every few months and I am potentially being charged for work done, I expect the vehicle to be looked at for potential issues. The fact that this vehicle repeatedly breaks down, in some cases within a month of being in the shop, negates the purpose of the warranty (to save money) and tells me that the mechanics fix the first possible issue they see. I also expect a mechanic to be able to look at a warranty, tell me what is covered, and not perform work that is uncovered. It is a completely ridiculous claim to tell a customer that you cannot determine what is covered until after the work is performed and billable (doublespeak provided to me at my most recent drop-off). I also asked for a copy of my service records (as I was thinking of pursuing action under the Texas lemon laws) and was provided a print out vastly different from the papers provided at pick-up, with no discernable summary of the specific issues.

This is simply an explaination of my mechanic issues, as I've said, and does not include the absolute incompetence of the salesperson, which I won't bore you with here. Essentially, I have a car that is on the verge of breakdown at any given moment, and the only cost effective means of repairing it, is a temporary fix at best. I'm a kid just out of college, I can't be shelling out $100-$300 every few months.

Final lesson? Do not buy a vehicle from this dealership. Even if your car is a type that is known to have issues, there is no excuse for mechanics that are uninformed, incompetent or purposely money hungry. I love my vehicle but I really am having a hard time finding peace of mind knowing its going to be a constant money pit.

Happy T. | 2014-06-02

So I posted my truck on Craigslist with all the photos. He contacts me, and proceeds to say he is interested in my truck.  Ask for the vin and info and I proceed to email it to him.  He then says, verbatim "It did some research and based on the options on your truck I will be able to offer $8500 to $9500.  Now when I get there of course the dressing down of my truck of which all pictures of were posted in the Craigslist ad, begins and I'm now offered $6500 for my truck.  THIS IS CALLED "BAIT AND SWITCH".  Or his "It" doesn't do his real research.  So i'm tired of the truck taking up space in front of the house and I offer him to buy it at $300 more then what he offered.  He says the system purged the offer and he wants me to drive it down again for $6500.  So still No firm offer.  I'm done and this truck looks fine in my front yard until someone wants to buy it.

UPDATE:  Guess I touched a nerve.  Said i'm the one that downplayed my own truck, he's right I did but I'm assuming they saw the ad since in which he contacted me from which spelled out what was wrong.  WOW couldn't be more up front my friend.

Lily W. | 2014-05-02

In the world of hilarious irony, I once secretly mocked my ex when he had to buy new Pirelli runflats for his car. See, I've always known that Pirellis are significantly higher priced than most other tires because they are of a higher performance grade. Well it came time for the Rickster (my 'Stang) to get new shoes and I ended up here. Well hahaha the joke was on me because I've always known Ricky to have "all season tires" as my friend who owns the dealership I bought him brand new from told me. It's a Michigan thing to have All-season tires. Regardless, imagine my surprise when I found out my Rickster too had been driving around on Pirellis.... and I had to get new ones.... and all season ones... ouch.

I've been going to Leif Johnson Ford for all of my service needs since I moved to Austin and Paul Ward has always been courteous and on top of things for me. So understandably I came to him as well. I was also having new brakes put on, brake fluid flush, power steering fluid flush, oil change, air filter change, fuel filter change, nitrogen tires, and a fuel injection service. This was going to be a painful day for the wallet.

Luckily for me Paul found my tires for cheaper from a discount tire company and was able to have them price matched here, whoo hoo! So, after talking to me about my new tires, Paul also mentioned the Road Hazard warranty that the dealership offered. Essentially it came out to $16/tire and covered all patching for 3 years. In the event the tire couldn't be patched it would be replaced with a new one... FOR FREE. Well I was sold. Last year I somehow ran over three nails and had to get three tires patched and each patching was $16 each so this deal was self explanatory.

Well flash to this past Sunday. After waking up from a monstrous night of drinking to celebrate my birthday two days early I emerged into the scorching sunshine to try to get Pho to make me somewhat resemble a human being. I get in my car and my low tire pressure warning goes off. I get out and investigate only to find one of my tires is flat... WHAT THE HECK. So at this point I am fighting this hangover and I have to call Ford Roadside Assistance to put on my spare. They come promptly and we discover that I somehow ran over a razor blade somewhere... yes you read that correctly. Somehow on my way home the previous afternoon, I ran over a razor blade, broke off a chunk, and now that chunk was embedded in my tire after making a 4.5 inch gash in my tire right in the center tread.

Well luckily Paul sold me on that Road Hazard warranty because I walked out with a new tire free of charge. Paul handled all of the claim work and made sure my car was all set as soon as possible. Moral of the story? Road Hazard warranty is worth buying and for all your Ford needs stop by here!

Landon M. | 2014-04-21

Alright, an update regarding the issue that I had previously. I contacted Chris St. Clair and did get reimbursed for the mechanical issues that I paid to have fixed on the vehicle.

This was a painful process to have to go through and I hope no one else has to go through it. Chris is a very busy person and it took about a week to get the check.

Chris did a great job and was very courteous. Listened to the issue I had and resolved the part that could be resolved.

I hope in the future that a policy will be adopted to remedy this so the situation doesn't happen again. I also hope that the employees involved with my purchase and return will get some better training to avoid these types of errors in the future.

Thanks again Chris for doing the right thing.

Melissa G. | 2014-04-01

Star rating is staying the same, but I did want to add that Paul Ward, who helped me out during my 2.5 hour oil change that almost had me leaving with a rental car was polite and professional and offered to personally handle my next oil change.  Since I am still owed a car detail (ran out of time during the oil change), I may take him up on the offer.  I will update if I do go back.

Krissy C. | 2014-03-29

This is more for the service department than the entire dealership, but my 2011 Fiesta was there for about 2 weeks because it needed a new starter(fiestas are pieces of crap, you would literally be better off building your own golf cart and driving it on mopac) and was towed to Leif Johnson to be fixed on a Wednesday. They didn't know what was wrong with it initially and didn't tell me until MONDAY that I could've gotten a loaner car because the starter is covered under warranty, that info would've been a lot more helpful before I had to miss 2 days of work because I didn't have a car. Then the car takes even longer because somehow they ordered the wrong starter for it. Then I go to pick it up and it's absolutely filthy, it was clear it had been left out in the rain the whole time it was there. Way to be tacky, Leif. Anything is better than Covert Ford, but this place is still a crap dump and we're all screwed either way because of the lack of options. Nailed it!

N G. | 2014-03-28

This review is a few months old, however, serves as a warning for buyers.  Only the sales and sales management professionals are reviewed.  AHHHHH!  Stay away!  Really Lief Johnson...                    this is Austin Texas.  Be good to your people.  

My experience began in December, car shopping.  My sales person was Yoany A. Quintero, who couldn't find the car we came in to drive.  Finally, he said the car had minor bumper damage and was transferred to a shop in Round Rock for repair.  We kept in touch over the phone- once.  He called me to remind me that he was there or something to that effect.  

The second time I came in solo to look at the same car, listed this time on Craigslist.  Yoany said he didn't know why it was currently listed this time, the car was sold at auction.

I asked if he would pull their version of Car Fax, he would not.  I was offered to speak with his manager.  Really, THE ONE WHO helps run this place?  I told him that Lief Johnson would get a really bad review.  Another sales person made some faces which could be interpreted as rude.  

