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Jeep Masters is Austin's home for Jeep repair, restoration, and customization. Jeep Masters is the Dealership Alternative.

At Jeep Masters, we're unbeatable - because we've got nearly 20 years of experience with maintenance and repair on Jeeps from the first Willys models, right up to this year's new vehicles. We're a great alternative to the dealerships for your scheduled maintenance. All our work is compatible with your vehicle's warranty requirements for maintenance and repair. Just keep your receipts for the work we do.

We honor most extended warranty programs, so consider us for any warranty work which falls within your plan.

When it comes to repairs and maintenance, most of our customers are highly concerned with the cost, time, and quality of their repair. Calm your fears with Jeep Masters; you can count on us to assuage all of your concerns.

Forget the hassles of a dealership. Visit Jeep Masters, the Dealership Alternative!


Established in 1996.

Jeep Masters has been serving the Austin area since 1996. We look forward to adding you to our long history of happy customers.

Jeep Masters

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 326-3555
Address:3822 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX, 78704
  • Monday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jeep Masters

Daniel G. | 2015-02-23

I just moved into the area from Amarillo, TX where I bought my 2007 Jeep jk Sahara unlimited and I got the Death Wobble right before moving down in January. Well, I brought it in to have it taken care of and they fixed it in under 3 days. I was worried it was gonna cost over $700 but ended up being right under $400! They explained the process on repair, and they were very professional. I'm sold on these guys. Death Wobble is a trial-&-error repair fix, and these guys got it right for me on the first go! They are a little rough around the edges but, they are mechanics, not floor salesmen. Anyone who complains about these guys, expects people who don't like to get under a vehicle and get dirty! They will now be my go to with my jeeps from here on out!

Sorry, forgot to mention that it's been 2mos  and still no death wobble and my Jeep is riding better than when I bought it.

Dustin K. | 2015-01-22

While the staff were very friendly the troubleshooting on a death wobble was very amateur. After two days they replaced parts that had nothing to do with the wobble and did not even fix the original problem. So I brought it back in only to be told it "might be the tires." And it just so happened they had a set queued up. I will take my business somewhere else. I will give someone my business who will just honestly say they dont know what is wrong instead of upselling me shit I didnt need in the first place.  Those of us with limited means cannot afford your very vague and grossly incorrect  amateur troubleshooting on something quite simple.  It turns out that it was a tire balance issue. An honest shop would have told a customer that if they wanted repeat business.

Marc K. | 2014-11-17

I brought my cj to jeep masters after a certain repair shop on williams street punted on it (my review of them is there if you're interested). To be fair this was complicated but jeep masters came through and were not satisfied until the problem was resolved. Fair price, conscientious work. Very refreshing.
Thanks Much!

Renee W. | 2014-11-13

Watch out!  Make sure they actually fix what needs to be fixed.  Drove out of the shop $800 later, only to break down on the 290 feeder!  Had to be towed back.  Problem turned out to be something else (more minor) but still had to pay the $800!  No thank you.  Will go elsewhere from now on.

Ian E. | 2014-11-04

It seriously sounds like some of you folks went to another mechanic and completely confused them with Jeep Masters. I have a 1991 Jeep Wrangler (it's my dream car and my baby) and the tranny blew... Ray went out of his way to set me up with a rebuilt tranny, changed the ball joints (necessary on a 23-year-old Wrangler) and did it all on time, on budget (an INCREDIBLE price) and with loving care. My baby runs better than ever for around $2000. My one bitch is they don't take American Express... everything else is wonderful. (And by the way... if you're looking for a slick mofo with a plastic smile to hold your hand and make you "feel better," you're going to get ripped off. THESE guys are real mechanics doing good work. Expect a little no-nonsense gruffness.)

