JD Motors in Austin, TX

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Established in 2007.

JD Motors is family owned and operated dealership here in the heart of Austin Texas.

JD Motors

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 832-5800
Address:6710 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX, 78752
  • Monday: 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Thursday: 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Friday: 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Saturday: 10:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on JD Motors

Bahadir K. | 2014-12-27

They will rip you off!!!!!!!!!! and there mechanic does not know shit i guarantee you this!!!!!!

Ghost B. | 2014-12-21

Really just an overall poor experience. When I went, the car I looked at wound up having holes in the soft top, none of which were pictured in the photos online (go figure.) The interior lights and AC didn't work either which they claimed was "just working a earlier." Who knows if that's the truth or not. The test drive went well and felt like I was being treated properly. When it came time to buying, negotiating the price wasn't an option, BUT, they did say they would fix any issues I could think of on them plus they'd deliver it to me which was a nice gesture seeing I live about 3 hours away. This included a brand new soft top, new tires, AC fixed, and interior lighting fixed. We left them a check on Monday when I got it. They said it would be able to be to me by Friday. There was an issue with the credit union sending me wrong email documents and so I called up and informed them we could get the check to them by Thursday for sure. They said no problem, everything would be good. I call up Thursday to see when can get the car delivered the next day and they said they just ordered the top when they got the check which I'm not sure why because we left them a check to use if the credit union for some insane reason didn't follow through (we spoke with the CU on speaker in the same room on the phone so there was no doubt it was getting to them.) They told me I could have it by Wednesday the next week. Tuesday comes and they push it back again because the top still hadn't arrived. Now they told me by Friday and note, all these times, I've had to call them to find out wtf was going on. I got not one single call from them explaining "hey man sorry but your top won't be here by Wednesday but it will be Thursday," or anything else regarding it. He gave me a tracking number for the top so I could see when it got there and everything. It arrived at about 1:20 P.M. I believe Thursday. I called up Thursday night to see if Friday was a go and my doubts proved to be true. Top wasn't installed and the guy was going to be there the next day to put it on. At this point I was incredibly annoyed because I kept getting fed date after date after date and nothing came of them. When I asked if he could inform me asap because of my work schedule when it was all going down, he sounded annoyed, likely because of my pestering. I can assure you, I have more of a right to be annoyed when it had been nearly two weeks waiting for my car with me having to call and find out on my own seeing they never bothered to call me. My grandfather decided to call the next day to which it was claimed it would be delivered Monday morning. They claimed that the top might not be finished that day (Friday) and my grandfather also said he sounded rather annoyed then as well. Monday rolls along and before I woke up my grandfather called again. They claim they hadn't even started on it and that it would take 8 1/2 hours so Tuesday was FOR SURE. Yeah right. Funny enough, 8 1/2 hours from when we called is when they closed for the day lol.At this point I was absolutely fed up to no end with these lying jerks so I planned on going up to Austin to see what exactly was done if anything at all Wednesday if I didn't get a call Tuesday. Tuesday goes by and no call. Wednesday morning we called them and they said today was the day. They had an auction to go to so they could drop it off at 4:30 PM. I assume they were just waiting for the auction so they didn't have to make numerous trips. 4:30 comes and there it finally is. Upon further inspection of the car, the interior lights still didn't work. Not a surprise, but I wasn't about to have to deal with these clowns again to get them fixed. So in conclusion, if you're not near this dealership don't waste your time going number 1, 2, if you need something fixed GET IT IN WRITING AND GET A COPY, this was my first car and I failed to remember to get a copy which was a crucial mistake because Joseph apparently "doesn't remember any other paperwork" and 3  if the car has any issues that they can't fix right then and there, DO. NOT. BUY. It will save you heaps of trouble, and to be honest, Teddy (somewhat, he was quick to bail before I inspected it) and Haas seemed like really cool dudes. Joseph I'd say was the issue. A liar and not a man of his word. Yes, he did get the top replaced and the AC working, but the interior lighting still wasn't complete even though he said over the phone it was, that and never giving us a call letting us know what was going on. If he would have been honest, I would have been much more understanding. But lie after lie "Yep we have the guy here Friday fixing the top." Monday comes "Oh yeah we haven't started but its being worked on right now." Wednesday "We'll have the driver call you so you can have his number and we'll send all the carfax and stuff with the car." Nothing. If you absolutely must purchase from  here, just be aware what you're getting yourself into, don't make the same mistakes as I

Tim H. | 2014-10-12

Lousy experience shopping for a car here. I saw some S2000s online that I wanted to check out. When I stopped by, they told me I needed to get preapproved for a loan before I could even test drive the car. The guy never even asked me what my financial situation was... I had enough cash for 90% of the cars value. I've also never been to a place that refuses test drives like that. Anyway, I went across the street to the Mazda dealership and they let me test out a brand new Miata with nothing but a driver's license. JD motors has a strange way of running a business...