While we were in the office the first visit, sales personnel were running around looking for cars and keys!  The second visit was short but not sweet. Loose the car loose the customer.

It is fair to note that Yoany was never rude and I do not believe he was in control of #1 Loosing cars and keys #2 Posting on Lief Johnson false leads #3 Posting on Craigslist false leads.  That blame from me lies with Lief Johnson Ford on East Koenig Lane WHERE YOU LOOSE THE CAR, YOU LOOSE THE CUSTOMER.

Two stars, changed to one star...because I'll never shop here again.   Yoany could have made the sale and earned a 5 star rating.

T A. | 2014-03-27

Wow! WORST customer service I have EVER experienced in my life. I went in looked at a focus hatchback, loved it. Found a focus sedan for 4000.00 cheaper. Went back in a couple days later, test drove the sedan. I was ready to buy! But, then they came back with 5% APR.... ARE YOU SERIOUS, I have a very high credit score. When I said that seemed pretty high. "That's what Ford came back with." My husband told me I should walkway.  Of course I stayed... BAD CHOICE. They said I would need to put down 500.00 to hold that car and it would go towards my down payment. I was shown the quoted monthly payment breifly. As it was closing time, I would come in the next day to close the deal. When I got back home, I was confused, about the monthly payment. It was the same monthly price for the sedan which was 4000.00 cheaper than the hatchback. So, the next morning I called my sales person, and asked him why was it the same price for a vehcile that was 4000.00 cheaper. He responded back hours later, with an extended warrenty that was included in the deal, which I was never aware of. I asked him to email the paperwork on the quote over to me. Never received it. So, I decided to take my business someplace else. When I called to tell them that, and get my refund back. I was meet with hostility,  aggression, continuous interruption by their sales manager. All I wanted was my refund. I kept getting asked "why do you want your money back?!?! Do you think we work for free? So you're saying, I should fire (my sales person)?" Never once did I get an apology,  or a how can we fix this to keep you with us. And to put the cherry on top, when I asked him what his name was, he HUNG UP ON ME! I called back, received more attitude,  and finally got his name, Joel. I don't know what sort of customer service skills he was taught,  but I was always taught the customer is always right... I guess not here.

Karissa C. | 2014-03-10

We visited a couple dealerships looking for a mid-sized SUV lease and we ended up getting our leased ford escape through Leif Johnson Ford. It was pretty quick and easy to work with Isaac and I was really happy with my car and service. I also was lucky enough to purchase while they had a deal going on to have free services (oil change, tire rotation, filters etc blah blah blah) for 2 years of my lease.

I'll update if anything changes, but I'm over-all very happy with my experience!

Alyssa B. | 2014-02-17

Well, my FIRST red flag should have been the fact that they had a bunch of new trucks backed up into each other. they were reversed into each other in the parking lot and all the bumpers were jammed up against each other... AND the old RUSTY chain that circled the parking lot was rubbing huge noticeable scratches into the front bumpers of the trucks!!! These are 40,000$ trucks!!!

Then, we've been negotiating with them for days for a truck and agreed on a price and everything. We had an appointment set up for tomorrow afternoon for me to bring the cash and buy the truck. I sold my car this afternoon only to find out a few hours later they sold the truck!! After they had said they would hold it for me and we offered them cash to hold it and they said it wouldn't be necessary! So now I have no vehicle and a huge wad of cash that I must frantically search for another truck to buy and will probably end up having to buy a POS just to have a vehicle!

A bunch of dishonest, greedy idiots run this place


Eli C. | 2014-02-11

I bought my first car from Leif Johnson Ford. When I was panicked and thought about returning it, they were so nice and let me test drive other vehicles and refinance for a longer payment plan.
There are many knowledgeable and patient people who work there: the finance manager and Joe Gaffney.
He helped me purchase my car on New Year's Eve! What a great guy. I recommend Leif Johnson Ford.

Jamie H. | 2014-01-26

Had a really unpleasant experience at Leif Johnson recently, and wanted to warn other potential customers about it before you go in.  I recently went there to test drive a Mazda CX5 posted on their website.  I literally walked around the lot for 20 minutes and could not find a single sales person to help me.  Finally got matched up with a sales guy, who went to get the key... came back out and handed me off to another sales guy who looked 15 years old.  On my test drive with him, I discovered he had only been working there for 5 days.  I felt bad for him because he was so incredibly nervous, but I was also frustrated because he couldn't tell me a single thing about the car.  The test drive was full of awkward silence and me trying to make conversation just to make HIM feel at ease.  He didn't know the test drive route so he was looking at the map on his phone the entire time.  Super awkward.

I was somewhat interested in the car so we went inside to crunch numbers and see what kind of deal I could get. Here's the important part -- I had already been pre-approved for a fantastic interest rate through my credit union, and I DID NOT want Leif Johnson to run my credit again.  I had to fill out some paperwork, and I completed it all except for my Social Security number and explained why.  Sales guy seemed like he understood.  Next thing I knew, one of their finance managers, Mr. Christian, came out and had agreed to take off another $1400 on the price.  I still wasn't ready to buy, but he offered for me to take the car for a couple of days to test it out and see if I fell in love with it.  I thought it would be a good idea, so I gave him the necessary information (drivers license, insurance, etc) and he went to get the car ready.  Half an hour later, as he is about to hand me the keys, he says he can't let me drive off the lot unless I give them my SSN.  He said that since they were letting me leave in a $20k vehicle, they had to have some way to track me down if I never brought it back.  I explained again to him - emphatically - that I did not want them to pull my credit.  HE PROMISED THEY WOULD NOT.  I gave my SSN and drove away.

Ended up taking the car back later that night because I knew it wasn't the car for me.  Fast forward 1 week, and because of the breach of security at the Target stores recently, I was able to get a free credit monitoring log-in for a year.  I set up my account and looked at my credit report, only to see Leif Johnson Ford at the top of the list of most recent inquires.  I was LIVID.  I took a screen shot and emailed it to Mr. Christian as well as one of the General Managers listed on their website, demanding an explanation about why I was lied to.  

Mr. Christian has yet to respond, however I did receive calls from 2 other managers.  Finally spoke to one of them and got a pitiful apology and an assurance that they have "re-trained" Mr. Christian.  They said they always check someone's credit BEFORE they leave in a vehicle - not to track them down if they don't bring it back.  He called it a "miscommunication".... I call it a bold face lie.  He did at least offer to reach out to Experian and ask them to remove that inquiry from my credit report, then proceeded to tell me what a hard and time consuming process that would be for him.  What a martyr.

I hope this review will help you think twice before taking your business to Leif Johnson.  I was not treated like a valuable customer by any means, and I do not expect that you will be either.

Krusty Krab H. | 2014-01-25

Well back in July 2013 I finally let them buy the car back as I was getting no where. So they took it back and then put it for sale. What is amazing they used the same carfacts reprt and mentioned nothing about the previous wreck.,

Stay away.... On a good note I purchaed a 08 Tahoe LTZ From Round Rock Toyota and as of recent severla things started to fail/  no warranty etc. I emailed the Penske GM and he put me in touch with Jimmy at the Toyota service center. MAN OH MAN WAS JIMMY ON HIS GAME.. THEY FIXED EVERYTHING THEY COULD AND THEN GAVE ME $200 TOWRADS NEW TIRES... THAT IS A EXAMPLE OF A DEALERSHIP GOING WAY OUT THERE TO HELP THEY CUSTOMERS! 10 STARS!  