Suzie B. | 2014-06-03

Geez after reading some of these reviews I had to slap cold water on my face and make sure I wasn't having a nightmare. Bo and Ray wanting to fight customers? Bo giving attitude? Unprofessional? Slow service?  That's NEVER, EVER been my experience with Jeep Masters. I'm on my 2nd Grand Cherokee and Bo and Ray have  always bent over backwards to provide me with great service, quick turnaround times, reasonable prices, transportation when needed, and have even sent a dude out to change my flat tire, gratis. That's not even a service normally provided! I've stopped by for little fixes which are always done with a smile and very little money involved.
I will always take my beloved Jeeps to Jeep Masters to keep them in tip-top shape, and I highly recommend them for Jeep maintenance and repair.
So there.

Valerie S. | 2014-05-23

I give Jeep masters 5 stars! Originally went the Juke auto to get my AC repaired. They quoted $1,000 and then another $400 if they found metal shavings in the AC system. Which was "highly likely"
Anyway I decided I didn't like what they were telling me, paid my $50 diagnostic fee got out of there and brought my car to Jeep Masters for a second opinion. Ray told me that I didn't even need a new compressor and I just need to replace the compressor clutch. Ended up saving me $1000 dollars. Very happy with Jeep Masters!

Thomas R. | 2014-02-26

I have owned my Jeep Cherokee for some years now and have never taken it elsewhere. These guys do top notch work at a fraction of the price you would find elsewhere. Always honest work done and time efficient too.

Highly recommended!

Beth P. | 2014-02-14

LOVE this place.  they go above and beyond what any mechanic or body shop would do for a customer.  They genuinely care about their customers and it shows. I was involved in a car accident, and rather than just give me an estimate, they talked me through all my options for repair, made sure I was getting the right coverage on my  rental vehicle, and when it was time to do the work, got me back into my Jeep in less than 3 business days (it was originally supposed to be 5)!!!!
Awesome service, reliable, honest mechanics. I'm a repeat customer for life.

Kane S. | 2013-11-20

I don't normally yelp, but when you experience such great service you will do stranger things to help a local business out. I've have a 1999 Wrangler which is just now starting to need a few updates here and there. I would't let anyone else work on it besides the guys at Jeep Masters. They are truly experts when it comes to Jeeps (and I would assume other vehicles) and have taken extremely good care of me every time I have taken my truck there. You can't ask for much more than honest, hard working and fair and that's exactly what you'll get at Jeep Masters.

Lauren C. | 2013-11-13

This review is based off one experience.  It seems like any other speciality auto shop, they overcharge you for things that may or may not go wrong- your oil pan isn't leaking yet but you should change it since it's damaged.  I needed an evaporative emission leak checked out, but they gave me an estimate for every little thing "wrong".  After my ridiculous estimate, I took my Jeep elsewhere

Ian K. | 2013-09-10

Jeep Masters is dishonest and when you call them out on it they get defensive.  After taking my vehicle to my original mechanic he diagnosed it with a fried computer system which he could not fix so went to Jeep Master and they diagnosed it with a bad head gasket problem which I told them that my mechanic did not find any problem with that.  So they fixed the computer system and it ran worse.  Asked them about it and they said it was the head gasket.  So had them replace it and when I got it back my A/C wasn't blowing cold which there was no problem with it when I dropped it off.  They said that there was a leak and it would cost $500 to fix it.  I can buy the kit from Auto Zone and fix it for $60.  Then my check engine light came on with a 02 code and they told me this would need to be fixed.  They basically set themselves up for weeks worth of work.  They fix something and don't even check to see if everything is working correctly or that they damaged something in the process.  Better taking it to the Jeep dealership.  Instead of calling them Jeep master they should rename it to Jeep Amateurs!

Mike J. | 2013-02-25

I have a Grand Cherokee that had a starting issue and had it brought to Beau and Ray at Jeep Masters. It left my wife stranded and we needed it fixed ASAP so that she could get to/from her new job. I really wanted to support a local shop and give them the business over the dealership. Initially, the Jeep didn't replicate the problem with them, so we took it home. Shortly thereafter, the Jeep wouldn't start again. I was disappointed they let us take it home and didn't investigate the issue more thoroughly. We had the Jeep towed to Jeep Masters.

