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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Kia of South Austin in Austin, TX.

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Kia of South Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 444-6635
Address:5306 S IH-35, Austin, TX, 78745
  • Monday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Thursday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Saturday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Kia of South Austin

Lisa N. | 2015-04-05

This review refers to the Paperwork guy, not the salesman Estebon, who was great.
After sealing the deal on the car, we were shuttled to the room where the paperwork is done, and when we got to the "extended warranty" part of the conversation, the rep misrepresented the extended warranty, saying that a lot of electrical components on our 2014 Cadenza were only covered for 3/36, instead of the 5/60 like everything else on the car.  So we purchased an extended warranty on the claim that we could get a full refund at anytime if we were not satisfied.  3 Days later, after I confirmed that ALL components on the car ARE covered for 5/60, I requested a full refund due to the fact that the rep "wasn't clear on the actual factory warranty on the car", and misrepresented the ext. warranty...... They sent me the refund paperwork to sign, which I did and sent back to them.  They told me refund would happen within 2 months.  After waiting over 3 months now since requesting it, and asking KIA of South Austin for a status, still nothing.  I called the extended warranty company myself finally, and they told me a refund was never requested for me by the dealership!!  Now I have been waiting for a reply for 2 days from KIA and nothing yet.  Hopefully this review will get the attention of someone who will do something.

Holly S. | 2015-03-13

South Austin Kia service has changed from great to AWFUL.  
Last time I went, I had an appointment and still had to wait over two hours to get an oil change.  Worse, the intake guy LIED to me about why it took so long. The waiting area was packed with frustrated people who had been delayed.  
I got excellent, friendly, courteous and honest service from that location for over 7 years, but since they became South Austin Kia, the service has deteriorated terribly.    
Sadly, I was ready to buy my next Kia from that dealership. The salesman was wonderful and I had already done a test drive on what I thought would be my new car.  After the last two service experiences, I know better than to sign myself up for a future of car repair misery.

Blake P. | 2015-02-25

I called over a week in advance to set up an appointment to have my transmission serviced at the South Austin Kia. A year ago I had this same service with a great experience--dropped off my car, had a shuttle bring me home and pick me up, no problem. When I called a week ago I was told the same shuttle service would be available, but when I arrived at 9:30 this morning for my appointment they said they assumed I would be able to wait because the shuttle was "out." I told them I didn't have time to wait, that I had an appointment back home and really needed a ride. Then the guy I was working with said he "probably fired the guy that made my appointment." Basically the response was "oh well" and that they'd try to finish the service as soon as possible. No one knew when the shuttle would be back, or how long I'd have to wait. I ended up having to cancel my work appointment and sit in the waiting room for nearly two hours until my car was finished. No offers of a discount, no apologies. In fact, the lady who checked me out asked me to not write a bad review when I receive their shop survey via email, because the person who set up my appointment would get in trouble (so I guess the bit about him being fired was a lie?), and that the person whose name would be on the survey wasn't the person I worked with. I said, "ok, then, how do I complain about being stranded here?" And she said "maybe just don't write a review."

By far, this is some of the most incompetent, careless customer service I've ever had, in the car industry or elsewhere. They didn't care at all how inconvenienced I was. I surely won't be back and will tell friends to steer clear of this place.

Richie L. | 2015-02-05

South Point KIA wasn't the best and Lord knows I had my issues with them over the years and I must admit, my 2004 KIA Optoma LX has been the worst car I have ever owned. I must have more than a hundred pages of service records for repairs. A total Lemon! That having been said, I'm not impressed with new "Borg" auto dealer comapny that bought out South Point and a bunch of other shops along the motor mile here in ATX. The company is Group 1 Automotive out of Houston Texas. Glass Door…  has them at a 2.3 stars as ranked by current and former employees (which should tell you somthing) and from my visit today, I understand.  

My 2004 KIA Optima LX has a software glictch, as do most 04's and 05's that sometimes requires a reboot to clear hanging error messages which will often show up on your dash board as a "check engine" light of "airbag" alert. It sometimes takes 2 to 3 reboots from their master computer to fix this. Most KIA master mechanics are aware of the issue as are KIA engineers. Btw, this is not a problem that can be resolved at any garage because the software is proprietary though the master control computer chip which mounts on the block near the flywheel of the drive chain (that was not smart and hard to get too) is third party.

