Jaguar Land Rover Austin in Austin, TX

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On this page you can find detailed information about the company Jaguar Land Rover Austin in Austin, TX.

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Jaguar Land Rover Austin

Dealer Info:

Phone(s):(512) 236-0000
Address:1515 W 5th St, Austin, TX, 78703
  • Monday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Tuesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Thursday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Friday: 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
  • Saturday: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
  • Sunday: Closed

Reviews on Jaguar Land Rover Austin

Kristi A. | 2015-04-18

As you can see, I have not written many reviews but after working with Season Dionne, I want to let everyone know that she is awesome!  I recently purchased a certified 2013 Range Rover Sport and it was the best car buying experience that I have had so far.  Season is very respectful of your time, knows her product, LISTENS to what is important to you and covers all of the details without being pushy or overly aggressive.  She has had great follow-up and even responded to one of my texts on her day off.  I manage a large sales team and she is someone who definitely adds value and created a great experience for me.  THANK YOU SEASON!

James S. | 2015-04-17

This place has really stepped up their game. I first bought a car around 2006 from Dallas and brought it here.  Three cars later and ever year seems to have gotten better from a warranty and service standpoint.  They don't treat you like a douch they treat you like you want to be treated: right.  JT and Anthony are great they always land me a loaner fast and today switched me from a rental to one of their nice cars.  Keep up the good work I am buying a 2016 when they arrive.

Jade W. | 2015-04-05

I bought my used Lexus from this dealership last week.  My sales person, Robin Reed was excellent.  With Robin, I did not have to deal with the back and forth sales non-sense.  I told Robin my parameters for a purchase and he did his best to meet them.
He was quick to reply to my questions and made sure all of my paperwork was ready when I came by the dealership to take delivery of my vehicle.  I would highly recommend Robin to anyone looking to do business with this dealership.

On another note, their finance rep was less than stellar.  Although I spent a whole 10 minutes in his office, it seemed he was too above me to give me the time of day.  I financed through my credit union at a great rate, but he did not even make an effort to find better terms.

Sina H. | 2015-02-11

We recently purchased a Range Rover Sport from this dealer.

Season (sales) made the sales process comfortable, was knowledgable, and put together a wonderful mixture of humor/candor while maintaining professionalism.

Damon (manager) helped us out when the vehicle delivery was delayed, and at every step of the way met or exceeded our expectations.

Overall the experience was wonderful, and on par with Mercedes which I've considered the gold standard within the luxury brands.

Eric L. | 2015-01-23

I'm a sales guy myself, so I really appreciated the level of service and the attention to detail that Robin and the team displayed.  

I've had a couple of small things I wanted addressed on the vehicle (new LR2) and each time I brought it in they washed and detailed it for me.  3 times I've been in, 3 times they've detailed the vehicle it, 3 times it's poured down rain the next day.  That's the only complain I have.

A+ service with A++ folks.

Paul J. | 2015-01-13

Three times in a month for the same problem.The service department could be a little better and test their repairs and save their customers multiple trips downtown.

Rose Z. | 2015-01-09

This past weekend I saw a pre owned vehicle at Jaguar Land Rover Austin that I was very interested in.  I did my research on it before going to go see it.  Running a small business keeps me extremely busy and I didn't have time to waste with haggling on the price or on the offer on my trade-in.  I ended up being helped by Season and I must say it was the best car buying experience I've had to date.  She was very helpful, knowledgeable and understanding about me not having much time to spend closing this deal.  A lot of the deal was over the phone and through emails.   I really didn't have questions about the vehicle and didn't even test drive it.  I usually have pretty much made up my mind by the time I visit the dealership.  The hold up was on my end only because I had my own lender I wanted to use.  Still it went quickly and I'm now driving the car I wanted.
Everyone at the dealership was nice and helpful and I never had to wait much for anything on either of my two visits.  Even on the day I went in with the check from my lender I expected to wait because I was 30 minutes earlier than I'd said I would be there.  I had just sat down to wait with some hot chocolate and they came to get me.  A few minutes later I was driving off.  
The facility was nice, clean and welcoming as were all the people working there.  I will definitely recommend this dealership and will be back myself when I'm ready for another vehicle.
Thank you Season!