They told me my Jeep needed a fuel pump so it was replaced for ~$750 (not much cheaper than what the dealer would charge). A month later, my wife was stranded again with the same symptoms (not starting) and we had the Jeep towed again. I was assured by Beau and Ray that they were going to get to the root of the problem.

Jeep Masters came back to me and told me I had an issue with an electrical part (essentially the fuse block) and that it also needed to be replaced. That cost another ~$500. I was concerned that perhaps the fuel pump didn't need to be replaced a month prior, but again, they assured me that it did need replacement in addition to this second part.

A short while after the second repair, after being there three times and paying for two repairs and two tows, the Jeep had the same issue where it wouldn't start. This time we took the Jeep to the new dealer off 183/Lamar and they were able to tell us within a few hours that we had a bad wire that was causing the starting issue. The wire was replaced at a minimal cost and the Jeep now starts with no issues.

I agree with many of the other reviews on here that Jeep Masters is not much, if any, cheaper than going to the dealership and they are not very friendly either. They seemed to just replace parts of my vehicle at random. Also, they are slow and do not seem to be in any rush to return your vehicle to you.

I own 7 vehicles, ranging from 1948 to 2013 from pickups to SUVs to cars, and perform repairs on my personal vehicles on a regular basis. The electrical issue related to my Grand Cherokee was beyond my electrical troubleshooting skills and required computer diagnostics, but I can assure you I will not be bringing any of my other vehicles to Jeep Masters.

I will not return to Jeep Masters, period, and I will not recommend them to anyone. I have several connections in Austin due to my involvement with classic cars, vehicle restoration and some of the local clubs and groups, and I will be sure to let all of them know to avoid Jeep Masters.  

Further, after describing my above mentioned experience with a friend of mine, I was informed an acquaintance of mine who owns over 20 cars brought a Wrangler to Jeep Masters and had several thousands of dollars of damage done to his vehicle due to their negligence. I was told they weren't far from a lawsuit.

Brian W. | 2012-12-11

DO NOT TAKE YOUR JEEP HERE. Jeep Masters is slow, more expensive than a dealership, and their service is dishonest. The negative reviews of this business are most likely the only legitimate ones. They marked up parts 90%, charged me a $50 diagnostic fee when the problem was obviously one of two things, of which they replaced both, selling me parts I didn't need and giving me a list of other overpriced repairs which they wanted me to sign off on. Know my way around YJ's, just never imagined a shop could be this dishonest. Maybe Jeep Masters should focus its energy on honest service instead of damage control... Would not entrust my Jeep to them again...

Scott R. | 2012-11-14

These guys were fantasic! Put a 4" lift with 35" tires and some spectacular rims on my Jeep. Not only did they do all of the work to perfection but did little extras like paint the inserts on my rims to match the color of my Jeep at no additional charge. These guys even sent me text message pictures ever couple of hours so I could see the progress. I will never take my Jeep anywhere else.

P.S. Someone's review said that these guys charge to much. I found just the reverse. Nobody could match the price for the work these guys did. Not only that but you can rely on the work they do.

Dan P. | 2012-11-01

We own a 1975 Toyota FJ40 although most people think it's a Jeep.  We're in the process of making it driveable as a daily driver which meant a significant amount of engine work, wiring, interior repalcement, paint, and.....interior/tub liner.  I initially contacted LineX in Round Rock because I liked their texture, but the guy up in RR was...well, kind of a prick and sounded like he just didn't want to do it.  I then decided to do some more shopping and came across Jeep Masters in S. Austin (we're in Round Rock/Pflugerville area).

Bo and Ray both sounded excited to work on it and said 'no problem'.  They suggested we come check out their Armadillo liner, so my wife (the owner of the FJ) went down there to check it out and loved it.

Not only did they do a beautiful job, Manny threw in a few extras on the corners and fender wells.  He took great care in taping off the rollcage and finished with a professional edge everywhere.  

These guys enjoy what they do and charged us a more-than-fair price.