LEIEF JOHNSON  NEGATIVE 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 STARS!!!!!!!

Vikki M. | 2013-12-18

Tricky to maneuver around. Great guys work there. Never felt scared or intimidated. They are very kind gentle and have great stories. Love these guys. You guys rock.

John K. | 2013-09-30

We visited 3 dealerships before stopping by Leif Johnson. We met with Steve Clark. It was just before they closed but Steve took his time, showed us around, went on a test drive, then even checked his other lots for the right car.  He had another car delivered over from another lot and we met him to test drive the car.  We loved it and got to work on the numbers.  Steve and Dave Christian were able to beat my credit unions finance rate and got the numbers to all line up. When we showed up, all the paperwork was ready to go and we were in and out.  The team at Leif Johnson provided us with excellent service and made the buying experience very enjoyable.

Mello R. | 2013-09-28

This place is sickening. I never buy American because the cars are cheap for a reason.  What sickens me is the treatment they give American buyers.  My sister is having a rough week.  All was well when she bought their used car but then her husband was let go.  Given that they were on the 7th day, returns are usually accepted. Today was different. They harassed and refused while she had her 5 month old in the heat. Needless to say, the return was accepted but only after crying, arguing, and paying for mileage that they wrote down and didn't verify with her.  I stand by my comment, I don't buy American and this justifies it more for me.

G W. | 2013-09-01

The process of buying the vehicle was easy enough. Slightly confusing as I had both the south location and the north location calling me about vehicles. I ended up financing a newish used vehicle from the location off highway 71. I've had the car for literally a week and a half and the battery died. I understand that this is a simple fix and a simple maintenance issue, however I would expect that this would happen later down the road and not immediately after purchase. I opened up the hood and nothing under it had been cleaned, dusted, wiped off  since what looked like the original purchase of the vehicle (which I my fault for not taking the time to  look under the hood prior to signing off on it). I called the manager at this location and asked if it was normal to have vehicles with maintenance issues this soon after purchase, he gave gave me a brush off and told me to bring it in and that all he could do was possibly discount a new battery. It turns out $10 was the best he could do. After putting down a down payment, and trading in my vehicle because I wanted to get away from excessive maintenance issues I was far from happy to have to pay for maintenance which could have easily been checked before selling the vehicle.  I can't wait to see what else goes wrong.

Amber D. | 2013-08-15

"Service department guys are friendly, the sales people don't give a shit about customers unless they're buying."

It's been two years since I bought my car from these guys. They seemed nice then. I didn't get the exact color I wanted. I got black instead of charcoal/ grey because they had zero in stock. I made a compromise but got money knocked off and darker tint added. I took my new car home and within the week noticed scratches surface that obviously came from the dealership or in transport to the dealership. It's as if they tried to cover them up.
Nothing like having a brand new car with scratches to piss you off. It's like throwing money you don't have down the drain.
Now on to this tint that was supposed to be an added bonus. Two years pass and the tint is fading and peeling/ bubbling up. Of course it's warrantied so I get an email address from the dealership and email Jason in tint with whats going on. No response after 4 days. So I call into the dealership and they put me in the voicemail of the one that does tint...The same one i emailed. A few days later I finally get a phone call from this guy. First off I don't give a crap how hot it is in Texas, my tint should last more than 2 years or its not good quality work. But Jason unprofessionally stated that the tint tends to do that and never lasts more than 5 years. Really? Hmm you sound confident in the quality of your tint jobs.
So he says he'll call me back when he can check his schedule and see when he can fit me in. A week later I call him because I've received no phone call. Of course it was raining so he couldn't do it and said he'd call back. Another week passes and he doesn't call so I call. Finally get it scheduled for the end of that same week. I told him that due to my work schedule..with normal office hours I might add...I would have to drop the car off before 8AM. He said there would be a courtesy driver to take me to work but I would need a ride there.
The day arrives.. I arrive before 8AM and guess who's not there. Yes, the tint guy. The service department proceeded to figure out where he was and get me set up for a ride. I told him after all this trouble, I wanted all of the windows redone because I didn't want to go through this hassle again. He told me the windows didn't need it. Later that day he calls saying all the windows needed re-tinting. Wow...shocker...not like I didn't tell him that. I'm just glad this is over and babysitting someone to get it completed was not what I had in mind.
So if you buy a car here...a little heads up that the staff is a pain in the ass with repairs and fixes that are under warranty. I'm betting because that doesn't make them money. I plan to sell my Ford soon and stray far away from them in the future.

Adrianne M. | 2013-08-06

To say I dislike this place is an understatement.

1.) Every time I come here I stand around waiting while personnel appear to be "busy." I wait until someone finally asks if I'm waiting for something (like I'm putting them out).
2.) Salesmen always try to push things on me to buy.
3.) Service (just an oil change on one occasion and a state inspection on the other) took HOURS. That is NOT okay to wait 3+ hours for either of those.
4.) No one was apologetic or even remotely personable.
5.) There's no customer parking.
6.) I saw a service employee move a car and, as he stepped out of it, opened his door into the car next to him.

My number one complaint is that they installed my inspection sticker SO CROOKED. It's nearly at a 45 degree angle. I hate going here and only have because it's the closest dealership to me.

DO NOT go here unless you want to be treated less than a customer should be and given poor service at that.

On the plus side, their bathrooms are nice?

Jared J. | 2013-04-25

This review is more over Leif Johnson's Service Department than their sales.  I've not had any dealings with their sales group myself.

Anyway, I bought my 2012 F150 from another dealership in the Austin area, the dealer I bought it from is a bit further drive from my home than Leif Johnson which is why I chose them to perform a warranty repair on my F150.

My problem occurred on a long drive from Amarillo to Austin on a cool and rainy day, I was 100 miles from Austin on a 2 lane highway when my truck developed a Check Engine Light and started running poorly.  Thankfully, the truck was able to get me home without delay.

The next day I took it to Leif Johnson, the service advisor got me checked in in no time and said what the problem might possibly be.  From what I knew of the issue I figured the truck would be in for a week.  Once the work order was written up I was taken over to their rental counter and put in another F150 (nice).  In contrast the dealer where I bought my F150;  They took me to their on-site rental car center and I got dinged $4/day because Ford allegedly won't cover the taxes on a rental.

1:00pm the next day they called telling me the issue was fixed and the needed parts were installed.  I was shocked as others who've had this same issue repaired waited weeks for the parts.  I filled up my rental with gas (only used 2 gallons) and they got me out of there quickly.  Can't say enough nice things about Leif Johnson's service department, almost makes me feel guilty I didn't buy my truck there.

Amanda T. | 2013-04-19

If I could possibly not even give one star, I would. We got my car's oil changed here. I got to Round Rock to realize my car was smoking. I lifted up the hood to see that there was oil covering every inch underneath my hood and literally ran down my arm. They forgot to put the oil cap on my car leaving the opportunity to just spray oil everywhere underneath my hood for about 10 miles. They gave me a coupon for a free oil change which I will never use. Ever.