Vincent S. | 2015-01-05

My wife recently purchased a used LR4 from another city.  We had looked at new ones at Land Rover in Austin, but they were just too expensive (to be fair, we had a very friendly salesperson, Season, and there was zero pressure to buy, and they accommodated us on multiple visits).  Still, I figured the sales side of the dealership was fine, but I had read about a couple of anecdotal "bad" experiences, so I was wary for our first trip in to the service department.

Well, we had one of the best visits to a dealer's service department that I have ever had.  Scheduling was efficient.  Drop-off was quick and easy.  The vehicle was in for multiple items (mostly warranty covered), most which checked out ok.  Since we recently bought the vehicle used, we asked if the oil needed changing, but we actually were advised to hold off after they saw the condition of the oil (they could have easily pocketed a couple of hundred from us for an oil change, but they were honest, which is all you really can hope for with a service department).  Our service guy, JT, was knowledgeable, helpful, and patient.  To make things easier for us over the holidays, they bent over backwards to have the vehicle ready ahead of schedule on New Year's Eve (and yes, the vehicles come back nicely washed, even though we did not owe a penny out-of-pocket).  The other staff members were friendly and chatted with us in the parts waiting area, even though it was after 5 (and again, New Year's Eve).  I was half expecting snooty staff members who are counting the minutes to go home and feed their white Persian cats another fresh can of Fancy Feast while prepping for a night at the opera, but they were all down to earth and friendly (aaah, ok, I admit it, I actually owned a Persian and spoiled that cat rotten with Fancy Feast, but seriously, otherwise I'm a pretty normal dude, NOT an opera fan, honestly!).

Bottom line, we have had positive experiences now with both sides (sales and service) of Land Rover in Austin, and while I am quick to write up a nasty review if I'm not happy, I figured I'd take the time to give these folks some deserved positive feedback.

Kempen C. | 2014-10-24

The Absolute Worst!!!!!!!!
How can a dealership in the exclusive market these guys are, treat a customer that are planning to put over 50% dwn on an almost $90K vehicle, like what I just had to endure for a whole week??????
I am not surprised their finance guy quit on them!!!!
You are better off going to Land Rover dealers in either Dallas or Houston. I am not going to leave this here and will be communicating with corporate....

Melanie B. | 2014-10-23

I was contacted by the manager and he has made things right with me and I will be bringing back my vehicle for an update to get the engine light turned off.
Very satisfied with the very prompt customer service I received.
Looking forward to continuing to do business with Land Rover Austin in the future.
I am a small business owner and I believe in taking care of the customer. I have come up short before and made it right.
Land Rover has made it right with me as a customer.

Crystal S. | 2014-09-30

My husband and I were so happy with the high-level of customer service we received when purchasing a Range Rover Sport. We worked with Craig Bushon throughout the process, and we could not have been happier. Craig was very knowledgable, and we enjoyed that he was direct and honest with us. We never felt pressured, but Craig was always attentive to our needs. We had a great experience with everyone we encountered in the dealership. We will definitely be returning to Jaguar Land Rover of Austin for our next vehicle purchase.

Kelly D. | 2014-09-22

People often complain about the high cost of Land Rovers.  Well, If you own a Land Rover, that is out of warranty,  I STRONGLY suggest you take it somewhere other than THIS dealer.  I own two and as we know these vehicles require way more service than your average maker.  But the cost this dealer tries to impose, is far below lousy business business practices.  

I have taken mine into this dealer three times for various issues.  All three times I've returned to picked it up after receiving a quote, to take it elsewhere for the repair.  Im not going to say where, because I don't want anyone here to think this is a review submitted by that shop.  