If you're looking to get some bedliner or tubliner work done....Call Jeep Masters.  You won't be disappointed!  (Now if I can only get them to use my shop for transmission rebuilds ;)

Craig B. | 2012-09-27

Great front office. Great mechanics. Honest, reliable and dependable service.

We've been in Austin for a little over three years and Jeep Masters has consistently performed reliable and honest service on our almost-20-year-old Wrangler going beyond the call of duty to make sure everything goes smoothly. From transmission mounts to fuel pumps they've kept the old beast running even after I bollocksed it up in the Chihuahua desert.

And they stand behind their work: a fuel line broke after a recent fuel pump replacement and Jeep Masters paid for the tow, replaced the fuel line and had it done in less than 2 hours. And they did it all with a smile. Just like every time.

Trust Ray and Bo with your Jeep.

SimpleThings A. | 2012-08-09

Take your jeep no where else except Jeep Masters. I've been going here to get work done on my 2001 jeep grand Cherokee for 6 years now for all kinds of services, body work, windows, engine repairs, everything. They have always given me great and reliable service. Ray or Bo are two of the nicest guys, always friendly and more than willing to explain any repair questions. Thank you Jeep Masters

Lisa N. | 2012-05-02

I took my 2009 Acura TL to the collision shop for repairs.My car looked brand new when they were done. Manny, body shop technician, is the best and he deserves a huge raise. The body work was exceptional. We have also taken our Dodge Ram and Honda Accord for shop repairs and we have never been disappointed. If you are looking for a honest mechanic shop please consider this place.

Ken S. | 2012-02-15

WOW!   I took my jeep to Jeep Masters for the battery going dead over night. thay had it for a  weak . got it back everything was fixed . then i get a call from south point jeep to see how my  service was . JEEP MASTERS had taking my jeep there because thay could not find the problem. thay charged me $686.96 .SOUTH POINT told me thay charged JEEP MASTERS  $285.00 why did i not just go there? this is not a dealer alternative.

Richard A. | 2011-11-07

Jeep Masters is a horrible place. We came here when we first moved to town to check out a strange sound we were hearing on our Jeep. The counter help was very unfriendly and took a great deal of time to even acknowledge us. They made us wait for a very long time which is very typical of most auto shops so I understand that part. They told us our repairs would be finished by 1pm so we left planning to return when they called us. After 2pm past by we called and they said it would be finished by 3pm and that they would call us then. When we hadn't heard anything back by 4:30pm we called again and this time they said it would not be ready that day. At this point we hadn't made other arrangements to be without a vehicle and were shocked at how they nonchalantly left us with no options. Because of this, my girlfriend had no way of getting home from work or back to work the next day. Also, we wouldn't have even left it with them if we knew it wouldn't be done until the next day as we needed transportation and hadn't made other arrangements. After pleading with them the guy on the phone said he would have it done after hours. When my girlfriend arrives to pick it up after hours they would not let her wait inside and made her wait out in the dark parking lot alone until it was ready. We will NEVER go back to Jeep Masters. Shame on you Jeep Masters. I will never recommend this place to anyone.

Meredith C. | 2011-11-02

I decided for the second time in 4 years to go to Jeep Master's for a quote for my Jeep. I went a few years ago and had the same experience I had today. The counter help was not friendly and took their time to get to me. I was greeted with a quote double the price I got at Just Jeeps. Also, Jeep Masters does not do upholstery repair/work. No matter where you live in Austin, take the extra time to check out Just Jeeps.

Rachel R. | 2011-10-22

Sorry I can't write a good review I have been to this place twice. I have experienced less than stellar service. I picked up my car from the shop and the car wasn't properly secured even though I have read the sign that the business isn't responsible for property. I just don't want my stuff easily vandalized in car repair shop. I was charged for an alignment and the alignment was needed again in two months.  I really don't think any car NEEDS an alignment two months later unless I did lots of 4 x4ing and that wasn't the case.