About a year ago, after replacing my sixth battery in 7 years (that's right!) these errors showed up, both check engine and aribag. After thorough evaluation and me getting on a KIA users group forum online, I had South Point do a reboot, twice, and the errors cleared. I had to drive it around non-stop for abot 40 plus miles for everything to reset. Bingo and passed inspection. Today I go by there because a year later, I have developed the same problem by replacing a rear light bulb a couple of months ago. A few weeks ago, I then disconnected the battery to clear the check engine  error that developed from changing a bulb (go figure, it will do it), waiting 30 minutes to clear out the "Check Engine" light, which it did. Then I waited the standard 30 minutes, re-connecting the battery, then driving it down the highway for about 40 miles to do the reboot. Took it to get inspected at a Quick Lube and still showed 3 incompletes in the software. Drove it some more and reduced it to two. I needed one or less to pass for TX State inspection for this particular year and model. Drove it some more and low and behold, now has a "airbag" error. Take it this morning to the now known as KIA of South Austin to reset/reboot the glitchy software. I had a hard time explaining this to the in a hurry, rude, smart alecky service guy. After finally convincing him I knew what I was talking about, he talked to a mechanic and decided that rebooting wouldn't help and told me to clear the errors, I needed to drive the car non-stop for 60-plus miles. RRRRIIIIGHTTTTT. Also was quoted outrageously high prices to diagnose and hook-up.

I will never go back and would urge others to be very careful of these 'BORG' like companies absorbing these dealerships. They are a rackett. Furthermore, I can't help but think that many of the 5 star reviews on here are bogus. Some compnies will post these phoney reviews to try to shore up their reputations. Also, notice that the company rep responding to these posts often doesn't really address the issues and just says sorry. Sorry doesn't fix the problem sir. FIXING THE PROBLEM, FIXES THE PROBLEM! Please don't bother to respond to this post as it is an exercise in rhetoric and futility. Time Warner does the bogus glowing posts and I'm sorry non-answer responses routinely on review sites about them, for example. I was born, but not last night...

Amanda K. | 2015-01-31

I bought my Kia Soul back in August. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Kia, but I wish the way things were handled went better. I waited almost 3 months until I got my license plates. I had to get a renewal on my paper plates ALMOST twice. I asked If there was a problem, they told me no. So when I my plates finally came in, they said there was a problem? I don't really understand, but whatever. The dealership was nice and kept up. Most of the employees were nice. I just think they need to be more organized.

Cary N. | 2015-01-22

I can thank these people enough for all their patience. It is hard for me to decide on my forever car. Anthony Hill understood this and walked me through the whole process with the patience of a saint. If you need a car see ANTHONY he does you right. I am completely satisfied with this purchase and I will be back.

Mike A. | 2015-01-14

Just spoke with their "internet manager" about a Soul that they have on EBay and he said he had no idea they had an EBay page... my offer went into their black-hole of emails they never answer.

When I asked to speak to a manager he said the manager won't help me either. He wouldn't let me speak to any other associate so I'm giving up--they must have a lot of money and customers and obviously don't need to sell anything.

Not sure who's running that place but I can definitely say they have no idea what they are doing.

Cassie V. | 2014-11-26

My husband and I bought a car from Grant this past weekend. He truly went above and beyond to make it a great experience. He even called us a few days later to check in and see if we were still satisfied. We surely are!
We worked the financing with Brian Smith and he was also a gem. We will definitely be return customers and will recommend to friends and family.
Thank you all for your professionalism.

Justin P. | 2014-11-26

Bad service horrible liars don't go here I promise you'll be let down

Dale D. | 2014-11-15

This was the most HORRIBLE car buying experience EVER!! They will rip you off folks! Can you believe they tried VERY VERY VERY hard to sell me a warranty saying
Kia only came with a 3 year 36k bumper to bumper warranty. The Kia comes with a 5 year 60k bumper to bumper warranty and a 10 year 100k power train.  Take your Tucks Medicated Pads and a donut cushion because its gonna hurt folks!  Please warn others. I was told they were crooks but didn't listen.