Bryan H. | 2013-03-13

(this is for the new car sales only)This was my first dealings with Ford as a life long Toyota owner so I was not sure what to expect.  
They had a extremely nice new F-150 FX4 on special so it peeked my interest.  Salesman Wesley Staton assisted me in the whole process and I was very happy with the result.  
The entire process from test drive to signing the papers is never fun but the entire staff was helpful and up beat which helped.  I would recommend them for a new car purchase over the other local dealerships.  I am very happy with my purchase.

Ron M. | 2013-03-01

After discussing the problem with the service manager, they did refund the cost for installing the computer.  They treated me fairly.

Rachel S. | 2013-01-24

When I started looking last June, I knew exactly what kind of car I was looking for. I found a great deal online over a weekend and rushed into Leif Johnson Monday morning to make sure nobody else got there first. When I got to the dealership the price listed was about $4k more than the online price. I'm not sure if they just have spectacular online deals or if it was a mistake, but they honored the price. It did take longer to do everything than it has for me at other dealerships in the past, but everything was handled within the day. Jesse was extremely helpful and friendly.

Like other reviews, I was promised a second set of keys that I never got. I'm not sure if I would have if I had followed up on that, but I left it alone. After all, there is only one ignition, and with the keycode access I can't lock my keys in the car.

I did not have any of the problems other people seem to have experienced, but maybe I just got lucky! I would come here again though, but hopefully I won't need to for many, many years.

David N. | 2013-01-23

I purchased my new Focus here after a manager gave me a great price quote over the phone.  The car was ready when I came in and Wesley was friendly and made the purchase efficient and mostly painless.  Here are some observations:

1.  Thorough sale process (people helped connect my phone, set up my Sync account, demonstrated in car technology and features, etc).
2.  Good pricing and discounts.
3.  A relaxed and helpful salesman (Wesley).
4.  Large inventory to choose from.

Not-so-good (minor):
1.  Small (narrow) showroom.
2.  Car lot had lots of unpaved gravel areas.
3.  Service department drive up, walk in and waiting area was small and cramped and lacked amenities (food & drink, entertainment etc.).

Glen M. | 2013-01-19

well, we purchased a vehicle at Leif Johnson Ford just recently and while they are in Austin and we reside in San Antonio, i must say it was worth the drive. our salesman Ryan Fisher met our concerns head on and with complete honesty. and i am sure we all know how much that is in short supply in todays world.
so when you are in the market for a nice pre-owned vehicle, be sure to stop by and give Ryan and his colleagues a chance to show you their stuff. i think you just might end up  here writing a review like mine.

Melanie P. | 2012-12-28

We paid $25,000 for a 2-year old car with only 38k miles. Once they had our money, the rest of the experience was a nightmare.

-They showed the car to us dirty, and promised us it would be cleaned when we picked it up. Instead we got back a vacuumed car with no gas.

- They promised us a 2nd set of keys and after hassling them for 6 weeks, we finally got our keys and license plates.

-We've had the car for just 3 months now and it completely broke down. We just found out that the whole engine needs to be replaced! Assuming it would be covered by GMC's warrantee, we took it to the nearest GMC Dealership. Turns out that the car had never had any maintenance on it, and the oil was nothing but sludge. Had Leif Johnson actually inspected the car as they claimed to have, they would have noticed this. GMC's warrantee is voided when the problem is due to negligence, so we were on the hook for a $6,000 engine. However, the amazing staff at Covert GMC went to bat for us and convinced GMC that we were not the ones that neglected the car, being that we had just purchased it. GMC did EXACTLY as they should have and made the situation right; they agreed to replace the engine for a $500 deductible. We then went to the manager at Leif Johnson, and asked that they also make things right by paying the $500 deductible. While it wasn't their fault that the previous owner neglected the maintenance, it was clear they didn't do ANY inspection, including a simple oil change, which they said they did. We figured since GMC made the right decision on handling this, we could count on Leif Johnson to do the same. However, Chuck informed us that the cars are sold "as is" and after the 7-day waiting period, we are on our own. We told him that we've had better responsiveness, follow-thru, and overall treatment from Covert, and his response was, "Who cares, we sell more cars then they do". We have never been treated more poorly by a business or the individuals that represent that business.

Lauren E. | 2012-12-08

I had a very pleasant experience with Leif Johnson! I found a 2008 Chevy Equinox that fit perfectly into my budget and limitations set forth by my financing company (first-time buyer, I felt more comfortable with preapproval). Jake went above and beyond with his communication during the entire process and was truly the nicest and most determined of all of the salesman I've dealt with while trying to buy a car. Not only did they give me a fair trade-in for the clunker I drove in, but they even installed a brand new stereo for me!

My father, brother and sister have been considering purchasing vehicles, and after the experience I had at Leif Johnson they won't think twice about where to go to find them!

Beatriz S. | 2012-12-06

Wow! What great customer service. Came in there with a an issue lowering the seat of my F150 and it was resolved in 20 minutes! Not only did the guys that worked there help me so that I wouldnt have to wait for 4 hours for such a minor issue, but they were so friendly and professional! I would go there again for sure!

Stephen O. | 2012-12-02

The service is poorer than Round Rock Honda. I asked to check for engine noise for my SUV and was asked to bring on another day...the same request would only take 2 hrs more on Honda

Joe V. | 2012-11-23

Made an appointment to have my truck fixed. Show up. One HOUR later, they say they don't have the part. Evidently, you arent guaranteed the part you need unless you pay for the part in advance. One would think if an appointment was made they would have a part on hand for the job. So I pay $900 for the part that was quoted at abouy $600.  So $300 for labor I guess?? When I showed up the first time no one had any record of the appointment.  The guy who finally helped me was nice. Although he said it was a 90 minute job the other day and Im still sitting in the waiting room going on over 3 hours as I write this.  Just the facts.

Underground M. | 2012-11-08

This review is for the Part's Department. I had a very bad experience with one of the part department employees, who obviously didn't care that he represents FORD (a world wide corporate). After a conversation with Dale (Part Dept. Manager), I was extremely happy. Absolutely helpful and very customer oriented. I wish all dealers had someone like Dale on their team. Again, I highly recommend Dale to anyone that goes to Leif Johnson Ford to purchase parts. Keep up the amazing work you do, Dale.

Amanda R. | 2012-10-25

Completely satisfied with my experience at Leif Johnson. I found the car I wanted online and made an appointment right away to come in a test drive. Savannah even let me take the car home with me for two days to really feel it out and decide that it was right for me.

The purchasing process was as smooth as it could have been for buying a car, and I was in and out relatively painlessly once I decided to buy. Stress free, efficient service and Savannah is friendly and warm.

I recommend Leif Johnson to anyone looking for a great deal on great cars - I couldn't be happier with my new ride!