The second time I took my car in for possible transmission repairs I was charged for a transmission flush and I found out two months later the service was never done and to top it off my latches for my Jeep weren't secured properly! Thank God I didn't immediately drive on 71!
This is twice that the service was not properly done and when I asked to get the service done properly without charge I wasn't taken seriously.  Instead I was told the service could be discounted.  After thinking about the less than stellar service but I will never let this business touch my Jeep again!

John V. | 2011-04-14

Freaking love these dudes.

Bo and Ray are all about quality, professionalism, and getting things done right the first time. A hand shake is all the contract you need, and you never have to worry about something going wrong. These guys get it done.

Ive taken my 2006 Grand Cherokee to these dudes at least 4-5 times, for everything from body work to, tire replacement, to suspension, brakes, or you name it.

Always a topnotch job and always done on or before the time you need it.


If you got a Jeep, this is the only place to go.

vidor h. | 2011-01-10

Not bad. They understand, and focus on jeeps. But depending on your problem, you could probably get a MUCH better deal elsewhere.
Transmission prob? got to a transmission place.
* a note here, they might try to sell you a 'new' trans- which is non existent on a 8+ year old cherokee, they are all rebuilt.
I had a trans problem - took it here first. The tech left his notes in the car with the name/phone # to 4 adjacent transmission places, along with estimates.... so yeah, they outsource and mark it up. They focus on rock crawler stuff. They dont really do basic Chrysler maintenance.

Got a muffler problem? Go  to a Muffler place. Same with brakes, A/C Service, etc.
I mean really, it's 90% Chrysler. Save this place for the specialty "Jeep" Fixes (4wd drivetrain type work) Otherwise, it's not necessary unless you want to spend 20% more.

John M. | 2011-01-09

These people are absolute CROOKS who tried to rip me off to the tune  of thousands of dollars.

I brought in my YJ Wrangler for a simple issue: repair a turn signal that was shorted out. They fixed that problem all right, but they also said I needed to get a whole new engine-- $4000! I told them I've had no problems with my engine, but they shot back that the oil pressure was very low and that the engine could go any time. The repairman ominously warned me that I would be back very soon if I left.

Not getting a good vibe from these guys I asked for my keys and got out of there. Sure enough, in a very short period of time the oil pressure started to drop and I started to smell oil burning. That was not a good feeling. Not trusting these guys I resolved to get to the nearest service station not named Jeep Masters, in this case a Jiffy Lube. Since the oil pressure was dropping very rapidly this required me to drive about a block at a time, letting the engine cool for several minutes in between.

When I finally got to the Jiffy Lube they told me they'd look at it and within 5 minutes came back with the verdict that I needed a $15 oil sensing unit. Even after I had assumed the worst from these guys, I was shocked. Just $15? I went to Autozone, picked up the part and JL installed it for free.

I drove the car for several days before I went back to Jeep Masters, to make sure nothing was wrong with the engine. When I returned they at first denied my claim that the only problem was an oil sensing unit. After a silly "test drive" they begrudgingly acknowledged there was nothing wrong with the engine.

I asked to speak with the owner, who was very cagey at first. I wanted to know why they wouldn't check something as simple as an oil sensing unit, but he had no response, just denials and third grade circular logic. When I told the owner I was upset because at best they were very bad mechanics and at worst they tried to screw me out of $4000 he THREATENED TO FIGHT ME!

There is no way that any of their actions are defensible. My only regret is that I did not take greater action than posting this strongly worded Yelp review (this was a couple years ago). Avoid these crooks like the plague. There's good mechanics out there, you just have to find them.

J C. | 2009-10-16

WOW!!!!!!!  after reading some of the reviews here I must say I'm somewhat surprised as my experience was NOT as pleasant.  To begin let me say that I am very mechanically able that most work that any of my vehicles have ever needed I've been able to address personally but I am aware that there are quite some things that are indeed beyond my capability.