The crap started from the bottom with Steven in sales, but the finance department was where the real raping started by trying to sell the warranty(took photo) or other finance tricky crap.  They were all very nice crooks, with a cheery smile, except for the "bipolar" manager Willie Maldonado. When confronted he stated he didn't give a f#@k SEVERAL TIMES( yes recorded) and that nothing would happen to him for the crap that they do!!

There is not enough room to write what all came from his nasty mouth. Stay away and keep your hard earned money. The hardship they may cause will follow you for years to come, and on to your next vehicle purchase, because you will likely be upside down when you trade your car in.

Call 1-800-Get-Bent for the best worst car buying experience ever!

Monica G. | 2014-09-25

I bought a kia soul here and ZJ was my sales rep. Great experience And great deal! I've had my vehicle for almost 3 mos and so far so good. I downsized from A Dodge Ram to a Kia Soul.  I thought the transition would be difficult but it hasn't been. This car is spacious and actually feels like you are seated higher than most crossovers. Parking downtown is no longer such a hassle. I love my car!! Thank you ZJ and Rene.

Katie A. | 2014-08-26

Ask for Rodrigo Liques!

I went in to the Kia dealer last night based on a car that was online and unfortunately it sold before I got there. This was the 5th car that that had happened to me (at multiple dealers) and I was very sad!! However, Rodrigo did everything he could to help me, and ended up negotiating a deal with the managers to sell me an even nicer model of the same car (newer, fewer miles) for the SAME PRICE!  I test drove 2 cars, chose one I liked, and worked out a price that suited both of us. Rodrigo was incredibly nice and helpful, low pressure, and understanding when I didn't want a door without automatic windows ;)  To top it off, they all stayed late after closing to finish the sale!  All in all, I feel like I got a great deal on a car, excellent service, and my trade-in will go to a nice new home :)

Santiago in Finance was also very helpful and fast and got me on the road quickly!

Christine M. | 2014-08-12

FALSE ADVERTISING! BAIT & SWITCH! I would also give zero stars if I could.  Just like Nancy's review this is a VERY unethical team and their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced.  I called to purchase a vehicle based on their advertised internet price. The price advertised also offers the Kia $1000 rebate and other incentives for military graduates etc... First I waited an hour and was transferred to seven different salesmen's voice mail before I was able to actually speak to a salesman. I finally spoke with finance and wawent through everything necessary to purchase the car... the finance manager had to get a sales man involved so he left me on the phone to find one... I got disconnected and a salesman finally called me back... Anthony said I would need to finance the car though Kia in order to get the advertised price... "FINE" I said "lets do it!" "Well you don't have a trade in ..." "Yep that's right I don't" "So you can't get the rebate... "


Later Anthony brings Mr. Maldonado (sales manager?) Who  Hmmd & Hawed about selling it at the price they have advertised. Then he told me the price would go up $1400! Really??? There is a $1000 Nationwide Kia rebate on this vehicle plus we are active duty military, and have a daughter who just graduated ... which, is who this car was for.  He then asks who will buy the car me or my husband?? What difference does that make... All the incentives I qualify for except I don't have a trade because I'm paying cash but I'm willing to finance if they need tho get to that price... BAIT AND SWITCH. What a joke!

"Get more for your money is their motto!"

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND HEAD TO ANOTHER DEALER. You'll definitely get more for your money and avoid this type of bait & switch sneaky lying sales tactic!

Worst car dealer I've ever dealt with... and I've bought ALL our family's cars 7 in the past 5 years alone.

I've put in a call to speak with the GM who I am told is out ...all the time. I'm fairly certain that there will be some BS response to this review just like their others, describing their regret for my frustration... all the while, nothing will actually be done and they will continue to lie and use false advertising tactics to sell cars... DO NOT TRUST THIS DEALERSHIP.
Here is the original ad... I'm sure they will alter it.…

I am also happy to provide the original copies of all the ads for this vehicle from Edmunds, Auto Trader,  KBB,  AND South Point Kia's website.  

Better Business Bureau here I come!