My experience with LR of Austin has not been positive.  This dealer attempted to rip me off on all three occasions, quoting crazy costs for very simple repairs and even more ridiculous costs for the not so simple.  After picking the vehicles up and delivering them to my other repair shop,  Ive been 100% satisfied with the services which were (on average) about 40% of the cost of the dealer.

On one of the three occasions I took my range rover in for two unrelated issues.  One, I knew what was wrong and how to fix it. Literally, a 60 second fix that I was mostly just using to test their integrity.  The other issue required their computers to reset the factory key. The price they suggested for the 60 second repair on top of trying to sell me an entire new lock (inside the door) for the key, was the final straw.  

This is what instigated this review and I will continue to tell every Land Rover owner I know, who my other mechanic is.  Unfortunately, I just dont feel comfortable saying here, knowing it could make them look like the author of this review.  Search around, you can find other quality LR repair shops in Austin.

Shelby K. | 2014-09-11

Season was so helpful when I test drove the Evoque! She was a great saleswomen and knew her facts! I ended up buying it from the Houston location because it was closer to where my dad lived. I will refer any friends to her.

Austin N. | 2014-08-29

I went in summer of 2013 to inquire about purchasing a 2009 xf. I was completely blown off and was actually refused a test drive. ( I will spare telling you how I look, I'm a minority.) I went to Sewell Jaguar and had a wonderful experience purchasing a vehicle on my own for the first time. Fast forward almost a year later to summer 2014. I began experiencing limited performance on my vehicle when the rpms would rev. I had a 3rd party replace the coils and plugs and that did not fix the issue. After taking it to two other shops who couldn't help me I buckled down and took it to Jaguar of Austin which is the closest dealership to me. Rude and unhelpful is all I can say. You are Jaguar, yall made my damn car and tell me yall have no clue what it is and how to fix it. They actually returned my car to me with an additional  warning light on which said check coolant system. I found Luxury Auto Works who nailed the diagnostic issue the first time around! They were able to get my car going in 3 days and fix the issue Jaguar had added. I will not return... ever.

Steve N. | 2014-08-26

Great dealership they had the vehicle I wanted and they were straight forward. I worked with James Morrison. He was great. However, when I received the car I found some things that were wrong and Robert took care of things. They didn't have to but out of good faith and unforseen problems with carpet. I had to do the labor myself but only because they didn't want to pay Lexus to take care of it which I sort of understand as they wanted to charge $800 for labor. If I wasn't an auto enthusiast it probably would've been a problem. Thanks JAMES and ROBERT, honest guys who took real good care of a customer.

Kelly Dahea S. | 2014-07-05

I bought range rover evoke couple month ago. David Smith was awesome staff who work at sales department. I love my evoke he helped me a lot. I didn't get service yet but I'm expecting good service. Still enjoy my evoke. Good good good!

Rhi P. | 2014-06-15

I have only positive things to say. I find buying cars to be a grueling process. However, Robert and Scott at Land Rover made this process exceptionally easy. They were accommodating and so easy to work with. They answered all of my questions and made this process painless. I found the car that I wanted and they took care of me. I would buy another car from here again.

Edyta B. | 2014-06-10

My husband and I went there hoping to get a feel for the Evoque and LR2 and very possibly hoping to walk out with a new car. That would have happened if only we weren't ignored for 30 minutes.

When we drove up, we were greeted by a younger guy and he gave us waters and told us he's going to get a sales guy for us and to wait in the showroom. Well we sat there for 30 minutes with the sales people glancing at us. Not one person, even the receptionist, came up to us asked if we have been helped. We saw a guy in a BMW roll up after us and just walk in and be greeted and taken into a room immediately. We just got up and left. No way we're going to purchase even a T-shirt at that place with such terrible customer service. It's a shame because we were really excited about the cars. We were just terribly disappointed that the brand name is tarnished by crappy service.

Guess we need to drive up in a Ferrari next time to get noticed.