Moxie E. | 2014-09-26

They stole my money. Beware!
On August 19 2014, I went to Jd motors regarding getting a recommendation for repair of my 2005 VW Jetta. I met with Teddy Dib who said he was part owner of the business and that he also did mechanical repair. He offered to the repair on my VW and I left the vehicle in his possession. After a few days he called and said he was too busy and referred me to his father who owns a repair shop and said his father would give me the same pricing offered to Teddy. A list of parts was given to Teddy for pricing. Teddy told me the parts would be $544 and that I must pay in cash so that he did not have to pay sales tax. That was the only stipulation ever given to me before I gave Teddy the cash for the parts. I received a signed receipt for the payment and was told the parts would be in after a few days. The parts were incorrectly ordered several times by Teddy and at that point I made the decision to take my car to another mechanic and have him order and install the parts. At that time I requested Teddy refund my $544 cash and he refused. There was no expiation as to why he wanted to keep the money. He responded by text message... "Sue me" I have tried several times to request my money be returned for the parts that were not ordered with no success.
JD motors are not to be trusted and are a dishonest business in my opnion.

Ivan T. | 2014-09-17

Alrighty, where to start. I had a similar if not the same experience as Mckenna. I went down there because I had found my "perfect" car. A CTS-V that they had been selling. I was very excited and of course I spent a very large amount of time into finding this vehicle. Their price was decent. So I parked my car in this tiny lot. Walked in, saw a couple of people just have a conversation amongst themselves. I got the attention of the owner. I walked outside with him to explain that I was interested in the CTS-V. He told me it was in perfect condition inside and out. I told him the car had numerous scratches and dents here and there, to his defense he said, "you can only see it from a side angle". Which made me want to look at the interior to ensure the condition. I asked to see the inside and he said that I could not do so, and then I asked for a test drive. He once again denied my request. He said that I needed to have a pre-approval form from a bank. I told him I was going to pay cash. He said I still needed the form. At this point I was upset with the experience that I decided to walk. I honestly intended to purchase the car that day if the experience was great as expected of a dealership with great cars. Unfortunately, I would have to say. Stay away from this place.

Mckenna s. | 2014-06-17

Terrible.  Called to inquire about the availability of a BMW 335i and to see if I could schedule a test drive...they said it was available and welcomed me to come on down for a test drive...upon arrival, they told me that I could not in fact test drive the vehicle as they had 3 other interested buyers with financing already squared away.  I could have bought the car from them directly, no financing needed, but they treated me poorly and had me waste my time in driving down there telling me I could take it for a spin, just to turn me away once I showed up.  Very frustrating experience.  I wouldn't buy a car from them if they begged me.

Jack M. | 2014-04-03

Go somewhere else!!! I purchased a vehicle from this company 6 months ago. In the past 6 months this vehicle has been parked in my driveway 3 months out of the 6 months because of break downs. The vehicle leaked oil all over my driveway due to a main seal leak, sensors were out, the ignition lock had to be replaced because the car would not start after a week, bolts were loose, fuel pump went out, A/C system leaked all of its Freon, steering stabilizer was shot causing a death wobble, the rear differential needed a complete rebuild and new u-joints. The vehicle wasn't even 6 years old and had less than 100k miles on it. On top of all that the vehicle was priced $2k over KBB and NADA. Worst car buying experience of my life. Avoid this dealership at all cost!

Liz U. | 2014-02-17

I purchased the Volkswagen Jetta Wagon from JD Motors, Was also charged a $125 "Documentation Fee" when it was explicitly expressed on the same sheet that it was not to exceed $50 by Texas State Law. I was told to come back
next day to pick up so they could get the vehicle inspected and detailed. Returned the next day to pick up the car and they had done neither. Was told the inspection was good through December so they weren't going to do it. Asked about detail and they said, "It's clean enough". Also confronted Mr. Dib regarding overcharge of the "Documentation Fee" and he promptly wrote me a check for the full $125.