Here is the response I sent to the GM after he responded to this post:

Steve did you read the full review.  I agreed to every stipulation of the price... Including the financing.  Everytime your salesmen came up with a contingency of your ADVERTISED price (that mentions no stipulations) I agreed and qualified!  Your sales tactics are horrendous.  I had another dealer pull the vin and the ads, he even showed me where information listed in your ad doesn't match the vehicle's coding... For one you are advertising this vehicle as an automatic and it is manual! I looked at the photos you have of the vehicle which is what got my initial interest, and on all three sites ( Edmunds, Auto Trader and your own)  sure enough, the car in the photos is a manual transmission.  So, either the vehicle description is inaccurate or the photos (not stock) are not of the vehicle you've posted.  I have never had the displeasure of dealing with such phoniness, backpedaling and incompetence right off the bat! I am thankful however that I didn't waste my time driving in! I only hope the reviews here help someone in making a decision on which dealership to do business with.

Marcia A. | 2014-08-10

I had already researched the car I wanted and sent off an email requesting a test drive. Within an hour, I got an email from salesman Rodrigo Liques and made an appointment. Once I went in, I was not accosted by a zillion salesmen, but was led right to Rodrigo. What a great experience! We test drove the car, I knew I loved it and we got to work. Simple, no haggling, no BS experience. They have an incredible selection and have integrity as a dealership. I know once I'm in the market again I'll head back there. Thanks Rodrigo!!! I love my Soul +!!

Nancy M. | 2014-08-08

I would probably not give a one star rating if it weren't for two very nice salesmen...Jose Ochoa III and Anthony Hill.  Both were very helpful and answered general questions about the Kia Sorento, that I was interested in.  I wish I could help both with a sale, but sadly I don't see that happening. Both of them are hard working and probably honest, decent guys outside of this occupation and company.  My disappointment is with the deceptive, unethical team as you go up the ladder. Namely Stephen Pratt, the internet sales specialist, John Smith, who I was told was a floor manager and later when I asked to speak to the General Manager, Rene Marquez came on the phone and said he was the General Manager.  Long story short, they have deceptive advertising, don't honor online prices, tack on bogus fees and have, rude (Stephen Pratt in particular) pushy, insulting, haggling and bait and switch practices.  Ask me about proof, I have it!. Car shopping doesn't have to be this way.  Honesty will get you much further and will bring loyal customers.  I know I was initially drawn in by the false promises and the fact you could blow all the other dealers out of the water with your abnormally low price (should have been a red flag!), and when I offer to buy that car at the advertised amount, you change it with multiple stipulations and unrealistic hoops to jump through, upping the price and when I cried foul you try to lure me into a different, lesser car. I know the FTC frowns highly of these deceptive tactics, so do some of the well known 3rd party advertisers like and Edmunds.  Your parent company, Group One Automotive is not doing so great currently, take a look at the stocks, then look up employee turnover and  dissatisfaction rates (minus the glowing reviews from upper corporate management-$$$) and I'm guessing a majority of that is due to the economy, maybe even the season, I don't know for sure, I'm not a business analyst, but I think it's also is a reflection of the company principals as a whole.  I've looked up the reviews for some of the other Group One Automotive dealers in town--Town North Nissan and Maxwell Ford, which strangely, two of your big guys come from, Rene Marquez (Town North) and Steve Cargo (2nd General manager??)(Maxwell Ford) and neither of them get very stellar reviews.  Of course every dealership is going to get some unhappy customers, that's a given, expected and normal and I don't judge a company completely by it's reviews alone and I ask that others don't as well, but really pay attention to red flags and employees that become rude and aggressive when you question the way they do business. It's very unprofessional.  In addition, I have to say, I think I would have gone for the jacked up price, that I was finally offered if you had even said "Hey, come on we have to pay our sales guys somehow", not by saying "there will be yet an additional charge of $499.00 for the tinted windows and other bogus stuff".  By the way Ancira Kia in San Antonio charges $199.00 for window tint with a lifetime warranty.  I called there after looking on Jerry Reynolds CarPro site for recommended dealerships.  I spoke with the General manager there and he said "I will be honest, I can't touch that price they gave you and no one can!"  That's why you can't honor that bogus claim. I appreciated his honesty, even if that's not what I wanted to hear.  I wish they weren't so far away because, I'm to the point of paying the correct price to deal ethically. We had that peace of mind when we dealt with Howdy Honda on our last three vehicles, even though they still play the trite back and forth game with the salesman going to the manager to okay everything, they come out with a fair deal.  Kia of South Austin and Group One Automotive, be honest, stand behind your prices and uphold the quality of Kia products and services and I think things will vastly improve.  Steve Cargo, please contact me, I have some additional things you may be interested in seeing and hearing about.  All of the men mentioned above have my contact information. I look forward to speaking with you.