Ricky W. | 2014-06-10

I just went there and look for a evoque. Well, 2013 model with 24000 miles selling for $46000?? And I was planing to trade in with my 2011 bmw M3 competition package with only 30000 miles. Guess what? They told Me I have to pay almost $7000. Seriously? A M3 trade a evoque have to pay $7000? Then I went back home and search land rover evoque in Houston and they have a used black one with only 10000 miles selling for $38000. People, don't be stupid and go there. Extreme unfair

Mark E. | 2014-06-07

I have never been impressed with this business ... at least on the customer service side.. I have had my Land Rover serviced there several times, and the staff has treated me as if they are doing me a favor by servicing my vehicle. You become an afterthought to them. I receive much Berger service and feel more comfortable going elsewhere. It's also the only Land Rover center in the area, so you have no other options.

Scott M. | 2014-03-18

My wife purchased a Range Rover Sport and the staff treated us exceptionally! The staff is very friendly,  knowledgable and professional. Will definitely continue to do business here!

Yijiao G. | 2014-03-06

This store is DISHONEST!!! DON'T BUY CAR HERE!!!  If I can, I wanna give them negative stars. I have really horrible experience in this store. I waited half year for a new 2014 Range Rover Evoque, and they gave me NOTHING!!! Last September I inquired information about 2014 Range Rover Evoque and waited 2014 Evoque releasing until January, 2014. At the beginning of this January, I paid 1000 dollar deposit for my new car, and they said my new car would come this March. I waited two and half months again. Yesterday they told me my car arrived to their store, and I was so happy to see my new car. BUT, when I arrived in this store, they said they SUSPECTED I am a SMUGGLER!!!WOULD NOT SELL this car for me!!!WHAT?!  They said many smugglers bought cars from them and sold their cars to Dubai. 5% of them are Chinese and 90% are American people. Because I have an Asian face and I have limited term drive license, so they think I am sure would sell their car to Dubai.  I asked why you did not say that before I paid deposit, they said their boss did not see my information carefully. Is that discrimination? According this rule, all people have no green card or not be a  citizen cannot buy a car?! That's NOT reason. I think they maybe wanna sell my car to somebody else who pay them more. This store is DISHONEST!!!

diana b. | 2014-01-04

I have terrible experiences that last two  times I have had my  Range Rover Sport serviced here. First, I scheduled my appt online before I came into town. My service agent seemed so annoyed I scheduled online. Something about how it doesn't take into account the cars already there, etc. Why in the world would they offer online scheduling if they don't want people to use it?

I was told my car would be ready Saturday to pick it up  (I brought in Thursday).  No call Saturday, I call twice. Finally, I  am told they don't see my paperwor and My service agent will call me  Monday.   I drove to Austin with my one year old daughter and will now miss work and have to change plans!

Cannot wait to sell my car  so I don't have to deal with them!

MK R. | 2013-11-17

I will spare you the gory details, but I also feel an obligation to warn you at the same time.
Short version, I took my car in for a simple, but expensive repair, of course they said it needed multiple repairs, so I went ahead and gave them the okay. $1500 dollars later I went to pick up my car and before I even made it home, it was doing the EXACT same thing it was doing when I took it in.

I spoke to the service manager he told it need another $5-600 to repair, desperate for my car, I went ahead and told them to fix it......and guess what, when I picked it up the send time on the way home it started doing the EXACT same thing AGAIN!!

Needless to say, I didn't go back, I went else where.  This shop told me the other work did not address the real issue, so $2100 went out the window and of course Jag. Austin disagreed. However, when the other business repaired it properly, it was fixed not he first try and cost me $300, not $2100.00

Can not say enough bad things about his establishment, they are terrible!!!