Ty C. | 2012-10-08

Same review I posted for Leif Johnson Auto Repair. I just want to make sure those thinking about Leif Johnson, whether it's the service department or just buying from them in general, get a chance to read my review:

Because of the horrible service department, they get one star from me.  Sales-wise, I had no issues. I actually enjoyed working with Savannah Goodman.  
The first salesman I worked with was Dave. He told me that the car I saw online and wanted was on its way over (10 am) so I could come in after work to see it/drive it.  I got there and he suddenly sent me over to Savannah...I thought it was odd, but okay...Savannah told me the car wasn't there yet.  I was irritated at that point and let her know that I was told it was supposed to be there by the time I showed up at 5 pm.  She found out that it was at another LJ lot because there was a 6 pm appointment for someone else.  Savannah got keys for another vehicle and we went and took the Mustang off the lot.  Everything else went smoothly.

Since purchasing it, however, there were a couple of small issues that needed to be taken care of (i.e. light bulb was out and bumper guard was missing one bolt).  I was referred to Dave again and was told that he could get me taken care of with service.  Big mistake...HUGE.  Dave would set up a time/date with me and tell me to call that morning to confirm I was on my way.  I would do so and he wouldn't answer, nor would he ever return my call.  When I'd call back a day or so later, he would give some excuse and do it again.  After the THIRD time of being ignored, I emailed the service manager and general sales manager.  I was told to come in at lunch and they would take care of things- 15-30 minutes.  I was there for THREE AND A HALF HOURS!!  No one would give me a straight answer.  My phone died while I was waiting there, and I ended up having to use 2 1/2 hours of work time, as I was only supposed to be there for my lunch.  I FINALLY got my car back, but the service manager wasn't the one to take me to it or speak to me.  He sent some other service employee that I hadn't spoken to once while I was there.

Chuck, another salesman, called to ask if everything was taken care of.  When I told him what happened, he apologized several times and had me take my car in for a free tank of gas and wash.  While I appreciate the customer service from him and Savannah, I will NEVER buy from Leif Johnson again because of their pathetic service department.  You would think they treat people who just bought a vehicle from them with some professionalism, but they don't even come close to that.  My guess is once they have your business, they couldn't care less how you're treated. At least that is what their actions say....

Jeremy P. | 2012-10-01

***Updated Review***

After 4 months, the car they sold us is totally dead. The engine is gone. Apparently their was sludge all over the engine, which their mechanic should have seen when they supposedly inspected and changed the oil in the car when they acquired it. Now we're out a car and a lot of time and money while we attempt to fix the problem. I called Leif Johnson to explain my frustration, and they told me there's nothing they could do. Way to stand behind your product. What a scam. Avoid this dealership at all costs.

***Original Review****

I found Leif Johnson while I was searching Yahoo Autos. They had the car we wanted at a competitive price, so I thought I would give them a shot.

After test driving a few models, we decided to make a purchase. The car we wanted came right off the truck, so it hadn't been detailed/cleaned up yet. This wasn't a concern, the salesman assured me the car would be in immaculate condition by the time we picked it up that evening.

I told him "no hurry". I wanted to have it done right.

A few hours later they called me and said it was ready. I came by that evening to pick it up. The car had barely been touched. It didn't look much better than when I saw it earlier that day. After expressing my disappointment to our salesman, he said he would send it back through the detail shop while we wait.

After waiting another hour, they called me and said it was ready. The car didn't look much better than the first time. At this point I was visibly upset. He made an excuse about the detail team being out, and said I could bring it back for a full detail.

Not trying to make waves I agreed. As I jumped in the car, I realized the gas tank was empty. I flagged the salesman down one more time, and let him know. He said they don't normally fill up the tank, but he would make an exception for me this time.

Are you kidding me? Every car I've ever bought in my life came with a full tank of gas.

After bringing the car in 3 times, the detail was finally done right. I wasted a lot of gas and precious time to get a clean car with a full tank of gas.

To make matters worse, they promised us a second set of keys. After 6 weeks, we still don't have them, and don't expect to get them. We haven't received our license plates from the DMV. I'm sure they screwed that up too. So now I have to waste even more time to track down keys and license plates.

I'll never buy from these clowns again. Don't make the same mistake I did.

Ashley S. | 2012-09-28

I actually had a pleasant experience here. I went on my own, didn't bring the muscle with me this time. I had been crushing hardcore on the new Ford Focus hatchback. My mission was to buy a brand new one, specifically blue. The car salesman, Raymond, helped me find what I was looking for. We found the most basic Focus they had to offer. And believe me, it wasn't very basic. I drove it and loved it. When it came to the numbers time, they offered great discounts on their 2012's when I was there.

Here are the most important things I learned (overall) when it comes to buying a new/used car:

1). NEVER tell them what you want your monthly payment to be, they always ask this and this is their way of not taking much off the listed price (and not telling you the price), while extending your loan
2). GO IN PRE-APPROVED elsewhere for financing, that way they can't BS you with the price+financing
3). YOU TELL THEM what you want to pay
4). If they are doing too much back and forth (going to ask their manager to approve the #'s) then just say "Let me talk to someone who can give me an answer"
5). BE FIRM on what you want to pay. Let them know you are willing to go elsewhere
6). And lastly and probably most important, when it comes to buying a new car, don't let them BS you on the MSRP price. Suggested prices can be manipulated to be unreasonably high, allowing retailers to use deceptive advertising by showing the excessive price and then their actual selling price, implying to customers that they are getting a bargain.

Don't forget to check edmunds.com to see the actual price and fair price of the vehicle you're interested in purchasing. Do your homework!

All in all though, I had a pretty good experience here. I came in twice, with a one track mind thinking it couldn't be altered. I decided against the Focus. A week later I came back interested in another car Ford makes. I contacted the same car salesman, as he didn't seem like a d-bag and was friendly. They wound up letting me take home a car in the show room. I didn't end up purcashing anything from them, but I wouldn't tell someone to not go here. Everyone here was really nice and improved my perspective of car dealerships.

L R. | 2012-09-22

Still furious after 2 weeks. I bought my vehicle from the 183 location that doesn't have a service dept so I had to take it to the Koenig location. Made an apt the day before to get my first free oil change (you truly get what you "pay" for) and have a problem looked at. I dropped it off @ 9:30 am and told the guy I needed it by 2:00 in order to pick my child up at school. Well, I didn't get it back till around 3:00 after calling about 3 times for status (being on hold forever in the process), my "need oil change" message was not cleared from the computer (still reminding me), there was grease all over my steering wheel, door handle and hood. AND was told the tech didn't get to figure out what the issue was with the problem I reported. I live in Pflugerville but looks like I will be driving to the South location for further oil changes and servicing.

Eric S. | 2012-08-21

After looking at the cars they had, waited forever for them to bring a car from another location. When it came it did not have the features/price that the ad stated. Bait and switch type operation. Was there all day,  rude salespeople, worst of all I left my drivers license there, they promised to mail it back and never did!

Cindy D. | 2012-07-30

We took our Ford SUV to Leif Johnson Ford for regular service as we were about to make a long drive for our family's summer vacation.  During the regular service, they found that our radiator needed to be replaced. We had them replace it and  paid a total of $2400 for the work done.  Eight days later, our family was stranded on the road 2000 miles from home and had to call a tow truck because of radiator problems.  When I contacted Leif Johnson Ford, they expressed little sympathy and refused to pay our towing costs.  Quality and customer service are not a priority at this dealership!!