So.....  I have this Jeep Grand Cherokee in which the cooling fan stopped working so I reviewed the fuses, etc.... not knowing much on electrical systems I took my Jeep to Jeep Masters, well I can honestly say that I don't remember w/who I spoke with but the estimate to fix my Jeep was close to $800.... WOW!!!!! that was allot by my standards but then I had no working AC (w/100+ degree summer) & my Jeep would overheat when stuck in traffic, so much that "if" I sat in the drive-thru for too long my temp needle would redline so I had no choice but to start saving to eventually be able to have it repaired here thinking that they knew what they were talking about, you know the whole "Jeep Master" thing.  

Long story short!!!  while I was still saving up for the repair I visited my older brother who is more mechanically inclined than I (he's the one who  taught me) & when he asked, I told.... WHELL!!! we walked over to my Jeep, removed the electrical fan, opened it up, CLEANED the coil w/starter fluid, tested it (it worked) & put it back on.... WAAALAAAA cooling system back on w/cold AC & it took all but 10-15 minutes!!!

And to think, Jeep Masters wanted to charge me $800 when it took less than 15 min & a few quick squirts of starter fluid to fix the issue.... Never will I go to this place nor will I EVER recommend it.  I will say this... "if" you have car troubles, always & I mean always get a second opinion & shop around for quotes.

Tanya P. | 2009-07-09

Amazing service, compassionate owners, quality work!!!! 5 STARS, A+++++, I couldn't be more pleased!  We are a family of Jeep owners, it started with my husbands Cherokee and now we ALL (6 of us) drive Jeeps, and Jeep Masters excellent service has contributed to that!  We have 3 daughters in college and we want them in Jeeps for several reasons~ They have fishbowl-like great views around them (no blind spots); they hold up like a tank in an accident (kids are so hard on cars); and when something breaks down I can send them all to Ray to have fixed and know with confidence that they will be treated fairly. (I don't want my young girls taken advantage of by just any old shop)  I really feel like Jeep Masters has become part of our extended family after 5 years of quality customer care!  Thanks guys!!!! Keep up the great work!!!! ~ Tanya, Chuck, Britania, Charlee, Amanda, & Thomas

Jens B. | 2008-08-20

Got my car back tonight!  Yaay!  It was a little bit of a clumsy affair, but I don't know if that is any different with other body shops I have dealt with in the past.  After assurances to Bo, my actual bumper cover was not able to arrive for the repair until tuesday, so rather than having my car back on Mon, I got it today.  Their estimate was exactly what the final bill was.. that's got to be a first!  They did a wonderful job in cleaning my car, and I just noticed a couple of small things on the painting and the clear coat.  I just mentioned it in passing to Bo, and he asked me to show him on the car.  I pointed the area out to him and then went to use the rest room.  When I returned, he told me that he found another area, and that he would be more than happy to fix those small blemishes, but he would need a couple of hours to do so.  I said that I could do that later in the week, and that would be fine with him.  Nice!!  Great customer service, and proud of his work.   I am definitely a fan of Jeep Masters, and their work is good and apparently they really do care about the results.

Mark H. | 2008-07-05

The WORST thing about owning a Jeep (or any other American brand of automobile for that matter) is post-purchase service at the dealership. Ripoffs, bills the size of mortgage payments, and ROTTEN customer service are the norm at the service departments of (most) Jeep dealers. Fortunately, since I found Jeep Masters after they moved to South First Street, I've been able to avoid all dealer unpleasantness. Bo and Ray are great guys who know Jeeps better than any mechanic I've been to. They've always fixed my Cherokee the FIRST time at a REASONABLE price. Highly recommended.

sarah s. | 2007-12-17

I have had two jeeps, both have given me a little trouble, but if I am EVER in doubt about the way my jeep is acting, it takes me 15 minutes of talking to Ray or Bo about my problems and they are RIGHT on it!  I have never had my jeep over night there...which is amazing to me because everywhere else seems to have the need to keep my baby(s) overnight...

I tend to keep vehicles a while, so the reason I DO need to bring it to the boys is because they are a little aged and need a bit of TLC.  If you need ANY type of jeep repair, going anywhere else is really nonsense!