Oh yeah and the cherry on the cake, for some unknown reason when Jag Austin gave me the car on my 2nd trip, the A/C vents were 30-40% blocked??!!

willy a. | 2013-10-03

Called service dept. 9/21/13 for appointment ASAP for our 2010 XK with 28,000 miles. engine noise issue. advised unable to schedule before 9/30/13. took vehicle in 9/30/13. advised later in day that vehicle with only 28,000 miles needed new water pump. $85,000 vehicle! also, advised my warranty expired four days ago on 9/26/13. when scheduled appointment on 9/21/13, dealer would have had to bring up our vehicle in their system, which had been serviced previously at this dealership. consequently, they were well aware of the "delivery date/vehicle purchase date" of 9/26/13 and didn't  have the courtesy to advise if waited until 9/30, service would be out of warranty. service writer stated "nothing he could do about that" even though same service writer didn't want me to bring vehicle in before warranty date expiration! not only NO warranty, but they also charged me $130.00 to tell me NO WARRANTY, due to dealership not accepting the vehicle the previous week under warranty. LAST JAGUAR FOR THIS FAMILY and NO LAND ROVER PURCHASE, which was to be next month from this dealership!

Arthur K. | 2013-06-11

After waiting 2 weeks to get an appointment, they kept my Land Rover Defender 90 off site for over a week without working on it and have just called me to say they need to order in parts that will take another 3 days!  I have made several calls in to them this morning and have not connected directly to a human yet!  Hopefully I will connect with someone there today to take back my Landy so I can take it to a someone who will take better care of it.

Tina D. | 2013-04-10

I recently bought a 2013 Range Rover and I love it!!! Everyone at this dealership was professional and went out of their way to make what can be a stressful experience a pleasant one. Barry (my sales specialist) really knows his stuff and I trusted that he was being honest with me from the start. Mark was also awesome, along with the rest of the Land Rover team! This is my first Range Rover and I am hooked! Thanks guys - you all rock!!!

W A. | 2012-10-17

I rarely do bad reviews but my experiences with Land Rover Austin warrant a few minutes to warn others.  With great enthusiasm I purchased a new 2010 LR4 a few weeks after it hit the market. Every aspect of ownership (aside from feeling sporty and hip behind the wheel) have been a total disappointment and frustration. The customer service is beyond poor.  I admit I am a previous Lexus owner and the customer service there is excellent, so my expectations were high.  Land Rover Austin makes me feel like they are doing me a favor by simply answering the phone when I call. They do not return phone calls, when the car is being serviced, which I am sad to say it has been in the shop 4 times in less than 19 months, they do not call with updates... you have to contact them multiple times to find out the status of your vehicle... they have never once had my loaner available, and they generally have an attitude of indifference and irritation.  I really wanted to own a Land Rover! I think they are aesthetically great looking, but the quality is below average for the price.
I have been in multiple times for side/back panels simply popping off,  I had to replace the break pads & rotors after 15K miles ($1200+) and I am told now at 19K miles I need 4 new tires...I could go on and on but I will leave it at this....
All things considered, I can't wait to get rid of this car.  I will never own another Land Rover product.  Anyone who chooses to buy a Land Rover should consider doing so from an outside dealership.  The first and second time in I thought maybe they were just having an "off day", but now after several more encounters it is obvious that this is just how they do business and as a result, they have lost mine.

I originally posted this about a year ago and it was filtered. So, I am putting it here again.
I am proud to say that I sold my Land Rover and I am driving an Infiniti QX56. My new vehicle is superior in every way!

David s. | 2012-01-30

After 2 years of dealing with these guys, I sold me LR just to NOT have to deal with them.  I've never had such a bad experience with sales and service.  First of all, I had to go to their corporate offices to get them to fix stuff that was under warranty because they were trying to tell me it was not.  Then, I had them try and sell me brakes and when I took it to LR San Antonio they told me the brakes were not even 50% worn...when I went back to LR Austin, they said "sorry, we must have made a mistake.  Then, my service person was so rude I asked to be switched, so they gave me another person that was equally rude....and when I say rude, I am talking about not calling me back for 3-4 days after multiple calls and then acting like I was bothering them type of rude.  But the final straw for me last week was when I took the car in for a repair.  They fixed the repair and then when I went to pick up the car I noticed the low tire light was on as the washer fluid was low.  I was like, "hey, the tire light is on and the washer fluid light is on"....they said "oh sorry, that's not what you brought the car in for, you will need to make another appt" Are you F'ING kidding me. They SUCK and 3 of my other friends told me but I didn't listen....never use these guys, life is too short.