David B. | 2012-07-28

Do not bother looking here for a new car. I was shopping for quotes on a new Ford and trade in value.  I checked the inventory on the website and came in knowing which cars interested me. After 30 minutes, they figured out one car was not there and probably sold. They showed me the next car and informed me it was sold after seeing it.  They offered to locate a car at another dealer but could not compete with the price offered at Covert Ford. Total waste of 1.5 hours of my life.

jade a. | 2012-07-20

We bought a used Prius last summer, at the start of a long drought.  The chemical smell of the cleaners they used was overwhelming.  Six months later it rained and we realized there was subtle body damage at the bottom of the rear passenger door and water was leaking onto the floorboard.  That finally explained the moldy smell that had emerged as the chemical smell slowly faded away.  

Obviously they hadn't disclosed this issue to us but rather gave us their version of the Carfax which said the car was accident-free.

We have been told by body shops that the damage may or may not even be fixable but it will cost money to run tests to even determine the next step.  We've researched trading it in for another car and dealerships are offering over $5,000 less than what we paid 1 year ago.

No one on Craigslist is interested in it because we're not willing to be dishonest and cover up the issue.

We're basically stuck with a car that may be dangerous to drive and don't feel like we've got any good options.

My husband called them to explain this whole situation and they weren't willing to help us at all, saying it was well past the 7 day period where a car could be returned.  I strongly suspect that they purposely deceived us knowing that we wouldn't discover the problem right away.

In addition to selling us a lemon, we experienced all the other negative things people here have listed: long wait, rude finance guy, a shady trick in which they acted like we were negotiating the price separately from my trade-in and then it transpired at the very end that they were including the trade-in in the figure.

It was bad from top to bottom and I so wish we had walked out when the bad feeling first started.  We felt like we had already invested so much time...but we should have cut our losses and left.

Mike S. | 2012-06-04

Our experience buying a new Ford Focus at Leif Johnson was great. They luckily had the exact car we wanted (model, equipment, color) on the lot. It was nice to find a car that was minimally equipped. Seems like you can never get a basic model, they're always loaded. Our sales person was Isaac Eason. He was very helpful. I can't recall the name of the guy working the outside desk but he was also very helpful. My wife and I liked the car but were uncertain about buying because it was for our daughter. They let us take the car for a 2 day loan with very little paperwork, took maybe 10 minutes to complete. We ended up wanting to keep it an extra day. No problem. Based on our Internet research, we got a very good price. Finalizing the sale was very easy and we were out fast. Our daughter loves this car and we are very happy with Leif Johnson Ford. If another Ford is in our future, we'll definitely go back to them.

Christopher C. | 2012-05-29

My wife purchased a vehicle from Leaf Johnson Ford in May of 2011. She purchased a 2011 Ford Escape. Car is great and service at the dealership is good. The reason I am giving Leaf Johnson Ford only 1 star, is because we have recieved over 25 follow-up calls from them. Seriously!!!!! They call everyother week, and each week we tell them to take us off of their call list. A week or so later, a different person calls to ask about oil changes, or tune-up, or something else. We are sick and tired of the telemarketing efforts, and because of this, we will never purchase from Leaf Johnson ever again. We have asked to speak to a manager to have us removed, yet we continue to get calls. Last week, after another phone call, I decided to write a Yelp review to explain that these telemarketing efforts are detremental to their sales efforts, because they piss off customers like my wife and I. Well, I procrastinated in writing the reveiw... and guess what... at noon today my wife's phone rings again with a Leaf Johnson employee reminding her to get an oil change. If I could give this place 0 stars I would.

Joni H. | 2012-05-02

I love love love my new car and the people at Leif Johnson made it a great experience! They were very attentive to my wants and needs for my new car and just over all made it an awesome experience!

Darrin S. | 2012-04-28

First, it is possible that some of the 5 star reviews on this site for this dealership might be from Leif Johnson's own employees.  For example, one of the reviewers looks nearly identical to their desk receptionist.

Second, I would NOT recommend that you buy from these folks.  I bought a car on 4/12.  They dated the paperwork 4/9.  What this means is that their "7-day money back guarantee" ran out sooner than when I actually took delivery of my car.  I would have DEFINITELY taken my new car back to them and gone somewhere else.    

Today is 4/28, and I am STILL waiting on them to pay off my trade-in amount to my bank.  If they do not pay it timely, my account will be drafted for a car I no loner own!  Unbelievable.  I called last Thursday and was told it had been paid that day.  My bank confirmed yesterday that they have received no draft.  So, either the payment is lost...or Leif Johnson is not being honest.  

At the end of the day, I would STRONGLY recommend you go somewhere else to buy a car.  The trouble with these folks is just NOT worth it.  

I was supposed to have gotten a moonroof and a trailer hitch on my Ford.  The price that I agreed upon appeared excellent to me with these options.  I had literally walked around the show-room with the sales person and pointed out what I wanted on a Ford Explorer.  He got my car from a nearby dealership.  When I took delivery, I did not catch that these items were missing.  So, I got home, and guess what?  No hitch.  No moonroof.  They offered to put on a hitch, but cannot do anything about the moonroof.  I had already spent about 16 hours with them.  

This type of mistake simply should never happen.  I basically paid for something I did not get.

Erin M. | 2012-03-16

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS DEALERSHIP. My boyfriend went to this lot yesterday in the hopes of purchasing a 2006 Kia Sportage that he spotted online. They let him test drive it and get it checked out by a mechanic - what they failed to tell him is that this year and model car had been recalled by Kia due to a faulty break system. We noticed that the break lights weren't coming on and that the ESC light was lit up. When we asked the dealership about the recall and lights, they swore up and down that they had it checked out and that this particular Sportage was one of the SUVs that had not been recalled. After calling the Kia customer service line ourselves with the VIN, we were told that it absolutely had been recalled. What ends up happening is that when you have the car on autopilot and you press the brake pedal to disengage, it doesn't release the autopilot, causing a crash. They let my boyfriend drive 25 miles on I35 without so much as a warning. He could have been seriously injured. I am aware of the concept of caveat emptor and that you should always have your guard up when purchasing a used car, but I have never in my life been exposed to such unprofessional disregard for safety. Literally all they care about is making money. Do not purchase the 2006 Kia Sportage located at this dealership without first getting the part fixed and using it as a negotiation tool to lower the price. The one in question has around 45000 miles and is around 9 grand. Beware!

Joe F. | 2012-03-12

We recently bought a used Chrysler Town and Country from these guys. The deal was good. The problem I have with these guys is that their service department is always backed up. No way you can get regular maintenance done here even though they give you discounted maintenance as part of your used car purchase.

But I don't know why I am wasting my time. Yelp sucks and will just filter my review.