I left with the car.

Returned following week with various issues with the car: windshield leaking because of installation problems, headlamp socket (not bulb) burned out (I supplied part and they installed it), and screws missing from passenger door. I also mentioned the car not going into drive easily from the reverse position to the mechanic installing the screws and headlamp part and he said that was common in Volkswagens .

Drove the car the next week and while driving down highway, RPM's raced to over 5500 at only 60 mph. Continued for at least 15 minutes. Next morning told them the issues and waited for over 3 hours while they took a look at it. Test drove it and the car was not acting up. They "changed the fluids with VW approved fluids, which cost them $65" and said that would fix the problem. Was also told that I was wrong regarding the transmission slipping. Joseph Dib's brother (don't know name) stated, "The transmission is either bad or not. It won't just slip or act
up but be completely unusable if it's a transmission problem".

Transmission completely conked out shortly after and after several attempts to have them make it right, they refused and would not help in any way.

These guys are what give used car salesmen a bad rep. I would rather walk than buy a car from them ever again.

B F. | 2013-08-18

I bought a 2004 BMW 745Li from JD Motors. The experience was just alright. They were very friendly and accommodating when my husband and I came in to test drive the car, we even were able to take it to a family friend who was a mechanic to check to see if the car had any problems. All in all the experience was okay, except for a few hiccups.. (The owner doesn't keep to his word too well) but aside from that we got a great used car and I am very happy. Just make sure when you plan to buy here you have cash and good negotiating skills or the process will suck a huge one.

Parnell S. | 2013-04-28

JD had a really clean 2003 Audi A4 that I was interested in; they are friendly and let me drive the car without one of them in it. The KBB trade in value for the car is $6,000.00 and they originally were asking for 10; I was able to get them down to 8500 which I think was a fair price.

The car's check engine light was on and they said they knew what it was and that it was easily fixable (P0411 Secondary air injection system: incorrect flow detected) and they would have it fixed.

When I came to pickup the car I asked about it, they said they had fixed it and drove it around till the code was cleared by the car's computer (it passed inspection and everything).

A few days later I went to have the oil changed and also wanted it looked at a bit more thoroughly (probably should have had this done before buying it, note for future) - that day the check engine light came on and it was the P0411 code again. The shop read the computer and the tech said *all* of the codes had been cleared which means some one manually cleared them and that there were no fixes done for it that he could see; he even said one of the hoses running into the combinator valve was missing a clamp which was most likely the cause of the P0411 code.

Joseph and his brother were good guys in person; my intuition tells me that one of their guys fixed the valve with a stock part but forgot to clamp it. So don't take this review as if they are liars, they did fib about clearing the computer vs. driving it to clear it (as my mechanic would say).

All in all, a good place, good people, and good product; just make sure you get a 3rd party to do a check on the vehicle before you hand over cash or sign a loan.

Marilee M. | 2013-03-05

So the roommate is in the market for a new car and found what looked like a great car on JD's website. Off we went on our lunch hour to go check it out. We walk on the lot where there is a salesman talking to a family. We find the car and start looking for someone that can answer some questions. There is only one salesman and if he is with someone he won't even acknowledge your presence. So we go in the office and ask if there is someone we can talk to. Her response, I kid you not..."what do you mean?" Uh, it's a car lot correct? You sell cars here, correct? How about we would like to speak to someone about a car. She just looked at us, so off we went, back to work. No need to buy a car here.

Mike E. | 2013-03-05

I bought a car from JD Motors recently. I've bought and sold dozens of cars over the years, half the time from dealers, and I have to say so far JD Motors stands out as the best experience I've had yet. The car was in excellent condition, and the price we worked out was very pleasing to me. I had a little timing issue with the credit union I was planning to finance through, but the guys at JD Motors were very accommodating and worked with me to make sure I went away a happy customer. There were a couple of extra things I wanted done to the car, and they got me parts at their cost and offered to take care of the work for me as well.

In short, buying from JD Motors was easy, friendly, and I got a great value on the car I bought. They're professional, honest, and very willing to go the extra mile to make customers happy, even after the deal is done.