Dillon L. | 2012-01-18

I bought a Range Rover Sport from these guys last year and they have been the best auto dealer I have ever been to! Everyone there is super nice and very courteous.. they call and tell me everything that is going on with my car and never make me feel stupid if I have a question.
I will recommend Austin Land Rover to every person looking for a new or used Rover or Jag!

Bryan R. | 2011-02-21

Always A Great Decision To Deal With Land rover of Austin.  They get the nicest trades in Austin.

Dalbert G. | 2009-08-24

I have a 2004 Land Rover that I brought in for repair a few weeks back. The service associate then contacted me the next day to tell me they would have to take apart the engine in order to tell me why my check oil light is on.  He then went on to tell me that he could also set me up for a "reasonable" trade.  Sorry something did not smell right, so I went on my way and it has still been driving well.

Yesterday, my coolant tank or overflow... cracked and started to leak.  So I call to see about getting this part.  They told me it was on back order and would take "at least a couple of weeks."  The parts associate recommended for me to plug it with bondo and wait it out.  Wow... what service.  Of course, they are the only game in town for getting parts to this machine I have.


Scott W. | 2009-01-08

These guys do an outstanding job servicing my cars, and have done so since 1997.  I have owned 6 Land Rover's now and loved all of them.  My Land Rover's have rarely if ever given me any trouble, and the staff at Land Rover Austin is the best there is.  I here they have won 3 Land Rover dealer awards in a row.

Olivia G. | 2008-11-13

What I've learned from this Land Rover is that because we have an old (2001) Land Rover, we don't rate.

At my old Land Rover repair shop, we were always given superior repair and customer service and complimentary oil changes with any major repair.

Here we have experienced at this dealership:

-Technicians forgetting to re-attach the air conditioner control, so my husband had to do it himself.  No apology from Land Rover.

-Technicians forgetting to reset our keys so we had to break in the car.  No apology from Land Rover.

- The check engine light came on as soon as we picked our car up from being repaired and we had company in town and we asked for a loaner.  They said that we'd get a loaner while they figured it out, but when we got there they were rude about it and begrudgingly gave us the loaner.  The diagnosis?  Another technician mistake.  No apology.

Fast forward 4 mos later and the car is having the same problem as last time so we took it in because if the problem was the same, it would be under warranty. It was supposedly a different problem, and when my husband asked our repair tech if it was covered under warranty he received a rude, snarky answer.

When we went to pick up the car, the repair tech couldn't be bothered to get off the phone to explain the repair and bill to us, and the oil change we foolishly agreed to was $100.

You'd think that since we'll clearly be needing a new car soon, that the service would be much better, but I guess they don't need the business. Oh well, we're getting a Prius instead. To hell with gas guzzling Range Rovers.

John B. | 2007-07-12

I bought my Defender 90 from the Dallas sister company, but when this opened in Austin, I could finally get local dealer service.  Very friendly and knowledgeable service staff.  Parts department excellent!   Land Rovers are not cheap and part and service is not either, but there is no better service in the world from any car maker period.  Not Rolls, Not Mercedes,  Not Porsche, Not Lexus, Not Infinity or Acura.  I would buy another Land Rover based on service alone, too bad my D90 like to visit them so much. Since Ford bought LR they have improved their reliability.  This is a case were LR had to have the best service, since as an owner you were going to be there regularly.  Many car dealers will provide a loaner of equal or lesser value to the vehicle you own.  LR will provide an equal or better car for you on those days you have to drop of your car.  If their cars were more reliable, this level of service might not be the norm but as it is this is so much better than the others that it just needed to be put out there.