Rose V. | 2012-03-05

NOT HAPPY AT ALL!  Went to this dealership to look for a vehicle to purchase, I was just looking at the time not really ready to purchase not for another week. The salesman that I spoke to Arman Torabi  wouldn't let me test drive ANY cars until I had money for a down payment!!
I figure if you're going to take 20K of MY money, I am going to test drive as many cars as I want until i figure out which one I want. Didn't happen!  I am very upset and disgusted with the customer service there. I took my business to CarMax South....they were super fantastic with customer service there!

charles w. | 2012-02-13

The worst service i have ever seen... INCOMPETENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wish I knew then what I know now I would have bought elswhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew C. | 2012-02-02

I am absolutely furious at the way I was treated today by Leif Johnson Ford.  I bought a car from them yesterday with a few minor issues that were set to be taken care of today in detailing.  I love the car and the salesman, Randy, was very helpful and pretty pleasant although had paperwork drawn up and on the table before numbers or financing was even discussed,  If my experience ended at the car being detailed I'd be giving this place four stars.  However, a porter was sent to drop my car off at my work off of Burnet Rd after having some detailing done.  After waiting and waitng and waiting I contacted Randy to try and figure out what was going on.  To his credit he did try and get in touch with the porter but after several times calling him it became very clear he was more interested in pursuing potential sales and I was basically going to need to wait around until the driver got there.  After calling the manager directly and finally getting in touch with the porter he finally arrived to my work, over an hour and a half after he was dispatched.  On top of that, he expected me to drive him back to Leif Johnson after making me wait all that time.  Turns out this kid had been driving my car to Burnet, TX as opposed to Burnet Rd which is roughly 3.5 miles from this dealership.  Upon arriving at the dealership I waited to talk to a manager and eventually Chuck moderately acknowledged my presence.  As I explained to him the problem and why I was annoyed/upset/off put by all of this, his response was "What do you want me to do about it?" Something, anything, at least attempt to stay in the good graces of someone that just gave your business over 16 grand the day before.  I was not compensated for the miles put on my car, the gas that was used, or my time that was wasted.  On top of that the manager was rude, condescending, and seemed completely disinterested in achieving any sort of customer satisfaction.  When your business screws up you make an attempt to apologize to the customer.  Instead I was basically scoffed at when I expressed my frustration.

art k. | 2011-10-08

Had a very good used car purchase experience here with Ben.

Trish Y. | 2011-10-03

I only purchased my car from Leif Johnson Ford because the price was right.
I dealt with a typical patronizing car salesman and I knew more about the car than he did. And of course the manager tried to sell me on all the warranties and maintenance packages. I actually purchased a maintenance package that includes oil changes. Bad decision!

Every time I've taken my car in to have the oil changed, I've had to wait at least 4 hours!! After the 4th time this happened, I finally put my foot down and found out what was really going on. They supposedly don't keep the oil filter for my car on site. So they would send someone to buy one at Auto Zone while I waited. How stupid! So I suggested that they keep a stock of the oil filters handy. But no...these dummies asked me to call a week in advance to make an appointment to have my oil changed. Who makes an appointment to have the oil changed in their car?! All they had to do is stock pile the damn filters and it would have fixed the issue.

So, now I take my car to Walmart. 30 minutes or less and I done. There are no stupid people and no damn appointments!

Brady H. | 2011-09-14

Let me just say this is not the dealership you want to deal with. My wife and I went here first because of the rebates they showed for the F150 and they also claimed to be the #1 truck dealer. The sales guy was fine just a little slow. When it was time to  do the paper work, Rebates were nowhere close to what they showed online. Plus was told that I needed to put 11k down and have a cosigner. We walked away from the dealership without a Truck. Called Mac Haik ford told them what happen. They did everything over the phone. When they were ready they called and said come on up. I went to the dealership and was in and out with only putting 1k down Total time at mac haik ford was an hour and half. Time at Leif Johnson 5 hours. Save yourself some time and go to Mac Haik ford

Coleen F. | 2011-05-02

BEWARE!  of buying a used car at this location.  Would give them a negative star if possible.  Customer Care is NOT part of their business model, just making money with lies, deceit and unethical, shady practices by the management, Chuck and Bernardo.  I am sure Mr. Lief Johnson is turning over in his grave to see his business so poorly run.  My salesman, Rodney, was very honest and respectable, but regretfully undermined constantly by management.  Three appointments set to view a car and every time upon arriving, unknowing to my salesman, the management had gone ahead and sold the car or had sent it to another location for a sell to someone else.  Another customer in the lobby said same experience had happened to them - interested car sold out from under them prior to arriving for scheduled appointment.
Would not trust them further than could throw them -- stay far away!
Chuck and Bernardo are the epitome of raunchy car salesmen.

Ramon G. | 2011-03-09

Oil change $15.
Full synthetic $75+, crazy price.

Craig B. | 2011-03-08

Wow. I don't know why I had the random impulse to check out Leif Johnson here on Yelp, but I did, and I encountered Marina B's review dated 8 April 2010. She took her car in for repair and "they had it for 4 days without even doing anything except hooking it up to a computer to find out nothing was wrong. But since they had my car and wasted their time they were determined to get my money somehow ..."

I had the same thing happen to me when I tried to get my car fixed there in 1990! I had a problem with my windshield wipers, they had my car for 4 days and despite daily calls where they assured me they'd "get to it", they never did and when finally I told them "forget it" and took my car elsewhere, they still had the nerve to charge me $50 for a "computer diagnostic".

It just kills me to read that 20 years later they're still playing the same game.

Ryan K. | 2010-09-27

We had a miserable experience with Leif Johnson Ford. We were told that in order to secure a Fiesta that was to be delivered later in the week we should place a $1000 deposit, which we did. (It is almost impossible to keep these cars on the lot after all.) Shortly after, we were told that all Fiesta deliveries had been suspended due to a faulty part and that there was no way to know exactly when the car would arrive. Obviously we don't blame Leif Johnson for Ford's quality control practices. The problem I had was that when the car finally did arrive three weeks later, the financial department claimed that there was no possible way to sell us the car at the price that both our two salesmen and the manager had quoted us. When the financial manager confronted the salesmen about the quoted price there was a sixty second period where no intelligible word were uttered by anyone with a name tag. Our salesman had been caught with his pants down. Ultimately the salesman sided with the company, twisting his language and the price he had written down for us to reflect what was better for Leif Johnson. It was stunning to watch him change from being our advocate to looking out for the company's bottom line right before our eyes. We decided to walk away from the deal as a matter of principle but were told that we couldn't have our deposit back until the end if the week as they had already cashed our check. So just to recap, persuaded us to give them a check (which they proceeded to cash) for a car they never delivered, did not try to ameliorate the fact that we were out of money/expected transportation, lied to us about price and never advocated for us when it came down to sale time. Ultimately we went to a completely different dealer and are in love with our new Mazda. It made me a little happy to know that we gave our business to a more ethical company (take that for what you will), but also to see that when I returned to pick up our deposit, none of those Fiestas that were flying off the lot had moved anywhere.

My recommendation is to stay far away from these guys. They put the "sleazy car salesmen" in sleazy car salesmen.

Autumn R. | 2010-08-16

I wish I could give negative stars.  I am appalled at how horrible the service at this dealership was. They installed a new transmission in my car, which died on the side of mopac 4 months later.  After letting it sit on their lot for 2 weeks without even LOOKING at it, they determined it wasn't their fault and wouldn't do anything to help because my warranty company had supplied the transmission.  The entire time it was there, they would not call me back and when I finally did get ahold of them, they were rude and insisted I purchase a $350 battery cable because "I owed them." They then insulted me by asking if I had to ask my dad before I agreed to the extra work.  My car is still sitting there, unable to start.