8/9/14.  I just want to add in the link to the reviews of when this dealership very recently went under the name South Point Kia, because it seems they are up to the same illegal tricks and down right dirty doings.…        I also want to say, I am glad to see that you took a step in the right direction after yesterday's fiasco and went back in a panic and changed all your ads on third party wed sites with this added disclaimer:    
Sales Tax, Title, License Fee, Registration Fee, Dealer Documentary Fee, dealer ads, Finance Charges, Emission Testing Fees and Compliance Fees are additional to the advertised price. Must qualify for availble incentives. See dealer for details.

If anyone is interested in seeing the ads in the prior, illegal form, please let me know.

Lynn S. | 2014-08-06

I drove 45 minutes to test drive a car. The salesman was rude and pushy. I forgot my driver's license after a test drive, and they will not mail it back to me.... even though I have made multiple requests. I would NEVER go there again!!!

Kenneth T. | 2014-07-22

We purchased an Optima, as for the car itself , it is great. As for the service we have received from Kia of South Austin (formerly South Point Kia), unsatisfactory.  

The first night we spent hours haggling for a price.  By haggle, I mean sitting in an office while the sales person "worked the numbers with a manager", and came in to show us an offer in hour plus intervals. We finally received a good price, but it was late into the night by the time we agreed on a price.  Even though we hadn't purchased yet, they let us take the car home overnight.  Kudos. The next day we went down to sign the paperwork and spent nearly 4 hours waiting on the ONE financial representative to complete our paperwork before leaving again with no purchase.  The next day, we were fortunate enough to only be there about an hour waiting for paperwork.  Note: we had our own financing. Though, they did insist we apply through them under the guise that they could get us a better rate.  We did, they did not.

As we were about to leave we notice the chrome trim had a discoloration.   We went back and had salesman look at it.  They told us to bring it in and they would fix  or replace it.  We brought the car in at 8 am, apparently the color imperfection could be cleaned off.  The cleaning took about 4  1/2 hours.  It was fixed.

The next day, we noticed an abrasion, scuff, stress mark, leather defect, or some type of rough spot on top of the leather steering wheel.  We took the vehicle in on a Saturday; apparently there was only one guy, Jim, who could look at it.  (Jim was the guy that figured out our trim could be cleaned, and didn't need replaced) He was very nice and helpful. He informed us that it was nothing his guys did, and most likely something that happened before we took ownership being that it was in an awkward spot.  He said that we should bring it in during the week when the body shop is open and they would bill the sales department for repairs if it came to that.  

We brought the car in at 7am on Tuesday.  We heard nothing until 3:40 when our original sales person called to inform us the abrasion wasn't under warranty.   We informed him that we were not seeking warranty work that we just wanted the vehicle in "new" condition, and that it was a defect we didn't make.  The car is a little over a week old at this point.  He informs us he will talk to management and call us back.  We call them back at 5 to go pick up the car.  They have had the car ALL day, and he insist they can't cover the damage, but they cleaned it. He says that we didn't point it out during the initial sales inspection. Despite all the hours we spent at Kia of South Austin we never did a walk through inspection with a sales person. Again with the car wash, we don't care about a car wash, we want the leather repaired.  We leave in a car that doesn't look recently cleaned, and still has a messed up leather steering wheel.

We find it very hard to believe there is no way for this issue to be remedied.  A car wash is not a remedy for a leather defect on the steering wheel.  We do love the car. Unfortunately, if we purchase another KIA in the future, it would have to be elsewhere.

Luna W. | 2014-06-19

I am very happy with my Kia dealership. I own a Kia Soul 2012 and I have been so happy with my car. I owned a 2010 and after someone smashed my back end and I bought a new one!

I had a platinum and now moved to silver and I LOVE it!

It's  been a great choice! It's small enough with great gas mileage but, has cargo space bigger than the scions.

The great thing about my dealership is they have Ladies day for free oil changes on Fridays, however they just discontinued that. This is why I gave them 4 stars.  I miss my free oil changes and car washes.

The service is excellent here but Kia please bring back the ladies day specials!