Charlie F. | 2010-08-12

"John" suddenly gave his real name to me after he figured out I was not going use my down payment towards another car on the lot after brining it back due to bad AC, and way off alingnment...and who was it??  CHUCK.  The famous "Chuck" mentioned in other posts here.  I would suggest stabbing yourself in the leg before you buy a car from these people so you can ask yourself after - which experience was worse?

Kate D. | 2010-05-14

Professional thieves. After spending $600 with them three weeks before, my car started stalling when idle. I took it back and they told me that they'd need $653 + tax for a new PCV hose and a carbon cleanout ($98/hr labor@ 6 hours).  I called Yost Automotive and they quoted me around $200 for the same thing ($25 for labor, flat). Leif Johnson came back with a "deal" of $293 for the same job. I told them no, and they replied that they were worried about it, and would replace the hose for free (what nice guys!) with a used hose from another vehicle, and that it would only take a couple of minutes (down from 6 hours).  I drove straight to Yost, who told me that the hose that they so nicely replaced was the original hose, based on the dirt and clamp-markings.  What probably happened was that the hose fell out and they plugged it back in.  

NEVER EVER take your car here, they will screw you six ways to Sunday!

Robin D. | 2010-05-08

So it's three years later and I had only two payments left on my lease.  I dug out my paperwork and realized I was supposed to have received a packet six months out from the end of the lease to cover the lease end process.  I called Ford to find out what was going on since I hadn't received it.  They said it comes from the dealership where you leased the car - no wonder I didn't receive it!  And I was supposed to receive additional paperwork with 45 days left on my lease.  Still nothing from Leif Johnson!  

Thank goodness I found another Ford dealership willing to work on the lease end process with me so I avoided another nightmare with Leif Johnson.  

I really should learn to never say never.  After a bad experience with Covert and my horrible experiences with Leif Johnson, I swore I would NEVER EVER buy a Ford again.  NEVER!  

Then the 2010 Escapes came out.  They're so cute and they have Sync!  So you can see my review of Covert for the 5-star experience that turned it around for me with Ford.  Leif Johnson still gets the lowest possible rating.  Beware!

Pete P. | 2010-04-09

I fully expected the reviews here to be either all 5 star accolades or just 1 star rants. I wasn't far off. I happen to be on the 5 star side of things.

I shopped around like crazy for months, hit up every dealership in town for both Ford and Toyota. Isaac (my sales guy) and the people at this dealership were by far the most friendly, knowledgeable and applied the least amount of pressure and shenanigans of anyone in town. Bar none.

Even when it was time to "meet the finance guy", it was a swift transaction. No pressure on upsells and they even re-did paperwork for me in no time when I changed the amount of the down payment.

The other reviews in here are the exact experiences I had at other dealers but for some reason, not here at Leif Johnson.

Overall it was awesome. I would buy from these guys again in a heartbeat.

Daniel M. | 2010-04-02

My wife and I purchased a Mazda 5 from a different Leif Johnson location. So far, we've been extremely happy with it. However, the check engine light came on today. My wife contacted this location, to find out if she could bring the car there, or if she had to take it to a Mazda dealership. The car is still under the manufacturer's warranty. She explained this to the dealership, and they told her she could bring it in to them. When she arrived, they tried to charge her a $96 dollar diagnostic fee, even after she explained that it was still under the warranty. They eventually informed her that our car was still under the manufacturer's warranty, and that she should take it to a Mazda dealership.

No way! It's not like my wife told them it was still under warranty. Oh, wait...

So, Leif Johnson, even though I enjoyed purchasing a vehicle from your other dealership, I will not be visiting this location ever again.

Kristen C. | 2008-02-23

After being involved in a major car accident which made my 99 Saturn SL2 a "total loss", I was forced to find a new vehicle - and quickly! With a full-time job and being on my own, I was stressed beyond belief and not looking forward to the car buying process.

I visited Leif Johnson in hopes I could find a small, four-door car at an affordable price and without hassle - and by the grace of God I was able to!

I worked with Amy Sandlin, who I highly encourage you to visit if you are looking for your next vehicle. She walked me through the used car lot and wasn't pushy or overbearing. She let me look at and test drive whichever vehicles peaked my interest, but it wasn't long until I narrowed it down to a 2005 Ford Focus. The car's windshield price, which was already $2000 less than the blue book value was dropping another $1000 the day I was on the lot. Then when Amy and I looked online to pull information on the car, it had dropped another $1000. Without haggling I saved $4000, which was a relief.

So far, so good. I felt that the experience I had at Leif Johnson was good and not as stressful as other dealerships I had ventured to. Notice I said "not as"...because let's face it, buying a car is no fun, no matter what.

Robin C. | 2008-01-28

It's so hard to restrain the rant when it comes to the car buying process.  Here's why I award 3 stars to Leif Johnson:

1.  Our salesperson (Stephen Brown) was some kind of pierced up aging skate punk in disguise (you can take all the studs out but the gaping holes still give you away).  Any conservative-minded company who will still embrace the weird rates pretty high in my book.

2. We got the best financing offer here and my husband was able to negotiate a price before we arrived, via online chat.  Great feature, that.

Why I do not award more stars:
1.  Despite having negotiated the price beforehand, it took us 3.5 hrs to finally get the H out of the showroom.  Didn't wait long at all for appraisal on our trade-in, nor did we wait long for credit approval.  Lickety split on both counts.  What took f'ing forever was getting the actual paperwork in-hand and the opportunity to sign everything. This portion of the process took roughly 2.75 hrs.  Now, we may not have been first in line...they may have a slow typist...they may have taken time to give everything a thorough checking.  But waiting nearly 3 hrs to sign papers on a $15K purchase when it took barely 20 min to close on my damn house...well, I take exception to that.

2.  You car people, get off my damn back about your bogus extended warranties!!  Our financing guy went through every ridiculous level of extended warranty offers imagineable.  He told us he was required to do so (acted as if he was required to do so by the gov'ment, not by his bosses) but I seriously doubt that.  After we declined any and all of that BS (check out clarkhoward.com and he'll give you the straight scoop on why that's such a load of bull), his mgr came in to "make sure Jody effectively gave you all the information you need about the warranties available."  Geezus.  It's so insulting for them to act like you're another sucker and that if they double-team you just right, you'll cave.  According to their own example, I would have nothing to fear if in 5 years our SYNC system went on the blink to the tune of an $800 repair bill.  We'd simply pay $100 and the good folks at Ford would take care of the rest.  So let me get this straight...we pay $1200 for the warranty (+ interest, no less) so we can get an $800 repair for another $100 fee?  Do I look that dumb?

This experience revolved around my husband's new car purchase.  I'm planning my own new car buy within a month or so and I think I'll just handle it all via fax and email.  This way they can wait on my ass instead of vice versa.

Nick L. | 2007-09-18

Totally unethical. They took my family for $1500 on our last repair job. My Ranger had 36,500 miles- just 500 miles over warranty and they refused to cover any of the many defective Ford engine and airbag (safety) parts. They then took it for a week where I had no car and returned it in worse shape than when we brought it in. They also charged us $40 to "clean the terminals" on a brand new battery I had just bought. Absolutely dishonest!

While I was there, I saw many other couples in shouting matches with the manager because they were charging again for work the other spouse had just had done. I would totally avoid Leif Johnson and probably Ford vehicles in general from the experiences I've had with them.